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Pre-Transfer Advising

Office of Undergraduate Studies


Review the following prior to completing the Pre-Advising Worksheet: Visit www.transferadvising.umd.edu to schedule an appointment or view the walk-in advising schedule. Pre-Transfer Advising services are for students who have not applied to nor previously attended the University of Maryland. Admitted students must attend an orientation session to receive advising assistance; see http: www.admissions.umd.edu admissions admitted.asp. !tudents who have previously attended the university must apply for readmission" see http: www.admissions.umd.edu admissions apply reenrollment.asp !u#mit this worksheet to transferadvising$umd.edu at least T%& 'U!()*!! +A,! prior to your advising session to receive feed#ack a#out your transfer courses. Name: Folashade Busari Email Address: f.busari@yahoo.com Appointment Type: Scheduled, Walk In, or Email phone Appointment Date and Time: July 2, 2013 10am Advisor: Leah, Megan, or Walk In Leah and Megan o ave yo! "een admitted to #$D for the !pcoming semester% &emester Planning to Attend #$D: Fall Preferred $a'or(s): !ommuni"y #eal"h &TEP *NE: Transfer Course Information PA-T A: .ist the original course information from all institutions attended. PA-T ': Use the Transfer */uivalency +ata#ase to identify the UM+ 0ourse */uivalents and 0&-* 1eneral *ducation re/uirements 2www.tce.umd.edu3. 0ompletion of #oth PA-T A and PA-T ' are re/uired to receive feed#ack.
PART A (Source: College Transcripts &chool
(e&g& Montgomer# College

( e&g& 'all ()**

,o!rse -D
(e&g& +S*)(

,redits Earned
(e&g& ,

.rade Earned
(e&g& -.

PART + (Transfer E!ui"alenc# $ata%ase #$D #$D ,*RE0.eneral E/!ivalent Ed!cation (e&g& /0+T(1) Re/!irement1
(e&g& S2

!outh !u#ur#an 0ollege

!pring 4556 !pring 4556 :all 4556 :all 4556 :all 4556 !pring 4575 :all 4577 !ummer 4577

A-T 775 P!,757 '(&.457 P!,457 !P075= *)1757 '(&.4;5A !&0757

8 8 ; 8 8 8 ; 8

' ' 0 ' 0 0 0 A P!,0755 P!,08<8 0&MM755 9& !' :!&0 :* !'


:all 4575 !ummer 4575 :all 4556 :all 4556 :all 4575 :all 4575

MT9567 MT956< *)1 566 -+15=7 M+-758 &TA757

8 8 8 ; 7 8

A A 0 ' A '
PART + (Transfer E!ui"alenc# $ata%ase #$D #$D ,*RE0.eneral E/!ivalent Ed!cation1 (e&g&& /0+T(1) Re/!irement
(e&g& S2

*0ie3 333&gened&umd&edu for further information a%out /eneral Education at 4M$& PART A (Source: College Transcripts &chool
(e&g& Montgomer# College

(e&g& 'all ()**

,o!rse -D
(e&g& +S*)(

,redits Earned
(e&g& ,

.rade Earned
(e&g& -.

!outhern (llinois University *dwardsville

:all 4577 :all 4577 :all 4577 !pring 4574 !pring 4574 !pring 4574 !pring 4574 :all 4574 :all 4574 :all 4574 :all 4574 :all 4574 !pring 4578 !pring 4578 !pring 4578 !pring 4578 !pring 4578

'(&.458 09*M74;A *)1754 09*M745A 0M(!75= 9*+457 P9(.75> 9*+85< 9*+8<< 9*+8>5 9*+8>8 9*+8=5 A-T777 9*+475 9*+;>4 P!,0457 !P0478

A 7 8 8 8 8 ' 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 8 A 0 0 ' A ' ' 0 ' ' ' 0 ' ' + A P9(.7?5 M!



*0ie3 333&gened&umd&edu for further information a%out /eneral Education at 4M$&

&TEP TW*: 5fficial Scores (S-T6-+6I26CLE+ PA-T A: Provide information a#out your scores including the specific e@am taken. PA-T ': (dentify the UM e/uivalents to your scores 2http: www.tce.umd.edu api#clep.html3. -eading Ver#al !AT score (check one : Math !AT score (check one : 2 3 'elow >?5 2 3 'elow >55 2 3 At least >?5 2 3 At least >55
PART + (Source: Transfer E!ui"alenc# $ata%ase

PART A (Source: 5fficial Score 7eports

Test Type
(e&g& -+, I2, etc&

(e&g& English Language

2e&g. 45753

(e&g& 8

#$D E/!ivalent
(e&g& E9/L*)*

#$D ,*RE0.eneral Ed!cation Re/!irement

(e&g& 'E6-W

&TEP T REE: +re.Transfer -d"ising :uestions and 9e;t Steps

0ontact a counselor in the &ffice of Undergraduate Admissions to discuss your /uestions and concerns a#out the admission processA deadlinesA and chances of admission 2www.admissions.umd.edu" 857-87;-=8=<3. !end your nameA course (+A course titleA course descriptionA and school name to tccinfo$deans.umd.edu to re/uest that courses not listed in the Transfer 0redit 0enter data#ase #e evaluated. Use the space #elow to list the /uestions and or concerns you would like to discuss with a Pre-Transfer Advisor.

&TEP 3*#R: Ma<or 5ptions

The University of Maryland offers more than 755 academic maBors. To learn more: -esearch maBor options using the following link: http: www.umd.edu acadCdir.cfm o !ome maBors are .imited *nrollment Programs that have additional re/uirements #eyond admission to the University of Maryland. Visit www.lep.umd.edu for more information. +ownload the academic plan for your preferred maBor 2www.;yearplans.umd.edu3. Visit the Academic Planning section of the Pre-Transfer Advising we#site 2www.transferadvising.umd.edu3

for additional academic tips.