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Astronomy: Quiz #1 Concepts

Vocabulary: Astronomy Solstice Inertia Meteoroids axis equinox phases rotation force eclipse revolution gravity Spring Time

Be able to explain the following concepts using the format learned in class

What the difference is between rotation and revolution and how it relates to the moon, sun, and Earth?

What are some of the ways that studying astronomy and the calendar played a role in the lives of the ancient Egyptians and Romans?

The differences between the equinoxes and solstices and the role they play in the seasons Earth has.

The role that inertia and gravity play on the moon and Earth.

The differences between waning, waxing, new moon, full moon, and how they all relate

The differences between the umbra, penumbra, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and how they relate to the moon.

What has to happen to get a Spring Tide with the planets and what would I see on Earth when a Spring Tide occurs?

Answer the following Is there sound on the moon? Explain why. What causes craters on the moon? How big is the moon? Compare it to something on Earth. How much water on the moon. How much air in the Moons atmosphere? Is there light on the moon? Is there heat on the Moon? Tell me something about gravity on the moon.

How to answer an Explain question

To answer an Explain question the teacher is wanting to see if clearly understand what was taught. The teacher is trying to see if you not only understand the vocabulary associated with the idea but also if you understand how the concept works.

If a teacher states Explain how a boat works. a student might say it floats. It is correct to say it floats but it would not explain how it really works. The teacher is not looking for a simple answer but is usually looking for a several sentence answer to see if you have deeper understanding than the simple answer.

I would first define what the teacher is telling you to do. The next thing I would do is be aware that the teacher is looking for key the concept;

words in the answer. Then go on to write several sentences explaining

The boat is something a person gets into to stay afloat in water. Boats can usually come in sizes from small to carry one person to many thousands of people. Some boats you can move by wind power with sails, some with physical power like oars, and some with mechanical power like a motor. A boat is built with a curved bottom and sides to keep water from sinking the boat. Most smaller boats are made of wood but others can be made of plastic, metal, or other material and still float by the way they are designed.

Noticed how I included many sentences to explain my understanding of the concept after I defined what the concept was. This helps a person see that I understand what I am talking about. Apply this same concept to you quiz concepts.