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'Safe Passage' docs: Support for the DAVID CLARENCE Executor Lette...

'Safe Passage' docs: Support for the DAVID CLARENCE Executor Letter by
turiya ..... The Turiya Files Date: 11/10/2010 12:04:11 AM ( 3 year ago) Hits: 7167 URL:
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What is this? Hide this question 11/08/2010: On Just Daves Talkshoe call Chris, a Private Attorney General (I believe he works with Rod Class & company) came on the call around the 17 minute mark and talked about his Safe Passage documents that he created to go along with the David Clarence Executor Letter. And he explains that what these documents do is locks-in the COURT under a new OATH. And locks him in under CHANCERY as the choice of JURISDICTIONS. And, if the JUDGE fails to sign off on it, then he will not be able to gain SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION over the matter. It has to do with moving the jurisdiction of the Court into what is called Chancery. Quoted as saying: The documents staying more in the realm of, because you are an intricate part to the estate, and because of the nature of the CODES, STATUTES, and REGULATIONS, do not apply to a living sentient being, is a SAFE PASSAGE document (which comes by way of understanding EASEMENT rights, EMMINENT DOMAIN rights, TRUST law (under Christian Walters) and this new package that David Clarence has put together, it was enhancing everything I knew prior to that. It is killer!to say the least. It absolutely nails the Court, that they are not to have any form of consent for PERSONAL JURISDICTION or SUBJECT MATTER JURISDICTION over any of the matters that have been brought to their attention by a PUBLIC OFFICER, doesnt matter what it is, corporation, attorneys, prosecutors, or whatever that, because of the NATURE of the ESTATE is a PERSONAL, SENTIENT BEING, and it is not to be misconstrued in any other category other than CHANCERY, and under ESTATE & Trust law. Its a one and a half page document. On the other side, there are three documents. One is the Safe Passage doc, David Clarences letter, plus there is an ORDER to call back all those funds that have been dropped into these SECURITIES. And the Securities instruments for the case(s), and whatnot, are to be called back into an ESCROW ACCOUNT. And whatever alleged debt is to be executed, and the remaining amount of money is to be returned to the ESTATE. One has to be careful, not to make any threats. Just make sure when you do this that you are operating from the OFFICE OF THE EXECUTOR. And perhaps later, we will be able to share this with others.

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