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F E B R' U A R Y 1982

Julius & Virginia Fleenor P.O. Box 13 4-25-8 Irumagawa, Sayama City, Saitama Ken 350-13 JAPAN
Phone: 0429-53-7262

Dear Friends of Missions,

Forwarding Secretary for funds in States: IXTHUS MISSION TO JAPAN, J. Fleenors, c/o Irene Grice
715 14th St., S.E./ Rochester, MN 55901

News on the t.v. screen, radio, and newspapers could easily depress us, but the results of the

Good News about Jesus Christ always give us JOY.


Jesus' last words before the Cross to us were

one does right affected his feeling about her becoming a Christian.

We had many good times over Christmas, but the greatest was the baptism on Christmas Sunday of Mrs. Nakano. Her family, being strongly traditional Buddhists had opposed at first, but finally gave their consent. The following week, her husband got a large order to hand paint kimono obi sashes. He had been out of work for 6 months. She also got a better job in the neighborhood at higher pay. The Buddhist idea of wealth and material blessing being given when
He now sits and listens

to gospel music and sermons on tapes while hand-painting the obis.

His wife has been so happy

You look like someone

lit a light inside of you." This is the kind of encouragement that keeps missionaries going. Another man converted in November said in his testimony at the 5th Sunday Rally in January, "I have completely stopped drinking, and God gave me a good job the week after I was baptized.
Just walking into the church building, I feel warm and good.

since accepting Christ that her friends say, "Your face is different.

front of my family so I got drunk away from home. Now I know God sees everything and he helps

I used to be afraid to drink in

me daily so I feel content, so I don't need to drink." This couple also has decided to open

weekly home meetings in their apartment to introduce neighbors to Jesus Christ. They had 35 people at the first one. Julius used a film and then they discussed what a Christian family
was and how God in the Home changed everything.


TWO OF THE JAPANESE CHURCHES HAVE GIVEN THE FIRST $1100.00 on this project (Total need $20,000) Remember the churches are small and involved in their own evangelistic outreach. We shall use this for the leak in one roof and paint of one small building and repair of a rotten floor and new linoleum in the kitchen. This means we can have these small repairs for this summer.
^OW THE BIGGER NEED of $18,900 for the lumber, double windows, insulation and plumbing
and foundation costs on the main building and to extend the main room 18 feet to make it serve more people, plus provide upstairs sleeping for more campers each week than ever before.

vented economical oil heaters will be put in this building also.

in the winter.

Pipes will no longer freeze

The Camp CHRISTIAN Karuizawa will be attractive when used for the Coffee House

Evangelism in the peak of summer with people coming into the building and grounds to hear the gospel, ask questions, see Christian films and we hope come to a knowledge of Jesus Christ.


DEADLINE LEAST $8,000 OF THIS IS JULY Steve and FOR Pat AT Fenn have committed themselves to 1st come 1982 oversee the building project, work, order the materials and Pat will do cooking for the crew up in Karuizawa. Julius will take 3 weeks
off from Sayama (last week of Sept to midOctober) doing the "go-for"
work needed on Japanese materials which will be used.

mainly materials are to be bought in OREGON.

Things will

cost at least 1/2 what it costs here even with container shipping costs. These things must be ordered, assenbled for shipping, and ship reserved by the end of July. Thus we will consider it a'

"green light"from the Lord if sufficient funds are in by July 1st

to go ahead with the project as planned'.

STEVE FENN has contacted camp directors in Oregon and we have

invitations to present this need in 3 camps from July 3 to July25. At this time Steve Fenn and Virginia will work on the
final shipping and purchasing details THIS ALL HINGES ON THE

PROVISION OF AT LEAST $8,000 by July 1st by special offerings.

of Virginia for speaking dates in Oregon in June and July 1982.

February 1982

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Since we shall need funds of at least $8,000 before July 1st as a go ahead on the Camp Face Lift project we are asking you to use the pages of this mission packet in three ways:
1. For Daily Vacation Bible School classes. This will provide background about us for the teachers, ministers, and elders to decide if you will make us your mission project for 1982. The True Stories from the Mission Field can be modified by teachers for various age levels.

2. Use for Special Mission studies for groups sending a one time offering from your church for Operation Summer Camp Face-Lift

3. Use these stories for 5 minutes in the opening of your Sunday School class giving $5.00
a week for 5 months only for the Japan Summer Camp Project.



Finding 5 Sunday school classses in your church to give $5.00 a week for 5 months only to this project. This becomes a Sunday School Special Mission Project over 5 months only.
Present the need and perhaps use the stories given in this special mission packet newsletter issue. Use only 5 minutes and pray for Japan and this project. Write on your board or a sheet of paper in front of class 5 X 5 X 5. Note results each week. Funds can be sent directly to our forwarding agent or through your church treasurer as
your elders think best.

What is the thrust of the Karuizawa Christian Camp.

Children's and young people's camps from our Tokyo Churches

English and Bible camps for new people
Family Camps CoffeeHouse-^vangeirsm-eamp Workr use pamphlets and signs and posters to invite young people thronging into

Karuizawa for the summer to our Camp Premises for "Talk about Life" "Gospel Music" "Films" "Coffee and Cake Hospitality" Tables are set up outside where music and singing is in the air and Christians sit with small groups
around tables and talk about life and introduce them to Jesus Christ, the Bible, and invite them inside to see films that will attract them to and teach
them about Jesus Christ.
****************************** ********** **

Success of this project means we can have 12 months of the year use of the buildings and we are planning after the winterization in October to have a Fall Camp weekend Thanks Camp, Christmas Snow Camp, and New Year's Snow Camp.


Volunteer Christian carpenters needed. Please contact Steve Fenn, Minister of the Creswell Church of Christ, 34202 Christmas Tree Lane, Creswell, Oregon if you can pay your own round trip fare to Japan or have your church do so and give 3 weeks to work on this project in beautiful Karuizawa. Sundays you can see beautiful Japan and visit the churches in the area. Before returning we shall give you three days of sightseeing in beautiful Sayama City and Tokyo as guest of the mission. Of course your
room and board is furnished while you are in Japan.

If you are interested please contact Steve Fenn directly or write to us in Japan.
This letter is going to our regular mailing list plus all the churches in Oregon and Indiana. Virginia is available for camps in June and for Sunday and some weekday speaking dates both in June and July.

Pray this project take form according to God*s will for His work in Japan.


O'ulius and Virgin:^ Fleenor

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February 1982

JULIUS AND VIRGINIA FLEENOR arrived in Japan October 1950

and have served continously in the Tokyo area for 25

years and now in Sayama City since 1976. Furloughs every
four to five years have been taken to report to the churches
in the United States and to enable their children to maintain

their citizenship rights and roots in the United StatesJulius was born in Kansas but spent most of his life in

Yakima, Washington before leaving home to prepare for the mission field by graduating from Northwest Christian College, taking special Japanese courses from the University of Oregon and taking a Master's Degree from Christian Theological Seminary (formerly Butler School of Religion).

Julius* parents came to Japan in 1951 after his only brother

was killed in the Korean war. They used his insurance money to build the first mission center in Tokyo on land which had been donated for this use by Japanese Christians. This was
the center of their activity for 25 years.

Julius Fleenor Missionary to Japan since Oct. 1950

Julius married Virginia Dana Grant,who was also a student at Northwest Christian College and the University of Oregon

in Eugene.

They both studied Japanese language there and

a son Stephen was born to them there.

Grace Farnham, senior missionary in Tokyo, Invited the Fleenors to join her work and she

provided housing for them the first year in Japan at the Mabashi Church of Christ in Tokyo. Stephen, their son, was 3 years old when they arrived in Japan and since 1971 he has^with
his wife Caroljbeen a full time missionary to Japan alsoJulius'ministry after language study in Japan involved teaching at the Tokyo Bible Seminary (now closed) and planting churches in Tokyo and surrounding areas. There are four churches with their own pastors and buildings which are self-supporting besides several home meetings
where Christians carry on a work of evangelizing.

Since 1951 a small camp property has been owned which has been used every summer for 30
years for evangelism. KARUIZAWA CHRISTIAN CAMP has been a real evangelistic thrust in itself and has often provided emergency housing for our missionaries while they have been
settling into Japan.

Since 1977 the Fleenors have lived in Sayama City (50 minutes by electric train from Tokyo)
Here they have been engaged in planting a church .

In 1980 a new building was built to the north 500 miles from Tokyo in KAMO City on land

purchased by the Japanese Church which was meeting for many years in a rented home.


has preached and help nurture this church over the years and it is slowly growing in strength and leadership. Julius teaches doctors, businessmen and students in English and Japanese in school, homes, and at the Sayama Church. He conducts home meetings and
preaches regularly at the Sayama and Kamo Church.

Besides their son Stephen, four daughters were born to the Fleenors in Tokyo: Julia 1951, Dana Lee 1954, Grace 1960, and Laurie 1968. Also two Japanese boys (John and Joseph) were adopted at ages 4 and 5 in 1968. These boys plan to enter Bible college in 1983.
VIRGINIA DANA FLEENOR was reared in Los Angeles California by Christian parents Mr. & Mrs. Harry Morgan,

retired ministers of the Christian Churches. Virginia's duties have been care of the home, teaching women's groups in the home and in Japanese homes and being principal of a Christian Kindergarten connected with the Shimoochiai Church in Tokyo for 12 years. She also serves as secretary to Julius for typing
his teaching materials.

Besides the care of John, Joe, and Laurie still in high school

in Japan, Virginia works in the summer camp project in helping to prepare the buildings, cooking, and teaching.

Virginia's education training has been Bible at Northwest

Christian College, Japanese language at the University of Oregon and the International Christian University in Tokyo

and Naganuma school of languages. Her special studies and reading have been in Teaching children and counseling and
communicating the Bible to people of different cultures.

Julius KLeenor, Ixthus Mission to Japan

P.O. Box 13, A-25-8 Irumagawa, Sayama City,

Saitama, Japan 350-13 Phone 0429-53-7262

February 1982

Forwar^ng Agent in states: Irene Grice, 715 14tb St., S.E. Rochester, MN 55901

R,rther information and displays may be secured through

Irene Grice in Minnesota

Japan is composed of four main islands about the size of the state of California, but being
mostly mountainous there is far less tillable soil than in California. The population is 110,000,000. Visualize moving one-half of the population of the United States into Cali

fornia or into Illinois and Indiana and you can see the density of population.
written history goes back almost 2000 years.


A copy of the oldest novel in the world is

1000 years old and tells much of the court life of that day.

It was written by a Japanese

Tokyo has 11,000,000 people

and there are satellite cities surrounding Tokyo where people

commute an hour to two hours into the center of the city by the most efficient electric train
system in the world which is rarely even a half minute off schedule. Most people wear American style clothing for everyday life and kimono for relaxation and for

formal wear. Formal kimono wear costs from $1000.00 to $5000.00 for all the trappings. Japan is 99.6% literate. English is the second language taught in the schools. The people
are highly intelligent and industrious as a whole. Defeated in a war in 1941-1945 with the

United States they are now economically strong, but few people can own a home that is not crowded and small because of the land shortage, but thousands of "danchi" / large 10 to 15 story apartments,are constructed so people can buy their own apartment "space." During rush hours in Tokyo there are official "pushers" getting the people into the trains and the doors closed so the rapid transportation service moves at 3 to 5 minute intervals through central
Tokyo from the outlying districts.

Japan's ancient religion was the religion of the mountain men or prophets who stood under cold
waterfalls and evolved as the ceremonies and like hot baths stressed communication with nature and purification by washing. Shinto worship worship of all things including the spirits of the dead ancestors. Many cultural taboos and supersitions have grown out of this background. The Japanese and perhaps are the cleanest people in the orient. Buddhism was brought to Japan

about 500 A.D.

it took four hundred years for it to be accepted and Japanese feel they can
This makes the concept of being a Christian

be both Shintoist and Buddhists at the same time.

only difficult for the Japanese to accept.

Catholic Christianity first entered Japan in 1549 and was quickly accepted but later the Shogun feared political intrigue from Spain as the missionaries were from Portugal and Spain.
JHuisevery-Ch^ris^ian whowould natrecan t-his faith-in Jesus Christ was killed-ad-all

missionaries were banned. The black-ships of the United States forced the doors of Japan open in 1849 and protestant missionaries soon followed and the Bible was translated by 1859. There was much persecution of the early missionaries and Christians, but by 1900 the missionaries felt under the Meiji Emperor there was such an acceptance of western culture that Japan in 50 years would become Christian. In the 1920*s the militarists began to work to revive the Emperor worship to control the nation and get it ready for war. Dec. 7, 1941 Japan attacked

Pearl Harbor, but for over ten years before this the United States was aware of Japan's plan to expand and take land from Korea, China, and the islands. The atom bomb brought war to a swift conclusion in August of 1945. Japan is the only country to have ever been bombed by atomic warheads. In spite of great fear of nuclear power, there are several nuclear energy
plants in modern Japan.

IN A RECENT SURVEY 60 % of the Japanese 50 years or younger said they were completely nonreligious. Thus education and money have become the new gods in Japan and the worship of self-gratification which is common throughout modern society in the world today.
JAPAN HAS BEEN READING THE BIBLE. Since 1954 when the modern Japanese translation of the Bible was completed, more Bibles have been sold in Japan than any country in the world
except the United States.

There is a Japanese saying that there are three fears of the Japanese: "father" "fire" and "earthquake". The father was worshiped and revered and at the death of the father food and prayers are offered before his picture and the god shelf which is kept in many homes, especially the country people. However, in modern homes today in the Tokyo area these god-shelves and shrines are rarely seen. Because of the density of housing, fire is feared and because of the frequent earthquakes, these too are feared. Earthquake drills are held frequently in Tokyo because in 1923 the Great Earthquake caused the deaths of 500,000 people. Many fire
storms were created by the gas explosions. This Great Japan Earthquake was the worst natural

disaster in known recorded history.

Earthquake experts expect another one of the same

intensity within the next five or ten years.

JAPAN is hungry and thirsty for something spiritual. Only 1,600,000 people gave their religion as Christian in the last census. However it is just 40 years since the end of the war and yet more Bibles have been sold in Japan than any nation in the world except the United States. Today there is complete freedom of religion. Today we are seeing complete families becoming Christian whereas we found many people were rejected by their families if they wanted
to accept Jesus Christ and be baptized.

There are trained Japanese pastors and a few Japanese missionaries have taken the gospel to
other countries.

February 1982

Julius FLeenor


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Tokyo 1951 was hot, hot, hot'. AT mid-ni^t it would still be 100 degrees and 100% humidity. Grace Famham, senior missionary, said to Virginia and Julius Fleenor, "Let's take a trip to the cool mountains of Karuizawa during August. Up the mountain we went. The road had 168 hairpin turns. The train went through 40 tunnels in 100 miles to reach the cool beautiful plateau of KARUIZAWA. This area has wooded trails and is overlooked in the distance by a
large active volcano. As we walked the trails we began to think how wonderful if we just had an old large house

in this area to begin a small camp where we could bring 40 or 50 children up each week of the summer for Christian Camp. We all agreed to pray about it Grace Farnham said, "Land has become very expensive up here now and even a small place would be $20,000." We
agreed we did not have that kind of money in our mission fund. "No, we could never buy summer property up here for a camp." Then as we walked along one beautiful path after another where ferns grew out of lovely _hlack volcanic_rQck and green moss grew, everywhere. Grace suggested we visit a friend of hers who had a small cabin. Grace and her friend. Miss Lumpkin, had been interned together in a Japanese Internment Camp during the war between Japan and the United States in 1942. Miss Lumpkin greeted us at the entrance of her cabin in the woods with the words "Grace, I have a house to sell to you." Grace introduced us, Virginia and Julius Fleenor, new

missionaries to Japan, to 'Liampie', as she was affectionately called by Grace.

"Virginia just said we need a place up here for taking children to camp."

Grace said,

Miss Lumpkin took out the ownership paper for the land next to her cabin. It had an old 8 room furnished house on it. The walls were thin and you could see light through the cracks, but it had a fireplace and a kitchen with a tin sink and an old charcoal heated wooden Japanese tub. She showed us a power of attorney she had from the missionary owner

and a note that said "Sell this house to a missionary^who will love it and use it for God's purposes, for the same price I paid for it in 1910 when it was built."
Thus, like a miracle, we bought land and building for $1200. (Twelve Hundred Dollars). The Fleenors and Grace each paid $600.00 and it has been used every year since for Christian
camps for under-priviledged children, students and for family camps. In those days the

campers only brought a ration of rice (4 lbs) and the rest was provided by mission funds. We have made improvements and built a larger better building 15 years ago and the campers
now come paying a set fee for food which just covers the basic summer operation of the camp. Hundreds have met Jesus Christ for the first time here and been baptized into Christ.

The Missionary Child and the Atheist

Each year we had one week of camp for University students from Tokyo at our Karuizawa Camp. Sometimes every student was either a Buddhist or an atheist or an agnostic (one who says I don't know if there is a God or not.) Our daughter Grace was 9 years old and had just become a Christian that year. She began to pray she might help one Japanese know Jesus that year. As the campers arrived by train and we met them at the station and brought them into the camp building, they wanted to practice their English and decided that the Fleenor
children were the easiest to talk to as they did not feel afraid to make mistakes in front

of a child. Thus the second day of camp one young man said to 9 year old Gracie "Do you believe in God?" The night before at camp we used a film on the subject of the GOD OF
CREATION and had taught that there was One True and Living God who had created everything.

This is where a missionary begins. Gracie said, "Yes, I believe in god." The student asked, "Why do you believe in God?" Gracie thought a minute, "Well, the Bible says it is true
that God made everything and sent Jesus.
never lie to me.

My parents told me the Bible is true.

My parents
Karuizawa is

So when I look at beautiful Karuizawa, I believe God is here.

good and beautiful so I believe God is good and beautiful." The college student said, "But I can't see God so I can't believe in God." Again Gracie thought a minute, "Well, do you believe there are people playing tennis today in England?" The student said, "Yes." Gracie said, "Well, you have never seen England, you have never been there and have never seen anyone play tennis there yet you believe it because people tell you it is so and you believe those people. See, you do believe in things you do not see and will never see, but books and people tell you about it and you believe." The student became very quiet. At the end of camp, he stood up and said, "I have come to believe in a Creator God because a little 9 year old girl had faith that made more sense than I did.

February 1982

Julius Fleenor


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Roku and Ken had not been able to sleep well for over a year- Sometimes they screamed out in their sleep. Each day since that evening "on the bridge" they felt as if a load was on their backs getting heavier and heavier. Roku and Ken had finished 7th grade together and it was a hot hot July in Tokyo as they walked back from a game of baseball and saw two ladies standing by the candy store with a large picture roll telling a story. "Let's go and listen" Roku said. It has been a custom of many years in Japan for story tellers to use picture cards and gather children to hear and then to pull out a large tray of candies to sell. Ken agreed it might be interesting to listen to
a storyteller. They were surprised to see the two ladies had no candy to sell, but they told about a boy who stole a watermelon and ate it and buried the seeds. The next spring the watermelon plants began to spring up where the boy had buried the seeds to

hide the fact he had stolen a neighbor's watermelon. The boy's father then knew the boy had stolen the melon which had been missing from a neighbor's garden patch. The ladies went on to sing a song "Rolled away, rolled away, every burden of my heart rolled away." They told how God can roll away the burden of guilt for sin. They showed a picture of a man called Jesus on the cross. They said, "God sent him, God's only
son, to die to frogive man of sin and give everlasting life. Even the sin of murder such as the thief on the cross had committed could be forgiven. Then they had all the children sing with them in Japanese "Rolled Away" You key new, You Key new. You key new, Kokoro no omonee wa you key new. (Repeat line one) Tsu mee wa Saw ree new Cheesheeo no moto ni HA RE RU YA (Hallelejah)

(Repeat line one again) (Have children sing this song in Japanese and English)
Roku and Ken started coming to Sunday school and in August they came to camp in KARUIZAWA and said, "We want to become Christians and have our sins rolled away." The Japanese

teachers said, "If you confess your sins to Jesus, He will forgive you."

They explained that

to repent and turn to God was important in order to have Jesus forgive their sins. Ken and Roku began to cry. They then told their Bible teacher this story. A year ago while playing on a bridge with a third friend they decided to push him in the river for fun. But the boy fell and never came up, but drowned. They ran and told the police a lie and the boy's parents another lie. They said that the boy had been walking on the rail
^and fell_in_by_himsjel. The_police_.and parents believed Roku and Ken. But_he God ihey

did not know was in their hearts and minds to tell them murder is a sin. Japanese children like all other children feel badly when they sin even though they have not been told of the True God who is Righteous and Good and never Sins. The Bible tells us that God has

written in the hearts of men "right and wrong" because we feel guilt when we do some things.
But it was not until the two Japanese Christian ladies told them that God would forgive them their sins and throw their sins into the sea and remember them no more if they would take Jesus as their Saviour and King. The missionary goes to Japan with money given by Christians like you, to buy Bibles, teaching materials, and build camps and buildings for teaching people about Jesus Christ. These two boys grew up to be fine Christian men who knew the Bible and the Way to lose the burden of sin.


Hiro sat on a satin cushion to listen to the Buddhist priest chant over and over the same words while striking two sticks together. The house was heavy with incense and the flickering candles cast scary shadows about the room. Some people had gotten drunk and the coffin of his grandmother was before them. Each person had taken chopsticks and put cotten with water on it on the lips that would never move again. Hiro was


Some day he, too, would die.

Where did the spirit of his grandmother go?

Where is the life'that coines out of people who die?

and buried by a large stone.
you that you rarely smile?"

All these things bothered him.


night as he would go to sleep he would think of that sad and dismal chant and would think of the box of ashes which was brought back by the undertaker after the funeral

"Where does the spirit of a person go when they die?"

"Father," young Hiro said, "Please tell me where will my

Hiro's father could see he looked sad and said one day, "What is it that so troubles

soul go when I die? Where is grandmother's soul? Where will you be when you die?" The father was very quiet and then said. "I do not know, my son, but if you study hard
and Heek to know, someday you will find the answer." Hiro when he was 35 years old and and a college professor came to Mr. Fleenor's English Bible class and they discussed "Everlasting Life and the Resurrection of the dead" many
times. In 1981 Dr. Sato said, "I found the answer in the Bible and in Jesus Christ that

I had sought for 25 years. I am so thankful to find answers no books or great teachers could give to me. Now I have peace and joy in my heart.

February 1982


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Little Yukiko was so excited.

It was her first trip from Hokkaido.

She was of the AINU

people. They are like the American Indian people. The Ainu were the most ancient people of Japan. Now they all speak Japanese, but originally they had their own language and customs and religion as the American Indian people have. It was 1901 over 80 years ago and she was to see Tokyo. Once she arrived she went to stay with relatives and found out that an American, "a real live foreigner" from over the ocean lived next door to her relative's house. The next day she heard them singing "JESUS LOVES ME THIS I KNOW FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO." "Yes, Jesus loves me, yes, Jesus loves me." She asked to visit and see the foreigner^ So she went in the house. She was in great shock. For this was a house with chairs and tables and a rug. She had only seen Japanese style houses with straw mats and cushions which people used for sitting on the floor. The lady had blue eyes and yellow hair. She looked at the pictures on the walls and did not even listen to the~Ja^^ese words^bmihg from h^ mouth'^except f6f~~fhe choru^ of one song whxchTsaid "Yes, Jesus loves me." This is how it is sung in Japan.

(My Jesus) (My Jesus) (My Jesus) ( You love me.) When the meeting was over all she could remember was the name of the God that she had
heard about. She wanted to come back, but her family returned to the small isolated

AINU village in the far northern island of Japan. But it seemed as if she heard in her mind the name of Jesus in Japanese Yes-oo. As the train wheels went clackity-clack clackity-clack she kept hearing yes-oo, yes-oo, yes-oo.
She loved the sound of the name. She asked all the but know one knew# Sixty years later missionaries public hall and invited people to come accept Jesus them forgiveness of sins and everlasting life. The
her seat with tears.

village people about that god, came and held a meeting in the who had died on the cross to give

old Ainu woman Yukiko rushed from

The missionaries could not believe an old person never hearing

the gospel before could believe so quickly. The old woman told this story. When I got back to my village I began to pray to the Yes-oo (Jesus) God and when I would sweep X would say his name. I found that I did not want to gossip or lie or do bad things and I felt peaceful when I said his name. Then the strangest things happened. I got sick with a high fever and could not eat and was dying. I lay on

my mat and I prayed to the Yes-oo god (Jesus) and said, "You give me peace when I say
your name, but can you-heal-me?" SuddenlyI felt-JLike electricity coming down from my head to my toes. My fever was gone. I got up and dressed and ate. My relatives were so surprised. Then I said, "I will no longer worship the idols of this village. I will

now have only one God and His name is Yes-oo"'. "Oh, thank you, thank you the old woman cried out. Thank you for coming and bringing a Bible^ this book from the Yes-oo (Jesus)
God. I knew his name was beautiful, I knew he made me feel peaceful when I said his

name, and I knew he could heal me.

Now I know he died to cleanse me from sin and to

But God in His time sent missionaries

give me eternal life and I will spend forever with Him in Heaven." With tears and thanksgiving she took the Bible the words of God^the very love-letter from God to mai^
which she had waited for over 60 years to receive.
to someone who first heard Jesus' name just once as a little girl.

(It has been noted that 95% of all Japanese converted to Christ first attended a Christian

kindergarten, Sunday School, or Bible class, or had been given a Christian book or pamphlet or heard someone preaching by the side of the road at a street meeting for children.)
Since 1950 the Christian Camp program has introduced many to Jesus Christ for the first time

Kazu was in 7th grade and well liked by all the campers. He was friendly and also had the honor of receiving the highest test grades in all of Tokyo that year upon taking his
and is the finest school in Japan.

entrance tests for the Tokyo Junior High School^which is a prep-school for Tokyo University^
The first ni^t of camp we had a contest. The campers were to find a scripture verse and

memorize it. The first one to memorize it and quote it would get a Bible. Kazu found the verse and within a minute, he stood up and quoted the verse; exactly.

the last night of camp, he and one other boy came forward to accept Jesus Christ as their
Saviour. After he made the confession of his faith " I believe in Jesus Christ the Son

of the Living God and I take Him as my Saviour" he turned and faced the group of 25 people

and said, "What is wrong with you people! Don't you want to live forever.

No one in all

history has" ever offered a hope like this. No one in all history ever lived a life like Jesus." His parents allow him to go to church every Sunday and say he can be baptized

at age 20 when he is an adult. They are Buddhist, but this year both parents began studying English Bible from a missionary in their neighborhood. The Bible says in I Timothy 4:12 "Let no one look down on your youthfulness show yourself an example of those who believe"

Ifebruary 1982


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(means SPRING OF WATER in Japanese)

Our dentist in the mountair Resort Town of KARUIZAWA was a beautiful lady nama^Dr. Yamamoto.
Dr. Yamamoto decided to take a trip to Europe,but her daughter Izumi said she wanted to stay in Karuizawa and play tennis. After some thought and discussion Dr. Yamamoto asked if Izumi could stay one month at our camp and be allowed to play tennis as much as possibla at the Town Tennis Courts and attend our Bible lessons as it would fit in. We agreed. Izumi was fourteen and she later told us she thought "Uh, now I have to be around Christians and listen to the Bible all the time this summer. Uh, I will make every ch-tnce I can to play tennis most of the day and endure the evening Bible and singing and film

program at the Fleenor Camp.'*

Izumi was surprised to find so much laughter at camp. The Moody Bible Science films amazed her. The different speakers telling of how they had become Christians also made her begin to think. The day she saw her first baptism in the camp stone baptistry amazed


"Why are you putting people down into the water and not just putting water on their
Izumi had attended a Catholic school all her life

heads as the Catholic Church does?"

in Tokyo and could speak Japanese and English equally well. We explained that it was a picture of the burial and resurrection from death of Jesus Christ and the death of our old life of sin and beginning a new life clean because of the death of Jesus
Chris t.

At the end of the summer Dr. Yamamoto arrived back and from her purse she took a letter that Izumi had written making a diagram of someone being baptized and explaining the

be a bore.

Then at the end of the letter Izumi had written.'" I thou^t Christian Camp would

That next spring Izumi's mother Dr. Yamamoto was baptized in that same baptistry, then Izumi the following summer and her father was the next one. Since then because of the chain begun by Izumi coming to Karuizawa Christian Camp eight menibers of their family

have become Christians and 15 of her mother's patients. Izumi^now graduated from college in America and Bible college in Japan^ speaks in summer camps every year in Japan telling
the message of Jesus Christ.

In March of 1978 we had a Spring Camp on the Karuzawa Camp property in Japan. One of our Mr. giirhi , a wonderful Chris.tian.carpenter who is an elder and can_teach
and preach very well. We recall this story;

It was a muddy rainy day when the missionary stood passing out pamphlets about JESUS THE SON OF GOD and the LIGHT OF THE WORLD. One was received and thrown to the ground

by a Japanese man who had no interest in reading it, then it was picked up again and thrown down by a second and third person. Then a girl who had been watching picked up the paper. She was curious to see what the paper said. But it was muddy by now. She put it in her pocket and decided she would take it home and clean it up and read it. At home she wiped off the pamphlet and put in a book to dry and forgot about it. Five years later her girl friend came and opened the book and found the pamphlet about the ONE TRUE GOD and sent for a Bible. This girl was converted, then attended Bible College^ and converted her entire family and nine other people in her village. She then became
a missionary to the Japanese in Brazil and lived there 20 years.

The man who told this story is the brother of Miss Sekiguchi who found Jesus Christ through a gospel pamphlet discarded by three people and forgotten in a book by another

for five years.

At the end of this testimony by Mr. Sekiguchi at camp^ four people came

forward to accept Christ. Three of these have been baptized and are active young people in th^ Sayama Church of Christ which was established in 1977 by Julius Fleenor.
The Japanese are 99.9% literate and read much.

Literature evangelism is a part of the work we do extending out from our KARUIZAKA Christian Camp. Teams of Japanese Christians and missionaries work together in this work each summer. We estimate we have been able to distribute 1,000,000 pieces of literature and Bible portions through the years we have been in Japan. Some years in Karuizawa we have given 50,000 pieces of literature during the week of the Festival of the Dead Spirits where tens of thousands of people flock into the KARUIZAWA area-


may 19 1982


^^nc4t66ui '7Ki44io*t to^




is a Tax Exempt Corp. Address for funds: J. Fleenors,

c/o Irene Grice# 715 - 14th St.,

Rochester, MN 55901


4-25-8 Irumagawa, P.O. Box 13 Sayama City, Saitama Ken, 350-13





Dear Friends,

Julius and Virginia in a 200 year old

restored Saitama inn

This is a short newsletter to give you some good news on the "Operation Face-Lift" Project. The Japanese Church has given another $1000 on the project. We shall need $2500 imme diately in Portland to secure the shipping date and container. Steve Fenn, our missionary contractor, who is pastor of the Creswell Christian Church writes us that a Chirstian has logs and is now cutting the wood and this will mean a savings of $1500 over buying the lumber anywhere else. Also, a man in his church has contacted a Christian relative in Corvallis who will sell the windows and other things needed for thxs project at about wholesale prices. Looking on the other side of this newsletter you will see Virginia's itinerary and note that-God has-^gvided a- place - for -John-/our adepted-Japanese son, te-learn-to drive-and-have a homestay. He will also take college and computer aptitude tests in Portland and Eugene. Laurie will be with Virginia until she returns to Japan and then she and John will be in Lilah Scott's home. Lilah volunteered to do this. John can continue to practice his driving and Laurie can go swimming daily in the lovely pool in the beautiful condominium of Green Trees in Florence which is a resort town on the coast of Oregon. The two will join Virginia later on August 21st when she takes a small tour group to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, San Francisco and Hawaii for a 10-day tour. This tour will defray the flight costs of John, Laurie and Virginia. God has worked out the details and things are dovetailing so perfectly we feel we shall also have the $6000 for materials in June. At the present time $500 has come in for the

camp project from people in America and also three churches have told us they are making this a project and will send money in June. So we are departing in faith that "OUR GOD

OREGON FRIENDS: Please note Virginia's itinerary. If she is near you and you wish her to visit in open dates - please write the Oregon addresses - ideally, the Crawford address by
early June.

The Toutle Church has committed to the 5x5x5 project and will be our first speaking date. Pray for us to be a blessing to every group we meet and also that we give the "vision of missions" to the young people in camps.

Our oldest daughter, Julia, who lives in Japan with her Japanese architect husband, Shinochi, and sons, Eli and Joshua, will come often in July to cook and visit with Julius and Joey at Sayama and Karuizawa as her husband,Shinochi, will be traveling in the U.S. and
Europe with regard to architectural projects. Pray for our second daughter, Dana, who is in Oregon. She completed a temporary job in Eugene and is now considering short term (1 or 2 years) missionary work in Japan. There are many opportunities and she qualifies as a good Bible teacher - personnel worker - evangelist and English teacher for children as well as adults. Our furlough is due June 1983 when our Japanese adopted sons graduate from high school here. She could carry on with Stephen here
at Sayama and meet a real need.

Again, THANKS for your prayers and especially the special offering and 5x5x5 help many of you are undertaking for the camp. In August we shall try to send news of the Project at that

We still need volunteer carpenters to help Steve Fenn. He has 2 men who will come but the IXTHUS Mission would need to pay their fares of $800.00 each. If we have funds even in September for this we can have the help of these fine men. Maybe you can't go to Japan but you would like to send a carpenter.
Continued bottom of other s i d e . . . .




June June June

4 6 7

Sun. Mon.

Arrive Portland, OR., Thai Airways. Return to Portland area.

Virginia accompanied by John and Laurie

A.m. and afternoon speak at Toutle Com. Ch., Toutle WA -(MT. ST. HELENS)

Contact: M/M George Crawford (503) 647-7982 316 SW Plymouth Way

Beaverton, OR 97006 or Ron & Pat Crawford (503)


June June


11- Fri.

Speaking and visiting with the Central Christian Church, Portland; Stayton Church of Christ, Court St., Salem, and visiting Grace Farnham. Checking out container shipping and buying arrangements of materials in Portland and dates of cargo ships departing for Japan.
Luncheon at Central Christian Church, Portland, OR; Paladelphians noon (contact Frances Bryan, 1135 NE 114, Portland, OR 97220



June June June June

10- Thu.
11- Fri.

Stayton Church of Christ, Stayton, OR, Women's Mtg. 7:30 p.m., Alice Barnes, Ch.
Visit Grace Farnham and Court St. Church, Salem, OR.

13- Sun. 14- Mon.

Open for eitherCourt St., Salem, or visit Creswell, OR, church. John Fleenor to begin homestay at Steve Jackson's , Box 603, Creswell,OR 97426
to learn to drive and to serve as he can.


15- Tue.-


19- Sat. 20-



Conferring with the Steve Fenns of the Creswell Church of Christ, P.O. Box 365, Creswell, OR 97426, concerning final purchasing and shipping arrangements. Pat Fenn and Virginia sharing time speaking at the Marcola VBS during these dates. Requesting to speak at Sweet Home, OB,Christian Church

21- Mon.2627Sat. Sun.

Eugene area.

Can receive mail c/o Northwest Christian College

11th and Alder, Eugene, OR 97401


28- Mon.2 -

John Day, OR,Christian Church Making final shipping arrangements - Eugene, Corvalis, Portland area.
Staff meeting and camp at Koinonia Christian Camp, Sweet Home, OR Melvin Pedersen of Jefferson, OR, director (Laurie and Virginia)

July July July July July July July July July



11- Sun.
12- Mon.16- Fri.

18- Sun.24- Sat.


Grove Camp, Eugene area. Herman Kooys, director. Available to speak in Eugene area when not speaking at camp. Camp Koinonia - 9th Graders Camp, Gary Railsback, Dir., Northwest C.C.
Tel.: 683-0832

Florence, OR Christian Church. Will take John and Laurie here to stay with Mrs. Lilah Scott, Lot 51, 1600 N. Rhododendron Dr., Florence, OR 97439 Tel: (503) 997-8701. John and Laurie will stay at Lilah Scott's until

July July July


26- Mon.29- Thu.

August 21. lilah served one year in Japan as John's tutor and English Bible teacher. She is finishing doing this same work for Mark Pratt in July. Virginia speaks at Junior Camp Wineima at Cloverdale, OR, Don Stam, Dir.
Fly or drive to California

294 -



Virginia in Los Angeles area and will speak to the Fleenor Mission Support
Group on Monday, August 2. Fly to Japan for three camps at Camp Karuizawa Virginia escorts 5 adult business people to L.A. area for 10 day Homestay and tour (This will defray Virginia, John and Laurie's air travel costs to
the U.S.)

Aug. Aug. Aug.




31. 21-

John and Laurie will fly to L.A. from Lilah Scott's home to take tour with Virginia and tour group in L.A. area.
Thelma Littrell, 11702 S. Gale Ave., #C, Hawthorne, CA 90250
Tel.: (213) 644-1640


Harry & Marion Morgan, 717 W. 33rd St., San Pedro, CA 90731
Tel.: (day) (213) 323-7872 - (eve) (213) 547-4670 Bus^ Ad: Superior Protein Prods. Co. 15612 New Century Dr., Gardena, CA 90248 Paul & Dora Hunter, 7742 Isis Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Tel.: (213) 649-6279



Pray for Julius' ministry during the summer. He is taking 6 of Virginia's classes along with his own schedule during June and July. Virginia has developed a blood clot in her left forearm - pray for complete healing.

Pray for the Emperor.

He was 81 on April 29.

He is the longest reigning monarch in

history - 57 years. Continue to pray for our summer camps this summer.


and Virgin^ Fleenor


Field Address:

Julius &. Virginia FleenoiBox 13


4-25-8 Irumagava

Sayama Shi, Saitama Ken

U.S. Address for funds: Ixthus, Inc,
Irene Grice 715 14 St. S.E.

July 19, 1982

Rochester, Minn.


Picture to left shows Virginia at the Sweet Home

Oregon Koinonia Christian Camp where she taught 70 young

people for a week on missions.

made a commitment to pray daily for us and Japan.

She is on the right with

12 young people who dedicated their lives to become recruits for the mission field.
The container has been ordered and reserved for a September 6th shipping. Lumber has


been completely donated by a man in the Creswell, Oregon Church. Steve Fenn has a crew of four men lined up and seeking support for their air fares to build the camp addition
of 18 X 18 feet (two stories) and completely winterized the present building.

Total needed by August 15th date now is $10,500. Funds now in hand are $3,429.29.
At this point we shall need $7,181.

Since our shipping date is now later than the originally planned date of July 15th,
God has granted us until August 15th to gather the balance.

Since God has so beautifully arranged all the details to this point with a work crew,
with donated materials and windows and other materials at wholesale we are confident
that the balance will be there when needed.

We wrote asking for camps in July in Oregon to recruit missionaries.

and four responded in consecutive weeks.

We wrote 20 camps

people signed up to pray for Japan daily and for this project. Many here expressed a
desire to enter Bible College and train for the mission field also. Two young people
came and made a confession of faith in Jesus Christ with tears in their eyes.

Last week a camp of 90 at Camp Grove took offerings for the project also and 30 young

Bible School and Virginia meeting with churches and individuals and camps in Oregon and California before she flies to Japan for three weeks of camps in Karuizawa. Pray for the camps going on now with Julia where Julius will be using films to introduce children and Young people to Jesus Christ. Laurie acted as a cabin counselor in the first camp

We need your prayers as our son John will be speaking at the Florence, Oregon Vacation

and was delighted one of the girls in her cabin accepted Jesus Christ as her Saviour and was baptized. Another girl hugged her as she left and said, "You're the best counselor
I ever had in camp." She is encouraged.


. Page 2
i i *



The news clipping to the left from the Japan Times in June of thir; year states clearly that Japan is


in readiness for evacuating some people when the

'^5^om''S.r,.r. r-m-r "'izi magnitude 6.5 eartlxpiak^ ">

vcAM'* reported the CoMtn^on bcatf : of the fcartn. Reseirch Diviaioaofihe Mmistj^^

big earthquake occurs.


We are warned daily to keep

Peninsula is undeniable

"'J Sie EauS

a week's supply of water and food in our homes and earthquake drills are done regularly in all the Besides using our camp 12 months a year once it is
winterized in October for retreats and snow camps

NAomf released detailed findings Intemationai Earth Surveymeeting. ^

-aerthquakeof 1974 ancl unusual bulgingof earth shellff'later In the norA of the peninsula isalmost identical to that the Tokyo

'TThe patterft e# the Izu Peninsula offshore

and early spring camps whenthe Japanese young

people have 3 weeks vacation besides the long 3 day

holTSays from time"i:o tiiner"we ^hatl also be able- to use this building for temporary housing for

earthquake of1927. ."thestudysaid. The devastating Tokyo quake of 1323 remst^d 8.3 on thetRicht scale. The tremor. ^

Tokyo Japanese or missionaries who may need housing

during a disaster emergency.

andItsensuing fireff KUo^about 100.600 people ia

alMS ' '

al buiSng J eartf^elfefti northeastern Iiu ha

consumed enoigh Wrg mce 1974 to equal an earth(ivakj8erf*ontheRichter3cale^

Firfita's geolo^feaaKcakulated the unusu

We rejoiced at meeting many old friends in Oregon and being able to see our daughter Grace who has one more year in Far East Studies at the University

of Oregon.

She has done three years of Bible work

spent In a seriesol tremore that were triggered

by the 1S80 earthquake <^the Izu coast.

Aniaher fort*

Tgi3tcrlna.7.2^ was >

at Northwest Christian College also.

enough unspent enrfl^, which z cabbie of.

"But the stttdy haj^ found Aa\ therC i^


Our daughter Dana is now in Costa Mesa, Calif, where she has a good position and will be meeting with us
when we are there between July 29 and August 4th. John and Laurie have found being among the American

causing an earthquake; wi^ a magnitude cm

Tokyo 8upp<Brt ooa of Japan's major


The coastal areas between northern Izu^d

churches and young people to be a very enriching


ness-industrial complexes; and the natiota^*" most densely populated? cities, the rep<^ sti* The metropolitair areas <rf Tofcya and Yokiihama. alons'. conCiiiii na* titan li msluon.

Julius writes from Japan and says that he and Joe

are doing fine batching and the Japanes and mission

aries invite them often for supper and Julius has

- been busy with many-of iiis men students_^mii^, for^ long talks about God and the Bible. Pray for a

great ingathering of souls in our summer evangelism

The picture to the left shows Grace (far left) and
two of her beautiful Christian roommates at N.C.C.
and the Uiiiversity of Oregon.




C^tni4tceui 'TKuacoh, t& ^^fuiK


is a Tax Exempt Corp. Address for funds: J. Pleenors,

4-25-8 Irumagawa, P.O. Box 13 c/o Irene Grice, 715 - 14th St. Sayama City, Saitama Ken, 350-13 Rochester, MN 55901



September 20, 1982
Dear Friends & Fellow-labourers for Christ:

Once again we have felt your prayers and seen your care in supporting this project which was begun a year ago


with much prayer. "OPERATION CAMP FACE-LIFT" has step by step shown the touch of God's blessing on it.
Julius and Joe had a difficult summer as did many others

Laurie: Enriched spiritually and

very tan.

in Japan. There have been September 16 here in Japan and evangelistic efforts. grey overcast skies, rain,

18 typhoons from June 6th to causing difficulties for camps Japan's summer consisted of flooding, winds, and landslides

John: Helped to build two decks on Oregon homes, and held

a driver's license and 7

college catalogues and

the addresses of many new
friends in Ore. & Calif.

which blocked roads to the mountain areas in July and August. A tree on our camp property fell, missed our building, but totally demolished a car next door. The winds and falling branches caused damage to our small cabin roof causing many leaks. Still we had 123 campers in July and August. From August 21 to 30 Stephen and Carol carried on a Family Camp and some Coffee-House work, but the rain made it difficult. SAYAMA CHURCH grows spiritually during siimmer. In spite of the typhoon the attendance has increased with 15 new people coming. A big welcome meeting
greeted Virginia, John and Laurie on their return.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED TO DATE: Container with materials were

shipped September 6th to Japan

from Seattle and all bills paid to date. Praise Godi Steve Fenn has done the major work on this project, and the building crew is due to arrive in Japan October 4 for 3 weeks
of hard work in Karuizawa.

In spite of a typhoon warning which hit that night, the church was packed, a fellowship meal was enjoyed and an officers' meeting was held planning the November evangelistic meeting, and camps for Nov. and Dec. and January. No damage was done in the Sayama area but the Sept. 12 typhoon left hundreds homeless in surrounding areas and thousands of homes flooded.

Our crew consists of the follow

ing dedicated Christians: Steve and Pat Fenn, Mr. & Mrs. Tom

Coon, Byron Grustelbar, and

Mel Sealander.

Pray for their safety in journey

At the Sept. 12 welcome meeting there were five family members of Christians present, plus there is a fine Christian couple attending and a mother and two children coming regularly. Ten new young people are in regular attendance since this summer.

and during the work of winter izing and enlarging the Karui
zawa Christian Camp. Mrs. Fenn
and Mrs. Coon will be the cooks for the 3 weeks.

Julius will stay with the work

team and be the "Go for" while


Virginia will take some of his classes. The Japanese leaders and missionary Dale Wilkerson will do preaching at Sayama.
NEEDS: $2000.00 will be needed

Pray all these buildings be used fully for the glory

of God.

for duty, trucking, and landing,

$3000.00 is needed in Oct. for steel beams, concrete, tin roof
ing and food for the work crew. HEB. 11:6 "WITHOUT FAITH IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO PLEASE GOD."


for you too.

May we give pleasure to God I

Stephen Fleenor, our son, having come to Japan at age 3 and given thousands of hours to Japanese language study/ has been a great help. In spite of

^is own full time missionary work for the past 10

years, he has been a great help to us. Now he has given hours to doing all the paper work ofi getting the container cleared through customs and trucked to Karuizawa. His "know-how" and fluent Japanese
is a tremendous help. Missionaries Dale Wilkinson, Warren Christiansen, and David Cole will assist

in the unloading ^nd tjans,porting of these




KAMO (Northern Japan) for Evangelistic meeting

using films, preaching, and tract distribution
house to house and at schools in October. This


Virginia in their home in Placentia, California August 1982. They are

members of the Eastside Christian

will be going on while Julius works with the building team in the Camp Project in Karuizawa.

Church of Fullerton, California

A testimony to Share

Virginia had left John and Laurie in the Homjof Missionary Lilah Scott for the period of July 23 to August 21 while she finished up the last camp at Wi-ne-ma and went to California for a meeting with the Fleenor Mission Support Group (A group of California Christians who have known the Fleenors for 32 years who have moved from the Los Angeles area, but meet whenever the Fleenors are in the area. They pray for the Fleenors and Japan and support the work through their local churches or directly. Most of them are former members of the Figueroa and Crenshaw Churches which are now black churches in the Los Angeles area.) Virginia returned to Japan Aug. 6 to 21st to help with camp work and escort a small group (4) of Japanese to the states for a 10 day tour to defray costs of summer travel.

However, before her return to Japan there was a wonderful meeting of this group at the University Christian Church in the Los Angeles area of California.

Virginia decided to speak on the subject of "Faith" in relationship with the Camp Project.
There was a need of over $6000.00 to be met before the end of the month. Homestays had been

promised to the Japanese from August 21 to 25 in the Anaheim area.

Our hope was for them

to have the experience of being in a Christian Home in America for Christianity is "caught"
more than "taught". Just before Virginia was to speak to these wonderful friends and supporters of missions, one very special friend said to her, "I am so sorry. I thought I could get Homestays for your

Japanese group August 21 to 25, but it is not possible." My quick reply came from heart and spirit not my mind, said Virginia later. "God is bigger than any of our problems, don't
worry, God will solve the problem." Using the promises of God, Virginia spoke on how God was going to supply every need for this project as he had "opened doors" to this point and would continue as it was HIS PROJECT. That night and in the next week of direct offerings the entire amount of $6000.00 came in
for "OPERATION CAMP FACE-LIFT". All we needed for the month of August.

After I had spoken, Betty Casebeer came and said, "Virginia, is there anything I can do to help with your tour August 21 to 31?" "Yes, I need homestays in Christian homes." Betty
said that one of her husband's last ministries had been at the Eastside Christian Church

in Fullerton and she would get the homestays.

When Virginia arrived with her four Japanese and Laurie and John joined the group from Oregon BETTY CASEBEER was there to tell us she had secured homestays through Mr. & Mrs. Ben Merold.
This wonderful minister and his wife had announced the need at the Eastside Church. Mrs. Bill

Cline, Susan, had been praying for a week, "God, use me more." She responded and thus we had the wonderful experience of knowing Bill and Susan Cline and also Fred and AAfra Hoffman
who provided housing for Virginia.

Our Japanese had a wonderful, loving experience with the Clines. On August 24 the Clines gave a lovely birthday party for John when they by chance learned it was his 19th birthday.
Virginia cooked sukiyaki from the provisions provided by the Clines and John has never had such a wonderful party. While Virginia took the 4 Japanese to Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, and San Francisco, the Clines cared for Laurie and John and showed them schools in the area. Result:...Our plan is to have our sons John and Joe attend Pacific Christian College and Cal State at Fullerton during furlough Sept. 1983. These schools are located only 2 miles from the Clines and they have volunteered to help us find housing during furlough. WHEN GOD CLOSES ONE DOOR GOD ALWAYS OPENS ANOTHER. Just before leaving California and coming back for the Fall work in Japan, Virginia once again had the blessing of God

speaking to her through circumstances.

The book of Revelation so clearly states "When God

closes a door, no man can open it. When God opens a door no man can close it." It is with this faith we minister here in JAPAN. It is an open door for the gospel today.



(Non-Profit Tax Exempt Corp.)

Address for funds: J. Fleenor

% Irene Grice, 715 14 St. Rochester, Mn 55901

IDearFaithful Friends,
tl nr, 1. mi In Everything Give Thanks
addition. tractor and builder.

DEC f! iqf!2

F.leenors I.ntercessors


Japan Telephone Number


Julius & Virginia Fleenor 1 ri p. 0. Box 13

T ^ *ttI

Sayama Shi, Saitama Ken

350-13 JAPAN

How easy to be thankful for you who have prayed

and given of your means and your time and

caring so we could minister now 32 years in Japan. We are thankful for Grace Farnham now

92 years of age,with a clear mind^retired and

living in a Nursing Home in Salem, Oregon. She encouraged us 35 years ago to come to Japan and provided housing for us and much help. It was her $1200.00 which purchased the Karuizawa Camp property 30 years ago.

She wrote us two weeks ago and said "You are doing a good work and so is that 3'l/2 year
old son you brought with you in 1950. I am

glad I encouraged you."

She still prays for

us. Also we know many of you pray daily^ and we are seeing results^ so please stop and pray when you finish this letter, Top: Joseph at his

18th Birthday Party

with John & Julia and her sons Joshua & Eli. 2nd: Pat & Steve Fenn

a stage that we can use the camp by the end of November and have plans for a Prayer Retreat and a Christmas and New Years Camp. When our crew arrived October 3, we had no more

to 33rd: Canp Work Crew r )on, Steve & Pat, Tom Coon, - (Virginia & Julius)
Mel Sealander, Phyllis & Bryan Grosgebauer. /
with 18 f t .

funds in our mission account, but Japanese

Christians caine without our asking and gave

$2000.00 for the needed materials.

Now with

only the final coat of paint and the mats to

4th: Camp "face-lifted" .ted

be put in the upstairs sleeping room, we will need only $1500,00 by Christmas and we know

will come as needed.

In May it will get a ^ brown coat of paint.

We are thankful for the Corvalis Church and to

the Tualatin Hills Church in Oregon for paying

for Tom Coon and Mel Sealander's air fare.

The Creswell Church kept Steve Fenn on salary during his 3 weeks here serving as head conThe Montana Church that

jBWSS gave Phyllis and Bryan Grosgebauer a 3 weeks' E ^ leave of absence was appreciated and this
S --iw

fine couple came^ paying their own air fare, and are prayerfully considering future service
as missionaries.

This team worked very hard to finish the project and met their goals. Dale Wilkerson^

Ijjjjtf |H and is tight, cozy and preserved for years

of service. THANKS BE TO GOD for a l l of

HH fl

missionary^ and Julius are laying the linoleum

room downstairs. The rotted wood has all been replaced^; and the building no longer shakes^
you who helped. The Japanese Churches who

in the 44x18 foot newly enlarged multi-purpose

gave said to send their thanks to the U.S.


They gave a feast and a trip


on the bullet train to the workers who

as a' thank you."

fc Thankful also are we for family in Japan. Fourteen years ago this fall our daughter Julia,as a 16 year old girl^ found our son
she attended.

fJohn very ill near the Mission School where

Soon after that we read of

our son Joseph.


Both were hospitalized 6

months and then God allowed us to


adopt them. Joseph plans definitely

on Bible College next September. Pray

John find the right training school

also for his talents.


Seven (7) added to the Sayama Church this FallSouls being saved and adults with tears of true repentance coming to be baptized. "We now have

two new complete families that belong to Christ.

Prayer meetings are increasing in the Church to pray for family and friends.

NOVEMBER EVANGELISTIC MEETING was a great blessing with one of "Timothies" preaching. Morohashi was brought to Christ through our
ministry 25 years ago. His mother and sister


were also baptized by Julius.

Two years ago John's

young 38 year old wife was called Home to Heaven.

John Morohashi'8 health nearly broke during the months of care for his wife during her illness, but we rejoice that God has brought him through a deeper and greater evangelist. Pray for him and his fourteen year old daughter, A total of 110 people attended the meetings.
Top left picture shows the young people singat one of the services where 7 decided for

The picture to the left shows a young lady who was baptized the last day of the meeting.
Since she has no mother, Mr. & Mrs. Ohori
on either side of her have decided to become

her spiritual parents to nurture her.


Ohoris come transferring membership from a church where they found Christ 6 years ago. They are people of prayer and deep faith and this brings another couple into the Church.
They minister in music and also call in Old

People's Homes in the area bringing the gospel

of love. Mr. Ohori led his 81 year old
father to Christ.


I -*



^white cross on his front door, 'hc gave

shelf dedicated to the prayers to the

1 Sunday evening services so that men in

^ time which is convenient for them to

neighborhood can hear the gospel at

fl meet. For three years we have had two flU mec.tings a week for Bible reading and

Mrs. Haga is shown seated in the room were she served dinner to AO people of the neighborhood
One of our Japanese pastors gave a gospel message on the Hope of the Resurrection to those who
receive Christ.


prayer. Mr. Haga became a great warrior after his conversion.


and members of ^e family at a special celebration service a month after her husband's passing
on to Heaven. They told of their faith of spending eternity with him because of Jesus Christ.
Fujita is also shown in this picture.

The entire Fujita family have all received Christ through the Haga Home ministry and the
Karuizawa Christian Camp.


of inviting non-Christian couples to introduce them to Christ.

brought into a plan by the married couples in the church.

first SAYAMA CHRISTIAN COUPLES FELLOWSHIP will hold their first dinner meeting with the view
This idea was conceived and

This month the

Until we can see you or write you personally, please accept this letter.

On Thanksgiving Day 45 missionaries and American military folk will use the Sayama Church for a special Thanksgiving dinner and fellowship. How thankful we are to all of you who have made possible our ministry and this place in Japan where we can "TEACH, PREACH, DISCIPLE".