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Interior Design graduate (2007)


Takes your project from concept to creation

Entrepreneur, Brian Weltman is owner and creative director of Retail Habitats, LLC, located in San Diego, Ca. Retail Habitats creates comprehensive retail environments that support brand identity, evoke emotion, and look great. The company provides innovative design solutions at an affordable price. The attached photo is a concept to creation for a candy store. Their passion is developing a retail space tailored to your needs.

Virginia Marti College Foundation

In Association with

Brian Weltmans vision for Stiebers Sweet Shoppe, along with a look at the finished interior

What do people and stores have in common? They both get dressed.
We take once naked stores and dress them in an outt that you would want to wear everyday. The perfect outt makes you feel cool, condent, and comfortable...and so will our stores. Brian Weltman , Retail Habitats, LLC. - Owner & Creative Director, 858.877.8335 - brian@rehabretaildesign.com - www.rehabretaildesign.com




Graphic Design graduate (2007)

Fashion Design graduate (1980)

Cleveland Style
April 13, 2013
from 6:30-9:30pm At Virginia Marti College of Art and Design Help Support Scholarships for Students (All proceeds go to scholarships for students) Introduce VMCADs B.A.D<by design> whose mission is to support the design needs of start-ups and non-prots in the surrounding Cleveland area. Celebrate entrepreneurs in the design and culinary eld Sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact Marlene at marlene@vmcf.org

Spreads Cleveland Pride, One T-shirt at a Time

Mike Kubinski started CLE Clothing as a hobby and creative outlet, while working at his day job as a Packaging Graphics Designer in 2008. The focus of CLE Clothing is to Spread Cleveland Pride, One T-shirt at a time. After many years of put downs and being the butt of the Nations jokes it was time for Cleveland to stand up and show its pride. What better way, than to wear in on your chest... with Pride! says, Mike.
Contact CLE Clothing Co.

Atlanta Georgia,
Joseph Platas designs (pictured at right) are represented in more than 30 high end boutiques and specialty stores across the United States. A few of these stores and boutiques are located in Charleston, Atlanta, Boca Raton, Washington D.C., Houston and Chapel Hill. He specializes in made-to measure garments, specically; special occasion dresses and mother-of-the-bride garments. Mr. Plata has a representative in New York who works at securing high-end boutiques to feature his line of clothing. He would like to see his clothing in more stores throughout the US. You can reach Joseph Plata at www.josephplata.com

342 Euclid Ave. 216-736-8879


Mon - Sat: 11am-9pm Sun: 12pm-6pm




www.facebook.com/ CLECLOTHING TWITTER: @cleclothingco

Pictured above: Mike Kubinskis downtown shop

Pictured at right: Joseph Platas fashion design

Virginia Marti Veith

Director, VMCAD,Chairman of the Board vmv@vmcad.edu

Dave Clements

Dennis Marti

President, Co-founder, Vision21, Entrepreneur Resource & Development Center Dave@VisionTwentyOne.org

Doug Hubert

CPA, DougHubert@hubertcpa.com

Dorothea Kingsbury John N. Mendrea



Asst. Director, VMCAD,Board President dmarti@vmcad.edu

Dick Clough

Attorney at Law, dkingsbury@kingsburylaw.com

Connie Bielawski

CEO, Custom Media Partners Clough1217@aol.com

Project Manager, CSA America Inc Secretary/Treasurer of the Board connie.bielawski@csa-america.org

Cindy Gloeckler

Administrative Assistant, Accounting Clerk, I.U.O.E. Local 18, vmaxcobra@aol.com

Katherine Miracle

Miracle Resources, km@miracleresources.com


Graduates its First Scholarship Recipients!

Here is what they have to say...
Marcia LeGoullon, Fashion Design graduate (2012) and winner of 2012 Synergy Award!

receives the 2012 Huntington Bank Award

Once again, we thank Huntington Bank for their on-going support to the Virginia Marti College Foundation and to the students and VMCAD. This years Huntington reward went to Suzanne Hall, a current Fashion Merchandising student who has volunteered over 500 hours at the Bay Village Lake Erie Nature & Science Center, the Cleveland Food Bank and the Dress for Success program in Cleveland. Congratulations Suzanne!


Digital Media graduate (2012)
Jeremy Mills was a recipient of the VMCF Scholarship in 2010. In addition, he graduated Whos Who Among Students and received the 2012 Digital Media Synergy Award!

Fashion Merchandising graduate (2012)

Thanks Again to the Lakewood Arts Festival!

The Lakewood Arts Festival, award went to digital media student, Chris Karel. Chris created a short video that highlighted the largest winter festival ever in Lakewood. Working with a team, and acting as the Executive producer, he directed and produced a video that represents the successful economic development campaign entitled Light Up Lakewood. The video demonstrated Chris skills received in the digital media program and his commitment to the city of Lakewood.

Youre only as good as the people surrounding you

Jeremy is working as a Web Developer and Online Marketing Specialist for Red Eye Photo Booths. He has helped expand past their Northeast rental region to the point that the company is now renting in over 25 states across the US. RedEye Photo is one of the top ve searches for photo booth rental on multiple search engines including Google. Jeremy welcomes the challenge to work alongside professionals of a higher caliber than him, to improve his skills. Youre only as good as the people surrounding you, says Jeremy. You can reach Jeremy at jtwizzle.mills@gmail.com

I remember the late nights, the all nighters, and the hard work that went into achieving my degree at VMCAD. I can remember working on so many side projects in addition to my classes and fashion shows. I thrived on the level of difculty that was administered for each class, in particular my fashion design class... my greatest challenge as a student was time management and I learned the importance of meeting deadlines... it is my goal to utilize my education at VMCAD to further my career goals and to make a successful income doing what I love. Marcias goal is to open her own custom and ready to wear womens boutique, meeting the needs of numerous loyal customers. Marcia is an entrepreneur and has begun building a client base that keeps her busy designing and sewing. You can reach Marcia at Marcia.LeGoullon@yahoo.com

when you think your giving your best, you actually have more to give and are smarter than you thought
While a student at VMCAD, Emily served the Virginia Marti College Foundation by working on the 2011 Malachi House Fundraiser. She served on the silent auction committee with several other merchandising students. The students picked up silent auction items and created the visual displays for those auction items displayed on the evening of the fundraiser, entitled An Evening Designed with Hope. Leonard Molloy was the visual merchandising instructor that over saw the work the students did for this fundraiser. Mr. Molloy pushed me harder than anyone else, says Emily. He showed me that when you thought you were giving your best, you actually still had more to give and were smarter than you thought. After graduating, Emily became an intern at Clothes4Souls, a division of Soles4Souls, an international shoe charity. Because of her passion for fashion and love for non-prot philanthropy she thought it would be the perfect t to gain some experience. While there, a job opened up as an international Travel Coordinator with their Travel4Souls division and Emily was offered the job! Her rst adventure/assignment included a trip to Costa Rica. Emilys job consists of marketing the Travel4Souls program, booking ights, creating itineraries, creating relationships and partnerships, and leading teams into Haiti, Tanzania (Africa), Costa Rica, Honduras, and Jamaica to distribute shoes to children and adults in desperate need. Her job may not be exactly what one might think of for a fashion merchandising degree, but she couldnt think of a better job than washing and placing shoes on the feet of those in need, in turn, creating hope. My dream job would be something where I get to use all of my talents and knowledge doing the things the things I love. That includes fashion, helping others and giving back, creativity, and travel. -Emily Briceland

2012 VMCF Scholarship Recipients:

Interior Design graduate (2001)

Suzanne Hall,

Fashion Merchandising Major I chose VMCAD because I wanted to learn a very concentrated education from an intimate college; one that would concentrate highly on the needs of the student. I love the hands on education and that the staff actually has experience working in the eld. VMCAD will prepare me for success because it is very organized and informative. The education also focuses highly on experience which is vital in a career. VMC keeps me focused and always learning.

Jesilyn Young,

Fashion Merchandising Major

Domenic Paul,

if youre a good designeryoure a good listener

Melissa has been an interior designer for Fraley & Fox for the last seven years. Fraley & Fox, located in Amherst, Ohio, is a high quality residential remodeling and roong service. Melissa is their full service interior designer. Most people have wish lists that exceed their means, but if youre a good designer, youre also a good listener. Clients will tell you whats really important to them and with what things they are willing to compromise. Its one of the most gratifying work elds you can be in. Melissas goal is to own her own successful design rm. You can reach Melissa at craftymammastudios@yahoo.com

Fashion Merchandising Major VMCAD was the only school close to home that would allow me to receive the necessary education I would need to achieve success before venturing out on my own later in life. I know now, that it was the most important and greatest decision I have ever made in my life. Within my intended major, thus far, Virginia Marti College has prepared me for a position in a fashion or retail environment of my choosing Virginia Marti College has prepared me to not only open my own business but continue to be successful no matter which career I choose.

I work best in a small class environment; this is what rst interested me in VMCAD. I knew it was a small and intimate school. After talking to my admission representative, he informed me of what a high job placement VMCAD has for their graduates which is key in looking for a school..I have realized that it will take a lot of work to pay off my loans. This scholarship will help me focus on my future instead of worrying about debt.

Sara Scarcella, Fashion Design graduate (2012) The scholarship came at a time when my Dad had lost his job and he had been unemployed for sometime and the scholarship really helped us with the cost of my rst quarter. I am so thankful to be the recipient and even more grateful that others have since been able to receive it and hope that it helps them as much as it did me. Going through the program and having classes with the same students, growing learning, and working towards similar goals, was the highlight for Sara. Judy Gannon, the fashion design department head, was a great inuence at school, she was always around to encourage me, challenge me, and answer my questions. Her passion for her students and for my educational growth was a blessing, writes Sara. Plus seeing her put together fashion shows and whip up an outt the night before, showed me perseverance and a love for fashion. Sara us currently working a Doreen Leaf Designs in Hartville, Ohio as a seamstress and is pursuing her passion for mission work. You can reach Sara at ebenfashions@yahoo.com

Fashion Merchandising graduate (2006)

Store Manager,
During the holiday season of 2009, Megan was hired as the manager of C.L.E. Clothing. She began slanging t-shirts at a kiosk at Southpark Mall and soon became shipping manager. Shortly after a Waterloo Arts Festival, a C.L.E. Pop-UP shop opened on Waterloo Rd. The shop began searching for other artists to join them within their rst brick-n-mortar store, now called Native Cleveland, which ofcially opened in 2010.

Email us with updates on your succes at: Marlene@vmcf.org. We look forward to hearing from you!


At Native Cleveland, each artist has the option of displaying and promoting their work. Megan recruits artists at various social events, festivals, and art galleries around the city. You may contact Megan, via facebook, twitter, and email. Link to Native Cleveland blog: nativecleveland.com. Twitter@NativeCleveland

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Newsletter design by Andrew Creter - VMCAD Graphic Design graduate (2002). Find out what Andrews been up to:


Dear VMCAD Graduate:

Virginia Marti College of Art and Design develops articulation agreements* with other colleges across the United States for alumni interested in furthering their education.

Collins College (2 + 2/B.A. GD, B.A. Film & Video, B.A. ID) Phoenix, AZ - Contact George Fitzpatrick: 480.377.9524 www.collinscollege.edu DeVry University
Contact Scarlet Howery: 216.328.8754 - www.devry.edu

The Art Institute of Atlanta, along with its branch campuses including: Art Institute of Atlanta-Decatur, Art Institute of Charleston, Art Institute of Tennessee-Nashville, Art Institute of Virginia Beach, Art Institute of Washington, Art Institute of Washington-Dulles, Art Institute of Washington-Northern Virginia The Art Institute of Charlotte
Contact Mike Watson: 704.357.5891 - mwatson@aii.edu

Ai Chicago (Fashion Marketing & Management, GD) Contact Kristine Cesario-Price: 312.280.3500 www.ilic.artinstitutes.edu Ai Philadelphia (FM, FD, GD and Media Arts and Communication) Contact Adriane Medford: 215.567.7080 - www.aiph.artinstitutes.edu Ai Pittsburgh (DM, Fashion & Retail Management, GD, ID) Contact Melinda Trempus: 412.291.6366 - www.aip.aii.edu Ai Schaumburg, Chicago (GD, DM, ID, Fashion Marketing & Management) Schaumburg, IL - Contact Judy Dunne: 800.351.3450 www.ilis.artinstitutes.edu

University of Phoenix Contact Catrina Roitman: 602.557.6342 catrina.roitman@phoenix.edu - www.phoenix.edu Westwood College ( Division of Alta College, DM, GD, ID agreement extended to VMCAD Staff with enrollment fees waived and 10% off tuition) Headquarters: Alta Colleges - Contact Constance Tillotson: 310.600.3336 www.westwood.edu
*This is a list of written agreements. Graduates should pursue the college to which they are interested. Individual colleges can chose to accept credits based on choice.

If it is your desire to further your education and you would like more information regarding this opportunity, please contact our Director of Education, Mr. Joseph Gustin at jgustin@vmcad.edu or Marlene Kobzowicz at marlene@vmcf.org. You may also telephone the College at 216.221.8584.

Our Mission {

The Virginia Marti College Foundation provides training, community outreach, and scholarship opportunities to students in the applied arts.

Help support a student and send your Tax deductible gift to: Virginia Marti College Foundation www.Vmcf.org You may also donate through the Cleveland Foundation Fund, log onto www.clevelandfoundation.org You can send your tax deductible gift, payable to the Virginia Marti College Foundation, c/o 11724 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107

You can reach Ali Rahimi at: Mon Atelier, 119 North La Brea Ave. LA, California 90036-2911 - www.monatelier.com At this years NCLR Alma Awards the talented and lovely Victoria Rowell uttered across the red carpet in this buttery silk satin chiffon evening gown - created by Ali Rahimi. Ali Rahimis Mon Atelier salon in LA specializes in haute couture fashion. His beautiful gowns and accessories appear frequently on the red carpet.


c/o 11724 Detroit Ave. Lakewood, Ohio 44107 www.vmcf.org

GRADS! Whats Going on in Your Life? We want to know!

Email us with updates on your succes at: Marlene@vmcf.org. We look forward to hearing from you!