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The Dark Mother and the Stealing of Creation

PDF by Crystalflame

By Peter Farley, Sotirios Arambatzis and Andre Gonzatti www.4truthseekers.net As some of the newer members of the group can tell you, reading over the past postings and articles is essential to an understanding of what's really going on here in Creation, and more specifically here on planet Earth. Every day, those who work more closely with me on actually doing something about this terrible situation the planet is in, learn more and more about how we are being controlled and the plans the Darkside or the New World Order have in store for us. It is essential to understanding what is going on to know the Creation story written about and followed through the volumes of my work. This Creation story belongs to you as your rightful property, something which has been withheld from you in order to most easily control you. The first two volumes are available free for the downloading on my own website and some others around the Net. When one understands that this is a time when all of Creation I being given the chance to heal, then you will possibly better understand the importance of the times you are living in and your own role in helping make this all happen. As written about in earlier articles posted in my group and some on my website, even Lucifer is now in healing. Unfortunately, the Darkside set in place has not taken advantage of this opportunity for coming back into harmony with the rest of Creation. The dark

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hierarchy set in place by Lucifer and others is still following through with its plans to take over this entire corner of the Universe, and has even expanded its goals to taking over Creation Itself. The major players and their roles are outlined in the new volume of my work just about ready for distribution. Thoth, the Darth Vader of the Darkside, has only grown stronger in the absence of is Dark Master. His abilities to rape angelic energy and use it to invade the higher dimensional realms has been discussed earlier. In the following channelings we get an even clearer icture of what is taking place and the plans of the Darkside from Lucifer Himself, and from the Creator Beings of the true Spiritual Hierarchy:

2006-02-15 Dear One Like it has continued to be true, Thoth has always been the mastermind and most prized apprentice of the Dark Master who directed and set the agenda for all things. In time Thoth took on the role of researcher and found new and innovative ways of stripping and raping energies from angels, as he continues to do so again. He is so proud of his achievement, as the Dark Master was once also. Now that the Dark Master has/is abandoning the old ways after seeing the error of his ways, Thoth has taken command of the dark arsenal and further attempts to infect this quadrant of the universe. You have read how Thoth succeeded in conning and deceiving one of the Highest of the Creator's angels [the Archangel Michael] into giving their power away thereby allowing Thoth to create an angelic form by which to scour and scout the Higher dimensions. Now that his has been stopped through the light programming, another means of acquiring Creator energies has been sought... and devised.

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The creation of a Creator Mother energy would allow darkness in and of themselves almost absolute and total control of the creational process, creating beings full of light - dark light that could literally amount to an army similar to the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. This is not the battle for Man at hand, but that for Creation Itself. It is not an aspect of a disease invading and consuming the body as with parasites, it is the physical manifestation of that disease as a person of identical height and stature to rival the being, a counterpart if you will, an adversarial doppelganger that could challenge all forces of light thought the infinite power generator of a Dark Mother and control the Creator Himself. This, whether you liked it or not, is what you meant by controlling the Creator ITSELF, whether intentioned or not? darkness? with what it is they are creating? and you have played a part in its unfolding. On Earth it is easy, so much easier to steal Light than it is on the Higher dimensions. People on Planet Earth are sooo, oh so very proud of themselves and the little bit of knowledge and understanding that they perceive to be truth - even the wrong truths. This is another way by which Lucifer has, and now Thoth, continues to toy, play and take advantage of mankind's own weakness. This, compounded by selfwill and an intricate system of mechanical precision too, is what has turned this planet into a prison right before the blind eyes of those already enslaved with a perception of freedom that allows for easy deception and role playing to achieve any end imaginable. In the Higher planes (dimensions) the angelic energy is highly refined and highly concentrated due to both their inherent knowledge & proximity to the Creator, and the vast concentration of energy that translates a million-fold or greater when brought down to the 3rd density? this you even roughly calculated yourself. What more could the darkness seek to create that they have not already created? The prison is already in place, the grid bomb already exists and is set in motion, though partially diffused and

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immobilized? where does it stop, at the Creator Himself. Lucifer, light of morning star sought to be the Light Himself above all and in so doing envisioned a plan for himself even more ambitious than challenging His own father. Whilst Enjliou (the Creator Son of this Universe) may have healed, the female essence is still a matter of great importance to that end on the planet right now. The Mother has also healed, however so many of her children lay amongst the wastelands of this planet in so many different states in so many situations being raped of their energies. Not least of all and ignorant to the masses are the angelic beings themselves that have sought to reincarnate on this plane for greater lessons and to expand both their own and that of Creation's learning. These angels, by virtue of their higher dimensionality possess immense, IMMENSE amounts of Light within their higher selves, those energies, when harnessed by a schemer such as Thoth, are malleable to whatever His will or his former Dark Master's will sought to create. There is already the bastard child of self-will who has run astray without any control that seriously requires love to heal and join the Creator (that which we ourselves have created)? now there is the energy of the angels that needs to be saved? this planet is a manifestation of the macrocosmic issues affecting all of creation: Heal the issues here and Creation heals.. accentuate the issues here and Creation similarly suffers the same fate. Victimization, manipulation, rape, torture, pain are all means by which co-operation (in the form of energy) may be sought and obtained. However the greatest of energies is in those who are willing to form a coalition or alliance towards a common goal. In the case of the creation of a Dark Mother Energy, that would wreak already more havoc on an already fragmented and damaged universe that Nebadon is. To turn someone, break them or unwittingly deceive them into "voluntarily" renouncing their energy allows for a greater portion or energy unit in sum for use.

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The analogy is similar to the prehistoric fuel systems you refer to as cars or automobiles that lose a great proportion of energy in the form of sound and heat that would otherwise go to mobilizing the vehicle. And so it is with energy. Angelic energy is of the Highest energy form. There is no other so close to the Creator. Seraphims, Archangels and a host of others have the greatest Light. As mentioned earlier, some such angels exist on the 3rd dimensional plane and are prime targets for energy pillaging. How this occurs is of little significance to you right now? you know how it is performed. Through rituals and all those things you at your own essence know to be false. In Lovingness and tenderness, Darthiel-Lucifer.

02/13/2006 10:11 PM The construction of the dark female entity is the corruption of Gaia and the WALK IN OF ANOTHER ENTITY ON EARTH MEANT TO PUSH OFF GAIA AND REPLACE IT WITH THIS DARK MOTHER. They need women here to pull this energy into the Earth and then bring it into place. Some women are corrupted unconsciously, while others choose to control and become the female beasts of corruption dark mothers. These corrupted Female entities will be the portals for inserting the Dark Mother (Darshak' Jeh' Oh' mrat) pattern into Earth, bringing female healing to a stall, and keeping men under control. The exaggerated turn over and fighting between men and women, according to what the New World Order intends, is supposed to make

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women dominate men through sexual blackmail and other methods included in the education of their children, so that is not a healing of female energy, but rather, a complete corruption of what female energy now returns to the planet. This is an experiment that dark side wants to implement for toying with the Light. They see the Light and the intent to heal Females, and then twist it as in a ritual of corruption. Gaia is Female in Essence. Removal of Female Spirit made Gaia weak. Corruption of Female Energy will make way for the next step in killing Gaia's Presence on Earth - taking it out and replacing it with a dark entity. They will then use the planet Kochab as male, in place of Mars, and push energy through Earth into the higher dimensions, creating their beings there in the higher grounds. The beings up there then would make the way for the ones down here to go up there, on the higher level.


02/13/2006 08:44 PM

Dear One, The presence of the essence of female energy on Earth has been cut out from the beginning to maintain control over the population of human slaves on the planet. By cutting out this type of energy, much in the way of correct thinking was disconnected from the Creational essence that was once provided by the Father. For things to manifest in 3D, there is far more need of a male and female energy types in order to give shape to the Father presence that is to be brought into being.

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When the Dark side stole the female presence, they made it so that creation in this society was terribly crippled, and it still is now. They managed not only to take it but also to steal more, because they have been using women as slaves, literally, both sexually and as educators of the children. At the same time, the children receive an unbalanced education because of the excessively present weak "mother" presence in the lives of so many. Women are subdued and exploited mostly because they are brought up believing that it is a common thing to suffer this exploitation. The power of presence in many females here on this planet is greatly enlarged so that they are able to show other women how to take their spirituality back. Sofia is one such woman, connected to HAROON, the Grand Mother Entity from the Central Universe. Sofia's husband kept her under a tight supervision, keeping her from leaving multiple times, she finally took the step and walked into her personal power. It is important for Lightworkers to realize that they really do NOT need others to accomplish what they came here to do. The Lightworkers are the main targets of darkness, and will always be - "keep your enemies closer" is a motto which darkness created and follows. Eventually Sofia would have other chances to leave her husband, or her circle of social relationships, like the ones she already had in the past. Yet, the longer it takes, the harder it is accomplish, also due to natural human accomodation. To counter balance the energies on Earth, it is first necessary that there is detachment of the programming embedded in over 96% of Earth females, so that they can take back the spiritual essence that they are to carry. Futility, superficiality, vanity are "male" controlling values that serve to imprison women. These values are some of the things that are to be completely left behind. This programming is mainly passed on from mother to daughter, with the father also playing a strong part with his misconceptions, along with other educating presences in the life of the young lady. Television also, as in many other sneaky cases, serves to seed the

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programming that women are objects, and must tend to her physical needs before anything else - keeping a pleasant aesthetic shape for men to feel attracted to. Promiscuity is promoted so that there are many opportunities for women to be drained of their energies through "meaningless" sexual intercourse (this is what takes place when the female seems to be tired and unfulfilled after sex with a partner that she tries to impress. There is not exactly physical tiredness, but more of a sensation of emotional frustration and emptiness). Television and education play the main roles in the programming, along with the grid lock of healing energies available to the population. Many Grid points through which healing energy should flow are blocked either by those organic 4D invader entities, "technological" blockages, or dark crystal implants and "multidimensional watchdogs". Some of the healing energy is rearranged to become useful for darkness, as a source of corruption or misleading information about what is going to be the next better step for women to take in their search for power. That step is not to fight men and everyone that made them enslaved. It is to teach them that it is not this way. It is to show them in a comprehensive way that this is clear exploitation and that is takes power away not only from women, but also from men, and society as a whole - because the very creational and sexual processes of life birth are greatly damaged by this "enslavement". Note that the enslavement takes place because women allow it, and are programmed to act like slaves not only in their way to think, but also in their daily 3D activities. Women must become aware of the exploitation. No matter how normal it feels, or how subtle and pleasant it can be perceived, it STILL IS ENSLAVEMENT AND THEFT OF THEIR SPIRITUAL PART TO BE

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PLAYED AT THIS TIME AND PLACE IN CREATION. Men will continue to be big infants exploiting their wives and having bad sex, and their sons growing up to the same fate until women become the strong (today considered as scary by many "bully studs") real mother entities that they are meant to be. The fake superficial happiness will be pushed off with this decision to step into the Light of Female Women's True Role and expression of their Higher Selves. As the level of awareness increases, there will be "more ground" for the healing energy to flow through the Grid, and this energy will have better healing effects, changing things more efficiently and faster. It can also be the other way around. The grid will be cleansed and women will, with their consciousnesses make the choice either to take the healing path, or to take the corrupted false path offered by New World Order propaganda (The Oprah template). Power comes, ultimately, is not defeating men, or dominating them, or attracting and controlling them. It is expressing the female nature and teaching men how they can live in harmony with this energy, and create along with women, in a balanced healthy way.


02/13/2006 09:21 PM Dear Peter, The female essence is necessary on 3D so that there is a magnetic pull to the FATHER energy in the creational processes.

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There is the male pull, and there is the female pull. The balanced pull from both sides makes way for a balanced being to be born. Too much male or too little female pull, give origin to "unbalanced" energy forms, as you well know. The need to fix Female Energy on Earth is also related to the need for this healing process that precedes the Planetary Ascencion and it has to be balanced so that the FATHER energy that comes, will be well nested and incorporated into the Planet's aura, probably through the Grid. The shattering of the Planetary Grid is something that the Dark side wants so bad, and their way to do this is to make sure that there is no proper "nest" for the FATHER energy here on the Planet. The energy will then "bounce" or be "pushed in" making it possible for cracks to open in the Earth's Aura. The cracks are doorways to attacks from outer space, from the darker constellations. These cracks are also the path for the dark empire to enter. After there are enough cracks, there will be an attempt to make Earth "sticky" so that it will no longer incorporate healing energies, and will stop ascending. It will become stuck in time, and be then guided by the Darkside in their own purposes. They will still have a diminished link to SOURCE because of the Portal that Earth is, because of the nature of Gaia's Soul. This portal will be controlled, in an artificial manner, and will give them room to invade higher dimensions, taking the battle to a new level, which will be the dead end for them. The decision to allow for this to happen, lies in the hands of the inhabitants of Earth, mainly the physical ones. If they choose to incorporate healing energies and patterns into their daily lives, then they will be healing and making way for Light. This will push darkness aside PERMANENTLY. If they choose to take the easy and attractive path, while less

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pleasant when sensed spiritually, the lesser path will lead to further clogging of the Grid and their own auric bodies, making them "sticky". Becoming sticky is becoming enslaved, for you now will be unable to think and move in freedom, something that already happens to the dark agents and many planets taken over by the darkside. Darkness is like a black glue substance that pollutes auric fields, keeping strings that enable some to control the ones enveloped in this "dark glue" ? it is composed of fear and other ego patterns that serve for controlling (semi)conscious entities.

Know that THE TRUE LIGHT can wash away and annihilate darkness instantly. When you feel attacked, or brought down, you are to command that Light comes through you, from the ABSOLUTE HIGHEST LEVEL OF CREATION, and that it washes away all darkness around you, directly and indirectly. Command this with STRONG PURE WILL and it instantly saves you. Intent is the portal to bringing it to reality. The larger the amount of will, the larger the portal is. The pure intent makes room for a portal with a greater flow of energy, be it perceived as new information or changes to the level of reality you work with.

As HAROON points out, there are "2" paths to be followed. You heal the Grid, hoping that humans engage in healing activities as well through their choice to become healed. They must choose this over the temptation of falling into the arms of the Dark side. Or, people can be informed and expected to understand how they are manipulated by dark entities and energy thought forms. This will clash with their belief system, and has to be done very beautifully

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in order to work well and fast. The combination of these 2 will bring about Optimal Results.

Notice how there is a female emotional pattern to the healing of the grid, and how there is a more mental, male pattern to the information of the people. One is a straight line flow of energies, the other female one is curved and sensuous. It is a war to be fought by men and women, together, for both parts will become healed and benefit from it. Fighting together, alongside one another, also brings about the harmony that is missing from malefemale relationship in today's world. Heal it now, and your future will be clear of these issues. Inevitably, everyone has to deal with healing somewhere in their path to FATHER. The level of awareness necessary to choose in attending to it is now presented to you. The rest is in your hands. With our support, but still, your credit.

RAJ, Father Creator of The Central Universe and The Spiritual Hierarchy of Light 2006-02-24
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