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Lack of Amr Bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar

The Prophet of Islam (may peace be upon him) had said earlier that, "My
followers will be in good condition as long as they bid (each other)
towards the good, forbid (each other) from the evil, and co-operate with
each other in good (deeds). If they do not do this, then the (heavenly)
blessings will be lifted from them and some (evil ones) among them will
be imposed over them (as a ruler). In that state, they will have no helper,
neither on the earth nor in the heaven."
Imam Reza (a.s.) said, "You must practice Amr bil Maroof and Nahy Anil
Munkar because if you do not, you will be ruled upon by evil
(transgressing and mischievous ) people and after that if the
righteous ones among you will supplicate, their supplications shall not
be granted."(Wasaelush Shia)
Punishment for not doing SIN BUT ??????? can also invite wrath of
Allah : Traditionally we have thought that we are only liable for
those sins we have committed but infact Avoiding Amrbil Maroof
and Nahi Anil Munkar will get us into deep trouble and even
supplications of the so called “righteous ones will not be
Imam Baqir (a.s.) said,"The Almighty Allah revealed on Shuaib

'I shall destroy a hundred thousand people from your nation.

Forty thousand of whom are sinners and sixty thousand
righteous.''O my Lord! The sinners are liable for punishment but
why the righteous ones?' asked Shuaib (a.s.). Allah replied,
'Because they used to socialize with the sinners and in spite of My
dislike they never disliked the sinners. They never restrained
them from sins."(Wasaelush Shia)

Imam Sadiq (a.s.) says,"The Almighty Allah sent some angels to

destroy the people of a particular town. When the angels reached
there, they found a worshiper engrossed in worship. The angels
said, "O our Lord! Your particular slave is busy in worship, how
can we send punishment on this town? The reply came, 'Do not
care about this man because he has never been angry for Our
sake and never behaved curtly with the sinners.'(Wasaelush Shia)

Holy Prophet saw “When my Ummah leaves Amr Bil Maroof and
Nahi Anil Munkar then it should wait for the wrath of Allah swt ”

Warise Ambiya – You have the Option to be Waeis of Ambiya –

Husain a.s has called for Ansar
The Holy Prophet (SAWAW) "He who does amr-bil-ma'roof and nahya
'anilmunkir is the vicegerent on the earth of Allah, His Prophet and His

Best Communitythat stays connected and enforces Established

Good and Forbids Seatblished Evil

"You are the best of the nations (community) raised up for (the benefit
of) men; you enjoin what is right and forbid the wrong and believe in
Allah; (Surah Aale Imran 3:110)

Allah made man 1 community :

2:213 Mankind was one single nation (Community), and Allah sent
Messengers with glad tidings and warnings; and with them He sent the
Book in truth, to judge between people in matters wherein they differed;

Allah (SWT) says: “And there should be a group amongst you who
invite towards good, order for acknowledged virtues, forbid from
sin and these it is that are the successful ones” (Ale Imran: 104)

"...The believing men and the believing women are helpers of each other:
they bid the good, forbid the evil, establish the prayer, pay the alms, and
they obey Allah and His Messenger--these are the people on whom Allah
will be merciful. Indeed Allah is Powerful and Wise." (9:71)

The Holy Prophet (SAWAW). has said :”The world is like a ship and
mankind its passengers. The welfare of all depends upon the safe conduct
of each. If anyone is found making a hole on the side of a ship, he must be
stopped. “

The Holy 5th Imam (AS) "Amr-bil-ma'roof and nahya 'anil munkir are the
most important obligations because upon them depend the performance
of all other obligations. If amr-bil-ma'roof and nahya 'anil munkir are done
the earth will become a safe place, enemies will be subdued and all other
affairs discharged satisfactorily"
Defination of Amr Bil Maroof and Nahee Anil Munkar :

Maroof : Generally Maroof is translated as Good But in Literary Maroof is

related to Marefat, and Irfan. All these words Marefat , Irfan, Arif and
Maroof Belong to the same family.Maroof Means that established identified
and accepted truth

Munkar : Similarly those established falsehood which is rejected in


The Purpose of Maroof and Munkar is either to identify the acceptability of

a particular thing or to reject the legality f certain thing thereby discarding
it. The First source of accepting or rejecting a particular thng is “Wahy”
and second source is Aql – those things which are accepted or rejected by
Allah swt are Munkar and Those accepted by Allah are Maroof

3 types of death :

There are 3 types of death : Death of Body , Death of Soul and death of
Death of society occurs when Amr Bil Maroof is not practised and we see
that Imam Husain a.s stood up amongst a dead ummah.

While leaving Madina Imam Husain a.s said “Oh Allah this is the gave of
your Prophet saw and I am the grandson of your Prophet saw . I am
encountering an affair which you know much better than me. O Allah I
love Known Values (Maroof) and Hate Evils (Munkar)”

Imam 'Ali bin Abi Tâlib (a.s.) said: "Verily the people before you perished because when
they committed sins, the Rabbis and the Priests did not forbid them from it. And when the
people became submerged into sins and the Rabbis and the Priests did not forbid them, then
the chastisement came down upon them. Therefore, bid towards the good and forbid the evil;
and know that bidding towards the good and forbidding from evil will not hasten your death
or decrease your sustenance."

Problems of Imam Ali and Absence of Amr bil Maroof in the Ummah :

Gradually the mmat slipped due to non practise of Amr Bil Marof and Nahi
Anil Munkar . People assumed hat they are ateast praying and giving Alms
s they are fulfilling their duty Ali a.s had no support because the value of
Amr Bil Maroof was absent from the society

• Imam Alis Wilayat and Governance was attacked people stayed

quiet – Sermon 2
• None came out to support the Maroof and object the Munkar. WHY ?-
semon 24
• Imam Alis right was usurped for 25 years and people were praying ,
fasting , going for Hajj etc
• Imam Ali was abused from Mimbar, People remained Silent
• People like Abu Sufyan came to power people remained silent
• Juma was prayed on Wednesday people were silent
• The Governor puked after namaze Fajr and was totally intoxicated
people remained silent
• People started playing magic in Masjide Nabawi people remained
• During Siffin the followers of Imam Ali took sword and kept on the
neck of Imam Ali and people in the camp were silent
• Imam Ali reminded them of their duties and they kept overlooking
• Imam Ali O' my Allah they are disgusted of me and I am disgusted of them. They
are weary of me and I am weary of them. Change them for me with better ones and
change me for them with worse one. O' my Allah melt their hearts as salt melts in
water. Sermon 25
• Imam Ali How strange! How strange! By Allah my heart sinks to see the unity of
these people on their wrong and your dispersion from your right. – Sermon 27
• May Allah fight you! You have filled my heart with pus and loaded my bosom with
rage. You made me drink mouthful of grief one after the other. You shattered my
counsel by disobeying and leaving me so much so that Quraysh started saying that
the son of Abi Talib is brave but does not know (tactics of) war. Allah bless them ! Is
any one of them more fierce in war and more older in it than I am? I rose for it
although yet within twenties, and here I am, have crossed over sixty, but one who is
not obeyed can have no opinion.
• I called you for war but you did not come. I warned you but you did not listen. I
called you secretly as well as openly, but you did not respond. I gave you sincere
counsel, but you did not accept it. Are you present like the absent, and slaves like
masters? Sermon 97
• O' those whose bodies are present but wits are absent, and whose wishes are scattered.
Their rulers are on trial. Your leader obeys Allah but you disobeyed him while the
leader of the people of Syria (ash-Sham) disobeys Allah but they obey him. By Allah,
I wish Mu`awiyah exchanges with me like Dinars with Dirhams, so that he takes from
me ten of you and gives me one from them.
• O' people of Kufah, I have experienced in you three things and two others: you are
deaf in spite of having ears, dumb in spite of speaking, and blind in spite of having
eyes. You are neither true supporters in combat nor dependable brothers in distress.
Your hands may be soiled with earth. O' examples of those camels whose herdsman
has disappeared, if they are collected together from one side they disperse from the
other. By Allah, I see you in my imagination that if war becomes intense and action is
in full swing you would run away from the son of Abi Talib like the woman who
becomes naked in the front. I am certainly on clear guidance from my Lord (Allah)
and on the path of my Prophet and I am on the right path which I adhere to regularly.

Addressing the Muslim scholars in Mecca after he had left

Madinah on his to Kerbala, Imam Hussain (A.S.) remonstrated
with them because of their failure to do amr-bil-ma'roof and
nahya 'anil munkir. This is a very long hadith and is reported in Al-
Tawhid Vol.VII, No.4 p.41. It also

Imam Husain a.s message – Lack of Amr Bil Maroof and nahi Anil

The purpose of my stand is the reformation of my grandfather's nation. I

intend to enjoin goodness and forbid evil. I want to emulate my
grandfather, the Holy Prophet (S)and my father Alt Bin Abu Talib (A).
Whosoever accepts me by accepting the truth, then Allah is higher than
the truth. And whosoever rejects me then I will bear patiently until Allah
adjudges between me and them and He is the best Judge."
In this legacy the chief of martyrs has explained three purposes for his

1. The reformation (islaahe ) of his grandfather's nation (when is

reform needed)
2. Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil ( there was no Amr bi
maroof and nahi anil munkar)
3. Renewal and Revival of the tradition of the Holy Prophet (S) and Imam Ali (A) (Values had
died in less than 50 years)

Islaah ki Zaroorat

Jo Cheez Kharab hoti hai Uski Islaah Karna Zaroori hai

For eg : Body usme pasina aata hai .. Kittchen me kachra hota hai,

Eg : Jism aur Paseena , Air Tree and Animals

Size of problem reflects the size of solution: Chote islaah ke liye

choti islaah ki zaroorat hai . JItni Badi Problem hoti hai utna bada Islaah ka
Intezam karne ki zaroorat padti hai

NOTE :At the same time Islam safeguards an individual's right to privacy in thestrongest possible
terms. In suratul Hujaraat [XLIX] Ayah 12 Allah says:

"O you who believe! Avoid much suspicion, for indeed suspicion (in some
cases) is a sin. And spy not, nor backbite one another. Would one of you
like to eat the flesh of his dead brother?"

Amr-bil-ma'roof and nahya 'anil munkir inevitably involve encroachment

some one's right to privacy. Where the exercise by an individual of his
right to privacy is likely to adversely effect the right of another individual
or a group or the ummah or the mankind, that right of privacyis forfeited
and the ummah has the duty to counsel that individual

Amr Bil Maroof is not interference in personal matters but those acts of
individual which affects others. Also Momenens normally to protect their
status or wealth or position avoid Amr Bil Maroof. They will be quitioned
on the day of judgemenet. And they say why should we get involved in
others maters infact when it may be social issue. We might also hink that
we are smart if we get away from any issues and remain silent and safe so
that we are spotless. But Allah says that these are foos who donot follow
the Millat of Ebraheem and hazrat Ebraheem was not forced to oppose to
namrood bbut he did it on his own.

Every Society will have at least 4 category of people

Mufseedeen (Who create fasad): The sole purpose if for personal benefits These are those who
create discord on earth and crate conflicts amongst humans for vested interest. Remember always
this party will rebepresent These are Munkars and they exist as representatives of satan creating
wars and discords. When God had created Humans as 1 community. But sometimes due to
obedience of Beliefs of forefathers or sometimes due to denial to accept truth or creat power or wealth
etc They will always Object Maroof (Clear Truth) from Almighty God

"The hypocrites, both men and women, proceed one from another. They enjoin
the wrong and forbid the right..."[Tauba, 9:67]

Musleheen : These are those people who Reresent Divine values and
have a role to inspire human beings not to accept oppression of tyrants.
Hazrat Ebraheem was send against fasad of Namrood, Hazrat Musa was
send against fasad creating by Firaun. So was Hazrat Imam Husain as
declard by him a.s that my aim to do Islah of my Ummat explains us that
Fasad and discord created by Yazid had to be faced eye to eye. And Imam
Husan a.s showed the world how to win despite being oppressed.

Saaketeen (Silent) : Musleheen Te representatives of Allah would

always inspire Ummah to standup against oppressors but this slent
community act as a big hurdle to etablis a Jus Society Though they don’t
take active pat in Zulm but their silence acts as the weapon for the
Mufsedeen. These people don’t perform their duty of Amr Bikl Maroof and
Nahi Anil Munkar.so let the unjust rules come and rule them. Their prayers
are reduced to zero because they donot perform their duty of Amr bil
Maroof Saketeen are selfish people who just because of fear of los don’t
perform their duty. For an Ideal society Their silenece has to broken
against Oppression.

Naseraan (Helpers): Divinely appointed Musleheen needs Naasir

supporters who can support the mission of reformation (Islaah) . These
Ansars always support Divine Appointed leaders and propagate divine
values and don’t accept the degradation of Divine values at any cost At
the last moment Imam Husain a.s had asked Nasereen because this
struggle would always contimue amd those who represent divine values
will always face opposition from fasedeen and Ansars have to raise
themselves to face the fasedeen and also saketeen who are te majority
have to break their silence so that minority Fasedeen cannot create
discord in the community. If You become Ansar Of Imam a.s of the Time
and follow the Omelas and the wilayata nd marjaiyat and raise your voice
aginst oppression than you will have the opportunity to be included as
vicegerents of Allah on Earth.

The Holy Prophet (SAWAW) "He who does amr-bil-ma'roof and nahya
'anilmunkir is the vicegerent on the earth of Allah, His Prophet and His
Every day is Ashura and Every land is Karbala saying lanat on dead
Yazeed is easy and harmless the diffuclt and true aspect is that whether
are we able to derive Values of Imams in our lives and raise our voice
against oppression and the Yazeed/ Mufseed of today and are we ready to
become Ansar of Imam by doing Amr bil Maroof and Nahi Anil Munkar

Duties of Scholars :

Holy prophet sawww “There are 2 section of my community, if

they are corrected he whole community will be
corrected, they are scholars and powerful people- these 2 section
will break my ummahs back if deviated ”

"Why do not the learned men and the doctors of law prohibit
them from their speaking of what is sinful and their eating of
what is unlawfully acquired? Certainly evil is that which they
(Surah Maidah 5:63)

Imam Hussain’s Sermon at Mina in 59 Hijri , 1 years before


O people take lesson from the counsel God gave to His friends when He
rebuked the Rabbis by saying:
“Why do not the Rabbis and the doctors of Law (scholars) forbid them
from their (habit of) uttering
sinful words and eating things forbidden? Evil indeed are their works.”

And God says: “Curses were pronounced on those among the

Children of Israel who rejected Faith, by
the tongue of David and of Jesus the son of Mary: because they disobeyed
and persisted in excesses.
Nor did they (usually) forbid one another the iniquities which they
committed: evil indeed were the
deeds which they did.” (5:78-79)

God reproached them because they saw with their own eyes the
oppressors committing vile and corrupt
acts, but did not stop them, out of love for the favors they received from
them as well as fear of persecution andinjury. However, God says: “Fear
not men, but fear Me.”(5:44)

And He says: “The believing men and women are friends and protectors
to each other; they enjoin the goodand forbid the evil; they perform the
prayer, and pay the alms, and obey God and His messenger. Upon them
God shall have mercy; God is Almighty, All-wise.” (9:71)
God mentions the duty of enjoining the good and forbidding the
evil (al-Amr bi al-Ma’ruf wa al-Nahy an al-Munkar) before all other
duties, because He knows that if it is performed and is
established in the society all other duties, the easy and the
difficult, will also become established. The reason for this is that
bi al-Ma’ruf wa al-Nahy an al-Munkar means summoning people to
Islam, as well as resistance against injustice, opposing and
struggling against oppressors, and endeavoring to ensure that
public wealth and income derived from war are distributed in
accordance with the just laws of Islam, and that taxes are
collected, levied and expended in due and proper form.

O scholars, who are celebrated and enjoy good repute on account of

your learning! You have achieved a good name in society because of your
good will. It is on account of God that men venerate you and stand in awe
of you, so that even powerful fear you and the weak honor you, and those
who are not subject to you and over whom you hold no authority grant
you favors they deny themselves . When the people do not receive their
due, they seek your intercession, and you walk in the street with the
majesty of kings and princes.

Have you not earned all this respect and prestige because of the
people’s hopes that you will implement God’s laws, even though in most
instances you have failed to do so?

You have taken lightly your duties as leaders. You have neglected
the rights of the oppressed and the lowly, but have assiduously pursued
what you regard as your personal rights.

You have not spent yourmoney or risked your life for the sake of the One
Who gave you life, nor have you fought against any
group or tribe for the sake of God. Nevertheless, you desire - and regard it
as your due - that He should grant you paradise, the company of the
prophet, and security from chastisement in the hereafter. You have such
expectations of God,

I fear that the full weight of His wrath descend upon you, for although it is
by His might and glory that you have achieved high rank, you show no
respect to those who truly know god, while you yourselves enjoy respect
among God's creatures on His account.

(I am also afraid for you for another reason:) you see the covenant
enacted with God being violated and trampled under foot, yet you show
no anxiety, when it comes to the covenants enacted with your fathers,
you become greatly disturbed and anxious if they are only violated in
part, but the pledges you have given to the most noble Messenger are a
matter of complete indifference to you.
The blind, the dumb, and chronically ill everywhere lack protection in
towns and no mercy is shown them. But you neither behave in accordance
with your function and rank, nor you support or pay any regard to those
who do. You purchase your safety from the oppressive ruling powers with
flattery cajolery, and compromise.

All these activities have been forbidden to you by God, and He has, more
over, commanded you to forbid each other to engage in them, but you
pay no attention.The calamity that has befallen you is greater than what
has befallen others, for true rank and degree of “Ulama” has been taken
away from you. The administration of the country and the issuing of
decrees and ordinances should actually be trusted to religious scholars
who are guardians of God’s ordinances concerning what is permitted and
what is forbidden. But your position has been usurped from you, for no
other reason than that you have abandoned the truth (al-Haqq), and have
disagreed about the nature of the sunnah, despite the existence of clear

Had you the forbearance to endure adversities and hardships for the
sake of God, then all proposed regulations (God’s affairs) would
be brought to you for your approval and for you to issue;
authority would lie in your hands. But you allowed the oppressors to
take away your functions and God’s affairs (i.e. government) to fall into
their hands, so that they administer them by resorting to ambiguities and
make arbitrariness and the satisfaction of lust their consistent practice.
What enabled them to gain control of government was your fleeing in
panic from (inevitable) death and your love of life, which shall in all
certainty depart from you. As a consequence of that mentality, you have
delivered the powerless masses into the clutches of the oppressors.

While some cringe like slaves under the yoke of oppressors, and
others have been reduced to destitution in regard to their livelihood, the
rulers run the affairs of the government in accordance with their whims,
earning ignominy and disgrace for themselves with their licentiousness,
following evil counselors, and showing impudence toward God. One of
their appointed spokesmen mounts the pulpit (Minbar) in each city. The
country is defenceless before them, and their hands grab freely whatever
they want of it.

The people are their slaves and are powerless to defend themselves.
One of the governors is a dictator by nature, malevolent and
rancorous;another represses to recognize either God or the Day of
Resurrection! It is not strange - how
can one think it strange, that society is in the clutches of a cunning
oppressor whose tax collectors are oppressors and whose governors feel
no compassion or mercy towards the believers under rule.

It is God who will judge concerning what is dispute among us and deliver a
decisive verdict concerning
all that occurs among us.

O God! You know that everything we did was not prompted by rivalry for
political power, nor for a search for wealth and abundance; rather it was
done to demonstrate to men the shining principles and values of Your
religion, to reform the affairs of Your land, to protect and secure the
indisputable rights of Your oppressed servants, and to act in accordance
with the duties. You have established the norms, laws, and ordinances
which You have decreed.

So (O scholars of religion!) You are to help us reach this goal, win

back our rights from those powers
who have considered it acceptable to wrong you and who have
attempted to put out the light kindled
by your Prophet. God suffices us, upon Him do we rely, to Him do
we return, and to Him shall we

Conditions & Levels of Amr & Nahi

The issue of amr bi 'l-ma'rûf and nahi 'ani 'l-munkar, depending on the
circumstance, can take different forms: it can become wâjib or sunnat. Even the
means of amr and nahi depends on the circumstances of the issue and the person

The person who wants to do amr and nahi should observe the following

1. You must be familiar with the Islamic view on that issue in order to
properly define "good" and "evil" before encouraging others to do good
or forbid them from evil.
2. In each given case, you must weigh the possibility of the influence of
your advice. If you are sure or there seems to be a great probability that
your words will have no effect on the other person, then it is not
necessary to do amr or nahi.
3. You must also evaluate the state of the person whom you want to advise.
Is he insisting or repeating the evil deeds or was it just a one time slip on
his part? If you discern or come to know that he is not going to repeat the
sin, then you do not have to do amr or nahi.
4. You must also evaluate the overall situation to make sure that your action
of amr or nahi would not lead to a worse situation than what exists at

Even when you have decided that you should do amr or nahi, you will have to
look at the different level of doing amr bi 'l-ma'rûf and nahi 'ani 'l-munkar. In
all, there are three levels of amr and nahi:

1. By indirect action: By indirectly expressing your dislike of the other

person's wrongful behaviour. For example, by not greeting him or
greeting him without the previous warmth, or by ignoring him: with the
hope that this might lead the person to think about change in your attitude
towards him, and hopefully guide him to the right direction.
2. Verbally: If the first method does not work, then talk to the person.
Whether you should talk politely and friendly, or harshly depends on the
3. By direct action: This is only applicable to those who have authority over
others: parents, teachers and Islamic government. If preventing the evil
depends on physical action, then it must be thought out very carefully.
The example mentioned in 49:9 is of this level of amr and nahi.

Extra points

1) First Allah asked us to become ummat and then do Amr bil Maroof and
Nahil Anil Munkar
2) We say in Ziarat about Masoomeen that Ashado Anna kum Amarta Bi
Maroof Nahee anil anil Munkar
3) Ziyarat of Imam Husain – slat, zakat , and Amr Bil Marof and Nahe Anil
4) There is Action and reaction. Imam Husains Kabala movement was
action and not reaction of bayat.
5) Shaheed Murtudha Mutahhari says that after my study abut our History
books and our teachings its very painful that in our furu that Amr Bi
Maroof is omitted
He last book which covers Am bi Maroof in furu books in details as
responsibility was 400 years back by Ayatullah Shaikhe Bahai
the furu books has not been dealing with Amr Bil Maroof and Nahee Anil
Munkar In our present times the Marja who wrote about this issue in Fiqh
and also wrote a book was Ayatullah Khomaini . Ayatullah homaini wrote
it as part of his Furu books .. Amrbil Maroof was the foundation which
was reinforced
Becoming 1 community is important and that’s the first stage then comes amr
bil maroof
Quran says La Tafarraku – Tafareka nahee dale- don’t be divided in groups
make sure that you remain united Neither Individuals nor groups Allah desires
to see as 1 Ummah
3:103 (WaiAAtasimoo bihabli Allahi jameeAAan) And hold fast, all
together, by the ROPE which Allah (stretches out for you), and
(wala tafarraqoo waothkuroo )be not divided among yourselves ;
and remember with gratitude Allah's favour on you;

Jo Gafeel hai, doosre uske Taraf Gaafil nahee hote hai – Imam
Ali a.s

Usul aur Furu aur Akhlaqiyat me takseem kiya gaya tha .. Aaj
ke mutalbe aur hai , likhe gaye the 800 saal pehle us zamane
ke takaze ke hisaab se liki gayee the . Jo Aaj tak pafayee jayee
rahee hai

Rivayat “Al Quran yajree majra Shamse wal Qamar “

Quran roz tulu hota hai

Deen ke 2 – 3 Hesse hai

Question about deen:

i) Deen ki Roh Kya hai ? / Gohar aur Johar kya hai – Real

Deen kisko Cahiye Insaan ko ya Khuda ko ?

Pehle Insaan kya hai maloom kare – Haqeeqate deen ka talluk
Haqeeqate insaan se hai .. Insaan ki haqeeqat pehchan jaye to
deen ki haqeeqat pehchani jayegi

fir Insaane zarooriat malom kare

fir deen kyu zaroori hai wo malom kare
aur kya deen isaani zarooriat ko pura karta hai

ii) Iska Daacha kya hai / System kya hai

Deen ko Mukhateeb kaun hai ?

Deen ki Zabaan Kaisi Zabaan hai ? : Is it symbolic language or

Is religion related to language or understanding

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