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The Script of Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih story

Bawang Merah & Bawang Putih

A long time ago, there lived a couple, a husband and a wife. Them have a very beautiful daughter, the name is Bawang Putih. Her father was a seller, he like a long trip. Them have neighbor is a widow and her daughter name Bawang Merah. Mom Red was jealous to Mom White because she is rich. Same like Bawang Merah, Bawang Merah was jealous to Bawang Putih because she is more beautiful than her. One time, Father White want to went to the city. PBP : Mom, I will go to the city for a some days. IBP : I just want to say be careful in there! Tomorrow morning...... PBP : Mom, Bawang Putih, I go first, take care yourself. I love you. IBP : I love you too and be carefull, my husband! BP : Be carefull dad, I love you too! And Father White left them. A few days later, when Bawang Putih going to the river, Bawang Merah and her mother start their evil plan. IBM : Bawang Merah, what if we poisoned Bawang Putihs mother? BM : Yes, I agree. We must kill her right now! Mom Red gave a poison to the foods her made. And her gave the poisoned food to Mom White. IBM : Mom White, I made a food for you. BM : Ya, eat quickly. IBP : Ouh... Thank you very much! Mom White carried that food to inside the house and ate it. But not long after she ate it, she felt dizzy and faint. IBP : Help me...... Help! (faint to the floor) A few minutes later, Bawang Putih came back from the river and saw her mother faint on the floor. BP : Mom... Why you sleep here?


: Umh... Bawang Putih.... : Mom...Mommy, are you okay? : Bawang Putih..Im sorry..I cant keep you again..take care yourself, girl! : Mom.... dont leave me, mom..

Bawang Putih cry heard by Mama Red and Bawang Merah, them laught happily. A few days later Father White came. PBP : Hello everybody....!! Im home...! BP : Daddy...Mommy...Mommy, dad...! PBP : Calm down... Whats wrong with Mommy? BP : Mommy has been passed away.. PBP : (fall down and crying) A few month ago.... PBP : Bawang Putih, I want to tell you about something. BP : What is that? PBP : I want to marry with Mom Red, so she will to take care of you. BP : (silent for a few time) Okay, if that you want. And Father White married with Mom Red, and then their lived together. Not long after their married, Father White want to went to the city again. : Mama Red, I want to go sell something in the city. Please take care Bawang Merah and Bawang Putih. IBM : Okay, darling. I will take care them well. PBP : Bawang Putih, Bawang Merah, what you want from the city? BM : I want many beautiful dress, shoes, and jewelry. BP : I just want a white rose and your safe. PBP : Okay.. I will get your ask. Bye..bye.. all! IBM, BM, BP: Bye..bye, Papa!


After their father go to city, Mama Red and Bawang Merah begin to rude Bawang Putih. BM : Mommy..! (screaming) IBM : What happen honey? Its still early, dont be angry! BM : Look mom! My clothes are dirty and odor.. IBM : Where??? Mom want to look iieeeehhhh. Really really dirty and odor! Mommys clothes is dirty too Calm down, Let me ask Bawang Putih to wash it! Bawang Putih Bawang Putih Bawang Putih! Where is she? Bawang Putih.. BP : (Bawang Putih come) Yes, mom. IBM : Really long time anyway! Where have you been??? From earlier calling doesnt come too! BM : She doesnt have ears, mom hahahaha (laughing)


BP : Ummmm, Im cooking in the kitchen mom Im sorry : Aiisshhh. Its just reason. Look!!!! The clothes are dirty! Nothing we can use, for long time we can not wear clothes Now you go to the river, bring all of them and go home quickly!! BP : OK, sist IBM : Why are you still here? Go fast! Dont just stare! BP : Yes, mom Bawang Putih take the clothes and go to the river with a feeling of sadness as she walked toward the river. Arriving at the river, Bawang Putih washes the clothes and she didnt realized that she had washed away a red scarf of Bawang Merah. BP : Oh God, if my biological parents are still alive, my live wouldnt be like this and forgive mistakes that have been done by Bawang Merah and her mother. Prince stunned and silent listening with what Bawang Putih says. Suddenly from the distance, Bawang Putih saw her biological mother and she was very shocked. BP : Mommy : My girl, you must be patient. Confront all with sincerity, you will find your happiness and the scarf will come back girl.. (the shadow was lost) BP : Its impossible. Its just my imagination (shaking her head) Aahhhh. I must go home quickly..!


Prince found the lost scarf at the river, prince took it and intended to return the shawl. But Bawang Putih had gone home. When Bawang Putih through the forest, she met with a fairy. Fairy : A beautiful girl, why is your face sad? I can look the sadness in your beautiful face, if you want to find your happiness, you must be patient, go back to the rivers edge in this forest. BP : Is it true? Fairy : Believe it You will find your happiness.. (A fairy leave Bawang Putih) BP : Fairy mother. Bawang Putih went home and arrived at home, She returned the clothes to Bawang Merah and her mother. BM : Where is my scarf???? Bawang Putih, where is my scarf?? You stole it?!! (accuse) IBM : Bawang Putih, where is the scarf? You wash or stole it? Shortage of fabric so you??!! to the extent that you should steal like this? BP : Emmm. The scarf the scarf drifting in the river..

: Its just reason!!! Anyway, dont plug the face like this.. I nausea to view. Mother will you return the scarf quickly!! BM : Basic is useless usually just remove it, cant wrong works!!! IBM : Go there! For today you shouldnt eat and drink. Do you understand???!!! BP : Yes, mom.! (Bawang Putih was sad and thoughtful in the bedroom) IBM Tomorrow morning in the river! BP : Where is the happiness??? Wher is the happiness???? (screaming and after that she is crying) Suddenly a man is holding Bawang Putihs shoulder. Prince : Is it your scarf? Are you Bawang Putih? BP : Yes. Yes Im Bawang Putih and its my lost scarf.. Prince : At last, I find you Bawang Putih. During the time Im waiting you, we are created together.. Youre princess descent ones during the time I search.. BP : Really? Prince : Yes, thats right.. I will bring you to my palace.. BP : But I must permit to my mother.. Prince : OK Ill take you home to ask permission.. Bawang Putih and Prince went to the home. IBM : Bawang Putih, where have you been?? Whos the man? Prince : I come here for ask my permission to marry Bawang Putih.. BM : No Bawang Putih will not get married before me! IBM : No, she doesnt! Who will take care this house??? Who will do all the household chores??? Prince : OK Ill invite both of you to stay in the palace too.. BP : Really??? (holding Princes hands) Thanks my prince Prince : Youre welcome swetty Finally, Prince and Bawang Putih married and lived happily in the palace