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Thank you for purchasing Forex Goiler. This manual will cover only the basics of the indicator. Advanced strategies and other discussions pertaining to Goiler can be found at http://www.worldwide invest.org/trading systems strategies/!"## forex goiler trading.html.

Installation: $lease copy the .ex% file to your &etaTrader %/experts/indicators folder and restart your platform. 'ow open a ()*)+, -! chart by going to File/'ew .hart and then clicking on ()*)+,. This should automatically open the -! chart. 'ext/ open the 'avigator window 0if closed1 by clicking the yellow folder icon 0with the yellow star1 at the top of the screen. The 'avigator window will now open. .lick the 2 button to the left of the .ustom 3ndicators folder to expand the indicator list. +croll down to Forex Goiler and by pushing and holding the left mouse button/ drag it to your open chart. 'ow/ the indicator window will open. .lick on the 3nputs tab. +ettings are as follows: screen. Font4+i5e: this ad6usts the si5e of the font viewable on the

.orner: 0! %1 this sets the corner of the screen where the text can be viewed. )seAutoG&T7ffset: this option will ad6ust the G&T automatically/ based on your broker8s time5one. 'ote that this will not accurately calculate when the platform is disconnected from the broker/ such as over the weekend. 3f this is the case/ then it is recommended to set this to false and use the &anualG&T7ffset until the platform reconnects again. 9hen daily levels start to gap and/or overlap each other/ this is a sign that the platform is not receiving data/ and time calculations will no longer be accurate. 3f the market is open/ you can refresh the indicator by double clicking on one of the levels/ which will open the indicator window/ and then click 7:. 'ote that when using a G&T offset greater than " will cause a new signal to appear near the end of Friday8s market/ which is still a valid signal. &anualG&T7ffset: this setting only works when AutoG&T7ffset is set to false. 3t is recommended to set this according to your broker8s G&T offset/ while also taking into

consideration ,aylight +avings Time/ which can also affect signal output. To find your broker8s G&T offset/ you can either contact them directly or set the AutoG&T7ffset option to true and observe the comment in the upper left hand corner of the screen. 3f the platform is currently connected/ this should give you the accurate offset 0including ,aylight +avings Time1. 3f your broker8s G&T offset is G&T2;/ you will need to set the &anualG&T7ffset to ;/ and if your broker is G&T !/ you will need to set it to !. Warning!!! The G&T setting is extremely important/ so make sure this is set accurately before trading. <ou may find another setting is more reliable/ but Forex Goiler will not be held responsible for erroneous settings. +how.alc: this option will turn on/off the visual display of the calculations used for Goiler. +how.omments: this option will turn on/off the comments shown at the upper left hand of the screen. Recommended currency: this indicator was calibrated for the ()*)+, currency/ and is not recommended for other currencies. 3t can be used on any TF from ,aily to below.

Instructions: +ignals will begin at each market day according to your preset G&T offset. 'ote that &onday8s signal may begin near the end of Friday8s market if your G&T is greater than ". <ou should see something similar to this 03 have chosen a non recommended pair 6ust so we can have a nice clean chart1.

As you can see at the bottom right corner/ the current signal will be displayed as either a =)< or +(>>/ with the corresponding entry/ exit/ and stoploss levels. They are also color coded for easy reference. 7n the actual chart/ these levels will be displayed with the appropriate color and level. The white line is (ntry level ?!. This is where the signal will start. The orange line is (ntry level ?;. 3f price has opposite momentum or changes trend in opposition to the Goiler signal/ this entry level can be used as an alternative entry. The two green lines are two different takeprofit levels. The first is recommended for use with (ntry ?! 0white line1. The second can be used for a more aggressive exit/ or used in con6unction with trailstop/ partial takeprofit/ and/or breakeven at the T$?! level. 3t is important to lock in profit at certain levels/ but that will not be discussed here. 3f your entry was the orange (ntry ?;/ your first T$ will be the white line 0(ntry ?!1. Again/ you can lock in profits by closing the trade or trailing the trade to the next level/ whatever fits your trading style. The red +> line represents the recommended stoploss level for Goiler/ and is not recommended for an entry level/ as price may continue its momentum against the signal. Risk Management: The first point to make is that you should not risk more than ! ;@ of your account per trade. )se the following eAuation to calculate your risk per trade: Account +i5e 0B1 divided by !"" multiplied by risk 0@1 C risk 0B1 per trade. *isk 0B1 per trade divided by stop loss C B risk per pip. +o if you were risking ;@ of your BD/""" account and your stop loss was !D pips/ you would calculate the following: BD/""" divided by !"" multiplied by ;@ C B!"" per trade. B!"" per trade divided by !D C B#.# per pip. 3n the example above a loss of !D pips 0B#.# per pip1 would be B!"" 0;@1. Go over and over the above until you fully understand it. $roper psychology and money management are important keys to successful trading.

DISCLAIMER Disclaimer U.S. Government Required Disclaimer - Commodit Futures !radin" Commission Futures and O#tions tradin" $as lar"e #otential re%ards& 'ut also lar"e #otential ris(. )ou must 'e a%are o* t$e ris(s and 'e %illin" to acce#t t$em in order to invest in t$e *utures and o#tions mar(ets. Don+t trade %it$ mone ou can+t a**ord to lose. !$is is neit$er a solicitation nor an o**er to ,u -Sell *utures or o#tions. .o re#resentation is 'ein" made t$at an account %ill or is li(el to ac$ieve #ro*its or losses similar to t$ose discussed on t$is %e' site. !$e #ast #er*ormance o* an tradin" s stem or met$odolo" is not necessaril indicative o* *uture results. CF!C RULE /./0 - 1)2O!1E!IC3L OR SI4UL3!ED 2ERFOR43.CE RESUL!S 135E CER!3I. LI4I!3!IO.S. U.LI6E 3. 3C!U3L 2ERFOR43.CE RECORD& SI4UL3!ED RESUL!S DO .O! RE2RESE.! 3C!U3L !R3DI.G. 3LSO& SI.CE !1E !R3DES 135E .O! ,EE. EXECU!ED& !1E RESUL!S 43) 135E U.DER-ORO5ER CO42E.S3!ED FOR !1E I423C!& IF 3.)& OF CER!3I. 43R6E! F3C!ORS& SUC1 3S L3C6 OF LI7UIDI!). SI4UL3!ED !R3DI.G 2ROGR34S I. GE.ER3L 3RE 3LSO SU,8EC! !O !1E F3C! !13! !1E) 3RE DESIG.ED 9I!1 !1E ,E.EFI! OF 1I.DSIG1!. .O RE2RESE.!3!IO. IS ,EI.G 43DE !13! 3.) 3CCOU.! 9ILL OR IS LI6EL) !O 3C1IE5E 2ROFI! OR LOSSES SI4IL3R !O !1OSE S1O9.. .o re#resentation is 'ein" made t$at an account %ill or is li(el to ac$ieve #ro*its or losses similar to t$ose s$o%n. In *act& t$ere are *requentl s$ar# di**erences 'et%een $ #ot$etical #er*ormance results and t$e actual results su'sequentl ac$ieved ' an #articular tradin" #ro"ram. 1 #ot$etical tradin" does not involve *inancial ris(& and no $ #ot$etical tradin" record can com#letel account *or t$e im#act o* *inancial ris( in actual tradin". 3ll in*ormation on t$e Fore: Goiler %e'site is *or educational #ur#oses onl and is not intended to #rovide *inancial advice. 3n statement a'out #ro*its or income& e:#ressed or im#lied& does not re#resent a "uarantee. )our actual tradin" ma result in losses as no tradin" s stem is "uaranteed. )ou acce#t *ull res#onsi'ilities *or our actions& trades& #ro*it or loss& and a"ree to $old Fore: Goiler and an aut$ori;ed distri'utors o* t$is in*ormation $armless in an and all %a s. )our #urc$ase o* Fore: Goiler serves as our ac(no%led"ement and re#resentation t$at ou $ave read and understand t$ese !ER4S OF USE and t$at ou a"ree to 'e 'ound ' suc$ !ER4S OF USE <=3"reement=>. 3ll ri"$ts reserved. !$e use o* t$is %e'site constitutes acce#tance o* our user a"reement.

%%%.*ore:"oiler.com 2lease direct all enquiries and corres#ondence to in*o?*ore:"oiler.com