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Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Research and Formulations
Innovative Associate Scientist with more than 20 years of experience delivering ground-breaking research
for world-class organizations including Fortune 500 leaders XXX. Conduct cutting-edge pharmaceutical
and biotech research with Subject Matter Expertise in lipid-based therapeutic agent development. Possess
hands-on laboratory skills across biochemical/chemical assay development, cell cultures, liposomes,
chromatography, protein characterization, DNA analysis, and spectroscopy. Expertise in advanced
research methods, co-authoring publications in Bioconjungate Chemistry and Experimental Cell Research.
Versatile skill base includes ISO 14001 standards, design of experiments (DOE), feasibility studies, and
patent protection with fluent French and Greek language skills. Recognized as a skilled problem solver,
articulate communicator, and respected team player with impeccable interpersonal skills.

Research & Development • DNA Analysis • Chromatography • Protein Characterization

Design of Experiments (DOE) • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) • Spectroscopy
Biochemical/Chemical Assays • Stability Studies • Quality Control (QC)
Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) • LAL Gel Clot Assay • In Vitro Release Assays


Career Note: Completed training/coursework from 2007-Present.

COMPANY, Location • 1999 to 2007

Global pharmaceutical leader introducing oral, transderal, implantable, and liposomal products.
Associate Scientist, Intravenous Technology Development (2001 to 2007)
Instrumental to Formulations and Research group success, developing key Active Pharmaceutical
Ingredient (API) biochemical/chemical assays. Hands-on experience included small-scale liposome
production formulating compounds into Stealth liposomes, Pre-IND level drug formulation, and lipid-based
small molecule and protein products for oncology and infectious disease studies. Served as key liaison
between formulation, QC, and pharmacology teams. Conducted stability, toxicity, and efficacy studies.
Complied with ISO 14001 guidelines.
 Invented in vitro release assay predicting formulation stability, boosting productivity via standard
fluorimeter-based assay system, testing numerous disruptive agents, and discerning correlation
between in vitro release assay and in vivo PK rat data.
 Positioned product as best-in-class, creating formulation variants and protecting patent position.
 Launched system targeting HIV-infected cells via antibody fragments conjugated to liposome surface
and created in vitro liposome uptake assay for formulation.

Chemist III (1999 to 2001)

Served as key member of pharmacokinetic testing team, formulating liquid liposome-based products for
testing. Strengthened bench and pilot scale processes via DOE methodologies. Directed sterile filtration
validation tests and critical stability studies. Created small-scale production equipment cleaning
procedures. Led targeted liposome technology extramural program activities.
 Established optimal stability conditions for liquid liposome-based products via DOE methods.
 Introduced clinical protocol condition simulation, illustrating drug stability for up to 72 hours.
 Developed potential resolutions to Stealth-Radiation sensitizer product pyrogen issue.

COMPANY, Location • 1992 to 1999

Pharmaceutical firm utilizing liposomes as drug delivery carriers.
Research Associate II
Created critical biochemical/chemical assays and formulations of interest. Documented research and
developed manufacturing processes complying with GMP guidelines.
 Facilitated insightful formulation stability studies, planning and executing key research.
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Research Associate, Laboratory of Gene Regulation/Metastasis
Orchestrated cancer metastasis mechanism elucidation research utilizing primary and metastatic tumor
cell lines (B16 mouse melanoma: F1, F10, and F15) and protein profiling methodologies. Uncovered
primary and metastatic cell protein differences.
 Originated optimal protein profiling assay, advancing assay to ovarian cancer cells.

Research Associate, Laboratory of Monoclonal Antibody
Conducted critical research and analysis for Faculty of Medicine and Department of Biochemistry. Studied
role of (ADP-ribosyl)ation in chromatin structure and carcinogenesis.
 Researched systemic lupus erythromatosus/rheumatoid arthritis patient treatment, analyzing histones
(ADP-ribosyl)ation using cells in culture and controlling eukaryotic cell gene expression.

Note: Experience includes Laboratory Assistant role with Research Institute. Details provided on request.


Bachelor of Science, Biology

University, Location

Paramedical Biochemistry Coursework

University, Location

Diploma, French Language

University, Location


HPLC Coursework • Design of Experiments Coursework

Radiation Safety • Cytotoxic Drugs & Blood Byproducts Handling


List of Publications


Fluent English, Greek, and French


Chromatography: SEC, IEX, Affinity • DNA Analysis: Restriction digest, AUT, Agarose gel electrophoresis
Protein characterization: SDS-PAGE, IEF, NEPHGE, Protein assay, Protein isolation and purification,
125 35
Radiolabelling ( I, S) and conjugation to polymer
Spectroscopy: AA, UV-VIS and Fluorescence
Cell culture (monolayer/suspension) • Cytotoxicity assay • Membrane isolation • Nuclei isolation
LAL gel clot assay • Radiolabelling of liposomes (67Ga) • Fluorescent labelling of liposomes • DLS
Autoradiography • GLP/GMP manufacturing • Process optimization • Scale-up • Technology transfer
In vivo and in vitro assays