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World Health Days 2013

The key health-related days, weeks and months outlined below are those which have been announced by recognised health organisations and are recognised throughout the health professional community both in Ireland and internationally. January Friday 4th January World Braille Day Tuesday 29th January World Leprosy Week (January29th-Ferbruary4th) February Monday 4th February World Cancer Day Thursday 7th February Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day (7th-14th) Thursday 28th February Rare Disease Day March Thursday 14th March World Kidney Day Monday 11th March Brain Awareness Week (11th-17th March) Friday 22nd March World Water Day Sunday 24th March World TB Day Tuesday 26th March Epilepsy Day (Purple Day) Wednesday 27th March World Glaucoma Day April Monday 1st April IBS, National Autism & Cesarean Awareness Months Sunday 7th April World Health Day Thursday 11th April World Parkinsons Day Wednesday 17th April World Hemophilia Day Wednesday 24th April World Meningitis Day Thursday 25th April World Malaria Day May Wednesday 1st May Hepatitis and Lyme Disease Awareness Month Saturday 4th-12th May Dystonia Awareness Week Tuesday 7st May World Asthma Day Wednesday 8th May World Red Cross Day

Friday 10th May World Lupus Day Sunday 12th May International CFS Awareness Day Monday 13th May Brain Injury Awareness Week (13th-19th May) Tuesday 14th May World Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Day Wednesday 29th May World Digestive Health Day Friday 31st May World No Tobacco Day June Friday 14th June World Blood Donor Day Monday 10th-16th June International Mens Health Week July Monday 1st July International Group B Strep Awareness Month Sunday 28th July World Hepatitis Day August Thursday 1st August World Breast Feeding Week (1st-7th August) September Sunday 1st September Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month Monday 9th September Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Awareness Day Tuesday 10th September World Suicide Prevention Day Sunday 15th September World Lymphoma Awareness Day Saturday 21st September World Alzheimers Day Wednesday 25th September Ataxia Awareness Day Saturday 28th September World Rabies Day Sunday 29th September World Heart Day October Tuesday 1st October Breast Cancer, Lupus & Rett Syndrome Awareness Months Thursday 10th October World Mental Health Day Thursday 10th October World Sight Day Wednesday 16th October World Food Day Sunday 20th October World Osteoporosis Day Tuesday 22nd October International Stuttering Awareness Day November Thursday 1st November Lung Cancer Awareness Month Thursday 14th November World Diabetes Day Wednesday 20th November World COPD Day

Monday 18th November European Antibiotic Awareness Day December Sunday 1st December World Aids Day Tuesday 3rd December International Day of Disabled Persons If there is a World Day that you are aware of which has not been included please contact us by email (info@ipha.ie) and we will ensure it features on this page.