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A professional psychic, David St.

Claire came across a simple technique of tapping into the Cosmic Forces in order to unleash great quantities of energy in order to effect a change in the environment. The Cosmic Force goes by many appellations. Christians call Him God. Buddhists call him Buddha. Scientists call him Intelligent Energy. To maintain religious neutrality, let us refer to the universal over-mind as the Cosmic Force. Atheists can disregard this section, but to their great disadvantage. From my field testing, this is the one technique that delivers results constantly. Religious people normally communicate with God via prayer and if done right, prayers tend to be answered. There are many ways of wording your requests and heaping praises upon the Cosmic Force, but have you noticed that some people have their prayers answered more often than not? They have intuitively discovered the right manner of making requests. There is a special technique of beseeching the Cosmic Force to have a petition granted. You will discover how easy it is to transform your life with just this technique alone. Once you apply this system to enrich your life, you will realize how indispensable it is for your day to day existence. Take note, however: the Cosmic Force technique cannot be used for iniquities. I recommend that your purposes be pure, and that you are deserving of your request. Do not expect the Cosmic Force to violate his own natural laws. It would be analogous to requesting God to worship other gods. Memorize now, the following phrase: I call upon the Cosmic Force (or God), and bring him into my being, requesting for strength, protection and guidance. This is the magic phrase you have to use to tune into the frequency and energies of the Cosmic Force. Knowing this phrase is the first step to aligning yourself into the frequencies of the universal intelligence. Now to the salient parts: Stand straight, with feet shoulder width apart and your hands raised in supplication to the heavens. Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly ten times. At the tenth breath, inhale, and say, I call upon the Cosmic Force, and bring him into my being then pause, exhale, then proclaim, and request for strength, protection and guidance. Throughout your proclamation, be very aware of the meanings of each word. You must realize the implications of the words strength, protection and guidance. If you merely gloss over the magic phrase mindlessly, the system will not work. You will repeat the statement two more times, breathing as you do so. At the third statement, you will experience something out of the ordinary. Electricity may have coursed down your spine. The earth may seem to shudder. Warmth or cold may have spread over your body. There is a reason for this. By standing up, breathing, lowering your brain wave and proclaiming the magic phrase, you have naturally plugged yourself into the God-energies and gotten in synch. David St. Clair likens it to tuning into a radio station at a specific megahertz rating. Once you have aligned yourself with these higher energies, transmitting your needs to the Cosmic Force becomes easy.

An important point: it is not the magic phrase itself, but the thought and meaning behind the magic phrase that creates the link with Cosmic Force. Hence, great importance must be attached to the meaning. Feel and release the meaning of the magic phrase as you loudly proclaim it. Creating the link with the Cosmic Force is the first half of the session. The second half is the part which may concern you the most: the petitions. In the stillness of your mind, request from the Cosmic Force exactly what you desire, where you need it, when you want it and why you are deserving of it. These elements are vital. As you speak, do so humbly and with a tone that you would use when conversing with an old friend. Avoid high faluting words and fancy appellations. As you make your petition, feel that your wish had already been granted. From there, you can terminate the session by thanking the Cosmic Force for past granted wishes. Cross your arms across your chest, as you see mummies do. According to David St. Claire, this releases the pent up energy. Open your eyes. Your desire WILL be granted if you executed the technique to the letter, and bore a strong positive expectation