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Good Morning, Holy Spirit

Books by Benny Hinn from Thomas Nelson Publishers The Anointing The Biblical Road to Blessing Good Morning, Holy Spirit Welcome, Holy Spirit

Copyright 1990,1997 by Benny Hinn All rights reserved. Written permission must be secured rom the publisher to use or reproduce !ny p!rt o this boo", e#cept or brie $uot!tions in critic!l revie%s or !rticles. &ublished in '!shville, (ennessee, by (hom!s 'elson, )nc. *cripture $uot!tions !re rom (H+ '+W ,)'- .A/+* 0+1*)2' o the Bible. Copyright 1979, 1930, 1934, (hom!s 'elson, )nc., &ublishers.

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Hinn, Benny. -ood morning, Holy *pirit 5 Benny Hinn. p. cm. )ncludes bibliogr!phic!l re erences. )*B' 0673746717867 9pb".: 1. Hinn, Benny. 4. &entecost!l churches;<nited *t!tes;Clergy6Biogr!phy. =. +v!ngelists;<nited *t!tes;Biogr!phy. >. Holy *pirit. ). (itle. B?3784.@3H7* 1997 439.9A>A0946dc41 BBC 9767>=0 C)& &rinted in the <nited *t!tes o Americ! >3 ; 01 00 99 93

To the person of the Holy Spirit, who is the very reason for my being and To my daughters, Jessica and Natasha, who, should the Lord tarry, will carry this message to their generation

Acknowledgments............................................................viii 1 "Can I Really Know You?".............................................11 2 From a!!a to t"e #nds o! t"e #art"................................2$ % "&radition' &radition"......................................................() ( *erson to *erson..............................................................+1 ) ,"ose -oice .o You /ear?...........................................$$ + 01irit' 0oul' and 2ody.....................................................3% $ ,ind !or Your 0ails......................................................14$ 5 A 6ig"ty #ntrance........................................................12% 3 Room !or t"e 01irit........................................................1%3 14 78nly a 2reat" Away9................................................1)% 11 ","y are You ,ee1ing?"...........................................1+) 12 /eaven on #art"..........................................................1$3 0tudy and .iscussion :uide............................................13) A;out t"e Aut"or..............................................................24%

6y t"anks to <eil #skelin !or "is consultation and editorial work in t"e 1re1aration o! t"is manuscri1t. I also wis" to t"ank my loving mot"er !or "er 1rayers and 0"eryl *alm=uist' C"ris /inn' <ancy *ritc"ard' 0ammy /inn' :ene *olino' and t"e sta!! at 8rlando C"ristian Center !or t"eir assistance wit" t"is 1ro>ect. 6y s1ecial t"anks to my dear wi!e' 0u?anne' !or "er constant love and su11ort.

Good Morning, Holy Spirit


"Can I Really now !o"#"

t was t"ree days ;e!ore C"ristmas 13$%. &"e sun was still rising on t"at cold' misty &oronto morning.

0uddenly /e was t"ere. &"e /oly 01irit entered my room. /e was as real to me t"at morning as t"e ;ook you are "olding in your "and is to you. For t"e ne@t eig"t "ours I "ad an incredi;le e@1erience wit" t"e /oly 01irit. It c"anged t"e course o! my li!e. &ears o! wonder and >oy coursed down my c"eeks as I o1ened t"e 0cri1tures and /e gave me t"e answers to my =uestions. It seemed t"at my room "ad ;een li!ted into t"e "emis1"ere o! "eaven. And I wanted to stay t"ere !orever. I "ad >ust turned twentyAone' and t"is visitation was t"e ;est ;irt"day or C"ristmas 1resent I "ad ever received. ust down t"e "all were my mot"er and dad. &"ey would never 1ossi;ly understand w"at was "a11ening to t"eir 2enny. In !act' "ad t"ey known w"at I was e@1eriencing' it could "ave ;een t"e ;reaking 1oint in a !amily t"at was already on t"e verge o! s"attering. For nearly two yearsBsince t"e day I gave my li!e to esusB t"ere was virtually no communication ;etween my 1arents and me. It was "orri;le. As t"e son o! an immigrant !amily !rom Israel' I "ad "umiliated t"e "ouse"old ;y ;reaking tradition. <ot"ing else in my li!e "ad ;een t"is devastating.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

In my room' "owever' it was 1ure >oy. Yes' it was uns1eaka;le. Yes' it was !ull o! gloryC I! you "ad told me >ust !ortyAeig"t "ours earlier w"at was a;out to "a11en to me' I would "ave said' "<o way." 2ut !rom t"at very moment t"e /oly 01irit ;ecame alive in my li!e. /e was no longer a distant "t"ird 1erson" o! t"e &rinity. /e was real. /e "ad a 1ersonality. And now I want to s"are /im wit" you. 6y !riend' i! you are ready to ;egin a 1ersonal relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly 01irit t"at sur1asses anyt"ing you ever dreamed 1ossi;le' read on. I! not' let me recommend t"at you close t"e covers o! t"is ;ook !orever. &"atDs rig"t. Close t"e ;ookC 2ecause w"at I am a;out to s"are will trans!orm your s1iritual li!e. 0uddenly it will "a11en to you. It may ;e w"ile youDre reading. *er"a1s w"ile youDre 1raying. 8r w"ile youDre driving to work. &"e /oly 01irit is going to res1ond to your invitation. /eDs going to ;ecome your closest !riend' your guide' your com!orter' your li!eAlong com1anion. And w"en you and /e meet' youDll say' "2ennyC Eet me tell you w"at t"e 01irit "as ;een doing in my li!eC"

GOD'S POWER REVEALED A Short ight in Pittsburgh

A !riend o! mine' im *oynter' "ad asked me to go wit" "im on a c"arter ;us tri1 to *itts;urg"' *ennsylvania. I "ad met im' a Free 6et"odist minister' at t"e c"urc" I attended. &"e grou1 was going to a meeting o! a "ealing evangelist' Kat"ryn Ku"lman. &o ;e "onest' I knew very little a;out "er ministry. IDd seen "er on television' and s"e totally turned me o!!. I t"oug"t s"e talked !unny and looked a little strange. 0o I wasnDt e@actly !illed wit" e@1ectation.

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


2ut im was my !riend' and I didnDt want to let "im down. 8n t"e ;us I said' " im' youDll never know w"at a toug" time I "ad wit" my !at"er a;out t"is tri1." You see' a!ter my conversion' my 1arents "ad done everyt"ing in t"eir 1ower to kee1 me !rom attending c"urc". And now a tri1 to *itts;urg"? It was almost out o! t"e =uestion' ;ut t"ey grudgingly gave t"eir 1ermission. ,e le!t &oronto on &"ursday a;out midmorning. And w"at s"ould "ave ;een a sevenA"our tri1 was slowed ;y a sudden snowstorm. ,e didnDt arrive at our "otel until one oDclock in t"e morning. &"en im said' "2enny' we "ave to ;e u1 at !ive." "Five t"is morning?" I asked. ","at !or?" /e told me t"at i! we werenDt outside t"e doors o! t"e ;uilding ;y si@ oDclock' weDd never get a seat. ,ell' I >ust couldnDt ;elieve it. ,"oDd ever "eard o! standing in t"e !ree?ing cold ;e!ore sunrise to go to c"urc"? 2ut "e said t"at was w"at we were su11osed to do. It was ;itter cold. At !ive I got u1 and 1ut on every ;it o! clot"ing I could !indF ;oots' gloves' t"e works. I looked like an #skimo. ,e arrived at t"e First *res;yterian C"urc"' downtown *itts;urg"' w"ile it was still dark. 2ut w"at s"ocked me was t"at "undreds o! 1eo1le were already t"ere. And t"e doors wouldnDt o1en !or two more "ours. 2eing small "as some advantages. I ;egan inc"ing my way closer and closer to t"e doorsBand 1ulling im rig"t ;e"ind me. &"ere were even 1eo1le slee1ing on t"e !ront ste1s. A woman told me' "&"eyDve ;een "ere all nig"t. ItDs


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

like t"is every week." As I stood t"ere' I suddenly ;egan to vi;rateBas i! someone "ad gri11ed my ;ody and ;egun to s"ake it. I t"oug"t !or a moment t"at t"e ;itter air "ad gotten to me. 2ut I was dressed warmly' and I certainly didnDt !eel too cold. An uncontrolla;le s"aking >ust came over me. <ot"ing like t"at "ad ever "a11ened ;e!ore. And it didnDt sto1. I was too em;arrassed to tell im' ;ut I could !eel my very ;ones rattling. I !elt it in my knees. In my mout". (-hat2s happening to me/( I wondered. %s this the power of od/ I >ust didnDt understand.

Racing through the Church

2y t"is time t"e doors were a;out to o1en' and t"e crowd 1ressed !orward until I could "ardly move. 0till t"e vi;rating wouldnDt sto1. im said' "2enny' w"en t"ose doors o1en' run >ust as !ast as you can." ","y?" I asked. "I! you donDt' t"eyDll run rig"t over you." /eDd ;een t"ere ;e!ore and knew w"at to e@1ect. ,ell' I never t"oug"t IDd ;e in a race going to c"urc"' ;ut "ere I was. And w"en t"ose doors o1ened' I took o!! like an 8lym1ic s1rinter. I 1assed every;odyF old women' young men' all o! t"em. In !act' I made it rig"t to t"e !ront row and tried to sit down. An us"er told me t"e !irst row was reserved. I learned later t"at 6iss Ku"lmanDs sta!! "and1icked t"e 1eo1le w"o sat in t"e !ront row. 0"e was so sensitive to t"e 01irit t"at s"e wanted only 1ositive' 1raying su11orters rig"t in !ront o! "er. ,it" my severe stuttering 1ro;lem' I knew it would ;e

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


useless to argue wit" t"e us"er. &"e second row was already !illed' ;ut im and I !ound a s1ot on row t"ree. It would ;e anot"er "our ;e!ore t"e service ;egan' so I took o!! my coat' my gloves' and my ;oots. As I rela@ed' I reali?ed I was s"aking more t"an ;e!ore. It >ust wouldnDt sto1. &"e vi;rations were going t"roug" my arms and legs as i! I were attac"ed to some kind o! a mac"ine. &"e e@1erience was !oreign to me. &o ;e "onest' I was scared. As t"e organ 1layed' all I could t"ink a;out was t"e s"aking in my ;ody. It wasnDt a "sick" !eeling. It wasnDt as i! I were catc"ing a cold or a virus. In !act' t"e longer it continued' t"e more ;eauti!ul it ;ecame. It was an unusual sensation t"at didnDt really seem 1"ysical at all. At t"at moment' almost out o! now"ere' Kat"ryn Ku"lman a11eared. In an instant' t"e atmos1"ere in t"at ;uilding ;ecame c"arged. I didnDt know w"at to e@1ect. I didnDt !eel anyt"ing around me. <o voices. <o "eavenly angels singing. <ot"ing. All I knew was t"at I "ad ;een s"aking !or t"ree "ours. &"en' as t"e singing ;egan' I !ound mysel! doing somet"ing I never e@1ected. I was on my !eet. 6y "ands were li!ted' and tears streamed down my !ace as we sang "/ow :reat &"ou Art." It was as i! I "ad e@1loded. <ever ;e!ore "ad tears gus"ed !rom my eyes so =uickly. &alk a;out ecstasyC It was a !eeling o! intense glory. I wasnDt singing t"e way I normally sang in c"urc". I sang wit" my entire ;eing. And w"en we came to t"e words' "&"en sings my soul' my 0avior :od' to t"ee'" I literally sang it !rom my soul. I was so lost in t"e 01irit o! t"at song t"at it took a !ew moments !or me to reali?e t"at my s"aking "ad com1letely


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

sto11ed. 2ut t"e atmos1"ere o! t"at service continued. I t"oug"t I "ad ;een totally ra1tured. I was wors"i1ing ;eyond anyt"ing I "ad ever e@1erienced. It was like coming !ace to !ace wit" 1ure s1iritual trut". ,"et"er anyone else !elt it or not' I did. In my young C"ristian e@1erience' :od "ad touc"ed my li!e' ;ut never as /e was touc"ing me t"at day.

Li!e a Wa"e
As I stood t"ere' continuing to wors"i1 t"e Eord' I o1ened my eyes to look around ;ecause suddenly I !elt a dra!t. And I didnDt know w"ere it was coming !rom. It was gentle and slow' like a ;ree?e. I looked at t"e stained glass windows. 2ut t"ey were all closed. And t"ey were muc" too "ig" to allow suc" a dra!t. &"e unusual ;ree?e I !elt' "owever' was more like a wave. I !elt it go down one arm and u1 t"e ot"er. I actually !elt it moving. ,"at was "a11ening? Could I ever "ave t"e courage to tell anyone w"at I !elt? &"ey would t"ink IDd lost my mind. For w"at seemed like ten minutes' t"e waves o! t"at wind continued to was" over me. And t"en I !elt as i! someone "ad wra11ed my ;ody in a 1ure ;lanketBa ;lanket o! warmt". Kat"ryn ;egan ministering to t"e 1eo1le' ;ut I was so lost in t"e 01irit t"at it really didnDt matter. &"e Eord was closer to me t"an /e "ad ever ;een. I !elt I needed to talk to t"e Eord' ;ut all I could w"is1er was' ".ear esus' 1lease "ave mercy on me." I said it again' " esus' 1lease "ave mercy on me."

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


I !elt so unwort"y. I !elt like Isaia" w"en "e entered t"e 1resence o! t"e Eord.
,oe is me' !or I am undoneC 2ecause I am a man o! unclean li1s' And I dwell in t"e midst o! a 1eo1le o! unclean li1sG For my eyes "ave seen t"e King' &"e E8R. o! "osts. HIsa. +F)I

&"e same t"ing "a11ened w"en 1eo1le saw C"rist. &"ey immediately saw t"eir own !ilt"' t"eir need o! cleansing. &"at is w"at "a11ened to me. It was as i! a giant s1otlig"t was ;eaming down on me. All I could see were my weaknesses' my !aults' and my sins. Again and again I said' ".ear esus' 1lease "ave mercy on me." &"en I "eard a voice t"at I knew must ;e t"e Lord6 It was ever so gentle' ;ut it was unmistaka;le. /e said to me' "6y mercy is a;undant on you." 6y 1rayer li!e to t"at 1oint was t"at o! a normal' average C"ristian. 2ut now I was not >ust talking to t"e Lord6 /e was talking to me. And o"' w"at a communion t"at wasC Eittle did I reali?e t"at w"at was "a11ening to me in t"e t"ird row o! t"e First *res;yterian C"urc" in *itts;urg" was >ust a !oretaste o! w"at :od "ad 1lanned !or t"e !uture. &"ose words rang on in my ears. "6y mercy is a;undant on you." I sat down crying and so;;ing. &"ere was >ust not"ing in my li!e to com1are wit" w"at I !elt. I was so !illed and trans!ormed ;y t"e 01irit t"at not"ing else mattered. I didnDt care i! a nuclear ;om; "it *itts;urg" and t"e w"ole world


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

;lew u1. At t"at moment I !elt' as t"e ,ord descri;es it' "1eace. . . w"ic" sur1asses all understanding" H*"il. (F$I. im "ad told me a;out t"e miracles t"at took 1lace in 6iss Ku"lmanDs meetings. 2ut I "ad no idea w"at I was a;out to witness in t"e ne@t t"ree "ours. *eo1le w"o were dea! suddenly could "ear. A woman got u1 out o! "er w"eelc"air. &"ere were testimonies o! "ealings !or tumors' art"ritis' "eadac"es' and more. #ven "er severest critics "ave acknowledged t"e genuine "ealings t"at took 1lace in "er meetings. &"e service was long' ;ut it seemed like a !leeting moment. <ever in my li!e "ad I ;een so moved and touc"ed ;y :odDs 1ower.

Why Was She Sobbing#

As t"e service continued and I =uietly 1rayed' everyt"ing sto11ed suddenly. I t"oug"t' "*lease' Eord' donDt ever let t"is meeting end." I looked u1 to see Kat"ryn ;urying "er "ead in "er "ands as s"e ;egan to so;. 0"e so;;ed and so;;ed so loudly t"at everyt"ing came to a standstill. &"e music sto11ed. &"e us"ers !ro?e in t"eir 1ositions. #veryone "ad t"eir eyes on "er. And !or t"e li!e o! me I "ad no idea w"y s"e was so;;ing. IDd never seen a minister do t"at ;e!ore. ,"at was s"e crying a;out? HI was told later t"at s"e "ad never done anyt"ing like t"at ;e!ore' and mem;ers o! "er sta!! remem;er it to t"is day.I It continued !or w"at seemed like two minutes. &"en s"e t"rust ;ack "er "ead. &"ere s"e was' >ust a !ew !eet in !ront o! me. /er eyes were a!lame. 0"e was alive6 In t"at instant s"e took on a ;oldness I "ad never seen in any 1erson. 0"e 1ointed "er !inger' straig"t out wit"

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


enormous 1ower and emotionBeven 1ain. I! t"e devil "imsel! "ad ;een t"ere' s"e would "ave !licked "im aside wit" >ust a ta1. It was a moment o! incredi;le dimension. 0till so;;ing' s"e looked out at t"e audience and said wit" suc" agony' "*lease." 0"e seemed to stretc" out t"e word' "*leeease' don2t grieve the Holy Spirit6( 0"e was ;egging. I! you can imagine a mot"er 1leading wit" a killer not to s"oot "er ;a;y' it was like t"at. 0"e ;egged and 1leaded. "*lease'" s"e so;;ed' "donDt grieve t"e /oly 01irit." #ven now I can see "er eyes. It was as i! t"ey were looking straig"t at me. And w"en s"e said it' you could "ave dro11ed a 1in and "eard it. I was a!raid to ;reat"e. I didnDt move a muscle. I was "olding on to t"e 1ew in !ront o! me wondering w"at would "a11en ne@t. &"en s"e said' ("on2t you understand/ He2s all %2ve got9( I t"oug"t' ","atDs s"e talking a;out?" &"en s"e continued "er im1assioned 1lea saying' "*leaseC .onDt wound /im. /eDs all IDve got. .onDt wound t"e 8ne I loveC" IDll never !orget t"ose words. I can still remem;er t"e intensity o! "er ;reat"ing w"en s"e said t"em. In my c"urc" t"e 1astor talked a;out t"e /oly 01irit. 2ut not like t"is. /is re!erences "ad to do wit" t"e gi!ts or tongues or 1ro1"ecyBnot "/eDs my closest' most 1ersonal' most intimate' most ;eloved !riend." Kat"ryn Ku"lman was telling me a;out a 1erson t"at was more real t"an you or I.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&"en s"e 1ointed "er long !inger down at me and said wit" great clarity' "/eDs more real t"an anyt"ing in t"is worldC"

$'"e Got to %a"e $t

,"en s"e looked at me and uttered t"ose words' somet"ing literally gra;;ed me on t"e inside. It really got to me. I cried and said' "IDve got to "ave t"is." <ow' !rankly' I t"oug"t t"at everyone in t"at service would !eel e@actly t"e same way. 2ut :od "as a way o! dealing wit" us as individuals' and I ;elieve t"at service was >ust !or me. *lease understand' as a rat"er new C"ristian I couldnDt ;egin to com1re"end w"at was "a11ening in t"at service. 2ut I could not deny t"e reality and t"e 1ower I !elt. And as t"e service came to a conclusion' I looked u1 at t"e woman evangelist and saw w"at seemed to ;e a mist around "er and over "er. At !irst I t"oug"t my eyes were 1laying tricks on me. 2ut t"ere it was. And "er !ace was s"ining like a lig"t t"roug" t"at mist. I donDt !or one moment ;elieve t"at :od was trying to glori!y 6iss Ku"lman. 2ut I do ;elieve /e used t"at service to reveal /is 1ower to me. ,"en t"e service was dismissed' t"e crowd !iled out' ;ut I didnDt want to move. I "ad come in racing' ;ut now I >ust wanted to sit down and re!lect on w"at "ad >ust "a11ened. ,"at I "ad !elt in t"at ;uilding was somet"ing my 1ersonal li!e did not o!!er me. I knew t"at w"en I returned to my "ome' t"e 1ersecution would continue. 6y own sel!Aimage was 1ractically destroyed ;ecause

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


o! my s1eec" im1ediment. #ven w"en I was a c"ild in Cat"olic sc"ools' my stuttering le!t me isolated wit" almost no one to talk to. #ven a!ter I ;ecame a C"ristian' I made very !ew !riends. /ow could I meet new 1eo1le w"en I could "ardly communicate? 0o I never wanted w"at I !ound in *itts;urg" to leave me. All I "ad in li!e was esus. And not"ing else in li!e "ad muc" meaning. I "ad no real !uture. 6y !amily "ad 1ractically turned t"eir ;acks on me. 8"' I knew t"ey loved me' ;ut my decision to serve C"rist "ad created a gul! t"at was e@ceedingly wide. I >ust sat t"ere. A!ter all' w"o wants to go to "ell a!ter t"eyDve ;een to "eaven? 2ut t"ere was no c"oice. &"e ;us was waiting and I "ad to go ;ack. I 1aused at t"e ;ack o! t"e c"urc" !or one last moment' t"inking' ","at did s"e mean? ,"at was s"e saying w"en s"e talked a;out t"e /oly 01irit?" All t"e way ;ack to &oronto I ke1t t"inking' "I donDt know w"at s"e meant." I even asked a !ew 1eo1le on t"e ;us. &"ey couldnDt tell me ;ecause t"ey did not understand eit"er. <eedless to say' w"en I arrived "ome' I was totally e@"austed. ,"at wit" lack o! slee1' "ours on t"e road' and a s1iritual e@1erience t"at was like an emotional roller coaster' my ;ody was ready !or a rest. 2ut I could not slee1. 6y ;ody was weary to t"e ;one' ;ut my s1irit was still stirring like a neverAending series o! volcanoes eru1ting inside me.



!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

Who $s Pulling 'e#

As I lay on my ;ed' I !elt as i! someone was 1ulling me o!! t"e mattress and onto my knees. It was a strange sensation' ;ut I !elt it so strongly I couldnDt resist. &"ere I was' in t"e darkness o! t"at room' on my knees. :od wasnDt t"roug" wit" me yet' and I res1onded to /is leading. I knew w"at I wanted to say' ;ut I didnDt =uite know "ow to ask !or it. ,"at I wanted was w"at t"at minister in *itts;urg" "ad. I t"oug"t' "I want w"at Kat"ryn Ku"lmanDs got." I wanted it wit" every atom and !i;er wit"in me. I "ungered !or w"at s"e was talking a;outB even t"oug" I didnDt understand it. Yes' I knew w"at I wanted to say ;ut didnDt know "ow to say it. 0o I decided to ask t"e only way I knewBin my own sim1le words. I wanted to address t"e /oly 01irit' ;ut I "ad never done t"at ;e!ore. I t"oug"t' "Am I doing t"is rig"t?" A!ter all' IDd never s1oken to t"e /oly 01irit. I never t"oug"t /e was a 1erson to ;e addressed. I didnDt know "ow to start t"e 1rayer' ;ut I knew w"at was inside me. All I wanted was to know /im t"e way s"e knew /im. And "ere is w"at I 1rayedF "/oly 01irit. Kat"ryn Ku"lman says you are "er !riend." I slowly continued' "I donDt t"ink I know you. <ow' ;e!ore today I t"oug"t I did. 2ut a!ter t"at meeting I reali?e I really donDt. I donDt t"ink I know you." And t"en' like a c"ild' wit" my "ands raised' I asked' "Can I meet you? Can I really meet you?" I wondered' "Is w"at IDm saying rig"t? 0"ould I ;e s1eaking to t"e /oly 01irit like t"is?" &"en I t"oug"t' "I!

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


IDm "onest in t"is' :od will s"ow me w"et"er IDm rig"t or wrong." I! Kat"ryn was wrong' I wanted to !ind out. A!ter I s1oke to t"e /oly 01irit' not"ing seemed to "a11en. I ;egan to =uestion mysel!' "Is t"ere really suc" an e@1erience as meeting t"e /oly 01irit? Can it truly "a11en?" 6y eyes were closed. &"en' like a >olt o! electricity' my ;ody ;egan to vi;rate all overBe@actly as it "ad t"roug" t"e two "ours I waited to get into t"e c"urc". It was t"e same s"aking I "ad !elt !or anot"er "our once inside. It was ;ack' and I t"oug"t' "8". ItDs "a11ening again." 2ut t"is time t"ere were no crowds. <o "eavy clot"es. I was >ust in my own warm room in my 1a>amasBvi;rating !rom my "ead to my toes. I was a!raid to o1en my eyes. &"is time it was as i! everyt"ing t"at "a11ened in t"at service all rolled into one moment. I was s"aking' ;ut at t"e same time I again !elt t"at warm ;lanket o! :odDs 1ower wra11ed all around me. I !elt as i! I "ad ;een translated to "eaven. 8! course I wasnDt' ;ut I "onestly donDt ;elieve "eaven can ;e any greater t"an t"at. In !act' I t"oug"t' "I! I o1en my eyes' IDll eit"er ;e in *itts;urg" or inside t"e 1early gates." ,ell' a!ter a time' I did o1en my eyes' and to my sur1rise I was rig"t t"ere in my same room. 0ame !loor. 0ame 1a>amas. 2ut I was still tingling wit" t"e 1ower o! :odDs 01irit. ,"en I !inally dro11ed o!! to slee1 t"at nig"t' I still didnDt reali?e w"at "ad ;egun in my li!e.

(he )irst Wor*s $ S+o!e

#arly' very early' t"e ne@t morning I was wide awake.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

And I couldnDt wait to talk to my new!ound !riend. /ere were t"e !irst words out o! my mout"F ( ood morning, Holy Spirit9( At t"e very moment I s1oke t"ose words' t"e glorious atmos1"ere returned to my room. &"is time' t"oug"' I was not vi;rating or s"aking. All I !elt was t"e wra11ing o! /is 1resence. &"e second I said' ":ood morning' /oly 01irit'" I knew /e was 1resent wit" me in t"e room. <ot only was I !illed wit" t"e 01irit t"at morning' I also received a !res" in!illing every time I s1ent time in 1rayer. ,"at I am talking a;out is beyond s1eaking in tongues. Yes' I did s1eak in a "eavenly language' ;ut it was muc" more t"an t"at. &"e /oly 01irit ;ecame real. /e ;ecame my !riend. /e ;ecame my com1anion' my counselor. &"e !irst t"ing I did t"at morning was to o1en t"e 2i;le. I wanted to ;e sure. And as I o1ened t"e ,ord' I knew /e was t"ere wit" me as i! /e was sitting down ;eside me. <o' I did not see "is !ace or /is countenance. 2ut I knew w"ere /e was. And I ;egan to know /is 1ersonality. From t"at moment on t"e 2i;le took on a w"ole new dimension. I would say' "/oly 01irit' s"ow it to me in t"e ,ord." I wanted to know w"y /e "ad come' and /e led me to t"ese wordsF ",e "ave received' not t"e s1irit o! t"e world' ;ut t"e 01irit w"o is !rom :od' t"at we mig"t know t"e t"ings t"at "ave ;een !reely given to us ;y :od" H1 Cor. 2F12I. ,"en I asked w"y /e wanted to ;e my !riend' /e led me to t"e words o! *aulF "&"e grace o! t"e Eord esus C"rist' and t"e love o! :od' and t"e communion o! t"e /oly 01irit ;e wit" you all" H2 Cor. 1%F1(I.

()*N % $+*LL& ,N!- &!./(


&"e 2i;le ;ecame alive. I "ad never really understood t"e im1act o! t"ose words' "D<ot ;y mig"t nor ;y 1ower' ;ut ;y 6y 01irit'D says t"e Eord" HJec". (F+I. 8ver and over again' /e con!irmed in t"e ,ord w"at /e was doing in my li!e. For more t"an eig"t "ours t"at !irst day' t"en day a!ter day' I grew to know /im more. 6y 1rayer li!e ;egan to c"ange. "<ow'" I said' "/oly 01irit' since you know t"e Fat"er so well' would you "el1 me 1ray?" And w"en I ;egan to 1ray' I came to t"e 1lace w"ere suddenly t"e Fat"er was more real t"an /e "ad ever ;een ;e!ore. It was as i! someone "ad o1ened a door and said' "/ere /e is."

'y (eacher, 'y Gui*e

&"e reality o! t"e !at"er"ood o! :od ;ecame clearer t"an I "ad ever known. It was not ;y reading a ;ook. 8r !ollowing a !ormulaBA' 2' C. It was >ust ;y asking t"e /oly 01irit to o1en t"e ,ord to me. And /e did. " . . . as many as are led ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' t"ese are sons o! :od. For you did not receive t"e s1irit o! ;ondage again to !ear' ;ut you received t"e 01irit o! ado1tion ;y w"om we cry out' DA;;a' Fat"erD" HRom. 5F1(A1)I. I ;egan to com1re"end everyt"ing esus said a;out t"e /oly 01irit. /e was my com!orter' my teac"er' my guide. I understood !or t"e !irst time w"at esus meant w"en /e told /is disci1les' "Follow 6e." &"en one day /e said' ".onDt !ollow 6eB;ecause w"ere IDm going you canDt go." /e told t"em' "2ut t"e /oly :"ost' /e will guide you. /e will lead you on." ,"at was /e doing? C"rist was giving t"em anot"er leader. Anot"er one to !ollow. 6y searc" o! t"e 0cri1tures went on day a!ter day !or


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

weeksBuntil all o! my =uestions were answered. All t"at time I was getting to know t"e /oly 01irit ;etter. And t"at communion "as never sto11ed to t"is day. I reali?ed /e was rig"t "ere wit" me. And my entire li!e "as ;een trans!ormed. I ;elieve yours will ;e too. &oday as I arose' I said it againF ":ood morning' /oly 01irit."


%rom &a''a to the (nds o' the (arth

a!!a' Israel.

It was .ecem;er 13)2 in

Clemence /inn' a;out to give ;irt" to "er second c"ild' was in t"e "os1ital' ga?ing out t"e window o! "er maternity room at a ;eauti!ul sig"t. &"e dee1 ;lue waters o! t"e 6editerranean were stretc"ed to in!inity. 2ut t"e "eart o! t"is small woman o! Armenian descent was trou;led. 0"e was torn wit" ;itterness' !ear' and s"ame. 8!! in t"e distance s"e could see t"e ;lack cluster o! rocks in t"e sea' AndromedaDs Rocks. :reek legend "olds t"at t"e maiden Andromeda was c"ained to one o! t"em w"en *erseus !lew down on "is winged "orse' slew t"e sea monster' and rescued "er. Clemence wanted someone some"ow to swoo1 down and save "er !rom anot"er year o! "umiliation and disgrace. 0"e was a devout :reek 8rt"odo@ woman' ;ut s"e didnDt know muc" a;out t"e Eord. In t"at "um;le "os1ital room' "owever' s"e tried to make a ;argain wit" /im. As s"e stood ;y t"e window' "er eyes 1ierced t"e sky' and s"e s1oke !rom "er "eartF ":od' I "ave only one re=uest. I! youDll give me a ;oy' IDll give "im ;ack to you."


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

0"e re1eated it again' "*lease' Eord. I! youDll give me a ;oy' IDll give "im ;ack to you."

-A))A Si. /eautiful Roses

&"e !irst c"ild ;orn to Costandi and Clemence /inn was a lovely girl' named Rose. 2ut in t"e stu;;orn culture o! t"e 6iddle #astBand es1ecially in t"e /inn ancestral traditionBt"e !irst;orn s"ould "ave ;een a son and "eir. &"e !amily o! Costandi' immigrants to *alestine !rom :reece' ;egan to 1ersecute Clemence !or "er !ailure to 1roduce a ;oy. "A!ter all'" t"ey c"ided' "all o! your ot"er sisterAinAlaws "ad ;oys." 0"e was >eered at and mocked to tears' and s"e !elt t"e em;arrassment and s"ame in a marriage t"eir 1arents "ad so care!ully arranged. /er eyes were still moist t"at evening as s"e !ell aslee1. And during t"e nig"t s"e "ad a dream s"e still recalls. "I saw si@ rosesBsi@ ;eauti!ul roses in my "and'" s"e says. "And I saw esus enter my room. /e came to me and asked me !or one o! t"em. And I gave "im one rose." As t"e dream continued' a s"ort' slim young man wit" dark "airBs"e remem;ers every !eature o! "is !aceB came over to "er and wra11ed "er in a warm clot". ,"en s"e awakened' s"e asked "ersel!' ","at does t"is dream mean? ,"at can it ;e?" &"e ne@t day' .ecem;er %' 13)2' I was ;orn. 8ur !amily was eventually to "ave si@ ;oys and two girls' ;ut my mot"er never !orgot "er ;argain wit" :od. 0"e later told me o! "er dreamBand t"at I was t"e rose s"e 1resented to esus.

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


I was c"ristened in t"e :reek 8rt"odo@ C"urc" ;y t"e 1atriarc" o! erusalem' 2enedictus. In !act' during t"e ceremony "e gave me "is name. 2eing ;orn in t"e /oly Eand meant ;eing ;orn in an atmos1"ere w"ere religion casts an inesca1a;ly wide s"adow. At t"e age o! two I was enrolled in a Cat"olic 1resc"ool and was !ormally trained ;y nunsBand later monksB!or !ourteen years. &o me' a!!a was a ;eauti!ul city. In !act' t"at is w"at t"e word itsel! meansB;eauti!ul. a!!a in Ara;ic' o11a in ancient :reek' or Ya!o in /e;rew. In every language t"e meaning is t"e same. As a ;oy I loved "earing t"e stories o! "istory t"at surrounded me. a!!a was !ounded ;ack ;e!ore recorded time. It is mentioned as a Canaanite city in t"e tri;ute lists o! *"arao" &"utmose III in t"e !i!teent" century 2.C.' even ;e!ore os"ua !oug"t t"e ;attle o! eric"o. And it is w"ere t"e *"oenician King /iram o! &yre unloaded cedar logs !or King 0olomonDs tem1le. &"oug" it was !ascinating' "istory "ad not ;een kind to my ;irt"1lace. a!!a was invaded' ca1tured' destroyed' and re;uilt again and again. 0imon t"e 6acca;ee' -es1asian' t"e 6amelukes' <a1oleon' and Allen;y "ave all claimed "er. 8nly si@ years ;e!ore I was ;orn' a!!a !ound "ersel! in a new nation' t"e 1ro1"etic state o! Israel. 2ut t"e community itsel! was not ewis".

'ayor %inn
6y !at"er was t"e mayor o! a!!a during my c"ild"ood. /e was a strong man' a;out +D2"' 2)4 1ounds' and a natural leader. /e was strong in every wayB1"ysically' mentally' and in will.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/is !amily came !rom :reece to #gy1t ;e!ore settling in *alestine. 2ut ;eing "!rom somew"ere else" was common. &"e a!!a o! my c"ild"ood was truly an international city. ,alking down Ra?iel 0treet into &ower 0=uare t"at contains t"e A;dul /amid u;ilee Clock &ower' t"e stoneA walled >ail' and t"e :reat 6os=ue' ;uilt in 1514' I could "ear locals conversing in Frenc"' 2ulgarian' Ara;ic' Yiddis"' and ot"er languages. And in t"e kiosks and o1enA air ca!es' I could sam1le ;aklava' ?la;iya' !ela!el' sumAsum' and do?ens o! ot"er delig"ts. 0o "ere I was' ;orn in Israel' ;ut not ewis". Raised in an Ara;ic culture' ;ut not o! Ara;ic origin. Attending a Cat"olic sc"ool' ;ut raised as a :reek 8rt"odo@. Eanguages come easy in t"at 1art o! t"e world. I t"oug"t everyone was su11osed to s1eak t"ree or !our. Ara;ic was s1oken in our "ome' ;ut at sc"ool t"e Cat"olic sisters taug"t in Frenc"' e@ce1t !or t"e 8ld &estament' w"ic" was studied in ancient /e;rew. .uring my c"ild"ood' t"e "undred t"ousand 1eo1le o! a!!a "ad ;ecome engul!ed ;y t"e e@1loding ewis" 1o1ulation o! &el Aviv to t"e nort". &oday t"e metro1olis "as t"e o!!icial name o! &el AvivA a!!a. 8ver !our "undred t"ousand live in t"e area. Actually' &el Aviv ;egan as a ewis" e@1eriment in 1343 w"en si@ty !amilies ;oug"t t"irtyAtwo acres o! ;are sand dunes >ust nort" o! a!!a and marc"ed out to t"e site. &"ey were tired o! t"e cram1ed conditions and noisy Ara; =uarters w"ere t"ey lived. &"e e@1ansion continued until &el Aviv ;ecame IsraelDs largest city. #ven t"oug" my !at"er was not ewis"' t"e Israeli leaders trusted "im. And t"ey were "a11y to "ave someone

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


in a!!a w"o could relate to suc" an international community. ,e were 1roud o! "is circle o! !riends' w"ic" included many national leaders. /e was asked to ;e an am;assador !or Israel in !oreign nations' ;ut c"ose to stay in a!!a. 2ut t"ere was very little time !or t"e !amily. In !act' I canDt really say t"at I knew my !at"er t"en. It seemed "e was always attending an o!!icial !unction or an im1ortant meeting. /e wasnDt a demonstrative 1erson' >ust strictBand "e seldom s"owed any 1"ysical signs o! a!!ection. H6y mot"er' "owever' made u1 !or t"at.I Again' 1art o! t"at was t"e culture. 6en were menC ,e lived com!orta;ly. .adDs 1osition in government made it 1ossi;le !or us to "ave a "ome in t"e su;ur;s. It was a wonder!ul "ome t"at "ad a wall around it wit" glass along t"e to1 !or security. 6y mot"er was a "omemaker in every sense o! t"e wordG raising t"at ;rood o! little /inns was more t"an a !ullAtime >o;.

A Catholic Cocoon
As my education continued' I considered mysel! to ;e a Cat"olic. &"e 1rocess started very early. &"e 1resc"ool I attended was actually more like a convent. 6ass was cele;rated regularly. 6y 1arents didnDt 1rotest ;ecause a 1rivate Cat"olic sc"ool education was considered to ;e t"e ;est availa;le. ,eekdays I studied wit" t"e nuns' and on 0unday I went to t"e :reek 8rt"odo@ c"urc" wit" 6om and .ad. 2ut t"at was not considered a ma>or 1ro;lem in 1olyglot a!!a. Eoyalty to one 1articular c"urc" did not seem t"at im1ortant. ,as I a Cat"olic? A;solutely. Cat"olicism was my


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

1rayer li!e. It occu1ied my time and attention !ive days a week. It ;ecame my mentality. I 1ractically lived at t"e convent' and in t"at cocoon I ;ecome very detac"ed !rom t"e world. I was also se1arated !rom t"e world in an un!ortunate way. From earliest c"ild"ood I was a!!licted wit" a severe stutter. &"e smallest amount o! social 1ressure or nervousness triggered my stammering' and it was almost un;eara;le. I !ound it di!!icult to make !riends. 0ome c"ildren made !un o! meBot"ers >ust stayed away. I knew very little o! world eventsBonly w"at my teac"ers wanted me to know. 2ut I was an e@1ert on t"e Cat"olic li!e. As t"e sc"ooling continued' I attended t"e College de Frere HCollege o! 2rot"ersI and was taug"t ;y monks. #ven as a small ;oy' I was e@tremely religious. I 1rayed and I 1rayedB1ro;a;ly more t"an some C"ristians 1ray today. 2ut all I knew "ow to 1ray was t"e /ail 6ary' t"e Creed' t"e EordDs *rayer' and ot"er 1rescri;ed 1rayers. 8nly rarely did I really talk to t"e Eord. ,"en I "ad some s1eci!ic re=uest' I mentioned it. 8t"erwise my 1rayer li!e was all very organi?ed. -ery routine. &"e one ma@im seemed to ;e' "You s"ould !eel 1ain w"en you 1ray." And t"at was easy. &"ere was 1ractically now"ere to kneel e@ce1t on t"e w"ite erusalem rock t"at was everyw"ere. 6ost o! t"e "omes are made o! it. And t"e sc"ools I attended "ad no car1et' >ust 1lain w"ite rock !loors. I actually came to ;elieve t"at i! you didnDt su!!er wit" your su11lication' t"e Eord wouldnDt "ear you' t"at su!!ering was t"e ;est way to gain :odDs !avor. #ven t"oug" virtually no s1irituality accom1anied t"e

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


teac"ing' I still c"eris" t"e !oundation I received in t"e 2i;le. I o!ten t"ink' "/ow many kids are taug"t t"e 8ld &estament in /e;rew?" And our !ield tri1s literally made :odDs ,ord come to li!e. 8nce we traveled into t"e <egev w"ere we stood ne@t to t"e wells A;ra"am "ad dug and learned a;out "im. &"at e@1erience will stay wit" me !orever.

%is Robe Was Whiter (han White

0everal times in my li!e :od "as s1oken to me in a vision. It "a11ened only once during my years in a!!a' w"en I was >ust a ;oy o! eleven. I really ;elieve it was at t"at moment t"at :od ;egan moving in my li!e. I can remem;er t"e vision as i! it "a11ened yesterday. I saw esus walk into my ;edroom. /e was wearing a ro;e t"at was w"iter t"an w"ite and a dee1 red mantle was dra1ed over t"e ro;e. I saw /is "air. I looked into /is eyes. I saw t"e nailA 1rints in /is "ands. I saw everyt"ing. You must understand t"at I did not know esus. I "ad not asked C"rist to come into my "eart. 2ut t"e moment I saw /im' I recogni?ed /im. I knew it was t"e Eord. ,"en it "a11ened' I was aslee1' ;ut suddenly my little ;ody was caug"t u1 in an incredi;le sensation t"at can only ;e descri;ed as "electric." It !elt as i! someone "ad 1lugged me into a wired socket. &"ere was a num;ness t"at !elt like needlesBa million o! t"emBrus"ing t"roug" my ;ody. And t"en t"e Eord stood ;e!ore me w"ile I was in a dee1' dee1 slee1. /e looked straig"t at me wit" t"e most ;eauti!ul eyes. /e smiled' and /is arms were o1en wide. I could !eel /is 1resence. It was marvelous and IDll never !orget it.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&"e Eord didnDt say anyt"ing to me. /e >ust looked at me. And t"en /e disa11eared. Immediately I was wide awake. At t"e time I could scarcely understand w"at was "a11ening' ;ut it wasnDt a dream. &"ose kinds o! !eelings donDt "a11en in a dream. :od allowed me to e@1erience a vision t"at would create an indeli;le im1ression on my young li!e. As I awakened' t"e wondrous sensation was still t"ere. I o1ened my eyes and looked all around' ;ut t"is intense' 1ower!ul !eeling was still in me. I !elt totally 1araly?ed. I couldnDt move a muscle. <ot an eyelas". I was com1letely !ro?en t"ere. Yet I was in control. &"is unusual !eeling overtook meB;ut didnDt dominate me. In !act' I !elt I could say' "<o' I donDt want t"is'" and t"e e@1erience would "ave li!ted. 2ut I didnDt say anyt"ing. ,"ile I lay t"ere' awake' t"e !eeling stayed wit" me' t"en slowly went away. In t"e morning I told my mot"er a;out t"e e@1erience' and s"e still remem;ers "er words. 0"e said' "You must ;e a saint' t"en." &"ings like t"at didnDt "a11en to 1eo1le in a!!a' w"et"er t"ey were Cat"olic or :reek 8rt"odo@. 8! course' I was certainly no "saint'" ;ut my mot"er ;elieved t"at i! esus came to me' /e must ;e singling me out !or a "ig"er calling. ,"ile :od was dealing wit" my li!e' ot"er !actors were at work t"at would !orever c"ange t"e !uture o! our !amily.

(%E E DS O) (%E EAR(% )ro0 Ga1a to the Golan %eights

Eiving in Israel during t"e si@ties' I could !eel t"e

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


escalating 1olitical tension. Ara; raids into Israel occurred almost daily along t"e ;orders !rom #gy1t to ordan and 0yria. And t"e Israeli army regularly retaliated wit" raids o! t"eir own. In 6ay 13+$ Israel and t"e t"ree Ara; countries all alerted t"eir armed !orces !or a 1ossi;le war. At #gy1tDs demand t"e Knited <ations troo1s le!t t"e :a?a 0tri1 and t"e 0inai *eninsula. &"en' on une )' 13+$' Israeli 1lanes attacked air!ields in #gy1t' ordan' and 0yria. It was called t"e 0i@A.ay ,ar. In less t"an one week' t"e Israelis destroyed t"e Ara; air !orces almost com1letely. Israeli troo1s occu1ied t"e :a?a 0tri1' t"e 0inai *eninsula' t"e ,est 2ank' and 0yriaDs :olan /eig"ts. 0uddenly' Israel controlled Ara; territory totaling more t"an t"ree times t"e area o! Israel itsel!. IDll never !orget t"e day' early in 13+5' t"at my !at"er gat"ered t"e !amily toget"er and told us t"at "e was making 1lans !or us to emigrate. /e said' "*lease donDt discuss it wit" anyone ;ecause t"ere may ;e some 1ro;lems wit" our e@it visas." In t"e ;eginning' t"e 1lan was to move to 2elgium. Fat"er "ad some relatives t"ere' and t"e t"oug"t o! moving to a Frenc"As1eaking country sounded e@citing. A!ter all' t"at was t"e language o! my sc"ooling. &"en one evening an attac"e !rom t"e Canadian em;assy came to our "ome and s"owed us a s"ort movie on li!e in Canada. &oronto seemed like suc" a t"riving city. Fat"er "ad two ;rot"ers w"o lived t"ere' ;ut we dou;ted t"at t"ey were !inancially =uali!ied to ;e our o!!icial s1onsor. &"e =uestions surrounding our leaving seemed to grow day ;y day. At one 1oint my !at"er told us we mig"t not ;e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

ready to de1art t"e country !or !ive years.

$ /argaine* 2ith Go*

2y t"at time we were all so an@ious to leave t"at I got down on my kneesBon t"at erusalem rockBand made a vow to :od. "Eord'" I 1rayed' "i! you will get us out' IDll ;ring you t"e ;iggest >ar o! olive oil I can !ind." And I added' ","en we get to &oronto' IDll ;ring it to c"urc" and 1resent it to you in t"anksgiving." In my u1;ringing' ;argaining wit" :od wasnDt unusual. And olive oil was a 1recious commodity. 0o I made t"e vow. ,it"in weeks a young man !rom t"e Canadian em;assy called my !at"er to say' "6ister /inn. ,eDve worked everyt"ing outBdonDt ask me "ow. All o! your 1a1erwork is in order' and you can leave w"enever youDre ready." It didnDt take long. ,e sold almost all our 1ossessions and 1re1ared !or a new li!e in <ort" America. .uring t"ose last days in t"e /oly Eand' I "ad a keen sense t"at somet"ing great was a;out to "a11en. I knew I was leaving a s1ecial city' ;ut I !elt t"at t"e ;est was yet ;e!ore me. It was !rom t"e "ar;or o! t"e ancient city o! o11aB my a!!aBt"at ona" le!t. And t"e result was t"e salvation o! <ineve". And "ow many times "ad I clim;ed to t"e Citadel' t"e "ig" mount overlooking t"e "ar;or. <ear t"e lig"t"ouse is a Franciscan c"urc" ;uilt in 1+)(. <e@t to it is t"e site o! t"e "ouse o! 0imon t"e &anner w"ere t"e a1ostle *eter stayed !or some time and "ad a vision t"at c"anged t"e world. /earing t"e voice o! :od telling "im to receive :entiles as well as ews into t"e c"urc"' *eter res1onded' "In trut" I

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


1erceive t"at :od s"ows no 1artiality. 2ut in every nation w"oever !ears /im and works rig"teousness is acce1ted ;y /im" HActs 14F%(A%)I. From t"at very moment' t"e message o! C"rist was s1read !rom o11a to Caesarea and on to t"e ends o! t"e eart"Btouc"ing all o! "umankind. As we drove down /agana" Road to t"e Eod air1ort' I wondered' ",ill I ever see t"is 1lace again?" I t"oug"t a;out t"ose Cat"olic nuns w"o so lovingly "ad taug"t me. /ad I seen t"eir !aces !or t"e last time? 8ut o! t"e 1lane window I took one last look down at &el Aviv' a "uge e@1anse o! grayAw"ite cu;es. 2e"ind me were miles o! dee1 green orange groves. &"e udean "ills gleamed !aintly in t"e distance. And as we "eaded over t"e waters o! t"e 6editerranean' I looked down and said one last goodA;ye to a!!a. &"ere was a lum1 in my t"roat. I was !ourteen' and it was t"e only "ome I "ad ever known.

$ce Crea0 at the &ios!

&"e /inn !amily arrival in &oronto in uly 13+5 was an un"eralded event. And t"atDs >ust t"e way my !at"er wanted it. <o welcoming committee met us. And "e "ad no 1romise o! a >o;. ,e arrived wit" t"e clot"es on our ;acks' a !ew 1ossessions in suitcases' and a little money !rom w"at we "ad sold in a!!a. It was enoug" to get ;y !or a s"ort time. 8ur new li!e ;egan in a rented a1artment. ,"at a s"ock to land suddenly in a "!oreign" culture. I could stutter in several languages' ;ut #nglis" was not one o! t"em. "8ne' two' t"ree'" was as !ar as it went. 2ut .addy


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

"ad studied enoug" #nglis" to !ill out a >o; a11lication. And it worked. /e acce1ted t"e c"allenge o! ;ecoming' o! all t"ings' an insurance salesman. I donDt know w"et"er it was t"e ;urden o! "aving to raise a large !amily' or "is natural con!idence in dealing wit" 1eo1le' ;ut my dad ;ecame an immediate success in "is new!ound 1ro!ession. And ;e!ore too many mont"s we moved into our own "ome. ,e were all so 1roud o! it. Ei!e c"anged ra1idly !or me. Instead o! attending a 1rivate Cat"olic sc"ool' I went to a 1u;lic "ig" sc"oolB :eorges -anier 0econdary 0c"ool. And since most o! t"e kids at sc"ool "ad 1artAtime >o;s' t"atDs w"at I wanted to do. ,e lived in t"e <ort" York section o! &oronto' and not !ar !rom us t"e new Fairview 6all "ad o1ened. I a11lied at a little kiosk t"at sold "am;urgers and ice cream. #ven t"oug" I "ad no 1revious work e@1erience' t"ey "ired me. And every day a!ter sc"ool I "eaded t"ere. 8ne 0aturday' t"oug"' I walked into a grocery store and asked t"e manager' ","ere can I !ind t"e olive oil? I need t"e largest >ug or container o! it you "ave." 0ure enoug"' "e !ound a ;ig one. &"e ne@t day' I walked 1roudly into t"e :reek 8rt"odo@ c"urc" and made good on my vow to :od. I 1laced it at t"e !ront o! t"e altar and =uietly said' "&"ank you' Eord. &"ank you !or ;ringing us sa!ely to our new "ome." 6y "eart was as !ull as t"at >ug o! oil. At t"e kiosk I did my work. 2ecause o! my stutter' I didnDt get into many conversations' ;ut I did ;ecome a w"i? at 1acking t"e ice cream into t"ose sugar cones. I worked wit" a !ellow named 2o;.

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


%a* /ob Lost %is 'in*#

IDll never !orget t"e day in 13$4 w"en I came to work to !ind t"at 2o; "ad done somet"ing =uite strange. All over t"e walls o! t"at little kiosk "e "ad tacked little 1ieces o! 1a1er wit" 0cri1ture verses written on t"em. I t"oug"t "eDd lost "is mind. I knew "e was a C"ristianB"e told me so. 2ut wasnDt t"is going a ;it too !ar? I said to mysel!' ","y is "e doing t"is? Is it !or me? I 1ro;a;ly know t"e 2i;le ;etter t"an "e does." Finally I asked "im' ","atDs t"e idea o! all t"ese 1ieces o! 1a1er?" Instantly' "e ;egan to witness to me. I t"oug"t "e would never =uit. And w"en it was over' I was determined to stay as !ar away !rom t"is cra?y !ellow as I could. For t"e longest time I tried to avoid "im. 2ut it was nearly im1ossi;le. A!ter all' we "ad to work toget"er. 8ver and over' "e ;roug"t u1 t"e to1ic o! religion. 2ut it was more t"an t"at. /e wanted to talk a;out ;eing ";orn again'" a 1"rase t"at was not in my limited voca;ularyB nor in my view o! 0cri1ture. 2o; !inally =uit "is >o; at t"e kiosk' ;ut many o! "is !riends were at my sc"ool. And !or t"e ne@t two years I did my ;est to avoid t"em. I t"oug"t' "&"eyDre a ;unc" o! weirdos." &"ey looked weird. &"ey talked weird. &"ey were com1lete o11osites o! t"e nuns w"o "ad taug"t me. .uring my senior year at :eorges -anier' !or t"e second time in my li!e' I "ad an encounter wit" t"e Eord. /e came into my room and visited meBt"is time in t"e !orm o! an un!orgetta;le dream. In a!!a w"en I was eleven' t"e vision o! esus standing ;e!ore me "ad le!t an indeli;le im1ression. 2ut now' in


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&oronto' I was not caug"t u1 in t"e study o! 0cri1ture. 8"' I still attended c"urc". 2ut w"at was a;out to "a11en to me came out o! le!t !ield. It was totally une@1ected' and I was stunned ;y t"e e@1erience. Eet me tell you e@actly w"at "a11ened in my ;edroom t"at c"illy nig"t in Fe;ruary 13$2. As t"e dream un!olded' I !ound mysel! descending a long' dark stairway. It was so stee1 I t"oug"t I would !all. And it was leading me into a dee1' endless c"asm. I was ;ound ;y a c"ain to a 1risoner in !ront o! me and a 1risoner ;e"ind me. I was dressed in t"e clot"ing o! a convict. &"ere were c"ains on my !eet and around my wrists. As !ar as I could see a"ead o! me and ;e"ind me t"ere was a neverAending line o! ca1tives. &"en' in t"e eerie "a?e o! t"at dimly lit s"a!t' I saw do?ens o! small 1eo1le moving around. &"ey were like im1s wit" strangeAs"a1ed ears. I couldnDt see t"eir !aces' and t"eir !orms were ;arely visi;le. 2ut we were o;viously ;eing 1ulled down t"e stairway ;y t"em' like a "erd o! cattle to a slaug"ter"ouseBor even worse. 0uddenly' a11earing out o! now"ere' was t"e angel o! t"e Eord. 8"' it was a wondrous t"ing to ;e"old. &"e "eavenly ;eing "overed >ust a"ead o! me' >ust a !ew ste1s away. <ever in my li!e "ad I seen suc" a sig"tBnot even in a dream. A ;rig"t and ;eauti!ul angel in t"e midst o! t"at dark' ;lack "ole. As I looked again' t"e angel motioned wit" "is "and !or me to come to "im. &"en "e looked into my eyes and called me out. 6y eyes were riveted to "is' and I ;egan to walk toward "im. Instantly t"ose ;onds !ell o!! my "ands and !eet. I was no longer tied to my !ellow 1risoners.

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


/urriedly t"e angel led me t"roug" an o1en doorway' and t"e moment I walked into t"e lig"t' t"e celestial ;eing took me ;y t"e "and and dro11ed me on .on 6ills RoadB rig"t at t"e corner o! :eorges -anier 0c"ool. /e le!t me >ust inc"es !rom t"e wall o! t"e sc"ool' rig"t ;eside a window. In a second t"e angel was gone' and I woke u1 early and rus"ed o!! to sc"ool to study in t"e li;rary ;e!ore classes ;egan.

3$ Coul* %ar*ly /lin!3

As I sat t"ere' not even t"inking a;out t"e dream' a small grou1 o! students walked over to my ta;le. I recogni?ed t"em immediately. &"ey were t"e ones w"o "ad ;een 1estering me wit" all o! t"is " esus" talk. &"ey asked me to >oin in t"eir morning 1rayer meeting. &"e room was >ust o!! t"e li;rary. I t"oug"t' ",ell' IDll get t"em o!! my ;ack. 8ne little 1rayer meeting isnDt going to "urt me." I said' "All rig"t'" and t"ey walked wit" me into t"e room. It was a small grou1' >ust twelve or !i!teen kids. And my c"air was rig"t in t"e middle. All o! a sudden t"e entire grou1 li!ted t"eir "ands and ;egan to 1ray in some !unny !oreign language. I didnDt even close my eyes. I could "ardly ;link. /ere were students seventeen' eig"teen' nineteen years oldBkids I "ad known in classB1raising :od wit" unintelligi;le sounds. I "ad never "eard o! s1eaking in tongues' and I was dum;!ounded. &o t"ink t"at "ere was 2enny' in a 1u;lic sc"ool' on 1u;lic 1ro1erty' sitting in t"e middle o! a ;unc" o! ;a;;ling !anatics. It was almost more t"an I could com1re"end.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

I didnDt 1ray. I >ust watc"ed. ,"at "a11ened ne@t was more t"an I could ever "ave imagined. I was startled ;y a sudden urge to 1ray. 2ut I really didnDt know w"at to say. "/ail 6ary" seemed ina11ro1riate !or w"at I was !eeling. I "ad never ;een taug"t t"e "sinnerDs 1rayer"Bnot in all o! my religion classes. All I could remem;er o! my encounters wit" t"e " esus 1eo1le" was t"e 1"rase "YouDve got to meet esus." &"ose words seemed out o! 1lace to me ;ecause I t"oug"t I knew /im. It was an awkward moment. <o one was 1raying wit" me or even for me. Yet I was surrounded ;y t"e most intense s1iritual atmos1"ere I "ad ever !elt. ,as I a sinner? I didnDt t"ink so. I was >ust a good little Cat"olic ;oy' w"o 1rayed every nig"t and con!essed sin w"et"er I needed to or not. 2ut at t"at moment I closed my eyes and said !our words t"at c"anged my li!e !orever. Rig"t out loud I said' "Eord esus' come ;ack." I donDt know w"y I said it' ;ut t"atDs all t"at would come out o! my mout". I re1eated t"ose words again and again. "Eord esus' come ;ack. Eord esus' come ;ack." .id I t"ink /e "ad le!t my "ouse or de1arted !rom my li!e? I really did not know. 2ut t"e moment I uttered t"ose words a !eeling came over meBit took me ;ack to t"e num;ness I !elt at age eleven. It was less intense' ;ut I could !eel t"e voltage o! t"at same !orce. It went rig"t t"roug" me. ,"at I really !elt' t"oug"' was t"at t"is surge o! 1ower was cleansing meBinstantly' !rom t"e inside out. I !elt a;solutely clean' immaculate' and 1ure. 0uddenly I saw esus wit" my own eyes. It "a11ened in

;$!# J*;;* T! TH+ +N"S !; TH+ +*$TH


a moment o! time. &"ere "e was. esus.

)i"e 'inutes to Eight

&"e students around me couldnDt 1ossi;ly know w"at was taking 1lace in my li!e. &"ey were all 1raying. &"en' one ;y one' t"ey ;egan sli11ing out o! t"e room and on to t"eir classes. It was !ive minutes to eig"t oDclock in t"e morning. 2y t"is time I was >ust sitting t"ere crying. I didnDt know w"at to do or w"at to say. At t"e time I didnDt understand it' ;ut esus ;ecame as real to me as t"e !loor ;eneat" my !eet. I didnDt really 1ray' e@ce1t !or t"ose !our words. 2ut I knew ;eyond any dou;t t"at somet"ing e@traordinary "ad "a11ened t"at Fe;ruary morning. I was almost late !or "istory. It was one o! my !avorite su;>ectsG we were studying t"e C"inese Revolution. 2ut I couldnDt even "ear t"e teac"er. I donDt remem;er anyt"ing t"at was said. &"e !eeling t"at ;egan t"at morning would not leave me. #very time I closed my eyes' t"ere /e wasB esus. And w"en I o1ened my eyes' /e was still t"ere. &"e 1icture o! t"e EordDs !ace would not leave me. All day I was wi1ing t"e tears !rom my eyes. And t"e only t"ing I could say was' " esus' I love you .... esus' I love you." As I walked out o! t"e door o! t"e sc"ool and down t"e sidewalk to t"e corner' I looked at t"e window o! t"e li;rary. And t"e 1ieces ;egan to !all into 1lace. &"e angel. &"e dream. It all ;ecame real again. ,"at was :od trying to tell me? ,"at was "a11ening to 2enny?


"*radition, *radition"

walked into my ;edroom' and' as i! magneti?ed' I was drawn to t"at ;ig ;lack 2i;le. It was t"e only 2i;le in our "ome. 6om and .ad didnDt even "ave one. I "ad no idea w"ere it came !rom' ;ut it "ad ;een mine as long as I could remem;er. &"e 1ages "ad "ardly ;een turned since our arrival in Canada' ;ut now I 1rayed' "Eord' YouDve got to s"ow me w"at "as "a11ened to me today." I o1ened t"e 0cri1ture and ;egan to devour it like a starving man w"o "as >ust ;een given a loa! o! ;read. &"e /oly 01irit ;ecame my teac"er. I didnDt know it at t"e time' ;ut t"atDs e@actly w"at miraculously ;egan to "a11en. You see' t"e kids at t"e 1rayer meeting didnDt say' "<ow "ereDs w"at t"e 2i;le says." &"ey didnDt tell me anyt"ing. In !act' t"ey "ad no idea w"at "ad trans1ired during t"e 1ast twentyA!our "ours. And' o! course' I didnDt say a word to my 1arents. I ;egan ;y reading t"e :os1els. I !ound mysel! saying out loud' " esus' come into my "eart. *lease' Eord esus' come into my "eart." In 0cri1ture a!ter 0cri1ture I saw t"e 1lan o! salvation un!olding. It was as i! I "ad never read t"e 2i;le ;e!ore. 8"' my !riend' it was alive. &"e words ;u;;led !ort" !rom a s1ring' and I drank !reely !rom it.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

Finally' at t"ree or !our oDclock in t"e morning' wit" a =uiet 1eace t"at I "ad never known ;e!ore' I !ell aslee1.

&"e ne@t day at sc"ool I soug"t out t"ose "!anatics" and said' "/ey' IDd like you to take me to your c"urc"." &"ey told me a;out a weekly !ellows"i1 t"ey attended and o!!ered to take me >ust a cou1le o! days later. &"at &"ursday nig"t I !ound mysel! in "&"e Catacom;s." &"atDs w"at t"ey called it. &"e service was >ust like t"at morning 1rayer meeting at sc"oolB1eo1le "ad t"eir "ands li!ted' wors"i1ing t"e Eord. &"is time' t"oug"' I >oined rig"t in. " e"ova" ire"' my 1rovider' /is grace is su!!icient !or me'" t"ey sang over and over. I liked t"at song !rom t"e !irst time I "eard it and loved it even more w"en I !ound out it was written ;y t"e 1astorDs wi!e' 6erla ,atson. /er "us;and' 6erv' was t"e s"e1"erd o! t"is most unusual !lock. &"e Catacom;s was not a ty1ical c"urc". &"e 1eo1le w"o went t"ere were >ust an e@u;erant t"rong o! C"ristians t"at met every &"ursday nig"t in 0t. *aulDs Cat"edral' an Anglican c"urc" in downtown &oronto. &"ese were " esus 6ovement" days w"en t"e soAcalled ""i11ies" were getting saved !aster t"an t"ey could cut t"eir "air. Come to t"ink o! it' I "adnDt seen a ;ar;erDs c"air eit"er in =uite some time. I looked around. &"e 1lace was 1acked wit" kids >ust like me. You s"ould "ave seen it. &"ey were >um1ing u1 and down' dancing and making a >oy!ul noise ;e!ore t"e Eord. It was "ard !or me to ;elieve t"at a 1lace like t"at really e@isted. 2ut some"ow' !rom t"at very !irst nig"t' I !elt I ;elonged.

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


3Go 4+ (here3
At t"e conclusion o! t"e meeting' 6erv ,atson said' "I want all o! you w"o would like to make a 1u;lic con!ession o! your sin to ste1 !orward. ,eDre going to 1ray wit" you as you ask C"rist to come into your "eart." I ;egan to s"iver and s"ake. 2ut I t"oug"t' "I donDt t"ink I s"ould go down t"ere ;ecause IDm already saved." I knew t"e Eord took c"arge o! my li!e at !ive minutes to eig"t on 6onday morning. And t"is was &"ursday. You guessed it. ,it"in seconds I !ound mysel! walking down t"at aisle as !ast as I could. I didnDt =uite know w"y I did it. 2ut somet"ing inside was telling me' ":o u1 t"ere." It was at t"at moment' at a c"arismatic service in an Anglican c"urc"' t"at t"is good little Cat"olic !rom a :reek 8rt"odo@ "ome made a 1u;lic con!ession o! "is acce1tance o! C"rist. " esus'" I said' "IDm asking you to ;e t"e Eord o! my li!e." &"e /oly Eand couldnDt com1are wit" t"is. /ow muc" ;etter to ;e w"ere esus was, t"an w"ere "e used to ;e. &"at nig"t w"en I got "ome' I was so !illed wit" t"e 1resence o! t"e Eord' I decided to tell my mot"er w"at "ad "a11ened. HI didnDt "ave t"e courage to tell my dad.I "6ama' IDve got to s"are somet"ing wit" you'" I w"is1ered. "IDve ;een savedC" In a !las"' "er >aw was set. 0"e glared and said cris1ly' "0aved !rom w"at?" "&rust me'" I said. "YouDll understand." 8n Friday morning and all during t"e dayBat sc"ool' at t"e kiosk' everyw"ere I went' a 1icture ke1t !las"ing ;e!ore me. I saw mysel! 1reac"ing. It was unt"inka;le' ;ut I


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

couldnDt s"ake t"e image. I saw crowds o! 1eo1le. And t"ere I was' wearing a suit' my "air all trimmed and neat' 1reac"ing u1 a storm. &"at day I !ound 2o;' my "weird" !riend w"o "ad once 1lastered t"e kiosk walls wit" 0cri1ture. I s"ared >ust a little a;out w"at "ad "a11ened t"at week. And I told "im t"at I even saw mysel! 1reac"ing. "2o;'" I said' "all day long itDs ;een like t"is. I canDt s"ake t"e 1icture o! me s1eaking in "uge o1enAair rallies' in stadiums' in c"urc"es' in concert "alls." 2eginning to stutter' I told "im' "I see 1eo1le' as !ar as t"e eye can see? I must ;e losing my mindC ,"at do you t"ink it means?" "&"ere can only ;e one t"ing'" "e told me. ":od is 1re1aring you !or a great ministry. I t"ink itDs wonder!ul."

CAS( O4(
I didnDt get t"at kind o! encouragement at "ome. 8! course' I really couldnDt tell t"em w"at t"e Eord was doing. &"e situation was dread!ul.

%u0iliation an* Sha0e

6y entire !amily ;egan to "arass and ridicule me. It was "orri;le. I e@1ected it !rom my !at"er' ;ut not my mot"er. ,"en I was growing u1' s"e "ad s"owed so muc" a!!ection. 0o "ad my ;rot"ers and sisters. 2ut now t"ey treated me wit" disdainBlike an intruder w"o didnDt ;elong. "&raditionC &raditionC" says t"e song in ;iddler on the $oof6 I! an #asterner ;reaks tradition' "e "as committed an un1ardona;le sin. I dou;t t"at t"e ,est will ever truly understand its seriousness. /e ;rings "umiliation u1on "is !amily. And t"at canDt ;e !orgiven.

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


&"e !amily told me' "2enny' youDre ruining our !amily name." &"ey 1leaded wit" me not to dis"onor t"eir re1utation. 6y !at"er "ad ;een a mayorBand "e reminded me o! it. &"e !amily "name" was at stake. *lease understand me w"en I say t"is' ;ut :reek 8rt"odo@' and 1eo1le !rom ot"er #astern ""ig"" c"urc" orders' are 1er"a1s t"e most di!!icult 1eo1le to ;ring to a "1ersonal" C"ristianity. ,"en I ;ecame a ;ornAagain C"ristian' it was actually s"ame!ul to t"em. ,"y? 2ecause t"ey ;elieve t"ey are t"e real C"ristians. And t"ey "ave t"e "istorical documentation to 1rove it. &"ey "ave ;een C"ristians longer t"an anyone else. 2ut "ere is t"e 1ro;lem' and I "ave ;een raised wit" it. &"eir !ait" is long on !orm' ritual' and dogma' ;ut s"ort on :odDs anointing. &"e 1ower is missing. And as a result' t"ey "ave virtually no com1re"ension o! w"at it means to "ear !rom t"e Eord or to ;e "led ;y t"e 01irit." It ;ecame o;vious t"at i! I was to remain in my own "ome' I would "ave to close t"e door to conversations a;out C"rist. <ot"ing' "owever' could dam1en t"e !ire o! my new!ound !ait". I was like a glowing em;er t"at never sto11ed ;urning. #arly in t"e morning my ;ig 2i;le was o1en. &"e /oly 01irit continued to reveal t"e ,ord. 2ut t"at was not enoug". #very nig"t t"at I could "esca1e" t"e "ouse' I was in a c"urc" service' yout" !ellows"i1' or 1rayer meeting. And on &"ursday nig"ts I was ;ack at &"e Catacom;s. I can never erase !rom my memory t"e day I mentioned " esus" in our "ome. 6y !at"er walked over to me and sla11ed my !ace. I !elt t"e 1ain. <o' it wasnDt t"e erusalem


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

rock t"is time. It was a di!!erent kind o! 1ain. 2ut t"e "urt I !elt was !or my !amily. I loved t"em so muc" and agoni?ed !or t"eir salvation. Actually' it was my !ault. 6y daddy "ad warned me' "You mention t"e name o! esus >ust once again' and youDll wis" you "adnDt." /e snarled wit" "atred as "e t"reatened to kick me out o! t"e "ouse. I ;egan to tell my little sister' 6ary' a;out t"e Eord. 0ome"ow my dad !ound out a;out it' and "is anger ;oiled over again. /e !or;ade me to ever talk to "er a;out s1iritual t"ings.

(i0e for the Psychiatrist

#ven my ;rot"ers 1ersecuted me. &"ey called me every name under "eavenBand a !ew ;elow t"e eart". It went on !or suc" a long time. In my room I 1rayed' "Eord' will it ever end? ,ill t"ey ever come to know You?" It got to t"e 1lace w"ere t"ere wasnDt a mem;er o! my !amily I could talk to. I didnDt "ave to look u1 t"e de!inition o! ostraci<ed6 &"ey !lew my grandmot"er over !rom Israel >ust to tell me I was cra?y. "You are an em;arrassment to t"e !amily name'" s"e said. ".onDt you understand t"e s"ame youDre causing?" 6y !at"er made an a11ointment !or me to see a 1syc"iatrist. #vidently .ad t"oug"t I "ad lost my mind. And w"at was t"e doctorDs conclusion? "6ay;e your son is going t"roug" somet"ing. /eDll come out o! it." /is ne@t tactic was to get me a >o; t"at would kee1 me so ;usy t"at I wouldnDt "ave time !or t"is " esus." /e went to one o! "is !riends and said' "IDd like !or you to o!!er my son' 2enny' a >o;."

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


.addy drove me to "is 1lace and waited in t"e car w"ile I went in. &"e man was one o! t"e rudest' roug"est' most meanAs1irited men I "ad ever encountered. It was o;vious I couldnDt work !or suc" a 1erson. I got ;ack in t"e car and said' "Fat"er' I could never "ave "im !or a ;oss." I actually !elt sorry !or my dad t"at day. /e was at t"e end o! "is ro1e. /e said' "2enny' w"at do you want me to do !or you? &ell me w"at it is. IDll do anyt"ing you ask i! youDll >ust 1lease leave t"is esus o! yours." ".ad'" I said' "you can ask me anyt"ing you want' ;ut I would die ;e!ore IDd give u1 w"at IDve !ound." It was an ugly scene. /e turned !rom a !riendly !at"er into a sarcastic stranger. All "e "ad to o!!er was anot"er torrent o! "ate' anot"er tongueAlas"ing. For t"e ne@t yearBnearly twoBmy !at"er and I "ad almost no communication. At t"e dinner ta;le "e wouldnDt look at me. I was totally ignored. It !inally ;ecame un;eara;le even to sit down and watc" t"e evening news wit" my !amily. 0o w"at did I do? I stayed in my room. 2ut looking ;ack on it' I can see t"at t"e Eord knew e@actly w"at /e was doing. I s1ent "undreds o! "oursBt"ousandsBalone wit" :od. 6y 2i;le was always o1en. I 1rayed. I studied. I wors"i1ed. I !easted on "eavenly manna t"at I would need in t"e years to come.

3$ 'ust Obey the Lor*3

:etting to c"urc" was a gigantic 1ro;lem. /ow I longed to go' ;ut my !at"er said' "A;solutely notC" time and time again. In !act' t"ose were 1ractically t"e only conversations we "adBarguments a;out t"e "ouse o! t"e Eord.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

#asterners consider it unt"inka;le to diso;ey 1arents. 2ut now I was nearly twentyAone. And I vividly recall t"e nig"t I summoned t"e ;oldness to tell my !at"er' "IDll o;ey you on anyt"ing you want' ;ut on t"e matter o! going to c"urc" I will not o;ey you. I must obey the Lord9( /e was stunned. YouDd "ave t"oug"t someone "ad s"ot "im. And "e seemed to ;ristle even more. 8ut o! res1ect' I did my ;est to ;e o;edient. IDd ask "im' "Can I go to t"e meeting tonig"t?" /eDd say no' and I would go to my room and 1ray' "*lease' Eord' 1lease c"ange "is mind." &"en IDd go ;ack downstairs and ask again. "Can I go?" "<o'" "eDd growl. And ;ack u1 IDd go. Eittle ;y little' "e ;egan to give in. /e knew it was a losing ;attle. &"e Catacom;s rented anot"er ;uilding !or services on 0unday' and I was rig"t t"ere. 2i;le studies were on &uesday and Friday' and a yout" meeting on 0aturday nig"t. &"ese meetings ;ecame my w"ole li!e. In t"e two years a!ter my conversion' my s1iritual growt" was like a rocketDs moving into or;it. 2y t"e end o! 13$% 6erv and 6erla ,atson were inviting me to >oin t"em on t"e 1lat!orm to "el1 lead in wors"i1 and singing. 2ut I couldnDt s1eak in 1u;lic. im *oynter' t"e s1iritA!illed Free 6et"odist 1astor' "ad seen me t"ere. And one day "e sto11ed ;y t"e kiosk at t"e mall >ust to talk a;out t"e t"ings o! t"e Eord. &"atDs w"en "e invited me to go wit" "im to t"e Ku"lman meeting in *itts;urg". 6y 1ersonal encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit a!ter t"at meeting was awesome. 2ut it took a !ew days !or me to reali?e t"e dimensions o! :odDs revelation to me.

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


A;out t"is same time I c"anged >o;s. I acce1ted a 1osition as a !iling clerk !or t"e Cat"olic sc"ool ;oard in &oronto. IDm sure t"ey wondered a;out me at times. I "ad a smile on my !ace >ust t"inking a;out w"at :od was doing in my li!e. &"e minute my work was !inis"ed' I went "ome and rus"ed u1stairs and >ust started talking to /im. "8"' /oly 01irit' IDm so glad to ;e ;ack "ere alone wit" you." Yes' /e was always wit" me' ;ut my ;edroom ;ecame a very sacred' s1ecial 1lace. 0ometimes' w"en I wasnDt working I stayed "ome all day >ust "aving a 1ersonal communion wit" /im. ,"at was I doing? /aving fellowship6 Fellows"i1 wit" t"e 01irit. And w"en I wasnDt at work or in my room' I tried to get to c"urc". 2ut I didnDt tell anyone w"at was "a11ening to me. ,"en I le!t t"e "ouse in t"e morning' /e le!t wit" me. I actually !elt someone ;eside me. 8n a ;us IDd !eel t"e urge to start talking wit" /im' ;ut I didnDt want 1eo1le to t"ink I was cra?y. #ven at work' t"ere were times w"en I w"is1ered t"ings to /im. At lunc"' /e was my com1anion. 2ut day a!ter day' w"en I got "ome' I "o11ed u1 t"ose stairs' locked t"e door to my room' and said' "<ow we are alone." And my s1iritual >ourney continued.

Anointing in the Car

Eet me e@1lain t"at many times I wasnDt aware o! /is 1resence. I knew /e was wit" me' ;ut I ;ecame so accustomed to /im t"at I did not !eel t"e electricity o! t"ose s1ecial times. 2ut ot"er 1eo1le !elt it. 6any times w"en my !riends came to see me' t"ey ;egan wee1ing ;ecause o! t"e 1resence o! t"e /oly 01irit.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

8nce im *oynter called to say' "I want to 1ick you u1 and take you to a 6et"odist c"urc" w"ere IDm singing. You can sing wit" me i! youDd like." I wasnDt really a singer' ;ut I "el1ed "im out once in a w"ile. &"at a!ternoon I was once again lost in t"e anointing o! :odDs s1irit. &"en I "eard im "onking t"e "orn. As I ran down t"e stairs and to t"e car' I actually !elt t"e EordDs 1resence running wit" me. &"e moment I >um1ed into t"e !ront seat and s"ut t"e door' im ;egan to wee1. /e ;egan to sing t"at c"orus' Hallelu=ah9 Hallelu=ah9 /e turned to me and said' "2enny' I can !eel t"e /oly 01irit in t"is car." "8! course /is 1resence is in t"is car'" I said. ","ere else would it ;e?" &o me it "ad ;ecome t"e norm. 2ut im could "ardly drive. /e continued to wee1 ;e!ore t"e Eord. 8nce' my mot"er was cleaning t"e "allway w"ile I was in my room talking wit" t"e /oly 01irit. ,"en I came out' s"e was t"rown rig"t ;ack. 0omet"ing "ad knocked "er against t"e wall. I said' ","atDs wrong wit" you' 6ama?" 0"e answered' "I donDt know." ,ell' t"e 1resence o! t"e Eord almost knocked "er down. 6y ;rot"ers will tell you o! t"e times t"ey came near me and didnDt know w"at was "a11eningB;ut t"ey !elt somet"ing unusual. As time went on I lost my desire >ust to go out wit" t"e young 1eo1le at c"urc" to "ave !un. I >ust wanted to ;e wit" t"e Eord. 0o o!ten I said' "Eord' IDd rat"er "ave t"is t"an anyt"ing t"e world can o!!er." &"ey could "ave t"eir games' t"eir entertainment' t"eir !oot;allBI >ust didnDt need it. ","at I want is w"at I "ave rig"t now'" I told t"e Eord. ","atever it is' donDt let it =uit." I ;egan to understand

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


more !ully *aulDs desire !or "t"e !ellows"i1 o! t"e /oly 01irit."

%enry, 'ary, Sa00y, an* Willie

<ow' even mem;ers o! my !amily were asking =uestions. &"e 01irit o! t"e Eord so 1ermeated our "ome' t"at my ;rot"ers and sisters ;egan to develo1 a s1iritual "unger. 8ne ;y one' t"ey came to me and ;egan to ask =uestions. &"eyDd say' "2enny' IDve ;een watc"ing you. &"is esus is real' isnDt /e?" 6y sister 6ary gave "er "eart to t"e Eord. And wit"in t"e ne@t !ew mont"s my little ;rot"er 0ammy got saved. &"en came ,illie. All I could do was to s"out' "/allelu>a"C" It was "a11eningBand I "ad not even ;egun to 1reac". 2y t"is time my !at"er was nearly ready !or an asylum. ,as "e losing "is w"ole !amily to t"is esus? /e didnDt know "ow to "andle it. 2ut t"ere was no =uestion t"at my mom and dad could see t"e trans!ormation t"at "ad already taken 1lace in me' in two o! my ;rot"ers' and in 6ary. ,"en I !irst gave my li!e to t"e Eord' I "ad some wonder!ul encounters wit" /im. 2ut t"ese were not"ing com1ared wit" my daily walk wit" t"e /oly 01irit. <ow t"e Eord really visited my room. &"e glory would !ill t"at 1lace. 0ome days IDd ;e on my knees wors"i1ing t"e Eord !or eig"t' nine' or ten "ours straig"t. &"e year o! 13$( unleas"ed a neverAending !low o! :odDs 1ower on my li!e. IDd >ust say ":ood morning' /oly 01irit'" and it would start all over again. &"e glory o! t"e Eord stayed wit" me.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

8ne day in A1ril I t"oug"t' "&"ere must ;e a reason !or it." I asked' "Eord' w"y are you doing all o! t"is !or me?" I knew t"at :od doesnDt give 1eo1le s1iritual 1icnics !orever. &"en as I ;egan to 1ray' "ere is w"at :od revealed to me. I saw someone standing in !ront o! me. /e was totally in !lames' moving uncontrolla;lyG "is !eet were not touc"ing t"e ground. &"e mout" o! t"is ;eing was o1ening and closingBlike w"at t"e ,ord descri;es as "gnas"ing o! teet"." At t"at moment t"e Eord s1oke to me in an audi;le voice. /e said' "*reac" t"e gos1el." 6y res1onse' o! course' was' "2ut Lord, I canDt talk." &wo nig"ts later t"e Eord gave me a second dream. I saw an angel. /e "ad a c"ain in "is "and' attac"ed to a door t"at seemed to !ill t"e w"ole "eaven. /e 1ulled it o1en' and t"ere were 1eo1le as !ar as t"e eye could see. 0ouls. &"ey were all moving toward a large' dee1 valleyBand t"e valley was a roaring in!erno o! !ire. It was !rig"tening. I saw t"ousands o! 1eo1le !alling into t"at !ire. &"ose on t"e !ront lines were trying to !ig"t it' ;ut t"e crus" o! "umanity ;e"ind t"em 1us"ed t"em into t"e !lames. Again' t"e Eord s1oke to me. -ery clearly /e said' "I! you do not 1reac"' everyone w"o !alls will ;e your res1onsi;ility." I knew instantly t"at everyt"ing t"at "a11ened in my li!e was !or one 1ur1oseBto 1reac" t"e gos1el.

$t %a++ene* in Osha2a
&"e !ellows"i1 continued. &"e glory continued. &"e 1resence o! t"e Eord did not de1artG it actually intensi!ied. &"e ,ord ;ecame more real. 6y 1rayer li!e ;ecame more

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


1ower!ul. Finally' in <ovem;er 13$( I couldnDt avoid t"e su;>ect any longer. I said to t"e Eord' "I will 1reac" t"e gos1el on one conditionF t"at you will ;e wit" me in every service." And t"en I reminded /im' "Eord' you know t"at I canDt talk." I worried continually a;out my s1eec" 1ro;lem and t"e !act t"at I was going to em;arrass mysel!. It was im1ossi;le' "owever' to erase !rom my mind t"e 1icture o! a ;urning man and t"e sound o! t"e Eord saying' "I! you do not 1reac"' everyone w"o !alls will ;e your res1onsi;ility." I t"oug"t' "I must ;egin to 1reac"." 2ut wouldnDt 1assing out little tracts ;e good enoug"? &"en one a!ternoon' t"e !irst week o! .ecem;er' I was sitting in t"e "ome o! 0tan and 0"irley *"illi1s in 8s"awa' a;out t"irty miles east o! &oronto. "Can I tell you somet"ing?" I asked. <ever ;e!ore "ad I !elt led to tell anyone t"e !ull story a;out my e@1eriences' dreams' and visions. For nearly t"ree "ours' I 1oured out my "eart a;out t"ings only t"e Eord and I knew a;out. 2e!ore I "ad !inis"ed' 0tanley sto11ed me and said' "2enny' tonig"t you must come to our c"urc" and s"are t"is." &"ey "ad a !ellows"i1 called 0"iloBa;out a "undred 1eo1le at t"e &rinity Assem;ly o! :od in 8s"awa. I wis" you could "ave seen me. 6y "air was down to my s"oulders' and I "adnDt dressed !or c"urc" ;ecause t"e invitation "ad ;een totally une@1ected. 2ut on .ecem;er $' 13$(' 0tan introduced me to t"e grou1' and !or t"e !irst time in my li!e I stood ;e"ind a 1ul1it to 1reac". &"e instant I o1ened my mout"' I !elt somet"ing touc"


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

my tongue and loosen it. It !elt like a little num;ness' and I ;egan to 1roclaim :odDs ,ord wit" a;solute !luency. /ereDs w"at was ama?ing. :od didnDt "eal me w"en I was sitting in t"e audience. /e didnDt "eal me w"en I was walking u1 to t"e 1lat!orm. /e didnDt "eal me w"en I stood ;e"ind t"e 1ul1it. :od 1er!ormed t"e miracle w"en I o1ened my mout". ,"en my tongue loosened' I said' "&"atDs itC" &"e stuttering was gone. All o! it. And it "as never returned. <ow my 1arents didnDt know I was "ealed ;ecause we "ad so little communication around t"e "ouse. And' o! course' t"ere "ad always ;een times w"en I could s1eak wit"out a noticea;le 1ro;lem !or a s"ort timeB ;e!ore somet"ing set t"e stuttering o!! again. 2ut I knew I was "ealed. And my ministry ;egan to mus"room. It seemed as i! every day I was invited to a c"urc" or !ellows"i1 grou1 to minister. I !elt in t"e 1er!ect center o! :odDs ,ill.

3$'0 Going to Die3

For t"e ne@t !ive mont"s I was a 1reac"er' ;ut my mot"er and !at"er "ad no inkling. Kee1ing it =uiet !or so long was a miracle in itsel!. 6y ;rot"ers knew' ;ut t"ey didnDt dare tell .ad ;ecause t"ey knew it would ;e t"e end o! 2enny. In t"e Toronto Star in A1ril 13$)' a news1a1er ad wit" my 1icture in it a11eared. I was 1reac"ing at a little 1entecostal c"urc" on t"e west side o! town' and t"e 1astor wanted to attract some visitors. It worked. Costandi and Clemence saw t"e ad. I was sitting on t"e 1lat!orm t"at 0unday nig"t. .uring

(T$*"%T%!N, T$*"%T%!N(


t"e song service I looked u1 and could "ardly ;elieve my eyes. &"ere were my mot"er and my !at"er ;eing us"ered to a seat >ust a !ew rows in !ront o! t"e 1lat!orm. I t"oug"t' "&"is is it. IDm going to die." 6y good !riend im *oynter was seated on t"e 1lat!orm ne@t to me. I turned to "im and said' "*ray' imC *rayC" /e was s"ocked w"en I told "im 6ot"er and .ad were t"ere. A t"ousand t"oug"ts !las"ed t"roug" my mind' not t"e least o! w"ic" was' "Eord' IDll know IDm really "ealed i! I donDt stutter tonig"t." I canDt remem;er anot"er time t"at I was so nervous during a service and an@iety always made me stutter. As I ;egan to 1reac"' t"e 1ower o! :odDs 1resence ;egan to !low t"roug" me' ;ut I couldnDt ;ring mysel! to look in t"e direction o! my 1arentsBnot even !or a !leeting glance. All I knew was t"at my concern a;out stuttering was needless. ,"en :od "ealed me' t"e "ealing was 1ermanent. &oward t"e end o! t"e service I ;egan 1raying !or t"ose w"o needed a "ealing. 8"' t"e 1ower o! :od !illed t"at 1lace. As t"e meeting was ending' my 1arents got u1 and walked out t"e ;ack door. A!ter t"e service I said to im' "YouDve got to 1ray. .o you reali?e t"at in t"e ne@t !ew "ours my destiny will ;e decided? I may "ave to slee1 at your "ouse tonig"t." &"at nig"t I drove aimlessly around &oronto. I wanted to wait until at least two in t"e morning to get "ome. 2y t"at time I knew my 1arents would ;e in ;ed. I really didnDt want to !ace t"em.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

2ut more a;out t"at later.


,erson to ,erson

re you ready to meet t"e /oly 01irit intimately and 1ersonally? .o you want to "ear "is voice? Are you 1re1ared to know "im as a 1erson? &"atDs e@actly w"at "a11ened to me' and it drastically trans!ormed my li!e. It was an intensely 1ersonal e@1erience' and it was ;ased on :odDs ,ord. You may ask' ",as it t"e result o! a systematic 2i;le study?" <o' it "a11ened w"en I invited t"e /oly 01irit to ;e my 1ersonal !riend. &o ;e my constant guide. &o take me ;y t"e "and and lead me "into all trut"." ,"at He will uncover and reveal to you in 0cri1ture will make your study o! t"e 2i;le come alive. ,"at I am a;out to s"are wit" you ;egan t"e moment t"e /oly 01irit entered my room in .ecem;er 13$%' and it "as never sto11ed. /ere is t"e only di!!erenceF I >now Him infinitely better today than % did when we first met6 EetDs start wit" t"e ;asics. &"e /oly 01irit c"anged my li!e. /e was wit" me !rom t"e moment I asked C"rist to come into my "eart and ;ecame ;orn again. &"en came t"e time w"en I received t"e ;a1tism o! t"e /oly 01irit. I was "!illed" wit" t"e 01irit. I s1oke in tongues. /e im1arted /is 1resence and /is gi!ts. 0o many C"ristians "ave received t"at same e@1erience and sto1


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

rig"t t"ere. &"ey !ail to reali?e t"at w"at "a11ened at *entecost was only one o! t"e gi!ts o! t"e 01irit. 2ut w"at I want you to know is t"isF ;eyond salvation' ;eyond ;eing ;a1ti?ed in water' ;eyond t"e in!illing o! t"e 01irit' t"e "t"ird *erson o! t"e &rinity" is waiting !or you to meet /im 1ersonally. /e yearns !or a li!elong relations"i1. And t"at is w"at you are a;out to discover.

I! you "ad dialed my tele1"one num;er two years ago and we got ac=uainted ;y 1"one and i! we "ad continued our conversations ;ut "ad never met' w"at would you really know a;out me? You say' "IDd know t"e sound o! your voice as it comes t"roug" t"e 1"one." And t"at would ;e >ust a;out it. You wouldnDt recogni?e me i! you saw me on t"e street. 2ut t"en t"e day comes w"en we meet !ace to !ace. All o! a sudden you reac" out to s"ake my "and. You see w"at I look like' t"e color o! my "air and eyes' w"at kind o! clot"es I wear. *er"a1s we go out !or a meal' and you learn w"et"er I like co!!ee or tea. You learn volumes a;out 1eo1le w"en you meet t"em in 1erson.

En* of the Struggle

,"en t"e /oly 01irit and I met' t"at is w"at ;egan to "a11en. I ;egan to discover t"ings a;out /is 1ersonality t"at c"anged me as a C"ristian. 0alvation trans!ormed me as a 1erson. 2ut t"e 01irit "ad a tremendous e!!ect on my C"ristian walk. As I ;egan to know t"e /oly 01irit' I ;ecame sensitive to /im and learned w"at grieves /imBand w"at 1leases

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


/im. ,"at /e likes' w"at /e doesnDt like. ,"at gets /im angry and w"at makes /im "a11y. I came to understand t"at t"e 2i;le itsel! was written ;y t"e /oly 01irit. /e used men !rom all walks o! li!e' ;ut every one o! t"em was led ;y t"e 01irit. For so long I struggled to understand t"e 2i;le. &"en came t"e day t"at I looked u1 and said' ",onder!ul /oly 01irit. ,ould you 1lease tell me w"at you mean ;y t"is?" And /e s1oke. /e revealed t"e ,ord to me. &"e Eord used a Kat"ryn Ku"lman meeting to 1re1are me !or w"at was a;out to "a11en. 2ut never once did 6iss Ku"lman sit wit" me and tell me a;out t"e /oly 01irit. #veryt"ing I learned was !rom /im. And t"atDs w"y itDs !res"' w"y itDs new' and w"y itDs mine6 ,"en I returned "ome !rom t"at meeting in *itts;urg"' I !ell to my knees. I was "onest and trans1arent w"en I said' "*recious /oly 01irit' I want to know you." I will never !orget "ow nervous I was. 2ut !rom t"at day I "ave grown to know "im like a ;rot"er. &ruly' /e is a mem;er o! t"e !amily.

W%O %E $S
You ask' ","o is t"e /oly 01irit?" I want you to know /e is t"e most ;eauti!ul' most 1recious' loveliest 1erson on t"e eart". :od t"e 0on is not on t"e eart". &"ey are ;ot" in "eaven t"is very second. ,"o is on eart"? od the Holy Spirit6 For :od t"e Fat"er came to do /is work t"roug" t"e 0on w"o was resurrected. ,"en :od t"e 0on de1arted' :od t"e /oly 01irit came' and /e is still "ere doing /is work. &"ink a;out it. ,"en :od t"e 0on le!t' "e would not even take o"n and *eter wit" /im. /e said' "Eittle


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

c"ildren' I s"all ;e wit" you a little w"ile longer. You will seek 6eG and as I said to t"e ews' D,"ere I am going' you cannot comeD . . . " H o"n 1%F%%I. 2ut w"en :od t"e /oly 01irit leaves' w"ic" many ;elieve is going to "a11en very soon' /eDs going to take t"e redeemed o! t"e Eord wit" /im. It is called t"e Ra1ture. ,e will ;e caug"t u1 wit" /im to meet t"e Eord in t"e air. ,"o is t"is /oly 01irit? I t"oug"t at one time /e was like a va1or' somet"ing !loating around t"at I could never really know. I learned t"at /e is not only real' ;ut t"at /e "as a 1ersonality.

What's on the $nsi*e#

,"at makes me a 1erson? Is it my 1"ysical ;ody? I t"ink not. IDm sure you "ave ;een to a !uneral and "ave seen a ;ody lying in a casket. Are you looking at a 1erson? <oC You are looking at a dead ;ody. You must reali?e t"at w"at makes a 1erson is not t"e ;ody. Instead' t"e 1erson is w"at comes out o! t"e ;ody. #motions. ,ill. Intellect. Feelings. &"ese are >ust a !ew o! t"e c"aracteristics t"at make you a 1erson and give you a 1ersonality. *eo1le w"o watc" me 1reac" are not looking at 2enny /inn. &"ey are only seeing my ;ody. I am inside my 1"ysical ;ody. It is t"e 1erson inside w"o is im1ortant. &"e /oly 01irit is a 1erson. And >ust like you' /e can !eel' 1erceive' and res1ond. /e gets "urt. /e "as t"e a;ility to love and t"e a;ility to "ate. /e s1eaks' and /e "as /is own will. 2ut e@actly w"o is /e? The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of od the ;ather and the Spirit of od the Son6 /e is t"e 1ower o! t"e :od"eadBt"e 1ower o! t"e &rinity.

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


,"at is "is >o;? &"e task o! t"e 01irit is to ;ring into ;eing t"e commandment o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 1er!ormance o! t"e 0on. &o understand t"e >o; o! t"e /oly 01irit we need to understand t"e work o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. od the ;ather is the one who gives the command6 /e "as always ;een t"e one w"o says' "Eet t"ere ;e." From t"e ;eginning' it "as ;een :od w"o gives t"e orders. 8n t"e ot"er "and' it is od the Son who performs the commands of the ;ather6 ,"en :od t"e Fat"er said' "Eet t"ere ;e lig"t'" :od t"e 0on came and 1er!ormed it. &"en' :od t"e /oly 01irit brought t"e lig"t. Eet me illustrate it t"is way. I! I asked you' "*lease turn on t"e lig"t'" t"ree !orces would ;e involved. First' I would ;e t"e one w"o gave t"e command. 0econd' you would ;e t"e one w"o walks to t"e switc" and !li1s it. In ot"er words' you are t"e 1er!ormer o! t"e command. 2ut !inally' w"o ;rings on t"e lig"t? It is not me' and it is not you. It is t"e 1owerBt"e electricityBt"at 1roduces lig"t. &"e /oly 01irit is t"e 1ower o! :od. /e is t"e 1ower o! t"e Fat"er and o! t"e 0on. /e is t"e one w"o ;rings into action t"e 1er!ormance o! t"e 0on. Yet /e is a 1erson. /e "as emotions w"ic" are e@1ressed in a way uni=ue among t"e &rinity. IDve ;een asked' "2enny' arenDt you !orgetting t"e im1ortance o! C"rist in all o! t"is?" <everC /ow could I !orget t"e one w"o loved and died !or me? 2ut some 1eo1le are so !ocused on t"e 0on t"at t"ey !orget t"e Fat"erBt"e one w"o loved t"em and sent /is 0on. I cannot !orget t"e Fat"er nor t"e 0on. 2ut I cannot be in touch with the ;ather and the Son without the Holy Spirit Hsee #1". 2F15I.



!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

.uring one o! my !irst encounters wit" t"e /oly 01irit I "ad an e@1erience t"at moved me to tears. ust as sim1ly as I am talking to you' I asked /im' ","at am I su11osed to do wit" You? ,ould you 1lease tell me w"at YouDre like?" /onestly' I was like a little c"ild trying to learn. And I !elt t"at /e would not ;e angry wit" my "onest =uestions.

(he )ello2shi+ 'eeting

/ereDs t"e answer t"e /oly 01irit gaveF "I am t"e one w"o !ellows"i1s wit" you." And like t"e sna1 o! a !inger' t"at verse !las"ed ;e!ore meF "&"e grace o! t"e Eord esus C"rist' and t"e love o! :od' and t"e communion o! t"e /oly 01irit ;e wit" you all" H2 Cor. 1%F1(I. I t"oug"t' "&"atDs itC &"e /oly 01irit is t"e one w"o communes' w"o !ellows"i1s wit" me." &"en I asked' "/ow can I !ellows"i1 wit" You' ;ut not wit" t"e 0on?" And /e res1onded' "&"at is e@actly as it s"ould ;e. I am "ere to "el1 you in your 1rayers to t"e Fat"er. And I am "ere to "el1 you 1ray to t"e 0on." Immediately' my entire a11roac" to 1rayer c"anged. It was as i! I "ad ;een "anded a golden key t"at unlocked t"e gates o! "eaven. From t"at moment on' I "ad a 1ersonal !riend w"o "el1ed me s1eak to t"e Fat"er in esusD name. /e literally guided me to my knees and made it easy to communicate wit" t"e Fat"er. ,"at a !ellows"i1C &"at is w"at t"e /oly 01irit longs !orByour fellowship9 Eet me e@1lain. &"ere are no re=uests or 1etitions in !ellows"i1 as t"ere are in 1rayer. I! I asked' ",ould you 1lease ;ring me some !ood?" &"atDs a re=uest. 2ut !ellows"i1 is muc" more 1ersonal. "/ow are you today? EetDs "ave ;reak!ast toget"erC" &"atDs !ellows"i1. Remem;er' t"ere are no sel!is" re=uests in !ellows"i1B

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


>ust !riends"i1' love' and communion. &"atDs "ow it was wit" me. I ;egan to wait !or t"e /oly 01irit ;e!ore I 1rayed. I would say "*recious /oly 01irit' would you now come and "el1 me to 1ray?" &"e 2i;le says' "Eikewise t"e 01irit also "el1s in our weaknesses. For we do not know w"at we s"ould 1ray !or as we oug"t' ;ut t"e 01irit /imsel! makes intercession !or us wit" groanings w"ic" cannot ;e uttered. <ow /e w"o searc"es t"e "earts knows w"at t"e mind o! t"e 01irit is' ;ecause /e makes intercession !or t"e saints according to t"e will o! :od" HRom. 5F2+A2$I. ,"en we donDt know w"at to say /e comes to our aid. And "ere is t"e ne@t 1rinci1le I learned. The Holy Spirit is the only teacher of the ?ible6 "<ow we "ave received' not t"e s1irit o! t"e world' ;ut t"e 01irit w"o is !rom :od' t"at we mig"t know t"e t"ings t"at "ave ;een !reely given to us ;y :od. &"ese t"ings we also s1eak' not in words w"ic" manDs wisdom teac"es ;ut w"ic" t"e /oly 01irit teac"es' com1aring s1iritual t"ings wit" s1iritual" H1 Cor. 2F12A1%I.

ACCO'PA $ED /5 (%E SP$R$(

From my !irst encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit' I ;egan to know t"at /e was t"e great teac"erBt"e one w"o would lead me "into all trut"." &"at is w"y I asked /im' ",ould you 1lease tell me w"at t"is 0cri1ture means?" 2ut I still wanted to know' ","o are You? And w"y are You so di!!erent?" I would say' "IDd like to know w"at You are like."

Gentle yet Po2erful

/ere is w"at I saw. ,"at /e revealed to me was a mig"ty 1erson and a c"ildlike 1erson at t"e same time. /e said to me' ","en you "urt a c"ild "e will stay away !rom


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

youG w"en you love a c"ild' "e will ;e very close to you." And t"at is "ow I ;egan to a11roac" /im. I !elt t"at /e was gentle' and yet /e is mig"ty and 1ower!ul. Eike a c"ild' "owever' /e wants to stay ever so close to t"ose w"o love /im. /ave you ever seen a little ;oy or a little girl tugging at 6ot"erDs skirt or Fat"erDs trousers? ,"erever t"e 1arents go' t"e kids "ang on and !ollow t"em. ItDs a sure sign t"at t"e kids are loved and cared !or. &"atDs t"e way it is wit" t"e /oly 01irit. /e stays close to t"ose w"o love /im. /ow was it 1ossi;le t"at t"e great evangelist C"arles Finney could 1reac" t"e gos1el and 1eo1le would ;e "slain under t"e 1ower'" con!essing t"eir sins? ,"at was t"e 1ower t"at !ell w"en o"n ,esley stood on t"e tom;stones and o1ened "is mout" to 1reac"? It was t"e 1erson o! t"e /oly 01irit t"at accompanied t"eir ministry. In <ew York City' Kat"ryn Ku"lman "ad >ust !inis"ed 1reac"ing at a Full :os1el 2usiness 6enDs convention. 0"e was taken t"roug" t"e kitc"en to an elevator to avoid t"e crowd. &"e cooks "ad no idea a meeting was going on and "ad never "eard o! 6iss Ku"lman. In t"eir w"ite "ats and a1rons' t"e cooks didnDt even know s"e was walking ;y' and t"e ne@t t"ing you know t"ey were !lat on t"e !loor. ,"y? Kat"ryn didnDt 1ray !or t"emG s"e >ust walked. ,"at "a11ened? ,"en s"e le!t t"e meeting it seemed as t"oug" t"e 1ower o! /is 1resence attended "er. ,"o is t"e /oly 01irit? He is the power of the Lord6 &"at 1ower ;ecame most evident to me w"en I ;egan 1raying in my roomBall alone. .ay a!ter day' "our a!ter "our' I li!ted my "ands and said' "*recious /oly 01irit' would You come now and >ust talk to me?" ,"ere else could I turn? 6y !amily was against me. 6y !riends were !ew. 8nly /im. 8nly t"e /oly 01irit.

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


&"ere were times w"en /e came in like a wind. Eike a !res" ;ree?e on a summer day. &"e >oy o! t"e Eord would !ill me until I could contain no more. As we talked I would say' "/oly 01irit' I love You and I long !or Your !ellows"i1." And I !ound out it was mutual. /e longed !or my !ellows"i1' too.

Su++er Can Wait6

8nce' in #ngland' I was staying in t"e "ome o! a C"ristian !amily. 6y room was at t"e very to1 o! t"e "ouse. 8ne evening I was lost in t"e 01irit' "aving t"e greatest time in t"e world talking to /im. &"e woman o! t"e "ouse called u1' "2enny' su11er is ready." 2ut I was ;u;;ling over and didnDt want to leave. 0"e called again' "0u11er is ready." And as I was a;out to leave' I !elt someone take my "and and say' "Five more minutes. ust !ive more minutes." &"e /oly 01irit longed !or my !ellows"i1. You ask' ","at did you talk a;out?" I asked /im =uestions. For e@am1le' one day I asked' "/ow can you ;e distinct !rom t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on?" And instantly /e s"owed me 0te1"en ;eing stoned and /e said to me' "0te1"en saw t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on and I was in "im." &"ree distinct individuals. &"e /oly 01irit was t"e one w"o gave 0te1"en t"e 1ower to endure t"e su!!ering. esus was t"e one waiting !or "is coming. And t"e Fat"er was t"e one w"o sat on t"e t"rone. You can read a;out it in Acts $F)(A)+. And t"e /oly 01irit s"owed me more. /e was t"e one w"o gave 6oses t"e 1ower to ;e t"e deliverer o! t"e c"ildren o! Israel.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/e was t"e 1ower in t"e li!e o! os"ua. /e was t"e !orce ;e"ind t"e wind t"at divided t"e Red 0ea. /e was t"e mig"ty 1ower t"at smas"ed t"e walls o! eric"o. /e was t"e energy ;e"ind .avidDs rock w"en :oliat" !ell. &"e /oly 01irit. /e was t"e !orce in t"e li!e o! 0amuel' in #li>a"Band in C"rist t"e Eord. esus was a total man' yet t"e 0cri1ture is clear t"at /e would not move wit"out t"e /oly 01irit. /e would not 1reac" wit"out t"e /oly 01irit. /e would not lay "is "ands on t"e sick wit"out t"e /oly 01irit. "&"e 01irit o! t"e E8R. is u1on 6e'" /e said' as /e ;egan /is ministry' ";ecause "e "as anointed 6e to 1reac" t"e gos1el. . . " HEuke (F15I. ,"at "a11ened w"en esus returned to t"e Fat"er? 0uddenly t"e disci1les were in suc" !ellows"i1 wit" t"e 01irit t"at t"eir entire voca;ulary c"anged. &"ey ;egan to say t"at "t"e /oly 01irit and us" were witnesses o! /is resurrection. /e ;ecame a 1art o! every action o! t"eir li!e. &"ey were in total !ellows"i1Bworking toget"er !or t"e 0on. ,"at was it in t"e li!e o! t"e A1ostle *aul t"at gave "im t"e 1ower to endure? And w"at was it in t"e li!e o! *eter t"at even "is s"adow would "eal t"e sick? It was t"e touc" o! t"e 01irit. .avid ,ilkerson s1eaks a;out going to see a woman o! :od named 6ot"er 2asilea 0c"link. /e said t"at t"e moment "e entered t"e room "e could !eel t"e 1resence o! t"e Eord. ,"y? 2ecause s"e loved t"e /oly 01irit. And t"ose w"o love /im know /is 1resence.

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


Do 5ou Recogni1e (hat Voice#

,"en esus was on t"e eart" and t"e disci1les "ad a 1ro;lem' to w"om did t"ey turn? &"ey went to t"e 0on and asked' ","at s"ould we do?" And /e instructed t"em. 2ut w"en C"rist returned to t"e Fat"er' t"ey were not le!t alone. esus said to t"em' "&"e /oly 01irit will guide you. /e will com!ort you. /e will counsel you and will remind you o! t"ings I "ave told you. /e will tell you a;out me." *eter and o"n were now saying' ",onder!ul /oly 01irit." *aul s1oke o! /is "!ellows"i1." A!ter *eter "ad "is vision on t"e roo!to1 o! 0imon t"e &annerDs "ome in o11a' "t"e 01irit said to "im . . . Dt"ree men are seeking you. Arise t"ere!ore' go down and go wit" t"em' dou;ting not"ingG !or I "ave sent t"emD" HActs 14F13A24I. *eter recogni?ed t"e voice o! t"e /oly 01irit. And t"at was t"e ;eginning o! t"e gos1el ;eing 1reac"ed to t"e gentiles. /ow was t"e #t"io1ian eunuc" converted? "&"e 01irit said to *"ili1' D:o near and overtake t"is c"ariotD" HActs 5F23I. 'hilip recogni<ed the voice of the Holy Spirit6 It wasnDt :od t"e Fat"er t"at s1oke to "imBnor :od t"e 0on. It was :od t"e /oly 01irit. /e is a 1erson wit" a will' and t"at moment /e was doing t"e work o! t"e Fat"er. I ;elieve t"e greatest sin against t"e /oly 01irit is grieving "im' w"ic" amounts to denying /is 1ower and 1resence. <ow"ere in 0cri1ture can you !ind t"e words ":rieve not :od t"e Fat"er" or ":rieve not :od t"e 0on." 2ut t"roug"out t"e 2i;le you !ind ":rieve not t"e 01irit." :od said to t"e c"ildren o! Israel in t"e wilderness' "You "ave ve@ed my Spirit6( /e didnDt say' "You "ave grieved me." :od t"e 0on looked at t"e *"arisees and said'


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

"anyone w"o s1eaks a word against t"e 0on o! 6an' it will ;e !orgiven "imG ;ut to "im w"o ;las1"emes against t"e /oly 01irit' it will not ;e !orgiven" HEuke 12F14I. &"e 1erson o! t"e /oly 01irit is distinct in t"e :od"ead. /e is tender. /e is sensitive. 2ut ;ecause esus gave /im to you and to me' /e is not going to leave us. &"e /oly 01irit is a gentleman. /e doesnDt enter your room until you invite /im. /e doesnDt sit down until you ask /im. And /e doesnDt s1eak to you until you s1eak to /im. /ow long will /e wait? Kntil you s1eak to /im. It could ;e mont"sBeven years. /e will >ust wait and wait and wait. 6y !riend' you will never know /is 1owerG you will never know /is 1resence until you go and sit ;eside /im and say' ",onder!ul /oly 01irit' tell me all a;out esus."

$ Coul* %ar*ly %ol* the Phone

A!ter !inis"ing a radio talk s"ow in Florida' t"e woman w"o interviewed me said' "2enny' IDve ;een a C"ristian !or a long time' ;ut somet"ing is missing in my li!e." ","at are you "ungry !or?" I asked. 0"e said' "I need t"e reality o! :od in my li!e." I asked "er i! s"e knew :od t"e /oly 01irit. "I know esus'" s"e said. "&"e /oly 01irit is a 1erson'" I told "er. "/ow would I !eel i! you were sitting "ere ignoring me? ,"en we meet' I e@1ect you to talk wit" me. And t"atDs t"e way it is wit" t"e /oly 01irit." "IDve never t"oug"t o! it t"at way'" s"e said.

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


","en you are alone tonig"t' talk to /im'" I said. "ItDs as sim1le as t"at." I knew s"e would !ind t"e reality s"e was seeking. ","at a;out esus?" s"e asked. I told "er' " ust sit t"ere and wait !or /imG /e is t"e one w"o glori!ies esus. <o' you are not !orgetting esus. A!ter all' it was C"rist t"at gave you t"e /oly 01irit. ust do w"at esus said." &"e ne@t day I received a 1"one call !rom t"e most e@cited talk s"ow "ost you could imagine. ".o you know w"at "a11ened to me last nig"t?" s"e asked' talking so !ast I "ad to slow "er down. "2enny' t"e /oly 01irit s1oke to me." ,"at s"e said made me tingle all over. I could "ardly "old t"e 1"one. 0"e ;egan to cry as s"e told me t"e /oly 01irit said to "er' "I "ave searc"ed t"e world over and t"ere is no one like esus." And s"e told me o! t"e words s"e "eardF "Come' Eord esus. Come' Eord esus." Immediately I was reminded o! t"e words' "&"e 01irit and t"e ;ride say' DComeD" HRev. 22F1$I. /ere is one o! t"e most im1ortant lessons I "ave learned. * person who >nows the presence of the Holy Spirit will always glorify and magnify Jesus6 ,"en you really know t"e 01irit' you will glori!y esus C"rist t"e 0on o! :od ;ecause t"e /oly 01irit wit"in you will glori!y :od t"e 0on. ItDs automatic. 8nly esus is glori!ied in a li!e t"atDs !illed wit" t"e 01irit. #very action o! your li!e re!lects w"at you !ill your li!e wit". I! you !ill your li!e wit" news1a1ers' you will s1eak news. I! you watc" soa1 o1eras' you will s1eak soa1 o1eras. 2ut i! you are !illed wit" t"e 01irit and you a;sor;


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

yoursel! in /is 1resence' you will seek esus and glori!y no one ;ut esus. I! :od t"e Fat"er and :od t"e 0on demonstrated t"eir love !or t"e /oly 01irit' "ow can we do less? :od loved /im so muc" t"at /e c"astised t"e c"ildren o! Israel !or t"eir diso;edienceF "2ut t"ey re;elled and grieved /is /oly 01iritG L0o /e turned /imsel! against t"em as an enemy" HIsa. +%F14I. :od would not allow a sacri!ice nor even t"e 1rayers o! 6oses to su11ly !orgiveness !or sinning against t"e /oly 01irit.

(he %igh Cost of Lying

&"e e@1erience o! Ananias and 0a11"ira makes clear w"at will "a11en to 1eo1le w"o disregard t"e 01irit. &"e cou1le sold a 1iece o! 1ro1erty and only gave a small 1ortion o! w"at ;elonged to :od. *eter said' "Ananias' w"y "as 0atan !illed your "eart to lie to t"e /oly 01irit?" HActs )F%I. Ananias died instantly. A !ew "ours later "is wi!e rus"ed u1 and *eter asked' "&ell me' is t"is t"e 1rice you and Ananias got !or t"e land?" "Yes'" s"e said' "t"at is t"e 1rice." *eter said to "er' "D/ow is it t"at you "ave agreed toget"er to test t"e 01irit o! t"e Eord? Eook' t"e !eet o! t"ose w"o "ave ;uried your "us;and are at t"e door' and t"ey will carry you out.D &"en immediately s"e !ell down at "is !eet and ;reat"ed "er last" HActs )F$A14I. 0in against t"e 01irit is dangerous. I! you donDt understand t"e works o! t"e 01irit' donDt talk a;out t"emG it is ;etter to kee1 =uiet. In my own services I 1ray t"at everyt"ing I do will ;e in /is 1er!ect will. &"e /oly 01irit is t"e one w"o called me' and /e is t"e one w"o controls my meetings. In ot"er words' /eDs t"e ;oss o! t"e service. You need to ask /im to take c"arge o! your li!e too.

'+$S!N T! '+$S!N


,"y? 2ecause /eDs t"e one t"at was sent to ;e wit" you Band in youB!orever. You can know /im and "ave !ellows"i1 wit" /im. And t"e more you commune wit" /im' t"e greater esus ;ecomes. And t"e lovelier C"rist ;ecomes. 2ecause everyt"ing /e talks a;out is esus. C"rist said' ","en t"e /el1er comes' w"om I s"all send to you !rom t"e Fat"er' t"e 01irit o! trut" w"o 1roceeds !rom t"e Fat"er' /e will testi!y o! 6e" H o"n 1)F2+I. 0o i! I want to know a;out esus' I must go to t"e /oly 01irit. esus said it. And /e knew w"at /e was talking a;out. In t"e 8ld &estament' 6oses could go to t"e Fat"er. In t"e <ew &estament' t"e disci1les could talk to t"e 0on. 2ut w"en you and I "ave a need' w"ere s"ould we turn? &o t"e /oly 01irit. /e is a 1erson' and /e is waiting rig"t now !or you to welcome /im into your li!e. 2y seeking /is 1resence you will discover t"e secret o! t"e great men and women o! :od. .avid said' ".o not cast me away !rom Your 1resence' And do not take Your /oly 01irit !rom me" H*s. )1F11I. /e knew too well w"at "a11ened w"en t"e 01irit le!t 0aul. *aul told us to walk in t"e 01irit' live in t"e 01irit' 1ray in t"e 01irit. *eter and *"ili1 s1oke to /im. And so did C"rist.

$t's (i0e to /egin

You ask' "/ow do I ;egin?" ItDs really very sim1le. You mig"t start ;y saying' "/oly 01irit' "el1 me 1ray now." &"atDs e@actly w"at /e wants you to do. &"e 2i;le says /e 1rays !or you "wit" groanings t"at cannot ;e uttered." And w"en you ;egin you will !eel your ;urden ;eing li!ted. YouDll "ave a 1rayer 1artner w"o will lead you straig"t to t"e t"rone o! :od.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&"e /oly 01irit is suc" a lovely 1erson. /e wants to ;e your dearest !riend' and /e is waiting to ;ring you closer to esus. C"rist said' "I! I do not go away' t"e /el1er will not come to youG ;ut i! I de1art' I will send /im to you" H o"n 1+F$I. &"en /e said t"e /oly 01irit "will guide you into all trut"" and will "glori!y 6e' !or /e will take o! w"at is 6ine and declare it to you" H o"n 1+F1%A1(I. And not only t"atB/eDll 1re1are you !or t"e coming o! t"e Eord so t"at w"en t"e Ra1ture takes 1lace' youDll ;e ready. &"e /oly 01irit is waiting. /e wants you to ;egin a new relations"i1B1erson to 1erson.


.hose /oice Do !o" Hear#


enny' I want you to sto1 talking a;out esus in t"is "ouse. .o you understand?" I can never !orget t"e angry voice o! my !at"er' w"o was in!uriated ;y my conversion. And a!ter my encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit' "is wrat" grew even worse. 2ut I ;egan to "ear anot"er voice. It was t"e sound o! t"e 01irit' and /e gave me a love !or my !at"er t"at sur1assed anyt"ing I "ad known as a c"ild or as a teen. <o matter w"at my !at"er said' I could >ust look at "im wit" total 1eace. And it seemed t"at t"e more angry "e ;ecame' t"e more love t"e 01irit gave me. &"ree t"ings "a11ened w"en t"e /oly 01irit entered my li!e. First' t"e ,ord o! t"e Eiving :od ;ecame a;solute li!e to me. <o longer did I read a little !rom 6att"ew and a little !rom t"e *salms. I o1ened t"e 2i;le and !elt as i! I were inside o! itBseeing it "live and in living color." &"e voice o! t"e /oly 01irit led me to a great adventure in t"e 0cri1tures. 0econd' my 1rayer li!e c"anged com1letely. :one were t"e "ours o! 1raying' yawning' and re1eating mysel!. &"e /oly 01irit and I were in conversation. /e made :od real. /e gave me 1ower and a ;oldness t"at made me !eel ten !eet tall.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

And t"ird' /e trans!ormed my daily C"ristian li!e. I actually ;egan to sing and didnDt know w"y until I read t"e wordsF "2e !illed wit" t"e 01irit' s1eaking to one anot"er in 1salms and "ymns and s1iritual songs' singing and making melody in your "eart to t"e Eord" H#1". )F15A13I. ,"at ;egan to "a11en to me was not naturalBit was supernatural6 &"e 01irit "ad taken over. /e ;egan to ;a1ti?e me wit" a love !or 1eo1leBand es1ecially !or my own !at"er. It was e@actly as t"e ,ord declaredF "t"e love o! :od "as ;een 1oured out in our "earts ;y t"e /oly 01irit w"o was given to us" HRom. )F)I. I ;ecame suc" a c"anged 1erson t"at my natural instincts and reactions were re1laced ;y t"e leading o! t"e 01irit. I learned w"at it meant to "cruci!y t"e !les"." And I reali?ed t"at I couldnDt do it ;y mysel!. "For i! you live according to t"e !les" you will dieG ;ut i! ;y t"e 01irit you 1ut to deat" t"e deeds o! t"e ;ody' you will live. For as many as are led ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' t"ese are sons o! :od" HRom. 5F1%A1(I.

/ow are you led ;y t"e 01irit? &ou become familiar with His voice6 You recogni?e it. You res1ond to it. And t"e more you !ellows"i1 wit" /im t"e dee1er' t"e relations"i1 ;ecomes.

$n the /eginning
From t"e ;eginning o! time' :od made t"e 1erson and t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit clear. In !act' t"e /oly 01irit is t"e !irst mani!estation o! t"e :od"ead in 0cri1ture. "And t"e 01irit o! :od was "overing over t"e !ace o! t"e waters" H:en. 1F2I. ,"en :od created Adam out o! t"e dust o! t"e ground /e ;egan ;y !orming mud. &"at mud was a;solutely dead

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


until t"e ;reat" o! li!e came. &"e 2i;le says t"at :od ";reat"ed into "is nostrils t"e ;reat" o! li!eG and man ;ecame a living ;eing" H:en. 2F$I. &"e ;reat" o! :od is t"e /oly :"ost. /ere is "ow o; descri;ed itF "&"e 01irit o! :od "as made me' L And t"e ;reat" o! t"e Almig"ty gives me li!e" H o; %%F(I. &"e moment :od ;reat"ed into Adam' "e came alive. ,"en Adam o1ened "is eyes t"e !irst contact "e "ad was wit" t"e /oly :"ost. For /e was t"e ;reat" t"at !lowed t"roug" AdamDs ;ody and remained "overing over "im. Adam stood u1 com1letely !illed wit" t"e 1resence o! :od. &"e 0cri1ture tells me t"at :od t"e /oly 01irit was t"e 1ower o! creation. "2y /is 01irit /e adorned t"e "eavens" H o; 2+F1%I. ,"at is even more e@citing' "owever' is t"at :od wants to take t"at same 01irit and give /im to you. /e actually wants to "1our" /im on youF
Kntil t"e 01irit is 1oured u1on us !rom on "ig"' And t"e wilderness ;ecomes a !ruit!ul !ield' And t"e !ruit!ul !ield is counted as a !orest. &"en >ustice will dwell in t"e wilderness' And rig"teousness remain in t"e !ruit!ul !ield. HIsa. %2F1)A1+I

,"at a wonder!ul 1romise. :od wants to 1our /is 01irit on you. /e wants to ;reat"e /is 01irit into you. /e wants you' like Adam' to come aliveC Reali?ing t"at t"e ;reat" o! :od is t"e 01irit o! :od was !or me like discovering a ;uried treasure. /ave you ever "eard t"e voice o! t"e Almig"ty s1eaking to you? 6any 1eo1le "ave. 2ut e@actly w"o was s1eaking? ,"ose voice did you "ear? I ;elieve you "ear t"e /oly 01irit. /e is t"e one w"o communicates t"e voice o! :od. &"e descri1tion o! :od t"e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

Fat"erDs voice is recorded in o;'

/ear attentively t"e t"under o! /is voice.... /e t"unders wit" /is ma>estic voice.... :od t"unders marvelously wit" /is voiceG /e does great t"ings w"ic" we cannot com1re"end H o; %$F2' (A)I.

&"e 1ower o! :odDs voice was more t"an t"e 1eo1le o! Israel could understand.

A Voice fro0 %ea"en

/ow did :od s1eak to 6oses? &"roug" an angel. In t"e <ew &estament' t"ere were only t"ree times t"at :od actually s1oke. First' /e s1oke o! esusF "And suddenly a voice came !rom "eaven' saying' D&"is is 6y ;eloved 0on' in w"om I am well 1leasedD" H6att. %F1$I. &"en esus /imsel! asked t"e Fat"er to "glori!y Your name." And "ere is w"at "a11enedF "&"en a voice came !rom "eaven' saying' DI "ave ;ot" glori!ied it and will glori!y it again" H o"n 12F25I. &"e crowd w"o "eard it said it "ad "t"undered" Hv. 23I. &"e only ot"er time :od directly s1oke was w"en t"e clouds surrounded t"e disci1les on t"e 6ount o! &rans!iguration and /e said' "&"is is 6y ;eloved 0on' in w"om I am well 1leased. /ear /im" H6att. 1$F)I. Again' t"e voice o! :od 1roduced an awesome result. ","en t"e disci1les "eard t"is' t"ey !ell on t"eir !aces and were greatly a!raid. 2ut esus came and touc"ed t"em and said' DArise' and do not ;e a!raid.D And w"en t"ey "ad li!ted u1 t"eir eyes' t"ey saw no one ;ut esus only" Hvv. +A5I. You say' "2enny' I t"oug"t :od s1oke t"roug"out t"e ,ord." #@actly rig"t. 2ut t"e one w"o was s1eaking was t"e /oly :"ost.

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


Eet me give you an e@am1le. &"e voice t"at was "eard ;y t"e 1ro1"ets was t"at o! t"e 01iritBnot t"e voice o! t"e 0on or o! t"e Fat"er. Isaia" talks a;out "earing t"e voice o! t"e Eord saying
:o' and tell t"is 1eo1leF "Kee1 on "earing' ;ut do not understandG Kee1 on seeing' ;ut do not 1erceive." 6ake t"e "eart o! t"is 1eo1le dull' And t"eir ears "eavy' And s"ut t"eir eyesG Eest t"ey see wit" t"eir eyes' And "ear wit" t"eir ears' And understand wit" t"eir "eart' And return and ;e "ealed. HIsa. +F3A14I

2ut w"o was really s1eaking? ,as it really t"e voice o! t"e Eord? 8r was it t"e voice o! e"ova" on eart"Bt"e /oly 01irit? &o !ind out' letDs look at t"at same 0cri1ture as it was re1eated in t"e ;ook o! Acts. *aul' in Rome under t"e watc"!ul eye o! a guard' 1reac"ed t"at
&"e /oly 01irit s1oke rig"tly t"roug" Isaia" t"e 1ro1"et to our !at"ers' saying' ":o to t"is 1eo1le and sayF D/earing you will "ear' and s"all not understandG And seeing you will see' and not 1erceiveG For t"e "eart o! t"is 1eo1le "as grown dull. &"eir ears are "ard o! "earing' And t"eir eyes t"ey "ave closed' Eest t"ey s"ould see wit" t"eir eyes and "ear wit" t"eir ears' Eest t"ey s"ould understand wit" t"eir "eart and turn' 0o t"at I s"ould "eal t"em.D" HActs 25F2)A2$I

,"o really s1oke t"ose words? ,"at Isaia" attri;uted to t"e Eord' *aul clari!ied as ;eing s1oken ;y t"e /oly 01irit. Remem;er t"at t"e <ew &estament e@1lains t"e 8ld. /ereDs anot"er e@am1le. In eremia" we readF "2ut t"is is


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

t"e covenant t"at I will make wit" t"e "ouse o! IsraelF A!ter t"ose days' says t"e E8R.F I will 1ut 6y law in t"eir minds' and write it on t"eir "eartsG and I will ;e t"eir :od' and t"ey s"all ;e my 1eo1le" H er. %1F%%I. &"e 1ro1"et writes' "says t"e Eord'" ;ut to understand t"e true source o! t"at 0cri1ture' you need to read it in t"e ;ook o! /e;rewsF "&"e /oly 01irit also witnesses to usG !or a!ter /e "ad said ;e!ore' D&"is is t"e covenant t"at I will make wit" t"em a!ter t"ose days' says t"e E8R.F I will 1ut 6y laws into t"eir "earts' and in t"eir minds I will write t"emD" H/e;. 14F1)A1+I. ,"o said it? The Holy Spirit6 <ot only did /e witness it' ;ut 0cri1ture reveals t"at "/e "ad said ;e!ore" Hv. 1)I.

Who $s 3-eho"ah3#
A 1ro!ound c"ange took 1lace in my s1iritual li!e w"en I reali?ed t"at t"e /oly :"ost was :od. 6illions o! 1eo1le Band I was among t"emBare some"ow ;roug"t u1 to ;elieve t"at /e is less e=ual. ,e are some"ow indoctrinated t"at ;ecause /e comes t"ird /e is not really :od. You must come to t"is trut"F The Holy Spirit is od6 /e is no less :od t"an esus. /e is no less :od t"an t"e Fat"er. /eDs as muc" :od as t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. e"ova" is t"e name o! t"e triune ;eingBnot t"e name o! >ust one o! t"em. &"e Fat"er is called e"ova". &"e 0on is called e"ova". &"e /oly :"ost is called e"ova". ,"en :od t"e Fat"er s1eaks' "e s1eaks t"roug" t"e voice o! t"e /oly 01irit. ,"en esus sent out t"e &welve' /e said' ".o not worry a;out "ow or w"at you s"ould s1eak. For it will ;e given to you in t"at "our w"at you s"ould s1eakG !or it is not you w"o s1eak' ;ut t"e 01irit o! your Fat"er w"o s1eaks in you" H6att. 14F13A24I.

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


8ver and over again in Revelation we are advised' "/e w"o "as an ear' let "im "ear w"at t"e 01irit says. . . " HRev. 2F$'11'1$I. ,"ose voice s"ould we "ear? &"e voice o! t"e 01irit. #ven C"rist "imsel! does not s1eak wit"out t"e /oly :"ost. In Acts we read t"at /e was taken u1 into "eaven' ". . . a!ter /e t"roug" t"e /oly 01irit "ad given commandments to t"e a1ostles w"om /e "ad c"osen" HActs 1F2I. And in /e;rews we !ind t"at C"rist o!!ered /imsel! to :od "t"roug" t"e #ternal 01irit" H/e;. 3F1(I. Is it ;ecoming clear? The Holy Spirit is the one who communicates heaven into your heart6 /e is t"e voice o! :od to you. You say' ",ell' I know it was :od s1eaking to me." 8! course it was :od. It was :od t"e /oly 01irit. &o 1ut it anot"er way' it is t"e Fat"er' t"roug" t"e 0on' s1eaking ;y t"e 01irit. From w"at you "ave already learned' you can imagine w"at would "a11en i! :od t"e Fat"er ever s1oke to you audi;ly. You could not ;ear it. I dou;t t"at you are even 1re1ared to "ear t"e voice o! esus' descri;ed as "t"e sound o! many waters" HRev. 1F1)I. ,"en o"n "eard it' "e !ell at /is !eet' "as dead" Hv. 1$I. &"e /oly 01irit' "owever' takes t"e voice o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on and makes it =uiet' lovely' and 1er!ectly clear. &"e moment t"at I reali?ed t"at t"e /oly 01irit was :od Band ;egan to wors"i1 /im and treat /im as :odB my li!e ;egan to c"ange. <o longer did I see t"e /oly :"ost as some lesser' weaker' mistAs"rouded ;eing standing in a corner. <o longer were :od t"e Fat"er and :od t"e 0on receiving all o! my wors"i1. Eet me say it again. The Holy Spirit is odBe=ual in ma>esty' 1ower' glory' and eternity. /eDs :od.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

,"at did esus say a;out t"e 01irit? /e said t"at w"en /e comes' "/e will not s1eak on /is own aut"ority' ;ut w"atever /e "ears /e will s1eak" H o"n 1+F1%I. ,"at does /e "ear? &"e 1recious /oly 01irit "ears t"e Fat"er and s1eaks directly to you. 2ut w"en /e s1eaks' /e doesnDt say' "&"e Fat"er says." /e says' "I say." ,"y? 2ecause Fat"er' 0on' and /oly 01irit always act in "armony.

Li!e the Sun in the S!y

It is so easy to limit t"e :od"ead or to divide t"e :od"ead unscri1turally. Young C"ristians o!ten ask' "/ow can :od ;e one and t"ree at t"e same time?" :od is one. 2ut :od is t"reeF Fat"er' 0on and /oly :"ost. And w"ile t"is ;ook dwells on t"e /oly 01irit' I am distinguis"ing t"em on 1ur1ose to s"ow you t"e triune ;eing. :od is like t"e sun in t"e sky. I! you look at its ;rig"tness you see one sun. In reality' "owever' it is a triune sun t"at kee1s our 1lanet alive. &"ere are t"ree distinct elementsF t"e sun' lig"t' and "eat. And so it is wit" t"e &rinity. &"e Fat"er is like t"e w"ole sun' esus is t"e lig"t' and t"e /oly :"ost is t"e "eat you !eel. ,"en you stand in t"e 1resence o! t"e Fat"er' w"at do you !eel? &"e warmt"' t"e energy' and 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit. I! you look into t"e !ace o! t"e Fat"er' w"om do you see? "/e w"o "as seen 6e "as seen t"e Fat"er'" esus said to *"ili1 H o"n 1(F3I. I get e@cited w"en I t"ink a;out t"e time I enter "eaven. &"e :od"ead will ;e t"ere. ,"en I stand ;e!ore t"e Fat"er I will see all t"reeBt"e 01irit' t"e 0on' and :od /imsel!. ,"at does :od look like? &"ereDs not one 1lace in t"e ,ord o! :od w"ere t"e Fat"er is descri;ed in detail. 0te1"en' ";eing !ull o! t"e /oly 01irit' ga?ed into "eaven and saw t"e glory o! :od' and esus standing at t"e rig"t

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


"and o! :od" HActs $F))I. 0te1"en saw esus clearly' ;ut w"en "e saw t"e Fat"er "e could only see t"e "glory" t"at surrounded /im. Yes' :od t"e Fat"er "as a !orm ;ut no man knows w"at it looks like H*"il. 2F+I. &"e ,ord says' "<o one "as seen :od at any time" H o"n 1F15I' ;ut t"e 0on came to reveal /im. I! you look closely at w"at C"rist said' you will understand "ow t"e 01irit em;races t"e :od"ead. esus said' "<o one comes to t"e Fat"er' e@ce1t t"roug" 6e" H o"n 1(F+I. And 0cri1ture teac"es t"at we are drawn to C"rist ;y t"e 01irit. In ot"er words' you2ve got to have the Spirit if you want the odhead6 ,"en you em;race t"e /oly :"ost' you are also em;racing t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. I will never !orget t"e day t"at t"e /oly 01irit revealed to me t"at /is Eords"i1 is e=ual to t"at o! esus. /e s"owed me in 0cri1ture t"at /e is called Lord6 *aul' writing to t"e c"urc" at Corint"' says' "<ow t"e Eord is t"e 01iritG and w"ere t"e 01irit o! t"e Eord is' t"ere is li;erty" H2 Cor. %F1$I. &"atDs rig"t. ,e all con!ess t"at esus is EordB;ut so is t"e /oly 01irit. /e is t"e Spirit of Jesus9 &"e /oly 01irit is omni1resent' ;ut un!ortunately li;erty and !reedom are not !ound everyw"ere. 0ome c"urc"es !eel more like a "ostile 1rison t"an a "ouse o! 1raise. ,"y? 2ecause t"e 01irit is not Eord in t"at congregation. <ever !orget itF The Lord is the Spirit9 In t"e very ne@t verse *aul writes' "2ut we all' wit" unveiled !ace' ;e"olding as in a mirror t"e glory o! t"e Eord' are ;eing trans!ormed into t"e same image !rom glory to glory' >ust as ;y t"e 01irit o! t"e Eord" Hv. 15I.

%o2 Do 5ou &no2#


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

<e@t' you need to understand t"at t"e &rinity is t"e glory o! :od. :od t"e Fat"er is t"e glory o! :odG :od t"e 0on is t"e glory o! :odG and :od t"e /oly 01irit is t"e glory o! :od. 2ut w"o mani!ests t"at glory? It is t"e /oly 01irit. &"at is 1art o! /is work. Eet me ask anot"er =uestion. .o you know t"at you "ave ;een saved !rom your sin? ,ell' "ow do you know it? .id you "ear a celestial voice !rom "eaven? .id esus a11ear in a 1"ysical ;ody and say' "You are saved"? /ow do you know t"at you "ave 1assed !rom s1iritual deat" unto li!e? You know it ;ecause t"e 01irit told you. You know it so strongly youDll die !or it. ,"y? 2ecause w"en t"e /oly :"ost s1eaks' /e s1eaks rig"t into your ;eingBinto your very ;lood and marrow. In e@actly t"e same way' we know t"at esus is alive. <ot ;ecause we "ave seen /is !ace' ;ut we know /e is alive ;y /is 01irit. And t"at same 01irit is t"e t"ird 1erson o! t"e &rinity. 0omeone recently asked me' "2enny' "ow do you know you are saved?" All I could say was' "I know t"at I know' t"at I know' t"at I know' t"at I know." &"atDs t"e strengt"' t"e assurance' t"e /oly 01irit "as given to me. &"e 01irit is not only t"e voice you "earG /e is also t"e mig"ty 1ower t"at you !eel. &"e 1ro1"et 6ica" said' "2ut truly I am !ull o! 1ower ;y t"e 01irit o! t"e E 8R.' L And o! >ustice and mig"t" H6ic. %F5I. The Holy Spirit is the might of the odhead6 #ven t"e angel said to 6ary as s"e was a;out to give ;irt" to esus' "&"e /oly 01irit will come u1on You' and t"e 1ower o! t"e /ig"est will overs"adow you" HEuke 1F%)I. /e is t"at 1reeminent 1ower. &"e /oly 01irit is also your great de!ender. For e@am1leF ,"o do you t"ink 1rotects you !rom t"e attacks

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


o! 0atan? It is t"e /oly 01irit. ","en t"e enemy comes in like a !lood' L &"e 01irit o! t"e E8R. will li!t u1 a standard against "im" HIsa. )3F13I. ,"en you read t"at !amiliar verse you come to t"e conclusion t"at t"e enemy comes in like a !lood. 2ut IDve got news !or youF t"e !lood is t"e /oly :"ost' not t"e devil. You see' in t"e /e;rew t"ere are no commas. 2ut t"e King ames translator 1ut a comma a!ter t"e word !lood' and made t"e enemy more 1ower!ul t"an "e actually is. &"e actual /e;rew says t"at w"en t"e enemy comes in "like a !lood t"e s1irit comes against "im."

3)ollo2 'e63
,"o kee1s you sa!e? &"e /oly 01irit. &"at is t"e task assigned to /im ;y C"rist. 0o o!ten we call /im esus' ;ut /e is actually t"e 01irit o! esus. Again' we only se1arate t"em !or discussionDs sake so we can ;etter understand t"em ;ecause t"ey are really one in 2eing. 2ecause where the Holy host is, Jesus isAand the ;ather is6 ,"en t"e /oly :"ost talks to you' all t"ree are talking' ;ut t"e /oly :"ost is t"e one you "ear. &"e /oly :"ost is t"e one you sense. &"e /oly :"ost is t"e one leading you in t"e will o! t"e Fat"er. ,"en I !irst read t"e words o! esus' "Follow me'" I wondered "ow t"at would ;e 1ossi;le. ,ere "is !ollowers e@1ected to rise wit" /im at t"e Ascension? 8! course not. ,"en C"rist returned to t"e Fat"er /e sent t"e /oly 01irit' saying' "/e will guide you" H o"n 1+F1%I. esus was saying' "0to1 !ollowing me. IDm leaving' ;ut IDm now sending t"e /oly 01irit. You must now !ollow /im." 0o w"y do we say' "IDm !ollowing esusC" w"en t"e only guide we "ave is t"e /oly 01irit?


From t"e moment o! my !irst encounter wit" t"e 01irit I knew I must !ollow /is voice. &"ere were only two


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

o1tions. #it"er I could !ollow t"e sound o! a carnal' !les"ly world' or I could !ollow /imF "&"ose w"o live according to t"e !les" set t"eir minds on t"e t"ings o! t"e !les"' ;ut t"ose w"o live according to t"e 01irit' t"e t"ings o! t"e 01irit" HRom. 5F)I. ItDs as ;asic as li!e itsel!. I! you desire t"e !les"' you will !ollow t"e !les"G ;ut i! your "eart yearns !or t"e 01irit' youDll ;e drawn to /im like a magnet. It starts wit" desire. For me' I "ad one great =uestionF "/ow can I really know You?" &"at =uestion was t"e cry o! my "eart. 6y great "unger was to know t"e /oly 01irit 1ersonally. I was not disa11ointed. *aul tells you to "walk in t"e 01irit' and you s"all not !ul!ill t"e lust o! t"e !les". For t"e !les" lusts against t"e 01irit' and t"e 01irit against t"e !les"G and t"ese are contrary to one anot"er' so t"at you do not do t"e t"ings t"at you wis". 2ut i! you are led ;y t"e 01irit' you are not under t"e law" H:al. )F1+A15I. An ama?ing t"ing "a11ened to t"e a1ostle *aul and "is com1anions during t"eir missionary travels. &"ey went to *"rygia and :alatia' "aving ;een "!or;idden ;y t"e /oly 01irit to 1reac" t"e word in Asia. A!ter t"ey "ad come to 6ysia' t"ey tried to go into 2it"ynia' ;ut t"e 01irit did not 1ermit t"em" HActs 1+F+A$I. &"atDs rig"t. &"ey were so in tune wit" t"e voice o! t"e 01irit t"ey 1ro;a;ly said' ",ell' i! /eDs not going' weDre not going eit"er." 2ut 1er"a1s t"e most revealing words in t"e account were t"at t"ey were ke1t ";y t"e /oly 01irit." ,"en C"rist returned to t"e Fat"er' t"e /oly 01irit ;egan to do t"e work o! C"rist on eart". /ave you ;egun to recogni?e /is voice? *aul did. .uring t"at same >ourney t"e 01irit' t"roug" a vision' s"owed t"e a1ostle a man !rom a !ar country standing and

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


;egging "im' "Come over to 6acedonia and "el1 us" Hv. 3I. *aul le!t at once.

5our Conscience Confir0s $t

/ow does t"e /oly 01irit s1eak? /e witnesses to your very conscience. In *aulDs letter to t"e c"urc" at Rome' "e says' "I tell t"e trut" in C"rist' I am not lying' my conscience also ;earing me witness in t"e /oly 01irit" HRomans 3F1I. You s"ould never dou;t t"e leading o! t"e /oly 01irit. At a time w"en your "inner man" is trou;led' donDt move. I! you attem1t to ;e your own guide' youDll literally colla1se. Eisten to /is voice as /e s1eaks to your very soul. .uring a c"urc" ;uilding 1rogram I was asked' "/ow do you know youDre doing t"e rig"t t"ing?" &"e answer was t"e same as i! IDd ;een asked a;out my salvation. "I know t"at I know' t"at I know' t"at I know." &"e Eord' t"roug" t"e /oly 01irit' told me to start ;uilding. #very decision in my li!e is ;ased on t"at same inner voice. &"e worldly donDt "ave t"e !oggiest notion o! t"e teac"ings o! t"e 01irit. &"atDs ;ecause t"ey are s1iritually ;lind. 2ut you can know. ,"y? 2ecause you understand "ow t"e 01irit o1erates and you are learning to recogni?e /is voice. ItDs t"e same way we know t"at "eaven is real t"oug" we "ave never entered t"e 1early gates. It "as ;een made alive to us ;y t"e 01irit. Reading a;out "eaven in t"e ,ord is wonder!ul' ;ut t"at is not w"at gives you t"e reality. Countless millions "ave read t"e 2i;le and are still ;ound !or eternal damnation. ,"y? &"e ,ord did not enter t"eir "earts. /ereDs t"e answer. /e "as given you t"e understanding o! a new covenant "not o! t"e letter ;ut o! t"e 01iritG !or t"e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

letter kills' ;ut t"e 01irit gives li!e" H2 Cor. %F+I. It is ama?ing to me "ow someone can read 0cri1ture and say' "<o. I donDt t"ink /e meant t"at." 8r' "/e didnDt really 1er!orm t"at miracle." 8r' "/e wasnDt ;orn o! t"e virgin 6ary." &"e 1ro;lem is sim1leG t"ey are t"inking wit" a carnal mind. 2ut you can discuss t"e same issues wit" a;solute assurance. It was not w"at you readG it was w"at t"e /oly 01irit told you. And youDd stake your li!e on itC I! you truly want to understand "ow t"e /oly 01irit s1eaks' read and reread t"ese 1ro!ound wordsF "&"e 01irit /imsel! ;ears witness wit" our s1irit t"at we are c"ildren o! :od" HRom. 5F1+I. /ow do we know it is true? His s1irit ;ears witness wit" our s1irit. Again' you >now that you >now6 &"e /oly 01irit is :od t"e witness. ,"at did *eter say w"en t"e a1ostles were called ;e!ore t"e 0an"edrin? ",e are /is witnesses to t"ese t"ings' and so also is t"e /oly 01irit w"om :od "as given to t"ose w"o o;ey /im" HActs )F%2I. It is t"at continuing con!irmation t"at kee1s you in t"e center o! :odDs will. I! t"ere was one 1articular verse t"e /oly 01irit revealed to me t"at turned my li!e around' it was t"isF "&"e grace o! t"e Eord esus C"rist' and t"e love o! :od' and t"e communion o! t"e /oly 01irit ;e wit" you all. Amen" H2 Cor. 1%F1(I. &"e 01irit ;roug"t t"is verse ;e!ore me again and again. And t"e more I studied it' t"e more e@cited I ;ecame. 0uddenly I knew t"at t"e /oly 01irit was !or meB today. /ereDs w"at t"e /oly 01irit s"owed me. ,"en did we know "t"e grace o! t"e Eord esus C"rist"? ,"en /e died !or us. ,"en did we know "t"e love o! :od"? ,"en we

-H!S+ @!%)+ "! &!. H+*$/


saw t"e cross. &"ey ;ot" re!er to t"e 1ast. 2ut t"en we read' "t"e communion o! t"e /oly :"ost' be wit" you all." I said' "&"atDs it. &"e /oly 01irit is "ere to commune wit" me and to be wit" me' nowC"

What a Co00union6
,"at does t"e 0cri1ture mean w"en it talks a;out "communion"? &"ere are seven meanings. First' t"e word communion means presence6 :od t"e Fat"erDs desire !or you is t"at t"e sweet 1resence o! t"e /oly 01irit will ;e wit" you. 0econd' it means fellowship6 You do not need to 1ray to t"e /oly 01iritG you sim1ly !ellows"i1 wit" /im. And you s"ould seek t"at communion as you would seek water in t"e wilderness. &"e t"ird meaning is sharing together6 You 1our out your "eart and /e 1ours out /is. You s"are your >oy and /e s"ares /is. "It seemed good to t"e /oly 01irit' and to us . . ." wrote t"e a1ostles to t"e ;elievers in Antioc" HActs 1)F25I. &"ey were s"aringBeven writing lettersB toget"er. Fourt"' communion means participation with6 &"e /oly 01irit ;ecomes your 1artner. &"e 0cri1ture' rilled wit" 1"rases like "working wit" t"em" and "t"e 01irit and us'" makes it clear t"at t"e work o! t"e 01irit is in 1artici1ation wit" you. Fi!t"' it means intimacy6 YouDll never e@1erience a dee1 love wit" C"rist until you know it wit" t"e /oly 01irit w"o ;rings t"at intimacy. &"ere is no ot"er way. :od "as "1oured out" /is love into our "earts ";y t"e /oly 01irit w"o was given to us" HRom. )F)I. You canDt love :od wit"out t"e /oly :"ost. 0i@t"' t"e word means friendship6 &"e 01irit longs to ;e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

your closest !riend' someone wit" w"om you can s"are t"e dee1est secrets o! your "eart. And sevent"' communion means comradeship6 In :reek t"e word means commander. /eDs like a ca1tain' a ruler' or a ;ossB;ut a loving' !riendly one. ust as /e instructed t"e a1ostles w"ere t"ey s"ould go and w"ere t"ey s"ouldnDt' /e must ;e allowed to rule in your 1ersonal a!!airs. Remem;er' since C"rist de1arted' t"e /oly 01irit is "in c"arge" on eart". Are you listening !or /is voice? Are you ready to commune wit" /im? ,"en I ;egan my !ellows"i1 wit" t"e /oly 01irit I talked wit" /im day and nig"t. <ot a day 1assed t"at I did not say' "/oly 01irit. *recious /oly 01irit." And we ;egan our time o! 1rayer and communication. !h, the sound of His voice6


Spirit, So"l, and 1ody

0atan' t"e great deceiver' "as done an incredi;le >o;. /e "as convinced t"e worldBeven dedicated ministers o! t"e gos1elBt"at t"e /oly 01irit is not"ing more t"an an in!luence or a s1ecial 1ower. &"is dece1tion is a 1riority o! 0atan ;ecause "e knows t"at t"e moment you discover t"e 1ersonality and reality o! t"e 01irit' your li!e will ;e dramatically trans!ormed. ust look at "istory. #very great revival was accom1anied ;y a revelation o! t"e /oly 01irit. #ven 6artin Eut"er credits t"e great Re!ormation to t"e work o! t"e 01irit. /e said t"at :alatians was "is !avorite ;ook in 0cri1ture ;ecause o! t"e verse t"at says' ",alk in t"e 01irit' and you s"all not !ul!ill t"e lust o! t"e !les"" H:al. )F1+I. 2ut today !ew 1eo1le know w"at it means to "walk" in t"e 01irit. &"e root o! t"e word means in unison wit"' one wit"' or connected toBeven !ellows"i1 wit". ItDs astounding' ;ut 1eo1le w"o "ave ;een raised in a "s1iritA !illed" c"urc" "ave asked meF "Am I su11osed to talk to t"e 01irit?" Recently I was invited to s1eak in a large "istoric 1entecostal c"urc"' and t"e congregation was s"ocked w"en I said' "You are t"e ones w"o "ave rediscovered t"e /oly 01irit' ;ut you "ave 1laced /im in a cage." I e@1lained' "You t"oug"t t"at t"e Cat"olics couldnDt "ave


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/im. You t"oug"t t"at t"e 2a1tists couldnDt "ave /im. 2ut IDve got news !or you. /eDs >um1ed over your !ence and walked into 0aint 6ic"aelDs' First 2a1tist' Knited 6et"odist' and all t"e rest." 6illions o! 1eo1le "ave ;een touc"ed ;y t"e 01irit' ;ut t"eir s1iritual growt" "as ;een stunted ;y clergy w"o' !or w"atever reasons' c"oose to su;ordinate t"e t"ird 1erson o! t"e &rinity. Kn!ortunately t"e C"urc" o! esus C"rist "as ignored w"at I am s"aring wit" you. &"e !act t"at you are reading t"is ;ook' "owever' tells me t"at you "ave a 1ersonal "unger to know t"e /oly 01irit. You can ;e "!illed" wit" t"e 01irit and "ave an undenia;le encounter wit" /im' ;ut a dee1 understanding o! t"e /oly :"ost does not come overnig"t. For me it "as taken years and years o! /is leading and revelation in 0cri1ture. And I am still learning every day.

,"at I am a;out to s"are wit" you regarding t"e :od"ead gave me an entirely new 1icture o! t"e Fat"er' t"e 0on' and t"e /oly 01irit. I !ound t"at :od is eternal s1irit yet wit" nonmaterial !orm' ;ut /e o!ten reveals /imsel! t"roug" "uman !orm and ot"er "uman traits.

Go* the )ather

,"at a;out t"e way :od !re=uently a11ears to man? ,"en #?ekiel "ad "is vision o! :od in )3% 2.C.' "e descri;ed /im seated a;ove an e@1anse t"at se1arated creatures !rom t"e glory o! t"e Eord. /e saw "t"e likeness o! a t"rone' in a11earance like a sa11"ire stone'... wit" t"e a11earance o! a man "ig" a;ove it" H#?ek. 1F2+I. ,"at was t"e a11earance o! :od t"e Fat"er? Eike t"at o! a man. You say' "IDve ;een taug"t t"at :od is s1irit." Yes' ;ut

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


/e is s1irit wit" mysterious !orm' not some cloud !loating in s1ace. &"e a1ostle o"n' in Revelation' descri;ed /im as t"e re!lected ;rilliance o! 1recious stones. /e said' "Immediately I was in t"e 01irit' and ;e"old' a t"rone set in "eaven' and 8ne sat on t"e t"rone. And /e w"o sat t"ere was like a >as1er and a sardius stone in a11earance" HRev. (F2A%I. &"e 1ro1"ets descri;e t"e !eatures o! :od in great detail. Isaia" says' "/is li1s are !ull o! indignation' And /is tongue like a devouring !ire. /is ;reat" is like an over!lowing stream" HIsa. %4F2$A25I. And :od revealed t"e !act t"at /e can see. "&"ey did evil ;e!ore 6y eyes" HIsa. ++F(I. &o my ama?ement I !ound t"at :od is descri;ed as "aving t"e likeness o! !ingers and "ands and a !ace. A!ter t"e Eord s1oke to 6oses on 6ount 0inai' /e gave "im t"e ta;lets o! stone' "written wit" t"e !inger o! :od" H#@. %1F15I. &"en t"e Eord said to 6oses' "You cannot see 6y !ace' !or no man s"all see 6e' and live" H#@. %%F24I. /e even talked to 6oses a;out /is ";ack." /e said' ","ile 6y glory 1asses ;y . . . I . . . will cover you wit" 6y "and w"ile I 1ass ;y. &"en I will take away 6y "and' and you s"all see 6y ;ackG ;ut 6y !ace s"all not ;e seen" Hvv. 22A2%I. I! :od reveals "imsel! as only invisi;le s1irit' "ow was it 1ossi;le t"at Adam and #ve "eard /is !ootste1s? "And t"ey "eard t"e sound o! t"e E8R. :od walking in t"e garden in t"e cool o! t"e day" H:en. %F5I. :od also "as a "eartF "&"e E8R. was sorry t"at /e "ad made man on t"e eart"' and /e was grieved in "is "eart" H:en. +F+I.

Li!e a 3/la1ing )ire3


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

<ow letDs look at t"e 0on. 2e!ore t"e Eord esus came to eart"' /e' wit" :od t"e Fat"er' "ad only an immaterial !orm. /is eart"ly ;ody o! !les"' ;lood' and ;one was given /im w"en /e was ;orn as a ;a;e in 2et"le"em. And' like you' /e grew to ;e a man. I! I were to ask "8! t"e Fat"er' 0on' and /oly :"ost' w"ic" is a real 1erson?"Bmost 1eo1le would say t"e 0on. ,e can identi!y wit" C"rist ;ecause /e took t"e !orm o! a "uman ;eing. In !act' i! you do not ;elieve t"at C"rist lived' died' and rose !rom t"e dead' it is im1ossi;le !or you to ;e a C"ristian. It is t"e !oundation t"at makes 1ossi;le your salvation. &"e 2i;le makes it clear t"at esusB1art o! t"e :od"eadB"as a soul. At :et"semane' ;e!ore t"e cruci!i@ion' "e said to /is disci1les' "6y soul is e@ceedingly sorrow!ul' even to deat"" H6ark 1(F%(I. ,e "ave a 1"ysical descri1tion o! C"rist t"at s"a1es our image o! /im. ,e know' !or e@am1le' t"at "e wore a ;eard and "ad long "air. In 8ld &estament 1ro1"ecy concerning t"e su!!ering o! t"e 6essia"' t"e Eord says' "I gave 6y ;ack to t"ose w"o struck 6e' And 6y c"eeks to t"ose w"o 1lucked out t"e ;eard" HIsa. )4F+I. C"rist was also a <a?arite' !rom a city w"ere t"e men customarily wore long "air. &oday' C"rist in /is resurrected ;ody sits at t"e rig"t "and o! :od t"e Fat"er. And w"at does /e look like? o"n' in Revelation' saw a vision o! /im "clot"ed wit" a garment down to t"e !eet and girded a;out t"e c"est wit" a golden ;and. /is "ead and /is "air were w"ite like wool' as w"ite as snow' and /is eyes like a !lame o! !ire. . . . /is countenance was like t"e sun s"ining in its strengt"" HRev. 1F1%A1('1+I. 8n "is "ead was "a golden crown" HRev. 1(F1(I. And on "is ro;e were written t"e words' "KI<: 8F

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


KI<:0 A<. E8R. 8F E8R.0" HRev. 13F1+I. It is not :od t"e Fat"er t"at o"n is talking a;out. It is t"e "0on o! man." And /is glori!ied "uman ;ody is distinct !rom t"e divine !orm o! :od t"e Fat"er.

A 'in* of %is O2n

2ut w"at a;out t"e /oly 01irit? .oes /e also "ave a mind' a will' and emotions? .oes /e "ave a ;ody? /e certainly does. ItDs a su;>ect t"at most ministers are a!raid to discuss' ;ut I "ave e@1erienced t"e 1erson o! t"e /oly :"ost. ,it"out =uestion we all agree /e is a "01irit." &"atDs 1art o! /is name. 2ut w"at a;out /is inner ;eing? Is /e really a "1erson"? First' t"e /oly 01irit "as a mind o! /is own. 01eaking o! t"e /oly :"ost' *aul said' "<ow /e w"o searc"es t"e "earts knows w"at t"e mind o! t"e 01irit is' ;ecause /e makes intercession !or t"e saints according to t"e will o! :od" HRom. 5F2$I. &"e mind o! t"e 01irit is distinct !rom t"at o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. /e also "as emotions. /e "as dee1 !eelings t"at allow /im to grieve and to loveF "And do not grieve t"e /oly 01irit o! :od' ;y w"om you were sealed !or t"e day o! redem1tion" H#1". (F%4I. /is "eart can ;e touc"ed' and it "as t"e ca1acity to e@1ress love. *aul' writing to t"e C"ristians at Rome' saidF "I ;eg you' ;ret"ren' t"roug" t"e Eord esus C"rist' and t"roug" t"e love o! t"e 01irit' t"at you strive toget"er wit" me in your 1rayers to :od !or me" HRom. 1)F%4I. Can you imagine loving wit"out emotion?

(%E PERSO O) (%E SP$R$(

,"at a;out t"e will o! t"e /oly 01irit? *er"a1s you


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

"ave never considered it 1ossi;le !or t"e /oly 01irit to make /is own decisions. /e certainly can' ;ut /is decisions are always in "armony wit" t"e Fat"erDs and t"e 0onDs. 01eaking o! s1iritual gi!ts' *aul wrote' "8ne and t"e same s1irit works all t"ese t"ings' distri;uting to eac" one individually as /e wills" H1 Cor. 12F11I. In ot"er words' t"e /oly 01irit makes t"e decision.

Do"es an* La0bs

It is t"e =uestion o! t"e ";ody" o! t"e /oly 01irit t"at causes muc" con!usion. A man recently said to me' "2enny' t"e ;ody o! t"e /oly 01irit is really t"at o! a dove. &"atDs "ow /e descended !rom /eaven." I re1lied' "I! t"atDs true' t"en you must ;elieve t"at esus was really a little lam;. &"atDs "ow /e is 1resented in Revelation." In t"e ;ook o! t"e Revelation o"n t"e a1ostle "eard an elder say' ".o not wee1. 2e"old' t"e Eion o! t"e tri;e o! uda . . . "as 1revailed" HRev. )F)I. /e turned' e@1ecting to see a roaring lion' and instead "e saw a gentle lam; t"at "ad ;een slain. <ow esus went to "eaven wit" a 1"ysical ;ody' wit" nail1rints in "is "ands. 2ut t"e sym;ol o"n saw was a lam;. ,"y? &"e lam; sym;oli?ed t"e Eam; o! :odB esus C"rist. &"e /oly 01irit was seen ;y esus immediately !ollowing /is ;a1tismF "t"e "eavens were o1ened to /im' and /e saw t"e 01irit o! :od descending like a dove and alig"ting u1on /im" H6att. %F1+I. ust as t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on can ;e seen' so can t"e /oly 01irit. 2ut /is descent as a ;eauti!ul dove does not mean t"at /e !lies around in "eaven like a dove. <or does esus walk around "eaven wit" t"e ;ody o! a lam;. In Revelation t"e /oly :"ost was seen again as "seven lam1s" o! ;la?ing !ire HRev. (F)I. I! t"e 01irit came as a dove in 6att"ew' you canDt e@1ect /im to "ave a ;ody

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


made out o! seven candles or seven 1ieces o! !ire. &"e /oly :"ost is not seven lam1s' nor is /e a dove. A lam;' a dove' a lam1Bthese are all symbols, not 1"ysical !orms o! ;odies.

%earing, S+ea!ing, Seeing

0cri1ture' "owever' tells me t"at t"e /oly 01irit can communicate alt"oug" /e doesnDt "ave ears or a mout". /e certainly can listen and s1eak to usF ","atever /e "ears /e will s1eak" H o"n 1+F1%I. And we must listen to "imF "Eet "im "ear w"at t"e 01irit says" HRev. 2F$I. And even t"oug" /e doesnDt "ave eyes like mine' "t"e 01irit searc"es all t"ings' yes' t"e dee1 t"ings o! :od" H1 Cor. 2F14I. 0ince you were created wit" ears' a mout"' and eyes' wouldnDt you e@1ect t"e CreatorBFat"er' 0on' and /oly :"ostBto ;e a;le to understand and talk to you? I also ;elieve t"e /oly :"ost can make /is 1resence known t"roug" ;odily !orms' and yet remain wit"out limitation and !ully omni1resent. &"e 2i;le makes t"is clear w"en it says' "&"e 01irit o! :od was "overing over t"e !ace o! t"e waters" H:en. 1F2I. <ow t"e 2i;le does not tell me w"at /e "looks" like. I am told a little o! "ow t"e Fat"er reveals "imsel!. And I am given some descri1tion o! C"rist. 2ut details regarding t"e way t"e /oly 01irit unveils /imsel! to us are rare in 0cri1ture. 0ometimes /e is seen ;ut not "eardG ot"er times "eard ;ut not seen. At any time' "owever' "e can reveal /is 1resence and message t"roug" any kind o! !orm "e c"ooses.

A Stri!ing Rese0blance
","at does :od t"e Fat"er sometimes look like?" Alt"oug" IDve never seen /im make a visi;le' 1"ysical a11earance' I ;elieveBas wit" t"e /oly 01iritBt"at /e can make /imsel! look like esus looked on eart". In !act'


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

many divine c"aracter traits are ;est made known t"roug" "uman nature' w"ic" is created in :odDs image H:en. 1F2+A2$G am. %F3I. /e;rews s1eaks o! C"rist as ";eing t"e ;rig"tness o! /is glory and t"e e@1ress image o! /is 1erson" H/e;. 1F%I. I can only come to one conclusionF ,"en we see esus' we see t"e Fat"er also. And I ;elieve t"at esus reveals t"e /oly :"ost as /e does t"e Fat"er. Eook at esus and you see t"e 01irit too. 0omeday soon IDm going to !ind out !or certain. And I ;elieve t"at you are 1lanning to ;e t"ere too. Again' t"e /oly 01irit is not a "eavenly ;ree?e or a "a?y cloud !loating in and out o! your li!e. /e is :od' and /e resides in usBe=ual wit" t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on in t"e &rinity. *aul' writing to t"e c"urc" at Corint"' said' ".o you not know t"at you are t"e tem1le o! :od and t"at t"e 01irit o! :od dwells in you? I! anyone de!iles t"e tem1le o! :od' :od will destroy "im. For t"e tem1le o! :od is "oly' w"ic" tem1le you are" H1 Cor. %F1+A1$I. /e is saying t"at t"e 01irit lives in :odDs tem1le. ,e are t"at tem1le' and t"e Fat"er and t"e 01irit are e=ual in us.

Coe7ual 2ith )ather an* Son

&"e /oly 01irit is not sim1ly a 1erson' distinct !rom t"e Fat"er and distinct !rom t"e 0on. /e is muc" more. /eDs :od' coe=ual wit" t"e Fat"er and C"rist. First' we !ind t"at the Holy host is omnipresent6 In ot"er words' /e can ;e at all 1laces at t"e same time. "01irits" are not omni1resent' ;ut t"e /oly :"ost is. /eDs >ust as real in Eos Angeles as /e is in Eeningrad. ust as alive. ust as !ull o! glory. <ow some 1eo1le "ave needless 1ro;lems wit" 0atan. &"ey t"ink t"e devil is omni1resent. Eet me assure you t"at

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


"e is not. 0atan cannot ;e at all 1laces at t"e same time. ,"y? 2ecause angels cannot ;e at all 1laces at t"e same time' and t"e devil was an angel' an arc"angel. &"e angels 6ic"ael or :a;riel are not omni1resent' and neit"er is 0atan. &"e omni1resence o! t"e /oly :"ost is descri;ed in t"e *salmsF
,"ere can I go !rom Your 01irit? 8r w"ere can I !lee !rom Your 1resence? I! I ascend into "eaven' You are t"ereG I! I make my ;ed in "ell' ;e"old' You are t"ere. I! I take t"e wings o! t"e morning' And dwell in t"e uttermost 1arts o! t"e sea' #ven t"ere Your "and s"all lead me' And Your rig"t "and s"all "old me. H*s. 1%3F$A14I.

2ut not only is /e omni1resentG the Holy Spirit is omnipotentBall 1ower!ul. &"e angel said to 6ary' "&"e /oly 01irit will come u1on you' and t"e 1ower o! t"e /ig"est will overs"adow you" HEuke 1F%)I. &"e 1ower o! t"e "/ig"est" s1eaks o! t"e 01irit o! :od. &"at same 1ower o! t"e /ig"est is t"e /oly :"ost' and /e is omni1otent. All glorious. All 1ower!ul. Almig"ty :odC The Holy Spirit is also omniscient6 /eDs all knowing. I get e@cited w"en I read t"e words'
#ye "as not seen' nor ear "eard' <or "ave entered into t"e "eart o! man &"e t"ings w"ic" :od "as 1re1ared !or t"ose w"o love /im. 2ut :od "as revealed t"em to us t"roug" /is 01irit. For t"e 01irit searc"es all t"ings' yes' t"e dee1 t"ings o! :od. For w"at man knows t"e t"ings o! a man e@ce1t t"e s1irit o! t"e man w"ic" is in "im? #ven so no one knows t"e t"ings o! :od e@ce1t t"e 01irit o! :od. H1 Cor. 2F3A11I

&"ink a;out itC &"e /oly :"ost actually searc"es t"e mind o! :od. /e !inds w"atDs t"ere and 1resents it to you.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/e says' "/ereDs w"at IDve !ound." /ow can /e searc" t"e "dee1 t"ings o! :od"? 2ecause /e is all knowing. &"ereDs somet"ing else you need to know a;out 0atan. /e cannot read your mind. Angels canDt read your mind' and t"e devil is an angel. I! "e could read your mind' "e would ;e an allAknowing s1irit. 2ut t"at 1lace is reserved !or t"e Fat"er and t"e /oly :"ost. 0atan cannot read your mind.

Shoul* %e /e Worshi+e*#
/ere is an im1ortant =uestion I must ask. I! t"e /oly 01irit is omni1resent' i! /e is omni1otent' i! /e is omniscient' s"ould we wors"i1 /im as :od? .oes /e deserve our 1raise and adoration? C"ristians "ave a ma>or 1ro;lem w"en it comes to t"e to1ic o! wors"i1ing t"e 01irit. ItDs a su;>ect t"ey would rat"er not discuss. And i! you ask t"em' ","y donDt you wors"i1 t"e /oly :"ost?" t"ey canDt seem to !ind an answer. 8"' t"eyDll say somet"ing like' ",ell' weDre not su11osed to." &o ;e "onest' I "ad t"e same 1ro;lem. ,"y? 2ecause t"e devil deceived me as "e "as deluded so many. I t"oug"t' "/ow can I wors"i1 /im? ItDs >ust not t"e way IDve ;een taug"t." &"e /oly :"ost' "owever' is muc" more t"an a ;ird !lying in t"e sky w"o gives you t"e 1entecostal e@1erience. I! /e is all t"e t"ings weDve ;een discussingBe=ual wit" t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on' t"en /e is to ;e wors"i1ed. A!ter all' donDt we wors"i1 t"e Fat"er? And donDt we wors"i1 t"e 0on? You may wonder' "/ow s"ould t"e /oly 01irit ;e wors"i1ed?" ,ell' "ow do you wors"i1 :od t"e Fat"er? And "ow do you wors"i1 t"e 0on? &"ere s"ould ;e no

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


di!!erence. You s"ould s"ower /im wit" your devotion and your love. &"e 2i;le tells us t"at t"e :od"eadBFat"er' 0on' and 01iritBis sel!Ae@istentF "/ow muc" more s"all t"e ;lood o! C"rist' w"o t"roug" t"e eternal 01irit o!!ered /imsel! wit"out s1ot to :od' 1urge your conscience !rom dead works to serve t"e living :od?" H/e;. 3F1(I. ,"en we learn a;out angels' we !ind t"at t"ey only are 1resent ;ecause o! t"e e@istence o! esus. 2ut IDve got news !or you. :od t"e /oly 01irit can ;e re!erred to as t"e "I Am'" >ust like :od t"e Fat"er and :od t"e 0on.

Oil, Water, Clou*s, an* Light

0ince my !irst encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit' I "ave e@1erienced a growing reality o! /is 1resence. #very scri1ture' every encounter' and every revelation makes my walk in t"e 01irit more com1lete. Recently' during a time o! study in t"e ,ord' I said to my wi!e' "You know' I !eel t"e 1resence o! :od all over me." /ereDs w"at touc"ed me t"at nig"t w"ile I was tracing t"e meanings o! words and t"eir connection wit" t"e 01irit. I was wondering' ,"at does it really mean to "grieve" t"e 01irit? ,"at I learned was t"at t"e /oly :"ost is not >ust a s1irit w"o can "ave s"a1e. He2s so real He can be resisted6 <ow many 1eo1le t"ink t"e /oly :"ost is a wind. 2ut /e isnDt. &"atDs >ust anot"er in a long list o! descri1tive sym;ols used to communicate t"e 01iritBoil' water' a dove' a cloud' lig"t' and so many more. It certainly doesnDt mean t"at "e looks like /is sym;ols. ,ind is invisi;le to t"e eye' ;ut you cannot resist it. &"e word resist means to o11ose. You cannot o11ose wind.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&ry to stand against wind and it will 1ass rig"t ;y you. Yet you can o11ose t"e /oly :"ost. You can actually sto1 /im !rom working. 0te1"en' in "is s1eec" to t"e 0an"edrin' =uoted 6oses sayingF "You sti!!Anecked and uncircumcised in "eart and earsC You always resist t"e /oly 01iritG As your !at"ers did' so do you" HActs $F)1I. &"ey o11osed /im and' un!ortunately' t"ey were success!ul. Remem;er t"isF you cannot resist wind' oil' or even a dove t"at will >ust !ly away' ;ut you can resist a personBand t"at is w"at t"e /oly 01irit is. &"en I traced t"e words grief and grieved in t"e original :reek. &"e root word is loopa6 And "ere is w"at it meansF to !eel 1ain in ;ody and mind. It means to su!!er mental and 1"ysical anguis". &"e /oly :"ost is a 1erson' or *aul would not "ave said' ".o not grieve t"e /oly 01irit" H#1". (F%4I. &"e /oly :"ost doesnDt >ust "urt. /urt o1erates at t"e level o! t"e emotions. /e grieves, and t"at goes muc" dee1er. <ot only t"at' ;ut t"e /oly 01irit can ;e Buenched6 &"e word means to 1ut out. *aul warned t"e c"urc" at &"essalonica' ".o not =uenc" t"e 01irit" H1 &"ess. )F13I. You cannot =uenc" t"e wind or ot"er sym;ols. 2ut you can sto1 a 1erson. And t"at is w"at t"e /oly 01irit is.

So Easily Woun*e*
You also need to reali?e t"at t"e /oly 01irit can ;e a!!licted and tormented. /e can ;e veCed6 Isaia" talked a;out t"e lovingkindness o! t"e Eord and "is mercy toward IsraelF "2ut t"ey re;elled' and ve@ed "is "oly 01iritF t"ere!ore "e was turned to ;e t"eir enemy' and "e !oug"t against t"em" HIsa. +%F14 K -I. ItDs di!!icult to imagine' ;ut itDs true. &"e /oly :"ost can ;e tormented ;y "uman ;eings. In t"e original language' to ve@ carries t"e meaning o!

S'%$%T, S!.L, *N" ?!"&


wearing down' trou;ling' even a!!licting. 8nly a 1erson can ;ecome t"e target o! suc" torments. A strong wind cannot ;e =uieted' ;ut t"e /oly 01irit canF "And /e called to me' and s1oke to me' saying' D0ee' t"ose. . . "ave given rest to 6y 01iritD" HJec". +F5I. &"e /oly 01irit is a 1erson w"o res1onds to your wis"es. You can tell /im to ;e =uiet and /e will. 2ut t"en you run t"e risk o! grieving /im. 0o many times in 1u;lic meetings' I "ave seen t"e /oly 01irit a;out to s1eak and t"en =uieted ;y some !les"ly mani!estation. At suc" sacred moments I "ave !elt t"e /oly 01irit wit"drawing. &"e /oly 01irit is not a !ig"terG /eDs a lover. I! you resist /im' /e will >ust leave. /eDs not like 0atan' w"o t"e 2i;le says will "!lee" !rom you i! you resist "im. &"e /oly 01irit will not run away in !ear' ;ut rat"er /e will leave your 1resence wit" a wounded "eart. I! /e is grieved' /e will gently retreat. I! /e is =uenc"ed' "e will =uietly de1art. /ow tragic to t"ink t"at 1eo1le would ve@ or attem1t to =uiet suc" a lovely 1erson. 2ut t"ey do. &"e C"ildren o! Israel did. And today w"ile "e is still longing !or our love and our !ellows"i1' we wound "im t"roug" our ignorance and re;ellion. I can still "ear Kat"ryn Ku"lman in *itts;urg" so;;ing wit" suc" agonyF "*leaseC .onDt wound /im. /eDs all IDve got."


.ind 'or !o"r Sails


! you ever see a drunk man on t"e same side o! t"e road' cross over to t"e ot"er side." &"atDs t"e advice my !at"er gave t"e /inn kids w"en I was growing u1 in t"e /oly Eand. #very morning my ;rot"ers and sisters walked wit" me to t"e Cat"olic sc"ool. And sure enoug" it "a11enedB more t"an once. Almost ;y instinct' wit"out a word we remem;ered .addyDs advice and walked on t"e ot"er side o! t"e street until we were well 1ast t"e drunken man. /ow did we know "e was into@icated? ,ell' we didnDt walk u1 to "im and say' "6ister' are you drunk?" 8r "Eet me smell your ;reat"C" 8! course not. #ven as c"ildren we knew "e was ine;riated. #veryt"ing a;out "im told usBt"e way "e moved' t"e look on "is !ace' "is dis"eveled clot"es. As t"ey say in #ngland' "e was "t"ree s"eets to t"e wind." &"e trut" a;out "is ungodly ;e"avior was sim1ly t"isF /e was ;eing controlled ;y t"e wrong 1ower. /e "ad surrendered to t"e wrong in!luence. &"e a1ostle *aul could not "ave ;een more ;lunt w"en "e said' ".o not ;e drunk wit" wine' in w"ic" is dissi1ationG ;ut ;e !illed wit" t"e 01irit" H#1". )F15I. ,"at a contrast ;etween riotous living and rig"teous living. .runkenness' *aul warns' ;rings ungodly actions. 2ut i! man or a woman can ;e controlled ;y alco"ol' "ow muc"


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

more can t"e /oly 01irit control a man or a woman? Is it di!!icult to determine w"oDs in control? <ot at all. #very day you meet 1eo1le w"ose minds and "earts are lig"tAyears away !rom :od. ItDs o;vious. You "ear it in t"eir language. You see it in t"eir actions. ItDs as t"oug" 0atan "imsel! is guiding every movement o! t"eir lives.

(%E SP$R$(-)$LLED L$)E

2ut w"at a;out t"e 1erson w"o "as "ad an encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit? ,"at are t"e outward signs o! t"e 01iritA!illed li!e? &"ere are many' and t"e trans!ormation is startling. ItDs ;eyond e@1lanation. 0uddenly 1ositive "mani!estations" ;egin to multi1ly at every turn. ust a!ter "e says' "2e !illed wit" t"e 01irit'" *aul descri;es !our distinct results you can e@1ect. It is like 1lanting seeds in t"e soil o! t"e 01irit and rea1ing a "eavenly "arvest.

5ou'll /e Change*
&"e !irst mani!estation you can e@1ect o! a 01iritA!illed li!e is t"isF your speech will be different6 &"e a1ostle said we s"ould s1eak "to one anot"er in 1salms" H#1". )F13I. Can you imagine w"at an incredi;le world it would ;e i! our conversation resem;led w"at we read in t"e *salms? A recent study s"owed t"at o! all t"e words in t"e #nglis" language' t"e word used most o!ten is "I." 2ut t"e 01iritAled C"ristian "as a new voca;ulary. It is not sel!A centered. It is :odAcentered. 0uddenly you are saying' "*raise t"e E8R." H*0. 1)4F1I and "Eet everyt"ing t"at "as ;reat" 1raise t"e Eord" Hv. +I. /ereDs t"e second sign *aul says you s"ould e@1ectF &ou2ll have a new song6 /e says you will ;e "singing and making melody in your "eart to t"e Eord" H#1". )F13I. ItDs

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


muc" more t"an a new songBitDs a c"ange t"at takes 1lace in your "eart. ,"en you "ave ;een trans!ormed on t"e inside' a melody will ;u;;le u1. ItDs a s1ontaneous reaction. I donDt claim to ;e a singer' ;ut IDve "ad a song on my li1s since t"e moment I met t"e /oly 01irit. &"e t"ird mani!estation is t"at you2ll start giving than>sD ":iving t"anks always !or all t"ings to :od t"e Fat"er in t"e name o! our Eord esus C"rist" Hv. 24I. 0uddenly you will ;egin to t"ank /im !or everyt"ing. YouDll t"ank /im !or t"e good' and !or t"e notAsoAgood. You recogni?e t"at t"e giver o! every gi!t knows e@actly w"at you need. &"e result is a trans!ormation o! your attitude. <o matter w"at "a11ens' youDll say' "&"ank you." &"e !ourt" o;vious sign is t"at you2ll become a servant6 *aul says' "0u;mitting to one anot"er in t"e !ear o! :od" Hv. 21I. &"atDs w"at ""onoring one anot"er in love" is all a;out. Your "eart will yearn to "el1 1eo1le. &"e /oly 01irit ;rings you to t"e 1lace w"ere youDll say' " ust let me knowBIDll do itC" ,"at does it mean to ;e "!illed wit" t"e s1irit"? 0ome 1eo1le t"ink it is e@actly t"e same as driving a /onda into a service station and !illing t"e tank wit" !uel. 2ut t"atDs not it at all. In my 1ul1it I "ave a ;ottle o! oil. I use it' >ust as t"e 0cri1ture directs me' to anoint t"ose w"o come !or "ealing. It is a sim1le little container' and it is !illed wit" olive oil. 2ut w"en I use it u1' itDs gone. &"e ;ottle doesnDt !ill itsel! u1 again. &"e words ";e !illed" in #1"esians "ave no connection to a ;ottle or a vessel ;eing !illed. &"e :reek 1resent tense is used to tell you t"at t"e !illing o! t"e 01irit is not a onceA andA!orAall e@1erience. ItDs a continuing e@1erience.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/ave you ever s1ent a day on a sail;oat? ItDs a great t"rill. ,"at "a11ens to t"e ;oat w"en t"e sails are !illed? &"e s"i1 ;egins to move. &"atDs w"at *aul is telling you. /e wants you to ;e !illed' not like a container t"at "as no action ;ut like a sail t"at continues to ;e !illed wit" wind. 8ver and over again. /e wants you to move !orward wit" t"e neverAending ;ree?e o! t"e 01irit !illing your s1iritual sails.

3Who Do 5ou (hin! 5ou Are#3

2eing !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit causes action. It "a11ens in your s1eec"' in your "eart' in your attitude' and in your activity. ,"at a c"angeC <ow your words are u1li!ting' t"ereDs a "armony in your "eart' you give t"anks to t"e Eord' and you truly and "um;ly serve 1eo1le. /ow can a man or a woman w"o is !illed wit" t"e 01irit s1eak wit" 1ro!anity? /ow can "e or s"e "ave a "eart !illed wit" >ealousy' ;itterness' and criticism? A 01iritA!illed 1erson doesnDt say' ","o do you t"ink you are' telling me w"at to do?" 8r "/ow can :od treat me t"at way?" &"ese are signs o! a sel!Acentered 1erson w"o is "01irit em1ty'" not "01irit !illed." ,"en C"rist returned to t"e Fat"er' /e did not intend !or you to make it on your own. /el1 was on t"e wayC A!ter all' it is not your 1ower or your strengt" t"atDs im1ortantF "<ot ;y mig"t nor ;y 1ower' ;ut ;y 6y 01irit' L 0ays t"e E8R. o! "osts" HJec". (F+I. ItDs ;y t"e 01irit t"at you are a;le to glori!y esus. ItDs ;y t"e 01irit t"at your "eart is !illed wit" song. ItDs ;y t"e 01irit t"at you are a;le to say' " esus' I t"ank you !or everyt"ing." And itDs ;y t"e 01irit t"at you are em1owered to say' "I !orgive you." /ow is t"e love o! :od "s"ed a;road in our "earts"? 2y

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


t"e /oly 01irit. YouDve never seen t"e wind' ;ut you "ave certainly seen t"e results o! t"e wind. &"e tree ;ends. &"e !lag waves. And t"e s"i1 ;egins to move. 8"' t"e !orce o! it. You donDt "ave to see t"e /oly 01irit to know t"at /e is alive. You can feel t"e evidence in t"e 1ower /e gives you. 8nce /e !ills you' seeking a con!irmation is an e@ercise in !utility. A man once askedF "2enny' tell me. Am I !illed wit" t"e 01irit?" I said' "2rot"er' i! you donDt know' t"en youDre notC" You donDt "ave to ask w"en you see t"e results. &"ose w"o =uestion t"eir in!illing "ave never received it.

$t Starts 2ith Sal"ation

You may ask' "/ow do I ;ecome !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit? I! I s1eak in tongues' is t"at t"e sign?" &"e /oly 01irit is 1resent !rom t"e moment you ask t"e Eord esus C"rist to !orgive your sin and cleanse your "eart. I! you do not ;elieve t"at' you donDt understand t"e &rinity. As *aul wrote to &itus' "/e saved us' t"roug" t"e was"ing o! regeneration and renewing o! t"e /oly 01irit' w"om /e 1oured out on us a;undantly t"roug" esus C"rist our 0avior' t"at "aving ;een >usti!ied ;y /is grace we s"ould ;ecome "eirs according to t"e "o1e o! eternal li!e" H&itus %F)A$I. 2ut now we are talking a;out t"e in!illing o! t"e /oly 01irit wit" t"e evidence t"at "as ;een e@1erienced ;y literally "undreds o! millions o! 1eo1le worldwide. &"e statistics are overw"elming. I know t"at some still like to argue t"e 1oint' ;ut a man with an eCperience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument6 IDll never !orget t"e !irst !ew days a!ter I was ;orn


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

again. I was like a little kidBand you know w"at t"ey say a;out ;a;ies. &"eyDre always !alling' crying' and asking !or "el1. &"at was me. In !act' I s"ared wit" a man in t"e c"urc" t"e same dou;t IDve "eard many times since. I said' "8"' IDm so torn u1." /e asked' ","atDs wrong?" I said' "IDm not sure i! IDve ;een !illed wit" t"e 01irit." I wasnDt. 0o "e said' "2enny' did you ask?" I answered "Yes' sir." /e said' "&"atDs all you need to do." ,ell' you see' I was a ;a;e in C"rist. I didnDt know w"at I know now. I truly did not know w"at I was seeking' ;ut I "eard someone say' "I! you s1eak in tongues' t"atDs all you need." As I learned later' s1eaking in tongues is only one o! t"e gi!ts. It is not t"e gi!ts you need as muc" as t"e giver6 *aul wrote to t"e c"urc" at Rome' "For t"e gi!ts and t"e calling o! :od are irrevoca;le" HRom. 11F23I. &"e gi!ts will never leave' ;ut t"e giverDs 1ower can ;e wit"drawnBand will ;e wit"drawn i! t"e giver is neglected and grieved. <ever !orget w"at "a11ened to King 0aul. &"e Eord said' "I greatly regret t"at I "ave set u1 0aul as king' !or "e "as turned ;ack !rom !ollowing 6e' and "as not 1er!ormed 6y commandments" H1 0am. 1)F11I. And as .avid was ;eing anointed ;y 0amuel to ;ecome t"e new king' "&"e 01irit o! t"e Eord de1arted !rom 0aul" H1 0am. 1+F1(I.

S4RRE DER %a"e 5ou 'en*e* 5our Sails#

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


You may ask' "/ow s"ould I a11roac" t"e 01irit? /ow can I ;ecome ready to receive /im?" *er"a1s I s"ould ask you a =uestion or two. Is your s"i1 ready to sail? Is it seawort"y? /ave you mended t"e sails? Are t"ey ready to receive t"e wind o! t"e 01irit w"en /e ;egins to ;reat"e on you? ItDs like 1re1aring !or marriage. You s1end time in t"oug"t and 1re1aration !or t"at moment you stand ;e!ore t"e sacred altar. &"en you make a vow "to "ave and to "old !rom t"is day !orward." You actually give yoursel! to your s1ouse. ItDs an unsel!is" act o! loving surrender. And !rom t"at time !orward a uni=ue ;ond o! !ellows"i1 is created and is known only to a "us;and and wi!e. 2ut w"at "a11ens w"en you take ;ack 1art o! yoursel! t"at was committed in marriage? "You canDt "ave t"atC ItDs mineC" And w"at i! your s1ouse says t"e same? It would create a ;arrier in your relations"i1. &"e union would ;egin to crum;le. &"e !ellows"i1 would ;egin to !alter. 8nly total surrender ;rings total communion. It 1roduces love and understanding. &"ere is only one way to restore a ;roken relations"i1. Eike t"e sail on a vessel' you cannot remain strained and u1tig"t. ust t"e o11osite' you must ;e !le@i;le and yieldB actually surrender to a new in!illing o! love. &"e moment you surrender to t"e Eord' /e will !ill you wit" /is 01irit. You donDt need to ;eg !or t"e in!illing. And it doesnDt re=uire a ;ucket o! tears. All it takes is a total surrender to C"rist and a willingness to em;race /is 1recious /oly 01irit. &otal surrender ;rings total in!illing' and total su;mission ;rings total !ellows"i1. 2ut >ust as in marriage' youDve got to work at it every dayF " esus' I love you"G


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

"Fat"er :od' I adore you"G "1recious /oly 01irit' I long !or your !ellows"i1." I! you neglect communicating >ust one day' t"e ne@t time itDs a little "arder.

Li!e a Shar+ &nife

,"at "a11ens to a marriage w"en one 1artner ignores t"e ot"er? A!ter a s"ort 1eriod o! time ;itterness ;egins to enter t"e "eart. ,ords ;egin to cut like a s"ar1 kni!e. 0oon t"e animosity turns to anger' >ealousy' and even worse. For many it results in se1aration' divorce' and "atred. 2ut t"e ri!t can so easily ;e mended. All it takes is a !res" surrender t"at comes !rom your very soul. And a renewing o! t"e vow to "love' "onor' and c"eris"." &"e same t"ing will "a11en i! you neglect t"e Eord. You will develo1 ;itterness and anger. 0uddenly you will ;e out o! !ellows"i1 wit" t"e Eord. &"atDs w"at "a11ened to t"e c"ildren o! Israel in t"e wilderness. &"ey ;egan to com1lain' "I! only we "ad died in t"e land o! #gy1tC 8r i! only we "ad died in t"is wildernessC ,"y "as t"e E8R. ;roug"t us to t"is land to !all ;y t"e sword?" H<um. 1(F2A%I. And t"e Eord said to 6oses and Aaron' "/ow long s"all I ;ear wit" t"is evil congregation w"o murmur against 6e?" Hv. 2$I. &"e c"ildren o! Israel went !rom saying' "&"e Eord is :od'" to com1laining' ",ouldnDt it ;e ;etter to return to #gy1t?" ,"at caused t"e c"ange? &"ey sto11ed seeking /im' and t"eir "earts ;ecame "ardened. And ;e!ore t"ey understood w"at was "a11ening' t"ey "ad !orsaken /im. .onDt let a day go ;y wit"out a !res" surrender to t"e Eord. *aul wrote' "#ven t"oug" our outward man is 1eris"ing' yet t"e inward man is ;eing renewed day ;y day" H2 Cor. (F1+I. 0urrender must ;e continual' a neverAending em1tying o! sel! to t"e Eord. And once you make it a "a;it' youDll ;egin to e@1erience :odDs 1er!ect union' 1er!ect

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


!ellows"i1' 1er!ect understanding' and 1er!ect love. I ;elieve it is :odDs will !or you to ;e continually !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit. Almost in t"e same ;reat" t"at *aul says "2e !illed wit" t"e 01irit'" "e says' ".o not ;e unwise' ;ut understand w"at t"e will o! t"e Eord is" H#1". )F1$I. *aul leaves no dou;t t"at it is t"e Fat"erDs will t"at t"e /oly 01irit s"ould a;ide in every ;eliever. ItDs :odDs will !or every mot"er' !or every !at"er' !or every young 1ersonB and !or you.

Rela., Rela.
In a c"urc" near &oronto I remem;er seeing a young man 1raying to receive t"e in!illing o! t"e 01irit. IDll never !orget t"e look on "is !aceBstrained and tense. /e was literally ;egging and ;egging !or an encounter wit" t"e /oly 01irit. I walked over to "im and said' "Young man' you wonDt get anyt"ing ;y ;egging. ust rela@. ItDs so easy w"en you surrender." &"atDs w"at "e did' and almost instantly t"e 01irit came u1on "im. It was ;eauti!ul. A smile came over "is !ace as "e ;egan to 1ray in a "eavenly language. /ow do you surrender? It will never "a11en i! you "try to." ItDs like learning to swim. I! you struggle to swim youDll ;egin to sink' and you may even drown. &"atDs w"y t"e swimming instructor !irst teac"es a c"ild to rela@ and learn to !loat. 0wimming comes naturally w"en you donDt !ig"t it. And t"atDs t"e way it is wit" surrenderBit comes instinctively to a yielded "eart. ,"en you met your mate !or li!e' you didnDt "try to" !all in love. ItDs somet"ing t"at is eit"er t"ere or not. You donDt "ave to work at it ;ecause love surrenders. ,"en esus is your Eord' w"en you love /im wit" all your "eart' itDs not di!!icult to surrender to /im. ItDs t"e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

same wit" t"e /oly 01irit. #very day w"en you 1resent yoursel! to /im' /e !ills you again. You remain !res" as a !lower in t"e morning sun. /e continues to give you li!eB and t"e ;lossoms never seem to !ade. I canDt tell you "ow to a11roac" /im' ;ut "ere is w"at I do. 0o many times I enter my room' lock t"e door' and >ust stand t"ere wit" my arms raised toward "eaven. /e knows I love /imG I know /e loves me. And I am waiting wit" o1en arms to receive /im. <ow t"ere was a time years ago t"at I =uestioned /is love. IDll never' never !orget t"at. It was during a time I was "aving tremendous struggles wit" my !amily. 6y mom and dad were not ;orn again' and t"ere was suc" 1ain in our relations"i1. &"en one nig"t in my room I looked u1 and said' " esus' I know You say in Your ,ord You love me . . . ;ut 1lease do me a !avor. Tell me t"at You love me." And I went to slee1. In t"e middle o! t"e nig"t I was awakened ;y a voice t"at sounded like rus"ing waters. I can only descri;e it as a sound t"at was t"ick and "eavy. &"en an audi;le voiceB coming !rom now"ere yet coming !rom everyw"ere at once B;egan to s1eak. A;ove t"e torrent o! water I "eard a voice as clear as any I "ave ever "eard saying' "I love youC I love youC "It was t"e voice o! esus. At t"at moment t"e walls o! my room actually seemed to ;e s"aking. I was !rig"tened ;ecause t"e 1resence o! t"e Eord was so unusual. 2ut since t"at moment I "ave never =uestioned /is love. I ;elieve /e gives us suc" e@1eriences w"en we need t"emBnot w"en we want t"em. 6any times I stand in my room and donDt say a word. I kee1 total silence. IDm sure you "ave e@1erienced times w"en you didnDt "ave to utter a word to assure someone o! your love. &"ere are s1ecial times ;etween two 1eo1le t"at

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


i! >ust one sound were made' an un!orgetta;le moment would ;e destroyed. Muietness is o!ten t"e ;est language. 0o many times I "ave stood in my room and suddenly tears "ave !illed my eyes. An une@1laina;le warmt" and ;eauty !ill t"e air as /e ;egins to !ill me a!res". /ow did it "a11en? ,"at did I do? Really' I did not"ing ;ut >ust stand in /is 1resence wit" an inward surrender. 2ut w"at started in 1er!ect =uietness continued wit" wors"i1 and adoration t"at I never wanted to end. ,"en you are continually !illed ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' your 1rayer li!e takes on a dimension you never t"oug"t 1ossi;le. &o e@1erience t"e re!res"ing ;ree?e o! t"e 01irit t"at !ills your "eart wit" 1raise' you need to understand "ow to a11roac" t"e t"rone o! :od in 1rayer.

Ste+ by Ste+
&"ere are seven distinct ste1s to 1rayer. &"e !irst ste1 is confession6 2egin ;y acknowledging w"o :od is. A;ram called "im' "t"e E8R.' :od 6ost /ig"' t"e *ossessor o! "eaven and eart"" H:en. 1(F22I. 2egin ;y declaring t"e 1ower o! t"e Almig"ty. #li>a" ;egan "is 1rayer on 6ount Carmel' "E8R. :od o! A;ra"am' Isaac' and Israel" H1 Kings 15F%+I. I! you want t"e !ire to !all' ;egin ;y con!essing w"o :od is. &"e ne@t level o! 1rayer is supplication6 0im1ly' "Eet your re=uest ;e made known to t"e Eord." Kn!ortunately' t"is is t"e ste1 on w"ic" many 1eo1le s1end !ar too muc" time. &"eir entire 1rayer li!e seems to ;e concentrated on needs' wants' and desires. 8! course your 1ersonal 1ro;lems are wort"y o! :odDs attention' ;ut w"en you "ave s"ared t"em' itDs not time to say "Amen." &"e ;est is yet to come. &"e t"ird ste1Band one t"at I dearly loveBis


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

adoration6 It s"ould ;e a time o! a;solute ;eauty and wors"i1. Eoving /im. Adoring /im. It may ;egin wit" t"e words' " esus' I love you." 0uddenly you !eel t"e 1resence o! t"e /oly 01irit' and two "ours later you look at your watc" and say' "I canDt ;elieve t"e time "as gone so !ast." ItDs so real' so alive. Fourt"' t"ere is a time o! intimacy6 It is almost too loving' too sacred' too ;eauti!ul to descri;e. &"ere "ave ;een times w"en' dee1 in 1rayer' I !elt as i! someone was standing t"ere' ru;;ing my !ore"ead. It was as i! t"e Eord were saying to me' "&"ank you. IDm so glad to ;e wit" you." Remem;er' t"e /oly 01irit will never !orce /imsel! on you. /e doesnDt 1lace demands and sti1ulations on your 1rayer li!e. 2ut i! you say' "/el1 me 1ray'" /e is ready to res1ond. At times in my li!e my 1rayer at t"is level "as continued !or "ours. 2ut intimacy is not a 1lace you can ;egin. <or is it 1ossi;le to rus" t"roug" t"e early ste1s to arrive at t"is 1oint. &"e !i!t" level o! 1rayer is intercession6 esus said t"e 01irit would reveal t"ings to us' and t"at is w"at "a11ened to me. ,"en you invite t"e 01irit to "el1 you 1ray' /e does not !ocus on your sel!is" needs and wants. <oC &"e !ocus is outward. /e "as 1laced t"e names and !aces o! 1eo1le ;e!ore me t"at I "ad not t"oug"t o! in years. And I interceded in 1rayer !or t"em. 2ut donDt ;elieve t"at it is a 1eriod o! >oy and wors"i1. ust t"e o11osite. &"e !irst time I moved into intercession I wasnDt sure I wanted it. &"e communion le!t. &"e closeness le!t. .uring t"ese times I "ave !elt 1ain and agony t"at is di!!icult to 1ut into words. I "ave literally 1ounded t"e !loor wit" every ounce o! my strengt" as I 1rayed !or my !amily'

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


!or !riends' !or ministersBeven !or nations. Eet me warn you. It is im1ossi;le to move into intercession wit" a sna1 o! t"e !inger. It does not come instantly ;ecause it is a 1artners"i1 wit" :od t"at re=uires a dee1 and intensely 1ersonal relations"i1. You see' t"e /oly 01irit leads your 1rayer li!e ste1 ;y ste1. ,it" me' it did not "a11en on t"e !irst day' or t"e second' or t"e t"ird. It was at least si@ mont"s ;e!ore I was moving into t"e de1t"s o! 1rayer. 0cri1ture teac"es t"at i! we are !ait"!ul wit" t"e little t"ings' :od will give us more. &"atDs w"at /e does. /eDs t"e 1er!ect Fat"er. &"e 1er!ect teac"er. 2ut w"at "a11ened ne@t was wort" t"e travail. &"e si@t" ste1 in 1rayer is than>sgiving6 As *aul wrote' "2ut t"anks ;e to :od' w"o gives us t"e victory t"roug" our Eord esus C"rist" H1 Cor. 1)F)$I. I always s1end time giving t"anks to t"e Fat"er' to t"e 0on' and to t"e /oly 01irit. Finally' ste1 seven in 1rayer is praise6 0ometimes I sing. 0ometimes I s1eak in a 01irit language. 2ut !rom t"e de1t"s o! my ;eing I ;urst !ort" into total 1raise. It is t"e 1urest !orm o! 1rayer IDve ever e@1erienced. You may ask' "2enny' do you always include all seven ste1s?" 6y answer is "YesC" And "ereDs w"atDs so wonder!ul a;out t"e 01iritF I! you allow /im to work t"roug" you in 1rayer' youDll discover t"at you are not doing muc" o! t"e 1raying. /e seems to ;e doing it all. #ven in intercession' as 1ain!ul as it is' t"e arms o! t"e 01irit are li!ting you u1' giving instant re!res"ing w"en your 1raying is t"roug". *aul was rig"t w"en "e said' "*raying always wit" all 1rayer and su11lication in t"e 01irit" H#1". +F15I. /e knew t"ere was more t"an one kind o! 1rayer.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

3%e's %ere63
&"ere is no su;stitute !or t"e !illing o! t"e 01irit t"at comes as a direct result o! your 1rayer li!e. It is t"e 1ower t"at will a!!ect everyt"ing you do. Recently I was invited to s1eak in Colom;ia' 0out" America. It was a t"reeAday crusade' and on t"e evening o! t"e second day' ,ednesday' I was s1eaking on t"e /oly 01irit. In t"e middle o! my message I !elt t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit move over t"e service. I !elt /is 1resence' sto11ed 1reac"ing' and told t"e 1eo1le' "/eDs "ereC" 6inisters on t"e 1lat!orm and 1eo1le in t"e audience !elt t"e same t"ingBit was like a gust o! wind t"at entered and swirled inside t"at 1lace. *eo1le stood to t"eir !eet in a s1ontaneous out;urst o! 1raise. 2ut t"ey didnDt stand long. All over' 1eo1le ;egan to colla1se and !all to t"e !loor under t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly :"ost. &"ey were "slain" in t"e 01irit. ,"at "a11ened ne@t was e@actly w"at I "ave seen re1eated in services all over t"e world. *eo1le ;egan to receive C"rist as t"eir 1ersonal 0avior' and "ealings ;egan to take 1lace across t"e auditorium. ,"en I s1eak a;out t"e /oly 01irit an unusual anointing !ollows t"e teac"ing. Always. &"ere is an incredi;le mani!estation o! :odDs 1resenceBvery di!!erent !rom at any ot"er time. &"e miracles seem to ;e more intense. A greater num;er o! 1eo1le are saved t"an in ot"er meetings. &"e touc" o! :od on 1eo1leDs lives is more 1ronounced. In t"ose services t"e altar calls seem to ;e so easy. &"ereDs no ;egging or 1leading. Instantly' 1eo1le !lock to t"e !ront !or salvation. ust as t"e Eord 1romised' t"e 01irit draws 1eo1le to C"rist.

-%N" ;!$ &!.$ S*%LS


A!ter t"e services 1eo1le come u1 to say' "&"is was t"e most 1ower!ul meeting I "ave ever ;een inC" ItDs as i! t"e /oly 01irit "as "onored t"e service ;ecause /e is suc" a welcomed guest. .uring t"at same crusade' *astor Colin' my inter1reter' came to me >ust a!ter a morning teac"ing session on t"e /oly 01irit wit" nearly two t"ousand 1reac"ers. /e ;egan to so;. &"en "e li!ted "is "ead !rom "is "ands and said wit" great emotion' ".ear 2rot"er' I know so little a;out t"e /oly 01irit. I !eel like IDm in kindergarten." /e was overcome wit" t"e reality o! t"e message. At ot"er times IDve seen an inter1reter sto1 rig"t in t"e middle o! my message and ;egin to cry uncontrolla;ly. &"atDs t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit. ,"at "a11ens in a service can "a11en to you rig"t w"ere you are. &"atDs w"y I am asking you to surrender totally to t"e 01irit. YouDll ;egin to understand w"at *aul means w"en "e saysF "2e !illed wit" t"e 01irit. . . s1eaking to one anot"er in 1salms . . . singing and making melody in your "eart to t"e Eord. . . giving t"anks always . . . to :od t"e Fat"er." And youDll know w"y "e says' "0u;mit to one anot"er" H#1". )F15A21I.

A Secon* Win*
Are you ready !or :odDs "eavenly ;ree?e to !ill your sails? It starts wit" salvation w"en you con!ess your sin and commit your li!e to !ollow esus as Eord and 0avior. #ven C"rist talked a;out t"e wind w"en /e talked a;out redem1tion. /e told <icodemus' a mem;er o! t"e ewis" ruling council' ".o not marvel t"at I said to you' DYou must ;e ;orn again.D &"e wind ;lows w"ere it wis"es' and you "ear t"e sound o! it' ;ut cannot tell w"ere it comes !rom and w"ere it goes. 0o is everyone w"o is ;orn o! t"e 01irit" H o"n %F$A5I.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

ust as salvation is descri;ed as a wind' t"e /oly 01irit is descri;ed as a second windBa wind o! 1ower. 8n t"e day o! *entecost' "0uddenly t"ere came a sound !rom "eaven' as o! a rus"ing mig"ty wind' and it !illed t"e w"ole "ouse w"ere t"ey were sitting" HActs 2F2I. &"e wind o! t"e 01irit is rus"ing' and it is mig"ty. It is a 1ower t"at will set your li!e in motion. ItDs time to launc" your vessel. /oist your sail' and ;egin to ;e !illedBcontinually !illedBwit" t"e wind o! t"e /oly 01irit.


A Mighty (ntrance

ow could it ;e? I "ad >ust given my li!e to t"e Eord' and I was struggling to live t"e C"ristian li!e.

,"en I t"ink a;out w"at is "a11ening to me now' it sounds im1ossi;le. In Fe;ruary 13$2 a!ter my ";orn again" e@1erience' I knew my "eart "ad ;een cleansed' ;ut t"e di!!iculties I !aced seemed insurmounta;le. &"ere were con!licts at "ome' indecision a;out my !uture' and a sel!A image as low as t"e !loor ;eneat" my !eet. 8"' "ow I wrestled wit" my li!eC It was even di!!icult at times to give my total love to t"e Eord. I "ad so many urgent =uestions. &"en two weeks later I was !illed wit" t"e 01irit. I e@1ected "eaven on eart" !rom t"at moment on. 2ut it didnDt "a11en. 6y dayAtoAday struggles continued. Certainly t"ere were great moments o! >oy and e@"ilaration. And I would not "ave traded my s1iritual e@1eriences !or all t"e oil in 0audi Ara;ia. 2ut dee1 inside t"ere was a gnawing =uestion t"at "aunted me mont" a!ter mont". "Is t"at all t"ere is?" I wondered. &"e =uestion would not go away. ".oesnDt t"e Eord "ave somet"ing more !or me?" And t"en' in t"e middle o! a cold .ecem;er nig"t nearly two years a!ter I met C"rist' it "a11ened. As I lay on my ;ed in &oronto' t"e /oly 01irit made a mig"ty entrance into my room. It !elt like a >olt o! electricity and a ;lanket


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

o! warmt" all at once. It took me only a !ew days to reali?e t"e signi!icance o! w"at "ad "a11ened. #y struggle was over9 I "ad !ound t"e sim1licity o! t"e C"ristian li!eBa 1ersonal relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly :"ost. &oday' my "eart is still trou;led' ;ut !or an entirely di!!erent reason. I am dee1ly distressed t"at millions o! C"ristians "ave never received even a t"im;le!ul o! w"at :od "as in store !or t"em. &"eyDre missing t"e ;est 1art. And t"eyDll never know "ow marvelous a walk wit" C"rist can really ;e until t"ey discover t"e t"ird 1erson o! t"e &rinity. He2s the one who helps us with the struggle6

&"e moment t"e 01irit came into my li!e I no longer "ad to ;attle my adversaries. &"ey were still t"ere' ;ut t"e wrestling and t"e worry seemed to vanis". ,"at "a11ened to me was t"e same t"ing t"at was s1oken to Israel centuries ago t"roug" t"e 1ro1"et #?ekiel. Eiving in a time o! 1olitical u1"eaval' "e was told ;y t"e EordF "I will give you a new "eart and 1ut a new s1irit wit"in youG I will take t"e "eart o! stone out o! your !les" and give you a "eart o! !les". I will 1ut 6y 01irit wit"in you and cause you to walk in 6y statutes' and you will kee1 6y >udgments and do t"em" H#?ek. %+F2+A2$I. &"e 1ro;lem still e@ists todayC 6illions o! 1eo1le are in a daily !ig"t to kee1 t"e laws o! :od' and t"ey are losing t"e war ;ecause t"ey do not understand t"e Fat"erDs ;attle 1lan. /is strategy could not ;e more succinctF (% will put my Spirit within you,( says t"e Eord. And w"y is t"at /is agenda? /e wants to "cause you"B !rom dee1 inside your "eartBto !ollow /is statutes. /e wants to make it easy to kee1 /is laws.

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


.o you !ind it toug" to kee1 :odDs commandments? .onDt !eel all alone. ItDs totally im1ossi;le to succeed ;y yoursel!' and :od doesnDt e@1ect you to. You need "el1C 2ut to w"om s"ould you turn? :od t"e Fat"er is in "eaven and so is :od t"e 0on. You need a !riend "ere and now' and t"e 1erson o! t"e &rinity t"at is dwelling on eart" is t"e /oly 01irit. /eDs t"e one you des1erately need to know. I! you took a survey and asked 1eo1le w"at t"ey wanted most !rom :od' t"e answer would likely ;e' "I want :od to ;e "a11y wit" me." And t"atDs w"at t"e Eord 1romised t"e 1ro1"et #?ekiel. :od said' "I will not "ide 6y !ace !rom t"em anymore' !or I s"all "ave 1oured out 6y 01irit on t"e "ouse o! Israel" H#?ek. %3F23I. &"e moment t"e /oly 01irit ;ecomes a 1art o! your li!e' :od will ;egin to look in your direction. /is !ace will ;egin to s"ine on you. &"e Fat"erDs great desire is t"at you receive /im' ;e !illed wit" /im' and "ave !ellows"i1 wit" /im. It makes /im "a11y. ust ;egin to read t"e 2ook o! Acts' and youDll sense w"at :od "ad 1lanned. &"e a1ostles "ad a tremendous relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly :"ost and t"e evidence is recorded on every 1age. 2ut 1er"a1s more ins1iring is t"e !act t"at t"e "acts" continue to "a11enBeven today. I! t"e miraculous works o! t"e /oly 01irit were all recorded' t"ere wouldnDt ;e a li;rary large enoug" to contain t"e volumes. ,"at trans1ired in t"e K11er Room s"ould "ave ;een no sur1rise. 2e!ore /e ascended to "eaven' esus /imsel! told /is !ollowers not to leave erusalem' ;ut to wait !or t"e gi!t /is Fat"er 1romised' "w"ic" you "ave "eard !rom 6eG !or o"n truly ;a1ti?ed wit" water' ;ut you s"all ;e ;a1ti?ed wit" t"e /oly 01irit not many days !rom now" HActs 1F(A)I.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

C"rist even descri;ed w"at it would ;e like and "ow it would c"ange t"eir livesF "You s"all receive 1ower w"en t"e /oly 01irit "as come u1on youG and you s"all ;e witnesses to 6e in erusalem' and in all udea and 0amaria' and to t"e end o! t"e eart"" Hv. 5I.

(%E SP$R$('S ARR$VAL A Violent Win*

ust as real as t"e coming o! esus to eart"' so was t"e coming o! t"e /oly :"ost. ust as t"e 1ro1"ets 1redicted t"e 6essia"' so did t"ey !oretell t"e coming o! t"e 01irit. /undreds o! years ;e!ore C"rist' :od told oel'
I will 1our out 6y 01irit on all !les"G Your sons and your daug"ters s"all 1ro1"esy' Your old men s"all dream dreams' Your young men s"all see visionsG And also on 6y menservants and on 6y maidservants I will 1our out 6y 01irit in t"ose days. H oel 2F25A23I

&"e /oly 01irit came. And what a mighty entrance9 &"e sound o! a t"underous wind. &ongues o! !ire. A demonstration o! :odDs 1ower. /is arrival on eart" was not"ing s"ort o! s1ectacularC
,"en t"e .ay o! *entecost "ad !ully come' t"ey were all wit" one accord in one 1lace. And suddenly t"ere came !rom "eaven' a sound o! a rus"ing mig"ty wind' and it !illed t"e w"ole "ouse w"ere t"ey were sitting. &"en t"ere a11eared to t"em divided tongues' as o! !ire' and one sat u1on eac" o! t"em. And t"ey were all !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit and ;egan to s1eak wit" ot"er tongues' as t"e 01irit gave t"em utterance. HActs 2F1A(I

It was e@actly as Isaia" "ad !oretoldF ",it" stammering li1s and anot"er tongue L /e will s1eak . . . " HIsa. 25F11I. <ow w"en esus was ;orn' t"e moment was marked ;y 1eace and =uietness. It was a ;eauti!ul nig"t in 2et"le"em' so clear t"at t"e s"e1"erds !ollowed t"e star to t"e manger.

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


,"at a contrast to t"e 1ower!ul noise t"at accom1anied t"e arrival o! t"e /oly 01irit. It created suc" a clamor in erusalem t"at ","en t"is sound occurred' t"e multitude came toget"er' and were con!used" HActs 2F+I. I used to t"ink t"e 1"rase ","en it was noised a;road" meant t"at someone was running around t"e city saying' "Come and see w"at is "a11eningC" 2ut t"atDs not t"e case. &"e 1andemonium o! w"at "a11ened literally was "eard all over town. You see' "&"ere were dwelling in erusalem ews' devout men' !rom every nation under "eaven" Hv. )I. Can you imagine w"at t"ey t"oug"t? &"e ,ord says t"at w"en t"ey "eard t"is sound t"ey rus"ed to t"e scene in ;ewilderment ";ecause everyone "eard t"em s1eak in "is own language" Hv. +I. Ktterly ama?ed' t"ey askedF "Are not all t"ese w"o s1eak :alileans? And "ow is it t"at we "ear' eac" in our own native language?" Hvv. $A5I. And w"en t"ey "eard t"em declare t"e wonders o! :od in t"eir own tongues' t"ey asked eac" ot"er' ","at could t"is mean?" Hv. 12I.

Why 89:#
/is t"underous coming was not sc"eduled !or a tem1le made o! stone. Instead' t"e /oly 01irit came u1on 124 ;elievers w"o ;ecame t"e new tem1le o! :od. .o you recall t"at w"en 0olomon !inis"ed "is tem1le "e "ad "one "undred and twenty 1riests sounding trum1ets" H2 C"ron. )F12I? 0cri1ture records t"at "&"e "ouse o! t"e E8R.' was !illed wit" a cloud' so t"at t"e 1riests could not continue ministering ;ecause o! t"e cloudG !or t"e glory o! t"e E8R. !illed t"e "ouse o! :od" Hvv. 1%A1(I. It "a11ened again in t"e K11er Room. 8ne "undred and twenty came toget"er and t"e 01irit o! :od !illed t"e tem1le. ,"y 124? It is t"e num;er o! t"e closing o! t"e age


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

o! t"e !les" and t"e o1ening o! t"e age o! t"e 01irit. In :enesis' w"ere !or 124 years' <oa" was ;uilding t"e ark' t"e age o! t"e !les" ended. :od said' "6y 01irit s"all not strive wit" man !orever' !or "e is indeed !les"G yet "is days s"all ;e one "undred and twenty years" H:en. +F%I. It is 1recisely !or t"is 1ur1ose t"at t"e Eord gat"ered 124 at *entecost 0o t"at :od t"e /oly 01irit could ;e released among t"e nations. %t mar>ed the beginning of the age of the Spirit6 8;servers couldnDt understand w"at was "a11eningC 0ome made !un o! t"em and said' "&"ey are !ull o! new wine" HActs 2F1%I. 2ut *eter "standing u1 wit" t"e eleven' raised "is voice and said to t"em' D6en o! udea and all w"o dwell in erusalem let t"is ;e known to you' and "eed my words. For t"ese are not drunk' as you su11ose' since it is only t"e t"ird "our o! t"e day. 2ut' t"is is w"at was s1oken ;y t"e 1ro1"et oel" Hvv. 1(A1+I. &"e 124 were so !illed wit" t"e 01irit t"at t"ey could not stand under t"eir own 1ower. &"e 01irit was so mig"ty t"at /e took control over t"e actions o! t"e ;elievers. /e was at work c"anging t"eir s1eec"' t"eir emotions' and t"eir ;e"avior. ,"at erusalem witnessed was not drunkenness' ;ut t"e incredi;le >oy t"at comes w"en t"e 01irit takes control. IDve ;een accused o! a !ew t"ings mysel!. ,"at a trans!ormation in timid *eter. It ;roug"t out t"e "1reac"er" in "im as "e "raised "is voice" and s1oke wit" ;oldness to t"e growing crowd. 2ut w"o do you t"ink gave "im t"e words? &"e ca1tivating message was t"at o! t"e /oly :"ost. "For our gos1el did not come to you in word only' ;ut also in 1ower' and in t"e /oly 01irit" H1 &"ess. 1F)I. &"atDs rig"t. &"e gos1el is 1reac"ed ;y t"e /oly 01irit. Remem;er' t"e ,ord says' t"e 01irit "working wit" t"em." /eDs t"e one w"o does t"e work.

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


<ow watc" w"at ;egins to "a11en suddenly in t"e ;ook o! Acts. The Holy Spirit gives tremendous authority to those who have received Him6 ItDs t"ree oDclock in t"e a!ternoon as *eter and o"n were going u1 to t"e tem1le' and "A certain man lame !rom "is mot"erDs wom; was carried' w"om t"ey laid daily at t"e gate o! t"e tem1le w"ic" is called 2eauti!ul' to ask alms !rom t"ose w"o entered t"e tem1le" HActs %F2I. &urning to t"e dis"eveled ;eggar' "!i@ing "is eyes on "im' wit" o"n' *eter said' DEook at usD" Hv. (I. ItDs a marvelous t"ing to see a man com1letely given over to t"e /oly 01irit. *eter was !illed wit" a ;oldness and 1ower "e "ad never known as "e looked dee1 into t"e soul o! t"is 1oor manBrig"t t"roug" "is eyes. &"e ;eggar knew *eter and o"n were not 1laying games. A "oly ;oldness "ad ;een vested in t"e a1ostles. ,"en *eter said' "Eook at us'" t"e man immediately "gave t"em "is attention' e@1ecting to receive somet"ing !rom t"em" Hv. )I. &"en *eter said' "0ilver and gold I do not "ave' ;ut w"at I do "ave I give youF In t"e name o! esus C"rist o! <a?aret"' rise u1 and walk" Hv. +I. /e took "im ;y t"e rig"t "and' "el1ed "im u1' and instantly t"e manDs !eet and ankles ;ecame strong. "0o "e' lea1ing u1' stood and walked and entered t"e tem1le wit" t"emBwalking' lea1ing' and 1raising :od" Hvv. $A5I. Can you imagine t"e consternation in t"e tem1le? &"e ;eggar made a mig"ty entrance o! "is own. &"ey recogni?ed "im immediately and "were !illed wit" wonder and ama?ement at w"at "ad "a11ened to "im" Hv. 14I.

ot a 35ester*ay3 E.+erience
&"e 1ower and aut"ority t"e a1ostles received ;egan to


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

touc" lives at every turn. &"eir ministry was !ollowed ;y "many signs and wonders . . . among t"e 1eo1le" HActs )F12I. And w"at was t"e result? "2elievers were increasingly added to t"e Eord' multitudes o! ;ot" men and women" Hv. 1(I. The signs that followed the coming of the Holy Spirit led people directly to )hrist6 &"atDs an im1ortant !act to remem;er. ,"at "a11ened in t"e K11er Room was not a oneAtime e@1erienceG nor a !ootnote o! "istory. &"e 01iritA!illed ;elievers esta;lis"ed an ongoing relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly :"ost. &"ey continued to ;e !illed. ,"en *eter was called ;e!ore t"e 0an"edrin over t"e "ealing o! t"e ;eggar' t"ey asked "2y w"at 1ower or ;y w"at name "ave you done t"is?" *eter was "!illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit" w"en "e s1oke HActs (F$A5I. <ot 1ast tense' ;ut present tense. "Filled" descri;es t"e a1ostle at t"at very moment. 8ver and over in 0cri1ture' w"en !ollowers o! C"rist are 1ortrayed as "!illed wit" t"e 01irit'" t"e re!erence is to a new in!illing' not to somet"ing t"at "a11ened yesterday or last mont". *eter was so !ull o! t"e 01irit in t"e tem1le t"at "e "ad aut"ority over "is critics. Kndaunted' "e saidF "Rulers o! t"e 1eo1le and elders o! IsraelF I! we t"is day are >udged !or a good deed done to t"e "el1less man' ;y w"at means "e "as ;een made well' let it ;e known to you all' and to all t"e 1eo1le o! Israel' t"at ;y t"e name o! esus C"rist o! <a?aret"' w"om you cruci!ied' w"om :od raised !rom t"e dead' ;y /im t"is man stands "ere ;e!ore you w"ole" HActs (F5A14I. .o you reali?e t"at t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit can so in!ill you t"at you !ear a;solutely no one? ItDs 1ossi;le to esta;lis" suc" a communion wit" /im t"at even addressing t"e leader o! a nation would cause no a11re"ension. &"e 01irit will li!t your "ead' s=uare your s"oulders' and instill

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


in you an une@1ected con!idence. ,"en I traveled to t"e -atican in Rome to meet t"e 1o1e' I t"oug"t I would ;e nervous. 2ut it didnDt "a11en ;ecause I was so !ull o! my su;>ect. And among t"e -atican leaders I sensed a "unger !or t"ings o! t"e 01irit.

Peter the 'ighty

*eter was !acing more t"an t"e 1riests o! t"e tem1le. /e was actually u1 against t"e government o! Israel. In !act t"e nig"t ;e!ore "e was 1ermitted to address t"e 1riests' "e and o"n were t"rown in >ail. 2ut w"en "e s1oke' t"e words were "ardA"itting. /e told t"em t"e Eord was "t"e Dstone w"ic" was re>ected ;y you ;uilders' w"ic" "as ;ecome t"e c"ie! cornerstoneD" HActs (F11I. It was a direct =uotation o! *salm 115F22. ,as t"is t"e same *eter w"o' a !ew weeks ;e!ore' in t"e same 1lace' ;e!ore t"e same 1eo1le' "ad ;een cowed ;y t"e sneer o! a girl and "ad denied "is 6aster? <ow "ere "e was' !illed wit" t"e 01irit' in utter !earlessness' de!ying t"e murderers o! esus. It was no longer *eter t"e meek. It was *eter t"e mig"ty. ,"at a c"ange t"e 01irit madeC 0o great was t"is !ellows"i1 wit" t"e /oly :"ost t"at *eter directly c"allenged Ananias. /e saidF "Ananias' w"y "as 0atan !illed your "eart to lie to t"e /oly 01irit?" HActs )F%I. *eterDs words and :odDs actions were so !orce!ul t"at "great !ear came u1on all t"ose w"o "eard t"ese t"ings" Hv. )I.


I can tell you !rom 1ersonal e@1erience t"at t"ere comes a 1oint w"ere !ellows"i1 o! t"e 01irit ;ecomes so real' so dee1' and so great t"at your words and actions con!orm to


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

His words and actions. ,"en you know' !or e@am1le' t"at /e "as ;een grieved' you can s1eak ;oldly on /is ;e"al!' knowing /e is !lowing t"roug" you at t"at very moment. You will ;e so near to /im t"at you will actually !eel /im res1onding to w"at you "ave said. I ;elieve t"e day is a11roac"ing w"en men and women o! :od will ;ecome so close to t"e 01irit o! :od t"at we will witness muc" more t"an "ealings and miracles. ,e will witness t"e 01irit as /e scatters t"ose w"o dare to !ig"t /im. <ever !orget Ananias. /e "!ell down and ;reat"ed "is last" HActs )F)I. And never !orget :e"a?i. /e lied to #lis"a a;out t"e gi!ts <aaman ;roug"t to "im. <aaman was "ealed' ;ut t"e 01irit led #lis"a to say' "&"e le1rosy o! <aaman s"all cling to you and your descendants !orever" H2 Kings )F2$I. And t"at is e@actly w"at "a11ened. esus made a very 1ower!ul statement w"en "e said' "DAs t"e Fat"er "as sent 6e' I also send you.D And w"en /e "ad said t"is' /e ;reat"ed on t"em' and said to t"em' DReceive t"e /oly 01irit. I! you !orgive t"e sins o! any' t"ey are !orgiven t"emG i! you retain t"e sins o! any' t"ey are retainedD" H o"n 24F21A2%I. &"is must "ave ;een a so;ering t"oug"t and not one to ;e taken lig"tly ;y t"e a1ostles.

(he )ace of an Angel

*eter was so close to t"e 01irit "e told "is accusers' ",e are /is witnesses to t"ese t"ings' and so also is t"e /oly 01irit w"om :od "as given to t"ose w"o o;ey /im" HActs )F%2I. &"e /oly :"ost so 1ossessed 0te1"en t"at w"en "e was ;roug"t ;e!ore t"e 1riests' "All w"o sat in t"e council' looking stead!astly at "im' saw "is !ace as t"e !ace o! an angel" HActs +F1)I. 2ut' o"' t"e words "e s1oke. "You sti!!A

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


necked . . . in "eart and earsC You always resist t"e /oly 01iritG as your !at"ers did' so do you" HActs $F)1I. ,"y did "e say t"at? 2ecause o! w"at "e was filled wit"F "2ut "e' ;eing !ull o! t"e /oly 01irit' ga?ed into "eaven and saw t"e glory o! :od' and esus standing at t"e rig"t "and o! :od" Hv. ))I. &"e 1resence o! t"e 01irit ;ecame so 1ower!ul in 0te1"enDs li!e t"at "e was a;le to look u1 and see :odDs glory. /e even took on t"e emotions and attri;utes o! t"e 01irit as "e was ;eing stoned. 0te1"en said' "Eord' do not c"arge t"em wit" t"is sin" HActs $F+4I. Can you imagine suc" a reaction? /e didnDt say to :od' " udge t"em. Kill t"em. 0lay t"em." &"e /oly 01irit made t"e di!!erence. I am convinced t"ere is a 1oint in your relations"i1 wit" t"e 01irit w"en t"e anointing ;ecomes so "eavy on youB /is 1resence so close to youBt"at you can look u1 and see a vision o! :od. &"atDs "ow real /e can ;ecome. 0aul' during "is dramatic conversion' "ad a !irst"and e@1erience wit" t"e awesome 1ower o! t"e /oly :"ost. As "e was on "is way to .amascus' ;reat"ing out murderous t"reats against t"e !ollowers o! C"rist' "suddenly a lig"t s"one around "im !rom "eaven. &"en "e !ell to t"e ground' and "eard a voice saying to "im' D0aul' 0aul' w"y are you 1ersecuting 6e?D" HActs 3F%A(I. /e was trem;ling and astonis"ed. ","o are You' Eord?" 0aul asked. "I am esus' w"om you are 1ersecuting'" /e re1lied. "Arise and go into t"e city' and you will ;e told w"at you must do" HActs 3F)A+I. &"e men traveling wit" 0aul were stunned and s1eec"less. 0aul was ;linded ;y t"e e@1erience !or t"ree days ;e!ore :od "ealed "im and "e was "!illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit" Hv. 1$I. Again t"e 01irit made a mig"ty entrance. /e trans!ormed 0aul t"e antagonist into *aul t"e a1ostle. In


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

!act' t"e e!!ect was !elt across t"e land. &"e c"urc" t"roug"out udea' :alilee' and 0amaria ""ad 1eace and were edi!ied. And walking in t"e !ear o! t"e Eord and in t"e com!ort o! t"e /oly 01irit' t"ey were multi1lied" HActs 3F%1I. I can only imagine w"at would "a11en i! every minister in t"e land were to !all 1rostrate and seek a 1ersonal relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly 01irit. &alk a;out revivalC I ;elieve it would so revolutioni?e t"e c"urc" world t"at t"e sanctuaries could not ;egin to accommodate t"e 1eo1le. &"ank :od !or 1astors w"o are "alive" in t"e 01irit' ;ut IDve "eard some ministers t"at' to ;e "onest' would ;e ;etter suited as morticiansC A continuing communion wit" t"e 01irit makes t"e di!!erence. *eo1le are starving !or a reality t"at only t"e /oly :"ost makes 1ossi;le.

%e e"er Sto+s Wor!ing

From t"e moment o! *entecost t"e 01irit ;egan /is work on eart"' and it "as never sto11ed. <everC ItDs incredi;le "ow /e intervened in t"e li!e o! *eter. As "e was 1raying on a roo!to1' :od gave "im a vision' and ","ile *eter t"oug"t a;out t"e vision' t"e 01irit said to "im' D2e"old' t"ree men are seeking you. Arise t"ere!ore' go down and go wit" t"em' dou;ting not"ingG !or I "ave sent t"emD" HActs 14F13A24I. &"e t"ree men t"e 01irit told "im a;out were sent ;y a :odA!earing man named Cornelius' a centurion in t"e Italian regiment. /e also "ad a visionF "/e saw clearly . . . an angel o! :od coming in and saying to "im. . . . D<ow send men to o11a' and send !or 0imon w"ose surname is *eterD" HActs 14F%')I. 2ut it was not t"e angel s1eaking. It was t"e /oly 01irit s1eaking through t"e angel. Remem;er? &"e "01irit said . . . I "ave sent t"em" Hvv. 13A24I.

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


&"e /oly 01irit is an active 1erson. /e never sto1s working. /eDll even send an angel to you i! t"at is w"at you "ave need o!. ,"at "a11ens on eart" is t"e Spirit2s doing. /eDs t"e re1resentative o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. At t"e "ouse o! Cornelius' *eter 1reac"ed t"e deat"' ;urial' and resurrection o! C"rist. And ","ile *eter was still s1eaking t"ese words' t"e /oly 01irit !ell u1on all t"ose w"o "eard t"e word" HActs 14F((I. &"e ;elievers w"o "ad come wit" "im' "were astonis"ed . . . ;ecause t"e gi!t o! t"e /oly 01irit "ad ;een 1oured out on t"e :entiles also. For t"ey "eard t"em s1eak wit" tongues and magni!y :od" Hvv. ()A(+I. <ever !orget t"at the -ord comes first6 &"e message o! C"rist takes 1reeminence. &"e gos1el is t"e !oundation !or everyt"ing :od t"e /oly 01irit was sent to do. &"e 01irit is concerned a;out your li!eBeven your !uture. /e wants to guide you' 1rotect you' even warn you o! w"at lies a"ead. You ask' "Can t"e /oly 01irit 1ro1"esy a;out t"ings to come?" Eook at w"at "a11ened w"en 2arna;as went to t"e great city o! Antioc". 8ver "al! a million 1eo1le lived t"ere at t"e time. For an entire year 2arna;as and 0aul taug"t great num;ers o! 1eo1le in t"at growing megac"urc".
And in t"ese days 1ro1"ets came !rom erusalem to Antioc". &"en one o! t"em' named Aga;us' stood u1 and s"owed ;y t"e 01irit t"at t"ere was going to ;e a great !amine t"roug"out all t"e world' w"ic" also "a11ened in t"e days o! Claudius Caesar. &"en t"e disci1les' eac" according to "is a;ility' determined to send relie! to t"e ;ret"ren dwelling in udea. HActs 11F2$A23I

&"atDs "ow close t"e /oly 01irit was to t"eir daily lives. /e revealed a coming droug"t and t"us allowed t"em to ;e 1re1ared w"en t"e !amine actually came. &"e 01irit is a person, and /eDs dee1ly concerned a;out people6 /e knows w"at is "a11ening in your li!e and "as great concern !or


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T


(he S+irit an* the Sorcerer

IsnDt it time t"at you allow t"e 01irit to order your ste1s? ,"y attem1t to 1lan your own course w"en /e knows every inc" o! t"e road a"ead' every dangerous curve' every 1ot"ole. &"atDs w"at t"e C"ristians at Antioc" learned. "As t"ey ministered to t"e Eord and !asted' t"e /oly 01irit said' D<ow se1arate to 6e 2arna;as and 0aul !or t"e work to w"ic" I "ave called t"emD" HActs 1%F2I. &"ey res1onded immediatelyF "0o' ;eing sent out ;y t"e /oly 01irit' t"ey went down to 0eleucia' and !rom t"ere t"ey sailed to Cy1rus" Hv. (I. &"e disci1les were doing t"e work o! t"e Fat"er' ;ut w"o sent t"em? &"ey received direct instructions !rom t"e 01irit. And during t"eir >ourney t"e /oly :"ost never sto11ed working. /e even gave t"em 1ower over a !alse 1ro1"et. #lymas was a ewis" sorcerer and a magician. /e tried to sto1 w"at t"e 1ower o! :od was doing on Cy1rus. 2ut' "0aul' w"o also is called *aul' !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit' looked intently at N#lymasO and said' D8 !ull o! all deceit and !raud' you son o! t"e devil' you enemy o! all rig"teousness' will you not cease 1erverting t"e straig"t ways o! t"e Eord?D" HActs 1%F3A14I. ,"at an indictmentC In !act' t"e 01irit was so strong on *aul t"at "e told t"e sorcerer "e would ;ecome ;lind. And "e did. 2ut as a direct result 1eo1le ;egan turning to C"rist' "And t"e word o! t"e Eord was ;eing s1read t"roug"out all t"e region" HActs 1%F(3I. "And t"e disci1les were !illed wit" >oy and wit" t"e /oly 01irit" Hv. )2I. You ask' "0"ould I allow t"e /oly 01irit to make all t"e decisions? A!ter all' didnDt :od give me a mind o! my

* #% HT& +NT$*N)+


own?" 8! course /e did. 2ut w"at makes sense to you s"ould also make sense to t"e 01irit. &"e c"urc" council at erusalem wrote' "It seemed good to t"e /oly 01irit' and to us . . ." HActs 1)F25I. ,"en it is rig"t it will ;e con!irmed ;y t"e /oly :"ost' and you will know t"e direction to take.

(he 'essage an* the 'essenger

I! t"e 01irit was so necessary !or C"rist' /e s"ould ;e every ;it as im1ortant to you. esus was ;orn o! t"e 01irit' anointed ;y t"e 01irit' cast out devils ;y t"e 01irit' received "is !ullness ;y t"e 01irit' and 1er!ormed miracles ;y t"e 01irit. And it was ;y t"e /oly :"ost t"at /e taug"t' gave commands' em1owered and governed t"e c"urc"' o!!ered /imsel! on t"e cross' and was resurrected. "/ow muc" more s"all t"e ;lood o! C"rist' w"o t"roug" t"e eternal 01irit o!!ered /imsel! wit"out s1ot to :od' 1urge your conscience !rom dead works to serve t"e living :od?" H/e;. 3F1(I. &"e same 01irit t"at was essential !or t"e eart"ly work o! C"rist is necessary !or you. /e is indis1ensa;le. Your e@1erience o! salvation is ;ased on C"rist' t"e cross' and your con!ession. 2ut "ow did you receive t"e reality o! your regeneration? /ow did you >now your "eart "ad ;een cleansed? &"at' my !riend' is t"e work o! t"e /oly 01irit. ItDs t"e 01irit o! t"e Eord t"at 1laces t"e message in your very soul. You canDt !ind ade=uate words to descri;e or e@1lain it' ;ut you know it is as valid as li!e itsel!. I! t"at reality is so strong' so dee1' and so 1ersonal' t"en "ow real is t"e one w"o gives it? ItDs a signi!icant =uestion. /ow real must ;e t"e messenger i! t"e message is so real? &"e /oly 01irit longs !or a daily' ongoing 1ersonal relations"i1 wit" you. /e wants to make an entranceBa mighty entranceBinto your li!e.


Room 'or the Spirit

or generations' 1eo1le "ave ;een led to ;elieve t"at t"e 01irit is an "it." From a t"ousand voices' millions o! written words' and an attitude t"at "as 1ermeated t"e C"ristian !ait"' we "ave ;een 1rogrammed to t"ink o! t"e /oly :"ost as a something rat"er t"an as a someone6 I "eard a c"orus recently t"at said' ":ive me more o! YouC" And I t"oug"t' ","y' t"atDs unscri1tural." You canDt take a 1art o! /im. /eDs a 1erson. You canDt ;reak /im into little 1ieces' an arm t"is week and a leg t"e ne@t. ItDs not' ":ive me more o! you." ItDs e@actly t"e o11osite. You s"ould ;e crying out to t"e 01irit' "*lease' take more o! me6( /e doesnDt surrender to you. <oC You surrender to /im.


,it"out a dou;t' t"e most overlooked message o! t"e c"urc" today is t"at the Holy Spirit is real and we must ma>e a place for Him6 0ad' isnDt it. 6inisters o! t"e gos1el ;y t"e t"ousands do not com1re"end t"e workings o! t"e 01irit on 1lanet eart". IDm a!raid t"eyDve ;een 1rogrammed' too. From 0unday sc"ool to seminary' t"ey "ave ;een led to ;elieve t"at t"e 01irit is a minor mem;er o! t"e :od"ead w"o came at *entecost and "as ;een !loating in t"e clouds ever since.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

6any actually avoid s1eaking /is name lest 1eo1le con!use t"em wit" one o! t"ose o!!At"eAwall c"arismatics. :od intended t"at t"e c"urc" ;e alive and vi;rant. ust ;e!ore /e returned to "eaven' esus uttered t"e un!orgetta;le words' "&"ese signs will !ollow t"ose w"o ;elieve . . ." H6ark 1+F1$I. *er"a1s t"e most 1u??ling =uestion I "ave as a minister is t"is. %f the Holy Spirit was sent to give )hristians power to live a victorious life, why are so many despondent and defeated/ ,"en I was an evangelist' I went to a c"urc"' conducted a rally' 1rayed !or t"e needs o! t"e 1eo1le' and returned to my "ome. I really did not know w"at was taking 1lace in t"e daily lives o! t"e 1eo1le. 2ut now t"at I am a 1astor' my 1ers1ective "as totally c"anged. And I am distur;ed ;y w"at I see. I now reali?e t"at in!initely more 1eo1le "ave ma>or 1ro;lems t"an I ever dreamed 1ossi;le. &"at so many ;elievers are dis"eartened' de>ected' on t"e verge o! s1iritual ;ankru1tcy is almost unt"inka;le. Re1eatedly I see tiny 1ro;lems cree1 into 1eo1leDs lives and t"en suddenly emerge as :oliat"s' or 6ount #verests. "Fat"er :od'" I ask' "w"ere is t"e victory? ,"ere is t"e >oy?" ust last week our congregation e@1erienced a mig"ty out1ouring o! t"e 01irit on 0unday nig"t. As I ministered to t"e 1eo1le' I sensed an unusual anointing. 8n t"e way "ome I was s"outing' "/allelu>a"C" I said to my wi!e' 0u?anne' ","at a great serviceC IsnDt it wonder!ul w"at :od is doing "ere?" 2ut >ust as I walked in t"e door o! our "ome' t"e 1"one rang. And !or t"e ne@t t"irty minutes I "eard t"e "eart;reaking story o! a man w"o "ad ;een in t"at very service. /e cried and cried as "e told me' "I >ust donDt know w"ere to turn."

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


It "a11ens over and over again.

Who's Got the Po2er#

,"atDs wrong? ,"y is it t"at t"e early c"urc" "ad suc" 1ower and we "ave so little o! it? ,it" one word t"ey commanded demons to de1art' and we seem so !ear!ul and alarmed. ust mention demons' and C"ristians do t"e "undredAyard das". 6any 1astors wonDt even talk a;out t"em' as i! ignoring t"e to1ic would drive t"em out. ItDs di!!icult to understand. Instead o! 1reac"ing to 1eo1le t"at t"ey can ;e !ree' many ministers kee1 a silence t"at leaves many in ;ondage. Rat"er t"an o;ey t"e words o! C"rist' "&"ey s"all cast out devils" H6ark 1+F1$I' t"ey tell t"eir 1eo1le t"at w"at is really going on doesnDt e@istBt"at itDs all in t"eir minds. And t"e 1eo1le murmur' "Eord' I canDt !ind an answer. I canDt !ind "el1C" Is it any wonder t"at some cultists "ave more 1ower t"an some C"ristians? 0"ould we ;e sur1rised w"en 0atanic !ollowers demonstrate more o! t"e su1ernatural t"an early !ollowers o! C"rist? /ow is it 1ossi;le? I! :od is omni1otent and 0atan "as suc" a tiny !raction o! 1ower' "ow can a disci1le o! t"e devil o1erate wit" any aut"ority? ItDs really very sim1le. A 1erson w"o uses 144 1ercent o! >ust a tiny !raction "as more 1ower t"an someone w"o can ta1 into t"e energy o! t"e universe ;ut doesnDt even try. I am dee1ly trou;led w"en I t"ink a;out a sinner receiving more !rom 0atan t"an a ;eliever w"o asks not"ing !rom :od can receive. ItDs time you ;egin to e@ercise t"e 1ower o! t"e Almig"ty. You need to know t"at :od is greater t"an any demon and t"at only one word !rom esus destroys t"e devil. ust one o! /is angels can ;ind 0atan in t"e 1it HRev. 24F1A%I. :od is not weakB/is 1eo1le are.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/ereDs t"e only conclusion I "ave ;een a;le to reac". The reason the church and so many people in it have become so defeated is that it has ignored the most powerful person in the universeAthe Holy Spirit6 Again' "<ot ;y mig"t nor ;y 1ower' ;ut ;y 6y 01irit' L 0ays t"e E8R. o! "osts" HJec". (F+I. And t"e ne@t words are >ust as e@citingF ","o are you' 8 great mountain? . . . you s"all ;ecome a 1lain" Hv. $I. You need more t"an a Cater1illar tractor to level t"e mammot" 1ile o! rocks t"at stands ;e!ore you. ItDs a giant mountain o! !utility and !ear. And t"e e@cavation you need is only 1ossi;le t"roug" t"e energi?ing 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit.

Real, ot Counterfeit
:od' t"roug"out /is ,ord' gives a 1rescri1tion !or ;reaking t"e yoke o! ;ondage. /e knows e@actly w"at it takes to li!t your "eavy ;urden. It is called t"e anointingD
It s"all come to 1ass in t"at day &"at "is ;urden will ;e taken away !rom your s"oulder' And "is yoke !rom your neck' And t"e yoke will ;e destroyed ;ecause o! t"e anointing oil. HIsa. 14F2$I

As :od removed IsraelDs ;urden' so also will /e remove t"e yoke !rom you. A!ter all' 0atan is t"e treac"erous one t"at "as 1laced t"at "eavy yoke u1on you. 2ut esus' w"o declared t"at t"e ;ondage would ;e destroyed' said' "6y yoke is easy and 6y ;urden is lig"t" H6att"ew 11F%4I. &"e everAtig"tening yoke can ;e ;roken ;y t"e 01irit. 2ut not >ust !or t"at moment. ItDs not a tem1orary solution. /e stays wit" you' continuing to li!t t"e ;urden and to guide you on a ;randAnew 1at". &"e a1ostle o"n' s1eaking o! t"e 01irit' wrote' "&"e anointing w"ic" you "ave

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


received !rom /im a;ides in you' and you do not need t"at anyone teac" youG ;ut as t"e same anointing teac"es you concerning all t"ings' and is true' and is not a lie' and >ust as it "as taug"t you' you will a;ide in /im" H1 o"n 2F2$I. It doesnDt take a *"... to ;e a;le to discern w"o "as an anointing and w"o doesnDt. #ven an unregenerate sinner !li11ing a television dial during t"e 0undayAmorning ":od slot" knows t"e touc" o! t"e 01irit w"en "e sees it. /e recogni?es it ;ecause' like a diamond' it is so rare. &"ere is not"ing more tragic t"an 1eo1le w"o donDt "ave an anointing trying to 1roduce it. &"ey try to !orce it' ;ut t"e touc" o! t"e Eord is >ust not t"ere. /ow many times "ave you traveled to "ear a great s1eaker or 2i;le teac"er only to !ind out t"at t"e 1erson is >ust an em1ty s"ell' t"at t"ere is not"ing ;ut knowledge on t"e inside. Filled wit" !acts and in!ormation ;ut a;solutely li!eless' t"ey are walking and talking ;ut t"eir words are dead. IDll never !orget w"at "a11ened at a con!erence I attended on t"e west coast. In an a!ternoon session a young man was introduced to sing. ,it" a tremendous' wellA trained voice "e sang The ,ing %s )oming9 *ll t"e 1eo1le en>oyed it' and t"ey gave "im a great a11lause w"en "e "ad !inis"ed. I donDt know "ow it "a11ened' ;ut in t"e evening service a lady sang e@actly t"e same song. Frankly' s"e didnDt look like a singer' "er voice was a little nasal' and some o! t"e notes were o!! 1itc". 2ut s"e "ad somet"ing else t"at made u1 !or t"ose de!iciencies a t"ousand times over. 2y t"e time s"e got to t"e second c"orus' 1eo1le were on t"eir !eet. &"eir "ands were raised to "eaven. &"e 1ower in t"at 1lace was electric. And it didnDt sto1 w"en s"e !inis"ed. ,e 1raised t"e Eord and 1raised /im again. &"en we ;egan to a11laudB!or t"e longest time. 2ut we werenDt giving t"e singer an ovation. ,e were a11lauding t"e :iver


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

o! song. ,"at made t"e di!!erence? 6y !riend' it was the anointing9 It was t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit in t"at ladyDs li!e. .uring my ministry in Canada' we were one o! t"e s1onsoring grou1s o! a 2illy :ra"am crusade. &"e 1re1arations !or t"e meetings were as organi?ed as anyt"ing IDd ever seen. And t"e services t"emselves were "tame" com1ared to w"at I was used to. 2ut w"en :ra"am ;egan to s1eak' t"ere was an unmistaka;le touc" o! t"e 01irit on "is message. &"e content was C"rist' ;ut I could tell I was in t"e 1resence o! a man w"o "as a dee1 1ersonal !ellows"i1 wit" t"e 01irit.

Wor*s (hat Stunne* the Synagogue

0ince creation 1eo1le "ave ;een !ascinated ;y t"e anointing. It "as ;een marveled at' mani!ested' and even mimicked. 2ut t"e true anointing "as always ;eenBand still remainsBa !unction o! :od t"e /oly 01irit. ,"at is its 1ur1ose? 0o t"at you mig"t 1roclaim t"e message wit" 1ower.
&"e 01irit o! t"e Eord :8. is u1on 6e' 2ecause t"e E8R. "as anointed 6e &o 1reac" good tidings to t"e 1oorG /e "as sent 6e to "eal t"e ;roken"earted' &o 1roclaim li;erty to t"e ca1tives' And t"e o1ening o! t"e 1rison to t"ose w"o are ;oundG &o 1roclaim t"e acce1ta;le year o! t"e E8R. ... HIsa. +1F1A2I

2ut t"ose are not >ust t"e words o! an 8ld &estament 1ro1"et. esus =uoted t"em to a stunned audience at t"e synagogue in <a?aret" HEuke (F15A13I. You must never !orget t"at to understand t"e /oly 01irit you must know t"at /e is :od. &"at descri1tion may seem !oreign to you' ;ut it is as ;asic as t"e ,ord itsel!. /e

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


was t"e 1ower o! creation. .o you recall t"e words in t"e ;ook o! o;? "&"e 01irit o! :od "as made me' and t"e ;reat" o! t"e Almig"ty gives me li!e" H o; %%F(I. ,"ile :od t"e Fat"er was in "eaven on t"e t"rone o! :lory saying' "Eet us make man'" t"e /oly 01irit was doing /is work on eart". #ven t"e second verse states t"at at creation "&"e 01irit o! :od was "overing over t"e !ace o! t"e waters " H:en. 1F2I. And t"e 1salmist' s1eaking o! t"e creatures on eart"' wrote' "You send !ort" Your 01irit' t"ey are createdG And You renew t"e !ace o! t"e eart"" H*s. 14(F%4I.

I! you want t"e anointing o! t"e 01irit to ;ecome evident in your li!e' it ;egins wit" an understanding o! w"o /e is' "ow /e o1erates' and "ow you can enter into /is !ellows"i1. &"e /oly 01irit was not sent >ust to make you !eel good. /eDll certainly do t"at' ;ut /e is muc" more. /e "as e=uality in t"e :od"ead and deserves our wors"i1 >ust as do :od t"e Fat"er and :od t"e 0on. 2ut t"at is >ust t"e start. Your s1iritual growt" is not di!!erent !rom t"at o! a giant oak tree. It must ;e !ed and nouris"ed.

What Do $ Do e.t#
Recently a man told me' "2enny' I want to t"ank you !or introducing me to t"e /oly 01irit in 13$5." I said' "&"atDs great. &ell me w"atDs ;een "a11ening since?" /is !ace was a ;lank as "e said' ",ell' not"ing really. I >ust remem;er w"at it was like w"en I met /im." ","y do you t"ink not"ing "as "a11ened?" I asked. IDll never !orget "is re1lyF "I guess I didnDt know w"at to


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

do." *er"a1s IDve e@1ected every 1erson w"oDs ;een introduced to t"e 01irit to res1ond as I did. I literally s"ut mysel! away wit" t"e ,ord and t"e 01irit and a;sor;ed w"at /e "ad to o!!er like a s1onge. It took time' "undreds and "undreds o! "ours wit" t"e 1recious /oly 01irit. I reali?e t"at !or many 1eo1le itDs nearly im1ossi;le to !ind t"e time to searc" and searc" t"e 0cri1tures. 2ut >ust ;y reading t"is ;ook you are receiving in a succinct manner w"at it took t"e 01irit years to s"are wit" me. 2ut t"ere is one t"ing I cannot do !or you. I canDt wave a s1iritual wand over your "ead and 1lace an anointing on you. &"at only comes wit" a 1ersonal' dee1ly 1rivate encounter wit" t"e 01irit. And it continues and grows wit" a !ellows"i1 and communion t"at only you can esta;lis". Your growt" in t"e 01irit will ;egin t"e moment you ;egin to see t"at t"e 01irit o! :od is truly :od. I canDt re1eat it enoug" ;ecause t"e mental 1icture o! a weak 1ersonality "as ;een drilled into our 1syc"e !rom c"ild"ood. I remem;er seeing a ;ook t"at said' "&"e /oly 01irit is a servant to t"e 2ody o! C"rist." &"atDs t"e kind o! error IDm talking a;out. /eDs not a servantG /eDs in c"arge. /eDs t"e leader o! t"e ;ody o! C"rist. Eet me s"are somet"ing I "ave come to know. &"e /oly 01irit is not only :odG /eDs also t"e Fat"er o! t"e Eord esus C"rist. 2e!ore you say' "<ow "old it t"ere' 2enedictus'" let me 1oint you to t"e ,ord. You say' "I t"oug"t :od t"e Fat"er was t"e Fat"er o! esus." ,ell' youDre rig"t' ;ut youDre also wrong. Eet me s"ow you w"y. In t"e !irst c"a1ter o! t"e :os1els we are told t"at t"e /oly :"ost is t"e Fat"er o! t"e Eord. "<ow t"e ;irt" o! esus C"rist was as !ollowsF A!ter /is mot"er 6ary was ;etrot"ed to ose1"' ;e!ore t"ey came toget"er' s"e

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


was !ound wit" c"ild o! t"e /oly 01irit" H6att. 1F15I. #ven 6ary was concerned. 6ary said to t"e angel' "/ow can t"is ;e' since I do not know a man?" And t"e angel answered and said to "er' "&"e /oly 01irit will come u1on you' and t"e 1ower o! t"e /ig"est will overs"adow youG t"ere!ore' also' t"at /oly 8ne w"o is to ;e ;orn s"all ;e called t"e 0on o! :od" HEuke 1F%(A%)I. &"ere you "ave it. /e is called t"e 0on o! :od' ;ut it was t"e /oly 01irit t"at came u1on t"e mot"er o! C"rist. &"atDs t"e closeness o! t"e &rinityBa c"ild o! :od t"e Fat"er and a c"ild o! :od t"e 01irit in one. #ven t"e attri;utes o! esus were given /im ;y t"e 01irit. 01eaking o! t"e coming C"rist' Isaia" wrote'
&"ere s"all come !ort" a Rod !rom t"e stem o! esse' And a 2ranc" s"all grow out o! "is roots. &"e 01irit o! t"e E8R. s"all rest u1on /im' &"e 01irit o! wisdom and understanding' &"e 01irit o! counsel and mig"t' &"e 01irit o! knowledge and o! t"e !ear o! t"e E8R.. HIsa. 11F1A2I

Who $s the )ather#

esus C"rist is a c"ild o! t"e 01irit. And >ust as eart"ly 1arents love t"eir little ;a;y' so t"e /oly :"ost loved t"e Eord. /ave you ever seen a 1roud !at"er "old a new;orn in "is arms' s=uee?e it tig"t' and love it? I t"ink we !orget t"at t"e /oly 01irit "as emotions too. /e loves w"at /e "as createdG t"atDs w"y /e wants to 1lace /is arms around you6 Can you see :od t"e Fat"er in "eaven saying to t"e 01irit' "&ake my 0on and make /im !les""? It was t"e miracle o! miracles. &"e /oly 01irit took t"at seed and 1laced it wit"in 6aryDs ;ody. 2ut not only was /e t"e Fat"er o! t"e Eord' /e was also t"e one w"o anointed /im. *icture' i! you will' :od t"e Fat"er' sitting on /is


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

t"rone in "eaven and esus on eart" "ealing t"e sick and 1er!orming miracles. And w"at a;out t"e /oly :"ost? /eDs t"e c"annel' t"e contact ;etween ;ot" 1ersonalities. <ow t"e Fat"er 1icks u1 t"e 1"one Has i! /e needed oneI and says' "/oly 01irit?" "Yes' 0ir'" says t"e 01irit as /e 1icks u1 t"e receiver. :od says' "I want you to lead esus into t"e wilderness ;ecause IDm going to send t"e devil to test /im." &"e 01irit says' "Yes' 0ir'" and rus"es to C"rist. " esus' come along wit" 6e'" /e says. .o you see "ow t"e /oly 01irit is t"e contact ;etween ;ot" 1ersonalities? 8r 1icture t"is. esus is walking 1ast a man w"o is very sick. Again' t"e Fat"er 1icks u1 t"e 1"one and says' "/oly 01irit? 0to1 esusC &ell /im to "alt rig"t w"ere /e is." &"e 01irit says' "8kay. esus' sto1." /e s1eaks into t"e 1"one and says' "Fat"er' w"at s"ould /e do?" "&ell /im to "eal t"at man'" says t"e voice o! :od. esus immediately lays /is "ands on t"e man' t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit !lowing t"roug" /im' and t"e man is miraculously raised u1. /ere is w"at is vital !or you to remem;erBand w"en you com1re"end t"is it will li!t t"e veil !rom your eyes regarding t"e role o! t"e /oly :"ostF 8n eart" Jesus was nothing less than a total man6 /e did not "ave "revelation knowledge" wit"out t"e voice o! t"e 01irit. And /e could not move unless t"e /oly 01irit moved /im. /ave you ever wondered w"y' w"en esus 1assed ;y'

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


some did not get "ealed? ,"y didnDt /e 1ray !or t"em? ,"y didnDt /e reac" out and touc" t"em? It is ;ecause t"e Fat"er did not ask t"e /oly :"ost to re=uest t"at esus do it. C"rist said' "t"at t"e world may know t"at I love t"e Fat"er' and as t"e Fat"er gave 6e commandment' so I do" H o"n 1(F%1I. esus was de1endent on t"e 01iritG /e was C"ristDs li!eline to t"e Fat"er.

Was Christ Ca+able of Sinning#

#ven ;e!ore C"rist !aced :olgot"a' /e o!!ered /imsel! to t"e Fat"er t"roug" t"e /oly :"ost. Com1aring t"e ;lood o! C"rist to t"e sacri!ice o! animals' /e;rews says' "/ow muc" more s"all t"e ;lood o! C"rist' w"o t"roug" t"e eternal 01irit o!!ered /imsel! wit"out s1ot to :od' 1urge your conscience !rom dead works to serve t"e living :od"H/e;. 3F1(I. /ad /e not o!!ered /imsel! t"roug" t"e /oly :"ost' /e would not ;e acce1ted in t"e eyes o! :od t"e Fat"er. <or would /e "ave endured t"e su!!erings o! t"e cross. /ad /e not 1resented /imsel! t"roug" t"e /oly :"ost' /is ;lood would not "ave remained 1ure and s1otless. And let me add t"isF /ad t"e /oly 01irit not ;een wit" esus' /e may "ave likely sinned. &"atDs rig"t. It was t"e /oly 01irit w"o was t"e 1ower t"at ke1t /im 1ure. /e was not only sent !rom "eaven' ;ut /e was called t"e 0on o! manBand as suc" /e was ca1a;le o! sinning. &"e !act t"at /e did not does not mean t"at /e could not. I! you ;elieve t"at esus was not a;le to sin' t"en w"y would 0atan waste "is time tem1ting /im? &"e devil knew w"at "e was doing. ,it"out t"e /oly :"ost esus may "ave never made it. esus actually o!!ered /imsel! t"roug" t"e /oly :"ost to remain sinless. /e even de1ended on t"e 01irit to raise


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/im !rom t"e deat"Agri1 o! t"e grave. Remem;er w"at *aul said? C"rist was "declared to ;e t"e 0on o! :od wit" 1ower' according to t"e 01irit o! "oliness' ;y t"e resurrection !rom t"e dead" HRom. 1F(I. It was t"roug" t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit t"at C"rist was raised !rom t"e dead. /ere is w"at 0cri1ture saysF "I! t"e 01irit o! /im w"o raised esus !rom t"e dead dwells in you' /e w"o raised C"rist !rom t"e dead will also give li!e to your mortal ;odies t"roug" /is 01irit w"o dwells in you" HRom. 5F11I. <ot only did t"e 01irit raise C"ristG /e is t"e one w"o will also raise youC ,e can rest our "o1e in /im.

Go*'s 'aster Plan

#ven a!ter /e c"anged t"e course o! "istory ;y walking out o! t"e em1ty tom;' C"rist continued to de1end on t"e 01irit. In !act' /e told t"e disci1les not to leave erusalem until t"ey "ad ;een endued !rom on "ig". /e said t"ey s"ould "wait !or t"e *romise o! t"e Fat"er' w"ic" . . . you "ave "eard !rom 6eG !or o"n truly ;a1ti?ed wit" water' ;ut you s"all ;e ;a1ti?ed wit" t"e /oly 01irit not many days !rom now" HActs 1F(A)I. C"rist was under :odDs control as /e s1oke t"ose words. /e was re1eating w"at t"e Fat"er said to t"e /oly :"ost. 0o de1endent was C"rist on t"e 01irit t"at /e turned to /im ;e!ore giving directions to /is !ollowers. 0cri1ture says /e was taken to /eaven a!ter /e gave instructions "t"roug" t"e /oly 01irit" to t"e a1ostles HActs 1F2I. .onDt read me wrongC I am in no way saying t"at C"rist was in a lesser 1osition t"an t"e 01irit. <ot at all. esus is not lower t"an t"e /oly :"ost' nor is t"e /oly :"ost lower t"an esus. &"ere is a;solute e=uality in t"e &rinity. #ac"

$!!# ;!$ TH+ S'%$%T


mem;er "as uni=ue 1ur1oses and c"aracteristics. ,"at I want you to know is t"at t"e 01irit is not weak. /e is not immature or inca1a;le o! s1eaking !or /imsel!. &"e /oly :"ost is 1er!ect' 1ower!ul' and glorious. &"e 01irit deserves our wors"i1. ,e s"ould 1ut into 1ractice w"at we "ave ;een singing a;out !or generationsF "*raise :od !rom w"om all ;lessings !low. . . . *raise Fat"er' 0on' and /oly :"ost." /ow do you recogni?e /im? ItDs as sim1le as t"at little voice you "ear w"en you are a;out to !all aslee1' t"e voice t"at reminds you' "You "avenDt 1rayed today." 8r /e may say' "You "avenDt read t"e ,ord today." &"atDs t"e 01irit s1eaking' tugging at your soul. You know /im already' ;ut /e yearns !or you to know /im more. &"e Eord 1redicted w"at would "a11en to you w"en you made a 1lace !or t"e 01irit. /e said' "/e w"o ;elieves in 6e' as t"e 0cri1ture "as said' out o! "is "eart will !low rivers o! living water" H o"n $F%5I. And w"at was t"at anointing /e was talking a;out? "2ut t"is /e s1oke concerning t"e 01irit' w"om t"ose ;elieving in /im would receive" Hv. %3I. :od "as a detailed master 1lan !or your li!e. /is anointing and /is 01irit are included in t"e ;lue1rintF "<ow /e w"o esta;lis"es us wit" you in C"rist and "as anointed us is :od' w"o also "as sealed us and given us t"e 01irit in our "earts as a de1osit" H2 Cor. 1F21A22I. /ave you made room !or t"e /oly 01irit? *ll He as>s is a place in your heart6



67nly a 1reath Away8

","y doesnDt :od answer my 1rayer?" ","y canDt I receive my deliverance and my "ealing?" &"e answer to your most urgent need is closeBmuc" closer t"an you ever imagined. ust a word' s1oken !rom your "eart' can cause li!eDs darkest clouds suddenly to disa11ear. ItDs time to sto1 t"inking t"at :od is an una11roac"a;le 01irit residing millions o! miles away. &"e Fat"er is so near t"at you can talk to /im at any moment' and /is 01irit is so close t"at /e can give you com!ort' 1eace' and direction. All you "ave to do is ask and trust t"at /e will act. ,"at I "ave !ound in t"e 01irit is not some mysteryA s"rouded secret. It is as real as li!e itsel! and as close as your very "eart;eat. And t"atDs w"y I want to s"are it wit" you.


3Wea!ness3 or 3Will3#
EetDs ;egin wit" t"is !act a;out t"e :od"eadF ,"at is true o! one does not necessarily a11ly to all t"ree. &"ey are sometimes di!!erent' even in t"e way &"ey move and in t"e way &"ey talk. ,eDve already discussed t"e !act t"at mem;ers o! t"e :od"ead are distinct 1ersonsByet &"ey are


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

8ne. 2ut w"en it comes to our 1ersonal relations"i1 and communication wit" ":od'" an understanding o! Fat"er' 0on' and 01irit is essential. Anytime you see :od working' you see /im as one :od. 2ut you ;egin to see some distinction in t"e way &"ey t"ink and in t"e way &"ey act. For e@am1le' w"en t"e ewis" 1eo1le under t"e 8ld Covenant will!ully and knowingly sinned in t"e 1resence o! t"e Fat"er' do you recall w"at "a11ened? 0cri1ture records t"at t"ey were eit"er slain or 1unis"ed. 2ut C"rist t"e 0on dealt di!!erently wit" t"ose w"o knowingly and will!ully sinned. #@am1leF Consider t"e *"arisees. .id C"rist kill t"em? <oC /e rebu>ed t"em. You say' "2enny' I always ;elieved t"at C"rist !orgave everyone?" 0cri1ture doesnDt record w"et"er esus !orgave t"e *"arisees !or t"eir sin. Yet /e did !orgive t"e criminal on t"e cross w"en "e cried !rom "is "eart' "IDm a sinnerC" .onDt misunderstand. :od t"e Fat"er did !orgive' ;ut /e also killed or 1unis"ed t"ose w"o re!used to sto1 re;elling against /im. :od t"e 0on' "owever' res1onded in anot"er manner. Instead o! slaying or >udging t"e will!ul sinner' /e sim1ly re;uked "im. You ask' "2ut w"at a;out t"e /oly :"ost? ,"at is /is res1onse to a 1erson w"o knowingly' deli;erately sins?" /e reacts di!!erently !rom even t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. &"e 01irit does not remove t"em or re;uke t"emB He convicts them and wit"draws t"e 1ower o! /is 1resence.

Where Shoul* $ Loo!#

&"e &rinity' as we see' is com1osed o! t"ree distinct and uni=ue 1ersons. 2ut you need to understand &"eir 8neness B&"eir unity. It is essential t"at you recogni?e t"at t"e allA

E!NL& * ?$+*TH *-*&F


em;racing 8neness we are talking a;out is connected to t"e work and essence o! t"e :od"ead. &"e ,ord makes it clear t"at t"ere are di!!erencesB or diversitiesBo! administration in t"e :od"ead' yet &"ey are one. /ere is "ow *aul e@1lained it to t"e c"urc" at Corint"F "&"ere are di!!erences o! ministries' ;ut t"e same Eord. And t"ere are diversities o! activities' ;ut it is t"e same :od w"o works all in all" HI Cor. 12F)A+I. And w"en "e writes' "2ut t"e mani!estation o! t"e 01irit is given to eac" one !or t"e 1ro!it o! all" Hv. $I. *aul was un!olding t"e working o! t"e :od"ead. /e e@1lained t"at t"e Eord esus is t"e administrator' t"e Fat"er is t"e o1erator' and t"e /oly :"ost is t"e mani!estor. <ow t"at is one o! t"e !ew times in t"e ,ord w"ere esus is mentioned !irst and t"e Fat"er second in t"e order o! recognition. 2ut letDs 1ut t"em ;ack in t"e "usual" order o! 0cri1ture. ,"at is t"e 1rimary work o! t"e Fat"er? /e operates6 And w"at a;out t"e 0on? /e administrates t"e o1eration o! t"e Fat"er. And t"e /oly :"ost manifests t"e administration o! t"at o1eration. I! you need li!e' to w"om do you turn? You look to t"e Fat"er ;ecause /e is t"e giver o! every good and 1er!ect gi!t. You say' "2enny' I t"oug"t we look to esus." <o. &"e source is t"e Fat"er. 2ut t"e giver o! t"at source is C"rist. And t"e power o! t"e source is t"e /oly 01irit. 0o w"en you need li!e' "ere is w"at "a11ens. You look u1 to :od t"e Fat"er and say' "Fat"er' give me li!eC" 8r "ealing. 8r deliverance. You see' :od is t"e source o! it. esus said' "Ask t"e Fat"er in 6y name." #ven t"oug" you are a11roac"ing :od t"roug" /is 0on' it is still t"e Fat"er you are asking !or t"e gi!t. And your re=uest goes


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

through t"e 0on to t"e Fat"er. /ow is t"at gi!t returned? EetDs say your re=uest is !or "ealing. :od t"e Fat"erBremem;er now t"at :od is t"ree 1ersonsBlooks at :od t"e 0on and says' ",ould you 1lease "eal "im?" C"rist delivers t"e "ealing. ,"y? 2ecause t"at is t"e role o! t"e administrator. &"e very word administrate means to minister or to serve. 0o t"e Fat"er releases t"e "ealing to t"e 0on' and t"e 0on serves it to you. Can you 1icture yoursel! reac"ing out to receive your "ealing and !inding t"at some"ow it seems >ust out o! your reac"? You stretc" your arms as !ar as you can' ;ut t"e gi!t seems ;eyond your gras1. 0o close and yet so !ar away. ,"at "as "a11ened? ,"atDs missing? &"atDs w"ere t"e work o! t"e /oly 01irit enters t"e 1icture. /e 1resents /imsel! to mani!est t"e "ealing t"at was 1rovided ;y :od and served ;y /is 0on. %t is the Spirit who completes the process of your healing6

%e's by 5our Si*e

It ;egan at *entecost. &"e /oly :"ost descended !rom "eaven to make mani!est t"e word o! t"e :od"ead. And e@actly w"ere is t"e 01irit today? ,"ere does /e make /is residence? &"e 01irit does not stand ;eside esus as many wellAintentioned 1eo1le ;elieve. And /e does not stand alongside t"e Fat"er. /e was given to you and to me as the )omforter or "t"e one ;y our side." &"e /oly 01irit is your "el1er. Yes' /e is your assistant to "el1 you receive t"e li!e' t"e "ealing' or t"e deliverance you so des1erately need. 8!ten someone asks' "2enny' w"o s"ould I 1ray to?"

E!NL& * ?$+*TH *-*&F


6y answer' is' "*lease donDt con!use t"e issue. You 1ray to t"e Fat"er." ",ell' t"en'" t"e seeker says' "you told us we are to talk to t"e 01irit." I "ave to tell t"em' "&"ere is an enormous di!!erence ;etween talking and 1raying. IDve never yet 1rayed to t"e /oly :"ost." .o you know w"at t"e meaning o! t"e word prayer is? *rayer means 1etition. In ot"er words you come wit" your need asking !or an answer. You come looking and e@1ect to receive. You never look to t"e 01iritB/eDs t"e one w"o helps you look. &o t"is day I "ave never said' "/oly 01irit' Dgive me.D" 2ut I canDt count t"e times IDve said' "*recious /oly 01irit' "el1 me askC" Are you ;eginning to reali?e t"at your answer is only a ;reat" away? ust a word' waiting to ;e s1oken. It may ;e a 1"ysical 1ro;lem t"at "as tormented you !or years. 8r it may ;e a "a;it t"at seems im1ossi;le to ;reak. &"e answer you need is near at "and. IsnDt it time you turn to t"e 01irit o! :od and say' "/oly 01irit' You are my "el1er. I need You. ,ill You "el1 me now?" &"e very second you utter t"ose words !rom your "eart' t"e /oly :"ost will 1lace /is "and on you and somet"ing marvelous will "a11en. 0uddenly you will !ind yoursel! literally "in t"e 01irit"Ba;sor;ed in /is 1resence and /is 1erson.

(hree Little Wor*s

,"en t"e Fat"er gives you somet"ing' it comes of the Fat"er. And w"en t"e 0on gives you somet"ing' it is usually descri;ed as coming through esus. 2ut w"en t"e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/oly :"ost 1rovides' it is given in /im. 8!' t"roug"' inB >ust t"ree little words' ;ut t"ey are mig"ty and 1ower!ul. As you read :odDs ,ord' t"e 1attern is striking. ,"en we see t"e Fat"er s1oken o!' it is in terms o! "t"e love o! :od'" "t"e 1ower o! :od'" "t"e grace o! :od." &"atDs "ow :od is 1resented again and again. 2ut "ow is C"rist 1ortrayed? 8!ten in 0cri1ture we are taug"t t"at we "give 1raise t"roug" t"e 0on'" "receive t"roug" t"e 0on'" and so on. ,"en it comes to t"e /oly :"ost' "owever' t"e terminology c"anges. &"e word in is used. ",alk in t"e 01irit' and you s"all not !ul!ill t"e lust o! t"e !les"" H:al. )F1+I. And "I! we live in t"e 01irit' let us also walk in t"e 01irit" Hv. 2)I. As C"rist said to t"e 0amaritan woman at t"e well' "&"e "our is coming' and now is' w"en t"e true wors"i1ers will wors"i1 t"e Fat"er in s1irit and trut"G !or t"e Fat"er is seeking suc" to wors"i1 /im" H o"n (F2%I. /ere' t"e word in sim1ly means "at one wit"." In ot"er words' C"rist said t"at t"e Fat"er seeks t"ose t"at wors"i1 and are at one wit" t"e 01irit. Are you walking at one wit" t"e 01irit? Are you living at one wit" t"e 01irit? Reac"ing t"at relations"i1 is not di!!icult. It is as sim1le as saying to t"e :reat /el1er' "/el1 meC" &"atDs w"en t"e 01irit o! :od will touc" you and actually assist you as you reac" out to receive w"at :od wants you to "ave. ,"at is im1ortant in all o! t"is is t"at you reali?e t"at t"e &rinity is actually working toget"er to accom1lis" one goalBto meet your need. &"ey are Fat"er' 0on' and /oly :"ost' ;ut &"ey are 8ne. &"ey are a team o! 1ersons' united in one nature' working toget"er' in com1lete accord

E!NL& * ?$+*TH *-*&F


and eternal "armony.


It is ;ecause t"e /oly :"ost is "ere on eart" and ;y your side t"at you >eep t"e "ealing or deliverance you "ave received. &"at is w"y esus could return to "eaven' and yet you can retain on eart" t"e gi!t /e "as given. I! you want to know "ow to maintain a close relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly 01irit' listen to t"e word o! t"e great 1ro1"et /aggaiF "According to t"e word t"at I covenanted wit" you w"en you came out o! #gy1t' so 6y 01irit remains among youG do not !ear" H/ag. 2F)I. ,"en you ask t"e 0on o! :od to come into your "eart' you are making a 1ersonal covenant wit" :od. And itDs not a oneAway conversation. :od also makes an agreement or a "covenant" wit" you. &"atDs t"e way /e "as always worked. &"e Fat"er initiated covenants wit" Adam' <oa"' A;ra"am' Isaac' .avid' and many ot"ers. 2ut >ust as :od "as soug"t to enter into agreements' so "as "umanity reac"ed out to :od. &"at is w"at we discover wit" aco;' os"ua' #li>a"' and t"e Israelites. As t"e Israelites con!essed t"eir sins to :od' t"ey saidF
<ow t"ere!ore' our :od' &"e great' t"e mig"ty' and awesome :od' ,"o kee1s covenant and mercy.... ... we are in great distress. H<e". 3F%2'%$I

&"en <e"emia" told t"e Eord'

And ;ecause o! all t"is' ,e make a sure covenant' and write itG And our leaders and our Eevites and our 1riests seal it. Hv. %5I

It was signed ;y no !ewer t"an eig"tyA!our leaders w"o swore to "ave "entered into a curse and an oat" to walk in


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

:odDs Eaw' w"ic" was given ;y 6oses t"e servant o! :od' and to o;serve and do all t"e commandments o! t"e E8R. our Eord . . . " H14F23I. Covenants wit" :od were rati!ied ;y a variety o! acts including standing H#?ra 14F1(I' loosing t"e s"oe HRut" (F$A11I' giving a !east H:en. 2+F%4I' erecting a monument H:en. %1F()A)%I' and taking an oat" H os"ua 2F12A1(I. *er"a1s t"e most im1ortant covenant o! all is t"e one :od made to you t"roug" /is 0on w"en /e ";roug"t u1 our Eord esus !rom t"e dead. . . t"roug" t"e ;lood o! t"e everlasting covenant" H/e;. 1%F24I.

A Wor* of Warning6
2ut >ust as :od "as a covenant regarding your salvation' you can make a vow or oat" wit" :od t"at deals wit" your 1ersonal needs. IDve made a num;er o! commitments to :od' and I ;elieve t"at :od recogni?es t"e sincerity o! a commitment w"en you state categorically w"at youDre willing to do in res1onse to /is ;lessing. 8ne !act is o;viousG t"e 8ld &estament is !illed wit" covenants t"at 1leased :od. And w"y is t"at im1ortant to you? 2ecause :od works ;y and t"roug" covenants' and you can enter into a covenant wit" /im regarding any s1ecial need. You will !ind t"at t"e Fat"er is more t"an willing to stand ;y /is word. I "ave come to ;elieve t"at t"e /oly 01irit enters your li!e as t"e result o! t"e eternal covenant :od made wit" you regarding your salvation. /e is :odDs messengerB and C"ristDsBto you !rom t"at moment on. And t"at agreement is to ;e taken seriously. Remem;er w"at "a11ened to 0amson. A!ter .elila" "ad "is "ead s"aved w"ile "e was slee1ing' s"e s"outed' "D&"e *"ilistines are u1on you' 0amsonCD 0o "e awoke !rom "is slee1' and said' DI will go

E!NL& * ?$+*TH *-*&F


out as ;e!ore' at ot"er times' and s"ake mysel! !reeCD 2ut "e did not know t"at t"e E8R. "ad de1arted !rom "im" H udg. 1+F24I. ,"at "ad de1arted was t"e same "01irit o! t"e E8R." t"at "came mig"tily u1on "im" earlier H udg. 1)F1(I. Can you imagine ;eing in t"at s1ot? You t"ink youDre !illed' ;ut youDre not. You ;elieve youDre anointed' ;ut t"e 01irit is gone. 0amson was totally unaware t"at "e "ad ;etrayed /is calling and /is covenant wit" :od. /e ;elieved "e still "ad strengt"' ;ut t"e 01irit "ad vanis"ed !rom "is li!e. &"e same t"ing "a11ened to 0aul. &"e Eord re>ected 0aul as King ;ecause ""e "as turned ;ack !rom !ollowing 6e' and "as not 1er!ormed 6y Commandments" H1 0am. 1)F11I. <ot only did t"e 01irit leave t"e King' ;ut somet"ing !ar worse "a11enedF "&"e 01irit o! t"e E8R. de1arted !rom 0aul' and a distressing 01irit !rom t"e E8R. trou;led "im" H1 0am. 1+F1(I.

(he Vacuu0 Will /e )ille*

.o you know t"at every un;eliever is greatly in!luenced ;y demons? It sounds s"ocking' ;ut t"atDs w"at 0cri1ture saysF "And you /e made alive' w"o were dead in tres1asses and sins' in w"ic" you once walked according to t"e course o! t"is world' according to t"e 1rince o! t"e 1ower o! t"e air' t"e s1irit w"o now works in t"e sons o! diso;edience" H#1". 2F1A2I. You say' "2ut t"at could never "a11en to meC IDm !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit." &"at may ;e true' ;ut i! !or any reason t"e 1resence o! t"e /oly 01irit leaves you' a vacuum is created and t"at is e@actly w"at 0atan is looking !or. &"en "is influence turns to oppression6 <o;ody likes to talk a;out demons. *reac"ers donDt 1reac" a;out t"em. C"ristians donDt discuss t"em. And


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

sinners erase t"e dread!ul to1ic !rom t"eir minds. ItDs like a 1olitician avoiding t"e su;>ects o! drugs and crime' t"inking t"at some"ow t"ey will >ust go away. 2ut C"rist addressed t"e issue wit"out !ear. /e talked a;out "ow demons are eager to invade your li!e. esus said to t"e *"ariseesF ","en an unclean s1irit goes out o! a man' "e goes t"roug" dry 1laces' seeking rest' and !inds none. &"en "e says' DI will return to my "ouse !rom w"ic" I came.D And w"en "e comes' "e !inds it em1ty' swe1t' and 1ut in order. &"en "e goes and takes wit" "im seven ot"er s1irits more wicked t"an "imsel!' and t"ey enter and dwell t"ere" H6att. 12F(%A()I. Eisten closely to w"at t"e Eord says ne@tF "And t"e last state o! t"at man is worse t"an t"e !irst" Hv. ()I. 0atanDs 1lan o! attack is t"isF #very demon t"at "as le!t will 1ay a return visitBto see i! t"e o11ortunity is still availa;le. And i! "e is given a c"ance "e will ;ring ot"ers wit" "im. ItDs a !rig"tening situation' ;ut one t"at you can avoid ;y staying com1letely' totally !illed wit" t"e /oly 01irit and never ;reaking your covenant wit" :od. .o you remem;er t"e story o! t"e disci1les w"o !ailed in t"eir attem1t to "eal a small c"ild? It was w"ile C"rist was on t"e 6ount o! &rans!iguration ;eing glori!ied. And w"en t"e 6aster came down !rom t"e mountain' t"e !at"er o! t"e ;oy saidF "Eord' "ave mercy on my son' !or "e is an e1ile1tic and su!!ers severelyG !or "e o!ten !alls into t"e !ire and o!ten into t"e water. 0o I ;roug"t "im to Your disci1les' ;ut t"ey could not cure "im" H6att. 1$F1)A1+I. 2ut more t"an a 1"ysical "ealing was needed. C"rist said' "D2ring "im "ere to 6e.D And esus re;uked t"e demon' and "e came out o! "imG and t"e c"ild was cured !rom t"at very "our" Hvv. 1$A15I. &"e Eord not only wants to remove 0atan and "is

E!NL& * ?$+*TH *-*&F


demons !rom your li!eBt"ose t"ings t"at are a ;arrier to your "ealing and deliveranceB;ut /e wants to !ill t"at em1ty void. &"atDs w"y /e sent t"e Com!orter. /e wants you to ;e filled wit" t"e 01irit. Rig"t now' t"e 01irit is on eart". In !act /e is waiting 1atiently !or your invitation. All it takes is >ust a word' even a w"is1erB"/oly 01irit' 1lease "el1 meC" &our answer is only a breath away6



".hy are !o" .eeping#"


enny' can ;las1"emy against t"e Fat"er ;e !orgiven?" a new C"ristian asked recently.

"Yes'" I answered. ","at a;out ;las1"emy against t"e 0on?" "&"at can ;e !orgiven too'" I said. "&"en can you tell me w"y ;las1"emy against t"e /oly :"ost canDt ;e !orgiven?"


For many 1eo1le t"e to1ic is trou;lesome. 2ut t"e 01irit "as given me !reedom !rom t"e !ear o! committing "t"e un1ardona;le sin." /e unlocked my understanding wit" suc" a revelation t"at I no longer worry over t"e su;>ect.

3%e Was ;uietly Wee+ing3

In t"e winter o! 13$( :od o1ened my eyes to a tremendous trut" regarding t"e nature o! t"e /oly 01irit and w"y t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on gave t"e "ultimate" warning to t"ose w"o would ;las1"eme t"e 01irit. I was in 1rayer w"en suddenly I knew t"at t"e 01irit o! :od was in my room' and I !elt /e was wee1ing. I know it sounds strange' and I must con!ess I donDt !ully understand


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

it. 2ut I do remem;er t"at I was on my knees w"en I !elt /is 1resence and sensed t"at /e was =uietly wee1ing. You say' ",ell' "ow did you know it was t"e 01irit?" For me to =uestion t"e reality o! t"at moment would ;e to =uestion my salvationG t"atDs "ow real t"at e@1erience was. I canDt e@1lain it or com1re"end it' ;ut I know it "a11ened. &"e e@1erience was so real t"at I literally turned my !ace to t"e le!t and said' "01irit o! t"e Eord' w"y are you wee1ing?" &"ere was no answer. And at t"at moment t"e tears ;egan !lowing down my own c"eeks. &"roug" my watering eyes I asked /im again' "01irit o! t"e Eord' w"y are you wee1ing?" &"en suddenly my entire ;eing ;egan to cry out. It was no longer >ust tearsG t"e reality o! w"at I !elt was so great I ;egan to groan. &"e !eeling came !rom dee1 inside. It was as i! I were "eart;rokenBlike a 1erson w"o "as >ust lost a son or a daug"ter. &"e dee1 so;;ing would not sto1. I was wee1ing at nig"t and could not slee1. And it continued' not !or "ours ;ut !or days. It wasnDt 1lanned' and' trut"!ully' I couldnDt understand w"y t"e tears were so uncontrolla;le. In all' t"e e@1erience lasted !or more t"an t"ree weeks. &"e ;urden ;ecame "eavier and "eavier. I !elt as i! someone "ad taken a t"ousandA1ound load' stra11ed it on my ;ack' 1ulled tig"t its ;elts' locked it wit" a key' and le!t me alone to struggle. I! anyt"ing' it !elt as i! I was over;urdened wit" an o11ressive' "eavy load o! grie!. &"atDs t"e only way to descri;e itBa weig"t o! grie!.

Pacing the )loor

I !elt like t"e 1salmist w"en "e wrote'

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(

I am weary wit" my groaningG All nig"t I make my ;ed swimG I drenc" my couc" wit" my tears. H*s. +F+I


&"ere I was' grieving and not knowing w"y' 1acing t"e !loor and searc"ing !or a reason. I looked u1 and said' "Eord' w"y?" I 1rayed to ;e released !rom t"is une@1laina;le weig"t on my s"oulders. At t"at moment :od almig"ty trans!ormed t"at "eaviness o! grie! into a ;urden !or lost souls t"at I "ad never known ;e!ore. ,"at ;egan wit" my turning to ask t"e /oly 01irit' ","y are you wee1ing?" ended wit" a li!eAc"anging ;urden !or t"e lost t"at "as never le!t meBnot onceBto t"is day. I came away !rom t"at e@1erience Heven t"oug" I still do not understand it !ullyI convinced t"at t"e /oly 01irit grieves !or t"e world. I am !ully 1ersuaded t"at wit" tears /e searc"es !or servants to s1read :odDs love. I ;elieve t"at t"e 01irit o! t"e Fat"erDs "eart is ;reaking wit" t"e needs o! mankind. *er"a1s !or t"ose weeks /e allowed me >ust a glim1se o! /is agony !or t"e lost. &"ere was no =uestion o! w"at was to ;e t"e !uture o! 2enny /inn. I knew t"at I must 1reac" t"e message o! t"e Fat"er' t"e 0on' and t"e /oly 01irit. And I "ave not sto11ed doing it since. &"e 01irit is so s1ecial t"at w"en /e !inds a 1erson t"at /e can use' /e allows t"em to !eel /is "eart;eat. ,"en you "ave !elt t"e 1ain t"at t"e /oly :"ost !eels' it clings to your consciousness and will never leave you. You not only see t"e needs o! mankindG you feel t"ose des1erate needs as never ;e!ore. 2ut I ;elieve t"ere was anot"er reason t"at :od allowed me to endure t"at lesson. It o1ened my eyes to w"y t"e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/oly 01irit is a mem;er o! t"e &rinity and yet is di!!erent !rom t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. And it made it 1ossi;le !or me to !it toget"er t"e 1ieces o! t"e 1u??le called "t"e un1ardona;le sin."

$nsult an* Slan*er

#@actly w"at does 0cri1ture say? esus' s1eaking to t"e *"arisees' said' "/e w"o is not wit" 6e is against 6e' and "e w"o does not gat"er wit" 6e scatters a;road. &"ere!ore I say to you' every sin and ;las1"emy will ;e !orgiven men' ;ut t"e ;las1"emy against t"e 01irit will not ;e !orgiven men" H6att. 12F%4A%1I. &"en' making it even clearer' /e saidF "Anyone w"o s1eaks a word against t"e 0on o! 6an' it will ;e !orgiven "imG ;ut w"oever s1eaks against t"e /oly 01irit' it will not ;e !orgiven "im' eit"er in t"is age or in t"e age to come" Hv. %2I. ,"at does t"e word blasphemy encom1ass? &"e word "as several meanings' including
&o s1eak evil o! &o rail Hor sco!!I &o revileBor to a;use' re1roac" or s1eak 1ro!anity o! &o de!ameBto s1eak wit" in>ury &o slanderBor to accuse !alsely &o insult

0ome may ask' "/ow do you de!ame t"e /oly :"ost?" 8r "/ow do you insult /im?" It is a willful act. &"e ;ook o! /e;rews s1eaks directly to t"e issueF
I! we sin will!ully a!ter we "ave received t"e knowledge o! t"e trut"' t"ere no longer remains a sacri!ice !or sins' ;ut a certain !ear!ul e@1ectation o! >udgment' and !iery indignation w"ic" will devour t"e adversaries. Anyone w"o "as re>ected 6osesD law dies wit"out mercy on t"e testimony o! two or t"ree witnesses. 8! "ow muc" worse 1unis"ment' do you su11ose' will "e ;e t"oug"t wort"y w"o "as tram1led t"e 0on o! :od

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(

under!oot' counted t"e ;lood o! t"e covenant ;y w"ic" "e was sancti!ied a common t"ing' and insulted t"e 01irit o! grace? H/e;. 14F2+A23I.


&"e words are !ollowed ;y t"is stern reminderF "For we know /im w"o said' D-engeance is 6ineG I will re1ay' says t"e Eord.D And again' D&"e Eord will >udge /is 1eo1le.D It is a !ear!ul t"ing to !all into t"e "ands o! t"e living :od" Hvv. %4A%1I.

What a Difference
,"y is t"ere no !orgiveness !or ;las1"emy against t"e /oly 01irit? &"roug"out t"e 1ages o! t"is ;ook I "ave s"ared wit" you !rom 0cri1ture t"at t"ere is a uni=uenessB a differenceBin t"e /oly :"ost. /e is not "ig"er nor lower t"an t"e Fat"er or t"e 0on' ;ut we must come to know /is c"aracteristics. :od almig"ty' t"e Fat"er' is t"e great :od o! "eaven and must ;e wors"i1ed' 1raised' glori!ied' magni!ied' and u1li!ted. esus' /is 0on' is t"e Eord o! glory' w"om even t"e angels !ear to look u1on. I !eel also t"at t"e /oly 01irit "as t"e ca1acity to !eel "uman emotionsBeven 1ain' grie!' and anguis"Bwit" an intensity t"at is known uni=uely to /im. You say' ".o you mean t"at t"e /oly :"ost can !eel "eartac"e in a di!!erent way t"an t"e Fat"er' and t"e 0on?" 0cri1ture does not say' ":rieve not t"e Fat"er or t"e 0on." It is always' ":rieve not t"e 01irit." ,"y? I ;elieve it is ;ecause /e is touc"ed in a dee1' 1ro!ound way t"at some"ow varies !rom w"at t"e ot"er mem;ers o! t"e :od"ead e@1erience. &"e very !act t"at esus said t"at "a word against t"e 0on o! 6an will ;e !orgiven" ;ut "a word against t"e /oly 01irit will not ;e !orgiven" indicates t"at t"e /oly :"ost can ;ecome wounded.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

,"y is it t"at t"e Fat"er would say' "You "ave ve@ed my 01irit"? In ot"er words' :odDs 01irit was a!!licted or tormented. And 0cri1ture records t"at "/e turned /imsel! against t"em as an enemy' and /e !oug"t against t"em" HIsa +%F14I. ,"y is it t"at t"e /oly :"ost seems to ;e so 1rotected? *er"a1s it is ;ecause :od t"e Fat"er knows "ow tender t"e 01irit is. It is almost as t"oug" :od t"e Fat"er were saying' "I! you touc" /im' IDll never !orgive you." ,"y is t"e /oly :"ost so s"ielded ;y C"rist t"at esus would say' "6y ;lood will was" every sin ;ut t"at"? /e even said' "2ut "e w"o ;las1"emes against t"e /oly 01irit never "as !orgiveness' ;ut is su;>ect to eternal condemnation" H6ark %F23I. ,"y? Again it is ;ecause t"e /oly 01irit is di!!erent and /is "eart can so easily ;e touc"ed wit" 1ain. 2ut may I give you a word o! com!ort? 2e!ore esus ever talked a;out ;las1"emy' /e made a very im1ortant statement you s"ould read once again. /e saidF "/e w"o is not wit" 6e is against 6e' and "e w"o does not gat"er wit" 6e scatters a;road" H6att. 12F%4I. I! you are working !or C"rist' you do not !all into t"e category o! /is warning. ,"en t"e Eord s1oke on t"e to1ic o! ;las1"emy' /e made it a;solutely clear t"at /e was admonis"ing 1eo1le w"o were not working wit" /im. Ask yoursel!' "Am I wit" "im?" I! t"e answer is yes' t"en ask' ".o I gat"er souls !or /im?" I! t"e answer is still yes' you can say' "&"en I will never ;las1"eme t"e 01irit."

3Are 5ou Worrie*#3

A teenage girl once came to me convinced s"e "ad ;las1"emed t"e /oly :"ost. "Are you worried?" I asked "er.

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(


"Yes'" s"e said wit" a trou;led look. "Young lady'" I said' "t"e very !act t"at you are worried means t"at you did not ;las1"eme t"e 01irit." You see' ;las1"emy is an act o! t"e will t"at does not carry worry wit" it. 2las1"emy is cursing esus and saying' "I donDt care w"at /e didC" It is saying' ","o cares "ow 1recious t"e ;lood is?" 2las1"emy is insulting w"at :od did and doing it will!ully. You say' ",ell' 2enny' "ow do I know IDll never commit t"at sin?" You will not commit t"at sin as long as you never want to commit it. Eook closely at w"at C"rist said. /e said anyone w"o "s1eaks" against t"e 01irit will not ;e !orgiven. &"at word is vital to C"ristDs message. &o s1eak indicates a deli;erate act. ItDs more t"an an idle t"oug"t. Your entire ;ody ;ecomes involved in t"e act o! uttering a word. I! t"e s1irit is ;las1"emed' /e is reviled ;y t"ose w"o "ave made a decision to ;las1"eme. ItDs an act o! volition' a c"oice you must e@ercise. ,"ere is 0atan in all o! t"is? From dealing wit" 1eo1le as a minister' I know "ow t"e devil comes to 1eo1le and tries to !ill t"eir minds wit" evil t"oug"ts a;out t"e /oly :"ost. ,ould you e@1ect any less o! "im? *er"a1s it "as "a11ened to you. /ave you ever "ad some "un;ecoming" t"oug"t enter your mind t"at you wis" "ad never come? ,"o launc"ed t"at evil t"oug"t in your direction? 8! course it was 0atan. 2ut did you s1eak t"at t"oug"t out loud? <oC &"e reason you ke1t silent was t"at it was not your t"oug"t.


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

It is t"e 1erson w"o s1eaks against t"e /oly :"ost w"o "as made a decision to ;las1"eme. It is t"e one w"o says' "IDm going to ;las1"eme' and I donDt care w"at :od t"inksC" 0aul ;las1"emed t"e /oly :"ost w"en "e re>ected t"e word o! :od. .emas' one o! *aulDs com1anions' ;las1"emed w"en "e turned "is ;ack on t"e gos1el and returned to t"e lusts o! t"e !les". *aul wrote' " . . . .emas "as !orsaken me' "aving loved t"is 1resent world' and "as de1arted !or &"essalonica" H2 &im. (F14I.

Don't Let %i0 Lea"e

You say' "You "ave ;een telling us t"at we canDt ;las1"eme. ,"at a;out 0aul and .emas?" &"e 1oint I am making is t"at you canDt ;las1"eme as long as you decide to live !or esus and stick wit" it. &"e road to eternity is littered wit" 1eo1le w"o start out wit" C"rist and end u1 wit" 0atan. &"ere are t"ose w"o walk an aisle and s"ake a 1reac"erDs "and as some kind o! an insurance 1olicy on a mansion in "eaven. 2ut t"eir "earts did not !ollow t"eir actions. 0oon you !ind t"ose same 1eo1le !alling in love wit" lust or money or t"e glitter o! t"e world. And t"ey say' ":od' IDm leaving." You may wonder' "/ow do I know t"at t"e /oly 01irit is still wit" me? And "ow will I know w"en and i! /e "as de1arted?" It is a device o! 0atan to attack you and !ill your mind wit" t"e words' "&"e /oly 01irit "as le!t you. /eDs gone !orever. YouDll never "ave /im ;ackC" 2ut donDt acce1t t"at. /ereDs "ow you can know t"at t"e 01irit is still wit" you. &"is "as ;een a great "el1 to me and I ;elieve it will ;e to you. First' t"e 0cri1tures tell us t"e /oly 01irit a;ides wit" every ;eliever as counselor and source o! 1eace. 0econd' are you aware of the presence of

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(


Jesus in your life/ &"en t"e /oly :"ost "as not le!t. "o you still hear the Spirit of od say, ('ray9(/ /e "asnDt le!t. "o you sometimes feel guilty about not reading the -ord/ /e "as not de1artedG in !act' /eDs convicting you. Have you met someone and felt the urge to tell the person about Jesus/ /eDs still t"ere. esus was not s1eaking a contradiction w"en /e said t"e 01irit will ;e wit" you !orever. /e was s1eaking o! t"e !act t"at t"e 01iritDs role is 1ermanentBeven eternal. You see' i! you ;las1"eme /im' t"e 01irit will de1art. 2ut i! you grieve /im' /e doesnDt leave you. /eDll stay' even w"en you wound /im. I ;elieve C"ristians grieve t"e 01irit every day. I' !or one' am guilty. :rieving t"e /oly :"ost is t"e sin o! t"e c"urc". &"atDs w"y *aul said to t"e c"urc"' ".o not grieve t"e 01irit." /e was not addressing t"ose words to un;elievers.

What $f $ Shoul* )ail#

You may ask' "/ow do we grieve /im?" You grieve /im w"en you donDt !orgive. You grieve /im w"en you say somet"ing ugly or wrong. 2ut your daily 1rayer s"ould ;eF "2lessed 01irit o! :od' 1lease "el1 me today not to grieve You." And w"at i! you s"ould !ail? /e is more t"an willing to "ear you say' "*lease !orgive me." And /e will !orgive and cleanse you seventy times seven. &"e /oly 01irit is so gentle t"at even t"e slig"test wound will cause /im 1ain. And t"e longer youDve known /im' t"e more you will understand /is !eelings. 0o many times' in tears' I say' "/oly 01irit' IDm sorry !or t"e anguis" IDve caused you. 2ut 1lease' 1lease' stay ;y my side." &"ere are times IDve told /imF "You can c"astise me' ;ut donDt let me goC" For w"om t"e Eord c"astises /e


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

loves. ItDs like saying' "I love you." I ;elieve t"at i! a 1erson remains in a state o! un!orgiveness t"e 01irit o! t"e Eord will allow tormentors to enter "im. &"atDs w"at C"rist told *eter w"en t"e disci1le asked' "Eord' "ow o!ten s"all my ;rot"er sin against me' and I !orgive "im? K1 to seven times?" H6att. 15F21I. &"e Eord answered' "I do not say to you' u1 to seven times' ;ut u1 to seventy times seven" Hv. 22I. &"en "e gave t"e 1ara;le o! t"e un!orgiving servant' w"ic" ends wit" t"e warning' "0"ould you not also "ave "ad com1assion on your !ellow servant' >ust as I "ad 1ity on you? And "is master was angry' and delivered "im to t"e torturers' until "e s"ould 1ay all t"at was due to "im" Hvv. %%A%(I. C"rist concluded t"e 1ara;le ;y saying' "0o 6y "eavenly Fat"er will do to you i! eac" o! you' !rom "is "eart' does not !orgive "is ;rot"er" Hv. %)I. .oes t"is mean t"at t"e /oly :"ost "as made a 1ermanent retreat? <o. ItDs >ust t"at :od will remove /is "and o! 1rotection !rom t"ose w"o wonDt !orgive. A 1erson w"o "as totally ;las1"emed t"e /oly 01irit ;ecomes !illed wit" t"e demons o! 0atan. 2ut i! you ask' "2enny' do you ;elieve t"at a demon can 1ossess a C"ristian w"o is !illed wit" t"e /oly :"ost?" A;solutely notC I do ;elieve' "owever' t"at a 1erson w"o "as made a con!ession o! !ait" in C"rist' ;ut is not living !or t"e EordB w"o is living in un!orgivenessBcan ;e in!luenced ;y demons. &"ey can ;e "arassed and even oppressed ;y t"e 1owers o! darkness' ;ut not 1ossessed. *eter' !or e@am1le' said' "Eord' youDre not going to die." And esus said' ":et ;e"ind me' 0atan." *eter was not 1ossessed ;y 0atan. /e was in!luenced. &"ere is a ;ig

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(


di!!erence. esus said' t"roug" t"e 01irit' "I will never leave you or !orsake you." And t"at' my !riend' is good news. And since /e is staying' it is more im1ortant to know w"at /e will do !or us t"an w"at 0atan will do against us.

5ou Can't Do $t Alone

I am certain t"at it is your utmost desire to love :od wit" your s1irit' soul' and ;ody. 2ut no matter "ow strong your desire' it is a;solutely im1ossi;le to accom1lis" your goal all alone. It is im1erative t"at you say' "/oly 01irit' IDm asking you to assist me." *aul wrote to t"e c"urc" at Rome' "<ow "o1e does not disa11oint' ;ecause t"e love o! :od "as ;een 1oured out in our "earts ;y t"e /oly 01irit w"o was given to us" HRom. )F)I. Certainly we want to love C"rist' ;ut it is im1ossi;le unless t"e 01irit gives us su1ernatural love. And "ow do you receive it? You sim1ly say' "01irit o! :od' I surrender to you." 2y t"at very act /e will !lood your soul wit" a love !or t"e Eord. &"e more dee1ly you know t"e /oly 01irit' t"e more dee1ly you will know esus. ItDs automatic. ,"y? 2ecause w"en t"e 01irit is 1resent' C"rist is 1romoted. esus said' "/e s"all glori!y 6eC" &"e Eord is never 1us"ed aside' ;ut rat"er /e is 1ulled muc" closer. *aul wrote' "&"ere is t"ere!ore now no condemnation to t"ose w"o are in C"rist esus' w"o do not walk according to t"e !les"' ;ut according to t"e 01irit" HRom. 5F1I. .o you understand w"at it truly means to walk a!ter t"e 01irit? ,"en /e says' "*ray'" t"atDs w"at youDll do. ,"en /e says' "&esti!y'" t"atDs w"at youDll do. 0uddenly' youDre


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

walking a!ter t"e 01irit.

(%E -O5 O) )REEDO' $ (%E SP$R$(

&o diso;ey is to !eel condemnation and t"en guilt. 2ut i! you "eed /is call' you know t"e >oy o! !reedom in t"e 01iritF "For t"e law o! t"e 01irit o! li!e in C"rist esus "as made me !ree !rom t"e law o! sin and deat"" Hv. 2I. &"e lawgiver in t"e 8ld Covenant was t"e Fat"er' ;ut t"e lawgiver in t"e <ew Covenant is t"e /oly :"ost. esus gave t"e commandments through t"e 01irit HActs 1F2I' >ust as :od once gave t"e law through 6oses.

Se"en Re"elations
,"at a >oy to dwell on t"e victories descri;ed ;y *aul in Romans 5. In !act *aul s"ares seven s1eci!ic revelations in t"e !irst si@teen verses o! "is letter. *er"a1s now"ere in 0cri1ture is t"e work o! t"e 01irit so clearly de!ined. 16 There is power over sin6 &"e !irst revelation says t"at t"e law o! t"e 01irit o! li!e gives you !reedom !rom sin and deat" Hvv. 1A2I. YouDll "ave dominion over sin. 26 He will fulfill the law6 "For w"at t"e law could not do in t"at it was weak t"roug" t"e !les"' :od did ;y sending /is own 0on in t"e likeness o! sin!ul !les" . . . t"at t"e rig"teous re=uirement o! t"e law mig"t ;e !ul!illed in us w"o do not walk according to t"e !les" ;ut according to t"e 01irit Hvv. %A(I. It is t"e !ul!illment o! t"e law o! 6oses t"at "as 1roduced t"e !reedom we now "ave in t"e 01irit. 06 He will give you the mind of od6 "&"ose w"o live according to t"e !les" set t"eir minds on t"e t"ings o! t"e

(-H& *$+ &!. -++'%N /(


!les"' ;ut t"ose w"o live according to t"e 01irit' t"e t"ings o! t"e 01irit. For to ;e carnally minded is deat"' ;ut to ;e s1iritually minded is li!e and 1eace. 2ecause t"e carnal mind is enmity against :odG !or it is not su;>ect to t"e law o! :od' nor indeed can ;e. 0o t"en' t"ose w"o are in t"e !les" cannot 1lease :od" Hvv. )A5I. 16 He will give you righteousness6 "2ut you are not in t"e !les" ;ut in t"e 01irit' i! indeed t"e 01irit o! :od dwells in you. <ow i! anyone does not "ave t"e 01irit o! C"rist' "e is not /is. And i! C"rist is in you' t"e ;ody is dead ;ecause o! sin' ;ut t"e 01irit is li!e ;ecause o! rig"teousness" Hvv. 3A14I. 36 He will give life to your body6 "2ut i! t"e 01irit o! /im w"o raised esus !rom t"e dead dwells in you' /e w"o raised C"rist !rom t"e dead will also give li!e to your mortal ;odies t"roug" /is 01irit w"o dwells in you" Hv. 11I. I! you !ollow in t"e !ootste1s o! t"e /oly :"ost' you will walk in "ealt". You will "ave a =uickened ;ody. As t"e 1ro1"et Isaia" said' "&"ose w"o wait on t"e E8R. s"all renew t"eir strengt"" H(4F%1I. 6y !riend' you cannot renew your strengt" wit"out t"e /oly :"ost ;ecause /e is t"e one w"o =uickens t"e mortal ;ody. 46 He will bring death to self6 "&"ere!ore' ;ret"ren' we are de;torsBnot to t"e !les"' to live according to t"e !les". For i! you live according to t"e !les" you will dieG ;ut i! ;y t"e 01irit you 1ut to deat" t"e deeds o! t"e ;ody' you will live. For as many as are led ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' t"ese are sons o! :od" Hvv. 12A1(I. 56 He will testify of your salvation6 "For you did not receive t"e s1irit o! ;ondage again to !ear' ;ut you received t"e 01irit o! ado1tion ;y w"om we cry out' DA;;a' Fat"er.D &"e 01irit /imsel! ;ears witness wit" our s1irit t"at we are


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

c"ildren o! :od" Hvv. 1)A1+I. In verse a!ter verse *aul tells you t"at it is t"e 01irit t"at does t"e work o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 0on. And I get e@cited every time I read t"ose glorious wordsF "For as many as are led ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' t"ese are sons o! :od." :od does not intend !or you to stray !rom t"e 1at" /e "as set !or you to !ollow. /e did not create you to see you !ail. &"atDs w"y you s"ould not ;ecome unduly alarmed ;y t"e 1ossi;ility o! committing t"e un1ardona;le sin' ;las1"emy against t"e /oly 01irit. Your love !or C"rist so outweig"s 0atanDs in!luence t"at t"e ;attle "as already ;een won. &"e /oly 01irit is longing !or you to ;egin a dee1' 1ersonal relations"i1. ,"en my soul cried out wit" a "eart!elt so;;ing t"at seemed unending' t"e 01irit was 1atiently waiting. /is ;urden ;ecame my ;urden' and t"e e@1erience gave me a 1assion !or souls t"at "as never diminis"ed nor de1arted. /e was waiting to give me 1ower' !ul!illment' rig"teousness' a 01iritAled li!e' and so muc" more. And now /e is waiting !or you.



Hea9en on (arth

y !irst "sermons" in 13$( and early 13$) did not "ave muc" content. &"ey were ;asically my testimony o! t"e work o! t"e 01iritBo! "ow /e made /imsel! so real to me. In t"ose days I really didnDt know too muc"' and t"ere was so muc" to learn.


2ut during 13$) I "eard t"e unmistaka;le voice o! t"e /oly 01irit telling me t"at it was time to ;egin conducting weekly meetings in &oronto. /e said' "Follow me. /ear 6y voice' and you will lead many to C"rist." And so I ;egan. 8n 6onday nig"ts we sc"eduled a series o! services t"at would continue !or t"e ne@t !ive years. ,e started in a "ig" sc"ool auditorium' and t"e crowds ;ecame so large we "ad to move to larger !acilities. /undreds and "undreds o! 1eo1le attended. &"e services were totally led ;y t"e 01irit' and I listened ever so closely to /is voice. *eo1le were delivered !rom serious addictions. Families were reunited. ,e "ad ""ealing lines" and "eard testimonies o! miracles. 2ut always' always' t"e services resulted in t"e salvation o! lost souls. &"en somet"ing "a11ened. *eo1le ;egan to receive


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

miracles' deliverance' and "ealings rig"t in t"eir seats. <o lines !or "t"e laying on o! "ands." :od ;egan to do /is work all across t"e auditoriumBso !reely t"at t"ere was not time to "ear all o! t"e testimonies. &"e 1ress ;egan to take notice. 8n t"e !ront 1ages o! t"e Toronto Star, t"e Toronto lobe and #ail, and ot"er 1a1ers across Canada t"ere were stories o! t"e "6iracle Rallies" we were conducting. In .ecem;er 13$+ t"e lobe and #ail sent a re1orter to one o! t"e services to descri;e in detail w"at was "a11ening. /e wrote o! t"e "ealings and testimonies and ended t"e article ;y =uoting meF "IDm not interested in ;uilding u1 2enny /inn. IDm not and never will ;e. esus is t"e one. . . to ;e ;uilt u1 and e@alted. ,e want to reac" souls !or t"e Eord esus. I want to see souls' souls' souls' souls' souls. *eo1le' do you understand t"at?" Knder t"e "eadline' ".oes Fait" /ealing Really ,ork?" t"e Toronto Star 1resented !our case studies o! 1eo1le w"o "ad ;een "ealed in our services. /e told a;out a s"i!t worker at t"e :6 1lant in 8s"awa w"o "ad cancer o! t"e t"roat. "&"is week' !ollowing a c"ecku1 at t"e cancer clinic' "e was told t"ere is no trace o! malignancy." /e told t"e story o! a 2eaverton truckerF "A nonc"urc"A goer' w"o "ad su!!ered !rom congestive "eart !ailure and slig"t em1"ysema Ha lung diseaseI !or seven years' was 1ersuaded ;y !riends to attend a "ealing crusade. DI went to t"e doctor t"ree days later' and "e told me "e could !ind not"ing wrong'D "e says. D:od must "ave done it.D" ,"at a;out t"eir doctors? &"e re1orter =uoted one as saying' "Eook' t"ere are more t"ings "a11ening in t"is world t"an we know a;out." &elevision stations ;egan to !ilm documentaries on

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


w"at :od was doing. &"e Canadian 2roadcasting Cor1oration HC2CI' :lo;al &-' and t"e "uge inde1endent station in &oronto' C"annel 3' 1roduced s1ecials. ,e ran our own weekly television 1rogram t"at was s"own in 1rime time a!ter 4: #inutes !or a year and a "al!.

A 5ello2 Cab in Pittsburgh

Eeaving t"e great city o! &oronto in 13$3 was not easy !or me. It was w"ere I "ad ;een saved' "ealed' and touc"ed ;y t"e mig"ty 01irit o! :od. &"e 1ress "ad not"ing ;ut good news to re1ort a;out t"e ministry. 2ut again' I 1romised to !ollow t"e leading o! t"e /oly :"ost. I knew /e wanted me to ;uild a c"urc" and esta;lis" an international ministry. /e "ad told me t"is years earlier' in 13$$. I remem;er e@actly w"ere it "a11ened. I was ;ack in *itts;urg"' riding in a ;ig Yellow Ca; w"en I "ad a conversation wit" t"e 01irit a;out it. A;out t"e ministry /e said' "It will touc" t"e worldC" I wondered' ","ere will it ;e? <ew York? Eos Angeles?" 2ut' you know' t"e 01irit "as an ama?ing way o! leading you. In uly 13$5 I traveled to 8rlando' Florida' to s1eak !or *astor Roy /art"ern. /e told me a;out "is daug"ter' 0u?anne' w"o was attending #vangel College in 01ring!ield' 6issouri. 2eing single' my ears 1erked u1. I invited mysel! ;ack to s1end C"ristmas wit" t"em' and 0u?anne was "ome !or t"e "olidays. &"e !irst time I saw "er' t"e Eord said' "&"atDs your wi!e." ust like t"atC I !elt it. And s"e did too. 2ut I "ad to ;e sure so I ;egan to ask :od !or "signs." IDd 1ut out "!leeces." And every one o! t"em was answered. I t"oug"t' "Is t"is >ust coincidence? 8r does :od really want me to marry t"is young lady?"


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

&"en I tried one last signBa rat"er di!!icult one. I was !lying ;ack to 8rlando !rom 0an ose' Cali!ornia' on anuary 1' 13$3. I made a =uick tri1 t"ere to s1eak at a <ew YearDs #ve service. 8n t"e 1lane I "ad a talk wit" :od. I said' "I! s"e really is to ;e my wi!e' "ave "er say to me w"en I get ;ack' DIDve made you a c"eesecake.D" &"at was t"e toug"est test I could t"ink o!. 0u?anne met me at t"e 8rlando air1ort' and t"e !irst words out o! "er mout" were' "2enny' IDve made you a c"eesecake." &"en s"e said' ".onDt e@1ect too muc". IDve never made a c"eesecake ;e!ore." ,e were engaged wit"in two weeks and married later t"at year. As time 1assed' all signs 1ointed to 8rlando' Florida' as t"e 1lace we would ;egin a worldwide ministry. ,it" >ust a "and!ul o! 1eo1le' t"e 8rlando C"ristian Center was started in 135%. <ow it touc"es t"e lives o! t"ousands o! 1eo1le every week' 1lus a national television audience.

%e's ot a Pro0oter
&o ;e "onest' I "ad no idea w"ere t"e 01irit would lead my li!e w"en I ;egan my relations"i1 wit" /im. All I knew was t"at /e was real and desired my !ellows"i1. /e wanted to ;e my teac"er and guide. 2ut "ere is w"at I "ave come to know. &"e /oly :"ost will never 1romote /imsel!G /eDll 1romote esus. /e will never create t"e 1lace o! greatness >ust !or /imsel!G /eDll give t"e "onor to t"e Eord. IDve also learned t"at t"e 01irit is not t"e source o! :odDs gi!ts. /e is t"e one w"o "el1s you receive !rom t"e giver' w"o is :od t"e Fat"er. /eDs also t"e one w"o "el1s you receive :od t"e 0on as 0avior and Eord.

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


5O4R CLA$' O (%E SP$R$(

#ven an un;eliever senses t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly :"ostC IDve talked to "undreds o! 1eo1le a;out t"eir conversion e@1eriences' and so many "ave told me' "0omet"ing was "a11ening t"at I couldnDt e@1lain. I !elt uncom!orta;le a;out t"ings I was doing." &"atDs t"e convicting 1ower o! t"e 01irit. &"e Eord said' "6y 01irit s"all not strive wit" man !orever" H:en. +F%I. &"ere is a "wrestling" going on as t"e /oly :"ost tries to let you know t"at you need t"e Eord. &"atDs w"y 1eo1le are so uncom!orta;le in t"e 1resence o! :od ;e!ore t"ey are saved. &"e 01irit is actually a witness !or esusC ","en t"e /el1er comes' w"om I s"all send to you !rom t"e Fat"er' t"e 01irit o! trut" w"o 1roceeds !rom t"e Fat"er' /e will testi!y o! 6e" H o"n 1)F2+I. &"e 01iritDs vital 1ur1ose is to lead 1eo1le to C"rist. &"e 01irit convicts and convinces. IDve met 1eo1le w"o "ave le!t a gos1el meeting and !elt literally ""ounded" ;y t"e /oly 01irit. &"ey !elt misera;le in t"eir sin. &"ey !elt a continual tugging at t"eir "earts. &"e 01irit wouldnDt let t"em go until t"ey "ad made t"eir 1eace wit" :od t"roug" /is 0on. /e will enter your mind and 1resent t"e trut" o! 0cri1ture' convincing you o! t"e validity o! t"e gos1el. And a!ter you "ave given your "eart to C"rist' /e is still rig"t t"ere' "el1ing you witness !or t"e Eord. &"e 1ro1"et 6ica" wroteF
2ut truly I am !ull o! 1ower ;y t"e 01irit o! t"e E8R.' And o! >ustice and mig"t' &o declare to aco; "is transgression And to Israel "is sin. H6ic. %F5I


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

/e gives you t"e 1ower to s1eak. In !act' itDs useless to attem1t to 1roclaim :odDs ,ord wit"out t"e /oly :"ost u1on you.

3%el+ 'e63
,"en you say' "/oly 01irit' "el1 me to know esus'" /e will not disa11oint you. /e is always willing to "el1. Eisten to w"at t"e 1salmist saysF ".o not cast me away !rom Your 1resence' and do not take Your /oly 01irit !rom me" H*s. )1F11I. &"en' in t"e very ne@t ;reat"' "e says' "Restore to me t"e >oy o! Your salvationG L And u1"old me wit" Your generous 01irit" Hv. 12I. &"e /oly :"ost is willing. Anytime you say' "/el1 me'" /e says' "I will." ,"en you say' "&eac" me'" /e says' "IDm ready." And w"en you say' "/el1 me to 1ray'" /e says' "EetDs ;egin." /e is rig"t t"ere' giving you t"e desire to 1ray. /e is t"e urging ;e"ind t"e "unger to talk to t"e Fat"er and to t"e 0on. *aul wrote t"ese 1ower!ul wordsF "&"ere!ore I make known to you t"at no one s1eaking ;y t"e 01irit o! :od calls esus accursed' and no one can say t"at esus is Eord e@ce1t ;y t"e /oly 01irit" H1 Cor. 12F%I. ,"en you sing "/e is Eord" and mean it !rom your "eart' itDs 1roo! t"at t"e /oly :"ost is wit"in you. /eDs using you to 1roclaim t"at esus C"rist is Eord to t"e w"ole worldC &"e moment you con!ess t"e deat"' ;urial' and resurrection o! C"rist you "ave 1assed t"e test o! t"e 01irit. 0cri1ture says' "2y t"is you know t"e 01irit o! :odF #very s1irit t"at con!esses t"at esus C"rist "as come in t"e !les" is o! :od' and every 01irit t"at does not con!ess t"at esus C"rist "as come in t"e !les" is not !rom :od" H1 o"n (F2A%I. /e says' "2y t"is we know t"e 01irit o! trut" and

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


t"e s1irit o! error" Hv. +I. Your salvation is at t"e very "eart o! t"e work o! t"e /oly 01irit. In !act' it is /e t"at actually ado1ts you into :odDs !amily. *aul writes' "For as many as are led ;y t"e 01irit o! :od' t"ese are sons o! :od. For you did not receive t"e s1irit o! ;ondage again to !ear' ;ut you received t"e 01irit o! ado1tion" HRom. 5F1(A1)I. And "ere is "ow you e@1ress it. 2y "im "we cry out' DA;;a' Fat"er.D &"e 01irit /imsel! ;ears witness' wit" our s1irit t"at we are c"ildren o! :od' and i! c"ildren' t"en "eirs B"eirs o! :od and >oint "eirs wit" C"rist' i! indeed we su!!er wit" /im' t"at we may also ;e glori!ied toget"er" Hvv. 1)A1$I.

4+ for A*o+tion
&"e 01irit looked at you and saw an or1"an. /e said' "I will ado1t you." /eDs your Fat"er. ,"y? 2ecause /e is t"e 01irit o! t"e Fat"er. .o you remem;er .ottie Ram;oDs song' "/oly 01irit' You Are ,elcome in &"is *lace"? 0"e was ins1ired to write' "8mni1otent Fat"er o! mercy and grace." &"atDs w"at t"e 01irit is. ,it"out /im it is im1ossi;le to a11roac" t"e Fat"er. *aul tells you' "For t"roug" /im we ;ot" "ave access ;y one 01irit to t"e Fat"er" H#1". 2F15I. &"roug" w"om? &"roug" esus' ;ot" ew and :entile can a11roac" :od ;y t"e /oly :"ost. 2ut "ereDs t"e most e@citing 1art o! all. The ?ible says that the Holy host has been given to you as a guarantee of eternal life6 "/aving ;elieved' you were sealed wit" t"e /oly 01irit o! 1romise' w"o is t"e guarantee o! in"eritance until t"e redem1tion o! t"e 1urc"ased 1ossession' to t"e 1raise o! /is glory" H#1". 1F1%A1(I. &"ereDs no dou;t a;out it. &"e /oly 01irit is 1re1aring


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

you !or "eaven. I! youDre convinced /eDs living inside' t"en you must never =uestion w"et"er you are ;orn again. You must never =uestion w"et"er your "ome is "eaven. And you must never =uestion w"et"er you will "ave eternal li!e. Eet me 1ut it t"is way. I! tomorrow morning you walk into a store and 1ick out some clot"es and a 1air o! s"oes ;ut donDt "ave all t"e money' you walk over to "layaway" and make a down 1ayment toward t"e 1urc"ase. You say' "IDll 1ick it u1 ne@t week." Your name is on t"e ;ill' and you take t"e recei1t "ome. &"en ne@t week you 1ick u1 t"e 1urc"ased 1ossession. &"atDs e@actly w"at esus did w"en /e came and gave you t"e /oly :"ost. &"e only di!!erence is t"at /e 1aid t"e entire 1rice on Calvary. 2ut "ereDs w"at /e saysF "I 1aid !or your li!e' ;ut IDm also giving a down 1ayment t"at guarantees itDs mine." /e sent t"e /oly 01irit. And i! you "ave /im' you are on your way to glory. ,"en C"rist returns' /eDs going to 1ick you u1 and take you "ome. ItDs wort" s"outing a;out. You are a 1urc"ased 1ossession o! t"e Eord. &"atDs w"y you can tell 0atan to "is ugly !ace' ".onDt touc" me. IDm a 1ossession o! C"ristC" And donDt ;e a!raid to s1eak t"e ,ord. Kick "im out' and /e will !lee !rom you. You "ave t"e /oly 01irit. A "de1osit" on your in"eritanceC ,"y was /e given as a down 1ayment? *aul says' "C"rist "as redeemed us !rom t"e curse o! t"e law' "aving ;ecome a curse !or us H!or it is written' DCursed is every one w"o "angs on a treeDI" H:al. %F1%I. And t"en "e wrote t"is marvelous trut"F /e redeemed us in order "t"at t"e ;lessing o! A;ra"am mig"t come u1on t"e :entiles in C"rist esus' t"at we mig"t receive t"e 1romise o! t"e 01irit t"roug" !ait"" Hv. 1(I. 2ecause C"rist ;ecame a curse' t"e 01irit was given as

H+*@+N !N +*$TH



5ou ee* So0e %el+

From t"e moment you acce1t esus as 0avior' it is t"e 01irit t"at gives you t"e will' t"e strengt"' and t"e desire to o;ey :od and live t"e C"ristian li!e. ,it"out /im it is im1ossi;le. &"e a1ostle *eter tells you' "0ince you "ave 1uri!ied your souls in o;eying t"e trut" t"roug" t"e 01irit in sincere love o! t"e ;ret"ren' love one anot"er !ervently wit" a 1ure "eart" H1 *eter 1F22I. &"e reason 1eo1leBeven C"ristiansB!ail is t"at t"ey de1end on t"eir own strengt". You canDt o;ey :od ;y saying' "IDm going to do it ;y mysel!." /ow many times "ave you said' "IDm going to 1ray'" ;ut you didnDt. 8r "IDll read t"e ,ord'" ;ut you !orgot. ,"y? 2ecause you were de1ending on your mind. You de1ended on t"e !les"' and it will !ail you continually. /eDll give you strengt" and li!e' ;ut t"e 01irit will give you somet"ing else >ust as im1ortant. He2ll give you rest6 Isaia" said'
As a ;east goes down into t"e valley' And t"e 01irit o! t"e E8R. causes "im to rest' 0o You lead Your 1eo1le' &o make Yoursel! a glorious name. HIsa. +%F1(I

ust a!ter I ;egan to 1reac" t"e gos1el' I met .avid .u*lessis. /e was known as "6r. *entecost" as a result o! "is 1resentations o! t"e /oly 01irit to world religious leaders. /e was a c"arismatic ;e!ore anyone knew w"at t"e word meant. I was walking down t"e same "allway wit" t"is anointed man at a con!erence in 2rockville' 8ntario' w"en I summoned t"e courage to sto1 "im and ask a =uestion. I


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

nervously asked "im' ".r. .u*lessis' "ow can I truly 1lease :od?" &"e old man' w"o is now wit" esus' sto11ed' 1ut "is ;rie!case down' 1ointed "is !inger in my c"est and 1us"ed me against t"e wall. I certainly didnDt e@1ect t"at !rom a !rail 1reac"er. All I "ad said was' "/ow can I 1lease :od?" and "e nailed me to t"e wall. &"en "e said two words t"at I "ave never !orgotten. /e saidF ".onDt tryC" /e 1icked u1 "is little case and walked on down t"e "all. I caug"t u1 wit" "im and said' ".r. .u*lessis' I donDt understand." /e calmly turned around and said' "Young man' itDs not your a;ility. %t2s His ability in you6( &"en "e said' ":ood nig"t'" and walked into "is room. As I walked into my room' I was still 1u??led. I lay down on my ;ed and t"oug"t a;out t"ose words. "ItDs not your a;ility. %t2s His ability in you6( In t"at moment I "ardly knew w"at to 1ray' ;ut t"e 01irit ;egan to unlock t"e trut" o! t"ose words to me. /ow can I 1lease :od? 2y yieldingC 2y not even trying. It was >ust as 6r. *entecost said. &"e /oly 01irit will do t"e work. ItDs not my strengt"G itDs /is. 8t"erwise I would ;oast o! my own accom1lis"ments.

Go*'s (ouch
,"en you see esus !ace to !ace' you wonDt say' "Eord' look w"at I did." YouDll say' "Eord' look w"at you did wit" t"is wretc"ed man." 0tart 1racticing it. 81en your arms wide and say' "01irit o! t"e living :od' I want to live !or esus today. I give You my mind' my emotion' my will' my intellect' my li1s' my mout"' my ears' and my eyesBuse t"em !or t"e glory o! :od."

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


,"en I wake u1 and 1ray t"at kind o! 1rayer' t"e anointing !loods me like an ocean at "ig" tide. In t"e moment I totally surrender' :od ;egins to !low t"roug" my ministry. <ot"ing less will do. I "ave o!ten wondered w"y' in my own meetings' t"e 01irit directs me so o!ten to 1ray !or "ealing. And I "ave wondered w"y my ministry "as ;een accom1anied ;y 1eo1le w"o !all under t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit. 2ut w"en I look at t"e results o! t"e meetings' I see t"at every mani!estation o! t"e 01irit is !or one 1ur1oseF to ;ring 1eo1le to C"rist. It is a demonstration t"at :od is alive' t"at /e is still "moving" in t"e lives o! 1eo1le. I "ave seen t"ousands o! 1eo1le literally !all under t"e 1ower o! t"e 01irit' and I ;elieve t"at >ust a small touc" o! :odDs 1ower is all t"ey !elt. 2ut it demonstrates t"e awesome strengt" o! t"e Almig"ty' and it draws 1eo1le to t"e 0avior. 2eing "ealed or even ;eing "slain in t"e 01irit" is not a 1rere=uisite !or "eaven. &"ere is only one doorBC"rist t"e Lord6 <ever take your attention !rom t"e 1ur1ose o! t"e 01irit on eart". /e is t"e 01irit o! t"e Fat"er and t"e 01irit o! t"e 0on' leading 1eo1le to con!ess t"at C"rist is Eord. As I ;egan my ministry I never ceased to ;e ama?ed at t"e 1ower o! t"e /oly 01irit. /eDs gentle' ;ut /eDs 1ower!ul.
&"e grass wit"ers' t"e !lower !ades' 2ecause t"e ;reat" o! t"e E8R. ;lows u1on it. 0urely t"e 1eo1le are grass. HIsa. (4F$I

&"e /oly :"ost is not a weak 1ersonality. As ;ot" a young C"ristian and a new minister I o!ten stood ;ack and watc"ed t"e Eord at work. I knew it wasnDt me t"at was touc"ing lives. It was t"e sovereignty o! :od and t"e o1eration o! t"e 01irit. I >ust watc"ed in


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

ama?ement. 2ut I donDt t"ink IDve ;een as !rig"tened in my li!e as t"at 0unday nig"t in A1ril 13$). &"ere I was on t"e 1lat!orm o! a small 1entecostal c"urc" on t"e west side o! &oronto w"en my 1arentsBCostandi and ClemenceB walked in t"e door. 6y "eart almost sto11ed' and I could !eel t"e 1ers1iration on my !ore"ead. 6y worst nig"tmare could not "ave matc"ed t"is. I was 1etri!iedBtoo startled to laug" and too s"ocked to cry.

What 'ust (hey /e (hin!ing#

I "ad ;een 1reac"ing !or !ive mont"s' ;ut my 1arents "ad no idea. &"e tension in our "ouse over t"e Eord was ;ad enoug" wit"out my ;reaking t"at news. 2ut t"ey saw an ad t"e 1astor 1laced in t"e news1a1er and walked into t"at little c"urc". I couldnDt even glance in t"eir direction. 2ut t"e moment I o1ened my mout" to 1reac"' t"e anointing o! t"e /oly 01irit !illed t"at ;uilding. It was so strong. ,ords ;egan !lowing out o! me like a river. I !ound mysel! actually "listening" to w"at t"e 01irit directed me to say. As I was !inis"ing my message' I !elt led to ;egin ministering to 1eo1le w"o needed "ealing. I t"oug"t' ","at must my mom and dad ;e t"inking o! all t"is?" &"en t"ey stood u1 and walked out t"e ;ack door. " im'" I said a!ter t"e service' "youDve got to 1rayC" im *oynter was wit" me on t"e 1lat!orm t"at nig"t and knew t"e seriousness o! t"e situation. I even t"oug"t o! s1ending t"e nig"t at "is "ome to avoid t"e inevita;le con!rontation. Instead' I got into my car and ;egan to drive t"e streets o! &oronto. I t"oug"t' "I! I get "ome in t"e middle o! t"e

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


nig"t' my !olks will ;e slee1ing." It was >ust a!ter two oDclock in t"e morning w"en I =uietly 1arked in !ront o! t"e "ouse and turned o!! t"e ignition. I ti1toed u1 t"e ste1s and slowly unlocked t"e !ront door. I o1ened it and was startled ;y w"at I saw. &"ere in !ront o! me' seated on t"e couc"' were my mom and dad. I "ad ;een 1anicAstricken w"en I saw t"em walk into t"at c"urc"' ;ut t"is was even worse. 6y knees ;egan to trem;le' and I looked !or a 1lace to sit down. 6y !at"er was t"e !irst to s1eak and I listened in dis;elie!. "0on'" "e so!tly said' ""ow can we ;ecome like you?" ,as I "earing w"at I t"oug"t I was "earing? ,as t"is t"e same man t"at "ad ;een so o!!ended ;y my conversion? &"e !at"er t"at "ad a;solutely !or;idden t"e name o! " esus" to ;e s1oken in our "ome? ",e really want to know'" "e said. "&ell us "ow we can "ave w"at you "ave." I looked at my dear mot"er and saw tears ;egin to !all down "er ;eauti!ul c"eeks. I couldnDt contain my >oy at t"at moment. I ;egan to wee1. And !or t"e ne@t "our o! t"at un!orgetta;le nig"t I o1ened t"e 0cri1ture and led my 1arents to t"e saving knowledge o! t"e Eord esus C"rist. 6y daddy said' "2enny' do you know w"at convinced me?" /e told me t"at w"en I ;egan 1reac"ing' "e turned to my mot"er and said' "&"atDs not your son. Your son canDt talkC /is :od must ;e real." /e didnDt know t"at I "ad ;een totally "ealed o! stuttering. &"e marvelous conversion o! my 1arents allowed t"e Eord to literally swee1 t"roug" t"e rest o! t"e !amily. /enry


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

s"owed u1 and got saved. 6y little ;rot"er 6ike was ;orn again. &"en it "a11ened to C"ris. I! youDve ever "eard a;out ""ouse"old salvation'" t"is was itC &"e /inn "ome was trans!ormed into ""eaven on eart"C" And t"e c"ange was not tem1orary. It was a permanent work o! t"e 01irit. &oday C"ris' ,illie' /enry' 0ammy' and 6ike are totally involved in ministry. 6ary and Rose are committed C"ristians and living !or t"e Eord. And 2enny? ,ell' you know w"at "as "a11ened to "im.

)irst (hings )irst

ust as t"e /oly 01irit touc"ed my li!e and drew my 1arents to C"rist' /e wants t"e same !or you. &"e greatest work o! t"e 01irit is not to lead you into some "eavenly ecstasy on eart". &"at may "a11en' ;ut /is 1ur1ose is to convict o! sin and lead 1eo1le to esus. As you "ave ;een reading t"is ;ook you may "ave said' "&"atDs !or meC I want to "ave an e@citing 1ersonal relations"i1 wit" t"e /oly 01iritC" 2ut are you ready !or it? ,"at "a11ened to me t"e nig"t t"e 01irit entered my ;edroom was not t"e !irst ste1. It ;egan muc" earlier. YouDve got to 1ut !irst t"ings !irst and touc" every ste1 on your s1iritual ladder. 6y !riend' i! you "ave never asked C"rist to come into your "eart' now is t"e time. ItDs t"e most im1ortant ste1 you will ever take. Rig"t now' sayF " esus' I con!ess t"at I am a sinner. I ;elieve t"at You are t"e 0on o! :od and t"at You s"ed your 1recious ;lood on t"e cross !or me. Forgive me o! my sin. Cleanse my "eart !rom all unrig"teousness. I t"ank You !or saving me now. Amen." I! you "ave s1oken t"at 1rayer !rom your "eart' you are ready to ;egin a new li!e in t"e 01irit. And every day as you 1ray' read :odDs ,ord' and tell ot"ers o! /is love' you

H+*@+N !N +*$TH


will sense :odDs e@citing direction. I "ave come to t"e conclusion t"at I am totally de1endent on t"e /oly 01irit. /eDs all I "ave. /eDs all you "ave. esus 1romised /im and :od sent /im t"at you may "ave knowledge' 1ower' communion' and !ellows"i1. /e will anoint you' "el1 you' ;reat"e on you' com!ort you' give you rest' lead and guide you' "el1 you 1ray' and so muc" more. /e is waiting to ;egin a relations"i1 wit" you t"at will c"ange your li!e !orever. 2ut itDs u1 to you to e@tend t"e invitation. ,"en t"e sun comes u1 tomorrow' /e will ;e longing to "ear you say' ":ood morning' /oly 01irit."

Study and Discussion Guide

C%AP(ER 8< 3CA $ REALL5 & OW 5O4#3 1. H!s the Holy *pirit been ! dist!nt third person o the (rinity to
youD Wh!t must you do to bring Him into your li eD

2. Wh!t do people illed %ith the Holy *pirit loo" li"eD Are they
someho% di erentD Ho% %ould you recogniEe themD

%. H!ve you ever %itnessed ! he!ling, or other mir!cle, !ttributed

to the Holy *piritD Wh!t is your de inition o ! mir!cleD

(. Wh!t is the mission o the Holy *pirit !mong usD ). ) you %!nt the Bible to come !live or you, %h!t must you doD C%AP(ER 9< )RO' -A))A (O (%E E DS O) (%E EAR(% 1. Fo you t!l" %ith the Gord in your pr!yers !s i He %!s ! good
riend %ho stopped byD &r!ctice spont!neous !nd open pr!yer right no%.

2. Fo you need to su er or -od to t!"e you seriouslyD Why or %hy


%. Ho% do you interpret the !uthorAs dre!m !bout being ! prisoner

in ch!ins !nd led do%n endless st!irsD



!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

(. )n the s!me dre!m, %h!t is the symbolism o the !ngelAs

!ppe!r!nce !nd the sh!c"les !lling rom the !uthorAs h!nds !nd eetD

). Foes -od use dre!ms !nd visions to send mess!ges to

Hordin!ryH men !nd %omenD Fescribe ! dre!m th!t seemed to c!rry ! mess!ge or you.

C%AP(ER =< 3(RAD$($O , (RAD$($O 3 1. Wh!t is -odAs pl!n o s!lv!tion or youD 2. H!ve you !s"ed .esus to be the Gord o your li eD H!ve you
publicly !ccepted Him !s your person!l *!viorD ) so, h!lleluI!hJ ) not, %h!t is holding you b!c"D

%. H!ve you been ridiculed bec!use o your Christi!n belie sD Ho%

does your emb!rr!ssment or humili!tion comp!re %ith the s!cri ice o Christ on the cross, dying or youD

(. ) your !mily members reIect your Christi!n belie s, %h!t c!n

you doD '!me three things.

). )s there ! physic!l presence o the Holy *pirit th!t c!n be seen

!nd elt in !ddition to ! spiritu!l presenceD Wh!t %ould be some signs o th!t presenceD

+. Fo you believe the Holy *pirit c!n he!l !ny ! lictionD Wh!t is
the scriptur!l proo o thisD

C%AP(ER >< PERSO (O PERSO 1. Are you re!dy to meet the Holy *pirit person!llyD Ho% c!n you
do thisD

2. .ust %h!t does Hbeing illed %ith the Holy *piritH re!lly me!nD %. Gist the %!ys in %hich you could thin" o the Holy *pirit !s !
person!l riend.

ST."& *N" "%S).SS%!N .%"+


(. Where is the Holy *piritK in he!ven or on e!rthD Wh!t is the

scriptur!l b!sis or your !ns%erD

). +#pl!in the 1!pture. Wh!t is its signi ic!nce or youD +. Why is the Holy *pirit c!lled the Holy *piritD $. (he Holy *pirit is the 2ne %hoLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL, %ho

5. )s it proper to thin" o the Holy *pirit !s the gre!t te!cherD WhyD 3. Wh!t does the !uthor s!y is the gre!test sin !g!inst the Holy

C%AP(ER ?< W%OSE VO$CE DO 5O4 %EAR# 1. Ho% !re you led by the *piritD 2. Ho% e!rly in the Bible does the Holy *pirit irst !ppe!rD %. Fe ine the bre!th o li e th!t lo%ed through Ad!mAs body. (. Wh!t do %e h!ve in common %ith Ad!m, spiritu!lly spe!"ingD ). Fo you !gree or dis!gree %ith the st!tement th!t Hthe Holy
*pirit is -odHD +#pl!in your !ns%er.

+. Wh!t is the scriptur!l proo th!t the M!ther, the *on, !nd the
Holy *pirit !re oneD

$. Worldly people h!venAt ! clue !bout things o the *pirit. Why is


5. 1ere!d the seven "inds o communion %ith the Holy *pirit.

Wh!t steps c!n you t!"e to !ctiv!te them in your li eD

C%AP(ER @< SP$R$(, SO4L, A D /OD5 1. Complete this sentenceK H) %!nt to %!l" %ith the Holy *pirit, but


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

c!nAt bec!use ). . .H

2. Ho% does your church vie% the Holy *piritD As !n !ctive or

p!ssive in luence in our livesD +ither %!y, %h!t is the scriptur!l proo or th!t belie D

%. 2 %h!t orm !nd subst!nce is -odD (. +#pl!in %h!t the !uthor me!ns %hen he s!ys the Holy *pirit h!s
! mind o His o%n.

). Wh!t is the temple o -od !s described by &!ul in the 'e%


+. *hould the Holy *pirit be %orshipedD Why, or %hy notD $. Wh!t does it me!n to ve# the *piritD Ho% %ould %e do th!tD
Ho% might %e !void doing itD

C%AP(ER A< W$ D )OR 5O4R SA$LS 1. Fescribe in your o%n %ords %h!t ! *pirit6 illed li e is. 2. Wh!t !re the our m!in unctions o the Holy *pirit %hen He is
%or"ing in our livesD

%. Wh!t is the !uthorAs !ns%er to people %ho !s" him, HAm ) illed
%ith the Holy *piritDH

(. At %h!t point does the Holy *pirit become !v!il!ble to us


). H!ve you ound it di icult, or impossible, to surrender yoursel

to the GordD (ry to pinpoint %h!t is holding you b!c".

+. Write do%n the seven steps to me!ning ul pr!yer on ! little

piece o p!per. C!rry it %ith you, !nd re er to it %hen you pr!y. (ry to include !ll seven steps until they become !utom!tic.

$. ) your pr!yers incorpor!te the seven steps, %h!t is li"ely to

come !bout in your pr!yer li eD

ST."& *N" "%S).SS%!N .%"+


C%AP(ER B< A '$G%(5 E (RA CE 1. Fo you h!ve !n !ns%er in your he!rt to the person!l $uestion,
Wh!t does the Gord h!ve in store or meD

2. Ho% c!n you ind the !ns%er to the previous $uestionD %. Wh!t is the M!therAs gre!t desire or usD (. 1e!d the complete Boo" o Acts. )n your o%n %ords, %rite do%n
-odAs pl!n or us.

). Wh!t is the purpose o the signs th!t ollo% in the Holy *piritAs

+. )s the Holy *pirit or everyoneD )s He here tod!y or youD Ho%

do you "no%D 1e!d Acts 7K=4N 10K>>6>8.

$. Wh!t is the ound!tion !nd !uthority or !ll the %or" the Holy
*pirit %!s sent to doD

C%AP(ER C< ROO' )OR (%E SP$R$( 1. Wh!t is the most overloo"ed mess!ge o the church tod!yD 2. Were the gi ts o the Holy *pirit me!nt or us to use tod!yD
+#pl!in the re!soning behind your !ns%er.

%. Wh!t does the !uthor me!n %hen he s!ys, H-od is not %e!";
His people !reHD

(. +#pl!in the !nointing. '!me !t le!st ive people %ho h!ve it. ). Wh!t is the purpose o the !nointing o the *piritD +. Fescribe ho% you c!n gro% in the *pirit. $. W!s .esus dependent on the Holy *piritD )n %h!t %!ys, !nd %hy
%!s it necess!ryD

5. Wh!t is scriptur!l proo th!t you sh!ll h!ve etern!l li e !s Christ


!!" #!$N%N , H!L& S'%$%T

h!s etern!l li eD CHAPTER 10: ONL A BREATH A!A "

1. Wh!t !ction must you t!"e to receive com ort, pe!ce, !nd
direction rom the Holy *piritD

2. Ho% does the Holy *pirit respond to people %ho %ill ully sinD %. Fe ine the sep!r!te roles o the M!ther, the *on, !nd the Holy

(. Ho% c!n %e %!l" !s one %ith the *piritD ). When you !s" the *pirit o -od to come into your he!rt, %h!t
!re you doingD

+. )t t!"es only ive %ords to invite the Holy *pirit into your li e.
Wh!t !re theyD

C%AP(ER 88< 3W%5 ARE 5O4 WEEP$ G#3 1. Why c!nAt bl!sphemy !g!inst the Holy *pirit be orgivenD 2. 1e!d /!tthe% 14K=06=4. Ho% c!n you be !ssured you %ill never
bl!spheme the Holy *piritD

%. Ho% do you "no% the Holy *pirit is still %ith youD (. Fescribe %h!t it me!ns to H%!l" ! ter the *pirit.H 1e!d 1om!ns

). Mor the ne#t seven d!ys, %or" on memoriEing the seven %or"s
o the *pirit described by &!ul in 1om!ns 3. Write ! short list o the good things th!t %ill occur %hen e!ch %or" is m!ni est in your li e.


ST."& *N" "%S).SS%!N .%"+


1. Fo you believe in he!ling by !ithD Why or %hy notD ) not, st!te

your re!sons, not your eelings or emotions.

2. Whom does the Holy *pirit promote through His %or"sD )s it

you, -od, Himsel , or .esusD

%. Wh!t is the source o the Holy *piritAs gi tsD (. Ho% do you "no% %hen the convicting power o the Holy *pirit
is %or"ing in your li eD

). (he Bible s!ys th!t the Holy *pirit h!s been given to you !s !

+. Wh!t is the gre!test purpose o the Holy *piritD $. H!ve you !s"ed the Holy *pirit to come into your li eD H!ve you
!s"ed .esus Christ to come into your li eD ) not, you c!n do so right no% by pr!ying, H.esus, ) con ess th!t ) !m ! sinner. ) believe th!t Oou !re the *on o -od !nd th!t Oou shed Oour precious blood on the cross or me. Morgive me o my sin. Cle!nse my he!rt rom !ll unrighteousness. ) th!n" Oou or s!ving me no%. Amen.H

About the Author

Benny Hinn is ! recogniEed !nd respected p!stor, te!cher, he!ling ev!ngelist, !nd best6selling !uthor. As ounder !nd p!stor o World 2utre!ch Center, he ministers to ! thriving interdenomin!tion!l church %ith more th!n seven thous!nd in !ttend!nce e!ch %ee". His te!ching ministry e ectively touches millions through his d!ily h!l 6hour television progr!m c!lled This Is o!r "ay#, %hich !irs intern!tion!lly. (ens o thous!nds g!ther !t his monthly mir!cle crus!des held throughout the <nited *t!tes !nd !round the %orld to %itness -odAs s!ving !nd he!ling po%er. Hinn h!s %ritten sever!l best6selling boo"s including Good Morning, Holy Spirit, %hich h!s sold more th!n one million copiesN The Anointing$ Welcome, Holy Spirit$ !nd The Biblical Road to Blessing% Hinn !nd his %i e, *uE!nne, reside in 2rl!ndo, Mlorid!, %ith their our children;three d!ughters, .essic!, '!t!sh!, !nd +le!sh!, !nd ! son, .oshu!.



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