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April 2008

Order yearbooks now! April 15th Elementary Musical &

3rd Student Led Conference
www.foundationacademy.com (904) 241-3515 April 2008
May 2008
Videos of Most TFA plays are available! SACS CASI Accreditation & NIPSA Accreditation
May 2nd - 4th 1st Weekend of Play

May 15th Prom! May 9th - 11th 2nd Weekend of Play

May 12th - 15ht Senior Portfolio


Some Thoughts on
Video and Computer Spring is Here
Everything is growing
Over the past two decades, video Student knowledge
and computer games have
Student success
become dramatically more
fast-paced, realistic, and Student products
stimulating. Not long after their Student portfolios
introduction, I began to suspect Student museum
that these games had the same
Student friendships
“Can God make a rock He can’t move? And then, can He move it?” These are the silly questions we addictive potential as drugs,
used to ask in Seminary, usually designed to confound the most intellectually-oriented students into alcohol, and gambling. Today, Student led conference
strange discussions about our concepts of God. The answer we all agreed on was “Yes” to both
questions, but to this day I have never understood it. family therapists and researchers Student Musicals
Now long out of Seminary, I learned that people continued to ask these silly questions about who God have confirmed my fears. Listed
was and why He did so many things that didn’t make sense to any of us. And through it all, I learned below are some tips for helping
that God had little to do with our silly questions. “His ways are not our ways, and His thoughts are Grow with us.
your child avoid getting hooked:
not our thoughts.” And the answers were truly so simple: Who came before God? Nobody; We
Be part of these
think with a beginning and an end, but God has none. Why does God allow war? He doesn’t have
wonderful events.
anything to do with war; Man creates war by lifting a gun against his fellow man. Why is there famine?
Because people refuse to take the abundant supplies upon the earth and distribute them among the
• Don't allow your children to
We need your branches.
poorer people. Why does God send people to Hell? He doesn’t; People send themselves to Hell by have a computer in their
refusing to listen to God. And the questions continue. room.
But these silly questions are usually a philosophical excuse to ignore the faith that God offers us
through His Son, Jesus Christ. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not
• Allow them to play these Then Jesus asked,
seen.” There comes a point that love must evidence itself through our faith in God and the hope that games no longer than thirty "What is the kingdom of
He will take care of us, and that faith is demonstrated in one word: Trust! We are required to “trust minutes per day. God like?
God and believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him.” And God
doesn’t offer answers to these strange philosophical questions that we keep asking because He hasn’t • If your child becomes What shall I compare it
got time. He has a universe to take care of, and while we sit around wondering what might be, God is sneaky, noncompliant, or
busy doing. “I Am that I Am!” He says, and that is all the explanation He gives us. defiant about this time limit, Is it like a mustard
We need to take note of His example: We have responsibilities, we have a world to take care of and remove this privilege. seed,
make better, we have lives going to Hell because we are sitting around asking philosophical questions
and watching our world fall apart because we can’t take care of our own marriages and crime and • Children birth to six should which a man took
learning to love each other. Instead we bemoan our lives and their problems while we take drugs, legal spend no time playing these and planted in his
and non, to numb us of our need to help, and heal, and solve the many problems we are creating. garden.
Stop questioning God and join Him. Now is the time for action. There are people you are seeing
games, watching videos, or
everyday who need your help, and you are ignoring them. You have family members that need love, viewing television. it grew and became a
friends that need faith, and lives on the street that are begging for encouragement, and you are the only tree,
conduit that God has to reach them. You can talk to people who will never listen to me, so talk to So-called "educational" games, and the birds in the
them! In the Power of Christ you can change the world.
Stop asking silly questions and become a conqueror of evil in the name of Him Who Loves us!
videos, and shows are no air
substitute for real-life learning perched in its
activities, involving movement, branches."
problem-solving, and human
107 Third Avenue South, Jacksonville Beach FL 32250
Phone: (904) 241-3515 Fax: (904) 241-9857 Web: www.foundationacademy.com

4 107 Third Avenue South, Jacksonville

1 Beach, FL 32250
Phone: (904) 241-3515 Fax: (904) 241-9857 Web: www.foundationacademy.com
Seniors celebrate the completion of their Senior Project presentations.

In February five groups of seniors presented their project work to committees composed of Ms. Nadia, community members,
teachers, parents and students. Visuals accompanied the oral presentations, which were well
received The first group, not pictured, focused on feeding the homeless and helped serve food at Construction of the new school continues, the
the Mission House downtown. The Ronald McDonald group brought and cooked food for the progress is amazing! Most of the outer
families staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Jacksonville. The Anti-Litter group worked at the
beaches and developed an anti-litter campaign to be presented to the middle school and elementary
construction is complete. The parking area is
students. The two other groups concentrated on the arts: one to save music through a concert and under construction now and should be completed
the other to encourage outdoor art through a “painting” wall. The art wall is up and functioning at soon. We will continue to follow the progress, and
the elementary school if you wish to add your piece to it. The music group will have a concert
presented in the summer time. Stay tuned for updates.
eagerly await its completion. Praise God!
The project committees For more pictures check out next month’s ROCK!

On March 14, we celebrated our traditional Spanish Festival. This is a festivity that unifies
the elementary, middle, and high school students, as well as teachers, parents, staff and
community members with only one purpose, to exalt and praise the Spanish culture and
their rich legacy in The United States. The students in the Spanish I and II class created
gorgeous “piñatas” and filled them with candies to delight the rest of their peers in breaking Oh Rats!
them. We had dances, games, prizes, and songs performed by the students as well as the
famous Puerto Rican “reggae ton” performed by Shawn Pierre. After the show, everybody In Mrs. Clifford's science
enjoyed a authentic buffet that had a great variety of food from different Spanish countries class, the students have been
and that it was brought by our Foundation Academy students, teachers, parents and staff. studying the anatomy of the
This is a day of jubilee, a day of joy and a day in which everybody is integrated and immersed rat. First they completed a
in the Spanish culture!! web with basic rat facts. Did
Que Viva el Español! you know an adult rat can fit
through openings as small as
1/2 inch in diameter or that a
rat can have a 36 inch vertical
leap? Next the students studied
the location and function of the
rat's interior organs. This
study included a virtual
dissection on-line. Then the
fateful day came and the
students had the opportunity to
dissect the rats in the
classroom. It was a great
learning experience for all.

- Mrs. Clifford

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