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Part I: Transforming growth pattern, create a new scenario for scientific development Chapter 1: Development Environment Given the

great achievements of social development that we have attained in the last five years, the 11th Five Year Plan period is indeed extraordinary !n face of the complex changes and ma"or ris#s $oth at home and a$road, the whole nation are %nited &nder the leadership of the Central Committee of the Comm%nist Party of China 'CPC(, )*trive to Develop+ has $een attached great importance ,hro%gh implementing theories and policies of CPC and cond%cting the most effective macroeconomic reg%lation, we f%lly give f%ll play to the socialist mechanism as well as to the mar#et in terms of allocating reso%rces -s a res%lt, historical changes have occ%rred to o%r nation .e have not only effectively addressed the negative impacts ca%sed $y the glo$al financial crisis $%t also maintained a rapid and sta$le economic development, which has laid a solid fo%ndation for the s%staina$le development in the f%t%re .e s%ccessf%lly held the /ei"ing 0lympic Games and the *hanghai .orld Expo .e have achieved the ma"or o$"ectives set in the 11th Five Year Plan .ith five 1year hard wor#, the national GDP and competitiveness have significantly enhanced People have en"oyed a relatively high living standard, which has given a $oost to China2s international stat%s and infl%ence ,remendo%s achievements have $een made in vario%s aspects incl%ding constr%ction of socialist economy, socialist politics, socialist c%lt%re, and ecological civili3ation ,he new chapter of socialism with Chinese characteristics has $een written 4aving said that, o%r s%ccess does not come easily and the experiences we have gained are precio%s ,he aspirations we have had are profo%nd and lasting ,he c%rrent world is characteri3ed of contin%o%s complex changes, which may last for a while /ased on the "%dgment of $oth domestic and international sit%ations, China is still in an important period of strategic opport%nities d%ring which there is a great deal China can achieve, and it is faced with $oth precio%s historic opport%nities and plenty of foreseea$le and %nforeseea$le ris#s and challenges .e sho%ld strengthen o%r awareness of the opport%nities and challenges ahead - good %nderstanding of law of development, $etter adaptation to the environment, appropriate reconciliation of a variety of conflicts can p%t forward the endeavo%r of opening1%p and reform as well as socialist moderni3ation drive !n face of m%lti1polarity, deepening economic glo$ali3ation, new changes in glo$al economic political system, $rea#thro%ghs in technological innovation and that international tide remains peace, cooperation and development5 China co%ld em$race the general international environment which ma#es for the nation2s sta$le development 6eanwhile, international financial crisis still poses its profo%nd impacts on glo$al economy, slowing down the world2s economic growth5 the glo$al demand str%ct%re also appears salient changes, with competition more intensively foc%sing on mar#et, reso%rces, talented people, technologies and standards5 glo$al iss%es s%ch as climate change, energy sec%rity and food safety are $ecoming protr%ding5 protectionism in vario%s forms has $een increasing &nder the scenario, China2s external international environment has proved to $e more complicated China is to locate its positioning in international economic division of la$o%r and to facilitate international economic cooperation as well as to and create its new advantages in glo$al competition

Domestically spea#ing, China is experiencing ind%striali3ation, informationi3ation, %r$ani3ation, mar#eti3ation and f%rther internationali3ation, with a sta$le growth in per capita national income China is also %ndergoing an accelerated transformation of economic str%ct%re and a h%ge potential in mar#et demand, en"oying a$%ndant capital s%pply, an increase in the capacity of technology and ed%cation, an enhancement in the 7%ality of la$o%rs and a grad%al improvement of infrastr%ct%re Dynamics in str%ct%re is conspic%o%sly strengthened5 government macro1control a$ility as well as its capa$ility to handle complicated sit%ations has also $een greatly $een enhanced *ocial sec%rity system is getting strengthened along with overall social sta$ility within grasp China is confident to with its a$ility and social conditions to promote the development of economic and social development %p to a new level as well as to raise the overall national strengthen 4owever, it is important to have a clear sight of the im$alanced, incompati$le and non1s%staina$le elements within China2s development, which mainly t%rn o%t to $e a tightened constraint $etween economic growth on one hand and reso%rces and environment on the other, an im$alance $etween investment and cons%mption, a relatively large income disparity, %ncompetitive technological innovation a$ility, %nreasona$le ind%strial str%ct%re, v%lnera$le agric%lt%ral $asis, a gap $etween r%ral and %r$an development, a coexistence of total employment press%re and str%ct%ral contradiction, a significant increase in social conflicts and a still considera$le n%m$er of instit%tional o$stacles that restrain scientific development China needs to wisely "%dge and acc%rately grasp the development trend, ma#ing f%ll %se of vario%s advantageo%s conditions to efficiently solve the protr%ding contradictions and iss%es Chapter 8: G%iding Principles ,o form%late the 18th Five Year Plan, we sho%ld hold high the great $anner of socialism with Chinese characteristics &nder the g%idance of Deng 9iaoping ,heory and the important tho%ght of ,hree :epresents, we sho%ld comprehensively implement a scientific o%tloo# on development and ad"%st to the new changes $oth home and a$road .e sho%ld live %p to people2s expectation to live a $etter life $y deepening the endeavo%r of opening %p and reform, and improve the social welfare system and people2s livelihood !n order to achieve those goals, the scientific development is the theme while the acceleration of economic growth modes is the cardinal line -dditionally, we sho%ld consolidate the progress achieved in tac#ling the glo$al financial crisis and improve a steady and rapid economic development in the long r%n as well as promote social harmony ,he a$ove1mentioned goals will lay a decisive fo%ndation for $%ilding a well1off society in an all aspects ,he theme of scientific development is re7%ired $y the times !t determines the overall sit%ation of o%r endeavo%r of opening1%p and reform, and the moderni3ation drive .ith more than 1 ;$illion people, China is still and will $e on the primary stage of socialism -s the largest developing co%ntry in the world, development is the #ey to solving pro$lems C%rrently, adhering to development in China is the main principle, !n other words, we sho%ld stic# to scientific development, pay more attention to people and to the comprehensive and coordinated s%staina$le development, p%t a premi%m on overall planning with d%e consideration for all concerned, attach more importance to social welfare protection and improvement and enhance social "%stice ,he inevita$le way to promote scientific development is to maintain the cardinal line of speeding %p the transformation of economic development, which accords well with China2s f%ndamental realities and the new characteristics of the c%rrent developing

stage ,o accelerate transformation of the mode of economic development is a serio%s reform in China2s economic and social fields, which m%st $e r%n thro%gh the overall process and vario%s fields in the development of economy and society, to ma#e for a comprehensive, coordinated and s%staina$le development, to facilitate changes while developing and f%rther promote development with changes on the way, to finally reali3e the so%nd and fast development of $oth economy and social life ,o achieve these goals, the f%ndamental re7%irements lie in that: .e sill elevate the core competitiveness of man%fact%ring ind%stry, improving the new and strategic ind%stries, speeding %p the development of service ind%stry as well as the primary and the second ind%stries, stri#ing a $alance $etween the %r$an and r%ral development, proactively and steadily p%t forward the %r$ani3ation, accelerating the constr%ction of socialist new villages and achieving the coordinated and interactive development among areas *cientific progress and innovation will s%pport the transformation ,hro%gh comprehensively implementing the strategy of re"%venating o%r co%ntry thro%gh science and ed%cation and talents, we will give f%ll play to the role of science and h%man reso%rces China sho%ld %pgrade its capa$ilities in indigeno%s research and innovation in science, technology and administration, train more innovative talents and improve ed%cation for wor#ers !n a word, we will strive to speed %p the constr%ction of an innovation co%ntry ,he <f%ndamental end< of economic transformation is to improve people=s lives, which co%ld only $e achieved $y improving social welfare system, giving priority to "o$ creation, providing e7%al p%$lic services to every citi3en and stepping %p reform of the income distri$%tion system, .e will %nswervingly reali3e the shared prosperity and $ring the $enefits to the people !n transforming the economic development mode, the importance of $%ilding a reso%rce1saving and environment1friendly society sho%ld $e stressed to save energy, red%ce greenho%se emissions and actively tac#le glo$al climate change .e sho%ld develop circ%lar economy and low car$on technologies ,hro%gh stri#ing a $alance $etween economic development and pop%lation growth, s%staina$le development will $e enhanced ,he endeavo%r of reform and opening1%p will drive the transformation .e sho%ld %nswervingly p%sh forward reforms in economic, political and social areas Efforts sho%ld $e made in $%ilding %p a mechanism of advantage to scientific development .e sho%ld carry o%t the open1%p strategy to achieve o%tcomes .e are wor#ing with the international society to tac#ling glo$al challenges and share the potential for development Chapter ;: 6ain ,argets 'see excel( :eso%rce conservation and environmental protection targets are stri#ing .e will maintain farmland reserves at 1 >1> $illion m% 'approximately 181,8?@,?@@ hectares( .e will c%t water cons%mption per %nit of val%e1added ind%strial o%tp%t $y ;@A, and increase the water efficiency coefficient in agric%lt%ral irrigation to @ B; Con1fossil f%el reso%rces will rise to 11 DA of primary energy cons%mption Energy cons%mption per %nit of GDP will decrease 1?A and C08 emissions per %nit of GDP

will decrease 1EA .e will ma#e significant red%ctions in the total emissions of ma"or poll%tants: chemical oxygen demand 'C0D( and *08 $y >A, ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxide $y 1@A Forest coverage rate will increase to 81 ??A and national forest stoc#s will increase $y ?@@ million c%$ic metres Change over 5 years ( ! @ ;@ @B >; @ B; 11 D @ @; ;1 1? 1E > > 1@ 1@ 1; ? $inding "orecast or #inding $inding $inding forecast $inding $inding $inding

Target Farmland reserves '$illion m%( Decrease in water cons%mption per %nit of val%e1 added ind%strial o%tp%t 'A( !ncrease of water efficiency coefficient in agric%lt%ral irrigation !ncrease of non1fossil f%el %sage in primary energy cons%mption 'A( Decrease in energy cons%mption per %nit of GDP 'A( Decrease in C08 emissions per %nit of GDP 'A( Chemical 0xygen Demand ,otal decrease in 'C0D( emissions of *%lph%r Dioxide '*08( ma"or poll%tants -mmonia Citrogen 'A( Citro%s 0xides Forest coverage rate 'A( Forest !ncrease Forest stoc# 'mF(

2010 1 >1>

2015 1 >1>

8@ ;? 1;E

81 ?? 1D;


Chapter D: Policy Direction 1*trengthen and improve macro1control *trengthen the coordination of fiscal, monetary, investment, ind%strial and land policy, well $alance the relationship $etween economic growth, restr%ct%re and managing inflation expectancy 1esta$lish long term mechanism of expanding domestic demand Create positive cons%mption environment $y actively yet steadily accelerating %r$ani3ation, implementing the strategy of employment as priority, deepening the distri$%tion reform and improving social sec%rity system, grad%ally ma#e the overall si3e of o%r domestic mar#et ran#s among the largest internationally 1optimi3e investment str%ct%re Clear definite the scope of government investment, standardi3e the investment $ehavio%r of *0Es, enco%rage private investment, effectively contain $lind expansion and repeat constr%ction, promote virt%o%s interaction, com$ine increase investment, employment and improve people2s well$eing, create demand 1sim%ltaneo%sly promote ind%striali3ation, %r$ani3ation and agric%lt%ral moderni3ation !nd%stry sho%ld s%pport agric%lt%re, city sho%ld s%pport co%ntryside,

consolidate the fo%ndation for agric%lt%ral development, speeding %p agric%lt%ral moderni3ation 1Promote ind%strial %pgrading $y scientific innovation G%ide the investment, talents and technology flow to enterprises, promote the strategic %nion of prod%ction and :GD, increase the ind%strial core competitiveness, promote coordinated development of three ind%strials in higher level 1-ccelerate coordinated and interactive regional development !n implementing master strategy of regional development and main f%nction development, high priority sho%ld $e given to the strategy of large1scale development of the western region, f%lly play the competitive advantage of each region5 facilitate the flow of prod%ction factors and transition of ind%stries, foster new regional economic engine in the central and western region, increase the coordination of regional development 1!mprove the incentive mechanism of energy conservation and emission red%ction 0ptimi3e the energy cons%mption str%ct%re, improve the mechanism of pricing and reso%rces prod%ct and reso%rce and environmental taxation, and strengthen the related laws, reg%lations and standard 1Promote the e7%ali3ation of $asic p%$lic service !mprove p%$lic fiscal system and the social sec%rity system and grad%ally minimi3e the gaps $etween %r$an1r%ral and regional living standards and p%$lic service Esta$lish and improve the s%staina$le p%$lic service system which s%its Chinese development sit%ation, relatively comprehensive and covering $oth r%ral and %r$an areas 1-ccelerate the growth of r%ral and %r$an income !mprove the first and second distri$%tion, appropriately ad"%st the distri$%tion relationships $etween co%ntry, enterprises and people, and significantly increase the incomes of low1income gro%p, contin%o%sly expanding the middle income gro%p, reserve the enlarging trend of the gaps and strive to reali3e the synchroni3ation of income and economic growth, rem%neration and prod%ctivity 1*trengthen and innovate social management !ncrease the a$ility of social management, innovate the system, accelerate the constr%ction of service government, foc%s to solve the original, $asic and fo%ndational pro$lems which impacts the social harmony and sta$ility, maintain the sta$le, orderly and vitality of society Part II: $trengthen and %enefit the farmers, accelerating the constr&ction of socialist new co&ntryside Chapter B: accelerating the development of modern agric%lt%re Chapter ?: Expanding the channels for farmer=s income Chapter E: !mprove the r%ral prod%ction and living standards Chapter >: !mprove the instit%tion for r%ral development Part III: Transformation and &pgrading, enhancing the competitiveness of ind&strial core

-dhere to the new path of ind%striali3ation with Chinese characteristics, adapt to changes of mar#et needs, give play to the comparative advantage of o%r co%ntry2s ind%stries in the glo$al economy in light of the new trend of scientific and technological progress, and develop a modern ind%stry system feat%ring optimi3ed str%ct%re, advanced technology, cleanliness and safety, high added val%e and large employment capacity Chapter H: !mprove and promote man%fact%re 0ptimi3e str%ct%re, improve varieties and 7%ality, enhance ind%stry s%pporting capa$ility, eliminate $ac#ward prod%ction capacity, develop the advanced e7%ipment man%fact%ring ind%stry, ad"%st the optimi3e raw material ind%stries, transform and improve the cons%mer goods ind%stry, and promoting the enlargement and enhancement of man%fact%ring ind%stries *ection 1 Promoting the restr%ct%ring of #ey ind%stries ,he e7%ipment man%fact%ring ind%stry sho%ld improve the level of :GD and system integration of $asic techni7%es, $asic materials and $asic components, strengthen the :GD and ind%striali3ation of critical technological e7%ipment, and promote the intellect%ali3ation of e7%ipment prod%cts ,he ship$%ilding ind%stry sho%ld esta$lish a modern ship$%ilding pattern, and develop ship$%ilding and s%pporting e7%ipment with high technical added val%e in adaptation to new international ship$%ilding standards ,he a%tomo$ile ind%stry sho%ld strengthen the :GD capa$ility of complete vehicles, reali3e the technical a%tonomy of #ey parts, and improve the level of energy conservation, environmental protection and sec%rity technology ,he smelting and $%ilding material ind%stries sho%ld control overall vol%me expansion strictly, optimi3e variety str%ct%re, and ma#e new progress in prod%ct :GD, integrated reso%rces %tili3ation, energy conservation and emission red%ction $ased on domestic demand ,he petrochemical ind%stry sho%ld explore new paths of diversified development of raw materials, foc%s on the development of high1 end petrochemical prod%cts, accelerate the ad"%stment of fertili3er raw materials, and promote oil 7%ality improvement ,he light textile ind%stry sho%ld strengthen environmental protection and 7%ality safety, strengthen corporate $rand $%ilding and improve technological e7%ipment level ,he pac#aging ind%stry sho%ld accelerate the development of advanced pac#aging e7%ipment, new pac#aging materials and high1 end pac#aging prod%cts ,he electronic information ind%stry sho%ld improve :GD level, enhance the capa$ility to develop $asic electronics independently, and $e g%ided toward the higher end of the ind%stry chain ,he $%ilding ind%stry sho%ld extend green $%ildings and green constr%ction, and foc%s on the optimi3ation of the str%ct%re and service pattern with advanced $%ilding techni7%es, materials and information technology *trengthen the elimination of $ac#ward prod%ction capacity, and s%ppress and channel off excess capacity *ection 8 0ptimi3ing ind%stry layo%t 0ptimi3e the prod%ctivity layo%t of #ey ind%stries in light of regional f%nctional positioning, and in consideration of s%ch factors as energy reso%rces, environmental capacity and mar#et space 6a"or domestic prod%cts of energy and mineral reso%rces are to $e located in places rich in reso%rces in central and western China with priority, and ma"or pro"ects that %tili3e imported reso%rces mainly are to $e located in coastal

and frontier areas with priority ,he relocation of %r$an enterprises of iron and steel, non1ferro%s metals and chemicals sho%ld $e carried o%t orderly ,he layo%t of cr%de oil processing capacity sho%ld $e optimi3ed to promote the integrated development of %pstream and downstream ind%stries G%ide the cl%stering of prod%ction factors, and create a n%m$er of advanced man%fact%ring $ases with international competitiveness $ased on #ey state pro"ects Develop a n%m$er of modern ind%stry cl%sters with distinctive characteristics, a prominent $rand image and a so%nd service platform %sing ind%stry chains as a tie and ind%strial par#s as a medi%m *ection ; *trengthening the technical improvement of enterprises Form%late policies that s%pport the technical improvement of enterprises, and accelerate the application of new technologies, new materials, new techni7%es and new e7%ipment to improve traditional ind%stries and mar#et competitiveness *%pport enterprises to improve e7%ipment level, optimi3e prod%ction processes, accelerate the elimination of $ac#ward technologies and e7%ipment, and improve the overall level of integrated %tili3ation of energy reso%rces Enco%rage enterprises to enhance new prod%ct development capacity, increase the technology level and added val%e of prod%cts, and accelerate the %pgrading of prod%cts Promote the !,1$ased improvement and %pgrading of s%ch aspects as :GD and design, prod%ction circ%lation, and $%siness administration, carry o%t advanced 7%ality management, and promote the management innovation of enterprises /%ild a n%m$er of ind%stry technical innovation service platforms *ection D G%iding the merger and reorgani3ation of enterprises *tic# to mar#et1$ased operations, give play to the role of enterprises as mar#et players, improve related policies and eliminate instit%tional $arriers Drive advantaged enterprises to carry o%t alliance, cross1regional merger and reorgani3ation, and increase ind%stry concentration with foc%s on a%tomo$ile, iron and steel, cement, machine $%ilding, electrolytic al%min%m, rare earth, electronic information and pharmace%tical ind%stries, etc Promote independent $rand $%ilding, improve $rand val%e and effects, and accelerate the development of large enterprises with world1 famo%s $rands and core competencies *ection B Promoting the development of small and medi%m enterprises '*6Es( Develop *6Es energetically, and improve the system of policies and reg%lations for *6Es Ca%se *6Es to accelerate the transformation of development patterns, strengthen 7%ality and integrity $%ilding, and improve prod%ct 7%ality and competitiveness Promote the restr%ct%ring of *6Es, and improve the level of speciali3ed division of la$or G%ide *6Es to develop in cl%sters, and improve innovation capa$ility and management level Create a favora$le environment to activate the development of *6Es Esta$lish a so%nd financial service and credit g%arantee system for *6Es, increase the si3e and percentage of lending to *6Es, and $roaden channels of direct financing !mplement and improve preferential policies on taxation, etc to relieve the social $%rden on *6Es

Col%mn D Iey fields of development of man%fact%ring

E7%ipment man%fact%ring Drive e7%ipment man%fact%ring from a prod%ction1oriented style to a service1 oriented style, and promote the development of n%merically controlled prod%cts, green prod%ction and enterprise !, $%ilding Develop e7%ipment re7%ired for s%ch #ey fields as new strategic ind%stries and infrastr%ct%re Promote the speciali3ed prod%ction of $asic techni7%es, s%ch as casting, forging, welding, thermal treatment and s%rface treatment, and improve the level of $asic parts and components, s%ch as $earings, gears, dies, hydra%lics and a%tomatic controls *hip$%ilding Promote the %pgrading of the three main vessel types of $%l# vessel, oil tan#er and container vessel in according to new international ship$%ilding standards !mprove the ship e7%ipment ind%stry and loading rate Give priority to the development of large li7%efied nat%ral gas 'JCG( and li7%efied petrole%m gas 'JPG( vessels, ocean1going fishing vessels, l%x%ry liners, and other high1tech and high1added1val%e vessels -ccelerate the independent design and man%fact%re of mo$ile marine drilling platforms, floating prod%ction systems, marine engineering wor# ships, a%xiliary ships, and #ey s%pporting e7%ipment and systems -%tomo$ile /%ild a system for principle, prod%ction and ind%striali3ation innovation Foc%s on management and control systems for power $atteries, driving motors, and other #ey parts and power assem$lies Promote high1efficiency internal com$%stion machines, high1efficiency driving, light1weight materials and str%ct%res, complete vehicle optimi3ation, ordinary hy$rid power technologies, and the energy conservation of a%tomo$ile prod%cts !ron and steel Foc%s on the development of steel for express railway, high1grade non1oriented silicon steel, high magnetic ind%ction oriented silicon steel, high strength machine steel and other #ey steel varieties *%pport s%ch technical development efforts as non $last f%rnace iron ma#ing, clean steel prod%ction and integrated reso%rces %tili3ation Foc%s on the development of energy conservation and emission red%ction technologies, s%ch as energy management and control system, high1 temperat%re and high1press%re dry co#e 7%enching, integrated resid%al heat %tili3ation and des%lf%ri3ation of sintering fl%e gas -ccelerate the constr%ction of raw material $ases Con1ferro%s metals Foc%s on the development of #ey materials re7%ired for aviation, spaceflight and electronic information *%pport the extended application of c%tting1edge smelting technologies, short and contin%o%s processes, and energy conservation and emission red%ction technologies, and enco%rage the recycling of renewa$le energy so%rces, and the integrated %tili3ation of low1grade minerals, associated minerals, minerals that are diffic%lt to recover and refine, tailings and waste resid%es /%ilding materials Foc%s on the development of photovoltaic glass, %ltra1thin s%$strate glass, special fi$erglass, special ceramics and other new materials *%pport the co1disposal of %r$an domestic gar$age $ased on cement #iln, and the constr%ction of sl%dge prod%ction lines and exemplary lines of integrated %tili3ation of waste $%ilding gases and materials Develop new $%ilding materials and prod%cts that meet green $%ilding re7%irements


Petrochemical Constr%ct large integrated smelting and chemical $ases !mplement exemplary pro"ects of coal, electricity and chemical integration, car$on dioxide %tili3ation and merc%ry poll%tion control Ens%re that oil 7%ality attains the national !K standard, and the diversification rate of olefin raw materials attains 8@A Eliminate some high1toxin and high1resid%e pesticides Jight ind%stry Promote the ind%striali3ation of #ey technologies, s%ch as new $atteries, new agric%lt%ral plastics, energy1saving and environment1friendly electric power so%rces and intelligent white goods -ccelerate the locali3ation of e7%ipment for #ey ind%stries Contin%e to promote forest and paper integration engineering *%pport f%rther food processing, strengthen capacity $%ilding in food safety detection, and improve the 7%ality and integrity system of food enterprises ,extile Promote the ind%striali3ation and application of hi1tech fi$ers, and new1 generation f%nctional and differential fi$ers -ccelerate the development of ind%strial textile prod%cts Promote the locali3ation of high1end looms and accessories *%pport the recycling of old and waste textile prod%cts Col%mn D Iey fields of development of man%fact%ring, 9inh%a Cews -gency

Chapter 1@: Foster and develop strategic emerging sectors Promote the deep f%sion of rising technologies and ind%stries $ased on ma"or technological $rea#thro%ghs and development needs, and develop new strategic ind%stries into leading and pillar ind%stries while contin%ing to strengthen and enlarge high1tech ind%stries *ection 1 Promoting the leapfrog development of #ey fields Develop new strategic ind%stries energetically, s%ch as energy1saving and environment1friendly new1generation !,, $iology, high1end e7%ipment man%fact%ring, new energy so%rces, new materials and new energy a%tomo$ile !n the energy conservation and environmental protection ind%stry, foc%s on the development of #ey technological e7%ipment for efficient energy conservation, advanced environmental protection and reso%rce recycling, prod%cts and services !n the new1 generation !, ind%stry, foc%s on the development of new1generation mo$ile comm%nication, new1generation !nternet, three1networ# convergence, !nternet of things, clo%d comp%ting, !C, new displays, high1end software, high1end servers and information services !n the $iological ind%stry, foc%s on the development of $iopharmace%ticals, $iomedical engineering prod%cts, $io1agric%lt%re and $io1 man%fact%ring !n the high1end e7%ipment man%fact%ring ind%stry, foc%s on the development of aviation e7%ipment, satellites and application, rail traffic e7%ipment and intelligent man%fact%ring e7%ipment !n the new energy ind%stry, foc%s on the development of new1generation n%clear energy and solar energy %tili3ation, photovoltaic and photo1thermal power generation, and wind power technological e7%ipment, intelligent power grids and $iomass energy !n the new material ind%stry, foc%s on the development of new f%nctional materials, advanced str%ct%ral materials, high1performance fi$ers and compo%nd materials, and common $asic materials !n the new energy a%tomo$ile ind%stry, foc%s on the development of pl%g1in hy$rid electric

vehicles, p%re electric vehicles and f%el cell a%tomo$ile technologies ,he proportion of the added val%e of new strategic ind%stries to GDP sho%ld attain a$o%t >A *ection 8 !mplementing ind%stry innovation and development pro"ects Give play to the leading and s%pporting role of special ma"or technology pro"ects of the state, ma#e %nified planning of technological development, engineering, standard form%lation and application demonstration $ased on advantaged enterprises, ind%stry cl%stering 3ones and ma"or prod%cts, s%pport commercial pattern innovation and mar#et development, implement some ma"or ind%stry innovation and development pro"ects, and foster a n%m$er of $ac#$one enterprises and demonstration $ases of new strategic ind%stries for the p%rpose of mastering core ind%stry technologies and accelerating large1scale ind%stry development

Col%mn B !nnovation and development of new strategic ind%stries Energy conservation and environmental protection ind%stries !mplement ma"or exemplary pro"ects in energy conservation and environmental protection, and promote the ind%striali3ation of efficient energy conservation, advanced environmental protection and reso%rce recycling Cew1generation !, ind%stry Constr%ct new1generation mo$ile comm%nication networ#s, the new1generation !nternet, and digital $roadcast and television networ#s !mplement exemplary application pro"ects of the !nternet of things and special ind%striali3ation pro"ects of networ# prod%cts Constr%ction ind%strial $ases of !C, panel display, software and information services /iological ind%stry /%ild data$ases of gene reso%rces for pharmace%ticals, important plants and animals, and ind%strial micro$ial $acteria Constr%ct :GD and ind%striali3ation $ases for $iopharmace%ticals and $iomedical engineering prod%cts, $iological $reeding, testing, detection and fine $reeding $ases, and exemplary $io1 man%fact%ring application platforms 4igh1end e7%ipment man%fact%ring ind%stry Constr%ct ind%striali3ation platforms for homemade tr%n# and feeder airplanes, general1p%rpose airplanes and helicopters, and a spatial infrastr%ct%re framewor# composed of navigation, remote sensing and comm%nication satellites, and develop intelligent control systems, high1class n%merically controlled machines, high1speed trains and %r$an rail traffic e7%ipment, etc Cew energy ind%stry Constr%ct ind%strial $ases for new1generation n%clear power e7%ipment, large wind power generating sets and parts, new assem$lies of efficient solar power generation and heat %tili3ation, $iomass energy conversion and %tili3ation technologies, and intelligent power grid e7%ipment, and implement exemplary large1scale application pro"ects of marine wind power, solar power and $iomass energy Cew material ind%stry Promote the :GD and ind%striali3ation of car$on fi$ers, semicond%ctor materials, high temperat%re alloy materials, s%percond%ctive materials, high1performance rare earth materials and nanometer materials for aviation and spaceflight, energy and reso%rces, traffic and transport, and ma"or e7%ipment

Cew1energy a%tomo$ile ind%stry Cond%ct :GD and large1scale commerciali3ation demonstration pro"ects for pl%g1in hy$rid electric vehicles and p%re electric vehicles, and promote ind%striali3ed application Col%mn B !nnovation and development of new strategic ind%stries, 9inh%a Cews -gency

*ection ; *trengthening policy s%pport and g%idance *et %p special f%nds for the development of new strategic ind%stries and ind%stry investment, expand the si3e of governmental start%p investment in rising ind%stries, give play to the financing f%nction of capital mar#ets at different levels, and g%ide social capital to $e invested in innovative start%ps 6a#e comprehensive %se of financial preferential policies, s%ch as ris# compensation, and enco%rage financial instit%tions to strengthen credit s%pport !mprove and enco%rage innovation, and g%ide tax s%pport policies for investment and cons%mption -ccelerate the esta$lishment of ind%strial standards in favor of the development of new strategic ind%stries and important technical standards for prod%cts *%pport the constr%ction of infrastr%ct%re that s%pports new prod%cts and applications, and create a favora$le environment for the fostering and development of mar#et demand Chapter 11: -ccelerate the reform of energy prod%ction and %tili3ation mode *tic# to the g%idelines of conservation first, diversified development $ased on domestic reso%rces and environmental protection *trengthen reciprocal international cooperation, ad"%st and optimi3e energy str%ct%re, and $%ild a safe, sta$le, economical and clean modern energy ind%stry system *ection 1 Promoting the development of diversified and clean energy so%rces Develop safe and efficient coal mines, and large coal enterprise gro%ps, and promote the integration of coal reso%rces, and the merger and reorgani3ation of coal mine enterprises Carry o%t :GD demonstration of coal1$ased nat%ral gas, coal1$ased li7%id f%els and coal1$ased co1prod%ction orderly, and promote ind%striali3ation steadily *trengthen the exploration and development of petrole%m and nat%ral gas reso%rces, sta$ili3e domestic petrole%m o%tp%t, and promote the rapid growth of nat%ral gas o%tp%t, and the development and %tili3ation of %nconventional oil and gas reso%rces, s%ch as coal1$ed gas and shale gas Develop clean and efficient large1 capacity coal1fired generating sets, giving priority to heat and power cogeneration %nits in largeLmedi%m cities and ind%strial par#s, large coal1fired power stations near coal mines, and integrated coal gang%e power stations Develop hydropower actively on the precondition of proper ecological conservation and resettlement, foc%s on the constr%ction of large1si3ed hydropower stations in so%thwestern China, develop medi%m and small river waterpower reso%rces $ased on local conditions, and plan and constr%ct p%mped storage power stations scientifically Develop n%clear power on a safe and efficient $asis *trengthen the constr%ction of grid1connection wor#s, and develop wind power effectively Develop solar energy, $iomass energy, geothermal

energy and other new energy so%rces actively Promote the extended application of distri$%ted energy systems *ection 8 0ptimi3ing the layo%t of energy development Plan national energy development and constr%ction priorities in a %nified manner, constr%ct five national integrated energy $ases in *hanxi, the 0rdos /asin, eastern !nner 6ongolia, so%thwestern China and 9in"iang, and develop n%clear power in the eastern costal region and some areas in central China mainly improve the level of local energy processing and transformation to red%ce the press%re of large1scale and long1distance energy transmission Plan and constr%ct energy storage facilities rationally, improve the petrole%m reserve system, and strengthen the capacity of nat%ral gas and coal reserve and pea# mol%lation *ection ; *trengthening the constr%ction of energy transmission channels -ccelerate the constr%ction of the strategic transmission channels for northwestern, northeastern, so%thwestern China and sea1imported oil and gas, and improve the domestic tr%n# oil and gas pipe networ# 6a#e %nified planning of nat%ral gas import pipelines, JCG receiving stations, and cross1regional tr%n# gas transmission and distri$%tion networ#s, and create a gas s%pply layo%t in which nat%ral gas, coal1$ed gas and coal1$ased gas are $alanced -ccelerate the $%ilding of a modern power grid system, f%rther expand the si3e of west1to1east power transmission, improve regional tr%n# power grids, and develop advanced large1 capacity, high1efficiency and long1distance power transmission technologies to meet re7%irements for large1scale cross1regional power transmission and the grid connection of new energy generated power Promote the constr%ction of intelligent power grids, strengthen %r$an and r%ral power grid constr%ction and improvement, and improve the electric performance and s%pply relia$ility of power grids %sing advanced information, control and energy storage technologies

Col%mn ?Priorities of energy constr%ction Coal development and transformation -ccelerate the constr%ction of coal $ases in northern *haanxi, 4%anglong, *hendong, eastern !nner 6ongolia and eastern Cingxia, drive the constr%ction of coal $ases in northern, eastern and central *hanxi, Y%nnan and G%i3ho% steadily, and start the constr%ction of the 9in"iang coal $ase Constr%ct some large coal1 fired power $ases on the $asis of the a$ove coal $ases *ta$ili3ing oil o%tp%t and increasing gas o%tp%t Create the B large1scale oil and gas prod%cing areas of the ,arim and M%nggar /asins, the Jiaosong /asin, the 0rdos /asin, the /ohai /ay /asin and the *ich%an /asin, accelerate the exploration and development of offshore and deep1 water oil and gas fields, and strengthen the prod%ction and %tili3ation of coal1$ed gas in coal mine areas !ncrease oil refining capa$ility appropriately C%clear power -ccelerate the development of n%clear power in coastal provinces, promote n%clear power constr%ction in central provinces steadily, and constr%ct n%clear power pro"ects with a total installed capacity of D@ million #. :enewa$le energy so%rces Constr%ct large1si3ed hydropower stations in #ey watersheds, s%ch as those of the

Minsha, Yalong and Dad% :ivers, and commence the constr%ction of hydropower pro"ects with a total installed capacity of 18@ million #. Constr%ct ? onshore and 8 coastal and offshore large wind power $ases, with an additional installed capacity of over E@ million #. Constr%ct solar energy power stations with a total installed capacity of over B million #. with foc%s on ,i$et, !nner 6ongolia, Gans%, Cingxia, Ninghai, 9in"iang and Y%nnan 0il and gas pipe networ#s Constr%ct the China1Ia3a#hstan cr%de oil pipeline 'Phase 8(, the China16yanmar oil and gas pipeline 'domestic section(, the Central -sia nat%ral gas pipeline 'Phase 8(, and the .est1to1east Gas ,ransmission Jines ; and D ,he total length of oil and gas transmission pipelines attains a$o%t 1B@,@@@ #ilometers -ccelerate the constr%ction of gas storage facilities Power grids -ccelerate the constr%ction of o%tward power s%pply pro"ects from large coal power, hydropower and wind power $ases, and create some cross1regional power transmission channels %sing advanced technologies Complete ;;@ #K or a$ove power transmission lines of 8@@,@@@ #ilometers Carry o%t trials of intelligent power grid constr%ction, improve s%$stations to intelligent ones, extend the application of intelligent watt1ho%r meters, and constr%ct electric vehicle charging facilities Col%mn ?Priorities of energy constr%ction, 9inh%a Cews -gency

Chapter 18: Constr%ct comprehensive transportation system Develop different modes of transport proactively in a %nified manner Complete the national express railway networ# and expressway networ# largely, and create an integrated traffic and transport system feat%ring connected networ# facilities, advanced and applica$le technologies and e7%ipment, and safe and efficient services preliminarily *ection 1 !mproving inter1regional traffic networ#s -ccelerate the constr%ction of special passenger railway lines, inter1regional tr%n# lines and coal transport channels, and develop high1speed railways for passenger and freight transport *trengthen the constr%ction of $ottlenec# points in the national expressway networ#, and the expansion of national and provincial tr%n# highways Drive the constr%ction of high1grade waterways, and promote the standardi3ation of vessels for inland water transport and enlarge ports !mprove transport systems for coal, petrole%m, iron ore and container, etc , and improve the modernity of coastal port gro%ps !mprove the aviation networ# with international pivotal airports and tr%n# line airports $eing the $ac#$one, and feeder airports as a s%pplement, promote the development of general1p%rpose aviation, reform the airspace management mechanism, and improve the efficiency of %tili3ation of airspace reso%rces *ection 8 Constr%cting inter1city express networ#s Promote the constr%ction of m%lti1layer inter1city express traffic networ#s of city gro%ps ta#ing rail traffic and expressways as the $ac#$one, and national and provincial tr%n# highways as a s%pplement Complete the inter1city traffic networ#s for the three ma"or city gro%ps of /ei"ing1,ian"in14e$ei, the Yangt3e :iver Delta and

the Pearl :iver Delta, and foc%s on the development of inter1city tr%n# lines in city gro%ps *ection ; Giving priority to p%$lic traffic !mplement a p%$lic traffic priority strategy to develop %r$an p%$lic traffic systems greatly and increase the proportion of p%$lic traffic in overall traffic Design technical ro%tes for %r$an rail traffic scientifically, reg%late constr%ction standards, and promote the constr%ction of %r$an rail traffic networ#s, incl%ding light rail, s%$way and trolley car Develop gro%nd rapid transit systems actively, and increase line density and station coverage :eg%late the %r$an taxi ind%stry, g%ide private motor vehicle travel rationally and advocate non1motor1vehicle traffic 0ptimi3e the f%nctionality and layo%t of interchanges to improve traffic efficiency Plan integrated %r$an and r%ral p%$lic traffic in a %nified manner *ection D !mproving traffic service level *trengthen the organic connection of railways, highways, ports, airports and %r$an p%$lic traffic, and accelerate the constr%ction of integrated traffic h%$s according to the re7%irements of 3ero1distance transfer and seamless freight connection Extend the application of advanced e7%ipment and technologies to improve the !, $%ilding level of traffic 0ptimi3e transport organi3ation, carry o%t innovative service pattern, and promote passenger tic#et integration and thro%gh freight traffic Develop energy1saving and environment1friendly means and modes of transport, and drop and p%ll highway transport greatly *trengthen safety management to ens%re transport safety

Col%mn E Priorities of traffic constr%ction :ailways Constr%ct D longit%dinal and D transverse passenger transport special lines, inter1 city rail traffic tr%n# lines in city gro%ps, the second do%$le line of the Jan19in :ailway and s%ch inter1regional tr%n# lines as Oheng3ho%1Chong7ing Complete an expressway railway networ# with an operating mileage of DB,@@@ #ilometers, and $asically covering cities with a pop%lation of over B@@,@@@@, and western China tr%n# lines, s%ch as the Jhasa1*higatse :ailway Constr%ct coal transport lines from central and so%th *hanxi, and western 6ongolia to central China *t%dy the feasi$ility of constr%cting the Niong3ho% *trait sea1crossing pro"ect and the *ich%an1,i$et :ailway &r$an rail traffic /%ild %r$an rail traffic networ# systems in /ei"ing, *hanghai, G%ang3ho% and *hen3hen, etc , complete main %r$an rail traffic framewor#s in ,ian"in, Chong7ing, *henyang, Changch%n, .%han, 9i2an, 4ang3ho%, F%3ho%, Canchang and I%nming, etc , and plan rail traffic $ac#$one lines in 4efei, G%iyang, *hi"ia3h%ang, ,aiy%an, Minan and &r%m7i, etc 4ighways Complete a national expressway networ# consisting of E radial lines, H longit%dinal lines and 1> transverse lines largely, with an availa$le mileage of >;,@@@ #ilometers, $asically covering cities with a pop%lation of over 8@@,@@@ *trengthen the improvement of national and provincial tr%n# highways, increase the proportion of Class 8 or a$ove national highways to over E@A, and connect

almost all co%nty towns with appropriate conditions to Class 8 or a$ove highways Coastal ports Constr%ct coal loading ports in northern China, coal transit and storage $ases in eastern and so%thern China, large cr%de oil handling terminals in Dalian and other ports, large iron ore handling terminals in Cing$o, Oho%shan and other ports, and container terminals in *hanghai, ,ian"in and other ports Constr%ct a$o%t DD@ 1@,@@@1ton and a$ove deep $erths !nland water transport :eg%late the %pper Yangt3e :iver channel, implement the channel management pro"ect for the Ming"iang :iver section of the Yangt3e :iver, and extend the 18 B1 meter1deep channel at the est%ary of the Yangt3e :iver %pward !mplement the 9i"iang :iver tr%n# shipping channel capacity expansion pro"ect, and the /ei"ing1 4ang3ho% Canal improvement pro"ect, and promote the constr%ction of the high1 grade channel networ# of the Yangt3e :iver Delta, and other high1grade channels Civil aviation Constr%ct a new airport in /ei"ing, expand the airports of G%ang3ho%, Can"ing, Changsha, 4ai#o%, 4ar$in, Canning, Jan3ho% and Yinch%an, constr%ction a n%m$er of new $ranch line and general1p%rpose airports, and st%dy the feasi$ility of constr%cting new airports in Chengd%, Ningdao and 9iamen -ccelerate the constr%ction of new1generation flight control systems !ntegrated traffic h%$s Constr%ct D8 national integrated traffic h%$s Col%mn E Priorities of traffic constr%ction, 9inh%a Cews -gency

Fig%re 8 Cational express railway networ#

Fig%re 8 Cational express railway networ#, 9inh%a Cews -gency Fig%re ; Cational expressway networ#

Fig%re ; Cational expressway networ#, 9inh%a Cews -gency

Chapter 1;: Comprehensively improve the informationi3ation level -ccelerate the constr%ction of a $road$and, converged, sec%re and %$i7%ito%s new1generation national !, infrastr%ct%re, and promote the deep convergence of !, $%ilding and ind%striali3ation, and !, $%ilding in all socioeconomic fields *ection 1 /%ilding new1generation information infrastr%ct%re Plan new1generation mo$ile comm%nication networ#s, the new1generation !nternet, digital $roadcast and television networ#s in a %nified manner, and promote the constr%ction of satellite comm%nication facilities, and create an %ltra1high1speed, large1capacity and highly intelligent national tr%n# line transmission networ# G%ide the constr%ction of $road$and wireless cities, promote the door1to1door connection of %r$an optical fi$ers, accelerate the constr%ction of $road$and networ#s in r%ral areas, and increase $andwidth pop%larity rate and access $andwidth comprehensively Esta$lish so%nd laws, reg%lations and standards with foc%s on the two1way access of radio and television, and telecom operations, reali3e the convergence of the telecom networ#, the radio and television networ#, and the !nternet, and promote networ# interconnection and operation convergence *ection 8 -ccelerating socioeconomic !, $%ilding Promote !, $%ilding in all socioeconomic fields Develop e1$%siness actively, improve e1$%siness services oriented to *6Es, and promote the constr%ction of society1oriented credit services, online payment and logistic distri$%tion systems

Promote e1government $%ilding greatly, drive the interconnection, information sharing and operational coordination of #ey governmental information systems, constr%ct and improve online administrative approval, information disclos%re, online complaint handling, electronic s%pervision and a%diting systems *trengthen the $%ilding of #ey information systems, s%ch as mar#et reg%lation, social sec%rity and medical care, and improve $asic information reso%rces system for geography, pop%lation, legal person, finance, taxation and statistics, strengthen the integration of information reso%rces, reg%late collection and distri$%tion, and strengthen integrated social development and %tili3ation *ection ; *trengthening networ# and information sec%rity !mprove laws and reg%lations on networ# and information sec%rity, the system of standards, and the system of certification and a%thentication for information sec%rity !mplement information sec%rity rating protection, ris# assessment and other relevant systems -ccelerate the demonstration and extension of #ey sec%re and controlla$le software and hardware, strengthen information networ# monitoring and control capa$ilities, and ens%re the sec%rity of $asic information networ#s and #ey information systems Promote the constr%ction of information sec%rity and secret protection infrastr%ct%re, and $%ild an information sec%rity and secret protection system *trengthen !nternet management, and ens%re national networ# sec%rity and information sec%rity Chapter 1D: Promote the development of marine economy Develop and implement a marine development strategy $ased on %nified sea and land planning, and improve marine development and control capa$ilities *ection 1 0ptimi3ing the marine ind%stry str%ct%re Plan the development of the marine economy scientifically, exploit and %tili3e marine reso%rces rationally, develop marine oil and gas, marine transport, marine fishing and coastal travel ind%stries greatly, and expand marine $iopharmace%tical, integrated seawater %tili3ation, marine engineering e7%ipment man%fact%ring and other rising ind%stries *trengthen the :GD of $asic, proactive and critical marine technologies, improve marine technology level, and improve marine development and %tili3ation capa$ilities Deepen the integration of port and coast reso%rces, and optimi3e port layo%t Develop and implement marine master plans, optimi3e the spatial layo%t of the marine economy Carry o%t trials of marine economy development in *handong, Ohe"iang and G%angdong Provinces *ection 8 *trengthening integrated marine management !mprove the marine management mechanism thro%gh enhanced coordination *trengthen sea area and island management, improve the mar#et mechanism for sea area %se rights, promote the protection and %tili3ation of sea islands, and s%pport the development of remote seas islands 6a#e %nified planning of marine environmental protection and land1$ased poll%tion, and strengthen the protection and recovery of the marine ecosystem Prevent the overexploitation of offshore reso%rces, strengthen reclamation management, and reg%late the %tili3ation of %nocc%pied sea islands strictly !mprove the marine disaster relief system, and strengthen the handling capa$ility of marine emergencies *trengthen integrated marine s%rveying and mapping, and carry o%t polar and oceanic scientific investigation actively !mprove

maritime laws, reg%lations and policies, and enhance marine law1enforcement to maintain the order of exploitation of marine reso%rces *trengthen $ilateral and m%ltilateral marine affairs negotiation, participate in international marine affairs actively, ens%re the safety of marine transport channels, and maintain o%r co%ntry2s marine rights and interests

Part I': Creating the environment necessary for e(tensive development in the services ind&stry .e will promote the extensive development of the services sector as part of the optimisation of the ind%strial str%ct%re and %pgrading of strategic priorities ,o do this, we will create a favo%ra$le policy and instit%tional environment, explore new areas, promote the development of new $%siness formats, c%ltivate new to%rism hot spots and a larger range of services, promote $randing, $%siness internet %sage, and contin%o%sly improve the 7%ality and scope of the services ind%stry Chapter 1B: -ccelerating the development of prod%ction services .e will deepen the professional division of la$o%r, accelerate innovation in services prod%cts and services models, promote the merging of prod%ction services and the advanced man%fact%ring ind%stry, and promote the accelerated development of prod%ction services *ection 0ne 0rderly expansion of the financial services ind%stry .e will serve the real economy, prevent systemic ris# and enco%rage orderly development and innovation of financial organisations, prod%cts and services, to raise the overall 7%ality of the financial services .e will $ring into play the comprehensive service f%nctions of large financial instit%tions, and actively develop small and medi%m si3ed financial instit%tions Foc%sing on micro1enterprise development, we will promote scientific innovation, the development of a green economy, s%pport cross1$order operations of enterprises, and develop new service formats s%ch as online trading, as well as innovative financial prod%cts and service models .e will $etter $ring into play credit financing, sec%rities, tr%sts, wealth management, leasing, g%arantees, online $an#s and other asset allocation and financial services f%nctions ,he financial infrastr%ct%re constr%ction will $e strengthened, and financial mar#ets= registration, management, trading and settlement systems will $e improved .e will expand the field of ins%rance services, and actively develop lia$ility ins%rance, credit ins%rance, explore the development of catastrophe ins%rance and innovative ways of ins%rance mar#eting, reg%late development of the ins%rance intermediary mar#et and promote constr%ction of the reins%rance mar#et, as well as esta$lish and improve the ins%rance services system *ection ,wo Kigoro%sly develop the modern logistics ind%stry .e will accelerate the esta$lishment of social, professional, information1$ased modern logistics system, vigoro%sly develop third1party logistics, prioritise the integration and %se of existing logistics reso%rces, s%pport the constr%ction and lin#ing1%p of the logistics infrastr%ct%re, improve logistics efficiency and red%ce logistics costs .e will promote agric%lt%ral prod%cts, $%l# mineral prod%cts, #ey

ind%strial areas and other fields important to the development of logistics .e will optimi3e the development of regional distri$%tion systems, and s%pport the orderly development of logistics par#s and other cl%ster areas of logistics .e will promote the development of modern logistics management, and improve the sophistication and standardi3ation of logistics *ection ,hree Fostering the growth of high1tech services .ith a foc%s on high1tech extension services and professional services related to s%pport technology innovation, we will greatly develop the high1tech services sector ,he development of the research and development ind%stry will $e accelerated, and the transformation of ind%strial design from simple exterior design to high1end integrated design services will $e promoted .e will strengthen information services, enhance the application level of software development, the development of information systems integration services, internet val%e1added services, information sec%rity services and digital content services, and develop the Geographic !nformation *ystems ind%stry F%rthermore, we will actively develop inspection and testing, intellect%al property rights, and science and technology achievements as well as other science and technology s%pport services .e will c%ltivate the development of a n%m$er of high1tech services, #ey enterprises and famo%s $rands *ection Fo%r :eg%lation to enhance $%siness services .e will p%sh for the development of acco%nting, a%diting, taxation, engineering cons%lting, certification and accreditation, credit eval%ation, $ro#erage, management cons%lting, mar#et research and other professional services .e will actively advance the services of lawyers, notaries, forensics, economic and trade ar$itration and other legal services .e will accelerate the development of pro"ect planning, mergers and ac7%isitions, financial advisory and other $%siness management services .e will reg%late the development of personnel agencies, personnel recommendations, personnel training, staffing and other h%man reso%rces services ,o s%pport advertising, the healthy development of the conventions and exhi$itions ind%stry will $e enco%raged Chapter 1?: Kigoro%sly developing the life services ind%stry For %r$an and r%ral residents, we will enrich the range of services, expand service provision and improve service 7%ality to meet diverse needs *ection 0ne 0ptimi3e the development of $%siness services 0ptimi3ation of %r$an s%permar#ets, shopping malls, wholesale mar#ets and other $%siness o%tlets str%ct%re and distri$%tion will $e driven forward .e will endorse convenience stores, small s%permar#ets, local food stores and related local development pro"ects .e will enco%rage and s%pport chain operations, logistics, e1 commerce and other modern methods of distri$%tion extending to r%ral areas, we will also improve r%ral services networ#s, s%pport lin#s $etween large1scale s%permar#ets with r%ral cooperation organisations, and reform and %pgrade agric%lt%ral wholesale mar#ets and farmers mar#ets .e will g%ide the development of healthy reg%lations in the accommodation and catering ind%stry and s%pport the development of internationally competitive large1scale trade and $%siness enterprises *ection ,wo -ctive development of to%rism

.e will comprehensively develop domestic to%rism, actively develop in$o%nd to%rism, and enco%rage the orderly development of o%t$o%nd to%rism E7%al emphasis is p%t on $oth protection and development of to%rism reso%rces .e will strengthen the to%rism infrastr%ct%re, and promote ma"or to%rism sites and constr%ction of to%rism ro%tes .e will enco%rage the development of the to%rist ind%stries= defining characteristics and prod%ct diversification5 we will comprehensively promote eco1 to%rism, enco%rage in1depth development of c%lt%ral to%rism, and rigoro%sly develop red to%rism .e will improve the to%rism service system, strengthen the ind%stry=s self1reg%lation and integrity constr%ction, and improve the 7%ality of to%rism services *ection ,hree Enco%rage the development of domestic services For services to s%pport families and provide an important fo%ndation for local comm%nities, we will foc%s on the development of ho%se1#eeping services, pension services, n%rsing services and similar services .e will also enco%rage the development of home care services for persons with disa$ilities, actively develop comm%nity care centres and speciali3ed pension services, and according to local conditions develop domestic services distri$%tion, family ed%cation and other specialised services, and f%rther the formation of m%ltiple levels and forms of domestic services mar#ets and $%siness operators .e will accelerate the constr%ction of domestic services non1profit information platforms 6ar#et s%pervision will $e strengthened and the domestic services mar#et will $e standardised *ection Fo%r Comprehensive development of sports facilities and the sports ind%stry ,here will $e vigoro%s development of p%$lic sports and improvement of p%$lic sports facilities .e will la%nch a national fitness programme, improve national and especially yo%th awareness of physical fitness and health .e will contin%e the fitness programme for the r%ral pop%lation .e will optimise the competitive sports str%ct%re and improve the overall strength of competitive sports .e will f%rther develop fitness and recreational sports, sports competition and performance mar#ets, and advance sporting goods, sports agents, ven%e operators and other intermediary services, to promote the coordinated development of sports facilities and the sports ind%stry Chapter 1E: Creating a favo%ra$le environment for the services ind%stry /y opening %p we will f%rther reform and thro%gh enhancing competition we will f%rther development ,herefore, service systems innovation will $e promoted, the service policy system will $e improved, and the developmental environment for services will $e optimised *ection 0ne -ccelerate the reform of the services sector .e will esta$lish fair, standardi3ed and transparent mar#et access standards, remedy sector fragmentation, regional $loc#ades and ind%strial monopoly, expand the opening of the services sector, enco%rage and g%ide vario%s types of capital investment in the services ind%stry, vigoro%sly develop a range of forms of service enterprise ownership, and esta$lish an integrated, open, competitive and orderly services mar#et .e will deepen organisations and instit%tions logistics related social reform .e will explore mar#et managing methods s%ita$le for new types of services format development ,he pilot scheme for comprehensive reform of the p%$lic

services will $e advanced and we will explore instit%tional mechanisms and effective methods for accelerating development $enefitting the services ind%stry *ection ,wo !mprove services related policy .e will implement the reg%lation that enco%raged types of service sectors may p%rchase electricity, water, gas and heat at the same price as the ind%strial sector does .e will expand the s%pplies granted to the services sector and the services sector will have priority in %sing land which is no longer claimed $y ind%stry Com$ined with val%e1added tax reform, the tax system of prod%ction services will $e reformed ,he financing channels for service sector enterprises will $e $roadened and the p%$lic financing and iss%ing of $onds of eligi$le enterprises will $e s%pported .e will expand the prod%ct range of government proc%rement services .e will esta$lish and improve services standards systems .e will s%pport service enterprises= $rand and networ# $%ilding ,he distri$%tion of service ind%stry development will $e optimised and the formation of metropolises will $e promoted for the ind%strial str%ct%re of the service economy

Part ': )ptimi*ing the str&ct&re, accelerating the coordinated regional development and so&nd &r%ani*ation development Chapter 1>: !mplementing the overall strategy on regional development '*%mmary( 1 Promoting a new ro%nd of large scale of development of the western region !t sho%ld $e given the priority and special policy s%pport *trengthen the infrastr%ct%re constr%ction5 $%ild several #ey pro"ect of water conservation *trengthen the ecological constr%ction /%ilding national important energy, strategic reso%rces providing region and ind%strial gathering area, develop characteristic agric%lt%re and to%rism Comprehensively revival the old ind%strial $ase of northeastern region Promote ind%strial %pgrading and energetically develop the service sector of finance, logistics and to%rism Deepening the *0E reform, consolidate the national grain strategic $ase, promote the restr%ct%re of reso%rce1exha%sted region Kigoro%sly accelerate the rise of central region Consolidate the national important grain prod%ction $ase, energy and raw material $ase, $%ild modern e7%ipment man%fact%ring and comprehensive transportation center Promote the agglomeration of ind%stry and pop%lation, strengthen the connection with s%rro%nded city chain -ctively s%pport the leading position of eastern region development Participating international cooperation and competition in higher level, fostering the development of emerging strategic sector, modern service sector and advanced man%fact%ring Promote the instit%tional innovation, first to improve the socialism mar#et economic system Greater s%pport to the development of old revol%tionary $ase areas, ethnic minority areas and $order areas

'F%ll translation(

Give f%ll play to comparative advantages in different areas, and promote the rational flow of factors of prod%ction, deepening regional cooperation and promote the development of regional interaction, and grad%ally narrow the development gap $etween regions *ection 1 P%sh forward a new ro%nd of .estern Development -dhere to the depth of the western development strategy on priority of overall regional development strategy, and to give special policy s%pports *trengthen infrastr%ct%ral constr%ction, expand networ# of railways, civil aviation, water transportation, $%ild a n%m$er of #ey water main water hydro station, accelerate to p%sh forward the oil and gas pipelines and main electricity transmission and networ#s pro"ects *trengthen environment protection, strengthen geological disasters prevention, promote constr%ction of #ey ecological f%nction areas, contin%e to implement #ey ecological pro"ects, and $%ild the national ecological sec%rity $arrier ,a#e advantage of reso%rces, implement mar#et1oriented advantage reso%rces transmission strategy, arrange a n%m$er of reso%rce development and deep processing pro"ects in the reso%rce1rich regions, $%ild contin%o%s places of national important energy and strategic reso%rces and ind%stries gathering areas, develop advantage ind%stries s%ch as characteristic agric%lt%re and to%rism Kigoro%sly develop science and ed%cation, enhance self1development *%pport the development of .ench%an and other disaster areas -dhere to stringing points with line and driving area with point, promote Chong7ing, Chengd%, 9i=an regional strategic cooperation, promote development of economic 3ones s%ch as 4ohhot /aoto% /ao 4%$ei Y%, G%ang3i Corth /ay, Chengd% Chong7ing, middle area of G%i3ho%, middle area of Y%nnan, middle so%th area of ,i$et, G%an3hong1,iansh%i, Jan3ho%19ining, Cingxia along 4%angshan and ,ianshan mo%ntains, foster new economic growth points *ection 8 Comprehensive /oom the 0ld !nd%strial /ases s%ch as Cortheast :egion ,a#e advantage of strong ind%strial and technological $ase, improve the modern ind%strial system, promote %pgrading of the advantage ind%stries s%ch as e7%ipment man%fact%ring, raw materials, a%tomo$iles and agric%lt%ral prod%cts deep processing, etc, Kigoro%sly develop service ind%stries s%ch as financial, logistics, to%rism and software and o%tso%rcing ind%stries Deepen the reform of state1owned enterprises, speed %p the reform of collective corporate owned $y factories and the disposal of =de$t t%rn to share= assets, vigoro%sly develop non1p%$lic economy and *6Es *peed %p the transformation of agric%lt%ral development, $%ild a solid national food strategic $ase Foc%s on protection of $lac# land, wetland, forests and grassland, promote the ecological protection and economic transformation of Daxinganling 9iaoxinganling and Chang$ai mo%ntains Promote transformation and development of reso%rce depletion areas, enhance s%staina$le development capacity of reso%rced cities Co1 ordinately promote the transformation of old ind%strial $ases nationwide Foc%s on the regional development of Jiao Cing coastal economic $elt, *henyang economic 3one, Chang Mi ,% economic 3one, 4a Da Ni and 6% *%i areas *ection ; Kigoro%sly Promote the Grow1&p of Central :egion Exerting the advantages of lin#ing the east and west, strengthen competitive ind%stries, develop modern ind%stry system, consolidate to enhance the position of

national important grain man%fact%ring $ase, energy reso%rces $ase, modern e7%ipment man%fact%ring and high1tech ind%stry $ase and integrated transport h%$ !mprove investment environment, %nderta#e an orderly transfer of the eastern region and international ind%stry Enhance reco%rse efficiency and recycling economy development level *trengthen the comprehensive management of ma"or rivers and la#es F%rther refine and implement the policies of $oom old ind%strial $ase and the western development policies *peed %p the constr%ction of the economic $elts along Jonghai, Mingg%ang, Ming"i% and Chang"iang river, promote agglomeration of pop%lation and ind%stries, strengthen the a$%tment "oint and connection with s%rro%nding cities Foc%s on promoting the development of ,iany%an city gro%p, .an"iang city $elt, /oyangh% Ja#e ecological economic 3one, the central plains economic 3one, .%han city circle, Chang1Oh%1,an city circle gro%p, etc *ection D -ctively s%pport East :egion to ,a#e the Jead in Development Exerting leading and s%pporting role of the eastern area to the national economic development, in a higher level participate into international cooperation and competition, $ehave as a pilot in the reform and opening %p, step in the forefront of the co%ntry and the transformation of economy development, economic restr%ct%ring and innovation Foc%s on enhance the constr%ction of national innovation cities and regional innovation platform Foc%s on c%ltivating ind%strial competitive advantage, speed %p the development of strategic emerging ind%stries, modern service ind%stries and advanced man%fact%ring ind%stries Foc%s on promoting system innovation, ta#es the lead to improve socialism mar#et economy system Foc%s on enhancing s%staina$ly development capacity, f%rther improve reso%rce %sage efficiency of energy, land, and sea, strengthen environmental poll%tion reg%lation, and resolve the $ottlenec# pro$lem of reso%rce and environment Promote development of integration of Ming Min Mi, Chang"iang :iver Delta, Oh%"iang :iver Delta areas, create the capital economic circle, foc%s on promoting the development of 4e$ei coastal areas, Miangs% coastal areas, Ohe"iang Oho%shan islands districts, .est Coast economic 3one, *hangdong penins%la $l%e economic 3one, etc, and $%ild 4ainan international to%rist island *ection B !ncrease the *%pport Efforts to the Development of 0ld :evol%tionary /ase -reas, 6inority Cationality :egions, $order areas, and poverty areas F%rther increase the s%pports efforts, strengthen infrastr%ct%ral constr%ction, strengthen ecological protection and restoration, improve p%$lic services, and practically improve the living conditions in the western region Contin%e to implement policy to s%pport the development of old revol%tionary $ase areas !mplementation policies to s%pport development of minority nationality regions, vigoro%sly promote ,i$et, 9in"iang and other minority nationality regions, give aid to development of small pop%lation nationalities F%rther p%sh forward the action of $ooming the $order area and enriching the people, inland $order areas en"oy the .estern Development policies, s%pport $order trade and development of ethnical %rgently needed commodities !n the so%thern region, the eastern margin of Ninghai1 ,i$et platea% , .%ling mo%ntains, .%mengshan mo%ntains, western Y%nnan mo%ntains $order, Nin$ashan1Ji%panshan mo%ntains and other special poverty middle western areas, implement poverty alleviation and development pro"ects, increase the efforts of p%rs%ing poverty alleviation $y development of ind%stry and ex sit% relocation *%pport the constr%ction and development of 9in"iang Prod%ction and

Constr%ction Corps Promote the follow1%p development of the ,hree Gorges reservoir area ,o the p%$lic welfare pro"ects that the Central arranged for the =0ld, 6inority, /order, Poverty= areas, cancel the co%nty level and grad%ally red%ce the m%nicipal matching f%nds !mplement regional m%t%al aid policy, carry over vario%s one1for1one s%pport

Chapter 1H: !mplementing the strategy of ma"or f%nction regions '*%mmary( 1 0ptimi3e the development str%ct%re of national land and space Coordinate the pop%lation distri$%tion, economic str%ct%re, national land %tili3ation and %r$ani3ation, g%ide the pop%lation and economy agglomerate in the regions where s%it for development, protect agric%lt%ral and ecological development, promote the $alance $etween pop%lation, economy, reso%rces and environment 0ptimi3e the development of %r$ani3ed region which have dense pop%lation, intensive development and heavy constraints of reso%rces and environment Foc%s on the development of %r$ani3ed region which have $etter condition for economic and pop%lation agglomeration and a stronger carrying a$ility of reso%rces and environment Protect the grain prod%ction $ase to safeg%ard the sec%rity of food s%pply :estrict the ind%striali3ation and %r$ani3ation in ma"or ecological region Prohi$it the exploration of the protected area of nat%re and c%lt%re reso%rces !mplement regional policy of category management Form the related laws and reg%lations ,he central $%dget sho%ld grad%ally increase the transfer to the ma"or grain prod%ction region, ecological region ,he investment strategy sho%ld fit the 6a"or F%nction strategy !mplement differential land management policy and environment standard !mplement differentiated assessment For optimi3ed region, eval%ate the economic str%ct%re, technological innovation, reso%rces %tility and environment protection For 6a"or development region, eval%ate economic growth, ind%strial str%ct%re, 7%ality and efficiency, energy conservation and emission red%ction, and pop%lation attraction For restricted region, eval%ate the agric%lt%ral prod%ction and ecological protection, $%t not the GDP and ind%strial indicators For prohi$ited region, eval%ate the protection performance Esta$lish and improve the transition mechanism !mprove regional development, #ey pro"ects planning according to the 6a"or F%nction strategy *t%dy and form%late the index of development and environment for different region

'F%ll translation( -ccording to the rational layo%t re7%irement of the national economy, standardi3e space development order, control space development intensity and form the high1 efficient, harmoni3ed and s%staina$le space development str%ct%re *ection 1: 0ptimi3e the national space development str%ct%re Plan China2s pop%lation distri$%tion, geographical distri$%tion of the different sectors of the economy, territory %tili3ation and %r$ani3ation pattern in a %nified way, lead the pop%lation and economy to concentrate to the areas that are s%ita$le to

development, protect the agric%lt%re and ecology development space, promote the harmoni3ation of pop%lation, economy and reso%rce environment 0ptimi3e development in the region where pop%lation is dense, land development density is already high and reso%rce environmental $earing capacity is heavy Iey development in the region where reso%rce environmental $earing capacity is relatively strong and economic and pop%lation concentration condition is relatively good *trongly ens%re the safe s%pply of agric%lt%ral prod%cts in the main agric%lt%ral prod%ction 3one where the agric%lt%re prod%ction condition is good, and provide agric%lt%ral prod%cts as its principle f%nction Jimit the large1scale and high1density ind%striali3ation and %r$ani3ation development in important ecological f%nctional 3one which is related to the ecological safety in the co%ntry or greater regional ranges Prohi$ited development in vario%s nat%re and c%lt%re reserve areas esta$lished legally, and other areas where special protection is needed *ection 8: !mplement Classified 6anagement :egional Policy /asically form the laws, reg%lations and policies which can meet the re7%irement of principle f%nction area, perfect the interests compensation mechanism ,he central finance shall increase the financial transfer payment, year $y year, to main prod%ction area of agric%lt%ral prod%cts, and #ey ecology f%nction area, especially the 6idwest #ey ecology f%nction area, increase the protection a$ility to $asic p%$lic service and ecologic environment Provincial government shall perfect the financial transfer payment policy to lower government !mplement the government investment policy which is com$ining the arrangements that are in accordance with the principle f%nction area and in accordance with sector ,he investment which is arranged according to the principle f%nction area will $e mainly %sed to s%pport the development of #ey ecology f%nction area and main prod%ction area of agric%lt%ral prod%cts ,he investment which is arranged according to the sector shall fit the principle f%nction orientation and development direction of each area 6odify and perfect the c%rrent ind%strial g%idance catalog%e, clarify the enco%raged, limited and prohi$ited ind%strial for different principle f%nction areas !mplement the differential land management policy, scientifically set the different land %sing scale, and carry o%t strict land %se control !mplement different poll%tant emission vol%me control and environment standards to different principle f%nction area Perfect the policies regarding agric%lt%re, pop%lation, nationality and responding to climate change *ection ;: !mplement differently1stressed performance eval%ation and achievement eval%ation 0n the $asis of strengthening the eval%ation of a$ility of providing $asic p%$lic service in all types of areas and the eval%ation of increased s%staina$ility, according to the different principle f%nction orientations of different areas, implement differential eval%ation and examination ,o the optimi3ed development %r$ani3ed area, we shall strengthen the eval%ation of economic str%ct%re, technical innovation, reso%rce cons%mption and environment protection etc ,o the #ey development %r$ani3ed area, comprehensively eval%ate economic growth, ind%strial str%ct%re, 7%ality $enefit, energy saving and emission red%ction, environment protection and pop%lation a$sorptive capacity etc ,o the limited development area of main prod%ction area of agric%lt%ral prod%cts and #ey ecology f%nction area, implement respectively the agric%lt%re development preferential and ecology protection preferential performance eval%ation, not eval%ate the GDP and ind%stries ,o the prohi$ited development 3one,

comprehensively eval%ate the protection sit%ation of the a%thenticity and completeness of the nat%ral and c%lt%ral reso%rces *ection D: Esta$lish and perfect the cohesion coordination mechanism Play the strategic, f%ndamental and $inding role of national principle f%nction area in the aspect of national land and space development -ccording to the re7%irement of promoting the formation of principle f%nction area, perfect the regional planning, complete the coordination of specific pro"ect planning, #ey pro"ect planning and principle f%nction area -dvance the cities and co%ntries= space planning, fix the regional principle f%nction orientation5 clarify the layo%t of f%nction areas *t%dy and draw %p o$ligatory targets of development density, environmental capacity for vario%s principle f%nction areas, and timely implement Perfect the national spatial dynamic monitoring and management system which sho%ld $e covering the whole co%ntry, coordinating cohesively, and %pdating in a timely manner, carry o%t the trac#ing eval%ation to principle f%nction areas= constr%ction Chapter 8@: -ctively and steadily promote %r$ani3ation '*%mmary( 1 Esta$lish the strategic planning for %r$ani3ation :espect the development r%le of city, promote the coordinated development of cities and co%nties !n the east region, $%ild a city gro%p which has $etter international competitiveness Foster and strengthen vario%s city gro%ps in the central and western region *trengthen the ind%strial f%nction of small and medi%m si3ed city, strengthen the p%$lic service and living f%nction of co%nties *teadily promote the r%ral residents $ecoming %r$an residents !t is the ma"or tas# for %r$ani3ation, f%lly respect farmer2s choice, protects their interest of their land 6ega cities sho%ld control its pop%lation scale, $ig and medi%m cities sho%ld strengthen and improve pop%lation management, attract more pop%lation, small and medi%m cities and co%nties sho%ld enco%rage relax their conditions of 4%#o% 6eanwhile, p%$lic service and interest protection sho%ld $e strengthened for migrant wor#ers who don2t have the 7%alification to have a city 4%#o% *trengthen the comprehensive carrying a$ility of cities and co%nties *tandardi3e the constr%ction of new township, increase the density, optimi3e the landing %sing str%ct%re, and prevent the overall expanding of mega cities Deepening the investment and financing reform of city constr%ction, iss%e $onds for city constr%ction *trengthen comprehensive management

f%ll translation Chapter 20 Promote the $o&nd +evelopment of ,r%ani*ation 0ptimi3ing %r$ani3ation layo%t and form, strengthening %r$ani3ation management, #eeping on enhancing the %r$ani3ation 7%ality and level *ection 1 Forming strategic layo%t of %r$ani3ation -ccording to the principle of %nified planning, rational layo%t, perfecting f%nctions and p%shing forward the small ones $y developing the $ig ones, and following the

o$"ective r%les of %r$an development, depending on $ig cities and foc%sing on small cities, grad%ally forming %r$an agglomeration with radiation effects and foster the coordinated development of large, middle and small cities as well as small towns /%ilding strategic layo%t of %r$ani3ation $y ta#ing the road $ridge channels and $order long river channels as the two hori3ontal axes, and the sea $order, Ming 4a Ming G%ang and /ao I%n channels as the three vertical axes, depending on n%m$ers of cities on the axes, and other %r$ani3ed areas and cities as important integral parts, so as to foster economic growth and the extension of mar#et spaces from east to west and from so%th to north Grad%ally $%ilding %r$an agglomeration with international competitiveness in eastern areas, $reeding and developing n%m$ers of %r$an agglomeration in middle western areas of which the conditions are mat%re *cientifically programming the f%nction positioning of cities in the %r$an agglomeration, relieving the press%re of the central districts of s%per cities, strengthening the ind%strial f%nctions of middle and small cities, heightening p%$lic service f%nctions and residential f%nctions of small towns, p%shing forward the %nified constr%ction of infrastr%ct%res and internet development of large, middle and small cities -ctively digging o%t the development potential of middle and small cities, giving priority on developing middle and small cities that have o$vio%s regional advantageo%s and stronger reso%rce and environment capacity Developing small towns with foc%s, grad%ally developing central towns of eastern areas, co%nty towns of middle west areas and important $order ports that has certain conditions into middle or small cities *ection 8 *teadily p%shing the diverted agric%lt%ral pop%lation2s transformation into town pop%lation ,a#ing the change of diverted agric%lt%ral pop%lation into town pop%lation as the important tas# of p%shing forward of the %r$ani3ation F%lly respect the freedom of farmers on choosing if they wo%ld li#e to head for the towns or stay in the co%ntryside, faithf%lly protecting legal rights, s%ch as the rights of contracted lands and ho%sing lands of farmers /y #eeping on the method of providing treatment in accordance with local conditions and p%shing forward the progress step $y step, to transform immigrant wor#ers that have esta$lished sta$le la$o%r relationship and have wor#ed in the town for certain years into town citi3ens !n s%per large cities, the pop%lation sho%ld $e controlled rationally !n large and middle si3ed cities, the pop%lation management sho%ld $e strengthened and improved, so as to #eep on exerting the important role of a$sor$ing migrant pop%lation !n middle and small cities as well as small towns, the conditions of pop%lation transformation sho%ld $e $roadened according to the real sit%ation Enco%raging different areas or districts to explore related policies and meas%res, so as to define the scale of the pop%lation $eing transformed For the migrant wor#ers who do not f%lfil the conditions of the $eing registered in towns temporarily, the p%$lic service to them sho%ld $e improved and the rights protections sho%ld $e strengthened Children of migrant wor#ers sho%ld en"oy the e7%al rights to comp%lsory ed%cation, and the contin%ity or connection $etween middle school and high school sho%ld $e well handled ,hese tas#s sho%ld $e mainly sho%ldered $y the primary and middle schools of the cities or towns that have received the migrant wor#ers ,he migrant wor#ers who have esta$lished sta$le

la$o%r relationship with enterprises sho%ld $e incl%ded into the $asic retirement ins%rance and medical ins%rance of township wor#ers Esta$lishing $asic training and allowance systems for migrant wor#ers, p%shing forward the general coordination in provincial level regarding the capital management for the trainings of migrant wor#ers !mproving the residential conditions of migrant wor#ers thro%gh m%lti1 channels and m%lti1formalities, enco%raging $ringing 7%alified migrant wor#ers into the ho%sing g%arantee systems of the towns $y adopting vario%s methods *ection ; !ncreasing the comprehensive $earing capacity of cities and towns *tic#ing to the principles of people foremost, land and energy saving, $iological environment, safe and practical, foc%sing on characteristics, and c%lt%re and nat%ral heritage preserving, scientifically wor#ing o%t the city plan, perfecting standards of city constr%ction, strengthening the sanction effects of the city plan :ationally define the $orders of the city development, reg%lating the constr%ction of the new towns and districts, enhancing the pop%lation density of the newly constr%cted districts, ad"%sting and optimising the %sing str%ct%res of lands %sed for constr%ction pro"ects, preventing the over expansion of s%per large cities Preventing and c%ring the )city disease+ 0verall planning the constr%ction of p%$lic facilities in $oth %p1gro%nd and %nder1 gro%nd lands, comprehensively increasing the levels of transportation, telecomm%nication, electric power, heating, gas, drainage, waste water and gar$age disposal infrastr%ct%res, and increasing the disaster prevention capacity Enlarging green areas and p%$lic exercising spaces of cities, speeding %p the constr%ction of p%$lic c%lt%re and sports facilities P%shing forward the reconstr%ction of the city villages and r%r$ans *trengthening the s%pervision of the constr%ction mar#ets, standardi3ing orders of the constr%ction mar#ets Deepening the reform on investment and financing systems of city constr%ction, iss%ing $onds of city constr%ction pro"ects *trengthening comprehensive management of cities P%shing forward the constr%ction of digital cities, enhancing the service levels on informationali3ation and s%$tli3ation -ttaching importance to c%lt%re contin%ity and protection, and improving h%manistic environments of cities Graph D ),wo hori3ontal and three vertical+ strategic layo%t of %r$ani3ation

Part 'I: -reen development, constr&ct energy conservation and environment friendly society .e will confront increasing reso%rce and environmental restrictions, th%s crisis awareness sho%ld $e enhanced .e will esta$lish green and low car$on development ideas and foc%s on energy conservation and emission red%ction, improve incentives and constraint mechanisms, and stim%late the esta$lishment of reso%rce1saving and environmentally friendly prod%ction and cons%mption to strengthen s%staina$le development and improve ecological standards Chapter 81: -ctively cope with glo$al climate change ,nit )ne: Control -reenho&se gas emissions ,nit Two: Increase adapta%ility to climate change ,nit Three: .a&nch wide ranging international cooperation $&mmary: .e will positively respond to glo$al climate change 6assive red%ctions in energy cons%mption intensity and car$on dioxide emissions sho%ld $e regarded as $inding targets to efficiently control greenho%se gas emissions ,his plan will reasona$ly restrict energy cons%mption, decrease the growth of ind%stries with high energy cons%mption, and increase energy efficiency ,he plan will strengthen energy conservation assessment responsi$ilities, complete energy1saving reg%lations and standards, improve mar#et mechanisms and implement pivotal energy1saving pro"ects !t will pop%lari3e advanced energy1saving technologies, accelerate the application of the Energy 6anagement Contract, and pay ade7%ate attention to ind%stries s%ch as constr%ction and transportation .e will revise energy cons%mption str%ct%res and increase the %se of non1fossil energy reso%rces as well as increase

forest cover, vol%me, and car$on se7%estration .e will increase adapta$ility to climate change, with special attention to the reaction to extreme weather ,his plan will esta$lish and improve the statistical monitoring system of greenho%se gas emissions and energy saving and emission red%ctions, devote more efforts to climate change research, accelerate low car$on application and research, and esta$lish a car$on emission trading mar#et !n addition, it will persist in common $%t differentiated principles of lia$ility and vigoro%sly la%nch international cooperation in response to glo$al climate change .e m%st attach e7%al importance to slowing down and confronting glo$al warming, we m%st give free rein to the advancement of technology, we m%st perfect system mechanisms and policy systems and improve o%r capacity for dealing with climate change ,nit )ne: Control -reenho&se gas emissions .e m%st carry o%t comprehensive ad"%stments to the composition of the ind%strial and reso%rce str%ct%res, save energy and improve energy efficiency and increase forest car$on sin#s, amongst several other meas%res .e m%st significantly red%ce the intensity of o%r energy cons%mption and C08 emissions, as well as effectively reg%late greenho%se gas 'G4G( emissions .e m%st rationally reg%late o%r total energy cons%mption levels, carry o%t serio%s management of reso%rce %sage, accelerate the form%lation of reso%rce development plans, clarify total reg%latory targets and define a wor#a$le mechanism .e will promote the planting of trees and forestation to increase the national forest1cover area to 18 B million hectares .e will accelerate research, development and application of low car$on technologies and reg%late G4G emitting sectors s%ch as ind%stry, constr%ction, transportation and agric%lt%re .e will loo# into creating low car$on prod%ct standardisation, la$elling and a%thentication systems, esta$lish an effective system for calc%lating G4G emission statistics and grad%ally create a car$on emissions trading system .e will advance low car$on pilot pro"ects ,nit Two: Increase adapta%ility to climate change .e will form%late an overall national strategy for com$ating climate change and strengthen o%r scientific research and o$servation to infl%ence o%r analysis of climate change .e will ta#e climate change factors into f%ll consideration when planning and creating ind%strial sector composition, $asic facilities and large scale pro"ects /y strengthening o%r response to climate change, we mean creating a capacity to cope with extreme climate incidents5 accelerating and expanding technological research and development5 and improving the levels of adaptation to climate change of certain #ey sectors 's%ch as agric%lt%re, forestry and water reso%rces( and certain areas 's%ch as $y the coast and fragile ecosystems( .e m%st enhance monitoring, advance reporting and prevention of extreme weather and climate incidents, and we m%st improve o%r capacity to g%ard against and alleviate nat%ral disasters ,nit Three: .a&nch wide ranging international cooperation -dhering to the principle of common $%t differentiated responsi$ilities, we will actively participate in international negotiations and promote the esta$lishment of a

fair and reasona$le international system for confronting climate change .e will strengthen international exchange and strategic policy dialog%e on climate change .e will also develop pragmatic cooperation in areas li#e scientific research, technology research and development and capacity $%ilding, as well as p%sh for the esta$lishment of an international cooperation platform and management system for f%nding and technology transfer .e will provide help and s%pport to developing co%ntries in confronting the challenges of climate change Chapter 88: *trengthen energy conservation and management .e will strengthen energy conservation management .e will form%late and implement limits on energy cons%mption per %nit of prod%ction in energy1intensive ind%stries and energy efficiency standards for the end1%se of energy1cons%ming prod%cts .e will strictly enforce the system for assessing and examining energy savings in investment pro"ects ,nit )ne: 'igoro&sly enforce energy conservation Fo%r #ey areas for energy conservation: 1( Energy1saving conversion pro"ects 8( Energy1saving pro"ects that $enefit the people ;( Demonstration of energy1saving technologies in ind%stry D( Promote energy performance contracting ,nit Two: /nhance water reso&rce conservation ,nit Three: Conserve and intensify land &sage ,nit "o&r: /nhance e(ploration, protection and rational development of mineral reso&rces $&mmary: .e will emphasi3e reso%rce conservation and management .e will f%lfill conservation priority strategies and f%lly implement the controlled %se of reso%rces, two1way reg%lation from $oth the s%pply and demand sides and differentiated management .e will reinforce the geological s%rvey of energy and mineral reso%rce conservation while legitimately developing and integrating strategic areas for energy and mineral reso%rces, and installing critical mineral reso%rce reserve systems Jand management systems sho%ld $e f%rther improved .e will strengthen ann%al planning and monitoring, form%late land conservation standards and reinforce eval%ation of land %se and conservation .e will pay ade7%ate attention to water safety in order to $%ild a water1saving society $y setting %p water reso%rce allocation systems and enhancing water reso%rce management and paid %tili3ation Desalination technology sho%ld $e highly enco%raged Gro%ndwater exploitation sho%ld $e rigoro%sly restricted Chapter 8;: Kigoro%sly develop circ%lar economy ,nit )ne: Implement circ&lar prod&ction methods ,nit Two: /nhance the circ&lar &se of reso&rces and recycling system ,nit Three: Pop&lari*e the green cons&mption model ,nit "o&r: $trengthen policy and technical s&pport

*even #ey areas for circ%lar economy #ey pro"ect: 1( Comprehensive %se of reso%rces 8( Demonstrate a recycling system for old waste prod%cts ;( =City 6ineral :eso%rce= Pilots D( !nd%striali3e reman%fact%ring ind%stries B( Exploit #itchen waste reso%rces ?( ,ransform !nd%strialLEconomic Oones to the circ%lar model E( Promote the demonstration of circ%lar reso%rce techni7%es $&mmary: Kigoro%sly develop the circ%lar Economy .e will aim to improve the o%tp%t efficiency of reso%rce %tili3ation, strengthen planning g%idance, s%pport fiscal and monetary policies, perfect the laws and reg%lations, implement extended prod%cer responsi$ility and propel all lin#s $etween prod%ction, circ%lation and cons%mption .e will speed %p the development of the reso%rce recycling ind%stry, comprehensively %tili3e mineral reso%rces, enco%rage the recycling of ind%strial waste, %pgrade recycling systems and waste separation and recovery of renewa$le reso%rces, and advance the ind%striali3ation of renewa$le reso%rce recycling .e will enco%rage low car$on cons%mption models and lifestyles among the people and government 0%r development model sho%ld adopt reso%rce red%ction, recycling, reman%fact%ring, 3ero emissions and ind%stry lin#s and pop%lari3e the classical recycling economic model Chapter 8D: !ntensify environment protection ,nit )ne: /nhance the red&ction and administration of poll&tant emissions ,nit Two: Ta0e preca&tions on environment ris0s ,nit Three: /nhance environmental s&pervision Fo%r Iey areas of environment governance pro"ects: 1( ,he constr%ction of waste 'sewage and r%$$ish( treatment facilities 8( :estoring environmental health to rivers and la#es ;( 4a3ardo%s waste and soil poll%tion D( 4eavy metal poll%tion prevention and control $&mmary: Enhance environmental protection intensity .e will prioriti3e sol%tions for those lac#ing access to drin#ing water as well as air and land contamination which adversely affect people2s health .e will enhance comprehensive governance and improve the environment ,his plan will assign target responsi$ilities for emissions red%ction and strictly control the discharge of poll%tants !n addition, we sho%ld expand o%r control of ma"or contaminants ,he constr%ction of waste 'sewage and r%$$ish( treatment facilities sho%ld $e accelerated ,he prevention of sewage lea#ing into ma"or river $asins sho%ld $e emphasi3ed .e will limit air and noise poll%tion, strengthen the reg%lation of heavy metals, ha3ardo%s waste, and soil poll%tion .e m%st develop a reg%latory capacity for n%clear radiation .e will implement standards for poll%tant discharge and emissions and eval%ate their effect on the environment as well as strengthen the s%pervision of law enforcement and complete

the acco%nta$ility system for accidents and nat%ral disasters Coordinate environmental protection technology and economic policy and set %p a poll%ter1pays system Diversified financing mechanisms sho%ld $e well1esta$lished to f%rther develop environmental ind%stries Chapter 8B: -ccelerate ecological protection and repair ,nit )ne: /sta%lish an ecological safety %arrier ,nit Two: $trengthen ecological protection and management ,nit Three: /sta%lish ecological compensation mechanisms $&mmary: ,his plan will improve protection against nat%ral disasters and mitigate their conse7%ences .e will reverse the trend of ecological degradation from the grassroots $y implementing ma"or ecological restoration and $olstering nat%ral forest conservation and reforestation .e will also comprehensively deal with desertification and soil petrification and preserve grasslands and wetlands !n addition, this plan will accelerate the esta$lishment of ecological compensation mechanisms and the protection of ma"or ecologically f%nctional areas !t will reinforce water and soil conservation $y promoting sand consolidation /iodiversity sho%ld $e preserved Chapter 8?: *trengthen the constr%ction of water conservation and disaster prevention and mitigation system ,nit )ne: Improve the water s&pply protection capacity ,nit Two: /nhance high flood control capacity ,nit Three: $trengthen forecasting, prevention and emergency response to e(treme weather, earth1&a0es and nat&ral disasters $&mmary: ,he constr%ction of a water infrastr%ct%re to govern the tri$%taries of rivers and la#es ena$les high flood control capacity .e will accelerate the esta$lishment of investigation and assessment systems in disaster1prone areas as well as developing a warning system, control system and emergency response system ,he present plan will reinforce geographic disaster management in #ey areas, p%t together resc%e teams, and raise the level of material s%pport !t will also forge nat%ral disaster ris# eval%ation and reasona$ly allocate prod%ction and living facilities in dangero%s areas Part 'II: Innovation driven, implementing the strategy of reinvigorating the co&ntry thro&gh science and ed&cation and the strategy of strengthening the co&ntry thro&gh h&man reso&rce development Chapter 8E: *trengthen the capa$ility of technological innovation Chapter 8>: *peeding %p the reform and development of ed%cation Chapter 8H: Esta$lish grand high17%ality talent team

Part 'III: Improve people2s well%eing, esta%lish and improve %asic p&%lic service system ,a#e people2s livelihood as a priority5 improve employment, income distri$%tion, social sec%rity, medical services and ho%sing sec%rity to ens%re and improve people2s livelihood5 advance e7%alisation of $asic p%$lic services5 and strive to share the fr%its of China2s development to $enefit all Chinese people Emphasi3e the priority of people2s well$eing Perfect the system arrangement on employment, income distri$%tion, health and medical care, and ho%sing etc to ens%re and improve people2s well$eing Facilitate the e7%ali3ation of $asic p%$lic service Endeavo%r to ma#e all the citi3ens $enefit from the development achievements Chapter ;@: !mprove $asic p%$lic service F%lfil the p%$lic service responsi$ility of the government, enhance the government2s s%pport capa$ilities, and grad%ally narrow the gap in $asic p%$lic services $etween %r$an and r%ral areas 1 Esta$lish and improve the $asic p%$lic service system Clearly define the scope and standard of $asic p%$lic services5 sec%re expendit%res for $asic p%$lic services5 strengthen the $asic p%$lic service performance appraisal and administrative acco%nta$ility5 rationally divide %p management powers of the central and local a%thorities5 improve a $asic service management system where the local governments play a leading role, with an integrated approach com$ining %nified management and different levels holding different responsi$ilities Scope and key areas of basic public services during the 12th FiveYear Plan period 01 Public education a) nine-year compulsory education free of charge; accommodation fees exempted in boarding schools in rural areas during the years of compulsory education; b) secondary vocational education free of charge for rural students, students from urban families in economic difficulties and students studying agriculture-related majors; c) subsidies provided to children from families in economic difficulties, orphaned and disabled children to receive pre-school education. 02 Employment service a) provide employment info, consultation, referral, labour mediation and arbitration services to urban and rural labourers free of charge; b) provide basic vocational training free of charge to unemployed people, rural migrant workers, the disabled people, and new labourers; c) provide employment assistance to people with employment difficulties and zero-employment families. 0 Social security

a) urban employees and residents to enjoy basic pension scheme, and rural residents to enjoy new countryside social pension scheme; b) urban employees and residents to enjoy basic medical insurance, and rural residents to enjoy new countryside cooperative medical scheme; c) urban employees to enjoy unemployment insurance, work injury insurance and maternity insurance; d) provide urban and rural residents living in economic difficulties with minimum living allowances, medical assistance, funeral and internet assistance and other services; e) provide welfare services to special groups of people including orphaned children, disabled people, households enjoying the five guarantees childless and infirm old persons who are guaranteed food, clothing, medical care, housing and burial expenses), and elderly seniors. 0! "edical and health service 0# Population and family planning 0$ %ousing security a) provide low-rent housing to urban low-income families with housing difficulties; b) provide public rental housing to urban lower-middle-income families with housing difficulties. 0& Public culture 0' (nfrastructure 0) Environmental protection 8 !nnovate the ways of s%pplying p%$lic service :eform the ways of s%pplying $asic p%$lic service, introd%ce a mechanism of competitionP Promote the mar#et1oriented reform of non1$asic p%$lic service, f%rther open %p mar#et access, enco%rage participation of social capital $y vario%s meansP !nsist on the people1oriented and service1oriented principles Discharge the government2s p%$lic service d%ty, improve the maintaining a$ility of government Grad%ally narrow the $asic p%$lic service gap $etween %r$an and r%ral areas Section 1 Establish and improve the basic public service system Clearly define the areas and standards of $asic p%$lic service, facilitate the improvement of p%$lic finance system, sec%re the expendit%re on $asic p%$lic service, and strengthen the system of performance eval%ation and administrative acco%nta$ility of $asic p%$lic service :easona$ly divide the management power of central and local governments !mprove the p%$lic service management system, which is led $y local government and com$ines centrali3ation and locali3ation Col%mn 1E Q ,he areas and #ey points of $asic p%$lic service d%ring the 18 th B1year plan period 1 8 ; D B P%$lic ed%cation Employment service *ocial sec%rity 4ealth and medical care Pop%lation and family planning

? E > H

4o%sing ass%rance P%$lic c%lt%re !nfrastr%ct%re Environmental protection

Section 2 (nnovate the provision methods of public service :eform the provision methods of $asic p%$lic service, introd%ce the competition mechanism, increase the amo%nt of p%rchased service, and diversify the types of service providers and service provision methods Facilitate the mar#et1oriented reform in the field of non1$asic p%$lic service, widen the mar#et access, enco%rage the participation of social capital thro%gh vario%s channels, strengthen the m%lti1level provision a$ilities, and meet the diversified demand of the people

Chapter ;1: !mplementing the strategy of =employment as priority= ,a#e promotion of employment as a priority for economic and social development5 improve the mechanism to com$ine self1selection of "o$s $y la$o%rers, employment reg%lation $y mar#et and employment promotion $y government5 create e7%al employment opport%nities5 improve employment 7%ality and strive to achieve f%ll employment 1 -dopt more active employment policies 8 *trengthen p%$lic employment service ; /%ild harmonio%s la$o%r relations Promotion of employment will $e highly prioriti3ed at the economic and social development agenda, reinforce an integrated mechanism of independent "o$1choosing, mar#et1reg%lated employment and government led employment, create e7%al "o$ opport%nities, raise the "o$ 7%ality and promote f%ll employment *rticle 1 (mplement a more active employment policy Develop la$or1intense and service ind%stry as well as small and micro si3e service ind%stry, adopt all possi$le meas%res to enlarge employment rate Esta$lish employment1friendly policies, s%ch as tax1red%ction, "o$ allowance, vocational training allowance, social sec%rity allowance, etc, strengthen employment of grad%ates, migrant wor#ers, and people with diffic%lty in %r$an areas Enco%rage self1 employment with a $etter developed micro1credit f%nd, financial allowance and in terms of operational space, and so on !mprove a system that promotes employment thro%gho%t $ig government1invested pro"ects Develop employment aid policy5 create more p%$lic1interest "o$s via vario%s channels Enco%rage international la$or cooperation *rticle 2 (mprove public service to promote employment Promote %nified, reg%lated and flexi$le 4%man :eso%rce mar#et, improve r%ral and %r$an employment service system, and reali3e a nation1wide employment information data$ase to provide 7%ality service to la$orer *et %p a vocational training system that

serves all la$orer !ncrease the vocational training capacity and level Enhance self1 employment training Develop %nemployment statistic a$ility in $oth r%ral and %r$an areas Esta$lish an %nemployment monitoring and early warning system, and start with employment needs forecast *rticle Establish harmonious labor relations

Coordinate the three1party la$or relation, promote the f%ll potential of government, la$or %nion and enterprise in terms of shaping a $enefit sharing system $etween enterprises and employees P%sh for la$or contract system in a comprehensive way and to a larger scale *trengthen the la$or law enforcement, develop the mechanism of la$or disp%te settlement, improve la$or disp%te mediation and ar$itration, intensify la$or sec%rity s%pervision and law enforcement efforts to ens%re the interests of wor#ers Chapter ;8: -ppropriately ad"%st income and distri$%tion &phold and improve the distri$%tion system where$y distri$%tion according to wor# is dominate and m%ltiple forms of distri$%tion exist side $y side Grad%ally raise the proportion of national income distri$%ted to individ%als, increase the proportion of wages in the primary distri$%tion of income and reverse the trend of a widening income gap grad%ally 1 Deepen reform of wage system !mprove the minim%m wage system and the wage g%ideline system !ncrease the minim%m wage standard *trengthen the d%al controls on total wages and wage scales in some ind%stries 8 !mprove the distri$%tion system to allow factors of prod%ction s%ch as la$or, capital, technology and managerial expertise to have a "%stified share according to their respective contri$%tion ; !mprove redistri$%tion ad"%stment mechanism -ccelerate the esta$lishment of the redistri$%tion ad"%stment mechanism $ased on taxation, social sec%rity and transfer payment :ed%ce the tax $%rden on low1 and middle1income people D :ectify and standardi3e the income distri$%tion system Protect legitimate income and $an illegal income :ectify the non1wage income and non1monetary welfare of *0Es, government organs and p%$lic instit%tions -ccelerate formation of a reasona$le and orderly income distri$%tion pattern5 strive to increase the proportion of resident income in the distri$%tion of national income5 grad%ally reverse the trend of widening income gap 1 Deepen the reform of salary system 8 !mprove the system to ta#e into acco%nt the #ey elements of capital, technology and management in distri$%tion !mprove a transparent, fair and e7%ita$le p%$lic reso%rces assignment system5 esta$lish a mechanism for all Chinese people to share the gains from assignment of p%$lic reso%rces incl%ding land, sea areas, forest and minerals5 gains from the assignment to $e mainly %sed for expendit%res on p%$lic services Enlarge the scope of state1owned assets gains that sho%ld $e handed in to the state5 increase the

percentage handed in, to $e incorporated into p%$lic finance Ens%re the d%e proportion of technical achievements in income distri$%tion Esta$lish and improve the system to determine salary according to operational and management performance, ris#s and responsi$ilities5 strictly standardise the income of managers, especially senior managers, of state1owned enterprises and financial instit%tions in which the state holds a controlling sta#e ; -ccelerate the improvement of re1distri$%tion ad"%stment mechanism -ccelerate improvement of the re1distri$%tion ad"%stment mechanism with taxation, social sec%rity and transfer payment as the #ey instr%ments D :ectify and standardise the order of income distri$%tion )%3ective: -ccelerate the formation of a reasona$le and orderly !ncomes Distri$%tion system Enlarge the portion of resident2s income in the distri$%tion of national income as well as the portion of la$or rem%neration in the initial distri$%tion -meliorate the excessive disparities in wealth and %nfair allocation and reverse the trend of a widening income gap 14 +eepening the wage system reform *trengthen the wage payment g%aranteeing system, raise the minim%m salary standard, Esta$lish the enterprise salary s%rvey system and the salary information distri$%tion system, :eform the payroll management approach in the state1owned enterprise and ad"%st the payroll and salary standard in some ind%stries aimed at red%cing the widening gaps $etween %r$an and r%ral areas and among different ind%stries Perfect wage system for p%$lic servant 24 Improve the importance of capital, technological and directorial factors in distri%&tion system Esta$lish p%$lic reso%rce 'forest, sea, land and mineral( reven%e national sharing system5 contri$%te the $enefits mainly to p%$lic service Contri$%te a larger scope and portion of state1owned capital incomes to fiscal reven%e Ens%re the technological achievement get deserving consideration in income distri$%tion Esta$lish a rational wage system and reg%late the income and mission expense of senior managers in state1owned enterprise and *tate1owned holding company 54 6ccelerate the improvement of incomes redistri%&tion mechanism -d"%st the personal income tax threshold and the personal income tax rate str%ct%re and enlarge the high1income gro%p2s tax -d"%st the fiscal expendit%re str%ct%re5 raise the expendit%re proportion for p%$lic service and social sec%rity, raise resident social incomes

74 8eg&late the distri%&tion order Perfect the law and reg%lations, strengthen the government management and the law enforcement to accelerate the esta$lishment of a transparent and fair incomes distri$%tion system Protect the legitimate income and $an illegitimate income, reg%late the divers incomes in addition to salary in p%$lic instit%tion and stated1owned enterprise *trengthen the Con1tax reven%e management, $an and reg%late divers2 administrative fee and government f%nds and accelerate the constr%ction of monitoring system Chapter ;;: !mprove the social sec%rity system which covered %r$an and r%ral residents )%3ective: *tic# to the strategy of social protection reform in China, nota$ly wide coverage, ens&red %asic %enefits, m&lti9levels and s&staina%ility -ccelerate the esta$lishment of social sec%rity system, which will cover $oth %r$an and r%ral residents, :aise the level of social ins%rances steadily

14 6ccelerate the improvement of social ins&rance system -chieve the f%ll coverage of the new r%ral social pension ins%rance scheme !mprove the pension ins%rance scheme for %r$an wor#ers and non1wor#ing %r$an residents 'reaching the $asic pension ins%rance at provincial pooling level5 reaching $asic pension f%nds at national pooling level and accomplishing the porta$ility of pension ins%rance ( Promote grad%ally the effective interfaceLlin# $etween %r$an and r%ral pension schemes !nitiate the reform of pension scheme for civil servants and staff of p%$lic agencies Develop the enterprise ann%ity and occ%pational pension !mprove the wor#ing in"%ry ins%rance scheme 'increasing coverage, raising $enefit level, esta$lishing an integrated wor#ing in"%ry ins%rance system covering prevention, compensation and reha$ilitation( !mprove %nemployment ins%rance and maternity ins%rance schemes /ring commercial ins%rance into play for its complementary role 24 $trengthen the esta%lishment of social assistance system !mprove the %r$an and r%ral minim%m living standard sec%rity systems !mprove the dynamic ad"%stment mechanism of minim%m living standard and increase the s%$sidy standard *trengthen the policy lin#s $etween the %r$an1r%ral minim%m living standards, minim%m wage, %nemployment ins%rance, and poverty red%ction :aise the s%pport level of r%ral five g%arantees *trengthen the special care and placement system !mproving nat%ral disaster system and temporary relief system 54 6ctive development of social welfare and philanthropy Enlarge grad%ally the scope and the $enefit level of social welfare sec%rity

!mprove social welfare service system $y com$ination of family, comm%nity and welfare agency *trengthen the welfare service for the disa$led and the orphan

*peed %p the development of philanthropy thro%gh raising awareness, developing charities and p%tting the tax preference policy for p%$lic welfare donations into effect

Chapter ;D: !mprove $asic health care system 1 8 ; D B ? *trengthen the $%ilding of p%$lic health service system *trengthen the $%ilding of %r$an and r%ral medical service system !mprove the medical ins%rance system !mprove the medicine s%pply system -ctively and steadily advance the reform of p%$lic hospitals *%pport the development of traditional Chinese medicine !ey medical and health projects "# $asic medical insurance system "% &ublic health service system "' (edical service system ") *raining basis for general practitioner doctors "+ ,pplication of information technology in medical and health system !n accordance with the re7%irements $asic protection, grassroots strengthening and mechanism $%ilding, we increase the government investment, deepen the reform of pharmace%tical and healthcare system, set %p and improve the $asic medical and health care system, speed %p the development of medical and health care, give a priority to meet the $asic medical and health of %r$an and r%ral residents 14 $trengthen the development of p&%lic health care system .e will improve the p%$lic health care networ# to prevent and control the o%t$rea# of ma"or diseases, increase the standard of average expendit%re on $asic p%$lic health services, expand the $asic national p%$lic health service programme, implement ma"or p%$lic health pro"ects, strengthen the prevention and control of ma"or comm%nica$le diseases as well as chronic, occ%pational, endemic and mental illness and enhance o%r capacity to respond to p%$lic health emergencies .e will grad%ally complete the constr%ction of health service networ# in r%ral areas, move toward %niversal access to health ed%cation, implement the national health plan and ma#e people f%lly aware of no smo#ing in p%$lic ,he electronic health record will $e p%t in place for E@A of %r$an and r%ral residents ,he mortality rate of pregnant and post1natal women will $e decreased to 88L 1@@,@@@, the mortality rate of infant will $e decreased to 18R 24 $trengthen the constr&ction of medical service system in &r%an and r&ral areas4

,o have the co%nty hospitals play the leading role, township and village hospitals serve as a $asis, we will strengthen the constr%ction of the three tiered co%nty, township and village health service networ# in r%ral areas !mprove the new type of %r$an medical service system $ased on the comm%nity health service, increase medical care reso%rces in favo%r of r%ral areas and %r$an comm%nities -ccelerate the comprehensive innovation of primary medical care %nit, set %p m%lti1channel s%$sidies to facilitate a new operating mechanism .e will $%ild %p the ran#s of $asic medical service staffs, with the emphasis on c%ltivation of the general medical practitioner, perfect the incentive policies for them to wor# in grassroot level, the share of the general medical practitioner will reach @ 8 per 1@@@ persons .e will press forward the grading treatment and two way transfers system to create a sit%ation in which all #inds of %r$an and r%ral medical instit%tions can $enefit from division of la$or and coordination of wor# .e will improve the regional health planning, enco%rage and g%ide the nongovernmental investors to esta$lish medical instit%tions in order to form a diversified hospital r%nning system 54 Improve medical ins&rance system .e will improve the $asic medical ins%rance system covering %r$an and r%ral residents, promote the development of $asic medical ins%rance systems for %r$an wor#ers and residents, new type of cooperative medical care system in r%ral areas and medical assistance Grad%ally increase the f%nd raising standard, level of g%arantee and minimi3e the gap of %r$an medical ins%rance and r%ral cooperative medical care !ncrease the maxim%m payment and in1patient pay scale of medical ins%rance systems for %r$an wor#ers and residents and new type of cooperative medical care system in r%ral areas to promote o%t1patient management .e will wor# o%t methods for connecting each system, integrate reso%rces and raise the level of management step $y setp, reali3e the transformation and contin%ity of the medical ins%rance and remote settlement of expenses for medical treatment .e will promote immediate settlement of $asic medical expenses and innovate the means of payment Commercial medical ins%rance will $e actively developed the as a s%pplementary to the medical ins%rance system 74 Improve the dr&g s&pply g&arantee system .e will p%t in place a so%nd system to g%arantee s%pplies of $asic dr%gs $ased on the national system .e will f%lly implement the national system for $asic dr%gs at the primary level and grad%ally e7%ip to its %tmost and preferentially %se the $asic dr%gs in other medical instit%tions Esta$lish dynamic list ad"%stment system of $asic dr%gs, improve the systems of $oth price formation and dynamic ad"%stment, and increase the act%al reim$%rsement level *trengthen the dr%g prod%cing oversight, overha%l the distri$%tion order of the dr%gs, standardi3e the concentrated dr%g proc%rement and dr%g safety of medical instit%tions B -ctively yet pr%dently p%sh forward the reforms of the p%$lic hospital -dhered to the non1profit nat%re of the p%$lic hospital, we will actively explore the effective ways that instit%tions stop performing government f%nctions, that s%pervision $e separated from day to day operations, that healthcare $e separated from pharmacy and that for profit instit%tions $e separated from non1profit ones

-ccelerate administrative system of modern hospital, esta$lish scientific and reasona$le system for selecting and employing personnel and system for distri$%tion :eform the s%$sidy system for p%$lic hospital and actively press forward the reform on means of payment !n light of patient centred spirit, we will strongly improve the internal management of p%$lic hospital, optimi3e the service process, and standardi3e the diagnosis and treatment in order to ma#e it convenient for comm%nities -dvance the system where$y the registered doctors are allowed to wor# in more than one practice, esta$lish standardi3ed training system for residents, close attention sho%ld $e paid to mo$ili3e the activity of medical staff :4 $&pport the development of Traditional Chinese ;edicine4 .e will attach e7%al importance to ,raditional Chinese 6edicine and .estern 6edicine, develop the f%nctions of treatment and preventive health care of ,raditional Chinese 6edicine and advance its inheritance and innovation, we will also pay greater attention to the development of ethnic minorities medicines .e will strengthen the instit%tion constr%ction and h%man reso%rce development, strengthen the reso%rce protection, research and exploration and reasona$le %tili3ation, p%sh forward 7%ality certification and standard form%lation ,raditional Chinese 6edicine sho%ld $e enco%raged to provide and ma#e %se of the medical sec%rity policy and essential dr%gs policy

Col%mn 1> #ey areas of pharmace%tical and healthcare @1 $asic medical ins%rance system @8 p%$lic health service system @; medical service system @D ,raining $ase for general medical practitioner @B pharmace%tical and healthcare informationi3ation Chapter ;B: !mprove constr%ction of afforda$le ho%ses Com$ine government control with mar#et reg%lation5 accelerate improvement of ho%sing mechanism and policy system that are in line with the national conditions5 grad%ally form a ho%sing s%pply and demand pattern feat%ring s%$stantially $alanced total aggregates, reasona$le str%ct%re, harmonisation $etween ho%sing prices and cons%mption capa$ilities5 achieve the goal that everyone has a home to live in 1 !mprove ho%sing s%pply system 8 !ncrease the s%pply of low1income ho%sing ; !mprove the real estate mar#et reg%lation Persist in the com$ination of the government control and the mar#et reg%lation, to perfect the ho%sing mechanism and the policy system that applies to the Chinese condition Grad%ally set %p a ho%sing demand 1 and 1 s%pply pattern %nder which the gross is $alanced in general, the str%ct%re is reasona$le in general, the ho%sing price

and the cons%mption capacity adapt in general, so as to reali3e the ho%sing ass%rance for the p%$lic $ection 1 Perfect the <o&sing $&pplying system -im at ass%ring the $asic needs, direct the reasona$le cons%mption, accelerate the esta$lishment of the ho%sing demand 1 and 1 s%pply system in which the $asic ass%rance are provided mainly $y the government while the demand of m%lti1level are filled mainly $y the mar#et itself For the low1income families with ho%sing diffic%lties in town, to practice the low1price renting mechanism, for the lower1 middle1income families with ho%sing diffic%lties, to practice the p%$lic renting mechanism, for the %p1middle1income families with ho%sing diffic%lties, to practice the mechanism that com$ine the renting and p%rchasing of the commercial ho%se Esta$lish and perfect the ho%sing standard system which is commercial, adapta$le, environmental friendly and reso%rces saving, advocate the cons%mption model that applies to the domestic condition $ection 2 /nhance the s&pply of the afforda%le ho&se *trengthen the governmental responsi$ility, p%t more effort on the constr%ction of the afforda$le ho%sing pro"ect, $asically release the s%pply deficiency of the afforda$le ho%se Collect the low1price renting ho%se reso%rces from m%lti1channel, perfect the renting s%$sidy mechanism Give priority to the development of the p%$lic renting ho%se, grad%ally ma#e it the main $ody of the afforda$le ho%se -ccelerate the reconstr%ction of the shanty towns *tandardi3e the development of the afforda$le ho%se Esta$lish a sta$le investment mechanism, enhance the s%pport of the fiscal f%nd, the ho%se f%nd loan and the $an# loan, steer the p%$lic participation and the constr%ction of the afforda$le ho%se *trengthen the management of the afforda$le ho%se, ma#e a "%st, open and transparent policy and s%pervision proced%re, strictly follow the standard for access, retreat and charge $ection 5 Improve the mar0et control for the real estate F%rther f%lfil the local government=s responsi$ility and the acco%nta$ility system, $ring it into the development goal of vario%s regions that to ens%re $asic ho%sing, sta$ili3e the ho%se price and intensify the mar#et monitoring, provincial governments ta#e the overall responsi$ility while the governments at m%nicipal and co%nty level ta#e the direct responsi$ility Perfect the land s%pplying policy, increase the land gross for ho%sing, give priority to the arrangement of the afforda$le ho%sing land , effectively expand the s%pply of the general commercial ho%se *peed %p the form%lation of the $asic ho%sing ass%rance law, modify the %r$an real estate management law and relevant reg%lations, perfect the ho%sing f%nd mechanism, reinforce the management and expand the coverage !ntensify the mar#et s%pervision, standardi3e the order of the real estate mar#et *peed %p the constr%ction of the ho%sing information system, improve the information p%$lication system Chapter ;?: Comprehensively carry o%t pop%lation wor# Control the pop%lation si3e, improve the health of the people, optimi3e pop%lation str%ct%re, and promote the s%staina$le and $alanced development of the people Section 1 Strengthen the family planning service

!nsist on the $asic state policies of family planning, grad%ally improve related policies !mprove the preferential policy system for families o$eying the family planning r%les !ncrease family development capacity !ncrease the amo%nt of s%$sidies for families o$eying the family planning r%les, expanding the $eneficiary gro%ps and esta$lishing the dynamic ad"%stment mechanism Contin%o%sly promote the constr%ction of pop%lation and family planning service systems, expand the service scope Comprehensively c%r$ the trend of expanding sex ratio of the newly1 $orn *trengthen the meas%res to prevent the newly1$orn deformity pro$lems *trengthen the management of family planning service to floating pop%lation Section 2 Promote the overall development of the +omen !nsist on the $asic state policies of gender e7%ality, implement the women2s development planning, sec%re the legal interests and rights of the women Promote the employment and entreprene%rship of the women, improve the women2s capacity to contri$%te to economic development and social management *trengthen the la$or protection, social welfare, health care, poverty relief and poverty red%ction, and legal assistance for women !mprove the gender statistics system, improve the development environment for women Crac# down the crimes of violence against women and a$d%cting and traffic#ing women Section Ensure the priority of the development of the children

!nsist on the policy of the priority of the children, implement the Children development o%tline, protect children=s rights to s%rvival, development, $eiing protected and the right to participation !mprove the environment of the growth of the children, enhance the welfare of the children, eliminate the discrimination against girls, and endeavor to safeg%ard their healthy growth physically and psychologically *trengthen children=s elementary ed%cation and social $ehavior ed%cation Effectively resolve some remar#a$le pro$lems concerning left1$ehind children, orphans, disa$led children and migrant children Crac# down crimes s%ch as child traffic#ing, a$andonment, etc Section ! *ctively tackle the aging of population Esta$lish the social service system for the elderly involving family, comm%nities and service provider instit%tions -ccelerate the development of social care service for elderly, c%ltivate and strengthen service ind%stries for the elderly, strengthen the p%$lic welfare facilities for aged care, enco%rage the social capital to develop the n%rsing organi3ation for elderly Expand social service from $asic daily life care to medical and healthy care, aids facilities, spirit%al comfort, law service and emergency aids !ncrease the facilities in the elderly activity centre in the comm%nities Develop and %tili3e the elderly h%man reso%rces Section ! *ccelerate the development of industries for people +ith disabilities !mprove the social sec%rity system and social service system for disa$ilities5 provide the sta$le policy sec%rity protection to the life and of people with disa$ilities !mplement the foc%s reha$ilitation and pro"ect, implement the %rgency resc%e reha$ilitation pro"ect for people with development care service people with

disa$ilities $etween the age of @ to ?, promote the <every$ody has reha$ilitation service< -ctively carry o%t the employment service for people with disa$ilities and vocational training !mprove the assistance and s%pport service in life care and the prod%ction wor# for people with disa$ilities in r%ral area Diversify the life of people with disa$ilities in c%lt%re and sports aspects Facilitate the $arrier1free environment development Design and implement the national action plan of disa$ility prevention, effectively control the occ%rrence and deterioration of the disa$ility Col%mn 1H -ction Plan for improving people2s well$eing 1 8 ; D B ? E > H 1@ Expand the employment scale in $oth r%ral and %r$an areas !ncrease the minim%m salary level !ncrease the pension $enefit level !ncrease the medical care $enefit level !ncrease the minim%m living allowance level in $oth r%ral and %r$an areas Decrease the amo%nt of r%ral pop%lation $elow the poverty line Jighten the taxation $%rden of the resident !mplement the %r$an ho%sing pro"ect for low1income families !mprove the employment and social sec%rity service system !ncrease the expendit%re of state1owned capital reven%e on people2s well$ein

Control the pop%lation si3e, improve the 7%ality of the people, optimise the pop%lation str%ct%re and promote long1term and $alanced development of pop%lation 1 Enhance family planning services 8 Promote comprehensive development of women ; Ens%re children2s development as a priority D -ctively address the aging of pop%lation B -ccelerate the development of the ca%se for the disa$led people 6ction plan for improving people=s livelihood 01 /(pand &r%an and r&ral employment Create H million new "o$s on average each year in %r$an areas5 transfer > million r%ral la$o%r force ann%ally ,he rate of signing la$o%r contracts $y enterprises to reach H@A5 the rate of signing collective employment contracts to reach >@A 02 Increase the minim&m wage standard 6inim%m wage standard to increase $y no less than 1;A on average each year ,he minim%m wage standard in vast ma"ority of areas to reach no less than D@A of the average wage of the local %r$an employees 05 Improve the pension scheme standard -chieve nationwide coordination of $asic pension f%nd for %r$an employees !ncrease the n%m$er of %r$an residents newly enrolled in the pension ins%rance scheme $y 1@@ million people *teadily increase the $asic pension received $y %r$an employees5 %r$an non1employed residents a$ove the age of ?@ to en"oy $asic pension -chieve f%ll coverage of new co%ntryside social pension scheme, and increase the standard of $asic pension

07 Improve the standard of medical ins&rance !ncrease the n%m$er of %r$an and r%ral residents newly enrolled in the $asic medical ins%rance scheme $y ?@ million people *teadily increase the level of s%$sidies from fiscal $%dget to the $asic medical ins%rance scheme and the new co%ntryside cooperative medical scheme5 the percentage of payment covered $y the medical ins%rance f%nd within policy scope to increase to over E@A 05 Increase the &r%an and r&ral minim&m living standards !ncrease the minim%m living standards for %r$an and r%ral residents $y over 1@A on average each year 0: 8ed&ce the n&m%er of r&ral pop&lation living in poverty !ncrease the inp%t in poverty alleviation5 steadily increase the standard of poverty alleviation5 and s%$stantially red%ce the n%m$er of pop%lation living in poverty 0> C&t ta(es for residents !ncrease the personal income and wage tax ded%ction threshold, and reasona$ly ad"%st the tax rate str%ct%re for personal income tax in the early phase of the 18th Five1Year period5 esta$lish and improve the personal income tax system feat%ring com$ination of integration and classification in the middle and late phase of the 18th Five1Year period 0? Implement the ho&sing pro3ect for low9income &r%an residents Constr%ct and renovate ;? million apartments for %r$an low1income families5 the coverage of low1income ho%sing to reach 8@A nationwide Co less than 1@A of the net income from land assignment to $e %sed for constr%ction of low1income ho%sing and renovation of %nits in r%n1down areas 0@ Improve the employment and social sec&rity service system :einforce the $%ilding of service facilities for p%$lic employment, social sec%rity, la$o%r !nspection, mediation and ar$itration services Promote the %se of social sec%rity all1in1one card ,he n%m$er of standard social sec%rity ins%rance cards iss%ed nationwide to reach >@@ million, covering ?@A of the pop%lation 10 Increase the proportion of the state9owned assets gains spent on people=s livelihood Enlarge the scope of state1owned assets gains that sho%ld $e handed in to the state5 steadily increase the percentage collected from the state1owned assets gains, with the incremental part mainly %sed for expendit%res on people2s livelihood s%ch as social sec%rity

Aey indicators of economic and social development d&ring the 12th "ive9Bear Plan period -xcerpt on people.s livelihood) Indicator 2010 2015 6verage ann&al growth rate EA Expected DA Expected 'acc%m%lative fig%re over B years( S EA S EA Expected Expected Expected

/conomic development 1 GDP 'trillion y%an( ;H > 1 &r$anisation rate 'A( DE BA People=s livelihood 1 Per capita disposa$le 1H1@H income of %r$an residents 'y%an( 1 Per capita net income BH1H of r%ral residents 'y%an( 1 :egistered %r$an D 1A %nemployment rate 'A( 1 C%m$er of new "o$s in %r$an areas

BB > B1 BA

S 8?>1@ S >;1@ T BA

DB,@@@,@@@ people Expected 'acc%m%lative fig%re over B years( 1 C%m$er of %r$an 8BE million ;BE million 1A /inding residents enrolled in $asic people people 'acc%m%lative fig%re pension scheme over B years( 1 :ate of enrolment in ;A /inding $asic medical ins%rance 'acc%m%lative fig%re in %r$an and r%ral areas over B years( 'A( 1 C%m$er of low1 ;? million %nits /inding income apartments $%ilt 'acc%m%lative fig%re in %r$an areas '%nits( over B years( 1 ,otal pop%lation 1 ;D1 $illion T 1 ;H T E 8R /inding $illion 1 -verage life E; B ED B 1 year Expected expectancy 'years of age( 'acc%m%lative fig%re over B years( / *arget is set to increase the income of urban and rural residents at a rate no lower than that of the 01& growth. 1uring implementation, we should strive to achieve the same pace of growth with economic development.

Part IC: C&re the symptoms and the roots, strengthen and innovate social management -dapt to the new environment with profo%nd changes in the economic system, social str%ct%re, interest pattern and mode of thin#ing5 innovate the mechanism of social

management system5 strengthen social management capacity $%ilding, $%ild and improve the social management system with Chinese characteristics, and ens%re that the society is f%ll of vitality, harmony and sta$ility Chapter ;E: !nnovate social management instit%tion 1 !mprove social management str%ct%re Play the leading role of government, strengthen its f%nction of social management and p%$lic service, constr%ct service government5 play the coordination role of people2s organi3ation, grassroots a%tonomo%s organi3ation, vario%s social organi3ations and enterprises, promote the standardi3ation, profession, sociali3ation and legali3ation of social management 6o$ili3e the organi3e the p%$lic to participate the social management orderly, foster the citi3en awareness, reali3e self management, service and development !nnovate social management system *trengthen the management of the origin, dynamic management and crisis respond system Pay more attention to the constr%ction of people2s well$eing, e7%al comm%nication and cons%ltation, and the capacity of responding to emergencies

1 !mprove the social management pattern !mprove the social management pattern which feat%res the Party ta#ing the leadership, the government ass%ming the responsi$ility 'service1oriented government(, the society 'social organisations, enterprises and p%$lic instit%tions( providing colla$orative s%pport and the p%$lic engaged in orderly participation 8 !nnovate the social management mechanism -ccelerate $%ilding of the social management mechanism which com$ines tac#ling iss%es at their so%rce, dynamic management and emergency response: ,ac#ling iss%es at their so%rce Q p%t more foc%s on people2s livelihood and system $%ilding, adhering to scientific, democratic and law1$ased decision ma#ing, avoiding and red%cing occ%rrence of social iss%es Dynamic management Q p%t more foc%s on e7%al comm%nication and cons%ltation, addressing lawf%l and reasona$le appeals from the p%$lic, timely resolving social conflicts Emergency response Q p%t more foc%s on $%ilding emergency response capacity, effectively addressing and properly handling %nexpected p%$lic incidents, increase harmonio%s elements while dissolve negative elements, and $ring o%t vitality of the society Chapter ;>: !ntensify the a%tonomy and service f%nction of %r$an and r%ral comm%nity 1 !mprove the management str%ct%re of comm%nity *trengthen the a%tonomo%s system %nder the leadership of the Party, achieve positive interaction $etween government administrative management and p%$lic a%tonomy *trengthen the constr%ction of comm%nity committee of %r$an1r%ral connection areas, agglomeration areas of floating pop%lation 8 Constr%ct the platform for social management and service G%ided $y the p%$lic needs, integrate the management f%nction and service reso%rces of pop%lation, employment, social sec%rity, civil affairs, health, c%lt%ral, maintaining sta$ility

and petition !mprove the service and management of floating pop%lation 1 !mprove the governance str%ct%re of comm%nities !mprove the system of grass1roots mass self1governance %nder the leadership of comm%nity Party organisations5 advance the comm%nity residents2 democratic management of comm%nity affairs and p%$lic welfare esta$lishments according to law5 achieve effective connection and so%nd interaction $etween government administration and grass1roots mass self1governance !mprove the system of comm%nity neigh$o%rhood committeesP actively develop comm%nity service, p%$lic welfare and m%t%al assistance social organisationsPg%ide vario%s #inds of social organisations and vol%nteers to participate in comm%nity management and service Enco%rage innovation of social management and service mode that s%it local circ%mstances 8 /%ild comm%nity management and service platform !mprove the grass1roots management and service system5 P extend the $asic p%$lic services f%nctionP *tandardise and develop professional service agencies s%ch as comm%nity service stations to effectively %nderta#e tas#s assigned $y grass1roots government a%thorities P !ntegrate management f%nctions and service reso%rces in s%ch areas as pop%lation, employment, social sec%rity, civil affairs, health, c%lt%re as well as comprehensive management, maintaining sta$ility and handling complaints P *trengthen management of services to floating pop%lation &lan to enhance the service capacities of urban and rural communities "# $uild a comprehensive community service platform "% ,pplication of information technology in communities "' $uild human talents for community service 2mplement a plan for +"",""" university students to serve in urban and rural communities 3 *he number of registered community volunteers to account for over #"4 of the resident population. Chapter ;H: *trengthen the constr%ction of social organi3ations 1 Foster the development of social organi3ations Esta$lish the management system, prioriti3e the development of economic, charity, and comm%nity social organi3ation !mprove the s%pporting policies, promote the government to transfer f%nctions to social organi3ations, open more p%$lic reso%rces and fields 8 *trengthen the s%pervision and management of social organi3ation -ttach e7%al importance to c%ltivation, development, management and s%pervision5 promote healthy and orderly development of social organisations5 $ring into play their f%nctions of providing services, reflecting appeals and standardising $ehavio%r 1 Promote development of social organisations Prioritise development of economic, p%$lic charity, %r$an and r%ral comm%nity social organisations5 promote reform and development of ind%stry associations and cham$ers of commerce 8 *trengthen s%pervision of social organisations Chapter D@: !mprove the mechanism of protecting p%$lic interests 1 Expanding the channels for expressing p%$lic opinions !mprove the p%$lic

hearing and expert cons%ltation system of p%$lic decision1ma#ing process !mprove the petition system, stress the collection and feed$ac# of p%$lic opinion, play the expression f%nction of people2s organi3ation, trade association and media, actively respond to p%$lic concern !mprove the meditation mechanism to social contradictions Esta$lish the ris# eval%ation system for ma"or pro"ects and ma"or policies

*trengthen and improve a mechanism to safeg%ard the people2s rights and interests with the Party and the government playing a leading role5 form scientific and effective mechanisms of interest coordination, expression of interest appeals, conflict conciliation, and rights protection5 effectively safeg%ard the lawf%l rights and interests of the people 1 Expand channels to reflect social conditions and express p%$lic opinion !mprove the system of #eeping the p%$lic informed and %nderta#ing p%$lic hearings, expert cons%ltation and de$ate d%ring the p%$lic decision1ma#ing process5 expand p%$lic participation !mprove the mechanism for petition wor#, pay attention to collection of p%$lic opinion and information feed$ac#, effectively implement the system of officials receiving visits and handling letters from the p%$lic /ring into play the f%nction of p%$lic organisations, ind%stry associations and the media to express social interests5 $ring into play the role of the internet as a new channel for reflecting social conditions and expressing p%$lic opinion5 actively and proactively respond to social concerns 8 !mprove the mechanism for social conflicts mediation !mprove the leadership and coordination, screening and fore1warning, co%nselling, mediation and handling mechanisms to resolve social conflicts *trengthen the "oint action of p%$lic, administrative and "%dicial mediation5 "oin vario%s forces to effectively prevent and resolve social conflicts arising from la$o%r disp%tes, land expropriation and ho%se demolition, environmental protection, food and dr%g safety, $%siness restr%ct%ring and $an#r%ptcy Esta$lish a social sta$ility ris# assessment mechanism for #ey pro"ects and ma"or policy form%lation !mprove the mass wor# system5 rely on grass1root Party organisations, ind%stry management organisations and people2s self1governance organisations, f%ll into f%ll play the f%nctions of trade %nions, Comm%nist Yo%th Jeag%e and women2s federation, "oin forces to safeg%ard the rights and interests of the people, ta#e into acco%nt p%$lic concerns from all aspects, and actively resolve social conflicts Chapter D1: *trengthen the constr%ction of p%$lic sec%rity system 1 *afeg%ard the sec%rity of food and dr%gs 8 *trict management on safe prod%ction ; !mprove the emergency responding system D !mprove p%$lic sec%rity P%sh forward the esta$lishment of a p%$lic sec%rity system that com$ines proactive prevention and control and emergency response, and integrates traditional and modern approaches 1 Ens%re food and dr%g safety 8 ,ighten %p safe prod%ction management ; !mprove emergency response system D !mprove social p%$lic order control system

P Esta$lish a national $asic information data$ase of pop%lation *trengthen settlement, relief, help, ed%cation, management and medical assistance for special gro%ps of the pop%lation5 strengthen rectification on the wea# lin#s and #ey areas of p%$lic sec%rity Enhance intelligence information, prevention and control, and rapid reaction capa$ilities, improve the a$ility to ens%re p%$lic sec%rity and social order P Part C: Inherit and innovate, promoting the %ig development and prospero&s of c&lt&re Chapter D8: !mproving the civili3ation and 7%ality of all nation Chapter D;: Promote c%lt%ral innovation Chapter DD: Promote prospero%s development of c%lt%ral %nderta#ing and c%lt%ral ind%stry Part CI: 8eform in diffic&lt areas, improving socialism instit&tion of mar0et economy Chapter DB: -dhere and improve $asic economic system &phold and improve the $asic economic system, with p%$lic ownership playing a dominant role and diverse forms of ownership developing side $y side, and create an instit%tional environment %nder which economic entities %nder all forms of ownership %se factors of prod%ction e7%ally in accordance with the law, engage in fair competition in the mar#et, and en"oy e7%al legal protection 1 Deepen the reform of state owned enterprises Channel state capital into ind%stries pertinent to national sec%rity and economy thro%gh discretionary and rational capital in"ection or withdrawal 0verall listing shall $e achieved for large *0Es that get the re7%isite 7%alifications Jarge *0Es that are not a$le to $e listed shall p%t forward the reform of diversity of e7%ities Jarge *0Es that shall remain solely f%nded $y the *tate shall carry o%t corporate system reform P%t forward the reform in the salt and railway ind%stries Deepen reforms of the power, telecomm%nication, petrole%m, civil aviation and p%$lic facilities ind%stries 8 0ptimi3e state owned capital management system &phold the separation of the f%nctions of government as p%$lic administrator and state1owned assets investors Promote "%stified distri$%tion of state owned assets yields ; *%pport and g%ide the development of the non1p%$lic economy *%pport and g%ide private capital to enter the ind%stries and sectors that are not for$idden $y laws and reg%lations !t is not allowed to set additional conditions for private capital with regard to mar#et access *%pport non1p%$lic enterprises to participate in the reform of state owned enterprises Chapter D?: Promote administrative reform *ection 1 *peed %p the transformation of government f%nction -ccelerate the separation of the f%nctions of the government from those of enterprises, state assets management a%thorities, p%$lic instit%tions and mar#et1$ased intermediaries :ed%ce government intervention in microeconomic activities

Contin%e to optimi3e government str%ct%re, administrative levels and civil service :ed%ce administrative costs, resol%tely advance reforms of greater departments with integrated f%nctions -ddress the pro$lems of overlapping organi3ations and f%nctions and conflicting policies from different departments Explore the system of provinces directly governing co%nties 'cities( where conditions are ade7%ate *ection 8 *trengthen scientific and democratic decision1ma#ing mechanism *olicit opinions on a extensive $asis with regard to ma"or policy decisions concerning the overall economic and social development *ection ; *trengthen the system of government performance assessment and administrative acco%nta$ility *ection D *tep %p the restr%ct%ring of different categories of p%$lic instit%tions Promote the reform of p%$lic instit%tions in the field of science and technology, ed%cation, c%lt%re, p%$lic health and sports Esta$lish a so%nd legal person governance str%ct%re in the enterprises transformed from p%$lic int%itions Chapter DE: -ccelerate fiscal and taxation system reform -ctively esta$lish a fiscal taxation system that is $eneficial to the transformation of the economic system *ection 1 Deepen the fiscal system reform -ccording to the re7%irements of financial reso%rces of governments in line with their respective powers, on the $asis of rational definition of respective powers, financial administration among government at all levels shall $e f%rther organi3ed !mprove transfer payments system, and increase the scope and proportion of general transfer payments, esp e7%ali3ation transfer payments *trengthen g%aranteed $asic s%pply of financial service $y government at co%nty level Esta$lish a so%nd local government de$t management system and explore the possi$ility of iss%ing local government $onds *ection 8 !mprove $%dget management system !mprove p%$lic finance $%dgets 6a#e $%dgets for government managed f%nds more detailed Esta$lish a so%nd $%dget for the state capital operations !mprove $%dget implementation system *ection ; :eform and improve tax system Expend the scope of val%e added tax, and red%ce $%siness taxes !mprove personal income tax system ,ransform administrative fees to taxes Promote reform in reso%rce taxes and farmland %se tax Promote reform on property tax Chapter D>: Deepen the financial system reform *ection 1 Deepen reform of the financial instit%tions

*trengthen internal management and ris# management Deepen the reform of the Cational Development /an#, press ahead with the reform of Export1!mport /an# of China and China Export G Credit !ns%rance Cooperation, advance the reform of -gric%lt%re /an# of China, and the reform of Postal *avings /an# of China Esta$lish deposit ins%rance system Press ahead with the commerciali3ed transition of the financial asset management companies *ection 8 Press ahead with the esta$lishment of the system of m%ltilevel financial mar#ets !mprove the la%nch of the second $oard Expend the scope of the *,-:* pilots Promote the development of the 0ver the Co%nter 6ar#et Explore the possi$ility of la%nching the international $oard 6ove forward with asset sec%riti3ation *ection ; !mprove financial control mechanism !mprove the mar#et1$ased managed floating exchange rate regime Press ahead with the reform of the foreign exchange management system Expend the scope of cross1 $order y%an trade P%sh forward :6/ capital acco%nt converti$ility !mprove the management of foreign exchange reserve, expend the scale and increase the yields *ection D Enhance financial reg%lation Esta$lish cross1$oarder, cross1mar#et financial reg%lation r%les *trengthen s%pervision on the systemically important financial instit%tions '*!F!s( Participate in the amendment to international financial standards Chapter DH: Deepen the reform of price of reso%rce prod%cts and fees for environmental protection Develop a so%nd, flexi$le mechanism for setting prices for reso%rce prod%cts capa$le of reflecting s%pply and demand in the mar#et, reso%rce scarcity, and the cost of environmental damage *ection 1 !mprove the mechanism for setting prices for reso%rce prod%cts Press ahead with progressive pricing for ho%sehold electricity and water cons%mption 6a#e the price ratio of nat%ral gas to alternative energy so%rces more reasona$le *ection 8 Carry forward the reform of environmental protection charges *ection ; Esta$lish a so%nd reso%rce property rights exchange mechanism Part CII: ;&t&al %eneficial and win9win, improving the opening &p China m%st adapt to a more $alanced growth model, in which we place e7%al stress on imports, exports, attracting foreign capital and promoting o%t$o%nd investments, instead of the c%rrent dependence on exports and foreign capital .e m%st implement more active strategies for )opening %p+ and %nceasingly explore the new areas of

reform .e will expand and deepen the convergence of interests for all parties .e m%st adapt the system to a demand1$ased economic model and effectively prevent ris#s in order to promote development, reform and innovation Chapter B@: !mprove regional opening %p pattern China will contin%e the expansion of )opening %p+ policies and coordinate the opening %p of coastal, inland and $ordering areas to achieve a m%t%ally $eneficial and $alanced pattern of )opening %p+ *ection one: Deepen the )opening %p+ of the coastal areas .e will change the foc%s of the +opening %p+ of coastal areas from international man%fact%ring to research and development, advanced man%fact%ring and services ,hese areas will pioneer and internationali3e the adaption of administrative management systems to achieve international competitiveness .e will also p%sh for a f%rther )opening %p+ of the service sector, promote the development of international trade in services, and attract foreign investment in the service sector !n this, we will deepen the )opening %p+ of the special economic areas of *hen3hen and other cities, *hanghai P%dong Cew -rea and ,ian"in /inhai Cew -rea .e will speed %p the internationali3ation of *hanghai as a centre for finance, shipping, and trade *ection two: Expand the )opening %p+ of inland areas ,he +opening %p+ of inland areas will depend on central cities, %r$an cl%sters and vario%s investment and development 3ones .e will ma#e %se of nat%ral reso%rces and the comparative advantages of la$o%r, optimi3e the investment environment, and expand the %se of )leading ind%stries+ for foreign investors !nland areas m%st actively adapt to the migration of international man%fact%ring enterprises and coastal ind%stries toward inland areas5 inland areas m%st c%ltivate and develop a n%m$er of $ases for international man%fact%ring and service contracting .e will drive ahead the )opening %p+ of Chong7ing2s )Jiang"ing Cew -rea + *ection ;: *peeding %p the )opening %p+ of $order areas !n order to develop $order areas, we will ma#e %se of these areas2 regional advantages and form%late and implement special )opening %p+ policies .e will speed %p the constr%ction of #ey ports, $order cities, $order 'and cross1$order( economic cooperation 3ones and #ey development and experimental 3ones .e will enhance the infrastr%ct%re and connection with the neigh$o%ring co%ntries and develop )special o%tward ind%stries+ and ind%strial $ases 4eilong"iang, Milin, Jiaoning and !nner 6ongolia will $e #ey in o%r )opening %p+ to Corth East -sia5 9in"iang will serve as a $ase for o%r )opening %p+ %p the .est5 G%angxi will $e a new )highland+ for cooperation with -*E-C5 Y%nnan will $e $%ilt into a $ridge for )opening %p+ to the *o%th1.est .e will also contin%o%sly improve the level of )opening %p+ along the coastal areas Chapter B1: 0ptimi3e foreign trade str%ct%re China will contin%e the efforts to sta$ili3e and expand foreign demand .e will speed %p the transformation of foreign trade and promote the transformation of

foreign trade development from vol%me1increasing to 7%ality improving and profit increasing5 we will compete with comprehensive advantages instead of cost advantages *ection one: C%rt%ring a new competitive advantage for export .hile maintaining the c%rrent advantage in export mar#ets we will also speed %p the n%rt%ring of new advantages $ased on technology, $randing, 7%ality and service .e will improve the 7%ality and class of la$o%r1intensive export prod%cts, expand the export of electronic machinery and high1tech prod%cts, strictly limit the export of prod%cts that re7%ire wastef%l %se of energy and reso%rces, and lead to high levels of poll%tion .e will optimi3e policy meas%res to promote the transition from processing trade to :GD, design, man%fact%ring of the #ey components and logistics etc, to extend the val%e1added chain in China .e will optimi3e the special s%pervisory policy and f%nction of the C%stoms, to enco%rage the centrali3ation of the processing trade into the C%stoms special s%pervisory area .e enco%rage enterprises to $%ild %p international sales channels to increase their a$ility to expand international mar#et shares .e will actively develop emerging mar#ets and promote the diversification of the export mar#et *ection 8: !mproving the comprehensive effect of imports .e will optimi3e the str%ct%re of imports, actively expand imports of advanced technology, #ey components, domestically rare reso%rces and energy1conservation and environmental protective prod%cts .e will expand the import of cons%mer goods to a reasona$le degree and ma#e %se of the important macro1economic $alancing and str%ct%re1ad"%sting role of imports and optimi3e the str%ct%re of trade payments .e will ma#e f%ll %se of the attractiveness and infl%ence of China2s h%ge mar#et and promote the diversity of import so%rces .e will optimi3e the controlling mechanism of the import and export for #ey agric%lt%ral prod%cts in order to %se international reso%rces effectively *ection three: Kigoro%s development of trade in services .e will promote export of services, deepen the )opening %p+ of o%t$o%nd service sectors and increase the share of service trade in the total foreign trade .hile expanding and sta$ili3ing the export of traditional service sectors s%ch as to%rism and transportation, we will also ma#e great efforts to promote the export of c%lt%re, Chinese medicine, software and information services, logistics in $%siness and trade, financial ins%rance, and other service sectors , we will steadily open %p fields s%ch as ed%cation, medicine, sports etc, to attract good reso%rces, to improve the service standard to the international level .e will vigoro%sly develop service o%tso%rcing and esta$lish several )service contracting $ases+ .e will expand the )opening %p+ of financial, logistical and other service sectors, and in a sta$le way )open %p+ ed%cation, medical care, sports and other areas .e will strive to improve the international level of o%r service sector Chapter B8: Coordinate =/ring in= and =Going 0%t= China will contin%e the com$ination of the strategies U$ringing in2 and Ugoing o%t2 and to pay e7%al attention to $oth foreign investments in China and Chinese

investments a$road in order to increase safe and effective %se of the two mar#ets and their reso%rces *ection one: increasing the level of foreign capital %sage China will optimise the str%ct%re of foreign capital $y g%iding foreign investments to the sectors of modern agric%lt%re, high1end technology, advanced man%fact%ring, energy conservation, new energy, modern service ind%stry etc and enco%rage foreign capital to $e invested in the middle and western parts of China China will enco%rage foreign capital to %se different means to ta#e part in merger and ac7%isitions of domestic enterprises, s%ch as $%ying shares, "oint vent%res etc China will $ring in senior talent and advanced technology from overseas and enco%rage foreign enterprises to set %p :GD centres in China in order for China to learn advanced international management concepts and systems China will actively integrate into the glo$al innovation system ,he soft environment of investments will $e optimised and the legal rights of investors will $e protected China will cond%ct the Cational *ec%rity :eview of foreign merger and ac7%isitions in a good fashion Favo%ra$le foreign lending and international commercial lending will $e %sed effectively to fine t%ne the management of foreign de$t *ection two: *peeding %p the implementation of the UGo o%t2 strategy China will follow the strategy of mar#et orientation and self1willingness of enterprises to g%ide enterprises with different ownerships to develop overseas investment cooperation in an orderly manner China will deepen the development of international energy reso%rces and m%t%ally $eneficial processing cooperation China will s%pport the carrying o%t of technology :GD investments a$road and to enco%rage leading enterprises in the man%fact%ring ind%stry to cond%ct foreign investment to create internationalised mar#eting and sales channels and famo%s $rands China will enlarge international cooperation in the agric%lt%ral sector and develop overseas engineering contracts, la$o%r cooperation and cooperation pro"ects that can improve living standards in local areas China will grad%ally develop its own large cross co%ntry corporations and cross co%ntry financial instit%tions to increase China2s level of international operations China will cond%ct research for overseas investments and enhance scientific eval%ation of investment pro"ects China will increase its a$ility of comprehensive all1ro%nd consideration, optimi3e the cross1 agency coordination system, and enhance the g%idance and services to enforce the Ugoing o%t2 strategy ,he form%lation of laws and reg%lations concerning overseas investments will $e speeded %p and optimised China will actively disc%ss and sign m%t%al agreements on investment protection and agreements to avoid do%$le taxation as well as other m%ltilateral or $ilateral agreements China2s overseas investment promotional system will $e improved to increase the level of investment facilitation for enterprises to invest overseas and to protect the overseas rights of China and to minimi3e different #inds of ris#s ,he enterprises that are Ugoing o%t2 and their overseas cooperation pro"ects sho%ld $ear corporate social responsi$ility in mind in order to $ring $enefits to the local people Chapter B;: -ctively participate in glo$al economic governance and regional cooperation

China is to expand exchange and cooperation with developed co%ntries to o$tain an increase of m%t%al tr%st and a higher level of cooperation !n order to maintain peace and sta$ility and to promote prosperity and development in the region friendly relationships and pragmatic cooperation with neigh$o%ring co%ntries will $e deepened, as well as &nity and cooperation with developing co%ntries will $e enhanced and traditional friendship and common interests will $e maintained 6%ltilateral cooperation will $e developed actively China will p%sh for a reform of the international economic system and promote the international economic order to develop in a more fair and reasona$le direction China will participate actively in the G8@2s glo$al economic management cooperation in order to promote and $%ild a $alanced, commonly $eneficial )win1win+ sit%ation of the m%ltilateral trade system China will wor# against all #inds of protectionism F%rthermore, China will actively promote a reform of the international financial system and to rationali3e the international c%rrency system Coordination with the ma"or economic $odies2 macro economic policies will $e strengthened Finally, China will actively ta#e part in the drafting and amending of the international reg%lations and standards to increase its infl%ence in international economic and financial organi3ations China2s strategies of form%lating Free ,rade Oones sho%ld $e speeded %p ,o f%rther enhance the economic relations $etween China and its ma"or trading partners $y deepening the pragmatic cooperation with $oth emerging mar#et co%ntries and developing co%ntries China sho%ld %se the -PEC as well as other international or s%$1regional cooperation mechanisms and enhance regional cooperation with other co%ntries and regions *o%th1*o%th cooperation sho%ld $e enhanced ,he Chinese foreign aid str%ct%re sho%ld $e optimi3ed and the n%m$er of pro"ects in the field of people2s livelihood and welfare in the developing co%ntries sho%ld $e increased Finally, economic and technology assistance to social p%$lic %tilities, self1 development capacity $%ilding and the other areas in developing co%ntries sho%ld $e increased ,he leadership of the party sho%ld $e maintained $y letting the people $e the masters of the co%ntry and $y maintaining %nity $y r%ling the co%ntry $y law .e will contin%e to develop socialist democratic r%le and to $%ild a socialist co%ntry with the r%le of law Part CIII: +evelop democracyD promote the constr&ction of socialism political civili*ation -dhere to the %nity of the Party2s leadership, people as masters of their own co%ntry, and governing the co%ntry $y law5 develop socialist democratic politics, and $%ild a socialist co%ntry r%led $y law Chapter BD: Develop socialism democratic politics *peed %p the constr%ction of socialist political civili3ation *tic# to the lead of the party, with the people at its centre, organi3ed in %nison $y a lawf%l state, advance the

politics of socialist democracy, g%arantee the peopleVs right to #nowledge, to participation, to expression and s%pervision -dhere and improve the representative system Cational PeopleVs Congresses, the cooperation of leaders of the CPC with different parties and the system of political cons%ltation, the self1governing system of minority areas and the self1governing system at the $asis of society Consolidate and expand the wide patriotic %nited front Promote the %nions, the comm%nist yo%th leag%eVs, the womenVs federation and other civil organi3ations ,o reali3e the wor# for minorities and religions, strengthen the %nited ed%cation of different ethnics -dhere to and improve the system of the people2s congress, the m%lti1party cooperation and political cons%ltation %nder the leadership of the CPC P Contin%o%sly p%sh forward the self1improvement and development of the socialist political system !mprove the system of democracy, expand the channels of democracy, carry o%t democratic elections, democratic decision1ma#ing, democratic management and democratic s%pervision according to law, and safeg%ard the people=s right to #now, participate, express and s%pervise *%pport trade %nions, Comm%nist Yo%th Jeag%e, women2s federation and other people2s organisations to %nderta#e wor# according to law and their respective charters, and participate in social management and p%$lic services F%lly implement the Party and the state2s policy on ethnic minoritiesP and the Party2s $asic g%idelines on religion Enco%rage people from new social class to devote themselves to $%ilding socialism with Chinese characteristics P

Chapter BB: Comprehensively promote the constr%ction of legal system F%lly reali3e the vision of a lawf%lly governed state, optimi3e the legal system of the socialism with Chinese characteristics, protect the %nity, dignity and a%thority of socialism legal system, "%st and incorr%pti$le enforcement of the law, strengthen the ed%cation of the wide pop%lation of the law, create a good atmosphere in society of everyone st%dying and respecting the law, speed %p the $%ilding of a socialist lawf%l state *trengthen the g%arantee of h%man rights, advance the overall development of h%man right matters P !mprove the socialist legal system with Chinese characteristics P P%t emphasis on legislation relating to accelerating transformation of the economic growth mode, improving people2s livelihood, developing social ca%ses and government $%ilding P P *trengthen enforcement of the Constit%tion and law P -dvance governance $y law and fair and clean enforcement P Deepen "%dicial system reform P F%rther promote p%$licity and ed%cation on lawP P *trengthen legal assistance5 enhance protection of h%man rights5 promote the comprehensive development of the h%man rights ca%se P Chapter B?: *trengthen efforts to promote clean government and com$at corr%ption Conscientio%sly implement the Code of Cond%ct for /%ilding Clean and 4onse Government, and implement the system where$y leading cadres reg%larly report their incomes, real estate and investments, as well as what their spo%ses and children do

P P%t emphasis on improving the system to p%nish and prevent corr%ption5 strengthen anti1corr%ption and $%ilding a clean government P *trengthen honesty and self1discipline of officials5 serio%sly implement the reg%lar reporting system of officials2 income, real estate property, investment as well as employment of their spo%ses and children Deepen reform and system innovation, and grad%ally esta$lish an effective anti1 corr%ption system that is scientific in content and rigoro%s in proced%res Esta$lish and improve a power str%ct%re and an operational mechanism feat%ring m%t%al restriction and coordination of powers for decision1ma#ing, enforcement and s%pervision5 and vigoro%sly p%sh forward transparency of government affairs and a%dit of economic responsi$ilities Enhance international exchange and cooperation in anti1corr%ption

Part CI': +eepen cooperationD constr&ct the common homeland for Chinese nation Chapter BE: 6aintain 4ong Iong and 6acao=s long term prosperity and sta$ility Contin%e to strictly adhere to the principles of <one co%ntry ,two systems<, <4ong Iong people r%ling 4ong Iong<, <6acao people governing 6acao< and the policy of high political a%tonomy *trictly follow the *pecial -dministrative regionVs $asic law, f%lly s%pport the political wor# of the *pecial -dministrative :egionVs leading officials and the Government according to law 1 *%pport 4ong#ong and 6acao consolidate and lift competitive advantages *%pport 4ong#ong develop to the off1shore rm$ $%siness center and international asset management center, consolidate and lift its position as international finance, trade and shipping center, strengthen the glo$al infl%ences as financial center *%pport 6aco to $%ild glo$al to%rism and leis%re center *%pport 4ong#ong and 6acao to foster emerging sectors Deepen the cooperation $etween inland and 4ong#ongL6acao !mplement the cooperation framewor# agreement $etween G%angdongLIong#ong and G%angdongL6acao, promote regional economic development, $%ild advanced man%fact%ring and service sector $ase *trengthen planning and coordination, improve the transportation system $etween pearl river delta and 4ong#ongL6acao

8 ;

Chapter B>: Promote the peacef%l development of cross strait relations and re%nification of motherland -dhere to the principles of peacef%l re%nification and Wone co%ntry, two systems< and in the c%rrent phase advance the cross1strait relations Promote the >1point proposal of peacef%l re%nification with the motherland, f%lly implement the ?1point proposal on the peacef%l development of cross1strait relations Firmly ass%re the iss%e of peacef%l development of cross1strait relations, oppose separatist activities for an independent ,aiwan Comprehensive deepen cross1strait economic cooperation, strengthen the cross1straits exchanges in areas of c%lt%re, ed%cation, to%rism and others, actively expand cross1straits exchanges in all areas, advance the process of cross1strait exchange mechanisms, $%ild a framewor# for the peacef%l development of cross1strait relations

1 8 ;

Esta$lish and improve the cross1strait economic cooperation mechanism Comprehensively deepen cross1strait economic cooperation *%pport the development of .est Coast Economic Oone

Part C': Civil9military integration, strengthen the constr&ction of national defense and army moderni*ation Chapter BH: *trengthen the constr%ction of national defense and army moderni3ation -dhere to the military tho%ghts of 6ao Oedong, the tho%ghts on $%ilding an army of the new era from Deng 9iaoping, follow the lead of Miang OeminVs tho%ghts on $%ilding Cational defense and the army, ma#e technological development an important g%iding principle in national defense and military, implement modern military strategies *trengthen constr%ction of a more revol%tioni3ed, modern and standardi3ed army P%sh forward military theory, military technology, military organi3ations, the innovation of military management Chapter ?@: Promote the development of civil1military integration -dhere to the roadmap of military and civilian integration, optimi3e the scientific development system for arms and weapons and the system of personnel training Part C'I: $trengthen implementation, achieve the grand development %l&eprint ,his Plan, %pon deli$eration and approval $y the Cational People2s Congress, $ears legal validity Chapter ?1: !mprove the implementing and eval%ation mechanism 1 Clear define responsi$ilities ,he $inding index and expecting index are the promises government made to the people 6a"or $inding index sho%ld discompose and implement $y vario%s ministries and levels *pecific wor# responsi$ility and speed sho%ld $e clear on how to promote the e7%ali3ation of p%$lic services *trengthen policy $alance and coordination !mplement comprehensive eval%ation and assessment system *trengthen the s%pervision and assessment of the plan - midterm eval%ation report sho%ld $e s%$mitted to CPC for assessment

8 ; D

,o ens%re smooth implementation of the Plan, mainly rely on mar#et forces to play their $asic role in allocating reso%rces5 government at all levels sho%ld correctly perform their d%ties to rationally allocate p%$lic reso%rces, and ens%re the o$"ectives and tas#s %nder the Plan can $e met 1 Clearly define the responsi$ilities for implementation of the Plan ,he indicators mar#ed Uexpected2 and the tas#s on ind%strial development and str%ct%ral ad"%stment are to $e achieved mainly $y discretionary $ehavio%r of mar#et players Government at all levels sho%ld create a so%nd policy, system and legal environment, $rea# down mar#et segmentation and ind%stry

monopoly, stim%late initiative and creativity of mar#et players, steer the $ehavio%r of mar#et players towards national strategic o$"ectives ,he indicators mar#ed U$inding2 and the tas#s in the field of p%$lic services are the government2s commitments to the people ,he ma"or $inding indicators sho%ld $e specifically assigned to the relevant departments and all provinces, a%tonomo%s regions and m%nicipalities directly %nder the central government ,he tas#s on promoting e7%alisation of $asic p%$lic services sho%ld $e achieved mainly $y %tilisation of p%$lic reso%rces $y the government, with clearly defined wor# responsi$ilities and planned sched%le 8 *trengthen overall policy planning and coordination P 0ptimise the str%ct%re of fiscal expendit%re and government investment, steadily increase the central government2s investment scale, with foc%s on people2s livelihood and social ca%ses, agric%lt%re and r%ral areas, science technology and innovation, ecology and environmental protection and reso%rces conservation, and with a $igger proportion devoted to the middle and western regions, former revol%tionary $ase areas, areas inha$ited $y minority ethnic gro%ps, remote and $order areas and poverty1stric#en areas ; P%t into practice comprehensive eval%ation and appraisal -ccelerate the development of a performance eval%ation and appraisal system and specific appraisal methods that are cond%cive to advancing scientific development and accelerating transformation of the economic growth mode5 wea#en the eval%ation and appraisal $ased on the speed of economic growth, while strengthen a comprehensive eval%ation and appraisal on f%lfilment of the o$"ectives and tas#s incl%ding str%ct%ral optimisation, improvement of people2s livelihood, reso%rces conservation, environmental protection, $asic p%$lic services and social management :es%lts of the appraisal will $e %sed as importance $asis for change of government leadership at vario%s levels, as well as selection, recr%itment, award and p%nishment of officials D *trengthen monitoring and eval%ation of the Plan !mprove the monitoring and eval%ation system, enhance capacity $%ilding in this regard, strengthen statistics wor# concerning the service ind%stry, energy1 conservation and emission red%ction, climate change, la$o%r and employment, income distri$%tion and real estate *tress the s%rveillance and analysis on the progress with implementation of the Plan ,he relevant departments of the *tate Co%ncil sho%ld strengthen eval%ation on implementation of the Plan in their respective fields, and $e s%$"ect to s%pervision and examination $y the Cational People2s Congress and its *tanding Committee ,he competent a%thority ass%ming responsi$ilities %nder the Plan sho%ld cond%ct eval%ation on f%lfilment of the $inding and the #ey expected indicators, s%$mit an ann%al progress report on implementation of the Plan to the *tate Co%ncil, and release information to the p%$lic in an appropriate manner ,he *tate Co%ncil will organise a comprehensive mid1term review d%ring implementation of the Plan, and s%$mit a mid1term eval%ation report to the *tanding Committee of the Cational People2s Congress for examination *ho%ld there $e a need to ma#e ad"%stments to the Plan, the *tate Co%ncil sho%ld s%$mit an ad"%stment

proposal to the *tanding Committee of the Cational People2s Congress for approval

Chapter ?8: *trengthen the coordinated management P !mprove an implementation mechanism feat%ring clear responsi$ilities, categorised implementation and effective s%pervision ,he relevant departments of the *tate Co%ncil sho%ld organise compilation of a set of national1level special plans, in partic%lar #ey special plans, and specify and p%t into practice the #ey tas#s set o%t in the Plan P ,he local plans sho%ld effectively implement the national strategic o$"ectives, ta#e into acco%nt the local realities and highlight the local characteristics 6a#e the local plans well coordinated with the development strategies, ma"or o$"ectives and #ey tas#s set o%t in this Plan, with foc%s on strengthening their connections with the $inding indicators *trengthen the connections $etween the ann%al plans and this Plan5 ann%al goals sho%ld $e set towards meeting the ma"or o$"ectives and f%lly reflect the development o$"ectives and #ey tas#s set o%t in the Plan -nn%al reports sho%ld analyse the progress with implementation of this Plan, especially the f%lfilment of $inding indicators