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[Et 1999
President's Report
Slip, Slide. ett.
Page 6
Sentex Communications I
and University of
Waterloo deploy direct
Internet connection
WATERLOO, Ont. Sentex
Communications Corp. and University of
Waterloo have recently completed a high- peed
interconnection of the UW campus network and
the Sentex network in Kitchener- Waterloo.
Communication between computers in the
two networks has been happening via the
Internet for many years, but this direct local
interconnect create a faster path between UW
and Sentex's home and business Internet
"We are very excited with this new link,"
said Keith Winter, owner and president of
Sentex. "It provide tremendous added value
to our regional high-tech customer and their
employees who work c losely wi th the
university. They will now ee the lowest latency
levels in the region when communicating with
the university."
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New Dnlllx Driving Laws
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Splri! of Eng Soc

A View From The Left
S.lIing Off or S,l/ing Out '
to construct
time capsule
The Univers ity of Waterloo Engineering Society is assembling a
millenium time capsule. The cap ul e will be sealed at the end of the spring
term and it will not be opened until July 1,2010, eleven year into the next
The capsule will be on di play in the Engineering Society st udent office
and students are encouraged to submit artifacts for the time capsule. Artifact
should be labeled with a brief note explicating the object's historical
significancc and date of fabrication.
The Engineeri ng Society re erves the right to remove articles from the
time capsule should the capacity of the container be exceeded.
Students are a ked not to submit food items, explosives, potentially
toxic chemical compounds, and/or living creature.
The of I B systems design
engineering, XXXedys, took first
place at the 1999 spring term
havenger scunt.
Please see SCU T 0/1 pall" 3
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X Exam :P
"It's kind of fu n to do the
impos ible."
- Walt Disney (1901-1966)
Inside This Issue
A View From The Left 2
Signal or Noise 3
The Big Picture 4
Riding The Edge 5
Executive Reports 6
Volume 24 : Issue 2
Solar Race Car To Be Unveiled
To Public on June 4th
After nearly two years of intense preparation,
UW's Midnight Sun Solar Car Race Team is
set to unveil its late t creation, Midnight Sun
V, to the public on June 4th aL I :00 p.m. acro s
from Environmental Studies I, next to Laurel
Some will remember the streamlined
Midnight Sun IV, which catapulted UW to a
fir t place finish among the Canadian
universities and seventh place overall in the last
race, Sunrayce 97. Midnight Sun V al 0
promises to be a top contender in the upcoming
Sunrayce 99,
North America's premier long-distance olar
car race which will be held from June 20'" to
29"'. Some 40 universities will compete in this
event, racing on t.he secondary highways of
America on a 2175 kIn trek from Washington
D.C. to Orlando, Florida. UW will start
Sunrayce 13'" position following the re ults of
the qualifying round held in Michigan on May
7tb L09"'.
Sponsors from the private seCLor, such as
Husky Injection Molding, Raytheon, Research
in Motion, and supporters from the university,
including the Waterloo Engineering Endowment
Fund, helped make the construction of this
Rob Wood checks the frame of Midnight Sun V. On June 20, solar cars from across North America will
gather in Washington, D.C.,for the sUJrt of the Z,175-kilometre Sunrayce. The race runs down the ea.ftern
seaboord of the Unued Slates to the finish line in Orlando, Florida.
year's solar car possible. Students from a variety like to take the opportunity to how what
of academic disciplines, from engineering to Midnight Sun can do with their help. We
accounting, also contributed time and effort to invite all students, faculty and members
the Midnight Sun initiative. of the public to view Midnight Sun V on
"The success of the Midnight Sun project June 4th."
depends on the enthusiasm on the part of our "Who knows?" Lukasz Pawlowski, the
students as well as support from our donors," team's Business Manager, adds, "We
Ruth Allen, Team Manager, remarked. "We'd might be looking at a winner."
2 Friday, June 4, 1999
Signal or Noise
This, [ have learned:
l. Listen to old people. They' ve
watched more television than you
have, and are therefore wiser in !he
ways of the world.
2. In many countries, an expired
passport is insufficient as a form of
identification. This is ludicrous but
3. Lectures are useless if you
can't hear what the professor is
In 1997, Waterloo significantly
expanded computer engineering
program; Chips Ahoy (the computer
engineering class of 2002) is nearly
double the size of its predecessors.
Many moons ago, when I first
arrived at Waterloo, the issue of
increased enrolment troubled me.
Would there be enough jobs to
go around? Would the entrance
average drop? Would the program
for Sale:
A View From the Left
In his dire quest to turn Ontario
into the equivalent of the 51 st
state, Mike Harris, like a sleazy
pawnbroker, has announced his
continued plans to sell off portions
of Ontario'S assets for short ternl
cash payments.
We have already sold off the
province's toll highway: the 407,
and now there is a proposal
regarding privatizing the LCBO
and TVOntario, and allowing
private interests to run our nuclear
It appears that Harris believes
the best way for Ontario to grow
and prosper is for the business
sector to run our province. lL's a
bit like letting the kid run the
candy store: no experience of the
way things work (within the public
sector), and no accountability if
things go wrong.
The "highlight" of the proposal
is the sell off of the LCBO, and
allow private investor to sell
alcohol throughout the province.
This despite the fact that for the
fiscal year ending March 31, the
net profit to the province from
LCBO stores was $830 million.
What would be the advantage
of selling off a guaranteed revenue
lose its super-keener reputation?
Yes, No, and No.
Yes, there were enough jobs
to go around; my roommate last
term had twelve interviews and
five job offers.
No, the entrance average
didn't drop significantly; in 1997
and 1998 the adj usted mean
entrance average for comp eng
was still higher than that of
systems design- not an easy feat
by any
So what was the impact of the
We've gOl jobs, we' ve got lab
stations, we've got an unfaltering
tradition of high scholastic
aptitude. What more could a comp
ask for?
Dulu-dulu, dulu-dulu, dulu-
"And we'll have to cover that
in the next lecture."
You put the lid back on your
ballpoint pen and look around the
room. People are already on their
way out the door.
They want a choice seat for the
next lecture. Someplace
comfortable. Someplace familiar.
Someplace ... Front row?
The race is on. It starts out
casual, students float out the
doors of the engineering lecture
hall, subtly jostling for position.
They choose their line with care,
avoiding puddles, muddy patches,
and slow moving students.
Welcome to the badlands, the
200-meter stretch between EL
and DC.
Look around. See all the
generator for the province? Mike
Harris would have us believe that
, m jorit
would approve oflhe privati zation
of the LCBO, in order to increase
competition, which would in tum
lower costs.
As usual, however, Harris does
not havc his linger on the pulse
on the people. A poll conducted
last year by the LCBO workers'
union showed that 76% of
Ontarians are against privatizing
the LCBO. And in Alberta, where
liquor sales have becn privatized,
prices arc actually higher than
those in Ontario.
Last year, ina desperate
attempt to make a quick buck to
finance his pre-election cash
infusion into health care, Harris
decided to sell off the province's
electronic toll highway for a net
profit of $1.6 billion. This may be
Harris government's most short-
sighted dealing yet. The highway
was expected to pay for itself in
30 years after which tolls would
be eliminated, or the profit put
back into the provincial coffers
each year.
Now, in exchange for a onc-
time cash payment, which has
already been gobbled up by the
pre-election budget, the citizens of
this province must continue to pay
tolls on this road for the next 99
years. And the kicker is that the
private company that owns the
highway can charge any tolls they
wish, as long as ridership stays
about a "target level".
The tolls from the highway
could have gone to fLOance many
future budgets for this province,
working as an almost guaranteed
revenue maker for Ontario.
Instead, Harri has
compromised the future of this
province in order to increase his
chances of winning another
One of the most intriguing
aspects of our province is that we
have a partially government
funded television station.
TVOntario's purpose is to provide
quality television viewing without
They' re your competition. You
have to beat them to the next class or
else they'll take all the good seats and
you'll have to sit in the back (gulp,
past the fourth row!).
Your feet are moving; you fly up
the staircase three steps at a time,
half a doren classmates. As
you emerge from EL you have to cover
your eyes. Boy that sun is bright:
Engage the flip-downs!
No time to waste. Your legs are
moving, your arms are swinging,
swinging like the spring-loaded
appendages on a He-Man action
figure. Walk walk walk, chop chop
chop. Feel the rhythm, your body
rocks side to side. Walk walk, chop
Oh no! A group of slow-moving
classmates. Don't panic. Deek left.
Deek right. Now pour on the speed!
Okay, you've passed them. Glance
back and give them one of those
crinkled forehead looks, the kind you
give to people when they try to drive
a Ford Aerostar in the left lane of the
Back to work. You wipe away
some of the sweat on your brow.
Concentrate. You spy your nemesis up
ahead. You don't know his real name,
but in your training exercises you refer
to him as "second-row-Ieft". He's
thirty meters away from you and
nearing the doors.
This is it, time to kick in the
Walk, chop, walk, chop-you're
bopping side-to-side like a
hyperactive chicken.
You can do it. You can beat him.
In your head, the music start :
Chariots of Fire. The metronomic
needing to depend upon ratings to
entice advertisers to finance the
. t n' operations.
What possible purpose could the
privatization of TVO have? Who
would buy TVO for anything but the
distinct purpose of making money?
Once TVO moved into the hands of
private interest, it would become the
exact same as any other station: in a
fight for ratings.
Once ratings get involved, the
purpose of television becomes to
attract the most viewers possible. It
would not provide a forum forquaJity
Canadian television tbat may not get
other opportunities to be seen.
Perhaps the craziest idea of all is
to allow private interests to help run
our province' nuclear plants. As is
always the case with business, profits
are paramount, and comers are cut
everywhere in order to increase that
profit margin.
If pri vate interests are allowed to
run nuclear plants, profits will begin
to take precedence over safety. In
such a case as this, how can we justify
compromising the safety of the
people in order to make a quick buck
for the province?
Harris will tell us that he will
install a watchdog committee to
monitor the workings of the reactors,
but how can we believe that anything
will be done when our environmental
watchdogs have allowed
Ontario to become one of North
America's greate t polluter. As
always, bucks over brains.This
province is becoming akin to a giant
auction house, with Mike Harri as
the head auctioneer. Day by day, more
and more of our assets as taxpayers
are being old off to the highest
Harris would love for us to believe
that he is doing us a great favour by
bringing in vast gobs of money for
our province.
Unfortunately, the short sighted
Conservatives have taken only their
own pocketbooks into account, and
not the long tenn benefits, both social
and financial, for the people of
syths course through your body
(born born born bom bom born
born born).
More speed. More speed!
The music climbs, it soar
higher and higher. reaching a
crescendo of sound and fury .. Dab
Your hand wraps around the
cool cylindrical handle of the door
closest to DC 1351. Victory.
You've won the day-tbis time.
But what about the next?
What I'm trying to say is that
large class sizes can have some
unsettling side effects.
We're taking in 300 ECE frosh
this fall and I'm wondering how
thi will affect the quality of the
education here.
The last thing we need is a herd
of eng frosh wildly stampeding
from lecture to lecture.
(Though it would be fun to
watch. We could set up some
bleachers and have the first years
wear racing numbers; we could bet
on them like ponies.
"How about that athletic-
looking one with the curly hair?"
"Nah, my money's on the short
chubby guy in the track pants. He
don't look like much, but check
out these speed numbers.")
Editor's Note: Special thanks to
Diliny, Phong, Micah, Raymond,
Ryan, Jason, Jessica and April for
helping to smooth out the
production process these last few
weeks_ You guys rock!
Today's Smart
"It also provides that same
value to uw faculty, and
stalf who have chosen to obtain
their home Internet dial-up
connectivity from Sentex," said
Roger Watt, ofUW's Infonnation
Systems and Technology
"We'd like to have similar
direct connections with the other
major Internet Service Provider
companies in the community, for
the same reasons. What we've
done is an experimental first step
until there's a broader altemative
that will benefit everyone - a
high-speed community network
as envisioned in tbe federal
government's Smart
Communities program."
The Panel on Smart
Communities was created to
provide the federal Minister of
Industry with expert advice on the
need and opportunity to establish
Canadian leadership in
developing the Canadian
communities of the future and in
the international Smart
Communities movement.
A "Smart Community" is one
that uses information and
communication technologies in
new and innovative ways to
empower its residents,
institutions, and region as a
Communities applying for
funding under the Smart
Communities Demonstration
Project must already have an
integrated, operational, and
sustainable human and
technological community
network in place to deliver key
services to the majority of the
community. One of the important
aspects of that is an agreement
between the Internet Service
Provider companies in the
community to provide direct
connections between their
networks, to improve the delivery
of on-demand and real-time

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Waterloo News
kit, ong and offering , Engineering Lecture Hall green,
The ceremonie continued at The CUn! God' reminded us
Carl Pollock Hall and the Ii L that it \\ as the fun that was shared
SCUNT from page J
It wa a battle that rocked the
heavens, the earth, and the Campus,
It wa a relentless struggle
between forces of light and darkne s,
It was "Scunticus", the 1999
Waterloo Havenger Scunt, and it was
The declaration began at the
opening ceremonies at Columbia
In true Greek style, the gods,
chief among them Zeus and Hades
appeared before the participant s to
present the teams with their tasks
and watch in amusement a the
teams acted to win their favour with
my Waterloo
were handed out as the games
Events ran for almost twenty-
four hours non-stop, with many
team stayi ng in the ame area
to compete in ucces ive events
as a demonstration of Herculean
However, events such a
Human Mechano and the
climatic Chariot Race at Dana
Porter library required not only
might but true innovation in the
spirits of ancient Greek thinker.
and engineer .
Unfortunately, this ended in
the closing ceremonies on the
in the competition, not the \ ictor}.
which wa, the true goal of the
The judgi ng had been dose, but
it wa the I B Systems Design team
"XXXEDYS" which claimed the
trophy for victory. Why they won,
only the god ' can know for certain.
Scunt Photos (from top to
bottom): 1. Tile SCUllt god Apollo
address tile crowd; 2, Chips Ahoy
readies its time machille for
opening ceremonies; 3, Hermes
introduces himself; 4. Hades
addresses the chem eng SClmt
team; 5. Hercules speaks; 6, Watt
JiIe Flux; 7. SCll1lter participates
in balloon blowillg cOlltest.


Riding the Edge
commit a crime can be confiscated
The message comes
quite clearly: people who ahuse
their right to drive by doing it whi Ie
int oxicated have no right to
continue driving and the police
will do anything they can to ensure
The outline of the new law also
includes a clause aying that a car
Thursday, May 20, 1999, a young may al 0 be confi scated if the car
man in Ottawa died in a drunk driving doe not belong to the convicted
accident. Why did this happen when driver and if it can be proven that
a scant three days earlier this man' s the car's owner wilfully allowed
mother posted bail for when he was the driver to get behind the wheel
arrested on another drunk driving of their car while drunk..
charge? The clause is meant to deter
This is not an isolated incident but drinking buddies who switch cars
I don't want to cite case after case to for their drives home.
you. It's a little disheartening to see The new law's impact has been
that despite the Ontario penaJtie for greatly felt in New York. Over the
South Africa drunk fa.:e the
possibility of 10 in prison and
a $10000 fine.
In Bulgaria your second DWI
convict ion will get yml executed, and
in EI Salvador you are not even lucky
enough to get to your secoJltl
conviction, unless the firing squad
is very nearsighted.
What are the implications of this
obvious gap in drunk driving
penalties? The United States reports
20 deaths per 100 000 in alcohol
related car accidents. In Canada, we
can boast double that number.
There are many solutions to this
problem, One pOSSibility is to
tighten our liquor laws in Canada.
But are people who drink really the
As Frank Zappa once said, .. A
driving while intoxicated, so many first month and a half of the drug is not bad. A drug isa chemical
people have such a blatant disregard program, the police confiscated compound. The problem comes in
for this law. over 160 vehicles. DWI related when people who take drugs treat
How is it possible that people can accidents are down almost 40% in them like a licence to behave like
be convicted three or four times of the city and over 100 fewer arrests an asshole."
alcohol related driving offenses and were made than in the same time Simply put: you have the right to
still be allowed in cars? This problem last year. drink, and you have the right to
must be dealt with in another way The United States is not the
. drive. You don't have a right to do
Recently, Mayor Rudolph Giuliani only country to start delivering very both.
of New York City. began a new stiff penalties to drunk drivers. In
strategy to deal with drunk drivers. France, known for their liberal
The rules of the initiative are quite alcohol laws, first-time offenders
simple: if you're caught driving can get a thousand dollar fine and
drunk, you lose your car. a year in jail in addition to a three-
Forever. Period, Its justification year licen e suspension.
comes from a little used American In Russia, a conviction results
law stating that any object used to in a permanent loss of license. rn
The other possibility is to tighten
our drunk driving laws making them
a bit more like our neighbours'.
After all, people might think
twice about buying another beer if
they realize that no beer in the world
is worth the price of a car.
Friday, June 4, 1999 3
4 Friday, June 4, 1999
Gas Prices Defy Logic
The Big Picture
During my previous work term, [did a
fair bit of driving to and from work. One
hundred and thirty kilometres a day, to be
exact. I' m sure that quite a few of you
were in the same boat.
This large amount of automobile usage
resuaed in gasoline consumption at the
rate of about one tank per week. Because
of this, r got into somewhat of a rhythm,
knowing when and where r could buy
gasoline each week at the lowest price.
Some time in mid-March, however, the
Organization of Petroleum Exporting
Countries (OPEC) decided that crude oil
prices were too low and they "remedied"
this by cutting production.
From that point onwar?s, prices at the
pumps followed an annoying yet
mystifying pattern.
There used to be a time when the
trends in gasoline prices were easy to
follow and to predict , but these times are
no more. At the end of one week during
the winter, I found myself smiling because
I IJadjus.! filled up for a bargain basement
price of 45 cents per litre.
By the end of the next week, I found
myself deeply incensed after shelling out
ten cents more per litre on a full tank.
r convinced myself that the gaSOline
industry was merely mixing things up to
throw us off, so I set out to study their
new pricing patterns.
There was no paLtern to be found,
however. per lilre of gasoline shot
up to 59 cents one week and then down to
52 the next.
These insane pricing hikes could not
be explained in any way. There was still
It seems that the gasoline companies
caught on and decided to leak false
information to the CAA, causing people
to rush and buy gasoline at what turned
out to be the highest prices of the week.
Gasoline companies engage in several
other suspicious practices. "Premium"
type gasoline, for example, costs only
about one cent more per litre to produce
yet costs up to ten cents more at the
In addition, on any given day all the
gas stations in a gi ven city will have
almost identical prices, give or take 0.2
Allegations of illegal practices aimed
at squeezing out independent gas s.tations
are always appearing. Gasoline
refineries have been accused of selli ng
gas to major chains at prices well below
what independent retailers would pay.
The big chain gasoline companies
claim a profit margin of about two cents
per litre. Some simple arithmetic will
quickly show that it is nearly impossible
for a gas station to survi ve on such
meagre earnings. I smell something
fishy ..
Clearly, these big name gas
companies are up to sonlething. For the
conspiracy enthusiasts, I propose that all
of these peculiar tidbits are merely a
smoke screen fQr something even bigger
and more ruthless.
Unfortunate.ly, we are currently
powerless to stop whatever is brewing.
The indifference of Canadian law is to
blame for thi s.
Protests of any form will send a
message to the gasoline companies,
surely, but will have little effect on their
pricing strategies.
Just look at the "great gas-out",
spread electronically. that was attempted
last month.
The gasoline companies will continue
to take every penny they can from us as
long as they are allowed to and because
they know we will keep coming back.
a massive world surplus in crude oil. It is This underlines our society's
true that OPEC's production cuts did dependency on the oil industry, and
result in higher crude oil prices. but most moreover it is an indication of our overall
experts believe thaI il takes about a year progress, both technologically and
for the effect of crude oil prices to make socially.
their way to the gas pumps. We have not yet reached a point where
Furthermore, prices seen at gas pumps we have preferable alternatives to oil or
were higher than those seen during the alternatives to the autoinobile. I suspect
Gulf War, when crude oil was even more that even if the price of gasoline doubled
expensive than it is now. or even tripled, the majority of us would
Not one of us doubts that the big continue to use our cars.
gasoline chains en.gage in anti-competitive This would be because either we have
practices. And with each puzzling price
change, our suspicions grow stronger. The
Canadian Automobile Association (CAA)
did what it could to help motorists dodge
these gougings by issuing warnings of
major price increases when the
information was available.
The first time I heard one of these
warnings, I heeded it and filled up.
Sure enough, prices went up the next
day. :rhe next time this happened,
however, prices actually went down
following the warning.
no other means of getting around, or we
are reluctant to give up the convenience
that an automobile offer .
Until the day comes when we no
longer view our automobiles as dire
necessities, gasoline companies can be
sure that we will pay, no matter how
grudgingly, whatever price is asked of
And until that day, I shall be
constantly scratching my head, trying to
find some sense in this mixed bag of
(infuriatingly high) gasoline prices.
That's where we started. and wave never looked back, With innovative
products like two-way pagers, PC cards and radio modems, we
take lechno.logy to the edge every day. So if you're looking for a career that
takes you to the edge and challenges you to achieve your best, consider RIM.
We',e Ilooking for innovators - people with the drive to develop the next
generation of wireless technologies. Wbetberyou're a co-op student.
8 recent grad or someone with experience, if you've gol the creativity
and drive to be the best. join us on the edge.
R f S fAR C H
Send us your cover letter and resume in confidenc,e and let
us know thaI you're ready to!in us on the edge.
Please Quota reference #lW!lli99,
295 Phi/lip Srreet. Wilterloo
Ontario, C8nada NZl JI.W
Tel. 1.579.888.7465
We thank all applicants, but onlv those selected for an
interview will be contacted.
Fax 1.519.888.7884
(mail. careersQrim.nel
Visit our web site at www.rim.net

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DESTINATION 2010 The Waurloo Millieruum TUtU Capsule
oul$ide the Engineering Society studenJ of!i&e.
The CCES conference was an
excellent opportunity to meet and
discuss ideas for various Eng Soc
ventures, with other involved and
enthusiastic e!1gineering students,
from across Canada.
What is CCES? First of all it
stands for Canadian Congress of
Engineering Students. This meeting
is an annual gathering of the
Canadian Federation of Students (the
the profe ion.
Outreach aClivitie hould
demon trate that cience and
engineering are part of everyday life
and make valuable and po itive
contributions to society.
They hould al 0 ' ene a ' a
recruiting tool by encouraging
young women and men to choose
engineering a a career path.
One method used to accomplish
this goal is to provide workshop
and ' hands-on' activitie that
stimulate learning for children. The
'hand -on' a pect is important
because children learn by
experimentation and observation.
Activities such as building
towers out of traw and tape or
spaghetti bridge building appeal to
the inquisitive nature of the child.
[ encourage each and every one
of you to get involved and help
others learn what engineering really
CFES, not to be confused with the is.
CCES). Basically the CCES is the Volunteering for outreach
Conference and the CFES is the
The University of Toronto hosted
thi s year's conference. It lasted I
week and we stayed at the Colony
Hotel in the heart of downtown
There were about 200 students
form over 46 schools.
Each day, from January 2nd to the
7th, I was immersed in an atmosphere
of enthusiasm and potential. We
discussed many topics; from the PEO
and their use 0 the term " ngineer'
programs is very rewarding. It
reinforces the deci ion you made to
enter engineering.
It also keeps you focused on your
chosen career. It is not too hard to
get involved. There are many
outreach programs going on in and
around the campus this summer.
You can a] so do things on a much
smaller scale. For example, on my
work term I was living at home and
occasionaHy visited myoid high
to ways of encouraging awareness of old classes and myoid teacher and
the engineering profession. I started talking about what I have
We went to various seminars and been doing since I left high school.
workshop over the week, One of the Before I knew it the whole class
seminars I attended, which tood out, listening and asking questions.
touched on the topic of community It is small incidents like thi s
outreach. have a profound impact on students
Basically an outreach program is trying to decide what path to choose,
any activity that educates the public
on I believe that the
main focus of an outreach program
I know that I would have been
better off if an engineering student
had walked into my OAC Calculus
should concentrate on elementary and class and let me a k questions.
high school students. The outreach program is a vital
Outreach program should way of communicating to the public
emphasize positive role models and
awareness about the profession in the
They should, as a result, gain an
understanding and enthusiasm
towards the engineering profession.
It is important to get these people
informed about our profession, to
remove the negative stereotypes and
stigmas surrounding engineers and
as to what engineers are and wa a
topic of great di scus ion at thi s
year's CCES. Further informati on
on the Congress of Canadian
Engineering Students is available
on the CCES web site at I
Next year 's conference will be
held in Winnipeg and I encourage
all of you to apply.
Conference Articles
Friday, June 4, 1999 5
A Chance to Waste Your WEEF Money!
4A C01'1P iTER E, ' GL EERI 'G
Here i a parody of the OEC. I
was there, I thought it was great
and a lot of fun. So I present a
harmles parody of OEC99.
Thi pa t weekend saw the
Ontario Engineering Competition
take place in Windsor.
Unfortunately the Conference of
Canadian Brewers wa al. 0 taking
place in the arne hotel, resulting
in not a few Engineer
my teriously being absent from
the competition.
Nonetheless the contestants
were graciously ho ted and well
taken care of by thi s year's venue,
"Uncle Ronnie's Adult Motel".
where almost every room now has
a color television and a vibrating
When a ked to comment on the
hotel one student had this to say
about the luxurious
accommodations "Nice smell , no
silverfish, this i. definitely the
kind of place I'm moving into
when I get to leave the halfway
In a break from tradition, and
adding some local flair, the
winners were offered a new
choice of how they could receive
their prize money. Thi s year they
could be paid in chips redeemable
at the Windsor Casino or as the
tradition of the OEC dictates, off
mystery dean of engineering
would peel off the bills and place
them in the front pocket of the
Thedean would then say either
"Here, go buy yourself Ml lnethin'
nice" or "Ahh, here, It\ bumlDg
a hole in m} pocket." Furtherrespccl
wa. paid to tradition and as is thc
norm at the OEC, the pri/c mone
wa, carried by Ill:.t years \\ inners in
the ceremonial mayonnai,e jar up to
the podium, \I here it wa: gi \' n to the
deans of engineering to present to lhi,
years \\ inners,
The keynote speaker gave
everyone a chane to pause and take
' tock of their career goals and
determine what engineering meant to
them with his speech enlitled, "Why
do I alway ' have Pfil1S left after I put
something together from IKEA?"
The mo ,t important things though
were the presentations from the
participants. These truly indicated
that the future of Ontario's
Engineering Profession was in
good hands. This year, the most
winning entries came from the most
rece ntl y accred it ed engineering
school in the province.
Thi underdog was Toronto's
"The Danforth Barber College and
Engineering Academy". Thi school,
according to it 's own literature is seen
as "A center of excellence in both
telecommunications technology
research and developing ways to
harness the. power of a perm so it
doesn't look like hell the day after
you get it done"
The winner of the "Project Most
Definitely the Work of the
Participants Without Any Help From
Their Parents" was simply entitled:
'Volcanoes' , Somehow the team from
The Danforth Barber College and
Engineering Academy managed to
create an actual working model of a
The judge. were stupefied and can
only tum tht' 11111 niliCt'I11
leut of dl.!lllol1stnllll1g (\ voll'nnn
eruptiol1 was achieved , Although lhl
winners were seen buying baking
soda and vinegar before their
demon tration it b not clear how thi
could be involved in the
The winner of the Explanatory
Communications Category was also
a student from The Danforth Barber
College and Engineering A ademy,
The pres 'ntation was entitled:
"ThaI Blue tuff You Put Combs In"
The judgcs were amazed at how clear
such a ital and complex subject
could be made when you have it
expressed in ju t the right way.
The winning project of the
Entrepreneurial Design category was
called "The Three Stooge and The
Promise of Limitless Energy". The
plan was elegant in its simplicity. You
coul d see people with that "Why
didn't I think of that look 011 their
faces" as they considered how clever
the project was,
The students ' howed that it was
pos ible to raise the Three Stooges,
in particular Curly, from the dead (
they made clear that it had to be the
real Curly and not the ersatz Curlys
, uch as Shemp or Curly Joe),
Then you could take Curly stick
him on a treadmill attached to a
generator and just stick a beehive in
hi s pant and viola energy too cheap
to meter! Other winning projects
included the "Hydraulic Principles of
the Keg" and "The Civil Engineering
Principles of a Shallow Grave".
Indeed, thi s year's OEC was a
great success \ As a panicipanl myself,
[ really enjoyed meeting Engineering
students from all over the province
and finding out that I am not the only
person who will soon graduate from
l'n '11 dall!'('llIlisly
lIl1LJu .. lift '11 lind IIIt'0n11 'tt'nt thilt 1 tUn
a 1111 'ut to "1),lt'I),1
Write Your Own Caption Game:
/'lease mail capllon!loiwu"ior@engmail.uwQlerlo().ca

The Sandford Fleming Foundation
4306 Carl Pollock Hall, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, N2l3G1
CongratuCations to
Sarali M. 'Davies
Cliemicaf tngimering
Waterloo Campus Activities
(519) 8884008
'UJinru.r of tlU 1999 Jolin 1'islUr eaiersliip f4.wara
Funding for these awards comes from engineering student contributions and depends on them for continuation,

6 Friday, June 4, 1999
President's Report
I regret that the past two weeks
have been pretty uneventful for me.
That makes my report a little less
informative than it should be. So I'll
talk a bit about ideas.
Novelties catalogue: Our novelty
sales have been increasing over the
past few years with new products and
increased interest. Also, we're finding
alumni emailing us with regards to
purchasing "a replacement for my
hockey jersey which doesn't fit me
anymore". So, in the interest of
generating revenue AND adding more
services to our already growing
repetoire of offerings, we're looking
at creating an online catalogue that
allows people to shop for Waterloo
Engineering goods. I recognize that
there's no way I could expect the
general public to buy- something from
the site - however, marketing it LO
alumni could be a big money maker.
The Tool: You'll notice that the
image of OUf mascot has been a little
more casual than it has been in the
past. We're looking to bring it out a
little more and to put the "WENCH"
back in "WRENCH". That's actually
VPI Report
Year Spirit Initiative Slartillg Sfrollg
Hey everybody. The term is in full
swing now and things are really
So we're now into our fifth week
of the school term. Midterms are fast
approaching - and how do you feel...
anxious? I bet a lot of you are
wondering how the time has flown
by so quickly. But before anyone hits
panic mode, let me try to demystify
why the term seems to be moving so
I think, that students spend too
much time doing administrative stuff
in the first three weeks of school. We
had to buy our texts and course notes,
and some of us needed to stand in
those long line-ups and apply for
OSAP. Some of us needed to add or
a lie - J just couldn't find a word that
I could put the "FUN" back into. I
hope to also organize a Tool display
outside on a nice day this term - but
I'd like to make it a bigger event than
me sitting there while people walk
by oblivious to my presence .
Hopefully, we can get a barbeque
organized around it with some fun
events and a slip-and-slide. I think
the world needs more events with
slip-and-slides and, honestly, that's
the real motivation behind thi s
display. We wouldn't even need the
mascot or the barbeque. Just a slip-
Chri stine Cheng of the PEDs is
looking at the possibility of
organizing a high-tech conference
someti me in the new year.
Nothing's been decided, it's just
being looked at right now. If you're
interested in being a part of a
planning committee for it, email me
Remember, elections are
coming. RUIJ 1 Or at least come
speak with one of the exec about it
if you're considering it. Better to
know the facts before making your
decision to run or not run.
Did anybody notice the relative
size of Mike Muffels, VP Finance's
head in comparison to his neck and
body in the last issue of the Iron
Warrior? If you did, email me. Or
at least email him and taunt him
about it.
That's all ] have to say about that.
starting to get good! A lot of you
were involved in the Scun! over the
A good time was had by all.
Congratulations to XXXedys. The
Ultimate tourney was also quite
this past weekend.
Thanks go out to the <tthletics
directors for tht!ir efforts in
organizing it.
If you read the last issue of lhis
report, you know that my big goal
this term is to get the class reps more
involved with the society and
promote spirit both through
Engineering Society and class
drop courses, while others still
needed to register! And who can
forget tho e last minute slap-it-
together-in-a-night work term
There is not much anyone can do
to help you in those areas but yourself.
But there are many other items on
your "To Do" list that you may end
up forgetting to do. For instance,
have you thought about applying for
a SCholarship or bursary (BTW-
where in blazes do you look for
them)? How do you find out
important dates for your program so
that you can plan out your time
wisely? What faculty member do you
talk to if want to pursue aURA?
Which EngSoc director can best help
you if you require one of many
service that the Engineering Society
provides'! Et cetera ... the list goes on.
My guess is that few people can
answer all those questions. To make
the problem worse, the information
may change from term to term. That
is why I am piloting a "BOT
(Beginning of Term) Package"
project. Modeled after the Mech.
Eng. department with its package ,
Executive Reports
VP External
At about the same time that you
decide to browse this VPX report,
the ESSCO AGM conference will
be underway. I was somewhat
disappointed at the lack of response
I received to attend this conference.
Is it that you don't really know what
happens during these Engineering
Society conferences? Do you care?
Would you like to attend but you
VP Finance
Mike Muffels
Well midterms are upon us yet
again. Like the rest of you I will
be busy passing them and I will
Over the past two weeks the Clas
Rep Advisors (Laura and Navindra)
organi/ed ,get-to-know-you class rep
meetings where class reps came out
to meet one another, the Year Spirit
Advisors, Frosh Mentoring Advisors
(first year only) and the Exec
The meetings were very successful
and each Class of 'Ox agreed to
organize an event for all the members
of their graduating class. The Clas of
200 l got the first one organized with
a get-together last Thursday.
On a different note, elections are
are just too busy?
I auend a lot of these conference
a your VPX and every time I choose
a delegation to join me. 1 open
application to the entire engineering
student body and I receive between
four to six applications. There are
around two thousand undergraduate
Engineeri ng students on campus
every term. That means that less
than one percent of the student body
is interested on what happens at
these conferences. I find that a little
The ESSCO AGM refer to the
Engineering Societies Student
Council of Ontario annual general
meeting. ESSCO is a group of
individuals that operate as the
Ontario-wide engineering society. In
meetings such as this AGM, we
tackle real-world issues that have a
direct impact on you and your student
life. ESSCO acts as the voice to the
PEO and coordinates Ontario-wide
not be around much during the week.
I hope that everybodies' term has
been going relatively well. Mine has
been busy but fun.
Some quick financial reminders.
Donations have been completed by
now so if you didn't get a proposal
in, sorry try again next tenn. Just a
reminder to all the directors that they
should be handing in Student
Expense forms a they inccur any
expenses throughout the term.
Please do not wait until the end of
the term and hand in all of them.
This is as much for your benefit as it
is for mine. This way you are less
likely to lose tham and [ can keep
coming up soon, so if you ' ve got the
desire (and lack of desire for free
time) to be on the executive, talk to
Vanessa Choy
(vwchoy@ ellgma i/. fA waterloo. ca)
who is the CRO this term.
If you are interested in running
for VPI, here's an idea of what it
involves. There are about 60 internal
directors at this point.
The VPI is responsible for
electing the e directors and helping
them with their events and dutie ..
The VPI also sets the blotter (i.e.
schedules all events) for the term,
takes minutes of the exec meetings,
engineering initiative.
A great deal of idea haring occurs
during these conference. We often
learn a lot from other Universities and
vice versa. Do you want to know how
to hold a career fair, raise money for
a competition, operate a student
new paper, reduce student apathy or
find out how to improve the quality
of your education? A k and you may
find out. You will be urrounded by
student leaders from all across the
province, or perhaps all across
Canada. Most of the time, a viable
solution to a problem is reached.
There is one more point I should
make ... when the day of work is done,
we go out and have fun. Yes, we do.
You get the opportunity to make a
positive difference to student life,
meet a lot of great people, make some
excellent contacts and yes, have fun.
I don't know why I'm n9t absolutely
swamped with applications.
the budget updated as the term
Please remember to tape your
reciept to the back of the form (do
not staple) and please only give me
receipts, not transaction records from
your visa or your debit card. Only
receipts prove your purcha e and only
receipts are acceptable for me to
claim the GST on. That's right , if
you give me the receipt we get the
GST back from ther government.
If you have any questions at all
about EngSoc finances or EngSoc in
general r would be happy to answer
The End.
works on the exec initiatives (and
suggests new ones), acts as a resource
to pretty much all the students in
Engineering, and anything else that
comes up.
It' s a big job, but I think it' s one
of the most rewarding ones around.
If you'd like any more information
about this position, email me
(jmotuz@engmail.uwater{oo.ca) or
come by the orifice and a k in person.
If you're interested in one of the
other positions, just ask the exec
member who eurrently has it.

they were tailored for the junior,
intermediate and senior classes. It
had important names and dates to
remember. It also contained
academic and work term issues
relevant to the student. Other
also fuel them with new ideas which
can be added in future editions of the
One such idea, which has been
floating in the back of my mind, are
lab and research facility tour. These
information it had were lists of tours will benefit tudents who are
scholar hips and awards available for thinking of graduate studies. Also, it
the mechanical students. My aim is
to have all the disciplines try to adopt
this idea and eventually continue this
program with the academic reps as
the driving force.
Speaking of Academic Reps, I
realize how important they are to their
class after being one for my class
(2000 COME' ) last term. To me,
Academic Reps were like
ambas ador for the clas at faculty
academic meeting. Other times,
they were the educational watchdogs
to protect the interests of their cia s.
To assist new Academic Rep , I am
working with the two Academic Rep
Advisors (Mallar Chakravarty and
Brent Jubinville) to publi h a
handbook for the reps. The handbook
will contain a culmination of tasks the
Academic Rep should consider taking
responsibility for. Hopefully, it will
will interest those who are curious
about upper year labs and projects in
their program. The tours can enable
students to speak with lab technicians
as well as grad students and expo e
them to what UWEng is all about.
For instance, I helped arrange
sessions for students to visit the
SiDle Semiconductor lab as well as
the lab for Broadband
Communications. I had a lot of fun,
and I strongly urge the Academic
Reps to try it out!
On a more global note, OJ Swan
and I had a meeting with FEOS VP
Education, Veronica Chau. As
appointed commissioners of
education, we were seeking advice on
how the two student-run governments
can collaborate and promote the
awarene s of various education i sues
that affect all of Uw. Among several
hot topics discus ed, we all agreed
that it is important that students take
an active role in their education by
voting in the provincial election on
June 3 (which was YESTERDAYl).
We also talked about our initiative to
lobby the provincial government to
support our co-op program (currently
sustained entirely by our ri ing co-
op fee).
And what about our rising tuition,
you ask? Well, to explain how the
costs have been justified, our
president, Alan Cannistraro will be
working with our Dean, Sujeet
Chaudhuri, to run an open forum on
this issue. As soon as there is more
information, the execs will let you
3:31 am ... you know what? I need
to go to bed now. I think I've babbled
long enough, about all the things 1
want to achieve this term. Some will
ucceed, and some won't even leave
the drawing board. In short, for all
the things I try ] will report them to
you - to tell you what is being done
and how it will make your short stay
at UW just a bit less painful.
Hi Guys! I have been working on
a few minor issues that I thought I
should mention this issue.
The first is that I have received
nothing but positive feedback on the
implementation a VP Education into
However, it is kind of odd that I
have not received ANY negative
So if you have any concerns,
please let me know!
Also, if you are considering
running for exec later this term and
are interested in the VP Ed position,
feel free to contact James or I and we
would be glad to explain the details of
the position as we understand them.
I have recently been unending some
of the Co-.op student Adl'i:.o!,) Group
(CSAG) meeting and I have learned a
few thing.
One thing that hould be intere ting
to mo t of you i that a pre entation of
the new on-line co-op computer . y tem
i being etup ometime in the near
Thi system, that ha been put
together by co-op, has the ability to
create on-line re umes, apply to job,
and even rank jobs. The only part of
co-op process that i n't on-line appears
to be the interview process. Detail of
this event should be available oon (if
not by the time you are reading thi ).
We have also met with many of the
directors and spoke to the academic reps
to try and communicate educational
issues. We are j ust trying to make sure
that we have a suitable system 0 that
students have a clear path through their
department and EngSoc for educational
issues and problems.
Assuming they aren't all done
already, I would like to wish everybody
luck on their midterms! Keep your nose
to the grindstone because remember,
your education is my concern.
Executiye Reports
Friday, June 4, 1999 7
Hard hats sighted at Wonderland
CO:-.lI"UE K "AN
At :00 am on pril a
group of engineer: arri\'ed at
the staff gate of Paramount
Canada's Wonderland with
their gadgets and toys.
Pre ent were Ryerson,
McMaster, Queen 's, RMC,
and of cour, e, Waterloo
Most of us woke up at the
crack of dawn to be there, but
the weather was glorious, and
our spirits were high.
In our overalls and hard
hals of all colour , we were
ready to face the chall enge of
the day.
Our mi ssion? To help over
1000 high school swdents "ho went
to that da) to have fun,
and to learn Ph) sics.
Yes. it \\ as the annual High
hool Physics Day at Wonderlund!
The staff led us througb the
.. ecret" back door.
We saw the kids lining up, or
pi ling up, at the gate as we set up
our equipment.
At that moment 'ame a Hummer
with "The Matri " characters
painted on the side. Worry nol, it
was only for display purposes.
So we laid out the display planes
and robots and braced for the
stampede as Ihe gates opened. Each
of us was stationed a t tables
scattered ill Wonderland.
Our goal was to answer
questions about the physics of
various roller coasters and, more
importantly, to promote
At noon the engineers gathered
once again for lunch; it was a classic
example of engineers working
together towards a greater good, or
at least the good of our stomachs.
We discussed the differences
between our schools and programs,
the "ralios" and the rides we were
about to go on.
It was great to catch up on what's
goi ng on ill various engineering
programs lind to meet al l the fun
people that . howed.
Equally fa nla tic was the chance
t o promote physics and LO spark
interest in engineeri ng a mong. t
hi gh school student ' .
Who says learning can' t be fun?
GOING THE DISTANCE: Oil Jllne 12, the Northerrr Camel (sltown above left) will compete for Waterloo at tl. e 1999 SAil Sllpermilage ClllllpPlitltlll . "rht IOII .I/ItI'llw/ll hi> nTlllllllijlffy IIl I/.{ly (1/I1I1I1Ir
depending on the gearing," explains Campbell McConnell of engine develcplllent. "bllt because ofllte nal'IT'e o!rile compellrioll, yOIl filII inl"ruval.l. Mlliuld rUII it alfill/lilm/lil' Jilt abollt INI .I' IIf'",II/1 lI1.d II/I'nlilll it/iliff
coast for two minules for example." Tlte vehicle is powered by a 2 hp engine alld is expected 10 achieve a flle/ejJlciency of /IVI.'T 1000 miles Pl'f Ralloll. 71.t aillmlllllll' frail'" "",.ghv / 2 {1I1II1I11K I1nti Ilt r (llr,
driver, will weigh around 601bs.





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Q) -5
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en Q)

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e tI..


- - --- -- ---
5 Reduced from 130 to
6 Last premiere
7 Only one candidate in
9 Ontario's pride
11 Who does #27 refer
12 Stage
15 Applicants
16 Cleaned from streets
by Harris
17 "Strong __ fora
strong Ontario"
18 Hampton
21 Provincial HQ
24 de Jong
25 Campaign
26 Conservatives
28 Colour Party
29 Family
30 Subject of Bill 160
Word FX: Ontario '99
Brought 10 you by April Straus and Phong Loi

I "Putting people first"
2 Red, bl ue and orange
3 Ontario'S Health Minister
4 What the Reform party
doesn't want to do.
8 Volunteer hours required
10 Genera] knowledge uprising
12 Replacement voter
13 One of life's certainties
14 Gori
19 Keeping the poor busy
20 /lOne mad Mike Harris"
22 Liberals' 20/20
23 Pledge
27 "He is just not up to the
. . ..

. . ..
........... .

iii....... .


. . ..
........... .



8 Friday, June 4, 1999
A WARGer's Life for Me
Another happy-go-lucky WARG member arrives althe aeriol robotics lab.
Infollr weeks, the Waterloo Aeriol Robotics Group (WARG) will compete in round
Iwo of Ihe Millenial in/emational Aerial Robotics Competition ill Rich/atld,
Washington. During Ihe competition, autonomous robots (such as the Ghel/oBird,
shown above) will perform search and resclle operatiolls in a simulated disaster
Project Leader Dave Kroelsch prepares to install a single board computer. Tire
compollent, which boos/s a Pentium 200 MMX processor, will cOIl/rol the
autonomol/s helicopter dl/ring its flight.
The WARG helicopter is equipped with a differential grol/nd positioning system
accurate to within 2 centimeters.
Less than a year ago, WARG took second place at the 1998inlernaiional Aerial
Robotics Competition qualifier, beating out !tams from MIT, Berkeley, and
Georgia Tech. For more information, visit htlp:lleu.uwaterloo.ca/-wargl
history. hlmJ
Waterloo News
Thinking Beyond The Yo-Yo
I say "Job Fair" you say what ? A
chance to hand out extra resumes? An
chance to meet potential employers?
(a chance to core some water bottles,
baseball caps. and brightly coloured
plastic yo-yos'!)
Whatever you ' re thinking it' s not
enough-at lea t that's the
impres ion you'd get if you ' d
attended the Professional Acti vities
Development work hop at the 1999
Congress of Canadian Engi neering
Schools all across the country are
coming up with spanking new ideas
to build stronger ties with indu try.
McGill University organi zes it
own career fair, pulling in $10,000-
15,000 each year by charging
companies hundreds of dollar for the
right to set up a booth in a big empty
They've even had to turn
companies away becau e they ' ve run
out of floor pace. In the United
States. where the unemployment rate
is half that of Canada's, career fairs
can pull in upwards of $100,000-
$200,000 per event.
Some schools even have industry-
student banquet nights, where
companies actually pay for a posh
little dinner for graduating students,
just so they can sit next to them and
talk about their companie . What a
Besides career development, we
also discussed co-operative education
programs at engineering uni ver ities
across Canada. Did you know the
University of Victoria in BC has a co-
op program precisely modeled after
Waterloo Engineer.ing? 5 years, 4
months on, 4 month off-Imagine
At DaItech (the engineering school
formerly known as the Technical
Uni\,er ity of ova Scotia, recently
merged with Dalhousie Universit y)
the career ervices department is
funded half by student and half by
the univer ity. They regularly put out
surveys 10 students, asking them for
comment, uggesdon, and new
idea. to improve the depanment. The
co-op fee there is $50 per tenn, plu.
$200 if career services manage. to
find them a job.
Other universities give credit for
co-op terms , treating them like a
university course. On the plu ide
you get an extra credit. However, they
do charge you $500 over the , ummer
for attending the "course".
At Waterloo, most of our industry-
,tudent contact is done through
external organizations. Bingeman's
organizes our big annual career fair;
career services handles our co-op. The
ties between EngSoc and industry
aren't as strong as some other
engineering schools and you've got
to wonder if we're not missing out.
FROM 11 A.M.
UniYersitv & Weber
Fischer Hallman & UniYers/ly
tSlntni Wot_ 'IIeIl)
Countr/ lIills Drive
& Fairway Rd.
tSenl., iii ...... bit , IImt .... ,
Eagle & Concession
tlmiot H.JIt"-1
Franklin & avenue Rd.
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I Wireless Email Uses The Force
May 19th, 3 :40pm. 5 minutes
before an opening day howing of The
Phantom Menace. A Famous Players
employee is in the spotlight at the
front of the SilverCity theatre at
"We ask that you turn off cell
phones and pagers during the show."
The crowd breaks out into
laughter, leaving a confused look on
the employee.
Someone from the audience offers
an explanation: "There are three
hundred pagers in the audience!"
Several Research In Motion
Inter@ctive pagers were held up by
orne to prove this claim.
I also have the same pager with
me. It's currently set to vibrate when
I get email and not make any sound,
butl tum it off anyway so that I won't
be interrupted during the movie.
After all, this is a huge movie
event. One that 1 have waited
patiently for since 1 heard rumors of
it years ago. I did not expect to see it
on opening day though. The long
lineups I waited in for the Special
Editions of the original Trilogy only
convinced me I should wait until the
crowds die down to 'ee this over-
hyped event.
But when your co-op company is
offering free ticket s for all employees
on opening day, then 1 had to brag
to use those effects to enhance the low
quality display screens and
holographic images, keeping the
technology consistent with the later
epi odes. (Although robots rep.laced
the humans storm troopers. How
would Luke and Han Solo steal tho e
The script certainly could have
been improved. I've read a couple
parodies poking fun at the hollow
characters. And when 1 could actually
about my good fortune to all my understand what Jar Jar was sayi ng,
friends. I wanted Obi-Wan to kick his ass.
Watching any Star Wars movie Nonetheless, I think Ewan
with a theatre packed with obsessed , McGregor fits Obi-Wan Kenobi 's role
fans is a lot of fun. But it's even better
when you know all the people in the
Despite all the mediocre
I believe everyone from RIM fully
enjoyed it. The Phantom Menace is
true to Star War. It's not the best
movie of all tim.e, not even close, but
neither were the original episodes.
The computer graphics that were
well , and 1 can imagine him becoming
the character we already know so
Now we all must wait three year
for the next chapter in this saga which
will be set ten years later. In the
meantime, we are on our own to solve
the missing pieces of the puzzle
between Episodes I and IV.
Is Queen Amidala going to be the
in almost all scenes of the movie were mother of Luke and Princess Leia?
beautiful. And Lucas wisely chose not Umm, how old is Anakin?