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VOL. 30, ISSUE 10 SEPTEMBER 7-20, 2011




Los Angeles has no shortage of single gay men, but here weve gathered 10 eligible men who are particularly ripe for the pickingmen who are genuine, sincere and successful, and who represent a diverse selection of L.A.s dating pool.










The QFilm Festival, Long Beachs longest-running film festival, returns with some of the most acclaimed films on the 2011 film festival circuit.

The men of Los Angeles longingly await fall each year for permission to break out stylish new fashionsheres just a taste of what should be in your wardrobe this fall.


The W brand is synonymous throughout the world with style, high-concept design, glamour and incomparable serviceand The Residences at W Hollywood deliver these same features and lifestyle enhancements in a residential experience.




September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, and its the perfect time to learn more about the number one mens health issue that might be affecting you or someone you love.



Denizens of Los Angeles get a rare opportunity to revel in the citys unique sense of style at the return of Fashions Night Out at The Beverly Center.

Classes are back in session! L.A. offers countless adult courses covering myriad areas of study, so weve compiled a syllabus of fun and interesting classes to aid in your ongoing education.

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VOL. 30, ISSUE 10 SEPTEMBER 7-20, 2011



9/11 and the Death of Accountability 9th Circuit Hears Log Cabins DADT Case Calendar


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Filmmaker David Weissman discusses the making of We Were Here a powerful new documentary looking back at the AIDS crisis in San Franciscoreliving the experience through the process and whether the bareback trend is a big slap in the face to all those weve lost and fought for.

Victor Barreiro has been a contributor to Frontiers for the last seven years. He began with the company when he was approached to be the voice for the Latino column. Aside from writing, this Southern California native also enjoys a flourishing career in entertainment. Some of his greatest accomplishments include hosting, reporting and producing for various networks such as ABC, NBC, Telemundo, MTV and Univision, just to name a few. He loves spending his free time with family, friends or traveling across the country. Victor hopes to one day host his own talk show.
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Paulo Murillo is a West Hollywood resident who has been writing for gay media for over 12 years. He claims he didnt always make the best name for himself when he wrote a scathing WeHo column called Luv Ya, Mean it, which he describes as a day in the crazy life of a good time guy on the go. Today, a calmer Murillo remains true to the city with his contributions to the West Hollywood Hot Topic pageI love approaching unsuspecting folks with the Hot Topic question and watching them form opinions about community issues, he says. For more, visit his website at or friend him on Facebook.

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BY LAWRENCE FERBER Filmmaker Kevin Smith threw fans and critics a curveball with his latest feature, Red State. A pitch-black satire/bleak horror film about three teenagers kidnapped by an armed and murderous Fred Phelps-esque religious fundamentalist and his virulently homophobic clan, the film was protested by the real-life Phelps clan at its Sundance Film Festival premiere.


BY CASEEN GAINES Just in time for the 25th anniversary of Peewees Playhouse comes a behind-the-scenes look at a pop culture icon whose audience transcends age, gender and sexuality.


BY LAWRENCE FERBER Following a hugely successful, starring storyline in DC Comics Detective Comics title, the openly lesbian Batwoman begins her own titular, monthly series starting Sept. 14.

Vote for your favorite summer cocktail and send your favorite mixologist to NYC to compete nationally in the Summer of Svedka mixology challenge. Plus, win your own fabulous prizes!



BY TORSTEN HOJER Brighton and Hove Gay Mens Chorus is the first gay mens chorus to sign a 1 million record deal.


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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



...Chaz Bono joining the cast is a tremendous step forward for the public to recognize that transgender people are another wonderful part of the fabric of American culture.
GLAAD Senior Director of Programs Herndon Graddick regarding transgender activist Chaz Bonos upcoming appearance on ABCs Dancing With the Stars, as reported at

Im a person, not just a gay person. So I dont focus on gay things like that.

Prop. 8 Plaintiffs Seek to Unseal Trial Video

Plaintiffs in the federal Proposition 8 case were back in court Aug. 29 asking that video of last years trial be unsealed and made available to the public, the AP reports. U.S. District Court Judge Vaughn Walker held that the measure violated the federal constitution after a lengthy trial involving testimony by numerous lay and expert witnesses. The case is currently on appeal before the 9th Circuit. The appellate panel assigned to the case has referred to the California Supreme Court the issue of whether Prop. 8s proponents have standing to pursue the appeal, given that the state of California opted not to. The California high court is not expected to take up the matter until later in September. Plaintiffs argued that release of the video is necessary to show that Walkers decision was based on solid evidence and not on bias. Walkers successor, Judge James Ware, denied a motion by Prop. 8 proponents to overturn Walkers decision on the purported ground that Walker, who is gay and in a long-term relationship, stood to gain by striking down the law. That issue is also before the appellate court. Releasing the video would allow everyone to review and make their own judgment about what happened, said Theodore Boutrous, attorney for some of the plaintiffs. Proponents oppose unsealing the videos, arguing that to do so would violate the U.S. Supreme Courts order, issued at the commencement of the trial, that the proceedings could not be streamed live to other courthouses or on the Internet. Proponents have also argued that widespread dissemination of video of the trial would subject anti-gay marriage experts and witnesses to harassment from the LGBT community. After the Supreme Courts ruling, Walker permitted the trial to be videotaped, with the understanding that the video would be sealed and used only by him in reaching his verdict. Ware said at the hearing that he would issue a written decision, but appeared to be leaning in proponents direction. The judicial process is affected when a judge takes the position of, I will seal this and use it only for a limited purpose, and then that is changed by a different judge and unsealed and used for a different purpose, he said. Ware also seemed not to be buying plaintiffs argument regarding the attack on Walkers integrity, saying, Ive had lots of parties attack me.

Out Glee actress Jane Lynch told reporters on a conference call about hosting the Emmys on Sept. 18, according to the Huffington Post.

They have gone out on aI would arguejihad against Rick Santorum...


Equality California has come out swinging against groups seeking to force a referendum on Californias new Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act, passed in July, reported Aug. 30. FAIR added LGBT persons to the list of minority groups whose contributions must be taught in the California schools social studies curricula. If opponents collect enough signatures, a repeal measure would appear on the June 2012 ballot. One of the groups involved in the repeal effort, the Family Research Council, has been designated a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Organizations with links to white supremacist organizations and other hate groups long ago lost the right to speak with any legitimacy about protecting families and children, EQCA Executive Director Roland Palencia said in a statement. California voters have a right to know the truth about those most backing the effort to overturn [FAIR]. The new Protect FAIR website is

Former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. and 2012 GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum about gays at an Aug. 26 campaign stop in Spartanburg, S.C., as reported by The Hill.

AS OF 7:09 A.M., AUG 31, 2011

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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



Mistrial Declared in McInerney Murder Trial

Three years and almost seven months after then-14-year old Brandon McInerney shot his 15-year-old gay classmate Larry King twice in the back of the head in their Oxnard middle school classroom, Ventura County Judge Charles Campbell declared a mistrial on Sept. 1 after jurors were deadlocked over a first-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter conviction. After a two-month emotional trial and 17 hours of deliberations, jurors deadlocked 7-to-5 in favor of voluntary manslaughter, a lesser charge favored by the defense and included in the juror instructions just before deliberations. During the trial, prosecutor Maeve Fox described McInerney as a budding white supremacist from a violent home who hated gays. She said he knew what he was doing when he brought a gun with hollow-point bullets to school to shoot King. Fox said McInerney told a defense psychologist that Kings flirtation with him was disgusting and humiliating after King, who came to school in makeup and wearing a dress, said, Whats up, baby? Fox said McInerney told school friends that he would bring a gun to school to make King pay for his comment. The defense focused on McInerneys childhood abuse by his violent father, his age at the time of the shooting and his reaction to what they called Kings sexual harassment of McInerney. Wippert told reporters that he spoke with jurors and they did not believe the murder was a hate crime, according to the Los Angeles Times. He made this horrible decision at such a young age, said defense attorney Robyn Bramson, who came out as a lesbian during the trial. Hes going to be locked up for a very, very long time, and I want him to have a date on the calendar when he can get out. Fox made no comment after the mistrial was declared. Wippert said McInerney was disappointed by the mistrial because his fate was left hanging, The Times reported. Speculation is that the District Attorneys office will wait until next month to decide how next to proceedwhether to try McInerney again and as an adult or offer him a plea deal. The mistrial declared today is hardly a surprise, GLSEN Executive Director Eliza Byard said. The jurys indecision is a sad reflection of our collective inability to find common ground and invest in a better future for all youth and a culture of respect for all.


Former U.S. Army Lt.-turned-LGBT activist Dan Choi faces up to six months jail time and a $100-$1,000 fine for allegedly disobeying a lawful police order when he and 12 other demonstrators chained themselves to the White House fence last November protesting against Dont Ask, Dont Tell, the AP reports. Chois fellow demonstrators accepted plea deals, but Choi opted for trial, and some allege he has been treated more harshly than others involved in similar demonstrations. White House protesters are typically charged only with misdemeanors, according to Jane Hamsher of the Firedoglake blog. But the Park Police, Hamsher reports, decided to press federal charges against the DADT protesters before the demonstration even began. Assistant U.S. Attorney Angela George insisted for months that the protesters be left with a federal conviction on their records as part of any plea deal before finally dropping that demand, Hamsher wrote. U.S. Magistrate Judge John Facciola gave the government 10 days to counter his decision to allow Chois argument of vindictive prosecution.


Texas Gov. and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry has signed a pledge to support a federal constitutional amendment barring gay marriage, Reuters reported Aug. 28. The hard-right Perry entered the race Aug. 13, and several national polls indicate he has displaced the more moderate former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as the frontrunner. Recent Gallup and Quinnipiac polls show Perry in a virtual dead heat with President Barack Obama in the general presidential race. Romney and GOP contenders U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., and former Pennsylvania U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum have also signed the pledge. [Perry] says he wants to make sure that the federal government isnt involved in much, and then he promotes amazingly invasive federal government policies like this, said Progress Texas Executive Director Matt Glazer. Perry had previously said states should set their own marriage policies, but walked that position back under Tea Party pressure. 20


Republican Puerto Rico Sen. Roberto Arango resigned after nude photos surfaced that he had allegedly posted on the gay hookup smartphone app Grindr.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



9/11 and the Death of Accountability

I never visited the World Trade Center Twin Towers when I lived in New York City. There was no urgency. They were such an iconic part of the landscapethe tallest buildings in the worldand there was no question they would always be there, a majestic symbol of Americas financial strength, power and brash ingenuity.
The Twin Towers were a symbol, too, for Americas resiliency after a terrorist attack. On Feb. 26, 1993, with training from Al Qaeda and financing from his uncle Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, Ramzi Yousef detonated a truck bomb in the garage under the North Tower. Hed hoped the explosion would topple one massive 110-story structure onto the other, killing thousands. The blast opened a 98-foot-wide hole through four layers of concrete but the towers remained standing. The bomb killed seven people and injured 1,042 others, many during the chaotic evacuation as the chemical smoke rose to the 93rd floor of both towers. Seventeen kindergarteners were trapped for five hours between the 35th and 36th floorsdescending from the observation deck. Journalist Steve Coll subsequently reported that Yousef sent letters to newspapers saying that if the U.S. didnt cut ties to Israel, there would be more attacks. Yousef initially escaped to Pakistan, but by 1997, he and five co-conspirators were convicted of bombing-related charges. Meanwhile, his uncle, later known as KSM, planned for Sept. 11, 2001. During the trial, it was revealed that an Egyptian informant told the FBI about the bomb plot on Feb. 6, 1992, more than a year earlier. Weirdly, a jury later determined that the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey was 68 percent responsible for the bombing, while the terrorists were only culpable for 32 percent a verdict upheld in 2008 by a court of appeals. Port Authority Executive Director Neil Levin died on Sept. 11 during the coordinated terrorist attacks; he had eaten breakfast at Windows on the World, on the 106th floor of the North Tower. We subsequently learned from the 9/11 Commission that an FBI field office had alerted superiors about Middle Eastern men learning how to fly airplanesbut not how to land. We also learned that Richard Clarke, National Counter-Terrorism Coordinator, warned the U.S. intelligence agencies and National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice that Al Qaeda posed a significant risk to the U.S. 9/11 Commissioner Jamie Gorelick said the documents would set your hair on fire and noted that the warning plateaued at a spike level for months before 9/11. According to Clarke, Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz discounted the warnings: You give bin Laden too much credit. He could not do all these things like the 1993 attack on New York, not without a state sponsor. Clarke is the only high-ranking official to have apologized to the families of the 9/11 victims for the governments failure to prevent the tragedy.





Father Mychal Judges body carried from the wreckage

The world watched the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers and witnessed the aftermath of attacks on the Pentagon and the downed plane in Shanksville, Penn., where passengers prevented hijacked United Flight 93 from reaching the Capitol. The world watched as firefighters and police rushed to the rescue, hoping those waving for help would be saved. And then until the pictures were censoredwe saw the jumpers. In 2009, Tom Junod wrote a brilliant essay for Esquire about AP photographer Richard Drews iconic shot of the unidentified falling man. He challenges us not to turn away. They began jumping not long after the first plane hit the North Tower, not long after the fire started, Junod wrote. They kept jumping until the tower fell. They jumped through windows already broken, and then, later, through windows they broke themselves. They jumped to escape the smoke and the fire; they jumped when the ceilings fell and the floors collapsed; they jumped just to breathe once more before they died. They jumped continually, from all four sides of the building, and from all floors above and around the buildings fatal wound. They jumped from the offices of Marsh & McLennan, the insurance company; from the offices of Cantor Fitzgerald, the bondtrading company; from Windows on the World, the restaurant on the 106th and 107th floorsthe top. For more than an hour and a half, they streamed from the building, one after another, consecutively rather than en masse, as if each individual required the sight of another individual jumping before mustering the courage to jump himself or herself. One photograph, taken at a distance, shows people jumping in perfect sequence,

like parachutists, forming an arc composed of three plummeting people, evenly spaced. Indeed, there were reports that some tried parachuting, before the force generated by their fall ripped the drapes, the tablecloths, the desperately gathered fabric, from their hands. They were all, obviously, very much alive on their way down, and their way down lasted an approximate count of 10 seconds. They were all, obviously, not just killed when they landed, but destroyed, in body though not, one prays, in soul. One hit a fireman on the ground and killed him; the firemans body was anointed by Father Mychal Judge, whose own death shortly thereafter was embraced as an example of martyrdom after the photographthe redemptive tableauof firefighters carrying his body from the rubble made its way around the world. Later we learned that Father Mychal Judge, a beloved Franciscan priest and the Chaplain of New Yorks Fire Department, was gay. Like other LGBT rescue workers that day, he, too, rushed into danger to do his job. But I imagine he wrestled with this faith as he heard the constant thud as those jumpers hit the ground: I imagine, too, that he held close their souls and didnt judge their decision to escape the hell created by the Jihadi terrorists in the name of their religion. Out of respect, Father Mychal Judge became the first recorded victim of 9/11. Also defying the once age-old stereotype of the limp-wristed, weak and frightened gay man were David Charlebois, the gay co-pilot of the plane that crashed into the Pentagon, and businessman Mark Bingham, who joined a handful of other passengers in trying to re-take Flight 93. Bingham supported maverick Sen. John Mc26
SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




Mark Bingham and his mother, Alice

Cain, who tearfully spoke at his memorial in San Francisco. I very well may owe my life to Mark Bingham and the others who summoned the enormous amount of courage and love necessary to deny those depraved hateful men their terrible triumph, McCain said. Such a debt we will incur for life. I will try very hard to discharge my public duties in a manner that honors their memory. One can only imagine how the victims of 9/11 dealt with their final frightening moments. But I imagine that Ronald Gamboa, 33, and Dan Brandhorst, 42, partners for 13 years who were on their way home to L.A. from Boston on United Flight 175, spent their time comforting their 3-year-old adopted son, David, before smashing into the second tower. Brandhorst and Gamboa were founding members of the gay Pop Luck Club.

After 9/11, we discovered that the closet forced many LGBT survivors to grieve in silence. Others, however, such as Edgar Rodriguez, then-Executive Director of the Gay Officers Action League, did their part as the nation came together. He worked on the pile, the name given the remains of the disintegrated Twin Towers: The faint smell of putrid smoke seeped through my gas mask as I passed buckets of unrecognizable ruin to cops and firefighters Id never seen before. For hours we quietly passed buckets filled with lost hopes and dreams in a silence I have never before experienced. And then came the anguish of second-class citizenshipthe painful indignity of officially being denied partnership recognition and benefits by the federal 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. Meanwhile, longtime anti-gay Rev. Jerry Falwell appeared on equally anti-gay



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




Rev. Pat Robertsons 700 Club on Sept. 13, pointed to gays and lesbians and said, You helped this happen. They were forced to apologize. Fund Special Master Kenneth Feinberg said on NBCs Meet the Press , [Same-sex couples are] left out of my program to the extent that their own state doesnt include them. ... Otherwise, Tim, I would find myself getting sued in every state by people claiming that Im not following how the state distributes money. I cant get into that local battle. Ive got to rely on state law. New York Gov. George Pataki signed legislation giving domestic partners of 9/11 victims the right to state workers compensation and crimevictim payments. California Gov. Gray Davis also signed legislation on Sept. 12, 2002, with Keith Bradkowskiwhose life partner, Jeff Collman, was a flight attendant on American Airlines flight 11 that crashed into the first towerin attendance. In 2003, Bradkowski testified before a Senate subcommittee considering banning marriage rights for same-sex couples. Two years ago we were all united against the common threat of terrorism, Bradkowski testified. Now, less than two years later, I am sitting here and being told that my relationship was a threat to our country. ... The terrorists who attacked this country killed people not because they were gay or straightbut because they were Americans. It is heart-wrenching that our own government does not protect its citizens equally, gay and straight, simply because they are Americans. The following year, in order to win re-election, Bush and his political architect Karl Rove (who many believe also stole the 2000 election from Vice President Al Gore) advocated a federal constitutional amendment banning marriage equality and launched anti-gay marriage initiatives in 11 states. As James C. Moore and Wayne Slater note in Bushs Brain, Rove has a long history of using soulless divisiveness to win elections, by whatever means necessary. The 9/11 Commission and filmmaker Michael Moore in Fahrenheit 9/11 , among scores of others, have detailed the horrendous mistakes made before the evil Sept. 11 terrorist attacks by the arrogant and inept Bush administration. But it is the evil arrogance created in reaction to 9/11 that threatens to truly undermine the republic. Consider: spurning the Geneva Convention; the immoral torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib prison; the Orwellian justification and lack of evidence for the governments allegations against Guantanamo Bay detainees; the Patriot Act and warrantless wiretapping and surveillance against innocent U.S. citizens; the outing of undercover CIA operative Valerie Plame (once a crime of treason) as an act of political vengeance against her husband, former Ambassador Joe Wilson; Bush and his administrations unadulterated mendacity (mushroom cloud) to justify a pre-emptive war against Iraq; giving no-bid military contracts to cronies and friends, including the bin Laden familythe list goes on. Former Nixon White House counsel John Dean called the Bush White House worse than Watergate for its secrecy and dirty tricks. New

Yorker writer Jane Mayer exposed the Bush administrations concept of American justice in The Dark Side: The Inside Story of How the War on Terror Turned Into a War on American Ideals. And now Dick Cheney is out flogging his memoir, In My Time, accepting no accountability, issuing no apology and once again saying waterboardinginternationally viewed as tortureworks. It is widely believed that if Cheney were to travel to Europe, he could be arrested and put on trial as a war criminal. Why isnt the man who caused death and ruination to thousands not called evil, too? Many of us blanched when Al Gore took the classy high road and conceded the 2000 election. We boiled when not one U.S. Senator stood up with the Congressional Black Caucus to officially contest the way the electoral process was conducted. But many more of us were outraged when President Barack Obama said he wanted to look forward, not back and let the Bush administration skate on torture and other actions that would have landed the rest of us in prison. Even South Africa had a Truth and Reconciliation Commission after the horrors of apartheid. Does Obama think the American public cant handle the truth? Now, with the death of bin Laden, we can mark the death of 9/11-related accountability, too. The point was underscored on Aug. 31, when

the Bipartisan Policy Center, led by former 9/11 Commissioner Gov. Tim Kean, issued a report card saying the nation is still highly vulnerable to aviation security threats. We really have not gotten it right yet, Kean said, adding that Congress still hasnt allocated new broadcast frequencies for common use by all first respondersa critical failure during 9/11. That should have been done yesterday, and everyday its not done, the American people are less safe. In the meantime, Karl Rove has been outtricked by Dick Armey and his FreedomWorks Foundation, which turned the old Christian Coalition into the religious and further far right extremist Tea Party, which holds Republicans in their grasp. On Sept. 1, for the first time in U.S. history, House Speaker John Boehner refused the request by the president of the United States to address Congress. However, some now question why the White House chose the date of the Republican presidential debate to deliver Obamas big jobs speech. On my last trip to New York City, I didnt go to see the site of the future 9/11 memorial. I couldnt stomach how, after 10 years, the symbol of Americas financial strength, power and brash ingenuity is a big hole in the ground.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



9th Circuit Hears Log Cabins DADT Case

A three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in Pasadena heard oral arguments in the Log Cabin Republicans challenge to the constitutionality of Dont Ask, Dont Tell on Sept. 1. District Court Judge Virginia Phillips ruled on Sept. 10, 2010, that DADT is unconstitutional and ordered an injunction against its enforcement worldwide. That order was stayed by a different 9th Circuit panel as the government appealed Phillips decision. Meanwhile, politicos took center stage, with the U.S. Congress passing a bill repealing DADT, signed by President Obama in December of 2010. The official repeal is set to go into effect on Sept. 20. The pending repeal of DADT was the centerpiece of the governments arguments in Log Cabin Republicans v. United States before Judges Arthur Alarcon, Diarmuid OScannlain and Barry Silverman. Government attorney Henry Whitaker argued that the court should declare the case moot since the DADT law the case is contesting will soon be gone. Whitaker also argued that on the merits of the case, the government still believes DADT is constitutional. He also said that rendering the case moot would nullify itas if the case and Judge Phillips ruling never happened. Dan Woods, whos been LCRs lead attorney from White & Case for seven years, told Frontiers that he thought the argument went well and the judges were all prepared and interested and asked good, hard questions of both sides. Silverman asked Woods, why not just let the repeal run its normal path? Woods said he made two arguments in response to the governments push to have the case declared moot. First, that the possibility of repealing the repeal or other action to reinstate DADT provides a reason why the case will not be moot; and second, servicemembers discharged under DADT continue to suffer collateral consequences as a result of their discharges under an unconstitutional statute, Woods said. We also argued that any question of mootness should be decided by Judge Phillips in the first instance and that, even if the case is declared moot, the Court should not vacate the judgment entered by Judge Phillips. We also argued the other issues in the case, such as Log Cabins standing, whether DADT was or is constitutional and Log Cabins equal protection claim, Woods said. The time devoted to those issues shows that the Court at least has an open mind about mootness and may not be prepared to rule that the case is moot. With regard to the constitutionality of DADT, the government lawyer, Henry Whitaker, said in his rebuttal argument that the government contends that DADT was and is constitutional. We argued, of course, that it was not and is not and that Judge Phillips decision on the merits was correct. Meanwhile, observers such as attorney Tom Carpenter, who sits on the board of the Servicemembers Le34
SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




gal Defense Network, question why the government is still arguing that DADT is constitutional. Last February, the Justice Department said it believes that sexual orientation should be considered under legal heightened scrutiny, just as are other minorities with claims to equal protection. But the DOJ has equivocated when it comes to DADTin fact arguing that the Repeal Act changed the very DADT law that Judge Phillips ruled unconstitutionalthereby essentially nullifying her decision. Meanwhile, the government also argued that DADT should remain intact and in place until all requirements of the Repeal Act were met and the repeal finally and officially occurred. Woods argued in his filing and in court on Sept. 1 that the Court should uphold Phillips ruling because of the identifiable collateral consequences servicemembers discharged for 17 years under DADT continue to suffer today under unconstitutional discharges. One of the judges suggested that those harmed individuals could file their own lawsuits. But Woods noted in an earlier statement, The government is trying to remove the legal precedent established in our case so that anyone claiming back34

pay, reinstatement or a change in discharge status because he or she was discharged under an unconstitutional law would be unable to take advantage of the precedent we set. Asked what happens next, Woods chuckled and said, Next, we wait. Carpenter has a similar sentiment. I have no idea what the panel is going to do. Based on the questions, he told Frontiers, its impossible to determine whether they will rule on the merits of the case or whether to make a determination that its moot and pass it back to the Executive [branch] and Congress. Carpenter is concerned that the panel may declare the case moot and vacate Phillips order, nullifying it as if it never existed, so theres no precedent. All that good law would then basically not be law but just be used to be persuasive in other cases. Carpenter also didnt think the judges grasped Woods argument about how its important to nip the constitutional issue in the bud right now, given the promises made by Republican presidential contenders and others to repeal the Repeal Act and reinstate DADT. They didnt want to deal with the future, and called that speculation, he said.


QFilm Festival 2011



Long Beach is like Los Angeles little brother not as large, not as hip, but way more laidback. Its smart that QFilm Festival, lil bro LBs attempt at Outfest, occurs in autumn, avoiding the long shadow cast by L.A.s gay film festival. Like any younger sibling, Long Beach endeavors to prove its worth amongst the big kids. The QFilm Festival, Long Beachs longestrunning film festival, returns Sept. 16 to the historic Art Theatre and the neighboring Center Long Beach. Presented by the Gay & Lesbian Center of Greater Long Beach and Long Beach Lesbian & Gay Pride, the festival promises, narrative features, documentaries and short films that embody the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community. This includes several area premieres, as well some of the most acclaimed features on the 2011 film festival circuit. One of the more notable features presented is Fit, a dramedy by British filmmaker/actor Rikki Beadle-Blair (Metrosexuality). Tackling issues of teen bullying and sexual diversity, the movie utilizes hip-hop, humour, colourful Adidas tracksuits and lively writing similar to Channel 4s Skins . The British gay rights organization Stonewall is so confident in the films youth accessibility that it is donating DVDs of Fit to every high school in Britain to educate against homophobic bullying. Of course there are also prominent features from this side of the pond. Judas Kiss, a gay romantic comedy, features the talents of Dantes Coves Charlie David and porn heartthrob Brent Corrigan. The plot involves A quirk in time and space [giving] a failed filmmaker the chance

to reshape his destiny when he visits his peculiar alma mater. Another American feature boasting a cast of familiar faces is the Texan retro sex romp Longhorns. Jacob Newton, Derek Villanueva, Dylan Vox and Kevin Held star in this Porkys-esque sexcapade where sexual identity comes into question and a weekend fueled by beers, straight porn and sexual frustration will lead to bed-hopping and questions about which side of the fence some of these longhorns sit on. Leave it on the Floor, starring L.A.s drag sweetheart Miss Barbie Q, is a frenetic drag ball musicalthink Alice in Wonderland meets Paris is Burning. Besides screening entertaining feature films, like his elder brother, QFilm Festival also showcases a variety of poignant and cerebral documentaries. The one most relevant to a gay SoCal audience is Inspired: Voices Against Prop. 8. The doc chronicles several peoples lives in the wake of the passage of Prop. 8. Arresting live footage follows average people from all walks of life, inspired to action in ways they never dreamed. The film features a diverse spectrum of interviews, from teenagers to professional adults, from a lawyer to a prison guard to a reverend are interviewed about how their lives changed on Nov. 4, 2008, when Prop. 8 was passed. 2008 was also the year transgender teen Angie Zapata was murdered in her rural Colorado town. Its fitting that the festival is also showing Photos of Angie, which recounts her life and tragic death through extensive interviews with her family about her journey of self-discovery, transgender lives across the globe, hate crimes legis-

lation and the mysterious nature of her killer all against the backdrop of his trial. Rounding out this troika of sob stories is We Were Here from The Cockettes documentarians David Weissman and Bill Weber. While their previous film focused on San Franciscos 70s psychedelic cross-dressing music parody troupe, their newest endeavor revisits the city a decade later during the onset of of AIDS. It explores how the citys inhabitants were affected by, and how they responded to, that calamitous epidemic. Though a San Franciscobased story, We Were Here extends beyond San Francisco and beyond AIDS itself. It speaks to our capacity as individuals to rise to the occasion, and to the incredible power of a community coming together with love, compassion and determination. Not all the documentaries are as serious. Hollywood to Dollywood follows twin brothers Gary and Larry Lane as they journey from California to Pidgeon Forge, Tenn., to hand deliver a screenplay to their beloved country superstar muse, Dolly Parton. This heartwarming film features appearances by Leslie Jordan, Chad Allen, Dustin Lance Black and many more. The Long Beach QFilm Festival features several international documentaries, including Bisexual Revolution (France), I Am (India) and Be A Woman (China). The festival strives to prove that Long Beach is not just a cute little town, but as artistically and socially relevant as its older brother Los Angeles. For more info on QFilm Festival, go to
SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


Paolo Presta, known as an Oprah surprise guest favorite and for his recurring role on General Hospital, is now following in the footsteps of his favorite talk show host. This fall, Paolo is dishing it up on his new online talk show, A Spoonful of Paolo, as he fulfills his dream with celebrity interviews, travel, fashion and cooking segments. Sharon Osbourne is the guest for the season premiere. Follow Paolo on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube or visit


The French Canadian province of Qubec is taking over Los Angeles this September with Quebec in Hollywooda month-long celebration of Qubecs creativity and excellence. The event takes place in and around Hollywood Sept. 9-25, and features a film festival, food tastings, fashion show, arts exposition, comedy performances and more. It culminates with the premiere of Cirque du Soleils new resident show, IRIS, at the prestigious Kodak Theatre. For more information, visit


Chef de cuisine of WP24 Restaurant and Lounge, Sara Johannes, and Shanghai native and executive chef of JW Marriott Hotel Shanghai, Michael Lu, will host one of Six Tastes upcoming culinary tours. Beginning at the Monterey Park Chinese market, the tour later reconvenes at the award-winning WP24 Restaurant and Lounge, where featured chefs Johannes and Lu will inspire your tastebuds with ingredients picked from the market. 3-7 p.m. Tickets $88. Monterey Park Chinese Market, 771 W. Garvey Ave., Monterey Park.

WED., SEPT. 14

Frontiers co-sponsors the L.A. premiere of the outstanding documentary We Were Here, which documents the coming of what was called the Gay Plague in the early 80s. It illuminates the profound personal and community issues raised by the AIDS epidemic, as well as the broad political and social upheavals it unleashed. The movie also provides understanding as to what happened in those years and insight into what society can offer its citizens in terms of care. 7:30 p.m. Tickets $25. ArcLight Cinemas, 6360 W. Sunset Blvd., Hlywd.


WED., SEPT. 14

FRI., SEPT. 16
Audiences will experience a variety of jaw-dropping vignettes torn straight from the pages of some of the most unforgettable celebs in the live comedy show Celebrity Autobiography. In this edition, music memoirs from Destinys Child, Tommy Lee, Madonna, David Cassidy and Justin Bieber will be played out by top performers. 7:30 p.m. Tickets $45. The Grammy Museum, 800 W. Olympic Blvd., Downtown L.A. grammy

New Yorks Finest: The Leading Men of Broadway heats up the open-air stage of the Ford Amphitheatre, recreating original performances that thrilled Broadway audiences. This one-night-only event will feature David Burnham, Brandon Victor Dixon, Chad Kimball, Levi Kreis and Ace Young, with Sam Harris directing. 8:30 p.m. Tickets $40. Ford Amphitheatre, 2580 Cahuenga Blvd. E., Hlywd.

David Burnham

SAT., SEPT. 17

SAT., SEPT. 17


Eugene Onegin is based on the verse novel of the same name by Alexander Pushkin, one of the greatest works of Russian literature. Tchaikovsky composed the score and also wrote the libretto for this opera, in collaboration with poet Konstantin Shilvosky, creating the story of a nave girl and an arrogant gentleman whose relationship spirals into a series of events that include a duel and the abrupt end of a love affair that was never meant to be. 7:30 p.m. Tickets $20-270. Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 135 N. Grand Ave., Downtown L.A.


L.A. Lords, a premier gay speed dating service, is hosting a night for men ages 22-42. There will be music, a hot bartender serving drinks and snacks. Dates will last three to five minutes, and the $30 charge covers admission and a free beverage. After the event, youll go home and enter your date choices on the companys online matching database. Register at the L.A. Lords website for reduced admission. Private loft space, Downtown L.A.


SUN., SEPT. 18

MEX/LA: Mexican Modernism(s) in Los Angeles, 19301985 focuses on the construction of different notions of Mexicanidad within modernist and contemporary art created in L.A. Explore the history and influences of Los Angeles, Mexican culture, mural development and the people they influenced at the Museum of Latin American Art. This collaboration is bringing more than 60 cultural institutions from all over SoCal to tell the story of the birth of the L.A. art scene. Opens at 11 a.m. Tickets $9. Museum of Latin American Art, 628 Alamitos Ave., Long Beach.





Los Angeles has no shortage of single gay men, but with this issue weve gathered 10 eligible men who are particularly ripe for the pickingmen who are genuine, sincere and successful, and who represent a diverse selection of L.A.s dating pool. Feel free to contact these bachelors and express your interest. We may not be able to guarantee a love connection, but heres hoping we can light a spark!


31, Jack comes from New York City, owns a publicity firm and has lived in Los Angeles for 14 years. Hes been single for three years. THE PERFECT DATE: Dinner and a movie at the Silent Movie Theatre. THE PERFECT MATE: An honest, down-to-earth guy who can sit at home, cuddle up and watch TV with me or travel around the world with me. Id like to find a guy who I can hang out and be friends with and ultimately date and begin a relationship. Honesty is very important to me. Someone who has a sence of humor, is independent and dreams. Someone whos comfortable with himself and with who I am, and isnt stuck on a past relationship. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: After eight years of working in the corporate world, it would have to be starting my own business, which is still going strong. HOBBIES: Collecting art ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: A toothbrush MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: Im trilingual. MAKES HIM LAUGH: I love a good, dirty joke.

26, Kenny was born and raised in sunny Los Angeles, and has lived here for most of his life, besides the few years he spent on the East Coast and the three years he lived in Japan. Hes a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy, and has been single for about a year and a half. THE PERFECT DATE: Dinner followed by a sunset walk along the beach with hours of talking. Then maybe grabbing a drink and going dancing. THE PERFECT MATE: Someone who is willing to let themselves love, and be loved in return. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: That I am a gay man who has heard that call of duty and am able to service my country just like every other man in this world. HOBBIES: Singing, dancing and making people laugh. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: Music its what moves the world. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: I am very shy when I meet someone for the first time. WHAT MAKES HIM LAUGH: The bad things in life. I just laugh, because I know it could be so much worse.

42, vctrm2012@gmail Victor hails from Texas City, Texas, and has lived in Los Angeles for 18 years. He works as a hair stylist and says he has been single for way too long. THE PERFECT DATE: Good food, low lighting, lowkey THE PERFECT MATE: Someone who is kind, affectionate, intelligent, masculine and employed. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: That Im gay, a Marine Corps Veteran and I love my job. Im proud of the time and energy Ive dedicated to the AIDS LifeCycle as a roadie and the Aid for AIDS Best in Drag Show! HOBBIES: Upholstery and woodworking projects, swap meets. WHAT HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: Dental floss, chapstick, reading glasses and my friends. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: That I only read about British monarchs from the 14th-16th centuries. Im a nerd!

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





49, Troy hails from Charleston, South Carolina, but has lived in Los Angeles for 22 years. He works in luxury goods sales and has been single just over a year.

THE PERFECT DATE: Dinner at Pizzeria Il Fico on Robertson, then a Sade concert at the Hollywood Bowl. THE PERFECT MATE: A man who is intellectually stimulating is at the top of the list. Intellect trumps muscles with me everytime. Someone who laughs at my jokes and also likes to be around people. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: My family. Theyre pretty awesome and they think Im hysterical.

HOBBIES: Im not really a hobby person, although I am passionate about the artsballet, opera, classical music, modern dance. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: No xplode workout supplement just kidding. Outside of my family and friends, I would say books. Theyre an amazing escape. Oh yes, and going to the gym on a daily basis. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: That I would love to be a father.

56, Tim is from Bakersfield and works as a Performing Arts and Entertainment Publicist. Hes been in Los Angeles since 1979when Evita was newand has been single since 2009.



45, Zack is from Taos, New Mexico, but has been a Los Angeles resident for 25 years. Hes the creator and founding CEO of The Urban Pet, and Zack has been single for six months.

THE PERFECT DATE: First date: drinks east of La Brea, then dinner at some off-the-beatenpath ethnic restaurant. Third date: martinis at Musso & Franks, Gelsons for supplies, food and discourse at my place, making out to 70s love songs in the backyard. THE PERFECT MATE: A man who possesses integrity, passion, loyalty, a healthy mind and soul. Add chemistry to the mix and who could ask for a more perfect mate? WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: The ability to find hope, humor and opportunity in the most difficult of situations.

HOBBIES: Give me a Henckels eight-inch, a wooden spoon and Le CreusetIll rock your world. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: My dog, Mr. Moon. But friendships, family and margaritas are a close second. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: I dont have a gym membership, and I like infomercials. MAKES HIM LAUGH: Awkward situations

THE PERFECT DATE: A coffee date that goes into dinner. Were having such a good time that we forget where we are, so the place doesnt even really matter (except that its quiet enough that we can hear each other). THE PERFECT MATE: Smart, funny, a little career-oriented but not so much as to be unavailable. He has a good sense of self and is centered (as opposed to self centered). WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: Lately, that Ive learned to meditate. Overall, that I made it to my age more intact than at any time before.

HOBBIES: Everything and anything music, especially 40s-60s pop and rock and classical music. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: The New York Times MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: I love The Beatles. MAKES HIM LAUGH: A really sharp or really dull observation about whatever is making us crazy today.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





24, Michael hails from the Monterey Bay area but came to Los Angeles for school six years ago and decided to stay. He works as the Events Coordinator for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and has been single for just over a year. THE PERFECT DATE: A perfect date for me wouldnt have to be that complicated. It has to be something thats not an ordinary date but still allows us to get to know each other. Then wed go to a restaurant and sit on the patio, having lunch and getting to know each other. THE PERFECT MATE: Someone whos ambitious, outgoing and a little bit of a bitch. Because my schedule is so hectic and I like to keep busy, Id need a guy who is just as busy. An ambitious guy will understand my demanding work schedule, and we would give each other the respect we need in achieving our ambitions. Im a little bit of an introverted person, so its great to be around someone who is outgoing and draws positive attention toward himself and those he spends time with. I like someone who can bring me out of my shell and makes me comfortable to do so. I say he has to be a little bit of a bitch because Im a very sarcastic person. Id like someone who can keep up with me and hold his own. He needs to be able to bite back a bit and keep me on my toes. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: Im most proud of being the first person in my family to go to college. Being a part of a Mexican family, it was difficult to leave home to go to school, but I knew it would bring great things for myself and my family. So far Im doing them proud. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: My family 42


45, Peter hails from Belgium but moved to Los Angeles 16 years ago. He currently runs his own business as a hairstylist, traveling between L.A. and San Francisco. Find him in L.A. at Jeffrey Kara Salon in West Hollywood or check out his site, THE PERFECT DATE: A great date starts at a nice restaurantwell have a pre-dinner drink at the bar and make sure the dinner is nice and long so we can talk. I like to take my timeAmericans eat way too fastand enjoy the food and company. I never do coffee dates after nooncoffee is for the morning. Wine is for the afternoon and evening! After dinner, I would be open to either go for a romantic walk, another drink somewhere else or even hit the dance floor. If you are with the right person, it doesnt matter where, as long as you have fun and enjoy spending time together. At the end of a perfect date, I would have my date drop me off in front of my house, knowing that neither of you want the night to end, and you end up going to bed with the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. THE PERFECT MATE: I like someone with whom I can have a great conversation about anything, someone who is not too serious but can be at that specific moment you need it. Someone who is not afraid to be spontaneous and has traveled the world a little bit. Someone who puts a smile on my face when I wake up in the morning. WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: That after being successful in my career, my friends and clients tell me I am still the same nice, down-to-earth guy they met 16 years ago. MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW: Back in my late teens/early 20s, I was a singer for a little while and I was called the Belgian George Michael!

33, Michael is a Los Angeles native who has lived here his entire life. Hes both a musician vincentminor.comand a speed dating matchmaker Hes been single for about a year. THE PERFECT DATE: A day trip hike away from L.A. Wed find a beautiful place to get lost with a view, and then have a candlelit picnic at dusk. Optional: belly dancers for our entertainment. THE PERFECT MATE: A hairy Batman or a scruffy Clark Kent WHAT HES MOST PROUD OF: Turning my ideas and thoughts into reality. When I get a random thought of doing something, I usually dont let it sit in my head for too long and must do something about it. Whether I fail or not, Im always experimenting and making things tangible and concrete in my life. When I want something, I go for it rather than thinking of wanting it. HOBBIES: Going to shows/concerts, traveling the world, camping, design, dinner parties, learning new languages (also goes well with traveling), eBaying, building things, museum lurking, cemetery picnic screenings, sailing (even though I havent gone since I was a child). Just about anything outdoors. Wine, beer and whiskey tasting. Just about anything with my good friends. ONE THING HE COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT: A piano and my fingers. I guess thats 11 things. Id be pretty unhappy without coffee too. MAKES HIM LAUGH: Unexpected randomness. I also laugh at animals.





DAVID W. ROSS David hails from Bournemouth, on the South Coast of England, but has called Los Angeles homeon and offfor about 16 years. While he initially moved to L.A. to escape my former career as one-fourth of the UK boy band Bad Boys Inc, most recently David has transferred his talents to screenwriting and filmmaking, currently in pre-production on the feature film I Do, which deals with same-sex marriage inequality on an international scale.

WHAT WOULD YOU SAY MAKES YOU AN ELIGIBLE BACHELOR? [Laughs] Im in a really great place in my life. I feel like, even though Ive done a lot of cool stuff, Im just getting started. There are a ton of things I want to do. And being able to share those experiences with someonewell, that would be awesome. DESCRIBE FOR OUR READERS WHAT YOU WOULD CONSIDER THE PERFECT DATE. Stonking conversation about anything and everything and plenty of belly laughs. Low key, upscaledoesnt really matter. If youre into the person youre with, its golden. I went on a date to bootcamp oncethat was pretty hilarious. And then another time hung out at Monsieur Marcel drinking good wine and scoffing French fries. Sweaty at a Robyn concert. Whatever tickles your fancy. Forced romance is a total turn off, so its about relaxing and enjoying the person youre with.




NOW DESCRIBE YOUR PERFECT MATE. A bloke is the most important thingsomeone who respects and takes care of himself and the people around him. No drama. Looks dont often carry a conversation, but if you have brains, brawn and a good sense of humor, well then... YOUVE ACCOMPLISHED QUITE A LOT, BUT WHAT ARE YOU MOST PROUD OF? My friends success. Ive been fortunate enough to see so many of my friends here and in the UK follow their dreams and go on and do amazing things. Its been very inspiring to watch and be a part of. TELL ME ABOUT YOUR WORK WITH I DO. During the filming of Quinceaerawhich won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Award at Sundance in 2006about the gentrification of L.A.s

Echo Park area and the coming of age of two teenagers, I got really inspired to write my own film. I was working on a couple of shorts and some random scenes that had been workshopped by an acting studio. People seemed to love one particular scene, and it was suggested I write a feature from it. So I got the book Screenwriting For Dummies and taught myself how to write. Its been a labor of love for the last few yearsand one that has kept me up at night and pounding the keyboard for hours during the day. Were in pre-production right now, and filming in October. It has really been a dream come true, and I feel so lucky to be making this film now. I DO IS A FILM, BUT ITS ALSO MORE THAN THAT. TELL OUR READERS ABOUT WHAT YOURE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH WITH ITS RELEASE. I hope I Do opens up discussions and hearts about

how marriage inequality really affects people. When same-sex couples are denied equal rights, it not only affects them, it affects their family, friends and the people around them. The film really shows this. I really wanted to get the film out in the beginning of next year, for obvious reasons. Im excited to have Stephen Israel producing and Glenn Gaylord directing. OUTSIDE OF WORK, WHAT ARE SOME OF YOUR HOBBIES? Outside of work?! [Laughs] Ive been lucky enough to turn all my hobbies into parts of my career. And I do like skiing and wakeboarding. WHATS ONE THING YOU SIMPLY COULDNT LIVE WITHOUT? Humor.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



The Residences at the W Hollywood is a 143-unit residential condominium project located at the iconic corner of Hollywood & Vine. The W brand is synonymous throughout the world with style, high-concept design, glamour and incomparable service, and The Residences at W Hollywood deliver these same features and lifestyle enhancements in a residential experienceall at the epicenter of the entertainment industry. As a homeowner, residents can expect Ws signature Whatever/Whenever service, cuttingedge design, innovative living spaces complete with dramatic views, premier nightlife and exclusive restaurants. The property, which is the second largest Silver LEED-certified building in the United States, gives residents the ultimate option for urban, green living without sacrificing top-notch amenities or location. Its no wonder the building is home to worldfamous musicians, Hollywood heavy-hitters and other owners who seek the best in Los Angeles urban living. This summer, the propertys co-owner and operating company began overseeing various enhancements to the buildings interiors and amenities, including development of a residential rooftop pool deck with views from the Hollywood Sign to the Pacific Ocean, as well as a rooftop park for pet owners. Owners love the buildings proximity to top Hollywood eateries and destinations Katsuya, Arclight, Pantages Theatre and the Cahuenga Corridor. Located less than a block away is

the weekly Hollywood Farmers Market, Trader Joes and Space 15 Twenty. Theres a metro stop located on the propertys north side, making it easy for residents to participate in green transit while also providing convenient access to Downtown Los Angeles and other parts of the city. The team at The Residences at W Hollywood will even help you to outfit your home with the help of local designers, including Interior Illusionsdesigner to one of the propertys seven WOW collection units. Interior Illusions, a Southern California-based design firm and luxury furniture retailer, created The Ultimate Bachelor Pad exclusively for The Residences at W Hollywood. It made the perfect location for this years L.A.s Most Eligible Bachelors photo shoot. The design, style and taste are rich in texture and create a sexy, intimate environment that appeals to a younger generation of Hollywood movers and shakers who like to work and play hard. Whimsical touches such as a lifesized cow and quirky wall art were chosen to lessen the formal luxury atmosphere and add to the residences playful purpose. Original artwork was commissioned from Robert Ivers, created especially for the manly space. Many property owners have used the partner design teams to outfit their homes, who tailor each space to the property owners unique tastes and lifestyle. For more info on The Residences at the W Hollywood, go to



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


By Stephan Horbelt


The men of Los Angeles longingly await fall each year for permission to break out stylish and sophisticated outerwear. The upcoming fall season will feature jackets of all colors, much like the green hooded leather jacket [1] worn by cover model David, available at Traffic Men, Beverly Center. Paul Smiths Autumn/Winter 2011 collection, inspired by legendary avant-garde musicians like Frank Zappa, includes this silver down jacket [ 2 ] and black knit blazer/trench combo [3]. You simply cant escape color this season. Nigel Cabourn reinterpreted a WWI classic thats perfect for falla Coastal Command sheepskin jacket in distressed leather with a hand-painted hood [4]. Available at If youd rather forego the jacket for something lighter, try something along the lines of this padded vest from Uniqlos +J A/W 2011 collection (designed by Jil Sander), available in a gorgeous dark green, perfect for fall [5].

1 5

Cole Haan, Tods, Marc Jacobs, Tommy Hilfiger and others have debuted wingtip leather boots. Were a fan of these black wingtips by John Varvatos.

You may not be trudging through snow and ice this fall in Los Angeles, but boots are always de rigueur come September. Expect to see boots in various colors as well, much like the dark suede nude boots worn by David (pictured left), also available at Traffic Men, Beverly Center. A bevy of fashion houses, including Ralph Lauren, Louis Vuitton and Maison Martin Margiela, have unveiled suede boots in their A/W 2011 collections. These brown suede boots were designed by Paul Smith.





Many designers collections seem to be getting preppier and preppier. This fall, expect to see everything from striped ties, plaid shirts and suspenders to flat-fronts, chunky frames, fitted cardigans, thin-waled cords and loafersand not just on campus. Whether youre still in school or reminisce about your college days, you can still rock a vintage-inspired varsity jacket [3]. Step out of the box and indulge in colored denim or chinosno ones fall wardrobe should be comprised only of dark jeans or generic khakis. These two color optionsa red Hawkings McGill Stretch Skinny Chino [2] and a mustard Levis 511 Colored Denim Jean [4]will keep you in style and your wallet intact. Both sell for less than $60 at Urban Outfitters.

1 2 3 4

Whether you pair it with a blazer, suit or well-priced hoodie, a plaid tie connotes that youre not afraid to dress up but couldnt be bothered by boring, lifeless formalwear. You can find gorgeous ties [1] just about anywhere, including resale shops, and we suggest opting for bright colors. Crossroads Trading Company has locations on Santa Monica Boulevard, Melrose Avenue and Griffith Park Boulevard.

Gay men know that fashion doesnt stop at trendy tops and bottoms, which is why we invest in designer underwear. West Hollywoods own Andrew Christian knows exactly what men want securing their nether regions. You can find everything from tops, shorts and acces6 sories at his L.A. area boutiques, but no one does underwear like AC. The Almost Naked Infinity Brief [5] feels like youre not wearing underwear at all, with extra room in front, just where you need it. Its also made from the softest fiber in the AC collection. Fall will always evoke images of changing foliage and brisk morning hikes. As temperatures start to cool, men switch to heavier fabrics, like flannels and plaids, to stay warm. 2(x)ist Plaid [6] is a collection of signature silhouettes in basic colors highlighted with contrasting plaid waistbands characteristic of classic American woodsmen. Look for it at major retailers starting this month.

Chlo Sevignys Top Five Fashion Musts for Fall

Good evening, America. Its recently come to my attention that its time for fashion. Dont get caught without any of the following:

1. A burnt sienna undertakers 3/4

riding coat, with breathable sleeves and Belgian piping.

2. Frivolously interchangeable
Dayglow kneepads, to warm and protect your disco-joints.

Be a treasure, and wear them all together. Oh, wow, I just wrote a rhymable poem. Enjoy your autumn.

3. Gestapo moccasins by Maria

Cornejo and Zero.

4. Drinkable gloves. 5. Double-sided hunting trousers

with mock pleats, wickedly deep pocket linings, cinched cuffs and reversible lycra underspankings.

Watch the hilarious Drew Droege as Chlo Sevigny in his latest video, Chloe FR33DOM, at



By Mike Ciriaco
To the untrained eye, one would assess that Los Angeles has no sense of fashion. New York flaunts its chic black ensembles, Miami indulges in breezy whites and Boston garbs itself in adorably preppy sweater vests. In contrast, laidback L.A. looks like it rolled out of bed and tossed on whatever Tshirt and board shorts were crumpled on the bedroom floor. But, what a fashion novice would superficially perceive as an accidental outfit, stylish Angelenos recognize the hours of vintage shop scouring it took to find the perfect ensemble. The calculated result is a trendy yet casual appearance of effortlessness. We just make it look easy. On Thursday, Sept. 8, denizens of Los Angeles get a rare opportunity to revel in the citys unique sense of style at the return of Fashions Night Out. The night kicks off at 5 p.m. with an opening ceremony at the Beverly Center officiated by Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa. As the mayor proclaimed, This event showcases the diverse and creative talent of our fashion industry that generates $5.7 billion in sales for the city and directly supports over 100,000 jobs. The concept of Fashions Night Out was conceived back in 2009 to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence and boost the industrys economy during the recession. FNO returns not only to L.A., but also New York and over 100 other cities across the country to highlight fashion and support retail with exciting events that include designer appearances, celebrity guests, fashion shows and musical performances. In L.A., this includes a luxury fashion show at 5:30 p.m. to immediately follow the opening ceremony and a second fashion show at 8 p.m. specifically showcasing the Centers contemporary/junior merchants. This year, participating retailers include haute heavy-hitters Burberry, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Omega, Prada, Salvatore Ferragamo and Yves Saint Laurent, along with anchor stores Bloomingdales and Macys. Ben Sherman, Express, Forever XXI, Traffic Los Angeles and many other will also be featured. But the biggest star of the evening is The Beverly Center itself. In addition to being the central hub for FNO, the Center has partnered with the HL Group, who will be working with top designers and luxury merchants for a fashion show and exclusive in-store activations at the Center to make it the first and only stop of the night. But the Beverly Center aims to do more than house a decadent festival of clothing. Its participation is part of a national effort to drive the retail economy in Los Angeles, create shopping excitement and celebrate L.A.s iconic fashion influences that are synonymous with the Beverly Center. Last year saw more than 25,000 people in attendance and over 80 participating stores. The Center hopes to exceed last summers event by hosting a star-studded evening with a large-scale fashion show, shopper incentives, music and more. This celebration of style owes a debt of gratitude to the generosity of presenting sponsor BMW North America and supporting sponsors Maybelline New York, Obika Mozzarella Bar, Pisco Portn and WEN by Chaz Dean and Chaz Dean Salon Hollywood. Needless to say, although FNO is an event for all of Los Angeles, the night is specifically marketed to the disposable incomes of Beverly Hills and West Hollywood. Any Angeleno with an eye for fashion is welcome to Fashions Night Out. Despite some criticism from East Coast fashionistas, L.A. is a mecca of unique, casual style that is worth celebrating. This week, hit up the Beverly Center and take a glimpse for yourself. For specific FNO programming, go to
SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



Mixologist: Jeff Rasul


Mirage Cosmo
1 oz. SVEDKA Raspberry 2 oz. SVEDKA Vodka 1/2 oz. Cointreau 1 dash Roses Lime 1 splash Cranberry Juice 1 squeeze fresh lime

Orange Summer
Mixologist: Corey Jiannalone
1 1/2 oz. SVEDKA Clementine juice from 1/2 orange juice from 1/4 lemon 1/2 oz. of simple syrup 1/4 oz. of triple sec Shake over ice and strain



Ginger Grass
Mixologist: Mike Abruscato
2 oz. Svedka Citron 1/2 oz. dry sake 1 oz. lemongrass syrup 1/4 oz. lemon juice Topped with soda


The Svedka Mango-Lasi-Martini




Lychee Lavatini
Mixologist: Jeffrey Bertollini
1 1/2 oz. Svedka Citron 2 lychees, canned 2 oz. syrup of canned lychee 1-2 slices of a red Thai chili pepper 1-2 slices ginger Shake over ice and strain Garnish with lemongrass

PLAY RESPONSIBLY 2011 Spirits Marque One LLC, New York, NY.


Mixologist: Reed Fraga

1 1/2 oz. Svedka Clementine 1 oz. Mango Lasi 1/2 oz. cointreau splash of OJ Garnish with orange & lemon


Mixologist: Brandon Mackay

The BJ
(as a cocktail)
1 1/4 oz. Svedka Vodka 5 oz. Club soda Splash of grapefruit juice


Darling Clementine
Mixologist: Brent McEwan
1 1/2 oz. Svedka Clementine 1/2 oz. Agave Nectar 2 Tbsp. diced fresh kiwi and strawberry mixture Mix all ingredients well in a shaker half filled with ice (breaking up ice and fruit) and pour into a bucket glass.


The Flaming Clementine

Muddle 3 jalapeno slices with 1/2 oz. simple syrup ADD 3 oz. Svedka Clementine 3/4 oz. triple sec 1 1/2 oz. fresh lime sour SHAKE and SERVE into a chilled martini glass.


Mixologist: Grant Landry

One Last Kiss

In a mixing glass, muddle: 1/2 oz. thyme-infused simple syrup 2 lime wedges 4-5 blackberries 2 slices cucumber Add ice and: 2 1/2 oz. Svedka Vodka 3/4 oz. meyer lemon juice 2 dashes Fee Brothers Rhubarb bitters Shake and strain into ice-filled mason jar Top w/ Schwepps tonic water Garnish with thyme sprigs and cucumber slices

Mixologist: Nicholas Lam


Filthy Gorgeous
Mixologist: Bruce Stevenson
Svedka Raspberry Fresh squeezed lime St Germain Triple sec Shaken and served up, topped with champagne. Serve in a martini glass garnish with a twist!


G SPOT A show featuring the fiercest divas in L.A. Here Lounge GODDESS L.A.s biggest trans night. MJs Bar MONDAY MAYHEM Happy hour, Silver Lakestyle. Super cheap beer. Eagle L.A. MUSICAL MONDAYS Current and old school musical theater video clips. Eleven MUSTACHE MONDAYS Great DJs and performances. No facial hair required. La Cita ROCKSTEADY LOUNGE NorCal ska, reggae, punk and rockabilly. Akbar THE SASSY SHOW A drag revue with weekly special guests. Here Lounge SHOWGIRLS An always entertaining drag revue in WeHo. Mickys STARLETTE REVUE Jewels hosts a zany drag show at 10 p.m., no cover. Hamburger Marys, Long Beach 18+
Put the hype back in your Friday nights with what has become one of West Hollywoods most popular nights out for the boysHype Fridays. Lately the party has featured amazing guest performances by the likes of Robyn, Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj. Ultra Suede, 661 N. Robertson Blvd., WeHo.




Gays take back the Abbey at Tom Whitmans Sanctuary . Leading the crusade are great DJs, hot gogos and the sexy crowd of WeHo gays that made the Abbey what it is today. Drink, dance, work up a sweat. DJ Scotty K spins this time, with performances by Rhea Litre and Derek Jameson. The Abbey, 692 N. Robertson Blvd., WeHo.





Bill Bouviers XL has come to WeHo, ready to bring the men, music and muscle back to town. Expect a Saturday night of hot men and even hotter music, with special guest DJ sets and performances. Here Lounge, 696 N. Robertson Blvd., WeHo.

Cody Bayne invites you back to The Lot, a monthly summer party for all the wayward sun seekers. From 2-10 p.m., enjoy the musical stylings of Josh Peace, Phyllis Navidad, Aaron Elvis and more, plus a performance by Hi Fashion, all while indulging in cheap beer, booze specials and free barbecue! $5 til 4 p.m. and $8 after. Parking lot behind MJs Bar, 2810 Hyperion Ave., Silver Lake.


Monthly beer bust-meets-dance party Bears in Space is back for another round, now held every third Sunday of the month. Come for the musical stylings of DJ Chris Bowen and DJ Nitedog, stay for the hottest group of bearded gay boys this side of the Appalachians. Akbar, 4356 W. Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake. SUN, SEPT


BOYS NIGHT OUT A hot Latin night. Circus Disco DREAMGIRLS REVUE The best drag performances in town. Rage DRUNK ON STAGE A hilarious night of LGBT stand-up with Bruce Daniels and Erin Foley. Akbar IGNITE 21+ Tuesdays by Club Tigerheat. Mickys KARAOKE TUESDAYS Cheap drinks and a no ballads rule. Fubar MR. BLACK L.A. Old Hollywood glamour with a New York attitude. Bardot RAUNCH Get raunchy with hot porn gogos at this monthly party. Faultline RIMJOB The filthiest night in L.A., complete with fetish and bondage shows and tons of hot go-gos. MJs TIGHTWAD TUESDAYS Cheap men and cheap beer. Eagle L.A.


Fubar introduces a new Saturday night rock n roll party, courtesy of The Boulet Bros. The bar has long been a down-and-dirty WeHo alternative, specializing in wild boys and go-gos. Fubar Saturdays is the place to be if youre looking for new wave, indie dance tracks and dirty house. No cover before 11 p.m., $3 beer 10-11 p.m. Fubar, 7994 Santa Monica Blvd., WeHo.






Woody Woodbeck brings you a whole new way to party on Sundays. Reload Sundays features a $15 all-you-can-eat brunch with all-you-can-drink mimosas and Bloody Marys! If that doesnt wet your whistle, maybe the fact that theres two-for-one drinks all day long will! Brunch service starts at 11 a.m. Brunch is followed by Service Sundays, starting at 4 p.m., brought to you by Justin David and Rob Dorman, since they know youll want to keep the party going. Robertson (the old Apple and Haute), 665 N. Robertson Blvd., WeHo.





[ S H OT S


CALIENTE Latin night with cheap Corona and Tecate. MJs CRAFT NIGHT Feeling crafty? A different project every week. Akbar FUEGO The place to come for the best Latin music and club hits. Rage GLITTER POP Remixes of Top 40 music and cheap well drinks. Gold Coast HOT ROD The sleaziest party in WeHo, 2-for-1 til midnight. Mickys INFERNO Cheap Absolut drinks and hot dance beats. Club Cobra KARAOKE WITH KENNY WeHos longestrunning karaoke show. Fiesta Cantina LEGENDARY BINGO Games start at 7 and 9. Hamburger Marys WeHo PEACH FUZZ DJ Eric Adams and guest hosts. Eagle L.A. STRIPPER CIRCUS Hot go-gos, cheap booze and carnival games! Here Lounge





BIG FAT DICK Trashy music, sexy guys and the infamous photo competition. Fubar CLUB HEAT Josh Peace spins hip-hop, reggaeton and Latin dance music. Arena CLUB NUR The Middle East and some of its fans find their way to Silver Lake. MJs COCKTAILS WITH THE STARS WeHos longest-running porn show. Mickys DIRTY DIRTY HOUSE CLUB DJ Tony Powell earns his nights name. Akbar HO KARAOKE Sing along with Wendy Ho. Hamburger Marys WeHo




PAN DULCE Boys, booze, food and musica. Two levels of entertainment. Mickys RADIOTRON Pop, hip-hop and dance beats with cheap domestic beer. Club Chico SANCTUARY Tom Whitman and his gays take back a WeHo mainstay. The Abbey TIGERHEAT Where the young boys go to dance the night away. Avalon THROBBING THURDAYS $100 wet shorts contest. Eagle L.A. UNDY NITE Pants check, specials on Absolut and quarter pool. Faultline



Francisco Camargo has been bartending in Hollywood since he arrived here from Topeka nearly four years ago. Nowadays you can find this sexy Capricorn behind the bar at some of our favorite WeHo institutions, like The Factory and Ultra Suede. Hell soon be slinging drinks at new venue Robertson, in the restaurant downstairs. In case you couldnt tell, Camargo is a total cardio freakhe loves trekking through Runyon Canyon, kickboxing and Barrys Bootcamp. The more painful the better!" he says. In his free time, Cisco digs geeking out with videogames. Hes got a BBA in General Business from the University of Kansas, and even spent eight years as a banker. But Ciscos not all business hes also a whiskey aficionado. Check out his signature drink next time youre in his neck of the woods. Shirley Jacks Lynchburg Lemonade 1 part Jack Daniels Whiskey 1 part sweet and sour mix 1 part triple sec 4 parts Sprite Splash of grenadine Shake over ice and garnish with lemon and cherries.



ADDICTION Two floors of L.A.s hottest DJs. Open til 4 a.m. Mickys BERLIN Gear, uniforms, rubber, leather and bondage, Germany-style. Monthly. Faultline BIG BAD WOLF Act like a pig around a group of sexy, hairy gents. Monthly. Faultline BLUF The breeches, leather and uniform fan club, every second Friday of the month. Eagle L.A. BOY BAR Hot bod contest and more. Hamburger Marys Long Beach BOYS ROOM Pop, hip-hop and 80s dance. Exec Suite, Long Beach CUB SCOUT Bears and cubs earn merit badges. First Fridays. Eagle L.A. DANCE BITCH Billy Francesca tells you what to do, and you do it. Fubar D.I.L.F. DJ Ryan Jones spins tunes to attract L.A.s hot older daddies. Faultline EL! FRIDAYS Three full bars that stay open til 3. Club Cobra FRESH FRIDAYS World-class DJs come to WeHo for a breath of fresh air. Eleven FRESH MEAT FRIDAYS Step inside for a raunchy show. $5 drinks. MJs FUZZY An adorable monthly dance party with fun music and special guest performances. Three Clubs GEAR Leather, uniforms, rubber and fetish wear, every third Friday of the month. Eagle L.A. GAME BOI Pop music, hip-hop and music videos. Rage 18+ HYPE This new WeHo party lives up to its name. Ultra Suede JOB SITE Get the job doneparticipate in the Deep Throat Contest. Faultline MANDARIN FRIDAYS A night for our Asian brethren and the guys who love them. Mickys Upper Lounge OTTER MAGIC Bearded boys get their groove on to fun disco and old-school tracks. Monthly. Saint POPSTARZ Come for some of the best dancing in town. The Factory REHAB Detox gives you in-your-face 21st century drag. Hamburger Marys RUB OUT A night for those who love latex, every fourth Friday of the month. Eagle L.A.

[ S H OT S

2. 2.

2. 2. 2.











[ S H OT S


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4. 4.



1321: Maybe its because the ailing economy has us big gay craving comfort food, but every new restaurant in town these days seems to be a gastropub where powerhouse chefs are turning out gourmet dishes to pair with craft beers and handmade cocktails. This Torrance Taproom Bistro features some of Californias finest craft brews, as well as artisanal cocktails and a menu of specialties like oxtail enchiladas, plus special events every night of the week, including Barbecue Sundays and Mac n Cheese Mondays. 132 Sartori Ave., Torrance, (310) 328-1321;



AMWAJ: Nestled on a quaint stretch of Hillhurst Avenue, the impressive menu is at once aware of its Mediterranean roots as well as the finicky dining habits of its East Side clientele. The Amwaj team prides themselves on sourcing organic ingredients, and a number of traditionally carnivorous fares are available in meatless options, including beef stews and shawarmas, both of which utilize vegan substitutes. Although the sizeable menu offers more routine items like lasagnas, pastas and pizzas, it is in the Middle Eastern dishes that Amwaj establishes its culinary prowess. 1725 Hillhurst Ave., Los Feliz, (323) 522-3309; ARTICHOKES HEART: Rather than loading up foods to fit a menu and then getting stuck with excess for days, the chef here shops daily for the freshest farethats what appears on the handwritten menu that is wheeled to your table. But dont be surprised to come early and find there is only one piece of fresh halibut, because if the chef deems that to be the only acceptable piece, then so be it. Just about everything is made on the oak-burning grill, sending wafts of amazing smells into the street. Start with the grilled artichoke and try one of their housemade pastas, like the superb artichoke fettuccinedefinitely enough for two. 9010 Melrose Ave., WeHo, (310)


More to Love: Saint Felix Hollywood

By Eric Rosen Maytag bleu cheese, smoked bacon, grilled onion, The original pencil box-sized Saint Felix in WeHo tomato, lettuce, homemade pickle and thousand often has merrymakers crammed into its narrow, conisland dressing. vivial confines, but if youre looking for a little more But the real reason folks drop by are the drinks, space to set down that handcrafted cocktail, stop by and with good reason. Where else can you get a the new Saint Felix in Hollywood, which is many times pear Manhattan with bourbon, larger and features not one but pear vodka and vermouth? Cocktwo bar areas and plenty of openSaint Felix Hollywood tails tend towards the sweet, like seating booths and tables with 1600 N. Cahuenga Blvd. the Stockholm Syndrome with prime people-watching views of Hlywd, (323) 469-5001 Bombay Sapphire, rosemary, mint, Cahuenga. muddled strawberries and lime and Regulars will find a familiar pomegranate juice, though you menu of dishes both small and can also find something spicy in the Firecracker with large. Start with a basket of the crispy sweet potato Finlandia Grapefruit vodka, fresh lime juice, cranberry fries accompanied by special sauces like chipotle aioli and jalapenos. and coconut ranch, or the light Blvd Chopped Salad Design aficionados will appreciate touches like art with romaine, papaya, feta, cucumber, asparagus, installations on the walls, including one decorated peas, tomato, pine nuts and hearts of palm tossed with hand-colored antique tin ceiling tiles, while the with blush vinaigrette. urban planner in you will revel in the fact that the Among the upscale entrees are braised short ribs restaurant backs upon the first of several planned with goat cheese mashed potatoes and grilled spring green alleys that will transform gritty urban wasted onions, maple chile-glazed salmon and Pommery spaces into verdant corridors. mustard chicken with asparagus and goat cheese Finally, somewhere we actually want to grab a mashed potatoes. One of the most popular dishes drink and a bite over in Hollywood! is the trio of Kobe sliders on brioche buns with

MALIBU INN: With a history dating back to 1920, the Malibu Inn was showing its age for a while there, but its looking pretty hot these days thanks to a summer makeover courtesy of designer Andrew Alford, as well as a new list of dishes by Executive Chef Aaron Ziegler and his culinary consultant, Top Chef All-Stars competitor Angelo Sosa. Theyve added signature dishes like chilled watermelon gazpacho, smoked clam dip with reggiano cheese and a pulled pork sandwich with pickled dill and shallots to the menu. 22969 Pacific Coast Hwy, Malibu, (310) 456-1160; PICCA: Chef Ricardo Zarates kitchen skills continue to shine in a setting that leaps to life each night with salivating foodies and hip L.A. gentry waiting patiently for a table in the convivial, action-packed dining room. Try a few of the ceviches, but be sure to sample the sushi as well, including the albacore with garlic chips to prep your palate for more complicated fare like the black cod with miso sauce and crispy sweet potato. Though plates are small and youll only get a bite or two of each dish, the flavors are bold and the presentation beautiful, so youll leave satisfied. 9575 W. Pico Blvd., L.A., (310) 277-0133;

food2know: Braised Beef Short Ribs

Tender, succulent and often slowcooked to perfection, short ribs are a fantastic cut of meat, making for a hearty meal. Heres where we always order it. sake food truck serves an Asianinspired version of this dish accompanied by rice and tangy mango slaw. L.A. Market, 900 W. Olympic Blvd., L.A. (213) 765-8600 The new pre-show menu at Chef Kerry Simons restaurant at the J.W. Marriott at L.A. Live Downtown features a couple entre choices from the regular menu, including the braised short ribs with soft polenta and asparagus we opt for. Osteria La Buca, 5210 Melrose Ave., L.A. (323) 462-1900 The braised short rib at this new incarnation of the Melrose osteria we love comes in the form of ravioli sauced with rich parmesan butter, black pepper and vincotto.

Craft, 10100 Constellation Blvd., L.A. (310) 279-4180 The menu changes daily at Tom Colicchios L.A. bastion, but one thing that youll always find is the crowd-pleasing, rib-sticking braised beef short ribs that are one of the chefs signature specialties. Flying Pig Caf, 141 S. Central Ave., L.A. (213) 621-0300 The vibrant new Downtown restaurant follow-up to the name-




[ S H OT S



BALLER BEATS Dark and dirty underground house music. Gold Coast BOOTIE L.A. The best bootleg pop tracks. First Saturday of every month. Echoplex BRUTUS Hot boys search for hidden treasure. Second Saturdays. Faultline CHERRY POP Pop music brings hot guys out to dance. 2nd Sat., Super Cherry Pop. 3rd Sat., Cherry Boom. Ultra Suede FURR TRADE A night for the hairier among us. Every third Saturday. Faultline

6 . RACK Hot pieces of meat make for a fun MEAT night out. Every second and fourth Saturday. Eagle L.A.
MONSTER Playing the monster hits of today and yesterday. Eleven NEON SATURDAYS State-of-the-art lasers and lights, a glow bar and electric garden. Here Lounge NIGHTLIFE UNRESTRICTED Sexy go-gos and L.A.s top DJs til 4 a.m. Mickys POCKET ROCKET Hot, sexy dancers and a free tequila slamits a party in the palm of your hand. Fubar STAR F*KR Local and imported DJ talent, with hot boys and go-gos. Rage STUD 7 . 79 Party like its 1979! Bootblack on duty. Every fourth Saturday. Faultline STUNNING All the drag and burlesque glamour you can handle with hostess Calpernia Addams. Hamburger Marys WeHo



5. 6. 6. 1.

ANTHEM High-energy diva anthems and allnight drink specials. Rage BEARS IN SPACE Cheap beer and disco tracks. Second Sundays. Akbar CLASSIC BEER BUST Bears and otters drink super cheap draft beer from 2-8 p.m. Faultline DECADE Music from the 80s, 90s and today. $5 margs and $4 draft beer. Mickys FULL FRONTAL A super-sexy, sleazy dance party. Monthly. Akbar LUMBERJACKED For bears, cubs and otter admirers. Mickys Upper Lounge SIZE U The WeHo version of Sunday school, with drinking games. Here Lounge VINTAGE Your favorite 70s, 80s and 90s music and music videos. Gold Coast






SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



City Hall



My feeling is that parents lack education about the LGBT movement, so the notion of their children being taught something that they themselves dont understand brings them discomfort about how this will effect their childrens lives. I think religion also plays a great role in why parents are not more supportive of [SB 48]. Loyda Perez

In hopes to prevent a repeal of Californias new Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act from reaching the 2012 ballot, West Hollywood City Council unanimously voted to adopt a resolution in full support of what is otherwise known as the LGBT History Bill (Senate Bill 48). On Aug. 1, 2011, the Secretary of States office has allowed opponents of the FAIR Act or SB 48 to collect signatures in an effort to place a referendum on the 2012 ballot to overturn the law. The opponents need 504,760 valid signatures by Wednesday, Oct. 12, 2011. I urge you, do not sign the petition, West Hollywood Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang said in a press release. The adoption of SB 48 was a major victory for the LGBT civil rights movement. We cannot allow this critical law to be overturned. Do not allow opponents to perpetuate the same old whims and lies based on prejudice about LBGT people, he continued. The Fair, Accurate, Inclusive and Respectful Education Act Bill was introduced into the Senate on Dec. 13, 2010, and passed by the Assembly on July 5, 2011, with a vote of 49-25. It was authorized by openly gay state Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco, and signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown on July 14 (Brown openly opposed Prop. 8). SB 48 amends the state Education Code to require schools to teach about the LGBT communitys role and contributions to the economical, political and social development of California as well as the United States. It also prohibits classroom instruction and schoolsponsored activities that promote a discriminatory bias on the basis of sexual orientation, and it requires that social science textbooks used in California adhere to the bills requirement. Equality California and 40 other organizations will join forces on a decline to sign campaign. For more information on the FAIR Act, contact the office of Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang at (323) 848-6460.

I think generations before mine are not open-minded to our lifestyle because they are not educated. They think it is a curse to love the same gender, when all we want is to be loved like every other human, regardless of how we choose to live. Danny Ramirez


WeHo City Council has adopted a resolution in support of bill H.R. 2677The Los Angeles Residential Helicopter Noise Relief Act of 2011federal legislation that would reduce helicopter noise by restricting flight paths and set minimum standards in residential areas in Los Angeles County. The bill is being sponsored by Rep. Howard Berman and co-sponsored by Reps. Brad Sherman and Henry Waxman. WeHo Mayor Pro Tempore Jeffrey Prang recently stated that helicopters and other aircrafts are under the jurisdiction of the federal government, not the city, county or state, and that there is no resolution, ordinance or statute that the city can adopt or enforce legally. Cities have been deeply involved in urging the Federal Aviation Administration to better manage helicopters in dense urban areas, Prang stated. The disturbance to residents is intolerable, he added. H.R. 2677 can require the Federal Aviation Administration to restrict helicopter flight paths and set minimum altitudes within twelve months of being signed into law. Exemptions would be allowed for law enforcement, emergency responders and the U.S. Military.

It boils down to fear and ignorance. People dont want to explain things to their children about what is already a big part of life. Two moms and two dads are a common thing today. Its ignorant for people to think students will never learn about gay history. Hazel Rodriguez



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





Its simple: if youre fabulous, you have been to Pizzeria Mozza on Highland & Melrose, and if youre a C-list queer-ject, then you have no idea what were talking about. Its only the best, hottest high-end pizzeria in SoCalsuch a homo hotspot, in fact, that its even hard for a WeHo celeb like yours truly to get a table. But despite our no-reservation Sunday night, a not-so-gentleman caller and Gossip Gay snagged a stool for two at the kitchen counter. (Yes, $125 to sit on a stool and eat pizza while staring at a high-end easy bake oven might sound a little ri-dick-ulousbut let us tell you, its so damn worth it!) Well, per usual, we drank away our sobriety (with three glasses of top-shelf red) and ate away our feelings (a bone marrow appetizer, small side salad, deep-fried veggie dish and PMs signature five-meat pizza!), but what we espied with our baby blue eyes while gorging is so worth a Queersay shout out. In a corner booth, sitting all by his lonesome was Mr. Legends of the Fall character actor himself, Aiden Quinn. And while a working actor celeb sitting single at a table-for-two during the Sunday night dinner rush is gossip-worthy enough (Suddenly secretly single, Mr. Quinn, art thou?), what turned our head most of all was his edible order. At a joint known for its stuff-your-face-worthy thin crust, AQ got nothing more than a small starter plate (resembling a single meatball but we cant be sure) and small side salad. Now weve heard of willpowerbut thats ri-ri-ri-dick-ulous! Working on that six-pack, Mr. Quinn? Looking for love in all the wrong pizzerias? Whatevers going on, we salute your self-control but urge you to splurge a little. Youre perfect just the way your Silver Daddy self already is! [Insert air kiss here!]

We expect it from a CW starlet or some crossover pornstar, but releasing a CD single when youre quite tonedeaf is not something a serious gay activist doesor is it? Yes, Gossip Gay has been told by a reliable in-the-know music biz mover-and-shaker: [insert gay activists name here] is putting together a single. Its a remake of some half-wit Miley Cyrus song. Hes not bad, but hes not good either. I dont know. Its very jumping the shark, if you ask me. But itll break the top 40. Probably. Now before you write in and ask away, well tell you thisno, its not Dan Savage! But were not going to bust this LGBTQers balls (or vocal chops) yet. All the money he is raising is supposedly going to queer teen charitiesand thats noble, we guess. So until we hear nails-on-a-chalkboard otherwise, well give this gay our benefit of the doubt. Besides, what queer isnt always ready to rock out to a remixed Miley Cyrus cover, right? Party in the WeHo-A, eh?

For more Gossip Gay, check out his Queersay column on







Refresh, revitalize, renew. Thats the philosophy Dr. Jeffrey Patrick Olson uses with his patients, as well as in his own life. Olson specializes in aestheticsbeauty, the art of beauty and the creation of beauty. He does this by treating patients skin. Hes the medical director at Charlotte James, a skin treatment center on Olympic Boulevard and Corinth Street in West L.A. that specializes in combining the cosmetic and medical aspects of skin care. There, Olson does the skin injectablesBotox, Juvederm, filler and such. We simply live longer than we used to, says Olson, who grew up in the Chicago suburbs. We have to use education, art and science as our friends to help maintain and live joyously to combat the forces of nature on our physical form. If that includes injectables for some in that battle hooray for the soldiers like me. Glad to be of service! Hes cautious in his approach to those injectables, having seen some doctors overdo it with patients. My philosophy in aesthetics may seem clich, he says, but it parallels my take on lifeless is more, balance and do no harm. What makes him such an indemand injectables doctor is his skill in needle placement thanks to his anesthesiology training. And while patient and compassionate, what makes him so good working with patients in L.A. is his second career as an actor. Who better to understand the needs of an actor than a physician who is also an actor himself? asks Olson, who moved to Los Angeles from Chicago two years ago. Some may recognize Olson from his acting. Hes appeared in movies and TV shows, often playing a doctor. When it comes to parts that require lots of medical terminology, its often easier to cast someone who already knows the jargon. But local audiences probably know him best from his roles in the productions of Daddy at Hudson Theatre and Fucking Men at Celebration Theatre. Trained at Chicago Medical School, Olson also specializes in pain relief via medical marijuana. He also works at the new Recommendation Station on the Venice boardwalk in the old Kush Doctor location. While some doctors have qualms about making medical marijuana recommendations, Olson knows it works. A couple of tokes and you can take care of your arthritis versus taking pills and possibly getting a perforated ulcer, he says. Theres no question. Hes seen medical marijuana help plenty of patients. Its a different animal than alcohol, he says. Theres abuse potential for everything, but with marijuana, its low abuse. The next few months, hell also be busy behind the scenes assisting with the upcoming production of I Love Lucy Live, where actors perform scripts from the I Love Lucy TV show. Directed by his partner, Rick Sparks, I Love Lucy Live opens at the end of September at the Greenway Court Theatre on Fairfax.;

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




Starring Jason Sudeikis, Lake Bell, Will Forte Now Showing With a title like A Good Old Fashioned Orgy, one would expect the titular event to be racy, provocative, awkward, incendiary or a mixture of any of those things. Yet in Alex Gregory and Peter Huycks co-directorial debut, the orgy that finally occurs towards the end of a long 90 minutes is a letdown for both the characters and, unfortunately, the audience. Gregory and Huyck have written for Frasier, The Larry Sanders Show and many others, yet Im not certain what, exactly, they were going for in their script here. Jason Sudeikis plays Eric, a thirtysomething professional who spends his weekends throwing elaborate theme parties at his familys Long Island manse (the movie opens with the White Trash Bash). When Eric finds out that his father (Don Johnson, in what amounts to a cameo) is selling the house by summers end, he comes up with the party concept to beat alla Labor Day orgy. Sudeikis is relaxed here; when he finds the perfect starring role, hes going to have a comedy smash. But his character recedes, as do most of the supporting players (except for a tightly wound and pretty funny Lake Bell), and the film, though intermittently amusing, never catches fire. Dan Loughry


Starring Rhys Ifans, Chle Sevigny, David Thewlis Opens Sept. 9 Mr. Nice opens with its title character, Howard Marks (Ifans), narrating his life of crime to an audience from a stage. His true story, about becoming an international dope dealer, is highly theatrical; Marks lived quite the high lifecopious drugs and cashwell, until he didnt. Discovering pot at Oxford in the 60s, the bright Welsh lad is lured into transporting hashish through Europe. He soon coordinates his smuggling efforts with a sociopathic IRA revolutionary (Thewlis). Then MI6 contacts him, and later, a greedy Marks tries to muscle in on the U.S. market. Mr. Nice absorbingly chronicles Marks fabulous success and his reversals of fortunefrom multiple arrests to creating false identities to living as a fugitive. The films trippy style and period details feature some nifty visuals, all set to a pulsating Philip Glass score. But as the increasingly unsympathetic Marks tries to stay ahead of the authorities, viewers may lose patience with him. One can admire Marks using his brains to uphold his moral code and break the law he thinks is pointless for only so long. But the negative consequences of his dealings are barely shown, and ultimately, Mr. Nice becomes rather unlikeable. Gary M. Kramer


Starring Henry Hopper, Mia Wasikowska, Ryo Kase Opens Sept. 16 Possibly pitched as a Harold & Maude for todays youth, Restless is more like a Benny & Joon. Teenage Enoch (Hopper) crashes and trolls strangers funerals and plays Battleship with his only (and imaginary) friend, Hiroshi (Kase), the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot. At one such funeral, Enoch meets perky pixie Annabelle (Wasikowska), with whom he makes a connection and we soon learn is ill and dying. So begins an ideal romance, between one fascinated by death and a literally terminal case, and dull series of events that, predictably, reveal why our protagonist is so morbid and how this relationship leads to healing revelations. Directed by Gus Van Sant, with a forcibly quirky screenplay by young hipster writer-actor Jason Lew (adapted from his own play), its so stagnant on a narrative level that if this was water, mosquitoes would lay eggs in it. Wasikowska, in her Rosemarys Baby hairdo, is likeable despite the material, while Hopperson of Dennis, and very much looking like that legends younger self with a little Owen Wilson thrown inleaves no impression whatsoever barring his looks. The whole kamikaze pilot thing is just plain stupid and random (well, you can read some pretentious bullshit into the characters deeper meaning if so inclined), so my condolences to Kase. And as for Gus. Why??? Lawrence Ferber


Starring Eddie Lee Sausage, Mitchell Deprey, Daniel Clowes Opens Sept. 19

The profane, alcohol-fueled exchanges between Peter Hackett, a gay bitchy queen, and Raymond Huffman, an embittered redneck homophobe, form the basis for Shut Up Little Man, an amusing documentary about audio verit. These odd couple roommates in 1987 San Francisco fought regularly. Their irritated neighbors, Eddie and Mitchell, recorded their outrageous rants and circulated the tapes to an obsessed cult of voyeuristic fans. Soon, comic books, plays and three potential film deals were spawned. Shut Up Little Man uses some deftly edited videos, photographs and recordingsas well as animation and some recreated eventsto capture the insanity of what transpired between these hatespewing men. But then, the ugly battles between Peter and Ray eventually turn into ugly battles about who owns the rights of the recordings. Here director Mattew Bate gets at the greater purpose of his film: Was what Eddie and Mitchell did illegal and/or invasive? And are these recordings art or exploitation? The film doesnt judge, letting viewers decide for themselves. Alas, some folks will want Shut Up Little Man to just shut up and let these sad men with their sad lives be left alone. Gary M. Kramer



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


Thirty years after it first emerged and devastated our community, the AIDS crisis lingers onalbeit far more quietly.Theres been a silence around the epidemic partly because we all needed to take a breath, says San Franciscobased filmmaker David Weissman.Weissmans powerful new documentary, We Were Here (codirected and edited by Bill Weber,his collaborator on 2002s The Cockettes),looks back at AIDS arrival and profound impact on San Franciscos LGBT community through five individualsrecollections and incredible archival photos and footage.An important,intimate,emotional and inspirational experience at all once, it brings back to light the forgottenand, to many younger gays, completely unknownhorrors, activism, unity and power AIDS unleashed. After traveling many film festivals, including Sundance,Berlin and OutFest (where it won the Audience Award),Weissman took a break to discuss making the film,reliving his experiences through the process and whether the bareback trend is a big slap in the face to all those weve lost and fought for.

What was the genesis of this project? The film came from a conversation with a filmmaker boyfriend who was much younger than I. He suggested, after hearing me talk so many times about my experiences during those years, that I should make a film out of it. I feel the movie is an avenue towards an intergenerational dialogue about those years, so its perfect really that the idea was suggested by someone who had not lived through that. Do you remember the first time you heard about AIDS? I very much remember the Bay Area Reporter article in April of 1981 that said there was a cluster of [Kaposis Sarcoma outbreaks] among gay men, and a few months later another article saying the CDC had noted the cluster of pneumonia cases among gay men, so I remember the first press reporting of these unusual illnesses. The documentary features five interview subjects, all of whom you knew prior to their involvement with the film. Was there much discussion about perhaps featuring more individuals and voices? Well, from the beginning I knew I didnt want to have too many voices, because I wanted a movie that was deep rather than broad, and [I knew] the breadth would come out of that depth. I knew you couldnt get the same kind of depth if I had too many people. We settled 72

on the five because theyre so good. I didnt want to dilute the potency of their individual stories. You incorporated some archival photos and footage I had never seen before. Was any specific type of material a challenge to get hold of? One thing that was difficult to find was photos of sick people, particularly with Kaposis Sarcoma lesions, because people didnt want to take their pictures or want their pictures taken. So to find a picture of a sick person walking on Castro Street was not easy. The film touches on a lot of forgotten aspects of the AIDS crisis, including how many people with AIDS committed suicide when they got extremely sick and had going away gatherings like in the film Its My Party. There were so many things everybody forgot. Its really an extraordinary history. One incredible thing someone mentioned to me was when they went to the symphony or Castro Theatre or opera in the 1980s, it was so normal to hear beeping throughout because everybody had these beeper boxes to remind them to take their medicines. Peoples pill boxes would be beeping through whatever event you were at, and it was chilling to be reminded of that.

How, in light of all that passed and continues, do we let our brothers bareback willy-nilly today? Is it a dishonor and disservice to all of these stories and lost lives, not to mention how difficult, complicated and expensive it can be to live with HIV todayand for that matter, Hepatitis C, infections of which are on the rise? Its my hope that younger generations of gay men, in seeing this movie, will have a greater sense of respect for our community, which will translate into a little deeper thinking about how theyre behaving sexually. I find it really enraging when people I know get infected. I dont usually express that to them, because I feel compassion. But I have no compassion whatsoever towards the people doing the infecting. If youre HIV-positive you have an absolute responsibility not to infect anyone. Everybody has an obligation to not hurt anyone else, regardless of what kind of hurt it is. Its not just about the two people involved in a sex actits about [the fact that] we still have an AIDS epidemic going on, at least among gay men, primarily because theyve chosen to bareback. I think we have an obligation to stop perpetuating the epidemic. For more information on We Were Here, go to or the films Facebook page,

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


Love (Modular/DFA) The Rapture In The Grace Of Your s of the most egregious coattail rider n for innovation. Theyre one of How Deep Is e The Rapture have never been know singl lead when back s week Killers years before. A few the Nu-80s scene heralded by the usly this time out. They dont fail. Rapture is trying to be taken serio The clear was it d, leake Your Love aping the booming vocals/rollingly clear is ntly grabbing, though the band Album opener Sail Away is insta ago. Miss You opens with an er Trap all that attention a few years build formula that gained The Temp album are solid single matethis on s song the pop. Truth is, about half yIggy Pop-like stomp, accent on the Blue Bird and the inimitably anno through some awkward messes like Kids hits. The War rial. Unfortunately we have to sift Cold few a to ce blan resem e Of Your Love bears a r ing Roller Coaster. In The Grac Time To Be A Man, and youll swea your eyes and listen to It Takes Close . note odd an on s close YL is a bit of a ITGO album is! fun but suit, g stron inality is not The Raptures youre playing a Dr. Dog track. Orig awesome. Dominik Rothbard ce you could pull out something chan nt dece a s there but , grab-back

Brett Anderson
BLACK RAINBOWS (EMI) The 2010 reunion with Suede has reminded vocalist Brett Anderson what his audience responds tonamely, that bitchglam-Bowie voice and an androgynous decadence shot through with youthful romantic melodrama. (The majestic guitars of Bernard Butler/Richard Oakes certainly didnt hurt.) Yet Andersons previous solo releasesBrett Anderson, Wilderness and Slow Attack were cases of diminished expectations. The songs were generally quiet, written for acoustic guitar, piano, strings. Black Rainbows is not a Suede CD, but its Andersons best because it sounds most like his old band. The tempos are less stately, the lyrics more outgoing and the songs sweetly winning. The opening track (and premiere single) Unsung revolves around a lyric thatd normally make me recoillife is your love songthats redeemed by an ingratiating melody and the twist that this love songs been unsung. Then on theres one highlight after the next. The Exiles raves up halfway through with an intensity that would fit snugly on Suedes Dog Man Star. I Count the Times follows struggling lovers to an echoing beat. And Thin Men Dancing sways with a bluesy, Bowie-esque swagger. Would I prefer new Suede music? Hell yes, I would. But thisll tide me over nicely, thank you.
Dan Loughry

LA LIBERACION (V2/Downtown) Brazilian new ravers CSS (Portuguese slang for tired of being sexy) follow their generally disappointing second disc by trying to reclaim their crown as synth-punk, sex-norm agitators, and they mostly succeed. Those moments are gloriously evident in the exclaimed temperament of closer F*ck Everything, and the potent electropop-wobble of City Girl, whose singalong, life-lesson Heads up girl, you cant rule this place lyric reeks of a latesummer hit, with some help from SSION singer Cody Critcheloe. Oh, and some brassy horns and a flamenco guitar, of all things. As is their signature, theres some kitschy, bouncy sounds (Echo of Love and lead single Hits Me Like A Rock), some slower-tempo, piano-driven songs (Partners In Crime) and even a nod to classic Tom Tom Club on the plucky Red Alert, which features Ratatat. The punkier side of the band blasts through on the Portuguese-sung title track and the Strokes-esque Ruby Eyes. Sometimes the quintets club-hopping, sexy-time posturing and oft-endearing naivet feels like contrived quirkiness, and nothing here fully matches the genius of Music Is My Hot Sex or Lets Make Love off their debut. But they still prove theyve got the licks and the beats for a gleefully global, electropop dance party.
Paul V.

FATHER, SON, HOLY GHOST (True Panther Sounds) Girls are bitches. Theyre trying to MGMT usand its working. This difficult second album is filled with obscure influences and endless time changes. Winsome, relatable lyrics with subversive messages, all dressed up like a summer CD. Theres nothing as memorable or as fun as their 2009 breakout hit Lust For Life. (Remember that one, with the full-frontal male nudity in the video? Check it out.) But thats kinda the point of Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Maybe the most accessible track on the album is Die. With its Queens of the Stone Age hard guitar riffs, it sounds ready-made for Guitar Hero. Elsewhere, lead single Vomit is the sevenminute centerpiece of the album. Its about as anti-commercial as youd expect. And thats why it works. The whole album doesnt fare as well. Forgiveness meanders for a good eight minutes. Magic sounds like Jarvis Cocker fronting some 70s MOR. Love Like A River sounds like that 50s pastiche ballad weve all heard a hundred times before. But, overall, Girls sophomore release is about as cohesive and melodic as a giant F.U. to the record industry can be. Recommended for button-pushers.
Dominik Rothbard

I Break Horses
HEARTS (Bella Union) Its the wrong time of year to open your debut with a song called Winter Beats, yet any reservations you may have about Swedish duo I Break Horses timing will melt upon contact with the dense melodies and beautiful vocals of their debut Hearts. Comprised of vocalist Maria Lindn and multiinstrumentalist Fredrick Balck, this is the band My Bloody Valentine was put on this earth to inspire. Yet whereas the magnitude of MBV was how they yoked otherworldly harmonies from noise and distortion, I Break Horses start from simpler melodic lines and then pile on layers of sound. And they do it synthetically. The effect is nearly the same: enormous (often overwhelming) soundscapes with girly vocals that are not exactly indecipherable but fully meshed into the overall musical concept. Im a lyric freak myself, so when I tell you that it doesnt matter if you cant understand what Linden is saying, then, well, thats really saying something about the power of the gestalt here. So while I might attempt to suss the details of the dying relationship on I Kill Your Love, Baby! Im just as happy to immerse in the oohs and aahs of the wordless title tune. And enjoy them both equally.
Dan Loughry

Laura Marling
A CREATURE I DONT KNOW (Ribbon Music) Laura Marling is an old soul. Her debut album was released in 2007 when she was only 17, but her voice, her words, even her eyes betrayed her youth. Four years and two albums later, one has to wonder if Marlings got that Robin Williams disease from Jack. She sounds like shes quietly lived three or four lives and just wants to be sitting in a rocking chair, sipping tea, telling her grandkids about the time she was nominated for a Mercury Prize. This maturity serves her well. A Creature I Dont Know sounds like Joni Mitchell backed by Mumford & Sons, i.e. awesome. The songs swirl around you until youre hooked. Choruses creep up behind you, then lay dormant until youre alone in the shower, where they grab you by the throat and force you to sing them aloud. The sound is Marlings typically straightforward folk, but on this outing shes tinged it with jazz, soul and even a little rock. The Beast is haunting. Selinas is a rare rocking moment with a huge payoff. Lead single Sophia is simply gorgeous. Marlings not huge in the Statesyet. So dont let this one pass you by.
Dominik Rothbard





STUDIO C ARTISTS | 6448 Santa Monica Blvd., L.A.
Through Sept. 15 | Tickets $20* |

Homophobia. Self-loathing. Inequality. Racism. Lack of self-worth. These are qualities that are present throughout the world with young gay people. And all are showcased in the engaging oneman show, I Love Me, I Love Me Not. Written and performed by the awardwinning Derek Ringold, the one-act play is a mirror of our times. Especially for those of us living in the land of broken dreams: Hollywood. Ringolds autobiographical story is nothing new: gay kid gets bullied, comes out, moves to Los Angeles to become a star, realizes its next to impossible to do so, gets discouraged and drowns himself at the gay bars, does drugs, has unsafe sex, has a few health scares, and gets more and more depressed. Luckily for Derek, he finds his redemption. Many arent as lucky. This is the reason for his showto offer hope for those that have gone through an all too familiar scenario.

Told through short monologues and interspersed with contemporary choreography, Ringold shares his story openly and personally. He is a smart and engaging performer who also happens to be easy-on-the-eyes. This helps as the story isnt entirely fresh. Everyone in West Hollywood has a coming out storya story about how homophobia and lack of self-esteem caused them to make bad choices. And everyone thinks their story is wholly original. While nothing here was surprising, Ringold does take ahold of his audience and doesnt let go for the brief 45-minute running time. The dancing is a bit awkward in such a small venue and as a result, uncomfortable for the audience, but the reason for it is understood. He takes potentially off-putting situations (drug-induced sex acts) and makes them palatable rather than cringe-inducing. Its kind of a brilliant choice by Ringold and director John Coppola.

While I Love Me, I Love Me Not is another piece that preaches to the choir, it has its charms and its always nice when someone understands what many of us have gone through at least in part. While some beats could have stood some fleshing out (his mo-

ment of redemption and hope isnt set up at all, making it fall a bit flat), it all goes down easy because of Ringolds charms. *A portion of the ticket proceeds go to benefit The Trevor Project. Kevin P. Taft

MET THEATRE | 1089 N. Oxford Ave., Hlywd Through Sept. 11 | Tickets $30 |

As they say, Sondheim isnt easy. Actually, I said that, but its true. Singing it, watching it, hearing it. For me, its truly an acquired taste. Like jazz. For someone not totally versed musically, it comes across unstructured and meandering. With Passion, he has his most shapeless of scores. Without any truly memorable songs, the show just kind of rambles along as the characters go in and out of their plot points, which is the biggest problem in DOMAs production of the show at the MET Theatre in Los Angeles. Based on Ettore Scolas film Passione dAmore, which is based on the novel Fosca, Passion follows Giorgio (Nathaniel Reynolds), a soldier having an affair with his married mistress Clara (Melissa Cook). When he is stationed at a provincial outpost, he meets the commanding officers (Duane Allen Thomas) sickly cousin, Fosca (Lindsay Zana), who soon becomes obsessed with him. Following him around like a puppy, she ingratiates herself to him. Meanwhile, Giorgio and Clara continue to exchange letters about their love and how much they miss each other. Ultimately, Foscas crazy passion for Giorgio becomes overwhelming, but for some reason he endures itwhich is the 76

biggest problem with the story. Shes so annoying, and theres no reason Giorgio should have to deal with her, its kind of a head-scratcher as to why he bothers. There is nothing at stake for him if he doesnt suffer Foscas advances, so the entire plot seems pointless. The production by the current MET resident company has three very strong leadsvocally. Their acting is decent if you can get past Zanas incessant wide eyes. Corinne DeVries who plays a variety of characters has a lovely voice as well, but the rest of the cast is marginal at best. One of the secondary actors even tapped his foot to the music to keep himself in place. The set by JC Chavez is a bit too simplistic and, for a show about passion, lacks even a hint of that emotional opulence. A bedroom set hidden behind a flimsy black curtain is cramped and clumsy making for a less than sexy boudoir. In fact, the overuse of the curtains is such that at the opening of Act Two when they reveal a bug-eyed Fosca sitting awkwardly on the bed, seemed to recall a sort of puppet show that came across more humorously than Im sure was expected. I give props to the leads for their exceptional voices and they certainly do


give it their all. Its just what surrounds them that doesnt support what they bring to the table. Not to mention a

score and book that is less than Sondheims best. Kevin P. Taft

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


True life delivered with comedy, Bakersfield Mist is about unemployed, chain-smoking ex-bartender Maude Gutman who buys a $3 painting from a thrift store. Convinced she has found a million-dollar masterpiece, she invites a stuffy art expert to examine the piece bringing together different views of the meaning of art. Through Oct 16. Tickets $30. The Fountain Theatre, 5060 Fountain Ave., L.A. ical allegory, this West Coast premiere is sure to give you more than pay-per-view could pack in three hours. Through Oct. 9. Tickets $35. Geffen Playhouse, 10880 Le Conte Ave., L.A.


If you had five minutes alone with your significant others other what would you say? Ten different women from all walks of life are giving advice to the new woman (or new man) in their husbands lives. The show explores the emergence of women betrayed even after dealing with rather trying circumstances. Through Sept. 18. Tickets $20. T.U. Studios, 10943 Camarillo St., NoHo. skypilot


Six very vivacious, intelligent, successful women working at a bank are faced with the potential of being laid off after a merger ensues. Instead of waiting for the inevitable, they devise a plan and take matters into their own hands. Doug Haverty, an award-winning writer, presents this new dramedy relatable to current events. Through Sept. 17. Lonny Chapman Theatre, 10900 Burbank Blvd., NoHo.

Set in 1931 Berlin, a cabaret performer in the seedy Kit Kat Club becomes involved with an American writer. Ring a bell? An American classic, Cabaret is a must-see anytime it graces the stage. Sept. 13- 25. The Freud Playhouse, 245 Charles E Young Dr., L.A.


A new version of one of the greatest anti-war dramas of all time will hit the stage in a rare West Coast appearance by the SITI Company of New York. This adaptation focuses on the four royal survivors: the imperious queen Hecuba, her prophetic daughter Kassandra, her noble daughterin-law Andromache and Helen of Sparta, the paramour of Hecubas cursed son Paris. Through Oct. 1. Tickets $42. The Getty Villa, 17985 PCH, Pac Palisades.


The Celebration Theatres 29th season opens with a production written by Patrick Wilde and directed by resident director Michael Matthews. Whats Wrong With Angry? was written at a time in British history when the age of consent for homosexuals was five years older than heterosexualsso whats a boy to do when his family, school and country tell him his love isnt acceptable? Get angry! Through Oc.t 29. Tickets $30. Celebration Theatre, 7051B Santa Monica Blvd., Hlywd.

Best known for the Hollywood film starring Julia Roberts, Steel Magnolias is also a favorite on stages around the globe. Flashback to the 80s with the Southern belles of Louisiana in this hysterical tear-jerking comedy. Through Sept. 18. Tickets $39-59. Rubicon Theatre, 1006 E. Main St., Ventura.


Pro-wrestling has its share of offthe-top rope action and body slams but its nothing in comparison to what this play does to issues like racism and globalization. With incredible characters and geograph-



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011






ConflictThe Path to Peace

e all have conflict in life. Its a natural occurrence that happens between people when their views oppose each other. Often times, we want to avoid conflict when it can actually be productive. Everything in life is about resolution and understanding, and conflict can help us get to a place where we understand each other and can help each other grow. Most of the time we get stuck in the hurt and pain that we feel when we dont see eye to eye with the people in our life. However, we all have the ability to choose peace and amicable solutions that brings us back to love. Yet we dont always take that higher road, the one filled with love and understanding. We are all differentour unique life experiences make us who we are today and give each of us different perceptions of the world we live in. In order to resolve conflict, we must see things from anothers point of view so we can understand how they may perceive situations differently than we do. Our reactions may be different, but that doesnt necessarily mean either party is right or wrong. Yet often times we fall into the mindset that we are right. We do this to justify the pain and hurt that we feel without trying to empathize with the other person and find out why they feel the way they do. Its true, in our world, we are right. However, in theirs, we are not. The most important element in resolving conflict or confrontation is to not attack the person with words and behavior. That will only escalate the situation and make you feel horrible about hurtful things you may say or do, half of which have nothing to do with the situation but provide you instant gratification and fulfill your need to be heard. When conflicts get out of hand, poisonous behavior occurs. Words are tossed about with no regard to each others humanity. This behavior stunts our growth and evolutionits not only unhealthy, draining and time consuming, it limits us from understanding the reason for conflict in the first place. That reason is simple: we all just want to be understood. We just want to be recognized and acknowledged for how we feel. Its like were kids at the playground again, and some other kid does something that upsets you and you get angry and sad because you think its not fair. When that kid finally says, Im sorry, you go back and play as if nothing happened. We do the same thing as adultsre-playing the same things we did as kids, yet some of us are wiser or more protective than when we were in our youth. So here we are, adults living and acting out our lives on Earth. There are always going to be people around usunless you choose to live in a cave in some remote location, youre going to have to deal with people at some point and experience conflict from time to time. Why not make your interaction a little less ambivalent and difficult when dealing with opposing views and belief systems? The first thing we need to do is awaken ourselves to the knowledge that there are other views and interpretations of the world. With a little patience and the willingness to try something different, our confrontations and conflicts can heal and expand our conscience instead of alienating others and creating war and destruction. We can choose to develop empathy and compassion for other human beings. If we do this, which I know we can, we would feel safer and more aware, and eliminate a whole lot of drama and discord in our lives. All we have to do is be willing to understand others. Empathy can end the internal suffering of being misunderstood and enable us to feel acceptance and live a healthier, more productive life, the way that Source intended for us to do. Why do you think Source put us all here together? Its because we truly need each other. Follow me on Twitter or at Shaman for some more insightful tips.




SEPTEMBER 20, 2011



By Dan Zenka, APR

September is National Prostate Cancer Awareness Month. Its the perfect time for learning more about the number one mens health issue that might be affecting you or someone you love.


Throughout the ages, men have been taught they must be strong, virile hunters, gatherers and defenders of their families. Over time, this societal mandate has ingrained a false sense of invincibilityone that exempts them from having to pay attention to their physical ills or seeing their doctors for annual checkups. The same pressure often leads them to feel extremely vulnerable and reluctant to discuss their self-perceived weaknesses when diagnosed with health problemsespecially those that lie below the belt. When women are diagnosed with breast cancer, they go on the offensive, explains Jonathan Simons, M.D., President and CEO of the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the worlds leading philanthropic supporter of advanced research for finding a cure. They open lines of communication with family and friends, they conduct extensive research and they mobilize with pink ribbons and races. In contrast, too many men shut down and shut up. They are convinced that they can go the battle alone. Its ironic. By doing so they are actually shirking their roles as protectors and providers for their families and partners. Because the very patients who are afflicted with prostate cancer often prefer not to talk about it, questions about the prostate and the cancers that can affect it are plentiful.

We fund research on more than six molecular and clinical subtypes of prostate cancer, explains Dr. Simons. Some are lethal, while others do not require treatment. We do not yet have genomics- and epigenomics-based tests that can distinguish between the two. Thus, overtreatment often occurs to ensure that a patients cancer doesnt progress into advanced, metastasis disease. Many of our funded research projects are focused on identifying cancerspecific biomarkers that will deliver better diagnostics, treatment decision tools and progression and response measurements.


Due to concerns of overtreatment and raising unnecessary anxiety, there has been increased debate over the importance of annual screenings for prostate cancer using the PSA (prostate-specific antigen) and a digital rectal exam (DRE). This past March, The New England Journal of Medicine published two conflicting papers on the value of screening, based on studies conducted in North America and England. Following much analysis, many medical experts agree that the larger (UK) study, conducted over a much longer time span, supports the idea that early detection and treatment does indeed save lives. The PSA test, even with its limitations, remains an important tool in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer. In a follow-up commentary, Patrick C. Walsh, M.D., of Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions, wrote: What is the take home message? If you are the kind of person who doesnt wear a seatbelt nor goes regularly to the dentist or your family doctor for a checkup and are not wor-


Men should not be embarrassed if they do not know what the prostate is, where it is located or what it does. I cannot remember my high school biol82

ogy teacher, Brother Patrick, ever discussing the prostate and its function. So I wasnt too astounded when I learned that in a poll conducted by the PCF a few years ago, 60 percent of women responded by saying they knew they had a prostate, but couldnt identify its location. DING! Wrong answer. The prostate is a small gland, about the size and shape of a walnut, found only in men, as it is an important part of the male reproductive and sexual anatomy. It is tucked deep inside the lower extremities beneath the bladder, above the testicles and in front of the rectum. Its role in life is to create pro-

tective seminal fluids that mix with sperm cells and help them along their way. Its elegantly small, simple and unobtrusiveuntil something goes wrong.


Prostate cancer is not one disease. Its a problem that fuels misconceptions about this cancer and creates understandable confusion when it comes to screening, diagnosis and treatment. One treatment option doesnt serve all patients.

ried about dying from prostate cancer, do not undergo PSA testing. On the other hand, if you are a healthy man aged 55-69 who does not want to die from prostate cancer, the European trial provides conclusive evidence that PSA testing can save your life. More recently, the American Urological Association revised its screening guidelines to recommend that all men receive a baseline screening at age 40 and then determine with their physician how often subsequent screenings should occur, based on family history and Individual health factors. As for the issue of undue anxiety, there is a stronger argument that a vial of blood and a few seconds of swallowed pride during the DRE exam can provide more peace of mindby eliminating the question of whether you have cancer and the consequence of noticing the cancer after it has progressed to an advanced, more life-threatening stage. Personally, I like knowing that early detection and treatment provides a five-year survival rate greater than 95 percent.

can be thoroughly weighed and selected based upon your individual medical status. Depending on the specific treatment selected, a detailed follow-up plan will also be outlined.


In a recent campaign, Kaiser Permanente ran a series of print and broadcast ads claiming I have cancer. It doesnt have me. There is both wisdom and inspiration in the statement. While there is still much progress to be made in eliminating prostate cancer, we now know that early detection and treatment can drastically improve outcomesin fact, the death rate from prostate cancer is now nearly 40 percent lower than what was once predicted. Moreover, scientific studies are beginning to underscore the importance of nutrition and exercise in preventing certain cancers and improving survivorship. Treatments are now less invasive and better tolerated by patients, and new therapies are close at hand. The time is long overdue for men (prompted by their loved ones if needed) to move beyond their traditional behaviors, make prostate cancer something to talk about and proactively develop their personal programs for protecting their prostate health. Complete information on prostate cancer symptoms, treatments, prevention and the latest advances in research is available at


The PSA test is a diagnostic beginning, not an end. Its biggest limitation is that it is not cancer-specific. I have heard it best explained as a smoke alarm that can alert us to potential problems in the prostate, but it can not distinguish between a full-blown fire fueled by cancer or one of several other medical conditions, such as an enlarged prostate or prostatitis that could be creating smoke. This data, combined with the DRE that provides a tactile assessment for the presence of tumor growth, gives physicians information that may lead them to recommend a needle biopsy to determine if cancer cells are present in the prostate.


Patients whose biopsies come back positive for prostate cancer join the one out of six American men diagnosed with prostate cancer. But it isnt a forgone conclusion that they must join the 27,000 men who die annually from the disease. It is prudent at this stage to remember that some prostate cancers are lethal and require aggressive treatment, while others most likely do not require treatment. Patients with the second classification of cancer will die with not fromprostate cancer. But, as referenced earlier, we cannot yet differentiate between the two. At this point of the diagnosis, men (and their partners) need to be active participants in the treatment plan. Personal research is needed, along with indepth consultation with a physician that is known and trusted. Together, the pros and cons of various treatment options


Dan Zenka is vice president of communications for the Prostate Cancer Foundation. Prior to joining the PCF, he held communications and marketing positions at leading health care and life science technology companies. He can be reached at

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


He plays a kid who refuses to go down.

Allison Janney describes the role played by Chris Colfer in the just-wrapped flick Struck by Lightning. He wont go down? I think I dated him!

Grindr member Roberto Arango

Just when you think youve heard it all comes the story of Roberto Arango from Puerto Rico. The Republican senator (who has voted to ban same-sex marriage) apparently had nude photos on the gay cruising app Grindr. When asked about the pics, the good senator said, You know Ive been losing weight. As I shed that weight, Ive been taking pictures. I dont remember taking this particular picture, but Im not gonna say I didnt take it. Id tell you if I remembered taking the picture, but I dont. Shades of Anthony Weiner, right? Except one of the photos finds him on all fours holding up his phone to take the photo of his behind in a strategically placed mirror. Youd kinda think hed remember that! When you see the pics on, you wont be able to forget em. Prior to this, the big news of the week was confirmation of something I reported months agothat George Michael is a single man. Yes, after 15 years, his relationship with Kenny Goss has come to an end. In fact, GM admits that its been over for even longer than I knew. In truth, Kenny and I havent been together for two and a half years, Michael told the audience at the State Opera House in Prague, where he kicked off his Symphonica tour. I love him very much. This man has brought me a lot of joy and pain. My love life has been a lot more turbulent than Ive ever let on, and Im so sad about my relationship with Kenny. Im sorry for the pain. He also revealed that Goss has battled alcoholism for several years. An alcoholic and a potheadIm shocked it didnt work out! In domestic gay splits, Sara Gilbert and partner Allison Adler have split up after 10 years and two children. Their reps say it was amicable. Of course, they also say that Leah Rimini and Holly Robinson Peete are leaving The Talk of their own accord and are welcomed back anytime. Adam Levine is enjoying quite

a bit of attention given the success of The Voice. And with his penchant for posing sans clothing, its no surprise that much of that attention is coming from gay mensomething hes actually happy about, as he recently told Out magazine: Theres no way to hide my straightness, but if people didnt think there was a small chance I was gay, then I wouldnt be doing my job very well. Look at the best ones, guys whose sexuality was always questioned. Bowie. Jagger. Freddie Mercury. I wouldnt be the front man of a band if that question hadnt come up at some point. Of course, all of these men did have relationships with men. One of the best things to come out of The Voice was the exposure it gave my friend, the fabulous Frenchie Davis. And Im happy to say that shell be appearing at the upcoming Kingdom party at Gay Days Anaheim on Oct. 1. Go to for information and tickets (order earlythey sold out last year). Gay love will remain on primetime for a bit longer. You know that sexy Trevor Donovan will be departing 90210 midway through the upcoming season. But that aint stopping him from having an active sex life. Enter Ryan Rottman from the TeenNick show Gigantic (which I also know nothing about, but it sounds hot). Ryan plays a gay marriage activist who gets involved with Donovan. Ill run pics of the two studs on Since Im currently in Florida, Im reminded that this state is home to oodles of drag and strip shows. In fact, this is where Channing Tatum got his start as a male stripper (the video of him stripping is on As you all know, Chan is turning his

past into his next film projectMagic Mike will recount his days as a teenage stripper. The flick is being helmed by Steven Soderbergh and begins filming next month in Tampa. We already knew that the adorable Alex Pettyfer will play the role based on Channing, Riley Keough (daughter of Lisa Marie Presley) will play his girlfriend and Demi Moore will play a customer who gets a little too close. In addition to writing the script, Tatum will play the leader of the troupe (who has perhaps seen better days). Other hunks who have signed onto the project include Matthew McConaughey (who plays the club owner and a veteran stripper himself), Matt Bomer (a fellow stripper) and Joe Manganiello (yet another stripper, known as Big Dick Richie, which I suspect is self-explanatory). Theres been much speculation that Soderbergh will include some full-frontal male nudity, but thats unlikely, since male strip shows in Florida only go down to a

The Lane Twins get a shot with their idol, Dolly Parton.

Above: Matt Bomer signs on to Magic Mike. Joe Manganiello strips down in True Blood.

Sara Gilbert and Allison Adler have split up.

G-string (says your humble scribe who has more than a passing acquaintance with the male strip show circuit). But, fear not, weve got some skin just for youand from one of the Magic Mike co-stars. Joe Manganiello recently did his first nude scene on True Blood and, of course, we have the video and stills on Our Ask Billy question actually comes from a good friend. Larry in Hollywood writes, Im sending you a screener of our film, Hollywood to Dollywood. Sorry you missed it at Outfest, but Im sure youll enjoy it. Again, were still bummed you were out of

town when we were filmingwe would have loved you to be in it! Larry and Gary Lane, known as the Lane Twins, have carved out a little niche for themselves. Theyve been in movies, TV shows, commercials and even won two reality programsWinter WipeOut and Fear Factor. Theyre also the official Filth2Go Twins (which tells you how far back we go). Their documentary Hollywood to Dollywood chronicles their cross-country journey in an RV named Jolene to personally hand their idol, Dolly Parton , a film script they wrote for her. But its much more than that. Its about these nice, wholesome and hot twins who grew up in a very repressed Southern environment and had to basically move as far away as they could to pursue their dreams and be themselves. This documentary is as much to do with them trying to reconcile with their past as it is about trying to fulfill a dream. And if it doesnt have the clich Hollywood ending, it still straddles the line between touching and hopeful. Obviously I know these boys very well, but even I learned so much about them and was moved by this work. And I think all of my readers will be, too. The flick is booked into dozens of film festivals, so check out their full schedule at When were posting pics of Dolly and the twins and were not talking about her tits, its definitely time to end yet another column. By the way, the Lane Twins did manage to include me in the film after all. At the end, I got a special thank youadmittedly referring to our old website and not listing, but its the thought that counts! If youve got a thought you want to share with me, drop a note to and I promise to get back to you before Senator Arango asks, Do these chaps make my ass look fat? Until next time, remember, one mans filth is another mans Bible.



Its September, and classes are back in session. Elementary school students eagerly show off their shiny new Trapper Keepers, while UCLA freshmen eagerly show off their shiny new fake IDs. For many of you, graduation is less a goal and more a fond memory, but this shouldnt preclude you from the seasons academic zeitgeist. Los Angeles offers countless adult courses covering myriad areas of study. Frontiers has compiled a syllabus of fun and interesting classes to aid in your ongoing education.

The history of art is saturated with the works of talented gay artists, from the Renaissance sculptures of Michelangelo to the modern paintings of Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg. But why should the masters have all the fun? Spirit of the Pose offers day and night classes focusing on figure drawing and painting, as well as storyboarding. Professor Karl Gnass has accrued 35 years of teaching experience, as well as a professional rsum that includes artistic development with Sid and Marty Kroft, Disney Television Animation and Sony Imageworks. If that doesnt excite you, focus on the opportunity to draw naked dudes. Spirit of the Pose, American Animation Institute, 1105 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank.

Whats your sign? Its a cheesy pickup line with a simple response. Where is your sign located? Thats a little harder to answer. Fortunately, Angelenos have access to Californias most iconic astronomical institution, the Griffin Observatory. Although admission to the observatory and its grounds are free, its worth shelling out the $7 to catch a show at the Samuel Oschin Planetarium. For those who indulge in the chronic, check out Light of the Valkyries, an Aurora Borealis-themed light show set to Wagners Flight of the Valkyries. Its the Griffiths answer to Pink Floyd. Griffith Observatory, 800 E. Observatory Rd., L.A.

Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir? If you cant decipher that question, you better enroll in the Beverly Hills Lingual Institute posthaste. Founded in 1996, it has since evolved into L.A.s premiere language school, offering over 25 different languages for study. Whether youre interested in learning Mandarin to advance your business career, Italian to effectively flirt on your Roman vacation or Spanish so you can eavesdrop on gossiping bus boys, BH Lingual Institute provides affordable, university-level courses to flex your foreign tongue. Beverly Hills Lingual Institute, 439 N. Canon Dr., Ste 207, Bev. Hills.




The quickest way to a mans heart is through his mouth. JG Cuisine offers private culinary lessons, teaching you recipes to wow your special guy, impress dinner guests and satisfy your own tastebuds. Cordon Bleutrained chef Joey Giogianni personally teaches cooking to individuals or groups of friends. Learn how to prepare dishes like Tortilla Espagnola, Quiche Lorraine and Parmigiano Cornetto in the comfort of your own home. Its all about having fun while cooking and learning. The only thing sweeter than the shocolate souffle with crme Anglaise is Joey himself. JG Cuisine,

Mixed Martial Arts is innately homoerotictwo half-naked athletes, drenched in sweat, thrusting each other into compromising positions to exert dominance. You want a piece of that? Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers classes for participants at all levels of experience, combining Jiu Jitsu with elements of wrestling and Judo for an effective feet-to-floor technique. Located at La Cienega and Holloway, its a convenient alternative to 24 Hour Fitness, as well as an effective dojo to hone your self-defense skills. Hollywood Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, 1106 N. La Cienega Blvd., Ste. 103, WeHo.

Ever watch Glee and wish you could belt out covers of Gaga songs, too? Then sign up for private coaching at the Silver Lake Conservatory. Founded in 2001 by Red Hot Chili Peppers Michael Flea Balzary, the school focuses on providing basic music education to the community at affordable prices. Both youth and adult students receive one-on-one voice or instrumental training in soundproof, air-conditioned studios, right in the heart of Sunset Junction. Sign up now and make your Gleek fantasies a Gleek reality. Silver Lake Conservatory of Music, 3920 Sunset Blvd., Silver Lake.

Los Angeles is peppered with countless acting classes of varying levels, focuses and price ranges. Honestly, if youre a serious actor, youre probably already enrolled in some sort of theater training. But for those of you who have other careers and would like to dabble in the performing arts for the fun of it, your best bet is enrolling at UCB. Founded by comedienne Amy Pohler and her fellow Upright Citizens, the school focuses on improv training as well as comedy writing. Conquer your stage fright and say yes to life! Upright Citizens Brigade, 5919 Franklin Ave., Hlywd.


SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




By the time you read this,

of which can be found in the many colorful mid-century cookbooks within the kitchen of my breathtaking Highland Park home. Think bacon-wrapped scallops and/or water chestnuts and mini shish kabobs with alternating chunks of ham and pineapple. C) When my body is nothing but a pile of ashes, I want that stunning soot sent to the MAC Cosmetics laboratory, where they are to be formulated into makeup. These products should be called Drop Dead Gorgeous, and one of my Austin Young photos should be emblazoned on each item and on in-store displays. These to-die-for powders and creams are to be sold at outrageously high prices to people who could only dream of looking as good as I did. The proceeds from sales should go to pay off my house. D) I would like to leave that house to Nadya Ginsburg and Selene Luna, with the understanding that they must live there together and turn their lives into a reality series that at least one critic will call a modern-day Laverne & Shirley. They are not to keep my dogs, Baby and Lil Sister, for I wouldnt trust either of them to keep a houseplant alive, let alone my precious children. I love you girls, but just focus on your new TV show. Instead, I would like Baby to live with her Uncle Travis Walck and Lil Sister to join the other vicious bitches in the La Canada Flintridge home of my slusband (straight lady husband), Muffy Bolding. All my gorgeous drag is to be given out to my sisters. Thanks to my lifelong struggle with weight, the sizes range from Sherry Vine to The Lady Bunnyand everything in between. E) And finally, I leave absolutely nothing to RuPaulfor reasons that are well-known to her. Him. It! Oh no, the wind is starting to blow. I guess I had better send this before the power goes out. Wish me luck!

I will have either triumphantly survived or tragically died as a result of Hurricane Irene. Just in case it is the latter, let this column serve as my Last Will & Testament.And please keep in mind that the following instructions are to only be read aloud in a clipped,vaguely Mid-Atlantic accent reminiscent of the overly stylized voice Joan Crawford may have used during her audition for Mildred Pierce. A voice that immediately brings to mind one perfectly arched Burnt Sienna eyebrow, raised in subtle superiority. Thank you.

I, Jackie Beat, being of relatively sound mind and body (for a drag queen in her late 40s, that is) request that the criteria below be followed, as specifically as humanly possible, following my untimely and tragic death: A) My body is to be immediately packed in ice and sent to the Imagineers at Disney. My entire body, not just my head like Walt did. And there is no need to cryogenically freeze meI do not wish to be thawed out later on the off-chance someone should find a cure for hurricanesjust have one of my Latino fans back their mini-truck up to one of those places that sell bags of ice at Circle K or 7Eleven and buy, like, $100 worth. Once my body has been delivered to the creative gay guys at Disney, they will have one full week to measure and photograph my remains so as to build a life-size animatronic figure of me. If my body has been floating in the stormy Atlantic prior to its discovery, and as a result I am bloated or waterlogged, current photographs of me at my very thinnest are to accompany my corpse. I dont want future audiences rudely murmuring, She looks fat, or Is that Kirstie Alley? upon seeing my robot doppelganger. My wig should be styled by the older black woman who used to work at Hollywood Wigs. She doesnt work there any-

more, but track her down. Do whatever it takesIm dead for chrissakes. My makeup is to be applied by the oh-so-talented Alexis Arquette, and I am to be dressed in slimming black sequins la Liza Minnelli. My stunning cyborg is also to be wearing six-inch stiletto heels. I could not wear them in the later years of my real life, and my fans deserve to remember me at my most statuesque. Finally, I would like to please have one of Yma Sumacs necklaces from my collectionand a pair of my late mothers rhinestone earringsplaced on the neck and earlobes of my magical mannequin. I do not want anyone else to record my voiceno, not even Meryl Streep. There are hundreds of hours of recordings featuring me talking and singing. Hell, I never shut up. Make it work. B) Once the Disney Imagineers are done with my body, it is to be sent to my friends Joe and Adrians house in Cheviot Hills, Calif., where they will host a not-so-traditional traditional Viking funeral. My body, now dressed in a snazzy vintage suit, is to be placed on a raft and set afloat in their heated saltwater pool. Guests (ask Mario Diaz who to invite) will festively shoot flaming arrows at my lifeless lump of flesh as they enjoy delicious Polynesian and/or Oriental finger foods, the recipes



SEPTEMBER 20, 2011






The hottest Sunday pool party in Palm Springs is the one at the All Worlds Resort. Complete with a DJ, dancing, go-go boys and a BBQ lunch, this party attracts guests and locals alike, about 100 in low season, 200 in high season. Youve got to get here by 11 a.m. to get a good lawn chair by the pool, says general manager Taylor Burdge. Its busy and popular. One of our most successful events. But there are lots of other things to like at the 38-room, 2.5-acre, clothing-optional resort located in the Warms Sands area. The resort features nature trails with adult videos playing, plus play rooms. For voyeurs, theres even a guestroom with a big circular window for guests to watch the action. This being Palm Springs, everyone hangs at the pool. Theyve got four of them on the property, plus two Jacuzzis, a sauna and a steam room. New owners took over the resort in 2007, completely remodeling the place. Ive run a lot of different businesses and its rare that you find [owners] who take so much pride in what they do, says Burdge, a Carmel, Calif., native who became general manager in the spring. They take a lot of pride in the rooms and the grounds themselves. The resort caters to every demographic, offering budget rooms as well as villas. Because of the extra care they take at All Worlds, guests reward them with their loyalty. More than half of all guests are return visitors. We do everything we can to really maximize the individual guest experience, says Burdge. You can never go wrong in this business when someone goes, Wow, that was great! And thats what we aim to do. Burdge and his staff try to accommodate most every guest request. Theyll make dinner reservations, arrange transportation, even print boarding passes. Each staff member really takes it upon themselves to take an individual sense of ownership here to make each guest feel welcomed and catered to, he says. If you make their vacation as important to you as it is to them, youll earn their loyalty. As an example, Burdge tells a story of a man on a tight budget who saved for his vacation at All Worlds. When it came time for him to go to the bus station to catch a bus home, rather than have a taxi take him to the bus station, Burdge drove him there himself. He was on a tight budget and there was no point in him paying for a taxi when I could drive him there in a few minutes, he says. Day passes and night passes are available.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





Is Bewitched your favorite TV show? Dying to see Madonna strutting her stuff through Venice in her Like A Virgin video? Anxious to relive some great game show moments? Or perhaps witness Julia Sugarbaker telling the story of the night the lights went out in Georgia? Heres your chance to relive great TV moments as Toucans Tiki Lounge plays classic TV clips and music videos from the 50s to today every Wednesday from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Theyll play video/TV clip requests as well as dance floor requests. Hourly drink specials offered plus a drawing for $100 offered at midnight. 2100 N. Palm Canyon Rd.

The ancient Chinese practice of Tai Chi is prized for its benefits to health, fitness and longevity. It strengthens the body and improves flexibility, balance and coordination, important skills as one ages. The Golden Rainbow Center sponsors a Tai Chi class every Wednesday from 10:15-11:15 a.m. Noel Pittman leads the class designed for seniors and takes into account special needs of participants. The class meets at the Centers Belardo space at 610 S. Belardo Rd., Ste. 500.


Cathedral City will be getting into the groove as the Independent Music Summit comes to town, Sept. 21-25. The five-day event brings together independent dance artists, DJs, music producers, record labels, distributors, promoters, etc., and will have a strong LGBT presence. IMS will also feature live performances, DJ sets, T-dances, pool parties, guest appearances and more happening at the clubs, restaurants and resort venues throughout Cathedral City. All these events are open to the public. Locals can also buy day passes to attend some or all of the workshops/seminars/panels being offered. The Quality Inn in Cathedral City is the host hotel.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





Tickle your tastebuds and sample savory cuisines as the seventh annual Taste of Palm Springs comes to town. Whether its appetizers, entrees, sides or desserts, heres a chance to whet your appetites with the finest of cuisine from both casual and fine dining establishments. Attendance is free this year (last year it was $50). Attendees will instead buy tickets/coupons that they exchange for a sample at each restaurants table. More than a dozen restaurants have signed up so far with more expected. A Taste of Palm Springs is Wednesday, Sept. 14 from 5 to 9 p.m. at the Palm Springs Convention Center.

Riverside County Department of Mental Health has awarded a two-year grant to the Golden Rainbow Center to expand their mental health programs. The grant is part of the California Mental Health Services Act to reduce the longterm impact of untreated mental health issues. The Golden Rainbow Center will be expanding its one-on-one mental counseling to adults of all ages, says Dr. Jill Gover, director of the Centers Wellness Program. With this funding, we will be able to expand our internship program for MFT, MSW and Ph.D. interns who want to specialize in the specific needs of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community. In addition to expanding our client base to the broad LGBT community, we will continue to focus on aging issues.


Tonight, tonight, the world is wild and bright as Tony and Maria fall in love. But can true love survive a war between rival gangs? Find out as the Broadway revival of West Side Story, one of the greatest love stories of all times, plays at the Segestrom Center for the Arts in Costa Mesa. The Golden Rainbow Center is sponsoring a daytrip to Orange County to catch a matinee of the Arthur LaurentsJerome Robbins musical. The bus leaves at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 10 and returns at approximately 6:30 p.m.




Moving Forward
Cuban-American talk show host Cristina Saralegui, who for 21 years was a mainstay of the Spanish language network Univision, which garnered her 12 Emmys, was introduced at the NBC/Universal portion of the Television Critics Association as the producer/host of Palante con Cristina (Moving Forward with Cristina), a two-hour primetime series that is slated to air Sundays on Telemundo, beginning this fall. I want to enjoy what I have earned, and I hope you will enjoy me. By the way, the show will be like me, in Spanglish, because it is not scripted. Its whatever comes to mind. And when necessary, there will be captions. I truly want to capture an English speaking audience as well as Spanish-only viewers, said Cristina. Telemundo, a division of NBCUniversal, has big plans for Cristinas new show. The show will cover topics, issues and personalities making headlines, promising to land big exclusives, candid celebrity interviews and live musical performances while keeping its star connected in Spanish and English with fans through social media platforms as well as through As if thats not enough, for the woman that many have dubbed The Latina Oprah, her fall debut will also coincide with the National Latino Broadcastings launch of The Cristina Channel, a 24/7 radio network for Sirius XM.

Rising Star
ABC Family is developing a new show for another Christina. Maid in Miami, a sitcom project from Rita Rocks creators Stan Zimmerman and James Gerg and Glee Executive Music Producer Adam Anders, is in negotiations to star singer-actress Christina Milian. The show is about a young maid whos an aspiring singer. This is not the first time that Milian has worked with ABC Family. The New Jersey native has starred in two holiday original movies for the channel, Snowglobe and last years Christmas Cupid. ABC Family has a successful track record of segueing stars of ABC Family movies to seriesit recently did so with Melissa Joan Hart and Joey Lawrence, who ended up with their own comedy series, Melissa & Joey, after topping the 2009 ABC Family film My Fake Fianc . Milian, repped by WME and Greenlight, recently guest starred on CSI.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011





Voted Best Gay Club by OC Weekly readers, Club Lucky at Downtown Disneys House of Blues returns for another outing on Wednesday, Sept. 21. DJ Zach Moos, whom OC Weekly readers also voted Best Club DJ, spins the latest hiphop and top 40 dance tunes while go-go boys shake up the action. Drag queen Momma serves as the hostess with the mostest for a night that leaves an indelible impression. Club Lucky at the House of Blues starts at 9 p.m.

Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy have a date with destiny as South Coast Repertory opens their season with Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice. In a new, fastmoving adaptation of the beloved tale, this production frames the story through the eyes of a 15-year-old girl reading the novel for the first time. Director Kyle Donnelly says the aspect of the 200-year-old story which endures is this notion of finding someone who loves you for who you really are. Pride and Prejudice opens at the Segerstrom Center for the Arts on Friday, Sept. 9 for a four-week run. Post-show discussions will be held after the Sept. 21 and 27 performances.

Shanti OC kicks off its Big 7 educational seminar series with a talk on HIV and Inflammation. Dr. David Shamblaw, a San Diego-based physician with over 15 years of experience treating HIV/AIDS, conducts the talk on things patients need to know about how inflammation can affect meds and health. The free lecture is Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 5:30-8 p.m. at the Wyndham Hotel, 3350 Avenue of the Arts in Costa Mesa. A free dinner is also provided. RSVPs are needed.

Psychology and sexuality mix in Beyond Therapy, a farcical tale of lunatics, liaisons and love triangles. Santa Anas Theatre Out presents the Christopher Durang 1982 romantic comedy about bisexual Bruce and homophobic Prudence who meet via the personal ads. Their relationship quickly grows complicated when their therapists begin interfering. Beyond Therapy opens Friday, Sept. 23.





Hollywood to Dollywood

Fifteen films are scheduled for Long Beachs annual Q Film Festival, which runs Friday-Sunday, Sept. 16-18. Among the highlights are We Were Here, a documentary about the early days of the AIDS crisis in San Francisco (Sunday at 1:45 p.m.); Hollywood to Dollywood, a documentary about gay twin brothers trying to meet their idol, Dolly Parton (Sunday at 8 p.m.); Cho Dependent, comedian Margaret Chos latest comedy act (Saturday at 7:30 p.m.); Leave it on the Floor, a drama about L.A.s black drag ball culture (Saturday at 9:15 p.m.); and Judas Kiss, a drama about a professor who gets involved with a student (Friday at 9:15 p.m.). All films screen at the Art Theatre.

Vendors, doctors, nurses and health groups will all be on hand for the annual 4 Your Health Expo, sponsored by NBC4. Free health tests/screenings will be offered along with information about getting and staying healthy. There will also be healthy cooking demonstrations plus interactive sports/fitness activities. The two-day event is designed to help individuals/families adopt healthier habits and improve their well-being. A blood drive is also planned. The 4 Your Health Expo is Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 17-18 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Got a project awaiting but cant seem to get started? Need something to ignite your creativity? The Center Long Beach is offering an eight-week Artists Way course designed to reignite those creative juices, whether youre a writer, musician, painter, poet or performer. Anybody who wants to get a push in their creativity, be in the community and be held accountable for completing the program, this is for you, says instructor C. Imani Williams, a M.F.A. student. If you complete the program, youre on fire and youre ready to tackle any project. Open to both gays and straights, the course meets Fridays from 7-9 p.m. at the Center, beginning Sept. 9.

Long Beachs gay business networking group, LGB2Network, has a busy calendar scheduled for September. On Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 7 p.m., theyll host a mixer at the Sababa Restaurant & Lounge, located in the Long Beach Marketplace on PCH. On Thursday, Sept. 15 from 7-10 p.m., a sneak preview of the films playing in the Q Film Festival along with a performance by openly gay singer/songwriter Matt Zarley will be held at the Silver Fox bar at 411 Redondo Ave. Finally, on Sunday, Sept. 18 from 1-6 p.m., theyll host a summer pool party at the Hotel Maya overlooking Long Beach Harbor.

SEPTEMBER 20, 2011




By Jefferson Hendrick

Say Goodbye to Jons WeHo; New Apartments Rising on Kings Road

Way back in October of last year, I reported that the Jons Market at La Brea and Fountain was to be demolished to make way for a new development of apartments by developer Monarch Group. In August 2010, the West Hollywood Planning Commission gave the all clear for a six-story, 187-unit apartment building with 19,559 square feet of retail space at street level (according to Monarchs website). Well, D-day has arrived, and as of Saturday, Aug. 13, Jons WeHo is no more. The store has run its clearance sales, emptied its shelves and closed its doors for the last time. Jeff Seymour, the projects representative, has said work on the new structure is scheduled to begin this month. Architecture firm Newman Garrison + Partners website says of the project, the public pedestrian level is inviting and unrestricted with its open air plaza, inclusive of retail and restaurant space and a contemporary art gallery, which displays and highlights the works of some of todays most sought-after artists. For the residents, there are three private courtyards for recreation or leisure activities, a private pool with cabana areas [and] a state-of-the-art clubhouse and fitness center. An expansive rooftop terrace overlooking La Brea, with views of the iconic Hollywood sign and spectacular city lights also offers a meditation/contemplation garden, outdoor entertainment facilities, BBQ and dining areas and a provocative under the stars theater. This project was designed with every convenience and amenity for working, playing, entertaining or just opulent leisure. The apartments will range from 680-1,254 square feet. I have to say, Im kinda wrecked. I went into Jons the other day to buy a bunch of fresh produce and saw the store at least half empty. Long strips of pink packing paper hung over empty shelves, remaining items being pushed out at heavily discounted prices. Kind of a bummer. They had the best prices on produce of anywhere around. I could walk out with a couple bags full of stuff for less than $10. In other WeHo development news, the West Hollywood Planning Commission has approved plans for a four-story, 25-unit apartment complex on Kings sioner Marc Yeber accused the opponents of classic NIMBYism (also known as Not In My Back Yard), and said that despite opposition, he hadnt heard any solid reason why the project should not move forward. Following the conclusion of the meeting, architect Edward Levin told WeHo Patch he was happy with the decision. I worked with the city on their affordable housing guideline and I worked on the green building guidelines. So to work on this project is very gratifying.



Road, which has upset some neighbors, who feel the project is too big box and not in keeping with the areas current aesthetic. WeHo Patch reports that residents have complained about the potential disruption to their lives the construction would surely cause, and expressed concern over the added street traffic and the impact on street parking. Currently, there are two 1920s-era single-family homes at 1232 and 1236 N. Kings Road (between Fountain Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard) that will be demolished to make way for the project. The building reportedly will be designed with the intention of blending it into the buildings on either side of it, with the north side being four stories to match its next-door neighbor, and the south side only rising two stories, matching its neighbor. On the plus side, the building will have four (four!) units set aside for low-income housing and will be a green project, complete with solar panels. This is going above and beyond the green building design, said Commissioner David Aghaei. WeHo Patch reported a strong turn out from neighbors living on the block who vigorously opposed the project during the public comments portion of the meeting, claiming it would disrupt their lives, add to traffic and impact street parking. Commis-


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SEPTEMBER 20, 2011


By Dr. Bethany A. Marshall, Ph.D., Psy.D., M.F.T.

Moving Forward With Your Life

Getting out of unproductive cycles
Individuals who seek psychological help often share a common dilemma: They want to make major life changes, but feel stuck in unproductive arrangements or situations. These unproductive arrangements could be almost anything: a dead-end career, an unhealthy relationship, a destructive way of thinking, an addiction, an ongoing mood problem (such as depression or anxiety), a chronic family conflict, repetitive bad choices, etc. The following is a classic example of an unproductive arrangement that persists even though an individual is trying to make changes: Matt* sought therapy because he couldnt find a satisfying romantic relationship. Although he was adept at meeting and socializing with other men, each encounter unraveled after a short period of time. His new boyfriend would eventually decide that he did not want to curtail sexual interaction with other men in order to be in a relationship, and the relationship would fizzle due to lack of intimacy and emotional commitment. Matts situation is not unique in that his problem seems to play itself out along similar lines each and every time. Matt continually meets the same type of men. These men disappoint him in similar ways, and each relationship deteriorates in an almost identical manner. Although Matt wants to improve his life, he feels caught in an unending cycle that never seems to change. Do you have an ongoing situation or pattern that is annoying, yet never seems to change? Reading this article could be the first step toward understanding why you are stuck and learning what is required to move forward with your life. Before continuing to read, think about your life and try to identify any ongoing situations that make you feel paralyzed, disappointed or unproductive. The situation could be a repetitive problem that continually repeats itself or it could be an ongoing circumstance in which you feel caught and demoralized. Whenever I listen to an individual who is stuck in a problematic yet unchanging arrangement, I pose a few important questions to myself: How does it unconsciously help this individual to repeat the same problems again and again? Why is this individual making specific choices that later come to haunt him? What would this individual have to face if he was forced to change the problematic situation that he is in? What anxieties is he avoiding by staying in his problem situation? Usually, I discover that the individual who feels stuck has unwittingly created the circumstances that now plague him. In the field of psychology, problematic circumstances that individuals unconsciously create are called compromise formations. A compromise formation is an arrangement that an individual constructs in order to avoid a deeper anxiety. For instance, an addict may maintain his addiction in order to avoid taking responsibility for himself. An individual who never seems to make enough money may be attempting to avoid feelings of guilt regarding success. An individual who cannot form an intimate, romantic relationship may be avoiding situations in which he is vulnerable to being coerced or controlled. An individual who lets others take advantage of him may be avoiding deeper anxieties about whether or not he is truly lovable. In compromise formations, an individual is usually willing to make a compromise in one area of his life in order to avoid anxiety in others. When the compromised aspect of his life is altered or changed, the individual is exposed to deeper anxieties he has been trying to avoid. For instance, Matt discovered that he kept finding men who were sexually unfaithful because he only dated men who he met in online sex chat rooms. Therefore, he was dating men who were more interested in hooking up for sex than dating. Matt selected these types of men because he was secretly afraid of a dating process that did not include sex. Matt did not know how to relate to men in nonsexual environments. He was nervous about taking a man to dinner and he felt exposed and vulnerable on dates. Therefore, Matt sought sexual environments in order to avoid deeper anxieties about expressing his personality in romantic situations. Although Matt entered psychotherapy with the complaint that he could not find a committed relationship, he discovered that he had unconsciously made a compromise formation. He only sought sex dates because he felt anxious in intimate, nonsexual environments. Thus, he unwittingly selected men who were not interested in romantic relationships. If you are stuck in a relationship, environment, circumstance or pattern that never seems to change, ask yourself the following questions: How does it unconsciously help me to be in this situation? What anxieties am I avoiding through my choices? If I changed my current arrangement, what would my life be like? Ben* came to therapy because he was in a long-term relationship with a man who controlled him. Bens partner was insecure, jealous and often prohibited Ben from socializing outside the relationship. Over time, Ben began to limit his autonomy and eventually became depressed. In therapy, it became clear that Ben felt guilty about asserting himself and making a success of his life. Whenever he acted on his own behalf, he felt guilty about taking care of himself because he equated personal success with being selfish and ruthless. Therefore, Ben unconsciously needed a dominating partner in order to avoid his own individuality and underlying anxieties about self-assertion and success. Moving forward with ones life requires an honest assessment of the deeper anxieties one is trying to avoid. For example, underachievers should examine the anxieties that are stimulated by individuality and self-expression; loners should try to understand why they are reluctant to trust others; and addicts should come to terms with the difficulties involved in taking responsibility for their lives. Imagine for a moment that your life is a puzzle. If you removed one of the pieces, what would the remainder of the puzzle look like? With this in mind, think about an area of your life that feels compromised; then try to imagine what your life would be like if that compromised area were changed. What would you feel? How would your life change? Matt had to imagine what life would be like if he traded in sex dates for romantic dates, and Ben had to contemplate what life would be like without a partner who controlled him. For both, giving up compromising arrangements exposed them to deeper anxieties, but, in the end, their lives were better and they were able to move forward with their goals. *The men mentioned in this article are fictitious characters created from a combination of personality types commonly seen in clinical practice and everyday life.

Bethany Marshall, M.F.C.C., has offices in Beverly Hills and Pasadena. She can be reached at Bethany Marshall and Associates, Inc. (626) 796-9028 or (310) 247-0442. If you have any questions and/or comments, please direct them to: Frontiers, 5657 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 470, Los Angeles, CA 90036, or e-mail them to 2011 Bethany Marshall. All rights reserved. 104