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A Report on Institutional Visit


: Central Institute of Plastics Engineering and Technology (CIPET) Guwahati, Assam

Date of visit : 22-08-2013 We visited CIPET on 22nd August, 2013 under the guidance of Dr. Pratul Ch. Kalita, Faculty, Assam Institute of Management. We reached CIPET at 11:00 am. After that we were briefed by Mr. M Hazarika, Manager about the organization- how it works, different activities done by CIPET etc. We were then taken to different departments of CIPET guided by Mr. R Talukdar. It was 22/8/2013 when I along with my friends from Assam Institute of Management, Operation Department visited the CIPET institute. We are being guided by Dr. Pratul Ch. Kalita, Assistant Professor HOD of Operation of Assam Institute of Management as institutional guide. We reached CIPET at 11:00 am. After that we are briefed by Mr. Mintoo Hazarika, Manager, Technical about the organization, how it works, different activities done by CIPET. From him we also came to know that CIPET also do some revenue generation by manufacturing some products. We are then taken to different departments of CIPET guided by Mr. R Talukdar. There we saw different machines. Out of all the machines we saw there some of the names are given below. > Hand Injection Molding > Semi Automatic Injection Molding > Automatic Molding Machine > Compression Molding Machine > Vacuum Forming Machine > Scrap Grinder (40 kg per hour)

After this we visited CAD lab. In the lab we are shown how design for the product is done prior to its manufacturing in large scale. In fact we are shown a new design that is undergoing for Litchi. In CAD Lab various software is being used for designing. They are

> AUTO CAD > CATIA > Mould Flur > PROEE Then we visited the testing LAB. There we saw different machines that is being used for testing purposes. A product is being certified after it passes different tests. Some of the machines that we saw in the testing lab are > Tear Tester > Visco Meter > Friction Tester > Opacity Tester > Digital Pendulum Impact Tester > Meet Flow Then at last we saw lathe machine and CNC Machines. This is all about our visit to CIPET. We had a great experience altogether. Learn a lot of things. We learned a lot of things and have increased by knowledge of various techniques and procedures, which are being applied in most manufacturing units industries nowadays. Furthermore, we got to learn a lot about the plastic industry. Today plastics have indeed become a very important material in our day to day life. I express my gratitude to our faculty, Dr. P.C Kalita for arranging such a tour. I further convey my heartiest gratitude's to the management authorities, training officers, supervisors of various departments and workers of CIPET,Guwahati for their kind co-operation, suggestion and help rendered to us during this tour.

Anurag Mahanta Roll No 08/D/2012