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What Goldman Sachs, HTC, Citi, Sony and Metlife, Will Discove on !ovem"e # $Wea a"leCom%Con
Building off of the momentum of past successful conferences, Golden Networking brings Wearable Computing Conference 2013 New ork Cit! "www#wearable$ computing$conference#com%, &'e(olutioni)ing the *uman +,perience -hrough Ne,t$Generation -echnolog!&, No(ember .# !e& 'o ( City, !', )SA *!ovem"e +, ,-.+/ -- Gold(an Sa)%s* +,C* Citi* Son- and Metli.e are !ust a .ew o. t%e %undreds o. )o("anies t%at will /e re"resented at Golden Networking0s 1eara/le Co("uting Con.eren)e 2 13 4%tt"&''www$weara/le-)o("uting-)on.eren)e$)o(5* 6Revolutioni7ing t%e +u(an 89"erien)e ,%roug% Ne9tGeneration ,e)%nolog-6$ :ndeed* as re"orted /- ,%e 1all Street Journal* /ig and (ediu(-si7ed )o("anies are "utting weara/les to work$ Co("anies are .iguring out %ow to use t%ose kinds o. gadgets to i("rove t%eir /usiness$ ,%e-0re giving weara/les to e("lo-ees and )usto(ers to gat%er su/tle data a/out %ow t%e- (ove and a)t-and t%en use t%at in.or(ation to %el" t%e( do t%eir !o/s /etter or i("rove t%eir /u-ing e9"erien)e$ For /usinesses* t%ese gadgets re"resent a tre(endous o""ortunit-* /ut t%ere is also a /ig risk involved$ Peo"le will naturall- resist real-world intrusions into t%eir "riva)-* so /usinesses need to /e ver- )are.ul a/out asking e("lo-ees and )usto(ers to stra" gadgets on t%eir %eads* )%ests and wrists$ 8arl- e9"eri(ents wit% t%ese gadgets %ave -ielded a )ou"le o. valua/le lessons$ :. )o("anies "us% .or weara/le gadgets to "ursue %eav--%anded o/!e)tives* like rat)%eting u" e..i)ien)- or "rodu)tivit-* t%e (ove will invaria/l- /a)k.ire and %urt (orale$ :nstead* )o("anies need to link u" t%eir goals wit% individual goals-su)% as using weara/les to (ake an e("lo-ee0s !o/ sa.er or (ore interesting* or giving )usto(ers a /etter deal$ ,o get a sense o. w%at t%is a""roa)% looks like* )onsider t%e +ita)%i ;usiness Mi)ros)o"e-a gadget a/out t%e si7e o. a )o("an- :< /adge t%at workers wear on a lan-ard around t%eir ne)k$

,%e devi)e is "a)ked wit% sensors t%at (onitor t%ings like %ow workers (ove and s"eak* as well as environ(ental .a)tors like lig%t and te("erature$ So* it )an tra)k w%ere workers travel in an o..i)e* and re)ogni7e w%o( t%e-0re talking to /- )o((uni)ating wit% ot%er "eo"le0s /adges$ :t )an also (easure %ow well t%e-0re talking to t%e(-/- re)ording t%ings like %ow o.ten t%e- (ake %and gestures and nod* and t%e energ- level in t%eir voi)e$ 1orkers )an see %ow t%eir )o((uni)ation %a/its and energ- levels )%ange de"ending on w%o( t%e-0re (eeting or w%ere-a one-%our /rainstor(ing session wit% .ive )olleagues w%ere t%e- energeti)all- )ontri/uted* )o("ared wit% t%e session w%ere t%e- !ust sat t%ere$ ,%e gadget0s =C< s)reen dis"la-s real-ti(e stats .or "ersonal .eed/a)k and /en)%(arking* and .or i("le(enting larger strategies to i("rove )olla/oration$ >))ording to +ita)%i* one .ir( introdu)ed t%e +;M a.ter )o(/ining two "rodu)t-design grou"s$ Several weeks a.ter t%e (erger* t%e +;M s%owed little intera)tion /etween t%e two grou"s$ ,%e new (anager* w%o )a(e .ro( one o. t%e old grou"s* dis)overed t%at %e was "art o. t%e "ro/le(* sin)e data s%owed %e was %aving little or no intera)tion wit% (annew re"orts$ So* t%e new %ead intentionall- (ade )onne)tions wit% dire)t re"orts w%o weren0t "reviousl- "art o. %is grou"$ Ot%ers stru)k u" new working relations%i"s a.ter t%edis)overed t%ere were "eo"le in t%e ot%er grou" t%e- )ould /e )olla/orating wit% /ut weren0t$ 1eara/le Co("uting Con.eren)e 2 13 is "rodu)ed /- Golden Networking 4%tt"&''www$goldennetworking$net5* t%e "re(ier networking )o((unit- .or /usiness and te)%nolog- e9e)utives* entre"reneurs and investors& - +ig%-.re?uen)- ,rading =eaders Foru( 2 13 Frank.urt* Nove(/er 21 4%tt"&''www$%.tleaders.oru($)o(5 - +ig%-.re?uen)- ,rading =eaders Foru( 2 13 =ondon* <e)e(/er @ 4%tt"&''www$%.tleaders-.oru($)o(5 - Co("lian)e =eaders Foru( 2 13 New Aork Cit-* <e)e(/er 12 4%tt"&''www$Co("lian)e=eadersForu($)o(5 - +ig%-.re?uen)- ,rading =eaders Foru( 2 14 Singa"ore* Januar- B 4%tt"&''www$+ig%Fre?uen)--,rading-Con.eren)e$)o(5 - +ig%-.re?uen)- ,rading =eaders Foru( 2 14 New Aork Cit-* Ma- C 4%tt"&''www$+F,89"ertsForu($)o(5 - +ig%-.re?uen)- ,rading =eaders Foru( 2 14 C%i)ago* O)to/er B 4%tt"&''www$+ig%Fre?uen)--,rading$in.o5 Panelists* s"eakers and s"onsors are invited to )onta)t Golden Networking /- sending an e(ail to in.or(ation#goldennetworking$)o($ $+nds$