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Multicarrier RBS

1. Configure multicarrier RBS Prerequisites(RBS) I. Check licenses

get . licenseStatehsdpaMc$ get . licenseStatehsdpaMcInactCtrl$

II. Check that RBS local cell parameters, per TMO baseline, should be no TX
get . numberOfTxBranches

III. Check that two cells must be configured with the same parameter setting
hget carrier queueSelectAlgorithm|airRateTypeSelector hget . schPrioForAbsResSharing|schMaxDelay|schWeight

IV. Check that Enhanced layer 2 feature (FAJ 121 1328) must be installed and
get NodeBFunction licenseStateEnhancedLayer2 get . featurestateEnhancedLayer2

V. Check that Support for 64 QAM feature (FAJ 121 1331) must be activated
get NodeBFunction licenseState64Qam$ get . featurestate64Qam$

VI. Check that HSDPA Dynamic Code Allocation feature should be activated
get . licenseStateHsdpaDynamicCodeAllocation get . featureStateHsdpaDynamicCodeAllocation

VII. Check that HSDPA Incremental Redundancy should be activated

get . licenseStateHsdpaIncrementalRedundancy get . featureStateHsdpaIncrementalRedundancy

VIII. Check that Enhanced Uplink Introduction Package feature must be installed
and activated.
get NodeBFunction licenseStateEnhancedUplinkIntroduction

IX. Check that parameter IubDataStreams maxHsRateshould be followed

TMO baseline
get IubDataStreams maxHsRate

X. Check that sites selected for Multi Carrier have sectors with more than one
st carrier

XI. Check that the license for feature Increased HSDPA code capacity on HS-TX
get NodeBFunction=1 licenseStateIncrNumHsCodes

XII. Check that the license for feature Improved HSDPA link adaptation
get NodeBFunction=1 licenseStateHsdpaImprovedLinkAdaptation

XIII. Check the Eul 2ms tti feature

get . featureStateEul2msTti

XIV. Check the StateGrake feature

get . featureStateGrake

Prerequisites(RNC) I. Check that SPB3/SPB31 boards installed in RNC


II. Check that the frequency of SxC1 and SxC2 are adjacent to each other
hget utrancell uarfcndl|uarfcnul

III. Check that RNC and RBS Audit on the selected multi carrier sites are performed
hget utrancell localcellid|tcell|uarfcndl|operationalState|administrativestate hget multicarrier multiCarrierSupport

Step by step configuration (RNC) I. Verify the tCell value of the both carriers in the same sector(cell)
get . tcell

II. Setting the tCell for the selected Utrancells

bls Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A11> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A12> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A21> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A22> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A31> set UtranCell=<UAB01234A32> deb Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx> tCell 0 tCell 0 tCell 1 tCell 1 tCell 2 tCell 2

*the two cells must Have the same timing

III. Verify the Feature RNC Adaptive Ue Allocation on Special Processor.

get RncFunction evolvedHsUePrioEnabled

IV. If above feature not activated, execute the following steps

set RncFunction evolvedHsUePrioEnabled 1 set RncFunction evolvedHsUePrioLevel 2,0 set RncFunction evolvedHsUePrioLoadThresh 50

Step by step configuration (RBS CBU site) I. Set the maxHSRate in the RBS to be 38 Mbps
set . maxHsRate 1000

II. Activate the feature Increased HSDPA code capacity on HS-TX

set . featureStateIncrNumHsCodes 1

III. Activate the feature Improved HSDPA link adaptation

set . featureStateHsdpaImprovedLinkAdaptation 1

IV. If the RBS prerequisite not set correctly, follow the following steps :
set . featureState16Qam 1 set . featureState64Qam 1 set . featureStateDlPowerControlEul 1 set . featureStateEul2msTti 1 set . featureStateGrake 1 set . featureStateHsdpaImprovedLinkAdaptation 1 set . featureStateEnhancedLayer2 1 set . featureStateHsdpaDynamicCodeAllocation 1 set . featureStateHsdpaIncrementalRedundancy 1 set IubDataStreams maxHsRate 1000(CBU)/10000(DUW)

V. To make the change effective, lock and unlock the cell

lbl Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx> ldeb Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx>

Step by step configuration (RBS DUW site) I. Set the maxHSRate in the RBS to be 50 Mbps for DUW30 RBS

set . maxHsRate 10000


Set maximum number of HS-PDSCH to 15

set . maxNumHsPdschCodes 15

To make the change effective, lock and unlock the cell

lbl Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx> ldeb Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx>

2. Turn the multicarrier feature ON Lock cells

lbl Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx>

At RBS, execute:
set . featureStateHsdpaMc 1

Unlock Cells
ldeb Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx>

Verify feature ON at RNC, should be 1

lget Utrancell= <UAB01234Axx> multiCarrierSupport