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Cycle Day Open Street

Proposal & Plan

What is it?
Open streets or Cyclovia is the closing of city streets to automobiles for the enjoyment of cyclists and public alike

Who does it?

!! Originated in Colombia !! Conducted in 11 countries & 45 cities across the globe !! 24 car dominated US cities conduct Cyclovia !! Thickly populated cities in South & Central America have the most such events

Why should we do it?

!! Bangalore has arguably the largest cycling population than any other city in the country !! The first cycle day has demonstrated cycling community is interested in transformation to enable them to use Non motorized transport !! Bangalore can set an example for the rest of the country in promoting health & happiness among its citizens !! Provides an opportunity for the Govt to try out traffic management schemes before deciding to make permanent changes

When should we do it?

On Cycle Day 7AM to 11AM Every Last Sunday of the month

How should we do it?

!! Pick arterial roads which are broad enough to allow motorized traffic on 25% to 50% of full ROW capacity !! Barricading wide roads will show both motorists & non motorists that they can coexist on the same space & how it is safe for the non motorist to be in the same space with barricades !! Pick a long enough stretch (>5kms) for people to be able to reasonably cycle, run, walk, skate, eat, shop and do other activities !! Extend this activity segment to longer & longer distances as can reasonably be done within the scheduled time to cover all ends of Bangalore

Where should we do it?

Route Features
!! 6.3 kms of Broad roads can accommodate both Motorized & nonmotorized traffic !! Connects a vibrant Cycling community in Jayanagar with an established biking infrastructure to the city center !! MG road has the boulevard which can host cultural activities and has the shops which will benefit from this !! Connects the 2 major parks, cubbon park & Lalbagh so morning activities can be done on non motorized mode by the people !! Close to Major TTMC/bus stands !! Extensible towards North along Bellary rd, East along Ulsoor lake-OMR, South East along Hosur road for future events

Coordination !BTP: 20 stationary Traffic wardens to man 17+ intersections along the route !DULT: 10 cycle borne volunteers to monitor activities along the entire segment !Civic groups: Different groups to conduct Biking, Running, Walking & Cultural events !Business: Eating & Shopping discounts along the route for non motorized citizens !Volunteers: Place barriers along the route before start, steward people during event time & pick up barriers/ signs after close time Investments !Reusable Cones & traffic barriers to divide the entire 6.3 km stretch !Around 30 Reusable Traffic routing signboards to guide motorists in choosing the right lane !Reusable Banners & signs indicating different activities along the route !Recognizable reusable Cycle Day Volunteer reflective jackets/uniforms !Traffic advisory communication by BTP !Advertisements & media outreach programs

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