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FACTORS PART I PERFORMANCE Accomplishment of work your supervisor!s overall performance in achieving his/her targets" ./ Attains level of achievement


2. Integrity your supervisor!s demonstrated ability to being straight, incorruptible, and uncompromising in the adherence to a code of moral conduct and values Always righteous, upright and can be ./ trusted on any matter* always straight, uncompromising and incorruptible in his/her daily dealings 0 with +onsistently sincere in his/her dealings others( free from fraud and deception

Attains level of achievement more than 0 ade#uate

INSTRUCTIONS This form is used for evaluating the performance of your supervisor in this rating period. Please use pen or ball pen when accomplishing this form. Please observe fairness and objectivity when rating your supervisor In rating your supervisor, please encircle the box that most objectively describes his/her level of performance and behavior guided by the definitions of rating under each factor. After accomplishing this form, please affix your signature and submit this to your higher supervisor

Attains ade#uate level of achievement

Attains level of achievement less than 2 ade#uate 3 Poor Accomplishment

%air and just in dealing with self and others( sincere in purpose and deed 1 and unpretentious most of the time Insincere, not trustworthy in carrying out duties and responsibilities( allows him to be used 2 by others in situations which may lead to fraud and deception 3 with ,ishonest in any transaction and dealing others

PART II CRITICAL FACTORS 1. Courtesy and Human Relations supervisor!s demonstrated ability to be polite, $ind and how his/her behavior toward the public/clientele in manner of speech and actuation Always goes all the way to ma$e people ./ comfortable and satisfied even under pressure and occupied with wor$ %re#uently goes out of the way even 0 under pressure and occupied with wor$ &sually goes out of the way to assist the 1 public 'ccasionally assists the public( at times discourteous( shows lac$ of patience in 2 dealing with people 3 )ost of the time discourteous( regularly complained of/about due to inconsiderate attitude

3. Stress Tolerance supervisor!s ability to perform other pressure or opposition Always calm and shows pleasant ./ disposition( consistently confident and positive even during stressful conditions at wor$( never losses patience and never allows tension and anxiety to affect performance in wor$place )ost of the time calm, confident and positive( occasionally loses emotional 0 control during stressful conditions -ormally calm, confident and positive( 1 occasionally loses emotional control during stressful conditions 'ften loses emotional control in dealing with stressful wor$ situations( often complains 2 about people and situations at wor$

+annot handle stress( highly emotional 3 engages violent arguments with others and 4. Initiative and Resourcefulness supervisor!s ability to start action, project and perform assigned tas$ without being told and under minimal supervision 8ighly creative with new ideas and suggestions that result in increased ./ effectiveness, efficiency and productivity( has an ideal outloo$ and concerns to the wor$ 7esourceful in doing his own job more efficiently, effectively and productively( ta$e 0 own initiative, attentive wor$( usually overcomes extra ordinary problems Average attitude and interest in his wor$ ( performs accordingly to his job descriptions 1 and responsibilities( fair competent to handle ordinary problems 8ardly performs his job descriptions and responsibilities( wor$s only after 2 consistent prodding ,ishonest in any transaction and dealing 3 with others 5. Compliance to office rules and regulations supervisor!s adherence to existing office policies/programs Always complies with office rules and ./ reminds others to observe them ;enerally complies to office rules with 0 minimal reminders 1 and 2 and 'ccasionally lax in observing office rules regulations 7egularly reminded of existing office rules regulations

Ignores and violates office rules and regulations

+annot lead subordinates( no teamwor$( productivity is low( no balance of tas$ and 3 people concern !! "udgment#$ecision %aking supervisor!s ability to analy<e data, identify issues and problems, ma$e conclusions based on factual information Always gathers the best information( has ./ superior ability in data analysis and always arrives at excellent decisions even on complex problems 'ften ma$es very good and correct 0 decisions based on relevant information and good data analysis Analysis of data and problems normally ade#uate( generally arrives at correct 1 decisions on routine concerns 6ometimes ma$es bad decisions because of 2 inade#uate( generally arrives at correct decisions on routine analysis ,ecisions made are often bad because of poor analysis and judgment( normally refuses 3 to ma$e decisions COMMENTS AND RECOMMENDATIONS """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

6. Attendance and Punctuality supervisor!s behavior of coming to office on time or to be present at wor$ to complete assigned responsibilities ./ wor$ 0 wor$ Always within the wor$ing area or place of )ostly within the wor$ing area or place of

'ftentimes within the wor$ing area or 1 place of wor$ 2 7arely most of the time not within the wor$ing area or place of wor$ Always not within the wor$ing area or 3 place of wor$ . eadership supervisor!s ability to guide, influence motivates and develops confidence to wor$ as a team and accomplish assigned tas$s, leading the organi<ational unit to achieve its goal and objectives enthusiastically 4eads subordinates exceptionally well, easily achieves high productivity through ./ teamwor$( maintains a good balance of tas$ and people concern 4eads subordinates effectively( often gets 0done job through teamwor$ 4eads subordinates 1 usually gets job done ade#uately well(

6eldom exercises leadership over 2 subordinates( seldom gets job done on time

-A)5 A-, 6I;-AT&75 '% 7AT55 P'6ITI'-