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Page w50 Unit 6 1. Look at the pictures. Name each activity. Write the letter on the line. 1.

swimming : C 2. walking : I 3. doing aerobics : D 4. dancing : G 5. playing soccer : F 6. cooking dinner : A 7. running : H 8. lifting weights : E 9. sleeping : B 2. Choose the correct response. Write the letter on the line. 1. Kate has ballet class on Mondays. She goes to ballet once a week. 2. The first thing I do in the morning is drink coffee. I drink coffee every day. 3. I play basketball, but not as much as I'd like to. I play once in a while. 4. Anna's husband does all the cooking. Anna never cooks. 5. Jim and Dean always play golf on Saturday or Sunday. They play golf every weekend. 3. How often do you do these activities? Complete the chart. I often ride a bike. I eat in a restaurant on weekdays. I shop for clothes sometimes. I hardly ever shop for food. I watch TV once in a while. I never clean my house. I exercise once in a year. 4. Answer the questions. Use your own words. 1. What are you up to? I'm doing my homework. 2. Are you in shape or out of shape? I'm out of shape. 3. What are you crazy about? I'm crazy about playing computer games. Page w51 5. Complete the sentences. Use have to or has to. 1. I have to go to class this morning. Do you have my textbook? 2. She can sleep late tomorrow. She doesn't have to work until 10:30. 3. My brother isn't healthy. he has to exercise more. 4. They don't have to pick us up at the train station. We can take a taxi. 5. Pete has to buy a new digital camera. His old one isn't working. 6. Do you have to work next Saturday? 7. We have to finish our report before the next sales meeting. 6. Write sentences. Use words from each box. 1. My brother doesn't have to study English. 2. I don't have to work late on Friday. 3. My parents can go to school. 4. My friend can't go shopping this weekend.

5. My boss has to cook dinner tonight. 7. Look at the responses. Write questions with can or have to. 1. A : (Gail / speak Polish) Can Gail speak Polish?() B : No. She speaks English and French. 2. A : (you / play basketball tonight) Can you play basketball tonight? B : Sure. I'm not busy. 3. A : (you / meet your brother at the airport) Do you have to meet your brother at the airport? B : No, I don't. He's taking a bus 4. A : (I / call you tomorrow) Can I call you tomorrow? B : OK. That would be great. 5. A : (Frank / buy a new printer) Does Frank have to buy a new printer? B : No. He fixed his old one. 6. A : (they / take the exam on Friday) Do they have to take the exam on Friday? B : Yes, they do. They're studying tonight.

Page w60 unit 7 1. Match the activities for Dublin, Ireland, with the types of interests. Write the letter on the line. 1. play golf on an island in Dublin Bay : Physical activities 2. enjoy fresh, local seafood : good food 3. see the 1,200-year-old book of Kells at Triniy College : history 4. visit the Dublin Zoo in Phoenix Park : family activities 5. watch a performance of traditional Irish music and dance : entertainment 2. What do you like to do on vacation? Number the boxes in order, making number 1 your favorite. 1 : walk around and explore 2 : go to clubs 3 : swim 4 : watch movies or shows 5 : go windsurfing 6 : eat in restaurants 7 : go snorkeling 8 : lie in the sun 9 : take pictures 10 : go shopping 11 : visit museums 12 : play golf 3. In your country, where would you go on vacation for... 1. good food and entertainment? 2. history and culture? 3. family activities? 4. physical activities? 4. Complete the conversations. Write the best response on the lines. Use sentences from the box. 1. Can I give you a hand? I'm fine, htanks. 2. So how was the trip? It was pretty long and boring.

3. I'll bet the food was terrible. Not too bad, actually. 4. Of couse, the train wasn't on time. That's too bad. 5. But it was very scenic. Well that's good. 5. Write statements. Use the words in parentheses and was, were, wasn't, or weren't. 1. (The cruise / terrific) The cruise was terrific. 2. (The shops / quite nice) The shops were quite nice. 3. (Our room / really small) Our room was really small. 4. (There / not / many family activities) There weren't many family activities. 5. (There / a lot of friendly people) There were a lot of friendly people. 6. (The flight / not very long) The flight wasn't very long. 6. Write yes / no questions and short answers. Use the past tense of be. 1. (your / bus trip / long) Was your bus trip long? No, it wasn't. It was less than an hour. 2. (the movie theater / open) Was the movie theater open? Yes, it was. They had a late show. 3. (the weather / good) Was the weather good? No, it wasn't. It rained every day. 4. (there / a movie / on your flight) Was there a movie on your flight? No, there wasn't. It was so boring! 5. (there / many people / on the train) Were there many people on the train? Yes, there were. We had to stand. 7. Complete the conversation with information questions. Use the past tense of be. 1. Hey, Marty. Where were you last weekend? My wife and I took a little vacation. 2. Really? How was it? Too short! But we stayed at a great resort. 3. Oh yeah? Where was the resort? Over in Wroxton. We drove up friday night. 4. Wroxton? That's rather far. How long was the drive? About three and a half hours. There wasn't any traffic. 5. Nice! And how was the weather? Actually, the weather was quite good. Only rained once! 6. Sounds wonderful. How long were you there? Just three days. We didn't want to come home! 8. Answer the questions. Use your own words. 1. When was your last trip? 2. How was the trip? 3. How was the weather? 9. 1. call - called 2. arrive - arrived 3. study - studied 4. get -got 5. stop - stopped 6. go - went 7. buy - bought 8. do- did 9. leave - left 10. eat -ate 10. 1. I bought some nice souvenirs, but I didn't spend a lot of money. 2. We flew to Montreal, but we took the train back.

3. We had a great time at the baseball game! The kids ate hot dogs and drank soda, and they watched the game, too - a little! 4. I left on Friday night, I got back at noon on Sunday. 11. 1. Where did you eat? We ate at a Japanese restaurant. 2. Who did you go with? I went with Janine. 3. Did you like the art exhibit? No, I didn't. It was kind of boring. 4. When did you leave? We left on Tuesday morning. 5. What did she buy? She bought some T-shirts. 6. Where did he play tennis? He played at the courts at his hotel. 7. How long did you stay? We stayed a little over a month.

Page w64
12. Hi, Emily. I didn't see you at the gym last week. I didn't go. We were on vacation. Really? Where did you go? We visited my sister in California and took the kids to Disneyland. No kidding! How was it? Fantastic. The kids had so much fun. That sounds incredible. Did you and your husband get to go out? Yes, we did. My sister baby-sat, and we ate at some really nice restaurants. 13. 1. Where did you go on your last vacation? I went to Tokyo in Japan. 2. Did you have a good time? Yes, I did. 3. What did you do? I did a sightseeing. 14. The Thai vacation was expensive. Luxury and service at prices you can afford The Tajikistan vacation was short. My vacation in Tjikistan lasted twenty-six days. The watanabes wished their Thai vacation were longer. It was really hard to come back home. There wasn't time for shopping on Mr. Reyes's trip. The other days we went sightseeing and bought souvenirs. Ms. Nack enjoyed good food in chile. And there were so many great restaurants to choose from.

15. 1. We ate at the hotel testaurant. D 2. Someone stole my bag! I lost all of my money and my passport. B 3. I went parasailing. A boat pulled me up high in the air. It was really exiting! C 4. I got a massage on the beach. It was so relaxing! A 5. The entertainment was terrible. They only had one musician and he needed guitar lessons! E | 6. The local beverages were terrific[t rfk] : adjective. I had a drink made of coconut milk every day at the beach. F Page w66 16. Dear Hank. Hawaii is incredible! [n kredbl] ( ) adjective. I arrived yesterday, and the view of the white beach from the airplane was very scenic.

Today the weather was perfect-not too hot with a beautiful blue sky. This morning a woman gave me a sooting massage right on the beach. Wow! It was so relaxing that I fell asleep! After taht. I tried someting new and different-a beverage served in a coconut! The coconut milk tasted a little unusual, but it was pretty good. Not everything is perfect, though. After lunch I went parasailing. A boat pulled me high up into the air. I don't like high places! It was really scary. And the entertainment is terrible! This afternoon, a musician played Hawaiian guitar music. I'm not a big Hawaiian music fan! Well , that's all for now. Wish you were here!

How was your vacation? Terrific. It was so much fun. Where did you go? Jamaica. How long were you there? Just a week. Was the weather good? No, it wasn't. It rained all week. How were the rooms? Clean and comfortable. Where there a lot of things to do? Yes, there were. We were busy all the time. Was the food OK? Yes, it was good. But a little spicy.

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Dear Mari, My vacation was lots of fun! My family and I went to Hawaii. The only problem was the hotel. It wasn't very nice. The beds were terrible. Everything else was perfect. There were many activities. My favorite activity was parasailing. It was terrific. When was your last vacation? Was it long? Was the hotel nice? How was the weather? How many people were with you? In January, I traveled to morocco with my friend Nan. We explored the narrow streets of the medieval in Marrakech. The medina is closed to traffic. So, there were no cars, but there were a lot of donkeys. We walked for hours and stopped often to look at the beautiful carpets for sale. We shopped for inexpensive leather goods, drank mint tea, and watched street performers. We wandered all afternoon. We got lost, and then we took a taxi back to our hotel.