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Nokia::E71- How ToBackupSaved Message From My Folders In Messaging

Please advise. I normally move someSMSthat I'd like to keep from both"inbox"and"sent"to a created new folder in"My folders". I would like to back up those messages to my PC, but PC Suite doesn't show such folders in the messaging function (Nokiacommunication center).AndI don't know where the message files are located so that I can usefilemanager to deal with the backing up.

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Nokia:: Folders In Memory Card UsingFileManagerE71

I haveE71, I used to see the foldersand files in my memory card usingfilemanager, but due to some virus, i tookbackupof memory card formatted it. thebackupfolder on my desktop was subjected to virus removal,andthen again i restored the clean files to my memory card. but now i can not see the folder in my memory card usingnokiae71filemanager but can see the filesandfolders using Mass Storage mode.

Posted: 29-Aug-2010

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Nokia:: Mail For Exchange OnE71- Sync With Inbox - Not With Folders

i am usingE71with Mail for exchange 2.5. it sync only with inbox, not with folders under the inbox.

Posted: 27-Aug-2008

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Nokia::E71Setting Up Exchange Mail - How To View Sub Folders

I just bought myE71andhave a couple questions:

1) I set my exchange emailandcan't figure out a way to see my subfoldersandhow to move emails to those folders.

2) Can theE71install applications (programs, games, etc) on the memory card

Posted: 15-Feb-2009

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Nokia:: Realplayer&E71- Unable To Watch Saved Video Files - Reads Error

I have saved some .avi&some .mp4 video files to the external memory card on myE71.I managed to watch a few videos, but now everytime I try to watch them, after 5 to 10 minutes of playback I get the following error message."General: Memory full. Close some applicationsandtry again".

I have no other applications open other than real player.I have tried clearing web cache&history to free up phone memory. I have also deleted some video files (I have over 500mb free in my memory card).I have also tried re-booting the phone&even removing the battery.Nothing seems to work.

The only way I can watch the videos is by re-opening the video after the error message, fast forwarding to where I was&watch it until I get another error message, then i re-open again, fast forward&watch until error... you get the point )

Posted: 23-Feb-2009

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Nokia::E71- No Access To Messaging

I have a big problem with my NMandE71. Last November when I bought myE71, I successfully installed NM on my phoneandeverything was OK! Last week, I sent my phone to the after sale service for repair,andthey sent it back to me today. I tried to re-install NM, so I downloaded the softaware from, installed it,andthen nothing! I don't have access to NM. I don't have any email download.

Posted: 19-Feb-2010

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Nokia::E71- Messaging / No Pushmail

I've oneNokiaE71with 400.21.013 firmware anNokiamessaging My problem is that I've auto sync all dayandthe sign that appears when I open the messaging (auto start by default) is not available. So I