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PanelView Plus 6 running FactoryTalk View Studio v6.0

Launch Overview
The PanelView Plus operator interface was first launched in 2003, and was considered one of the most advanced products in the market place, providing both a hardware and software platform for factory automation. The PanelView Plus has continued to be an integral part of the Integrated Architecture, providing operators at the machine level a view into the control system. The unique modular design of the PanelView Plus and advanced graphic capabilities have been adopted by many end users and OEMs over the past 7 years. Customers have had years of experience with this rugged, dedicated system and know that an architecture with the PanelView Plus is tested and true with their industrial application. Recent advancements in technology enabled Rockwell Automation to take the PanelView Plus to the next level in Industrial Automations operator interface. When developing a dedicated terminal a solid operating system is critical. This is why Microsoft Windows CE 6.0 was chosen as the next OS. All prior releases of CE were constrained by a 32 megabyte processing limit, restraining applications size and performance. Hardware advancements were also critical and have advanced from 650MHz to 1GHz processor and from 64Mb flash/ram to 512 Mb flash/ram. These changes along with feature enhancements are all part of the PanelView Plus 6. These enhancements include: Complete Symbol Factory Library Built-in PDF viewer Remote recipe and data management with ability to save data in .csv format Last-Known-Good (LKG) and Factory Default Reset Function Built-in full-Unicode font to support multiple languages with a single run-time applicationwithout font-linking Greater connectivity to peripherals

Market Potential
The worldwide market for Graphic Operator Terminals in the 700-1500 range is $605 million with the following breakouts: North America - $124m, Latin America - $22m , EMEA - $163m , Asia Pacific - $295m

Target Customers, Industries, Applications

Profile 1: Customers using current PanelView Plusespecially those who have had challenges with application size, the 32 MB processing limit or peripheral support. Introduce these customers to the new PanelView Plus 6 and the new features and enhancements being released. Let them know that the PanelView Plus will be available for some time, but demonstrate the added functionality and performance they will get from PanelView Plus 6. Profile 2: Customers using Rockwell Automations Logix controllers and competitors operator interface. The introduction of the PanelView Plus 6 is an opportunity to capture more of the machine. Introduce these customers to the new enhancements and features in the PanelView Plus 6 and discuss the advantages of the Integrated Architecture. Emphasize the ability to improve the user experience with enhanced graphics and performance while reducing application development and cost by up to 40%. Also, PanelView Plus 6 is part of Rockwell Automations comprehensive visualization strategy, providing a complete solution for a Manufacturing Intelligence strategy with the complete suite of FactoryTalk Software.

Target Customers, Industries, Applications

Profile 3: Machine builders looking to increase their global presence and competitiveness . Introduce these OEMs to the improved design and run-time performance. Discuss the improved multiple language support feature and productivity tools that reduce design and troubleshooting time, while enhancing remote diagnostic capabilities. Also highlight Rockwell Automations global support and services message. Profile 4: Customers using PanelView Standard and other Legacy operator interface . Introduce these customers to the new PanelView Plus 6 and the new features and enhancements being released. Also review the lifecycle of the PanelView Standard platform and start discussions on their migration strategy. Discuss with these customers how they can increase their existing machine performance with the PanelView Plus 6. Increase in diagnostics, graphics and refresh rates will increase operator response time and overall machine availability. Profile 5: Customers that used PanelView Plus in the past but have moved to a competitors offering. The introduction of the PanelView Plus 6 takes the existing hardware and software platform and leapfrogs past the competition. In the past competitors have released operator interfaces that were more powerful, with more advanced features, than the current PanelView Plus. The increase in processing power and use of Microsoft CE 6 as the operating system has changed the game. Introduce the PanelView Plus 6 to these customers and demonstrate the new enhancements. Profile 6: Customers using white box PCs (non-RA) who have had issues with corruption from power cycling and can benefit from higher memory capacity in the dedicated system. Who not to target Customers currently using PanelView Compact, PanelView Plus 400 and 600 or PanelView Plus should not be targeted. Continue to lead with these products for these customers where panel space and cost is critical, sell up to the PanelView Plus 6 only when applicable or under competitive pressure. Customers using Rockwell Automation Industrial PCs.

Positioning Strategy
PanelView Plus 6 is positioned as a premium product in the market place with a corresponding market leading price in most parts of the world. This is consistent with the competitive positioning of past PanelView Plus products. It is important to note that when Rockwell implements its 2010 price increase, the PanelView Plus 6 line will carry list price levels that match the Q3 2010 price levels for PVP. PVP list price will increase by 3% - 7%, so in effect, the PanelView Plus 6 will be priced lower than PanelView Plus even though it has a higher feature set. The intent is to convert customers to the new platform as soon as possible. With respect to the competition, the market continues to stratify. At the high end, competitors such as Siemens, Schneider and Mitsubishi offer similar solutions to PanelView Plus 6. The newest features for PanelView Plus 6 combined with premier integration to Rockwell Controllers give Rockwell the edge. At the opposite end of the scale are competitors such as Maple Systems, Red Lion, Proface and Automation Direct. While these products have a lower feature set, they do offer value in basic applications that require few screens and a low number of alarms. While PanelView Plus 6 is a superior solution, customers that make price their number one priority when selecting a product may not appreciate the extensive capabilities. For those applications the PanelView Plus Compact line would be an appropriate solution.

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Competitive Summary and Differentiators

Hardware Attribute

Automation : EZ-T***

Direct: EA7-T**C

Proface: AGP3**

Red Lion: G31* Offers low price and Hi-res touch displays. Red Lion offers scripting for FTP client as well as data sharing between PLCs. PanelView Plus 6.0 offers higher quality and longevity of the 5-wire touch screen and offers more viewing angles. Red lion only talks to Logix controllerscoped.

Siemens: MP377

Schneider: Magelis XBT GT ****

Competitor's Key Strengths

Competitor's Key Weaknesses

Lower price, offers 2 serial ports with optional comm cards available. Some CE certifications are listed as pending. Limits on PLC drivers- only allows 1 at a item. Rockwell Automation products are CE certified and IP rated. To have remote monitoring and control requires a separate card and software.

Low price but comes with less features then the PanelView Plus 6.0.

Email/FTP features that allow information to reach network resources.

Offers a large 19" screen and Sm@rt optional features.

The XBT product line offers a webcam to video record.

Hardware case and bezel is made of plastic and not as durable as Rockwell's case and has higher shock/vibe and class 1 div 2 ratings.

PanelView Plus 6.0 offers higher performance, storage memory, class 1 div 2 and shock and vibe ratings.

PanelView Plus 6.0 allows for larger applications with the higher processor and has higher rating for shock and vibe and class 1 div 2 rated.

Magelis has a limit on number of tags per project. Shock and vibe ratings are below PanelView Plus 6.0.

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Competitive Summary and Differentiators

Automati on


Automati on: EZ-


Direct: EA7T**C

Proface: AGP3**

Red Lion: G31*

Siemens : MP377

Schneid er: Magelis XBT GT ****

PanelVie w Plus 6.0

Power AC/DC Keypad Pixel Resolution CPU RAM/Storage Ethernet/Seri al/Other Comm Ports WebServer/FT P Operate Temperature IP 65 NEMA Certification (4/4X/12/13)

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Competitive Summary and Differentiators

EZ Automation : EZ Series Automation Direct: C-More Proface: GP-Pro EX Red Lion: Crimson Siemens: WinCC Schneider: Viejo

Competito r's Key Strengths

Offers a lot more samples for Data logging and offers a lot more symbols in library.

Automation Direct has more symbols in the library.

Competito r's Key Weakness es

EZ Automation Software has limits on number of alarms, recipes, and offers less language options.

Automation Direct sets limits on samples for data logging, recipesingredients, number of users/levels, and language options.

Proface allows 10 log files in data logging, can log file on CSV to CF card or internally. Proface has security capability of logging operators actions to CF card and offers expressions in nearly all features and user friendly wizard. Proface animation allow video to be captures and showed on an event. Proface lacks in event logging and in recipes. A custom designed display is needed for recipes with Proface software and the scripts cannot be run within an object.

Red Lion allows plain text data logging with trending ability and offers visibility animation.

Siemens WinCC offers a greater range of historical data and allows scripting logic to start/stop data logs and archive files. This software can have recipes import/export to CSV & use scripting for control. WinCC also includes a Symbol Factory, which enhances objects. To get more features customers have to purchase the "Audit" for special events. WinCC has scripting but it cannot be applied directly to objects or animations.

Schneider Viejo allows data log values to be displayed or extended to trend data. Viejo can log to multiple files, but requires compact flash card. Viejo has more functionality in alarming and text can be import/export to plain text (CSV).

Red Lion only allows 2 messages per tag does not allow event logging. The script feature is powerful but not user friendly and offers less than 10 languages to choose from.

Viejo lacks on having less languages and less tags per display.

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Competitive Summary and Differentiators

EZ Automati on: EZ Series Automati on Direct: C-More Proface: GP-Pro EX Red Lion: Crimson Siemens: WinCC Schneide r: Viejo Rockwell Automati on

Trend Data Logging Alarming System Events Recipes Security HMI Logic Animation Screens Language Switching

Top Questions/Answers to Ask the Customer with Value Prompters

OEMS -Application Developers and Systems Engineers 1.) Do your customers experience downtime from accidentally pressing buttons twice as the result of slow response time? PanelView Plus 6 with a 30% increased screen refresh rate and improved performance leads to fast responses and less downtime. 2.) Would you like to reduce your development time, while providing your customers with better graphics? Symbol Factory is now included in the graphics library with no added cost to the user, over 5000 graphics are built into FactoryTalk View v6.0. 3.) Would it be a benefit for your customers maintenance people to access instruction manuals and equipment drawings on the Operator Interface Terminals? A PDF reader is now available on the standard offering of PanelView Plus 6, you can go directly to a page or book mark within the multi page pdf and even link as a help file in relation to an alarm.

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4.) Have you ever made a mistake assigning tags in your operator face that you also assigned in your controller? If so, how much time did you waste troubleshooting this? As always native tag browsing is available in PanelView Plus 6 and the FactoryTalk View Studio development environment ensure tags are created once and when modified do not require a second database update. 5.) Do you currently work with multiple languages? If so, would you like to use a single file for multiple translations? Utilizing an Arial Unicode Font without requiring font linking or the maintenance of a second application file PanelView Plus 6 comes with the ability to create PFIGS and CKJ + Russian all available on the terminal out of the factory. End Users 1.) Do your operators ever have to wait for screens to refresh? If so, do they ever call maintenance to fix the problem? PanelView Plus 6 with a 30% increased screen refresh rate and improved performance leads to fast responses and less downtime. 2.) Would you like to be able to see your Operator Interface screens from a remote PC? PanelView Plus 6 offers FactoryTalk ViewPoint and VNC capabilities standard, allowing remote viewing and control or the application screen. 3.) Would you like to email alarms to your maintenance people? Coming in Q2. 4.) Would you like to transfer recipes through common excel (CSV) files? Utilizing the functionality now available on the PanelView Plus 6 recipes are now able to be exported, modified, and stored remotely. 5.) Would you like to store and transfer data logs on a SD card? PanelView Plus 6 now utilizes the more secure and robust solution of a secure digital card allowing for up to 2 Gb of external storage.

Define Quantifiable Values

Rockwell is the market leader in North America and a top tier player in the rest of the world with the overall PanelView line of operator interface terminals. Advancements in microprocessors, graphics tools and 3 rd party software ad-ons have made it possible to create an operator interface terminal that provides a much improved user experience. In addition, these improvements allow the developer to create the application in less time. Key benefits can be grouped as follows: Design Time Productivity Save up to 40% on Application Development Labor PanelView Plus 6 dramatically reduces development and setup time through built in tag browsing, face plates and AOI utilization, Symbol Factory and terminal cloning Greater productivity with fewer errors PanelView Plus 6 lets developers re-use the tags. Its not just the money they save in development time. Its the reduced troubleshooting that goes with it Unicode text eliminates the need to manage multiple runtime files One runtime file can configure up to 20 languages without requiring font linking Better graphics are produced with less effort Symbol Factory allows developers to create crisp, clean applications, including animation, with an enhanced library of

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Define Quantifiable Values

interactive graphics File management is easy with the ability to restore prior applications In the past, if a power loss occurred during file transfer, the application may have been left in an unreliable state. PanelView Plus 6 provides a safety net if this were to occur. It maintains the LKG (last known good) transaction and can also be restored to factory defaults Leverage PanelView Plus 6 to provide maintenance instructions and work documents PanelView Plus 6 features an upgraded PDF viewer. Entire instruction manuals and operator work documents can be stored and accessed based on password levels. Bookmarked pages can be linked to on screen buttons based on alarm events. An extended Run Time Performance No need to wait for screens to refresh PanelView Plus 6 reduces operator labor with QUICKER navigation and a screen refresh rate thats up to 30% faster Eliminate nuisance maintenance calls from operator error PanelView Plus 6 has a fast screen refresh rate that eliminates maintenance calls from operators mistakenly hitting buttons twice while waiting for the screens to update Log data in a common file format Data Store Plus allows information to be saved as a CSV file. Write data to a network server or save it on a SD card for use in other applications Access data remotely PanelView Plus 6 includes a FTP server that allows files to be accessed remotely Copy recipes from one terminal to another Read and write recipes to CSV files. Remotely control recipe functions from the controller, via tags Extended features provide additional flexibility for specific needs An extended feature option provides additional software on the terminal to enable users to work with additional file types. The optional extended features include: Web browser - Internet Explorer Remote desktop connection Media player Microsoft Office file viewers o PowerPoint o Excel o Word WordPad text editor Intranet / Internet access is readily available PanelView Plus 6 is web friendly and internet access can also be locked out through password protection when you need a secure operator environment FactoryTalk Viewpoint provides access for remote users View screens from a remote PC while local users work independently. A web browser and internet access are all thats required. One client license is included in the purchase of PanelView Plus 6 hardware PanelView Plus 6 may be connected to a master terminal VNC (Virtual Network Computing) allows users to connect and control a another PanelView Plus 6 terminal from a central location while maintaining the security of a private network

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Define Quantifiable Values

Maintenance and Migration Maximize up time with hardware and software for the real world PanelView Plus 6 features modular component construction and is available in both AC/DC models. Utilize the cloning capability to restore all required settings along with stored files if a replacement is required Upgrade a system efficiently and cost effectively Because of PanelView Plus 6s design features migrate existing PanelView (with conversion tools available) and PanelView Plus (no conversion required) applications utilizing our Stepforward program and avoid an annual price increase this year

Pricing Summary
PanelView Plus 6 in its standard form is priced the same as PanelView Plus was in FY2010 Customers will get additional features without paying more The prior generation PanelView Plus platform will increase in price for FY2011 Logic Module Pricing for PanelView Plus 6 700 to 1500 Terminals Catalog Number Description 2711P-RP8D Logic Module, DC Input 2711P-RP8A Logic Module, AC Input 2711P-RP8DK Conformal-coated Logic Module DC Input 2711P-RP9D Extended Feature Logic Module, DC Input 2711P-RP9A Extended Feature Logic Module, AC Input 2711P-RP9DK Conformal-coated Extend Feature Logic Module DC Input Extended Features: Web browser - Internet Explorer Remote desktop connection Media player Microsoft Office file viewers o PowerPoint o Excel o Word WordPad text editor List Price $1,495 $1,770 $1,920 $1,745 $2,020 $2,170

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Top 5 FAQs
Will my application be supported? All 4.0, 5.0, and 5.1 applications will run on the PanelView Plus 6 terminal. Yes, all prior display modules will be compatible with the PanelView Plus 6 logic module. No, but we will provide new product sales of Remote I/O running FactoryTalk View v5.1 for an additional 5 years along with 5 years of additional repair and exchange support. No, refer to Step Forward, significant discount will apply. Only the logic module needs to be replaced for an upgrade. Yes all MERs back to 3.2 will run on a PanelView Plus 6. Active Xs will require FactoryTalk View Studio v6.0 to recompile from Windows OS Embedded CE 4.1 --> CE 6.0. Is my display module compatible? Will Remote I/O be supported?

Can I update my current PanelView Plus Terminal to v6.0?

Can a PanelView Plus 6 run an application that was developed in a prior generation of FactoryTalk View?

See US Distributor ExtraNet Site for additional FAQs.

Next Steps for Sales and Distributors

1. 2. 3. Review the target customer profiles and generate a target account list. Work with your tech specialist and identify any customers having pain due to application size limitations Leverage starter kits for customers that currently are not using Rockwell Automations operator interface

Additional Information
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Ryan Gunderson PanelView Plus 6 Product Manager 414- 382-1338 ReGunderson@ra.rockwell.com

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