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Our Father/Mother who art in us in the Collective Unconscious...

I am not addressing the Church in any other way than simply in the vein of me getting out of Babylon, which is for me foremostly a state of mind or meme these institutions have embodied and upheld. As with all other "bakermat" (Dutch for basic formation/constitutional) institutions (guarding the basic axioms or unquestionable beliefs) of our solar cult-ure, there's no need to change anything out there, the church or any other institution No revolution Just to wake yourself up and get out of this illusion. I also have said that the security part of this system, is the equivalent of a very wounded inferior man, who because of this and a loss of self covers this up with an obsessive compulsive voyeurism and therefore spends all his time intruding into the privacy of people. Yes I am referring to the NSA and all security agencies/veiligheidsdiensten) gone wild A man afraid his partner will not want him and starts to get totally lost in pry on her and harass her a.k.a. Big Brother The simile comes from a bigger brother who, the more he pries on his little brother, the more the little brother, will hide all his private stuff Big brother not seeing how he is creating what he is most ghting... We all become big brother at times when we loose self Yet we try to solve this loss by projection and on others This is what this one eye system has !become not seeing that it is they/ this system that is loosing it and at the eve of a terrible fall. It is in this way that this perhaps most important prayer of the Father of all our churches has really oriented us fully outside of our selves. Revealing more of itself than anything else: that the god of this Babylonian system sees itself as a Male (Our Father) Teaching you to pray to this man outside of yourself which is who will forgive you for your shortcomings. While we know from the Teacher they branded the church with, that heaven is within and so is god. And within not in a personal sense of I am god but deeper within at the levels of the collective unconscious. This is why I have said the solution will come from the collective unconscious, not from global socialism. Deep inside us there's a plan we become part of when we get our new true names after decompression (shadow work). When we see through this prayer for what it is: a projectionWe see the template of this system which distracts us outside ourselves, while the real way is turning inwards. Give us today our daily bread is again a way to divert us from the inner sense (of the Self) which direct us to the miracle of the spirit where the true Teacher tells regarding the search for material wellbeing: do you not believe I turned stones into bread. Meaning that we should ask for faith, not literal bread. For thine is the Kingdom, The Power and the Glory. In the context of making us pray to Father and not Father/Mother, this really reveals from where this prayer is coming. This is not the real One (Father/Mother). Heaven is in the collective unconscious and thus not up there/above, and is only divided from the more supercial levels of the self (and the senses) by a sea or the unconscious... ! !

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