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LESSON DESCRIPTION: This lesson allows the student to learn different emotions that will
convey how they feel. Various emotions will be tackled and for each emotion cited,
a specific example is given to allow the student to understand the lesson better.

GOAL: To hear ESL students describe their feelings using exact words that convey
exactly how they feel. Instead of saying, “I’m okay,” or “I’m happy,” the students
should be able to say, for example, “I’m enthusiastic about learning to speak a
foreign language.”


Expressing emotions is important for effective conversation. A student

who has no language facility to describe his or her feelings may find it
difficult to relate to his teachers, friends, or fellow students.

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Meaning: at ease; contented

Sentence: I don’t feel comfortable talking to strangers.

2. I feel TIRED.

Meaning: sleepy, fatigued (usually after physical or mental activities),

Sentence: Carla felt tired after her class.

3. I feel NERVOUS.

Meaning: fearful, unnaturally uneasy

Sentence: The teacher said it’s normal to feel nervous when speaking in
front of the class.

4. I feel EXCITED.

Meaning: stirred emotionally; stimulated to activity; eager

Sentence: Danielle is excited to watch the movie.

5. I feel ANNOYED.

Meaning: disturbed; troubled

Sentence: She feels annoyed with her problem.

6. I feel WONDERFUL.

Meaning: awesome, amazing, great, excellent

Sentence: We had a wonderful trip abroad.
7. I feel HURT.

Meaning: physically injured; offended

Sentence: Steffi said she felt hurt when you ignored her.

8. I feel INSPIRED.

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Meaning: imbued with the spirit to do something
Sentence: The writer was inspired by his own experiences.

9. I feel GRATEFUL.

Meaning: deeply appreciative of kindness; thankful

Sentence: I am grateful to you for helping me in my projects.

10.I feel SATISFIED.

Meaning: content; convinced

Sentence: My friend is satisfied with her business.

11.I feel ASHAMED.

Meaning: distressed or embarrassed by feelings of guilt

Sentence: A person who habitually tells a lie should be ashamed of himself.

12.I feel RELAXED.

Meaning: no tension, no uneasy feeling, comfortable

Sentence: I feel relaxed when I listen to my favorite music.

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AGGRESSIVE vigorously energetic; forceful


ANGRY mad, irate, enraged

ANNOYED disturbed

ANXIOUS uneasy, fearful, apprehensive

APATHETIC not interested, not concerned, no emotion at all

BASHFUL shy, timid

BORED to feel weary because of dullness, to feel tired of


CAUTIOUS vigilant, guarded

CONFIDENT assured, certain, positive

CONFUSED baffled, unable to think,

CURIOUS eager to learn, inquisitive

DEPRESSED sad, gloomy


DISAPPOINTED depressed or discouraged by the failure of one's hopes or


DISCOURAGED no hope, no confidence

DISGUSTED to have extreme dislike for something

EMBARRASSED humiliated

ENTHUSIASTIC eager, passionate

ENVIOUS covetous, having desire to get what others have


EXCITED stirred emotionally


FEARFUL afraid


FRUSTRATED disappointed, not satisfied

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GUILTY a feeling of having committed a crime or an offense

HAPPY glad

HELPLESS unable to help oneself, powerless, incompetent

HOPEFUL expressing hope, full of hope

HOSTILE not friendly, warm, or generous

HUMILIATED having no self-respect

HURT to feel pain

HYSTERICAL uncontrollable emotion

INNOCENT no sin, no moral wrongdoing

INTERESTED with interest, concerned

JEALOUS feeling resentment against someone because of that person's

rivalry, success, or advantages


LOVED held in deep affection, cherished

LOVESTRUCK in love, having deep affection for someone

MISCHIEVOUS harmful, annoying

MISERABLE unhappy, uneasy, uncomfortable

NEGATIVE lacking positive attributes

OPTIMISTIC positive, affirmative

PAINED hurt, injured

PARANOID characterized by extreme and irrational fear or distrust of others

PEACEFUL having peace

PROUD having, proceeding from, or showing a high opinion of one's own

dignity, importance, or superiority.

PUZZLED confused

REGRETFUL sorrowful because of what is lost

RELIEVED free from pain, poverty, anxiety

SAD lonely
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SATISFIED content, convinced

SHOCKED startled, astound

SHY timid, reluctant

SCARY causing fright or alarm

STUBBORN difficult to manage

SURE having no doubt

SURPRISED astonished, amazed

SUSPICIOUS questionable, distrustful

THOUGHTFUL showing consideration for others

UNDECIDED open, undetermined

WITHDRAWN shy, quiet, reserved

Let’s read and write!

[LET’S READ AND WRITE section allows the student to familiarize themselves more with the terms discussed
as they read sentences and write appropriate words based on the context given]

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word that describes feelings. Choose
from the list of words given above.

1. Liza works in a restaurant for 12 hours every day. At the end of the week,
she feels very _______________ so she relaxes by watching her favorite
movie in theaters.

2. The customer was _______________________ with the menu and service in

the luxurious restaurant in town.

3. Charles felt ___________________ when he lost his pet dog.

4. Carla was ___________________ of her answers during the contest.

5. If you will think of all your problems, you will feel _______________________.

6. Jasmine always thinks positive. She is ___________________.

7. David felt very _____________________ after all the activities in school.

8. The teacher was ________________________ because he did not expect you

to cheat on the examination.
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9. Mary was __________________________ by the thought of seeing ghosts in her

10.The visitor felt ______________________when he realized he didn’t know

anyone in the gathering.

11.Anna acts in a strange way today. Her action made me


Let’s Talk!
[LET’S TALK section allows the iTeAcHers and students to practice the vocabulary discussed]

How do you feel about the following people/objects/events?

1. Your first day in the Philippines

2. Learning English in a foreign country
3. Your parents
4. Your home country
5. When your best friend refused to do your request
6. Valentine’s day
7. Dealing with a naughty stranger
8. Being caught telling a lie
9. Confessing your feelings to someone special
10.Asking for forgiveness



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