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Recycling Tips:

- Make double-sided copies

- Make scratch pad from used paper
- Use e-mail or quick phone call
- Return unneeded catalogs, brochures, etc.
- Use spell check and print preview
- Use rags rather than paper products What To Know
about living
Common Recycling Mistakes: Hilltop
Bobby Waddell, General Manager - Not empting bottles and containers Apartments
Traves Freeland, Residential Life Manager - Pizza box are not recyclable - Sanitary papers not are recyclable
Brian Siler, Facilities Manager - CD’s DVD’s are not recyclable Your business tag line here. - Napkins and plastic silverware are not recy-


Other Green Initiatives at Purdue:

Purdue has a high concern for going green.
Many programs have been developed and
sustainability is a big part of the Purdue cul-
ture. The most notable ones are: Boiler HillTop Office
Green Initiatives, Net Impact, Purdue Energy 23-5 Hilltop Drive
Club, and Roots & Shoots.
West Lafayette, IN 47906-4206

Tel: (765) 494-2391

Made By: Cody Ring-Rissler, Maximo Kopp and Jin Jang


Help Make Purdue and Hilltop
Why Recycle? apartments a more GREEN place List of recyclable items:
to live!!

 For every ton of waste paper recy- Paper:

cled 3.3 cubic yard of landfill space - Cardboard (flattened)
is saved. Hilltop Apartments
have developed a - Business Envelopes
 Recycling helps extend the life of
great recycling pro- - Business Forms
existing landfill sites and reduces gram throughout
the need to create new landfills. the years. The main - Cereal/Detergent/Shoe Boxes
 Every ton of recycled office paper goal of the program - Computer/Copy/Fax/Taping
saves 380 gallons of oil. is to reduce waste
by recycling potentially useful materials. Re- - File Folders
 The energy saved from recycling one
ducing the use of energy, reducing air and - Junk Mail
glass bottle will light a 100 watt bulb
water pollution. - Ledger/Scratch Paper
for four hours.
 The energy saved from one recycled. - Magazine
 One aluminum can will operate a How to recycle at Hilltop? - Manila Envelopes
television set for 3 hours. Follow these 3 easy steps: - Newspaper
 It takes 95% less energy to make 1. Separate recyclable items in your room. - Sticky Notes
Aluminum from scrap than from vir-
2. Bring it to recycling stations. Glass:
gin materials.
3. Let us take care of the rest. It’s that
 Recycling helps to keep collection - Food and beverage containers
cost down. - Green, brown, black bottles
 Reusing material reduces opera- - Jars up to 1 gallon in size
tional cost. Where are recycling stations located:?
The main location is in front of the Hilltop
main office but there is another small sta- - Milk bottles
tion in front of building …. - Shampoo/water/squash bottles
- Yogurt cups/ fish, meat trays
- Carrier bags and bin liners
- Margarine tubs, microwaveable meals

One mobile recycling trailer at Hillenbrand,

many are located throughout campus.