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GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked download [pc-mac] + crack

Cerberus Guilloche Screenshot GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack download

CERBERUS is a software product designed for creation of guilloche elements used f or protection of documents and securities. Replacing the traditional mechanical guilloche machine CERBERUS allows you to create very complex yet controllable gui lloche lines, decorative and protective guilloche elements, to generate various backgrounds, rosettes, borders, and other guilloche elements with the specified numeric parameters. Original mathematical algorithms for guilloche elements crea tion are used to protect your unique design from fabrication and duplication. Th e elements of design cannot be faithfully copied even with the help of this prog ram without knowing the precise numerical values. User creates elements in realtime mode. Guilloche elements are specified geometrically and are controlled by a number of parameters. This considerably speeds up the process, simplifies furt her modification and saves the time of the designer. The results are exported to PostScript file and can be used by any vector editor or make-up program (Adobe I llustrator, Macromedia FreeHand, Corel Draw; etc). CERBERUS has a new multi-windows clear and simple interface. CERBERUS features: high speed and stable operation with adjustable accuracy of calculations multi-windows clear and handy interface with floating tool palettes, possibili ty of running several documents simultaneously review and control of a guilloche being created, possibility of various para meters real-time editing color support (CMYK model) automatic creation of masks a wide range of basic figures (Bases) with on-line editing possibility includi ng those ones imported by the User guilloche wizard an effective tool for fast guilloches creation

GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack download Cerberus Guilloche samplesloading of additional guilloches sets in guilloche wizard from GuardSoft Guilloche library determination of user s functions tree-structured view of guilloche element multi-staged cancellation of changes operations with layers and objects without displaying them if necessary creation of irregular guilloches modulation of guilloches parameters by means of different functions overlaying various images on guilloche grids Cerberus Guilloche samplesmultiple overlaying of effects effect of a embossed image performed by one step additional plug-in filters export of results in standard PostScript-file improved optimization of an output PostScript-file protection against unauthorized access to documents in internal format brand new mechanism of protecting the program against unauthorized copying program is protected from an unauthorized starting (with the password for st arting and the digital key) and access to data files (with the password for open ing and encoding files). GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack download Cerberus Guilloche samplesCERBERUS allows creation the following elements and eff ects: elements of closed shape rosettes; linear elements borders; protective and decorative grids; background elements surfaces auxiliary elements for creating irregular guilloche grids (starting pattern, for example, grid, is laid over threedimensional surface specified by the user; as a result a new irregular grid turns out); special effects based on half-tone pattern: 3D-pattern squeezed out from a grid (embossed) shift of the grid lines depen ds on half-tones of the pattern; GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack download variable thickness of lines (overlay of images); reproduction of pattern by means of microtext; different modulations of grid by means of amplitude, phase, frequency, line weight; hatch and engraving effects representation of half-tone pictures by hatched lines of different types and width; ornament laying of different width lines on each other; any combinations of the effects. Cerberus Guilloche samplesCERBERUS allows using embedded patterns to create stand ard guilloches quickly. Guilloche Wizard is a set of tools allowing fast and eas y creation of guilloche rosettes, borders, grids and backgrounds with special ef fects. In practice, Guilloche Wizard is a set of ready-made guilloches with poss ibility for user to modify the defined parameters. CERBERUS runs on Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista PC-platforms. GuardSoft Cerberus full software cracked + crack download