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Genesis 6:1-2 The sons of God are those who believe in Jesus and receive God as their Saviour.

. John 1:12. Therefore, this must appl to the linea!e of "dam throu!h Seth, for it is this line of men that call upon the name of the #ord. Genesis $:26 The dau!hters of men are not the dau!hters of God. The have to be females from the linea!e of %ain. Genesis $:1&-22. These dau!hters do not have the name dau!hters of God because the did not choose to have faith in Jesus. The sons of God cannot refer to the an!els, for an!els cannot marr nor !ive into marria!e. #u'e 2(:)$-)* God was not pleased with this, for the sons of God became une+uall o'ed with unbelievers. 2 %orinthians 6:1$-1*. Genesis 6:) "s God !ave the Jewish nation $,( ears to repent of their sins and accept the -essiah, .aniell ,:2$-2/, so God !ave these people 12( ears to repent of their wic'edness and receive 0im b faith throu!h enterin! into the ar'. Genesis 6:$ The !iants that come durin! this time are not aliens. The te1t sa s that these !iants came after the une+uall o'ed couples produced children. 2or a lon! time, the linea!e of %ain and the linea!e of Seth married within their own !roup. Therefore, there probabl was not a lot of new traits bein! formed as a result. This new mi1ture, however, probabl !ave rise to the new trait of bein! ver tall. Genesis 6:*-/ God investi!ated the earth and saw that men were wic'ed. 0e also saw that their ima!inations were continuall wic'ed. 2rom this 3 'now that God is capable of 'nowin! what we are thin'in!. Jeremiah 1/:1(, -ar' 2:6-& The heart of God aches when 0e sees humans !iven over to Satanic delusion. 0e does not li'e evil within men so much that 0e has to destro men. God did not ma'e man to be evil. Genesis 6:&-1( 4oah was considered to be a 5ust and perfect man that wal'ed with God. 6hat does it mean to wal' with God7 This is true in spite of the fact that throu!h the !race of God he was able to persuade onl seven other souls to enter into the ar'. 4oah had three sons. Genesis 6:11-1) "ccordin! to God8s standards, the earth was corrupt. 4oah receives a revelation from God. The men of the earth at that time decided to be corrupt. %orruption was not somethin! that was forced upon them. 3f God forces men to be corrupt, wh would 0e be upset with them7 God has the abilit to destro 0is creation. 0e does not do so arbitraril . 9ather, 0e allows a certain amount of time to pass before 0e destro s. 3n this case, the time limit was 12( ears. Trul , God is slow to an!er..

Genesis 6:1$-16 " cubit is about 1& inches. The ar' was to be )(( cubits lon!, which is *$(( inches lon!, or $*( feet lon!. The ar' was )( cubits tall, which is *$( inches tall, which is $* feet tall. The ar' was *( cubits wide, which is ,(( inches wide, which is /* feet wide. The ar' was to have three stories. The ar' was to have a window and a door 2or 4oah to underta'e this pro5ect, he needed to have an understandin! of math and construction. Genesis 6:1/-2( "s the world !ives evidence of a world-wide flood in some time in the past, God 0imself declares that 0e is the :ne responsible for the flood. God ma'es a covenant with 4oah. This covenant spares him from bein! destro ed in the flood. Seven members of 4oah8s famil also came with him into the ar'. God lets 4oah 'now that a pair of each 'ind of animal will !o into the ar'. This pair would consist of one male and one female. God said that the animals would come to 4oah. Genesis 6:21 God tells 4oah to !ather food for himself as well as for the animals. ; this 3 'now that God is interested in the welfare of both animals and humans. Genesis 6:22 4oah was warned about a flood before the event happened. God let 4oah 'now what his dut was in order to ade+uatel prepare for the flood. Since 4oah obe ed God8s command before the event happened, he was considered to be ri!hteous b faith. 0ebrews 11:/ 3f God warns a man about thin!s which will occur in the future, and that man fails to prepare, then God is not at fault.