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Kalol Institute of Technology and Research Centre, Kalol Department of Sciences and Humanities
Measure what is measurable, and make measurable what is not so. ------Galileo Galilei

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Faculty Coordinator: Prof. Janardan Patel Student Coordinator: Prof. Hemant Bhavsar Jayana K. Lalwani (5th CE) Sanjana M. Vaswani (5th CE) Manan (3rd CE) Saurau (3rd CE)


It gives us an immense pleasure to publish E-Magazine of the Department.

Our objective is to march around the central pivot of young student's desire to become an Engineer and responsible for the growth of the wealth of the nation.

It is an Institute where discipline and punctuality along with conducive environment will provide quality education, development in frontier areas of engineering and technology. We, the Faculty, Staff and Management of Kalol Institute of Technology & Research Centre (KITRC), Kalol382721. (GUJARAT), KIT&RC will work towards producing technologically superior and ethically strong engineers for the country and the world, with a purpose to serve the society & mankind. With strong team work, we would achieve technological excellence in a highly competitive environment around us.. KITRC has primary objective of offering quality academic programs in different areas of engineering to empower the students to meet the technological needs and socio-economic challenges of the country.

We have a majestic infrastructure, spacious modern laboratories and a rich library with latest edition of books and standard journals. We have committed faculty members who pursue a focused approach for a glorious legacy of enviable teaching-learning environment, lead the students from the depth of darkness to a height of dazzling brightness. We champion the cause of quality education, aim high and our motto is to think noble, plan and implement with perfection. We hope to dive deep and distant in our quest for excellences not only in education, implications and impressions but also in caring, sharing and rearing. We want to thrive and survive by discipline and hard work. Regardless of the fact that we have a humble beginning, our aim is the sky the limit. We nurture a calm and quiet disciplined campus for all round personality

development of the students in a atmosphere where academic pursuit is the food and cordiality is the life.

The ultimate aim of the students is to acquire higher percentage of marks for better results and to be placed in the Multinational Companies. This is not only the aim of students but also the aim of parents, teachers and our Management. Our Management and the staff members strive hard to make the learners build in them a repertoire of experiences and make them fit to keep pace dexterously with the changing nature of the society to which they belong.

To make the students physically and mentally fit for their objective, we have facilities for various games and sports. The college is also situated in a calm atmosphere wherein students can imbibe learning by keeping in touch with nature and aspire heights in all their endeavors. Hope all these added advantages will take KITRC to its pinnacle of glory and it may become a globally known, one amongst the leading Institutions.

We are committed to provide leadership and support for students and help them in their professional development.

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From the desk of the sports coordinators

Pure Mathematics is the worlds best game. It is more absorbing than chess, more of a gamble than poker, and lasts longer than Monopoly. Its free. It can be played anywhere- Archimedes did it in a bathtub. By ----Richard J. Trudeau

From the desk of the H.O.D.

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

On bearing fruits, trees bend (i.e. become humble), with new [recently] gathered water, clouds hang very low, wealthy good men maintain non-arrogant nature, this is the nature of benevolent persons.

English Translation of Sanskrit Quote:

Your right is to the duty only, not to the fruits thereof. Do not act for the results of your deeds. Never be attached to not doing the duty.
This is the true motto of the KIT&RC and the faculties of Sciences and Humanities department. The Department serves at the very onset of the technological frontline of the Engineering study. The students are familiarized with the fundamental aspects of the mathematics which go on and become the foundations of the higher studies of the engineering.

The elemental aspects of Mathematics, Physics and English are taught to the students on the syllabus of the National level with a functional approach. The subjects are not only taught with a practical and more application based approach. The students are enlightened with the knowledge of Archimedes, the calculations of Carl Friedrich Gauss and Formulas of Leonhard Euler. The students are taught keeping in mind the future applications and the current trends are also infused. The faculty members are always ready to quench the thirst of the students and nurture the curiosity in Mathematics. Keeping track of the students developments is at the utmost importance hence the Laboratory and the Tutorial sessions are made interactive. We, the faculty members of the Sciences and Humanities Department have always strived to get the best out of the students as well as ourselves by pushing the boundaries of our limitations and bringing out the best. The Physics wing of the Department has shown excellence in getting the results almost 90-95 percent by providing quality education whereas the Communication Skills has gone a step ahead and has given the ethical dimension to the technical learning aspect not only to the first semester but also the final semester and the First semester of the Master of Engineering as well. Finally with a promise to keep up with the changes of the time we, at the Sciences and Humanities Department will always nourish the roots and make the tree of KITRC stronger and stronger.


Prof. Janardan M. Patel st Head of Department, 1 Year Coordinator Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. (Maths/Science) Experience: - 8 Years Email: ptl_janardan@yahoo.com Prof. Hemant P. Bhavsar st 1 Year Co-Coordinator Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Physics), B.Ed. (Maths/Science) Experience: 4.4 Years Email: hemantbhavsar105@gmail.com Prof. Dipti R. Patel Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. (Maths/Science) Experience: 4.5 Years Email: diptimaths@gmail.com Prof. Vasim M. Kaji st 1 Year Co-Coordinator Assistant Professor M.A. (English), M.Phil., PhD. (Persuing) Experience: 5.2 Years Email: vasimkaji@gmail.com Prof. Reena M. Patel Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths), M.Phil Experience: 4.3 Years Email: patel_reena11@yahoo.co.in

Prof. Anjali G. Chaurasiya Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths) Experience: 3.2 Years Email: anjali.msc87@gmail.com Prof. Priya B. Jani Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths) Experience: 1.3 Years Email: p23pbj@gmail.com Prof. Ekta K. Sheth Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths) Experience: 3 Months Email: ektasheth77@gmail.com Prof. Brijal M. Soni Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Physics) Experience: 1.3 Years Email: brijalsoni90@gmail.com

Prof. Manisha R. Prajapati Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. (Maths/Science) Experience: 2.2 Years Email: purvansi@yahoo.com Prof. Dipali Suthar Assistant Professor M.Sc. (Maths), B.Ed. (Maths/Science) Experience: 4 Months Email: dipalimevada@gmail.com Prof. Grishma G. Jani Assistant Professor M.A. (English) Experience: 3 Years Email: janigrishma@gmail.com Prof. Dhara Dabhi Assistant Professor M.A. (English), M.Phil, PhD (Persuing) Experience: 3 Months Email: dhara.rathod87@gmail.com

Prof. Manisha Santoki Assistant Professor M.Sc.(Physics), M.Phil., PhD Research in Experience: 3 Months Email: msantoki29@yahoo.com

1.) Reena M. Patel. Participated in mission 10x workshop (wipro) GIT college.

Date:-14th may to 18th may -2012. Participated in one day workshop of effective teaching based on iucee- on hemchandracharya north Gujarat university patan. date :- 26th September 2008.

2.) Anjali G. Chaurasia. Attended seminar on Gujarat science congress-vmsgv (surat) Date:-15/2/2009. Attended national seminar on teachers and sustainable environment development . date :- 29/3/2013 (gandhinagar).

3.) Priya B Jani. 4.) Dipti R patel one day workshop on effective teaching learning and curriculum innovation Attended seminar on national board of higher mathematic in the year 2010. Attended national board of higher mathematic seminar (nbhm) in the year 2011.

ong. by ganpat university , kherva . Date:-1/1/2009. Two day workshop on pedagogy of engineering mathematics ong. by parul institute of technology wagodiya ,vadodra. date :- 18/7/2009

five day workshop on national institute of technical teachers training and research ong by gtu date :- 01/03/2010

5.) Ekta K Sheth. Attended the ugc sponsored one day state level e seminar subject on cryptography @computer and safety

Date :-25-january-2011.

6.) Hemant bhavsar National level volley ball team select -2005 (spu)

7) Manisha Santoki

. . .

8) Vasim Kaji . . . 9) Dhara Rathod

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