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Smell the Truth Best Treatment for Migraines?

Marijuana /0!/2 /best"treatment"for"migrai...









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Best Treatment for Migraines? Marijuana

Posted on July 23, 2013 at 9:17 am %y David Downs in featured' Health

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$ari(uana is the %est treatment for migraines' )rites the father of internal medicine' *r+ Sir ,illiam -sler in ./he Princi0les and Practice of $edicine1 first 0u%lished in !"2 + .3anna%is indica is 0ro%a%ly the most satisfactory remedy 4for migraines5'1 -sler )rote' agreeing )ith Ed)ard 3onstant Seguin 6 the 0resident of the 7e) 8or9 7eurological Society and 3olum%ia 3ollege of Physicians and Surgeons 0rofessor+



$edical canna%is& the %est migraine treatment there is' according to the father of internal medicine

Such stunning endorsements for 0ot come courtesy of a ne) online medical canna%is study 0rogram initiated %y /heAns)erPage+com' )hich is s0onsored and accredited %y the $assachusetts $edical Society 6 the oldest continuously:o0erating state medical society in the ;nited States+ Founded in !22"' /heAns)erPage %egan offering 3ontinuing $edical Education <3$E= courses on medical mari(uana >uly 2+ ,hile the information on /heAns)erPage is designed mainly for 0hysicians and healthcare 0rofessionals' a daily ?@A on medical mari(uana is )ritten for the lay 0erson+ For eAam0le' /he Ans)er Page as9s& .Ho) many overdose deaths have occurred from canna%isB1


Grand /heft Auto J& !0 $ore /hings to Fno)

Grand /heft Auto J& /en /hings

/he ans)erB .Cero+ 3anna%is' even in concentrated forms' is inca0a%le of causing overdose in humans+1

to Fno)

/heAns)erPage+com medical canna%is course)or9 is a res0onse to doctorsD a00alling lac9 of 9no)ledge a%out one of the oldest' safest' 0ain and nausea drugs in eAistence+ En a >anuary intervie)' San Francisco General Hos0ital chief of -ncology *r+ *onald A%rams told me most general 0ractitioners are .a%solutely not1 eA0erts on canna%inoid thera0ies+ *r+ A%rams lamented the lo) attendance at a San Francisco 3$E course on canna%is this year+ .E thin9 thatDs really sad+1 .$ost medical schools are lagging in teaching the scientific facts a%out the medicinal use of canna%is'1 said Sunil F+ Aggar)al' $*' Ph*' resident 0hysician at 78; $edical 3enter+ .EtDs great that doctors can no) get eAcellent and ra0id 3$E training on medical mari(uana at /heAns)erPage+1 $edical mari(uana may %e controversial' %ut it is an im0ortant area of study in healthcare' states /heAns)erPage co:founder and Editor:in:3hief Ste0hen B+ 3orn' $*' a 0hysician' researcher' inventor and faculty mem%er at Harvard $edical School+ $edical use of the %otanical is legal in !" states+ -ver 7#0'000 3alifornians are thought to have a doctorDs recommendation for canna%is+ .*octors and healthcare 0rofessionals must understand the medical' legal' social and 0olitical issues to %est res0ond to their 0atientsD Guestions and attend to their needs'1 he said+ /heAns)erPage course)or9 focuses on several as0ects of medical mari(uana' including& the five most studied canna%inoids and an eA0lanation of the endocanna%inoid systemH state and federal mari(uana la)sH the F*A drug a00roval 0rocess as it 0ertains uniGuely to mari(uana' including information on 0re:clinical trials' 0hase E' EE and EEE trials' ne) drug a00lications and the drug mar9eting 0rocess+ En con(unction )ith /heAns)erPage course)or9' advocacy grou0 Americans for Safe Access is holding .)a9e and learn1 sessions every day at !0 a+m+ PS/ on Face%oo9 and /)itter+ .Po0ular su00ort for medical mari(uana is strong across the country' %ut there are still significant ga0s in 9no)ledge among 0atients and their doctors'1 said ASA EAecutive *irector Ste0h Sherer+ .,eDre

Smo9inK ,or9s of Art

/o0 /en 3anna%is Strains of 0! $ore Galleries L

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Smell the Truth Best Treatment for Migraines? Marijuana /0!/2 /best"treatment"for"migrai...

ho0eful that these ga0s can %egin to %e filled )ith the relevant and crucial information 0rovided %y /heAns)erPage+1 /heAns)erPage uses the Socratic Guestion:and:ans)er teaching method that characteriNes much of the clinical educational eA0erience+ /he content' )ritten %y academic clinicians res0ected in their fields' is 0eer:revie)ed and referenced from current teAts and recent literature+ Su%scri%ers receive A$A PPA 3ategory ! 3$E 3reditsQ %y reading the content and com0leting an industry:uniGue interactive cross)ord 0uNNle+ Su%scri%ers have 0ersonal accounts that organiNe their 3$E credits and allo) them to do)nload' email or 0rint 3$E certificates for credentialing and licensing+ .Pegistering and content remain free so that 0hysicians' researchers and other healthcare 0rofessionals around the )orld may ta9e advantage of the eAce0tional content and reinforce their learning through our interactive cross)ord 0uNNle methodology'1 said >ohn Ste0henson' 3E- of /he Ans)er Page' Enc+



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Ta/s: ASA EAecutive *irector Ste0h Sherer' canna%is' *r+ *onald A%rams' *r+ Sir ,illiam -sler' drug )ar' >ohn Ste0henson' legaliNation' mari(uana' $assachusetts $edical Society' medical canna%is' medical mari(uana' migraines' 7e) 8or9 7eurological Society' 0ot' Peefer' san francisco' Ste0hen B+ 3orn' Sunil F+ Aggar)al' thc' /heAns)erPage+com' ;nited States' )ar on drugs' )eed

Amendment RS AmericanKs for Safe

Access ASA %usiness

california 3ancer )ar Forrest

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*avid *o)ns

*EA dis0ensaries dis0ensary

drug 0olicy alliance drug

Posen%ach Har%orside

Health 3enter high times

*avid *o)ns


initiative #0 legaliNation

los angeles

mari(uana mari(uana

0olicy 0ro(ect medical

2ou ;i/ht %lso &i"e

canna%is medical

mari(uana m00 norml oa9land o%ama 0ot 0resident o%ama Peefer


Finally, a -ine 3lu! Done (i/ht /he Huffington Post

&ettin/ $o of >ee6in/ ?6 Prudential

10 Thin/s Fli/ht %ttendants -ish They 3ould #ay 4ut 3an:t AAPP+org

+hotos: 1@ 3ele!s -ho (efuse to %/e $ra efully Sha0e $agaNine

san francisco seattle sfgate smell the truth thc ;nited States )ar on drugs )ashington )ashington state )ashington state initiative #0


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1. #tars -ho 'n/a/ed )n 0uestiona!le #tuff +re1Fame <Style%laNer= . +lant Foods 2ou #hould 3oo" 4efore 'atin/ <Jeg *aily Blog= 5 Foods That 3an Hel6 *vera tive 4ladder <Health 3entral= 10 3ars From 2013 2ou #hould 4uy 7ow </heStreet= 801Foot -all of -ater <uLive=

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(ents soarin/ a ross re/ion <SFGate= Houston woman dead in home after theft, !ur/lary <SFGate 7e)s= (esear her: 7a<i $esta6o hief died in 4erlin <SFGate 7e)s= Julia ;or/an1desi/ned Tudor availa!le in %lameda <SFGate= 2 do/s run amo" in %ntio h 1 . 6eo6le in=ured <SFGate= -his"ers, at ears oh my: 3at video festival <SFGate 7e)s=

Joe Jonas #lams 9(idi ulous9 Dru/ (umors: 9):ve 7ever Tou hed Heroin in ;y &ife9 <EO -nline=

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10/ 1/201 11:0! #M

Smell the Truth Best Treatment for Migraines? Marijuana /0!/2 /best"treatment"for"migrai...



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Smell the /ruth' syndicated for distri%ution %y /ru$edia' is the recogniNed leading voice of the fast gro)ing canna%is media s0ace : giving advertisers' entre0reneurs' grassroots organiNers and innovators access to a targeted net)or9 of canna%is users and advocates+

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