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These samples are designed to show the typical format for a job description and are not designed to represent a specific job. All job descriptions should be customized to your companys specifications. PURCHASING MANAGER: The purchasing manager will increase company profitability and customer satisfaction by purchasing materials in a timely manner and at the lowest cost. The purchasing manager will coordinate vendor activity and negotiations, and analyze trends in vendor pricing and sales activity to determine the correct timing of purchases. Job Duties: Purchase materials in a timely manner and at the lowest cost Order special products in a timely manner Attaint the target for overall inventory turns per year Assist in the preparation and management of the departmental budget Assist in the hiring, training, evaluating, supervising and terminating of the department personnel oordinate vendor activity and negotiations Analyze trends in vendor pricing and sales activity to determine correct timing of purchases !ssue purchase orders and changes "erify accuracy of computerized purchasing records #aintain proficiency in computerized purchasing$business systems% be literate and functional with #icrosoft Office, &ord and '(cel )eview purchase orders for compliance with corporate policy #aintain accurate purchase order prices and vendor cataloging Participate actively in the orporate Purchasing #anagers *roup 'valuate e(isting corporate purchasing policy and recommend changes as needed 'valuate e(isting and potential suppliers% recommend and implement changes in suppliers #a+e recommendations on the use of alternate materials ,evise and implement methods to sell or dispose of dead and slow moving inventory !dentify and optimize common inventories among facilities Training duties as needed Other duties$responsibilities as assigned

Job Requirements: ,emonstrated success managing inventory, including auditing, forecasting and planning 'ffective listening, communication -verbal and written., and negotiating s+ills /udgment and decision0ma+ing ability Able to perform business math -basic algebra, compute rate, ratio, etc.. ,emonstrated integrity and ethical standards '(perience developing and implementing strategic sourcing 1trong leadership, motivation and managerial s+ills #anages time effectively and adapts 2uic+ly to changing priorities 1uperior organizational s+ills Accuracy and attention to detail Team player who wor+s productively with wide range of people omfortable in fast0paced environment Problem0solving and analytical ability 1trong project management and multi0tas+ing s+ills apable of following written instructions and documented procedures ,emonstrated competency in budgeting, forecasting and planning ,emonstrated competency hiring, developing and evaluating employees to achieve corporate and personal objectives Proven history of profit and loss management to ma(imize financial performance omplies with e2ual employment opportunity laws, regulations and company policies related to discrimination in hiring, firing, promotion and compensation, including se(ual harassment 3nowledge of #icrosoft Office 1uite, inventory$warehouse management and distribution software 'ducation4 Associate5s degree re2uired -6achelor5s degree preferred. '(perience4 #inimum 7 year in similar position -8 years preferred. #inimum 9 years in progressive position -: years preferred. Product$applications e(perience preferred &holesale distribution e(perience re2uired 1upervisory e(perience preferred