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Product information, Kabeldon cable accessories, Januari 2013

Cable termination, dry, plug-in CD 145

Use Dry cable termination suitable as a fixed connection point in a gas-insulated switchgear, a transformer without a separate cable box or where the cable box is filled with transformer oil. Standard Meets the requirements of: IEC 60840 Design The cable termination is to be ordered in two separate kits: 1. CD 145, plug-in connector kit consists of plug-in connector, locking halves, field controlling component that is a stress cone made of rubber designed for geometric field control, pre-loaded spring assembly, box body, earth clamp and cable clamp. 2. CDI 145, insulator kit consists of top fitting, epoxy insulator with integrated screen separation and pressure ring. Maximum permissible diameter across the oversheath of the cable, 130 mm. Diameter across the prepared insulation, 4496 mm. Maximum conductor cross section, 2000 mm. The following cable data should be stated when ordering: Voltage Diameter across prepared insulation Conductor cross section Conductor material Cu or Al Screen, cross section and type (if optical fiber) Outer diameter of the cable Type of connector: Plug-in connector (standard)
pressure ring

top fitting

plug-in connector

locking halves epoxy insulator stress relief cone

spring assembly

box body

earth clamp

cable clamp

1. CD 145, connector kit.

2. CDI 145, iInsulator kit.

XLPE-diameter min mm 44 96 max

Conductor Cu/Al mm 3002000

Oversheath CUW PAL, MET mm 150 130

Voltage Designation level kV

145 145 CD 145 CDI 145


Standard dimensions

Gross weight kg/kit

33 30

Plug-in connector kit Insulator kit

IEC 62271-209 IEC 62271-209

Technical specification and accessories CD 145

Pressure ring for CDI 145. 320 Dimensions in mm

To be ordered separately for connecting CD 145 to a transformer (TRF)

470 mm
Document ID: 7ABA102520

14 (12x)

1149 mm

283 345 CST 170 Corona shield for installation in transformer. CBT Contact bolt for installation in transformer.

Designation CST 170 CBT 84-170

Description Corona shield Contact bolt for TRF

Accessories, to be ordered separately

IPC Protective cover for Insulator in transformer.

SH 80, SH 130 Tool for peeling and stripping of XLPE-insulation and outer conductive layer.

FK-SH 80, FK-SH 130 Spare peeling blade to be used with SH 80 and SH 130.

RKM 145 Installation tool.

OKT Optical fiber kit for cables with integrated optical fibers in the earth screen.

IK-SH 80, IK-SH 130 Spare stripping blade to be used with SH 80 and SH 130.

SLK-SH 80, SLK-SH 130 Slot knife for peeling and stripping tool SH80 and SH130. To be used for tailoring slot in the XLPEinsulation of the cable.

BSL-SH 130 Slot knife base plate for SLK-SH 130 and stripping blade IK-SH 130.

Designation IPC RKM 145 OKT JSA, SCK

Description Installation protective cover Installation tool Optical fiber kit Earthing kit, se page 6/21

Designation SH 80, SH 130 IK-SH 80, IN-SH 130 FK-SH 80, FK-SH 130 SLK-SH 80, SLK-SH 130 BSL-SH 130

Description Peeling and stripping tool Spare stripping blade Spare peeling blade Spare stripping blade Base plate for slot knife and stripping blade

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