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language Focus

~ Collocations
a. Tick(I') the boxesinthe table to form
collocations. Think of at least two more phrases for each verb.

b. Now, use the fixed phrases to fillin the gaps in

the sentences. I don't think there is a vacancy in the company at the moment,but youcouldringmybossontheoff-chance. 2 I think I'll take Sarahto a fancy restaurantfor her birthday. , let'shave a surprise partyat home. 3 Chrisownsa lineof successful boutiques in the UKand believeit or not,shemanages them completely............ . 4 5 We're pleasedto announcethat our proposedsales figuresfor the yearareright ........................................ I'd loveto go to the house-warming partywith youbut I'm andreallycan'tafforda gift.




earn controlof a situation promotion the title sb'srespect a reputation the rightto dolhave sth experience a salary one'sliving the advantage

~ PhrasalVerbs

Appendix ,.


Match the verbs with the particles to form phrasal verbs and use them in the correct tense to complete the sentences below. Then explain the phrasal verbs in your own words.

b. Now use some of.the collocations in their correct form to complete the sentences below.
The heavyweightchampion ................................. overhis opponentin the lastroundof the match. 2 Shewent to work in a restaurantto ...................... as a chef. 3 Although he's incrediblywealthy now, when he first came to this country he ....................................... as a dishwasher. 4




_carry _
,. wear '"




He'sverywell-paidfor hisfreelance writing but he also fromthe bookshop whereheworks. She ... as a tough businesswoman by stickingto her principles and never backingdownfromthe competition.

Her employer'spersistententhusiasmfor the new scheme herresistance to it. 2 A trainee. ......
hissuperior's ordersquicklyandefficiently. 3 The minister with the ceremon~ despitethe noisefromthe backof the church. 4 At a veryyoung age shedetermined what her career goalswereandsetout to them................ 5 Unfortunately, the difficultieshe was havingat work into hispersonal life. 6 After the shockof being madehead managersloW' , James went abol..~ settlingthe difficulties betweenmembers of hisstaff. 7 As the day the graduatebecame moreandmoreexcitedaboutthe upcoming ceremon~. 8 Thechampion runnerlikedto jokethat he ................ overa hundredpairsof trainersbeforehewon histitle 9 To everyone's disbelief,the Jamaicans .................. the trophyin the men'sbob-sledding event. 10 I'm sure you'll get the position.Now stop pacing0 you'll the polishon the floor'

Fixed Phrases (phraseswith on)

a. Match the fixed phrases with their meanings. a b c d e f on the off-chance on second thoughts on a whim on a budget on principle on one'sown


rn=J just in case



m=J impulsively
as planned only if

due to a belief


g on target h on duty on purpose on conditionthat

independently with a limitedamount of money


Inyat the . chance. t for her let'shave
Ie UK and y ............ )sed sales

~ --

a. Matchitemsfrom the two columnsto make idioms. In pairs,guess what the idiomsmight
mean. Do you have similar idioms in your language?

11 W

Listento four short extracts. Match the extracts as you hear them with the situations. Extract 1 Extract 2
Extract 3

A Promotion B Marriage


0 Postponing a date

Extract 4


J::J1] havethe world

be in be a feather


have one's head

keepon keepupwith rubsbup the

h you but ord a gift.



=:!TI steal the

=:[D work one's way

phrasal n the

workone's fingers

a b c d e f g h i j

seventh heaven theJoneses inone's cap atone's feet show to thebone upto thetop intheclouds topofthings wrong way

Listenagain and tick (I') the phrases that you hear. Responding to Good News

b. Now, rewrite the sentences below using one of the idioms from Ex. 9a.
Due to the success of her latest CD, the number of opportunities open to the young diva are limitless.

Giving News I'mafraid I'vegotsome bad news. I regret to inform youthat... You'llneerguess ... I hateto tellyouthis,but... You're never going to believe this,but... Youcan'timagine what happened then! I have wonderful news for

Youcan'tbeserious! Who'dhave ever thought!

I can'tbelieve this! Wow!That's fantastic. . Congratulations! You're joking! That's incredible! That's very goodnews indeed!


Due to the success of her latest CD, the young diva has the
world at her feet.

Mygrandfather, whowasa poorfarmer,laboured night

anddayto send hischildren to university.

3 Nowadays, peopleare so busycompetingwith those around them thattheyforget to enjoy life. to controlthe goings-on inthelarge company 4 His ability madehima fantasticmanager.
Over the years, Sue has steadily improved her position in the law firm.

. .

I don't liketo bethe bearer Oh,what a pity. Oh,my.That'sa shame. of badnews,but ...

you. I'mpleased to inform you that... There's abitof aproblem.

Responding to BadNews

Oh,no! That's terrible/awful/


c. Which of thephrases areformalandwhichare informal? d. Look at thephrases fromEx.11 b again. Witha partner, actoutdialogues similar to theones youheard in Ex.11a, givingandresponding to news. Base yourdialogues onsome of the followingsituations.

the new 3nce to it.


~ Communication: Giving and Responding to News

a. Unjumble the coloured words to complete the cartoon caption below. 7'melapsedto inform you that you got your promotion, but I rerteg to inform you that we're bankrupt.

ceremony l1er career

~ at work :>nallife.

ger slowly ent about isstaff. te became eremony.

............... 1his title. ...............

. . . . . . .
. .

passing/failing anexamination losing/winning a match/competition a disastrous holiday meetinganold friendyou. hadlosttouchwith

reading about someone youknowinthe newspaper


gettingajob beingpromoted/fired
getting into university

A: I'mafraidI'vegotsomebadnews. B: Oh,no.What's thematter? A: I've justgot mychemistry examresults, andI'vefailed. B: Oh,whatapity.Andyouworked sohardforit.

pacing or the floor!

b. What other phrases for giving good and bad news can you think of?


(Listening - Part4 MultipleMatchingTask

(Listening -Part 2

a. With a partner,talk about a specialmomentin your life when you felt very happy. Howoldwereyou? Whatwasthe situation?

. .

Who was with you? How did they feel?

Thispartisa monologue. Youwill needbetween1 and3 wordsfor eachgap. Youranswers mustfit grammatically with the restof the sentence. Read throughthe exercise beforeyoulisten.Thesentence stems contain informationthat you will hear in the listeningtext, but the informationis wordeddifferently. To fill in the gaps correctly,be alert for information contained in the stems, but in a paraphrased form.

STRATEGY POINT Takeadvantageof the time you haveto look at the questions beforeyouhaveto listento the recording. This will helpyoupredictthe themesof the listening extracts. 80th Tasks1 and 2 are basedon the sameextracts. Concentrate on Task1 in the firstlistening andon Task 2 in the second listening.

Thereare three items in each task that don't match with

. a. Youwill hear a radio news report about 'Google', a popular Internet search engine. Before you listen, look at questions 1-8 and in pairs try to predict what kind of information might be needed to complete the gaps.

anyof the extracts.

Now listen to the report. For questions 1-8,

complete the sentences.

Now listen to five p'eople talking about special moments in their livesand do the following two

tasks. Task1
For questions 1-5, choose from the list (A-H) the
person who is speaking. A A nurse 8 C D E A lawyer A schoolleaver A fitnessinstructor A teacher

Eventhe computergiant Microsoftis of Google's success.


Twostudentsfrom StanfordUniversity Google.

Ia product.

Foritssuccess, Google relied on wordof mouth,whichisoneof

the oldest methodsof


Googleisnowthe official

I who was not engaged in serious

for the world'stop service provider, America Online. The reporter mentions a professor, working in the

F A sibling G A pensioner H An actor


research but just browsing the Internet.


Likesomeotherwell-knownbrandnames, it isnowoftenspelt

Forquestions6-10,choosefromthe list (A-H) what topic each speaker is talking about.

A 8 C D E F G H Gettingajob Publishing a book Watching a play Passing anexam Watchinga prize-giving Having a baby Finishing university Climbing a mountain

without a@]

I letter.

The reporter says that browsing the Internet is like

mathematician's @]

Ithe coversof old books.

'Google'isa variantspellingof 'googol',a term invented by a

I morethan sixty

ago. years c. Haveyou ever used Google? What do you think of it? Tellyour partner. d. What other famous and very successful products do you know of? Why do you think they're successful? Discussin pairs.

c. In pairs, think of other situations where the remaining people in Task 1 could feel the same




__-::.. "g - Part 2: Compare& Speculate ~ -. '""I~levemen t s ....

gap. restof the e sentence ~ar in the differently. '1formation )fm.


So ...oak at the picturesbelow.Compare two of the :)-aures,andsaywhat kind of success is :..Grtrayed in eachone and who you think might :e ~eeling the happiest.


differences are there between the occasions? do you think each situation means to the person celebrating?



)ut ngine. -8 and in rmation iPs. Ins1-8,

~ud~~~ d. Howdoyouthinkeach celebration mightdevelop?


Both picturesshow...
In both pictures the people are ... Both pictures were taken ... The main connection/similarity The first picture shows
In the picture


between these pictures is that ...

whereas the second one ...

in the other one ...

on the left ... whereas

The main/most striking difference between the two pictures is ... There are several differences between the pictures: firstly. ...



. /' .

They could/might/may be ... They seem/appear to be ... I suppose/assume/imagine that ... It could/might/may be that... I can't be sure/certain, but perhaps ... Although I can't be sure. perhaps ...

] a product.


What kind of
success is portrayed

ing in the ~edin serious

in each photo? Who do you think might be feeling the happiest?


Listento two candidates doingthe speaking tasksaboveand comparetheir performance to that of your classmates. Assess your classmates in termsof:

)w oftenspelt

!rnet is like )oks. inventedby a lorethan sixty


~de~ b. Whodoyouthinkmayhave worked thehardest to achieve success?

. grammar andvocabulary discourse management

pronunciation interactive communication

~ EverydayEnglish
a Typical! b Alright for some. c Pooryou!

Responding to news



In pairs,decidewhat the other speakerhassaidand usethe expressions below in response.

d e Good for her. Luckyyou.

do you think

c. Now lookat the three picturesof different

celebrations. Compare two of the picturesand saywhat differences there arebetweenthe two occasions andwhat eachsituation meansto the personcelebrating.

~ssful products Ikthey're

I'm sorry, but your computer can't be fixed.

B: Typical!