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The sixth graduation ceremony will be held at the campus of the Muslim University of Morogoro on SATURDAY, 9th November, 2013. The ceremony is expected to start at 2.00 pm and end at 5.30 pm. Students eligible to attend the ceremony successfully completed their studies in 2013. are undergraduates who

Parents, relatives and guests of the students as well as interested members of the general public are welcome to attend the graduation ceremony in the arena. Guests are expected to dress modestly and decently. Lady guests attending the ceremony are advised to wear the hijab or any dress that does not expose the body other than the face, hands and feet. All eligible students are requested to attend the occasion, regardless of whether or not they bring guests. However, they must inform the office of DVC (Academic) of their intention to participate in the ceremony NOT LATER THAN 1st November, 2013.Preferably call or sms Mobile No: 0712 - 277598 Academic costumes (gowns, hoods and caps) are available for hire by the graduands starting from 1st to 8th November 2013.The University cashiers office must receive from each of the participating students a total of Tsh. 35,000 (Ts. 20,000 for hiring the costumes, Ts. 10,000 deposit security which is refundable, and Ts. 5,000 convocation fee). Graduands, who do not have costumes on, will not be allowed to participate in the Ceremony. Strictly, we shall not issue Academic costumes on the Graduation day, each and every Graduand shall have to have hired his/her gowns between 1st - 8th November, 2013.

Graduands are required to bear in mind that the hired gowns shall have to be returned after the ceremony. A heavy fine will be imposed in case the costumes are damaged, or not returned and/or in time. A hiring Contract Form will be provided for completion by those intending to hire the costumes. For the safety of all participants and their guests, close-up picture taking and video recording is restricted.

REHEARSAL Since the rehearsal is an integral part of the ceremony, all graduands who wish to attend the graduation ceremony MUST attend the rehearsal which is scheduled on Saturday morning (9th November, 2013 at 8.30) at the graduation site. Failure to attend all rehearsals by students will result in immediate cancellation of their eligibility to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Certificates and transcripts of the graduands will not be given at the ceremony. These can be received at another convenient day from the Office of the DVC (Academic) upon signing register books and presenting an ID card.