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Name : TUY CHHAYRITH Address : #53E 2 St 51, Sangkat Psar Tmei 3, Khan Doan Penh, Phnom Penh. Phone : 077 454 616 / 097 82 402 81 E-mail : tuychhayrith@yahoo.com Apply for:..................................................

Personal Profile
I am about-board person. I am well-prepared in advance. I am a person who is ahead of the time, such as, newly creative, well different, and hard-working. Especially, I am a moral and an appropriate person in my community. 2012 to 2013, March : I am a supervisor of an apartment building at Tul Kok. I have known some of the management, problem and solution of one building in the correct time. Especially, during I was working, I also had a good relation and connecting with many of guests and visitors. They are the foreigners and Khmer. Before currently of that time I have become a security supervisor of a security company (MPA Security Company) as well. : I was working as an English teacher volunteer in the Big Heart Project organization(BHP.org) in Takeo province. Moreover, I took some of my free time to assist the children-teaching foreign staff in the organization. I am studying at National University of Management(NUM).My major is Economics Business. I can study at this university because I have passed by the scholarship of the Ministry of Education and Sport with my high scores of some subjects such as Math and Geography. : Having studied and graduated from Samdech Ov high public school in Samrong district of Takeo province.

Work Experience

2011 to 2012

Education Background
- 2012 to present

-2009 to 2012 Other Skills Computer Subjects

: I am possibly able to use computer, Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point (2007&2010), E-mail and Internet browsers. : I am also good of some subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Morality and Khmer literature.

Personal Details

Date of birth Place of birth Nationality Age Gender Marital status Language

: 05th, February 1992 : Samrong commune, Samrong district, Takeo province. : Cambodian : 21 years old : Male : single : Khmer is my native language, writing, reading, speaking and editing. English is the secondly used language in my vocational life. I am well-writing proficiency, speaking and listening abilities.



In my free time, I am fond of listening to the radio programs, which related to globalized knowledge, health care therapy and Fun blocs. Searching and connecting on the cloud are other interests of me. Including: - Sports - Playing piano, listening and singing the song. - Scholarships information to study abroad. - Doing Math exercises and other subjects homework. - Social discussions. - And understanding the environment, economy, social and political problems in Cambodia and in the regional societies. Mr. Tuy Chhai Raing at 092 376 925 Mr. Chean Sivutha at 077 929 987