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EIMCO Invokes the First, Second, and Third Rules of Engineering Efficiency: Simplify, Simplify, Simplify
The E-CAT Clarifier-Thickener has Proven Effective in:
Leach Feed Gold Tails CCD Circuits Copper Concentrate Cyclone Overflow Copper Tails Potable Water Clarification Uranium Slimes Coal Preparation Plants Coal Fines Wastewater Clarification Steel Mill Scale Carbon Recovery (Gold) Titanium Dioxide Platinum Iron Ore Kimberlite
The E-CAT Clarifier-Thickener is the Simple Solution to Reducing the Size and Costs of Liquid-Solid Separation Processes.
The revolutionary E-CAT Clarifier-Thickener combines optimized flocculation, high-rate clarification and highdensity thickening in a single compact unit. It streamlines liquid-solid separation process by optimizing use of chemical settling aids and providing a dedicated escape route for displaced free liquid. Even more impressive, the E-CAT System accomplishes all of this with no moving parts.

E-CAT Design Features

No moving parts

Operating Advantages
Lower capital cost Lower energy consumption Less maintenance Lower capital cost Smaller footprint Optimal flocculant utilization No external dilution pumps required Effluent re-use in plant Lower energy requirement for drying Less area required for disposal pond Reduced handling volume

Smaller surface area than conventional thickeners Self-diluting feed

Good overflow clarity Dense underflow

Putting it All Together: An E-CAT Walk-through

column. Influent turbulence provides

Flocculant Clarified Liquid Zone Inlet Suspension

ample mixing energy for feed dilution and flocculation. Solid particles agglomerate rapidly and begin settling toward the sludge cone. Here, the weight of accumulated solids concentrated in a deep, narrow cone provides maximum gravity compression and dewatering. Free water displaced from the solids bed escapes via the dewatering cones, enters the recycle column and is returned to the feedwell for influent dilution. The remaining liquor is channeled through the clarifying cylinders. Once in the cylinders, fine solids suspended in the upflow collide and agglomerate, gaining sufficient weight to settle against the upward liquid velocity. This solidscontact polishing action allows E-CAT Clarifier-Thickeners to achieve low overflow effluent turbidities while consistently discharging dense, high-quality underflow.

Overflow Feed/Mixing Well Dewatering Pipe Flocs

Free Settling Zone

Hindered Settling Zone

Clarifying Cylinders Dewatering Cone

Compaction Zone

Sludge Outlet

Outside, the E-CAT ClarifierThickener features a deep cylindrical tank equipped with a steep-sided bottom cone. Inside, annular rows of clarifying cylinders and a deep feedwell surround a central recycle column and dewatering cones that rise from the compaction zone to the feedwell. No raking mechanism is required to stir or discharge settled solids for most applications. An optional raked E-CAT unit is available for very difficult service applications such as mineral sands and high clay contents.

Efficiency in Action: The E-Cat Operating Process

Slurry entering the E-CAT unit is piped to the feedwell where it is contacted with flocculent and clarified liquor from the liquid recycle

Sizes and Dimensions

Diameter Total Height Internal Cylinders Qty.

2 2.5 3 3.5 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12

7.73 8.17 8.60 9.03 9.46 10.33 10.97 12.06 13.15 14.86 15.34 16.43

5 8 10 12 14 35 42 54 90 108 126 180

3 5 6 8 10 20 24 30 66 78 90 102

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