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Migrating data to Service Cloud

Can import data in audit fields of cases (to ask SFDC to snable) like created and modified date If case is imported as Closed case the system close date will be todays date Case number cannot be migrated it is auto number To migrate case number use dummy records to reach a specific number and then migrate. This was case number will increment. Can not migrate create of modified date of case comments Can not migrate field level case history tracking All records should be owned by Salesforce licensed user. If there are records that may be owned by previous users consider using Case Queue for assigning them.

Launch your customer portal

Can have multiple portals for various groups of customers Can personalize level of access for users Customer Portal License required Customer Portal V/s Self Service Portal CP more rich in functionality SSP just for logging, view and tracking status, add comment attachment CP log, view, edit, closes case, can modify assigned fields on sf Serf registration Portal security >> use Portal Health Check reposts (in Security Controls) Salesforce Community >> idead

Publishing Articles with Knowledge

Article Type / Article Templates >> Tabs, ToC, Visualforce Pages Data categories and roles determine visibility of articles In organizations where not roles all categories are visible to all Search by end user >> keyword search, category, article type or combination Channels >> Internal, Partner Portal, Customer Portal, Public KB

Force.com Connect for CTI

Persons to deal with when implementing Force.com connect for CTI PBX provider, CTI adapter provider, Admin Non CTI adapter environment has PBX, IVR, CTI or ACD CTI adapter environment Salesforce CTI adapter installed in agents machine, Integrated softphone Each agents PC will need a CTI adapter software necessarily (as browsers are not made for real time communication) CC definition file is provided by CTI adapter provider Call centre directory number >> each call center must have a directory Directory may include number related to record in system

One user can only be in one CC Limitations of CTI adapter Webservices in IVR ACD Predictive dialer IVR metrics like Average Hold Time

Reporting for Call Center Managers

Team is meeting Case closing quote Teams Case performance targets Train new agents Team open case performance Reports Total cases open by agent Total cases created by agent and product Total cases created by agent and status Total average age by agent Total closed cases by agent

Service Cloud Implementation Case study

Appropriate SFDC structure in large companies Single org Multiple org Single org with division Factors affecting are Business organization & decision making, support & admin, data management, security, reporting, globalization Project Management related Terms Steering committee Project Charter Project roadmap Global rollout template define standards at a lowest level Exception approval process Baseline design document Global configuration workbook and Global design document Agent scoring Score (data) visibility and report and dashboard design Tradeoff between competition and collaboration Score using trigger and custom objects Static methods workflow or formula fields Using Ideas Use standard functionality v/s base theme (request sfdc) v/s full customization (VF) Use base theme to get advantage of point and click Best practices Include all Stakeholders Project Communication

Publishing guiding principals (not complain or customer support give links) Identify ambassadors and moderators Seeding Simple categories Ideas in action appexchange app Knowledge Select Document Types carefully Document Type can be used as a Search criteria Which Document type are best for you Audience (Creators, Consumers) Which process inbound, outbound 4 document types per type of CC Historical KB Knowledge Cantered Support (KCS) a Knowledge Base has dimensional aspects to simplify searching; setting up the article types and categories features in Salesforce Knowledge constitutes dimensions for KCS purposes. Categories are similar to tags The Usability Analyst facilitated categorization using the Closed Card Sort and Open Card Sort Taxonomy methodology. Open card sorts create new taxonomies from the bottom up. Closed card sorts use an existing taxonomy to organize content.

Service Cloud Success: Implementing Case Management Across Channels

Measurements for Call Center Managers Call duration Abadan rate Peak times First call resolution Average handling time Cost per case Some important Reports Cases by channel Cases by business segment How long cases are open

Contracts and Entitlements


Three entitlement models (when to use which) Entitlement only Entitlement + Service Contracts Entitlement + Service Contracts + Line Items Three step process for implementing Entitlement

Identify entitlement model Setup Automate milestones and entitlement process

Flow / Visual Workflow

Visual Workflow has three different aspects: flow design, flow management, and runtime Share flows with users in three ways Embed flows in a Visualforce page and incorporate that page into a Force.com app with a custom button, link, or Visualforce tab Embed flows in a Visualforce page and incorporate that page into a Force.com site, Customer Portal, or Partner Portal Give users access to the flow URL, either directly or through a custom button, link or web tab

Top 10 Call Center metrics

Which are Top 10 call center metrics? This may be answered differently by different persons. The following list is from one of the Salesforce.com presentation on Youtube 1. Channel Mix (Email Phone web) 2. Single (one and done) v/s Multi touch % 3. Self service login / frequency 4. Service Level targets (benchmarks) 5. Case handled by (agent, group) 6. Average Handle (telephony matrix) / Work / Resolution Time 7. Case deflection rate 8. 1st Call resolution 9. Cost Per call 10. Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) (6 survey tools survey force)