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We gather today as Gods beloved children to worship our Heavenly Father.

We praise his holy name, we listen eagerly for his words of comfort, hope, and challenge to us, and we offer ourselves to him in dedicated service. May you be blessed as you worship here today.

Leading and Assisting in Worship

Leaders: Pastor Stephen Wood Organist: Carolyn Jones Deacons: Mark Hoffmeier; Troy Claycamp Greeters: Paul & Ruth Ann Newkirk (8:00) The Alstatt Family (10:15) Communion Assistants: Ruth Ann Newkirk (8:00) The Alstatt Family (10:15) Altar Care: Florence Otte (8:00) The Alstatt Family (10:15) Lectors: Mark Rorick (8:00) Marc Fountain (10:15) Acolyte: Kori Otte (8:00) Jacob Rotert (10:15) Projectors: Madison Jones (8:00) Hannah Wood (10:15) Childrens Sermon: Leah Otte Flowers: Mark Hoffmeier Welcome Center: Carol Mansfield (8:00) Linda Seitz (10:15)

October 27, 2013

St. Paul Lutheran Church is a congregation of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.). It is referred to as Borchers since Rev. Henry Borchers, who served our congregation from 1857-1881, advised and influenced a small group of pioneer settlers that wanted to establish a congregation in the area. This year we celebrate 161 years of life and ministry in this beautiful country setting in Southern Indiana. We look forward to many more years of growth and change as we seek continually to be faithful to Gods call to mission.

The Sacrament of Holy Communion is

offered at the 8:00 a.m. services on the 2nd and 4th Sundays and at the 10:15 a.m. service on the 1st and the 3rd Sundays of the month. Christians who believe in the true presence of Christ in the bread and wine for our forgiveness and salvation are invited to receive Holy Communion.

St. Paul Lutheran Church

10792 North 210 East, Seymour, IN 47274 Office 522-7364 Annex & Fax 522-7484 Parsonage 522-7421 email: stpaullutheran@stpaul-borchers.org Web Site: stpaul-borchers.org Office hours: Tuesday - Friday Staff The Reverend Stephen Wood Pastor Carolyn Jones...............Director of Youth & Family Ministries and Borchers Preschool Director Wendy Rotert ..Secretary Trish Tangman ..Care Team Director Tyler Claycamp ...Intern Youth & Family Director Amy Pierceall and Mandy Otte Custodians Jamie Baker .. Worship Technology Advisor and Web Master

Sunday School classes are held each Sunday for all ages at 9:10 a.m. Visitors are welcome to attend.

head phones available for those in need of assistance with hearing. They are located on the table at the entrance of the sanctuary.

are a handful of large print bulletins available. They are located on the table at the entrance of the sanctuary.

This week: Sunday 27th-

Monday 28thTuesday 29thWednesday 20th-

Thursday 31stFriday 1stNext week: Sunday 3rd-

Monday 4thTuesday 5th-

Wednesday 6th-

Thursday 7th-

Friday 8th-

CALENDAR October 27thNovember 2nd 11:15 am Free-will offering Meal 12:00 pm Congregational Meeting 7:00 pm The Story Study- Chpts. 27 & 28 1:00 pm Book Buzz Meeting 10:30 pm The Story Study-Chpt. 25 6:00 pm Zumba Fitness Class 9:00 am Pre-school Fall Fun Party 5:30 pm Kids Bells Team 1 Practice 6:00 pm Kids Bells Team 2 Practice 6:30 pm Adult Bells Practice 9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club 4:00 pm Harvest Home Supper & Bazaar November 3rd9th Shoe Box Gifts are due 8:00 am Blood Drive in the Preschool room 9:15 am Breakfast for Shoe Box Gifts 7:00 pm The Story Study-Chpt. 31 9:00 am Pre-school 10:30 am The Story Study- Chpt. 26 12:15 pm Free Senior Movie 6:00 pm Zumba Fitness Class 9:00 am Pre-school 5:30 pm Kids Bells Team 1 6:00 pm Kids Bells Team 2 6:30 pm Kids Praise Group 6:30 pm Adult Bell 8:30 am Borchers Chapel Devotional Service 9:00 am Borchers Breakfast Club 7:00 pm WINGS in the Fellowship Hall 7:00 pm Ruth Circle at Ruth Ann Newkirks Home 9:00 am Pre-school

THE ADULT SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS will begin a new study on Sunday, November 3rd. They will be studying The Old Testament book, Ecclesiastes. COPIES of the proposed 2014 spending plan and payroll, along with quarterly financial reports, are at the Welcome Center. TODAY is the Fall Congregational Quarterly Meeting. A free-will offering meal will take place after the second service. This meal will be served by "A GROUP OF MEN" with proceeds from the free will offering going to the Family Care fund. The menu will include bratwurst, German potato salad, and a few surprises. The Family Care fund was established to offer one-time emergency assistance for families at St. Paul. TURKEY BAKERS today is turkey pick-up from 912pm. If you need to make other arrangements please call Jan Otte 812/522-5491. HARVEST HOME SUPPER set-up will be on Wednesday, October 30th at 6:00 pm. Volunteers welcomed. SALADS AND DESSERTS are needed for the Harvest Home Supper on November 1st. Please sign-up on the tables by the library. If you have questions please contact Jan Otte. ALL FOOD for the Harvest Supper should be at the church by noon on November 1st. Please place all salads in the refrigerator by the dessert room in the Fellowship Hall. Thank you. ITEMS are being collected for the bazaar. The items may be placed in the office workroom. Please have them priced and in the workroom on or before 12:30 pm on November 1st. If you have questions contact Mandy Otte or Wendy in the office. OCTOBER IS PASTOR APPRECIATION MONTH! How do you show Pastor Steve you appreciate him? If you need ideas there's a pamphlet on the Welcome Center entitled "50 Ways to Love Your Pastor....and Your Pastor's Family".

THE STORY BIBLE STUDYChapters 29 and 30 will be discussed at the session this evening at 7:00 pm and on October 29th at 10:30 am chapter 25 will be discussed. Any questions, talk with Pastor Steve. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIMERemember to turn your clocks back next Sunday, November 3rd. THE FOOD PANTRY ITEM being collected for October is boxed and canned potatoes.

THE TWEENERS are sponsoring a Tupperware fundraiser, if you would like to order something, forms are at the Welcome Center. Contact Tyler Claycamp if you have questions. YES! Cinema FREE movie for Seniors 55 & older is on Tuesday, November 1st. A carpool will leave the church parking lot at 12:15 and return between 4:00 and 5:00. Please sign up at the Welcome Center so transportation can be arranged. OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD (Shoe Box Ministry) Shoe Box gifts are now being collected. The gifts may be put in the Mission Outreach room. Use an empty shoe box or a small plastic container. Some suggestions for items to fill the shoe boxes with are school supplies, toys, hygiene items (any bars of soap must be in a plastic bag), or t-shirts and socks. Do not include used or damaged items, war related toys, chocolate or food, any liquids, or medications and vitamins. A $7 donation will help cover shipping and other project costs. The collection deadline for shoe boxes is November 3rd. A FREE-WILL OFFERING BREAKFAST will be served next Sunday, November 3rd and the donations will go towards any remaining cost of shipping for the shoe boxes. A sign-up sheet will be at the Welcome Center for breakfast food donations. Contact Tyler Claycamp with questions. TURNING POINT'S domestic violence shelter is in need of multiple household, hygiene, personal care, and food items. A few of the immediate needs are: Meat Canned Soup tomato juice Juice Deodorant Shampoo/Conditioner Underwear & socks (adult and child) Hair brushes The shelter can also use gift cards or monetary donations to purchase necessities. Contact Carrie Kruse at 498-1026, if you would like to donate items or monetary donations. DARTBALL will begin on November 18th at 8 pm. Contact Merrell Otte with questions.

NOWS THE TIME for a good book! Check out the church libraryalso at the back wall, on the right side are how to books on scrapbooking and needlework, plus magazines to share. There is also a great collection of popular movies. BOOK BUZZThe book that will be discussed at 1:00 pm meeting on October 28th is Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom. Contact Michelle Wood or Trish Tangman with questions. THANKS for all expressions of sympathy at the passing of my brother. Also thanks to the Care Team for memento to his honor and their concern. Lois Rust RED CROSS BLOOD DRIVE will take place Sunday, November 3rd from 8:00 - 12:00 in the preschool room. Please sign up at the Welcome Center for a time slot. Thanks for your faithful support! THE LUTHERAN HOME SERVICE is on November 17th at 2:00 pm. The Lutheran Home is asking for volunteers from our congregation to move tables and help residents down to the service on that day. MISSING TABLECLOTHSSomeone has borrowed the large white rectangular tablecloths from the church and has not returned them. Please check to see if you might have them. LUKE TORMOEHLEN is participating in the IU Dance Marathon to raise money for Riley Hospital through the Beta Alpha Chapter of Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. If you would like to support Luke in this endeavor, use the following steps to donate: 1. Go to iudm.org 2. Click the Donate tab on the top right. 3. Type in Luke Tormoehlen into the participant search and click his name. 4. Donate! Any questions, talk with Pastor Steve. ST. JOHNS SAUERS Ham & Turkey Supper/ Bazaar is on Sunday November 3rd serving is from 4-7pm. The cost for the meal is free will offering.

Walking in Faith Sowing Christs Love
The mission of St. Paul Lutheran Church is derived from our core values - the essence of our purpose for existence and the criteria we should use to guide our congregational decisions and actions.

Our Core Values:

1. Spirituality to worship and to grow and develop spiritually as Christians. 2. Outreach To spread the message of Gods love and grace by word and by action. 3. Service to Others To live Christs message to Love one another.
You can support the mission of our church by coming to worship, engaging in study, sharing the word, bringing a friend to church, taking part in Care Team initiatives, volunteering at church or in the community and loving one another. We invite you to join us in this journey.

Our Response to Gods Love

We Worshipped: October 20 8:00 am service92
th th

10:15 service72

Total Offerings for October 20 : Spending Plan Giving $6,132.00 New Church Loan Payment$1,545.00 Other Giving$130.00 {The weekly amount needed to cover expenses in the 2013 Spending Plan is $5,435.00} Those assisting with worship November 3rd: Readings for November 3rd: All Saints Sunday
1 Kings 19:1-8 Psalm 46 John 12:27-36 Lectors: Mandy Oe (8:00) Ed DeVoe (10:15) Greeters: Communion Assistants: Altar Care: Acolytes: Projectors: Flowers: Welcome Center: John & Amy Pierceall (10:15) Lou Ann Hoevener (8:00) Gene Kruse (10:15) Mandy Oe (8:00) Linda Seitz (10:15) Kaelen Eglen (8:00) Dylan Haield (10:15) Jamie Baker (8:00) Jack Tormoehlen (10:15) Mildred Carter Delores Douglass (8:00) Michelle Wood (10:15)

October 27, 2013

Going Deeper

The purpose of this page is to provide a tool or instrument for your spiritual growth. This page contains a brief synopsis of the readings as well as some questions for your reflection to help you go deeper with the Word. On the back is a day by day listing of scripture readings with possible prayer request. Individuals are listed on their day of birthso that you might pray for them on their birthday. Also on the back is the prayer list for the congregation. Keep on Growing Spiritually!! Readings for the Day: I Kings 5:1-5; 8:1-3: Solomon built the temple in Jerusalem and put the Ark of the Covenant there. This fulfilled what the Lord said to David that his descendant would build the temple rather than David. When the Ark of the Covenant is put into the temple, a cloud fills the house indicating that the glory of the Lord dwells there. John 2:19-21: These verses are part of the larger story of Jesus attacking the commercialization of religion by driving out merchants from the temple. When challenged, Jesus responds in a strange way by predicting his death and resurrection. He compares himself to the temple. From Sunday & Seasons, copyright 2013 Augsburg Fortress


Questions To Ponder: 1How does using this narrative lectionary fit into the theme of the Reformation? 2What is the significance of the building of the temple? 3What is the significance of the dark cloud? 4What is the ark of the covenant? Why is it important and put in the temple? 5How do you understand Solomons saying that he has built an exalted house, a place for God to dwell in forever?

MEMORY VERSE: 1 Kings 8:13 13 I have built you an exalted house, a place for you to dwell in forever."

Going Deeper in Prayer

Sunday 10/27 Daniel 2:1-49 1 Peter 2:1-25 W World peace Monday 10/28 Daniel 3:1-30 1 Peter 3:1-22 W Amy Kleffman, Ashley McCoy W Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton Tuesday 10/29 Daniel 4:1-37 1 Peter 4:1-18 W Aaron Otte W the ELCA Wednesday 10/30 Daniel 5:1-31 1 Peter 5:1-14 W Karen Dringenburg W Christians in Germany Thursday 10/31 Daniel 6:1-28 2 Peter 1:1-21 W Dan Holle W seminary professors Friday 11/1 Daniel 7:1-28 2 Peter 1:1-21 W James Rotert, Travis Quillen, Claire Tangman W homeless shelters Saturday 11/2 Daniel 8:1-27 2 Peter 3:1-18 W Max Claycamp W for people to experience Gods grace

Prayer List Prayer for Homebound Individuals: Betty Hoene, Eldena Hoene, Eunice Lutes, Helen Carter Prayer for Long Term Care Issues: Orville Schnitker; Andy Runge, Floyd and Peggy Meahl (Sarah Roterts brother & sister-in-law); Pastor Ed and Joan Winter; Walter Von Fange (Bertha Ottes brother in-law); Geneva Hoene, Lucille Thompson, Sue Guinn (aunt of Mary Eglen); Recent Hospitalizations : Eunice Lutes Other Prayer Request: The family and friends Dewayne Greathouse (cancerfriend of Linda Guinn); Betty Melloncamp (Sarah Roterts sister); Herschel Kleffman; Brandon Avant (hurt in traffic accident- coworker of Alicia Perry); Cindy Hunt (cancer-neighbor of Delores Douglass); Deanna Johnson (Richard Andersons sister); Kristie Wessel (Tracey Engelaus sister); Tom Harris (cancer-friend of Leah Otte); Claudine Rowe (cancer- friend of Bill & Marlis Kidd); Emily Hume; Paul Johnson (cancer-Leslie Wentes fianc); Leta Ahlbrand (friend of Shirley Lewis); Amy Siefker (niece of Karen Hoene); Carly Hoffmeier (sister-in-law to Mark Hoffmeier); Joe Bond (cancer-friend of Bob & Dena Schafstall); John Helwig (cancer-friend of Jenny Engelau);Frances Lamberson (Terri DeVoes Mother); Phyllis Neidinger; Edna Spiehler (Patty Herkamps friend); Shirley Darlage Duncan (cancer-friend of Dena Schafstall); Pat Norrell (friend of Kendra Harris) Prayers for those in Military Service: Steven Rieker (Jerry & Pixie Ottes Grandson); Chad Brigdon,

Evan Marshall, Tyler Kruse