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ECE 370 (A3) Assignment # 1 Due date: Sept. 24, 2013 (3:50 pm)

Review of Vectors and Basics:

1. The vector from the origin to point A is given as (6,-2,-4), and the unit vector directed from the origin toward point B is (2,-2,1)/3. If points A and B are ten units apart, find the

coordinates of point B.

2. A vector filed is given as G =[25/(x 2 +y 2 )](x a x +y a y )

Find: (a) a unit vector in the

direction of G at the point P(3,4,-2); (b) the angle between G and a x at P.

3. Three vectors extending from the origin are given as R1 =(7,3,-2), R2 =(-2,7,-3), and R3 =(0,2,3). Find: (a) a unit vector perpendicular to both R1 and R2; (b) a unit vector perpendicular to the vectors R1-R2 and R2-R3; (c) the area of the triangle defined by R1 and R2; (d) the area of the triangle defined by the heads of R1, R2, and R3.

4. Express the vector D =(x 2 +y 2 ) -1 (x a x +y a y ) in cylindrical components and cylindrical variables.

5. A volume defined by the surface r=3, r=5, ϕ=100°, ϕ=130°, z=3, z=4.5 encloses a collection of charges. (a) Find the enclosed volume; (b) find the total area of the enclosed surface.

6. (a) Find the vector component of F= 20a x - 12a y + 10a z that is parallel to the vector G = 0.2a x + 0.4a y + 0.6a z ; (b) Find the vector component of F that is perpendicular to G. (c) Find the vector component of G that is perpendicular to F.

7. Let the volume charge density ρ = 5 e (-0.1r) (π - ϕ) (z 2 +10) -1 µC/m 3 in the region bounded by 0 < r < 10, - π< ϕ < π, and all z, and ρ =o elsewhere. (a) Determine the total charge present. (b) Calculate the charge within the region 0 < r < 4, - π/2< ϕ < π/2, -10 < z < 10.

8. The region in which 4 < r < 10, 0 < θ < 50°, and 0.9π< ϕ < 1.1π contains the volume charge density ρ =10(r-3)(r-5) sin(θ) sin(ϕ/4), and ρ =0 elsewhere. Find the charge within the region.

Review of Coulomb’s and Gauss’ laws:

1. Given the surface charge density, σ = 20 µC/m 2 , in the region r< 0.3 m, z=0 m, and is zero elsewhere, find the electric field E at: (a) P A (r =0, z =0.8); (b) P B (r =0, z= -0.8).

2. An infinite sheet carriers a uniform charge density 4ε 0 ρ (C/cm 2 ). field at every point above the sheet without using Gauss’ law.

Determine the electric

3. A volume charge density ρ = ρ 0 (1+4r) (ρ 0 is a constant) exists within a sphere of radius a. This charge distribution has a certain field at r>a. Determine that value of a point charge placed at the origin which will produce the same electric field at r>a.

The purpose of the assigned questions is to stimulate discussion, and hopefully they will help you to understand the class lectures better. If you require any assistance with the assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me via either phone 492-2363 or e-mail at elezzabi@ece.ualberta.ca.