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MANILEC have been pioneers in introducing electrical products with innovative features and international quality standards, over the last decades. The company's brand has earned customer support over years, contributing to its steady growth. The company is based in Chennai and equipped with modern CNC manufacturing facilities and in-house design team consisting of experienced and dedicated engineers.


Sl. No.


Mains Rating SPN 30 A lighting load SPN 40 A lighting load

Generator Rating (preset) Single phase 0.5 to 10A

Neutral Isolation




Single phase 5 to 20A



TPN 40 A

Single phase 5 to 40A


Dimensions Timedelay for Product HxW Generator Application xD(mm) Changeover 108 x 72 x 68 Apartments / (suitable for 6 to 15 seconds Offices 35mm Lighting loads DIN mounting) Apartments / 180 x 150 x Commercial 6 to 15 seconds 125 complex Lighting loads Bunglows / Commercial 180 x 150 x 6 to 15 seconds complex 125 Lighting loads Common 3phase powers / Industries


TPN 40 A

Three phase 5 to 40A


210 x 160 x 6 to 15 seconds 125

ACCL Products
Automatic Changeover cum Current Limiter (ACCL)
PowerOn Automatic Changeover cum Current Limiter (ACCL) Lights up all essential loads, sensing the generator input current; whenever there is power failure of mains supply! Thus, PowerOn renders buildings, brighter always. More technical features of PowerOn bring about efficient building automation. Built in time delays while changeover to Generator source. On occurrence of Mains power failure, the ACCL allows a specified preset Time Delay before automatically changing over to Generator source current. This time interval could be in varied steps between 8 to 15 seconds. When many ACCLs having different settings of time delay is used in one installation, the Generator does not get loaded simultaneously and thereby dangerous surge current to it is eliminated. Current limiter feature to any preset ratings from 300Watt to 25,000 Watt. ACCL allows full load current while Mains supply is ON. Whereas it allows only a part load while Generator supply is ON and thereby functions as a Current Limiter. So it is expected to immediately switch-off all the non-essential loads of the premises when there is Mains power failure in order to utilize the Generator load.

ACCL is preset and factory sealed for a specified current rating (between 300W to 25,000W on either 230V or 440V AC supply) on generator terminal and if the consumption exceeds the preset value the circuits get tripped. On resumption of supply of Mains, the ACCL will changeover automatically back to the main source.