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Coatings for the Automotive Industry

Poeton offer a wide range of engineering coatings for the automotive industry, for both volume production cars and high performance sports sector.
Corrosion protection coatings, including nickel and zinc Engine cylinder bore coatings, including cylinder liners, with unrivalled lubricant retention and low friction Anti-fretting coatings Surface treatments for lightweight alloys, providing low wear, low friction and corrosion protection Thermal barrier systems Anti-scuffing coatings Wear resistant coatings like hard chrome and electroless nickel

Poeton offer a range of sulphuric and hard anodising processes, under the Apticote 300 and Apticote 350 banners. For instance, our Apticote 355 advanced anodic composites have unrivalled corrosion protection.

Success Story Tyre Valves

Conventional sulphuric acid anodising was failing to provide the specied 1000hrs cyclic corrosion endurance for the remote sensing tyre valves. Solution Poeton made proprietary process modications, producing 1500hrs protection. The parts are now rack sulphuric acid anodised in batches of 10,000, and our laboratory has developed a unique accelerated corrosion procedure that provides a weekly quality assurance test.

Salt spray endurance in hours

10000 5000 0 Aluminium Alloy Anodised AI Alloy Standard Anodised Polymer Composite Apticote 355

We also offer Tartaric Sulphuric Anodising (TSA - Apticote 300TSA). TSA is the emerging standard in the Aerospace industry, ready now for use in other sectors.

Thermal Spray Coatings

The Apticote 800 Thermal Spraying range is a family of high performance coatings that can be applied in a wide variety of automotive applications. For thermal barriers on manifolds, turbochargers and heat shields, we recommend Apticote 800/55P. For anti-scufng on bearing surfaces, choose Apticote 800/17. We use the latest Sulzer Metco Triplex Pro - 210 Robot Plasma and Metco MultiCoat controller.

Success Story Electric Wheel Drives

Protean Electric is a leading clean technology company that designs, develops and manufactures the Protean Drive. The problem was corrosion and abrasion, by road dirt, water and salt. Solution Poeton solved all the corrosion and tribological problems with their unique Apticote 350 and Apticote 355 composite anodising, working closely with the customer on a project basis. Poeton work to KANBAN, PPAP and RUNRATES production systems, and our unrivalled laboratory underpins the quality control and quality assurance procedures demanded by the industry.

Typical Apticote Automotive Applications

Universal couplings and CV joints Spark plug central electrodes Manifolds, heat-shields and exhausts Turbochargers Cylinder liners, steel or aluminium alloy Cylinder blocks and motorcycle housings Gasket surfaces and fasteners Tyre valves Pulleys, clutches splines and couplings Callipers and forks

Electroless Nickel Coatings

Our Apticote 400 range of electroless nickel composites outperforms all conventional coatings of this type. Apticote 400D surpasses the corrosion protection normally provided only by high phosphorous electroless nickel (Apticote 400P), a more expensive coating. Salt spray endurance in hours

1200 1000 800 600 400 200

Apticote 450
(Slippery Nickel) is the best electroless nickel/PTFE composite on the market, providing unrivalled self-lubrication for plain bearings and threads, including eliminating galling on titanium parts, with a friction coefcient as low as 0.07
Bond coat Substrate Apticote 450 - a super ne dispersion of PTFE in Nickel

0 Mild Steel Phosphated Standard Steel Electroless Nickel High P Electroless Nickel Apticote 400D

Apticote 460 (graded nickel composites)

Providing more wear resistance than the Apticote 450 variety, with low friction and excellent corrosion protection. Used on actuator mandrels, gripper trees and housings Apticote 460X is the ultimate anti-fretting coating, protecting couplings, splines and gaskets from fretting corrosion and wear.

Apticote 450 is not only slippery; it exhibits low sliding wear. In laboratory wear tests, at 10N load, Apticote 450 shows one tenth the wear of a standard Ni/PTFE coating. After heat-treatment, the wear rate drops by another factor of 5. And with 30N load, with its higher load capacity, Apticote 450 is 40 times better than standard Ni/PTFE.

Success Story Spark Plugs

When the ceramic body of the plug is red at high temperature and pressure, the central steel electrode and cap must be protected from oxidation. Poeton solved the problem with a specially brightened sulphamate nickel, barrel plated in batches with SPC to ensure a consistent thickness. Our laboratory devised a quality assurance procedure based on weighing batches, accurately relating the change in weight to the coating thickness.

Relative adhesive wear rates, pin on disc, 10N



0 Competitors Ni/PTFE, as plated Old version of Apticote 450, as plated New Apticote 450, as plated New Apticote 450, heat treated 300C

Apticote Ceramic 2000 Cylinder Bore Coating

The most advanced cylinder bore coating on the market hard, anti-scufng, lower friction, better bonded to the substrate, more precise coverage and provides a superbly honed nish. And it gives a big power advantage!

R&D and Technical Support

Poeton specialise in a project approach to solving engineering problems, working with the customer, supported by laboratory testing, microscopy, characterisation and eld trials.
Getting to the heart of the problem with detailed microscopy

Apticote Ceramic 2000





Conventional Cylinder Bore Coating



40.00 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 8500


Disclaimer The information contained in this leaet is intended for guidance. Whilst every effort is made to understand the environment in which the coating is designed to work, success can only be determined by trials and in-service testing. Nadcap Accreditation Held by Poeton Industries Ltd with Poeton (Gloucester) Ltd Accredited for Plasma Spray (Coatings) and Chemical Processing and Poeton (Cardiff) Ltd Accredited for Chemical Processing and NDT.
AS9100, Rev C & ISO 9001-2008



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