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3 Wentworth Avenue ~ Townsville, Qld. AUSTRALIA 4812 ~ 448 !"# !24 $%& htt's())vi*eo.+o*)user!211!", *w-l.er+-*'/ell01*-il.+o* 2-1e 1 o3 4

2ro3ession-l, en1-1in1, 'eo'le43o+used -nd su++ess driven student with - '-ssion 3or *ulti*edi-, editin1, video 'rodu+tion -nd news v-lues. A sel34*otiv-ted 5ourn-list whose wor. de*onstr-tes diversit6, +o**it*ent -nd 3l-ir. Thrive to thin. +riti+-ll6, to -n-l6se -nd ev-lu-te +l-i*s, eviden+e -nd -r1u*ents e33e+tivel6. A/ilit6 to s'e-. -nd write lo1i+-ll6, +le-rl6 -nd +re-tivel6 to 'rodu+e wor.s on *-n6 di33erent *edi'l-t3or*s. Ai* to en+o*'-ss - +oherent -nd dis+i'lined /od6 o3 s.ills, .nowled1e, v-lues -nd 'ro3ession-l ethi+s in 5ourn-lis*

Journalism Acumen o %ulti*edi o o Re-son Aud-+it6 7in-l 8ut 7ull Ado/e Suite

7ull %i+roso3t Suite 2hoto1r-'h6 S.ills in SLR Writin1 S.ills 7e-tures Investi1-tive re'ortin1 9ews 3or 2rint)R-dio)Television

Ne !or" # Rela ions$i% Mana&emen o o :i1h de1ree o3 en1-1e*ent within lo+-l +o**unit6 ;n1-1in1, +on3ident in s'e-.in1 one4on4one -nd to s*-ll -nd l-r1e 1rou's -t -ll levels, St-te +o*'etitor in Lions <outh =3 the <e-r 2u/li+ S'e-.in1 -nd I*'ro*'tu 8o*'etitions

2-1e 2 o3 4

Bachelor of Multimedia Journalism JAMES COOK UNIVERSIT !"#"$!"#%$ CURRENT Underst-ndin1 the s.ills -nd +on+e'ts o3 5ourn-lis* throu1h stud6 -nd e>'erien+e. 8urrentl6 3inished *6 third 6e-r -nd h-ve 1 6e-r re*-inin1. &or' e()erience* %edi- Li-ison 3or ?8U S-int Reunion Wee.end@ t-s.s in+luded 'ro*otion -nd 'u/li+it6 'rior to event, -ll 'hoto1r-'h6 durin1 wee.end, two news '-+.-1es -nd online 'u/lishin1 o3 *-teri-ls
o $htt'())www.3irst'ost.+o*)to'i+)'erson)5oe4/-.er45+u4townsville45oe4/-.er4 3ield4video4AQB/!luUl7 42183248.ht*l& $'-id 'osition& $htt'())'i+.os'l-nts6e''oon.+o*) $'-id 'osition&

2rodu+ed -nd edited we/site 3or C2i+.oDs 2l-ntsD


;dited 'hotos 3or CSin1les 2hoto1r-'h6D, St-te S-ilin1 8h-*'ionshi's -nd other s*-ll outlets 3or -ddition-l e>'erien+e. ;>'erien+e in +re-tivel6 redesi1ned -nd 'hoto *-ni'ul-tion i*-1es with 2hotosho' Interview -nd video '-+.-1e o3 Intern-tion-l 8ri+.et St-r 2-t S6*+o> 'u/lished on ?899.+o*.-u 8overed 8-tholi+ S+hool Te-+her Stri.e 2 12 3or ?899.+o*.-u
o $htt'())5+nn.+o*.-u)'eo'le)+-tholi+4s+hool4te-+hers4stri.e)&

2rodu+ed two videos, two 'hoto1r-'hs -nd written -rti+le 3or AB8 ='en 2ro5e+ts
o o

$htt's())o'en.-/+.net.-u)'eo'le)*-rion41"oE"n3& $htt'())www.noos-.net/-ll.-sn.-u)newsite*.-s'GidH24824Ior1IFH3& $htt's())vi*eo.+o*)user!211!",& $htt'())www.6outu/e.+o*)w-t+hGvH8A-e4no;4 s&

7ortni1htl6 9et/-ll re'orts 3or Townsville %+Fon-lds Steel+-ts Internshi's -t Seven 9ews %-+.-6. Runner4U' in Townsville Shines 2ro*otion-l Jideo 8o*'etition

Wor.ed on set 8h-rters Towers Bre-.er %or-nt 7il*in1 set

The Cathedral School +irls Boardin, Su)er-isor . JAN !"#" TO MAR !"## A+ted -s 1irls /o-rdin1 su'ervisor. The t-s.s in+luded hel'in1 nurture students to /e+o*e 6oun1 +on3ident -nd inde'endent wo*-n. Su''ort studentDs with their 'erson-l develo'*ent -nd s+hool le-rnin1. ;n+our-1e students to /e+o*e involved in +olle1e li3e -nd or1-nise - r-n1e o3 re+re-tion-l -+tivities -nd e>+ursions. Bo-rdin1 su'ervisors 1uide students so th-t the6 +-n -+hieve to their 'otenti-l. The6 -re 'ositive role *odels 'ro5e+tin1 - 1ood i*-1e o3 the*selves to students, other st-33, the lo+-l +o**unit6 -nd '-rtner s+hool st-33. /indeman Island Kids Clu0 Su)er-isor . SE1T !"## TO MAR !"#! Wel+o*in1, su'ervisin1 -nd entert-inin1 6oun1 +hildren -nd teen-1ers -1ed /etween 4 -nd 1! 6e-rs while inventin1, or1-nisin1, le-din1 1-*es, wor.sho's -nd -+tivities. Aener-l su'ervision o3 +hildren le-din1 - s*-ll 1rou' o3 +hildren -round the resort. =ther duties whilst livin1 -t the resort in+luded dinin1 with 1uests 3or /re-.3-st, lun+h I dinner, -rriv-ls I de'-rtures, 'er3or*in1 in ni1htl6 shows -nd inter-+tin1 with 1uests in other -+tivities -nd events. Ko'oda Memorial 1ool . /earn to S2im teacher . SE1T !"#! TO 1RESENT 8o-+hes, tr-ins -nd instru+ts '-rti+i'-nts in swi**in1 /6 -n-l6sin1 their 'er3or*-n+e -nd develo'in1 their -/ilities. Re1istr-tion or li+ensin1 is reKuired 3or Swi* 8o-+h -nd Li3e1u-rd.

2-1e 3 o3 4

I re+eived /oth A+-de*i+ A+hieve*ent -nd A+-de*i+ A -w-rds throu1hout *6 hi1h s+hool ti*e -t St. Ursul-Ds, <e''oon, Queensl-nd. Re+eived Fu> o3 In3or*-tion -nd Te+hnolo16 in 2 8 -nd 2 ,. Re+eived Runner u' Business =r1-nis-tion -nd %-n-1e*ent. :onor Aw-rd 3or 3ull6 *eetin1 the +riteri- 3or -ttitude to stud6, -nd 're'-r-tion in +l-ss :e-d*-sterDs List 3or 8onsistent e33ort 1Ds


The Journalist and Society Writing Convergent Stories Introduction to Digital Imaging - Capture Introduction to Digital Imaging - Image Processing Digital Sounds and Surrounds Introduction to Counseling Introduction to Child and Adolescent Mental Health !!ective Spea"ing Media #a$ Introduction to %roadcast Journalism We& Programming ' Introduction to We& Design Photo(ournalism )ideo Journalism Introduction to %roadcast Journalism * Digital Storytelling Media diting thics in Journalism Writing Convergent Stories * Multimedia Production Investigative +eatures Industry Internship

2-1e 4 o3 4

The Fu.e o3 ;din/ur1hLs Aw-rd 4 BronEe, Silver, Aold Lions <outh o3 the <e-r 8o*'etition M Round 4 St-te 2l-in ;n1lish S'e-.in1 +o*'letion M Fistri+t Winner Le1-+6 2u/li+ S'e-.in1 , Queensl-nd None 7in-l %iss Show1irl Runner U' M 2 ,

2-rti+i'-te in 8le-n u' Austr-li- F-6 e-+h <e-r

2-rti+i'-te in Red Shield Foor Ono+. A''e-l e-+h <e-r

Ian *amma" 8-thedr-l S+hool :e-d %-ster 1#4 Ross River Ro-d %undin1/urr- QLF 4812 $ !& 4!22 2 'elen Berrin&en Oo.od- %e*ori-l 2ool *-n-1er -nd '-st ?ourn-list :elen./erin1en0/i1'ond.+o* 422 !!4 !4