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May 30, 2013

Engr. Froilan Jamias Acting Chief OSPAC, NTC

Greetings of Peace!

Sir, I am Rose Ann Claire B. Roxas, of legal age, a resident of 06 Rodriguez Street Caridad, Cavite City. I am sending this letter to your good office in relation to a mobile number which for the past few months is really annoying and bothering me. The undisputed facts are as follows: It was March 29, Friday of 2013 when the mobile number 0916-736-0305 give a ring to my mobile number, 0926-642-9186. Unfortunately, I as the complainant was not able to answer the phone call. The same day, I sent a text message and the thread of message goes like this: o ME: Sino kpo? (8:22PM) o UNKNOWN PERSON: Bkit?(8:23PM) o UNKNOWN PERSON: Ikaw sno ka?(8:23PM) o ME: 2mwag k skin knina hndi q lng nsgot.(8:23PM) o UNKNOWN PERSON: hindi ako un..(8:24PM) o ME: Cno ung 2mwag around 6:30pm.(8:35PM) o UNKNOWN PERSON: cgurado kbng ako 2mwag sau? Bka wrong number ka..(8:45PM) o ME: Yup. Sure ako number mo un.(9:03PM) o UNKNOWN PERSON: Bka pinsan ko un 2mwag sau,.. d ako un. :D(11:52PM) The Conversation thru text message for March 29, 2013 ended at 11:52PM. The following day, March 30, 2013, when I read his last message, at 7:35AM, I sent the Unknown Person a message asking Sino ung pinsan mo? for in my good faith that I might really be related to the alleged cousin of the person who own the concerned mobile number. The same day, I was not able to receive any response from the Unknown Person, and with all of thinking, I decided to delete the number. The next day, March 31, 2013, Sunday, I was sleeping until about 4:35, may phone rang and unfortunately, due to the event that I was sleeping, I was not able to answer, but around 5: 50PM, I gave a ring to this number, and the Unknown Person answered my

call. We were not able to have a conversation for when he said hello, he immediately dropped the call. With the voice, I recognized that the Unknown person was a MALE. Around 5:53PM of the same day, he sent me a message, cno 2? and as I returned my messages, we had a conversation again. o Unknown Person (UP): cno 2? 5:53PM o ME: 2mwag kpo around 4:35.. Sino ka po? o UP: Ah knina.. Dmi kc nka save na # d2.. pagbu2rahin ko na nga eh.. sori (5:56PM) o UP: are u Claire? (5:58PM) My surprise that this person know my name o ME: Sino kb? (5:59PM) o UP: Nevermind d mo nmn ako kila2 khit sbhin ko sau.. (6:01PM) At this point, I already felt anger o ME: sino ung natawag kanina? (6:04PM) o UP: pinsan ko.. makulit kc un sensya na, pero bkt lam nya nm emo kung 220ng c Claire ka (6:06PM) o ME: Sino ba yung pinsan mo? (6:08PM) o UP: c karl bkt? May kila2 kbng karl? Tga malate sya.. ako tga pasay.. To recall, I do not know any karl from malate, though I studied before near malate, (Philippine Christian University) and that I am studying now in Pasay (Arellano University School of Law) o ME: wala eh. Anyway, cge pki delete nlng number ko.. Thank u. (6:12PM) o UP: bka mag kakilala kau? Naguguluhan ako senyo (6:12PM) o UP: ok..Np.. #ko din pkibura tnx.. So I was become at peace when he sent his last message. I do not even saved his number so I have nothing to delete. But, with the thinking of having his messages be saved for my reference, I did not deleted his messages. The month of April passed and I did not encounter his number anymore, it did not appear in my phone and I was really at peace for that period. Until this last May 25, 2013, Saturday, around 10:52AM he sent a message sop tau mmyang gbi pde kba? SOP means, Sex On Phone, and I felt lambasted, violated and harassed. Eventually, I called to my network provider, which is Globe telecom, and raised a complaint against him thru his mobile number. The unknown person is also a globe user so that made it easy for me to raise the concern to the network. The CSR that assisted me, referred me to your office and promised me to send the concerned number warning messages about what he did. With their service number 1234, at around 11:57 AM, I received a message from the network, giving me my reference number/ID. (BOP13050000382) o And around 12:14PM, the unknown person sent me a message sori po..

I decided not to call to your office, because I thought that he would not do it again and that he was already warned by the network. And today, about 9:35AM, he sent a message again, in a different format but with the same thought: hi! Pde ka sop 2nyt? Txbk o The text message triggered me to call and file this complaint.

Wherefore, my prayer, is that this mobile number, (0916-736-0305) be blocked from sending any malicious text messages to me, and more so, if he will be blocked from using the same number so that he will not be able to text other people, specially other females, and that this incident will not occur anymore. I am hoping for a favourable action to this matter. Should you have any further inquiries, please feel free to contact me at 0926-642-9186.

Thank you very much and may the good Lord bless you, your office and your family abundantly.

Respectfully yours,

(Sgd)Ms. Rose Ann Claire B. Roxas