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This report was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personal interviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an open question-answer format, without regard to who is asking the question and who is answering; this format also allows insertion of other data in the later part of the report in the same open Q ! format. The data is not proven or verified, "ut is reported as received. This report contains information on the following# The $hiladelphia $ro%ect, or $ro%ect &ain"ow, $hoeni' $ro%ects (-), origins of the &adiosonde and connections with the work of *ilhelm &eich, government weather control programs and hidden agenda, the +ontauk ,ind -ontrol pro%ects, the deli"erate murder of thousands of !merican children in mind control research and time tunnel e'periments, government time-tunnel pro%ects and operational procedures, how .ickola Tesla and /on .eumann contri"uted to these pro%ects, the 0martyrdom clause0, mind control "y individual signature, technical ways to produce planetary holograms and +atreiya effects, the e'planation "ehind closed time loops, government rationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave la"or, $ro%ect 1reamscan, $ro%ect +oonscan, the !ir"orne Instrument 2a"s, $ro%ect +indwrecker, the alien groups known as the 3ondrashkin and their interaction with 45 6overnment mind control programs, the 3amogol II and 6i7a 6roups, the negative 5irians, 5oviet scalar weaponry, 8rion 6roup manipulations, 9th root race incarnations, telepathy producing drugs and their use and suppression, the :!! and 7ero-time generators, technical spinoffs from the $hiladelphia pro%ect, the International !erospace !lliance, cross-section of implant device, *ilhelm &eich and mind control, &eichian 8rgastic-type programming and its use "y the 45 6overnment and 5irians, the $si--orps, !lien soul-trading, +ontauk and the aliens from the !ntares system, the 2everons, the ;lohim 6roup, the 45 .avy and time-tunnel pro%ects, the 45 6overnment and the 6reys, electronic life support,systems of the &eptilian ,umanoids, new life form masses over the poles and their relation to yearly out"reaks of flu-like disease, !I15 and :ort 1ietrick <.5!=, +aglev trains and the 45 underground tunnel network, the missing human genes, "uried spacecraft and alien technical archives under the 6i7a pyramid, the coming new money, the 0>lack .o"ility0, .ordic and human copper "ased "lood systems and physiology, the technology of cloning and the development of synthetic humans and political replacement programs, the +iddle ;ast situation, -ongressional awareness of drug and alien agenda, the +I>, the 45 !rmy and the "lack helicopter forces, government mo"ile mind disruption technology, nature and purposes and the 8rion 6roup, fourth density transmutation of the human race, geological changes, 5irian +ind -ontrol technology, and more, along with illustrations gleaned from witnesses with photographic memory and a lot of courage. This information is supplementary to that in -hapter ? <+atri' III=.

The Interviews

*here do you want to start@ 2etAs start with the $hoeni' $ro%ect. It was a pro%ect that evolved out of the $hiladelphia $ro%ect. it was a pro%ect that the .avy did in the (9)BAs and (9CBAs in an attempt to make ships invisi"le. They threw the switch one eventful day and the ship went into hyperspace. They had all sorts of pro"lems with the people on the "oat. It was a huge success as well as a huge failure - then they shelved it. !round (9C? it was decided to re-activate the pro%ect and it was moved to >rookhaven .ational 2a"oratories with 1r. Dohn /on .eumann and his associates. 8ut of $hoeni' I came 5tealth technology, which I cannot talk a"out "ecause of my %o". It also produced all sorts of energetic little toys like the radiosonde. *hat is a radiosonde@ *ell, in all appearances it was a little white "o' that they attached to a "alloon and sent up into the atmosphere. The government told people that it involved gathering weather data. It used a very unusual type of pulse modulation. In most cases they used a -* <continuous wave= oscillator and pulsed the signal. This turned out to "e a very efficient conversion of electrical energy to etheric energy. I very recently started collecting radiosondes. I never saw a receiver. I found out that they were designed up at >rookhaven .ational 2a"s. I started to talk to people at >rookhaven and ran into a retired gentleman who used to work there. ,e told me that the design was originally done "y *ilhelm &eich. That peaked my interest. The story goes that in a"out (9C? *ilhelm &eich handed the 45 6overnment a weather control device, a device that would do 18&-"usting. &eich thought that if he could decrease the amount of 18& that storms would not "e so violent. <18& is the result of orgone energy coming into contact with an enclosed radioactive source. This produces a 1eadly 8rgone ;nergy - 18& - which threatens life. It is also produced in the atmosphere through other processes. The government sent the device up there into a storm and it did reduce the intensity of the storm. The government liked it, and they started another phase of the $hoeni' pro%ect where they designed these 0radiosondes0 and started launching them in large num"ers, may"e EBB to FBB per day. The radio in these things had a range of a"out (oo miles. If they used so many of them, one would think that receivers for them would "e commonplace. I used to "e a collector of radio receivers. I have over (BB in my personal collection. I have never seen a radiosonde receiver. I have heard of them "ut I have never seen them. *hat are the frequencies used@ The frequencies used are CB) +,7 and (9GB +,7. They used two different frequencies. They are "oth on at the same time@ .o. 8ne or the other was used at any one time. The earlier ones used CB) +,7 plus or minus E +,7. The later ones used (9GB +,H, plus or minus 9 +,7. The 0thermistor0 in

them had gold, silver, platinum and iridium in it. &eich used sensors that had gold and silver in them. The humidity element is a plastic plate with silver around the rim and conductive lines going across the plate. They put a very unusual mi'ture of chemicals on this plate. 4nlike most humistors, the resistance went up as it got damp. *hat weAre theori7ing at this point is that the 0thermistor0 <temperature sensing= rod acts like a 18& antenna out-of-phase. The 0humidity sensor0 acts as an antenna for the orgone; The pressure sensor is essentially what they call a "arrel switch, which is a pressure sensitive cycling switch. The device would destroy 18& and "uild up the orgone. The transmitter consisted of two oscillators, one of which would run at the carrier frequency <CB) or (9GB= and a second one which was a ? +,7 oscillator hooked into the grid of the carrier oscillator. The result was that the ? +,H oscillator would pulse on and off. ,ow does all this relate to what was going on with these other pro%ects@ The government could not tell the pu"lic these were weather control devices. *hat we are seeing here is actually the genesis of what "ecame the +ontauk pro%ect, which was a com"ination of *ilhelm &eichAs work and the $hiladelphia ;'periment. There were two separate pro%ects going on in $hoeni' 8ne. Iou had the invisi"ility aspect and you had the development of *ilhelm &eichAs weather control. Toward the end of the $hoeni' pro%ect, "y using some of *ilhelm &eichAs concepts and some of the transmission schemes used from the 0radiosonde0 pro%ect, they found that you could com"ine the two -factors and use them for +I.1 -8.T&82. 6overnment circles would have me say 0mood alteration0, "ut mind control is what these idiots were doing. ThatAs what the +ontauk pro%ect was@ .o. $hoeni' 8ne. !fter political circles found out a"out it they wanted it shut down. The people that were running it went to the military and proposed that they could use it to 0influence the minds of the enemy0. The military loved the idea, and let them use the old +ontauk !ir :orce >ase. !mong the equipment requested was an old 5!6; radar unit, which was on the "ase. The "ase was shut down and everything was auctioned off. The group then moved in from the >rookhaven 2a"s. That "egan what we call $hoeni' Two. They spent the first ten years, from a"out (999 to a"out (9?9, researching pure mind control. They started out "y taking the output of the 5!6; radar, modulating the special wave that &eich had showed them from the weather control process, and com"ined that with something noticed from the $hiladelphia ;'periment work. They transmitted a"out CB9 +,7. It would hop around frequencies and change in phase. They used the amplidine concept where you have many stages pulse-modulated. >&: was from (B cycles to ?FB cycles. The pulse width could "e varied anywhere from (B to ?Fms. The center frequency was CB9+,7 generated from a stay-low type function which was referenced from a 7erotime function. *as there any other modulation on this@

There was frequency hopping on it. 5o $hoeni' Two started in (999@ Ies, in the period from (999 to (9?(. $hoeni' 8ne went from (9CG to (99G. The first part of the mind control pro%ect was to take an individual and stand them a"out EFB feet away from the antenna. The 5!6; radar had a peak pulse power of .F +*. The antenna had a gain of )Bd". That means an effective radiated power of at least a gigawatt. It was nominally a gigawatt. -an you imagine what that would do to people@ I think its ama7ing these people are still here. It does things like "urn out "rain functions, create neurological damage, scar lungs from heat, etc. They tried this with a num"er of people and there were few survivors. *here did they get the volunteers for this@ They were %ust gra""ing indigent people off the street and throwing them in front of the radar "eam. ThatAs the sort of nonsense that the government loves to do. *ho was in charge of the pro%ect at this time@ 1r. Dohn /on .eumann and Dack $ruett. !ny particular agency@ IAm not sure what the agency was. .ow, some"ody got the "rilliant idea to put the su"%ects directly in line with the gain horn of the antenna. 2o and "ehold they got their result without "urning the people up. They found out that "y varying the phase modulation and the frequency hopping and the pulsing of the multiple phases that they could have profound effects on a persons mind. ,ow many people worked at this installation@ !"out )B. *ho authori7ed them use of the "ase@ The !ir :orce and the .avy. It was a %oint pro%ect. There were "oth .avy and !ir :orce personnel involved. *e have copies of the orders for the !ir :orce personnel. *hat was the cover story for the "ase@ They had none. It was a derelict "ase. It was a"andoned. It was turned over to 65! as surplus around (999 or (9?B when they shut down all the 5!6; radar systems.

It was a 0non-e'istent0 operation. it was a perfect cover. *here did they get the funding@ It was totally private. -orporations@ It didnAt originally come from corporations, although it did in later phases. The original money came from the .a7i government. This is $hoeni' 8ne@ .o, this is $hoeni' Two and Three. In (9CC there was an !merican troop train that went through a :rench railroad tunnel carrying J(B "illion in .a7i gold which they had found. it was J(B "illion at the (9CC price of JEB per ounce. The train was "lown up in the tunnel. It killed F( !merican soldiers. The gold turned up ten years later at +ontauk. This has "een verified. That money was used to finance the pro%ect for many years as the value of gold went uo. They spent all of it and ran out of money. ThatAs when they tapped on ITT, who funded it. ITT was owned "y 3rupp in 6ermany. In terms of personnel, many of the civilians and scientists there were all e'-.a7iAs who came from 6ermany "oth "efore and after the war ended. The pro%ect was under 45 6overnment surveillance. The intelligence community knew what was going on and the -I! monitored everything, as did other government intelligence agencies. The field of players who actually operated on the "ase was small, "etween )B and FB. The funding was entirely private. !fter (9G), 5enator 6oldwater found out a"out it and started an investigation. ,e couldnAt find any trace of government funding. $ruett was the metaphysical director of the pro%ect. ,e was !ir :orce. !fter he left 1r. ,erman -. 4ntermann took over. They had an electronics e'pert, 1r. +athew ;. Herrett, who came over from 6ermany in (9C9 with *erhner von >raun. $ro"a"ly the reason that they ran out of money is that they had a total of EF "ases around the 4nited 5tates to support. The last of the "ases shut down !ugust (E, (9G). The "ase at +ontauk, where all the stations got their 7ero-time reference from, shut down and the other two remaining "ases went down with it. *hat a"out some of the mind effects@ :rom what I recall of the program, as I was part of it, I was su"%ected to the mind control field not as I initially went into the program <"ecause they wanted me initially for my sensitive a"ilities= "ut later. I was assigned to the indoctrination of the younger recruits. The first indoctrination turned out to "e a disaster. I told them I didnAt want anything to do with the program, and they put me in front of this mind "eam, and it did do damage to me. :inally, someone said, 0shut it off, he isnAt going to give in to it0 and they shut it off. 8thers were affected much more seriously than I was. The effects were generally really "ad. It could "urn your "rains out. They would go out and pick kids "etween the ages of (E and (9 off the street...

ThatAs where a lot of disappearing !merican kids went@ *e estimate they took (B,BBB !merican children off the street and "rought them to +ontauk, .ew Dersey. The total num"er of people that they pulled off the streets for the EF stations was a"out EFB,BBB. *hat the actual thrust of the program was in terms of all these kids is still a mystery. *e still donAt know the answers. *e know they were fully programmed for something. They were su"%ected to programming which eventually "ecame more 0humane0 using advanced electronic techniques. The original programming was &eichian in nature and was more physical. 2ater they worked out techniques that used computers and electronic programming with the &eichian techniques that took very fast and had little side effects. !re you aware of any people presently who have "een through this@ IAve run into people over the years. There is a very specific field identity pattern you can detect if you are sensitive enough. Iou can spot a person who has "een through the +ontauk program 0five miles away0. itAs vary distinctive in the way that itAs "een altered. IAve spotted more than a do7en people in the 2ong Island, .ew Iork area. *hat a"out /on .eumann@ ,e was still alive up until (9G9. ,e has run into a pro"lem with the government as well as other pro"lems, such as a personality split in (9??, when he resigned as director and "ecame a consultant. The government told everyone he died in (9F9. The government is still interacting with him. *ere any of the +ontauk su"%ects given psycho tropic drugs@ I donAt think so... They used one drug which was used in connection with the &eich programming to make them more receptive. I donAt remem"er the name of it. The effect of the drug was that it would make you 0horny as hell0. !lso euphoric at the same time@ !lso euphoric, yes. 1id they get this mind-altering chair from the aliens@ The prototype came from the aliens. >eyond that we are uncertain. This chair was essentially a mind amplifier. The government would have specially trained individuals sit in the chair and generate thoughtforms, which would "e amplified and transmitted. They could transmit the signal and put people in a pre-orgasmic state where they would "e receptive to programming. It worked very well and they found other capa"ilities. They found that it could work in time. They had a psychically trained individual sit in the chair

and generate a thoughtform of a vorte' that connected (9C? and (9G(. ThatAs e'actly what they got - a time tunnel they could walk through. There was a series on television at one time that portrayed this concept fairly accurately. These were some of the earlier capa"ilities. They started going forward and "ackward in time. That was the last phase of the $hoeni' pro%ect. *hen did this time machine get going@ !round (9?9 or (9GB it was fully operational. This transmitter had enough power to warp space and time. The individual in the chair would have to synthesi7e the vorte' function "ecause they didnAt have the technical capa"ility to do that. It can now "e mechanically synthesi7ed. They did other things. They had the su"%ect in the chair think of some creature, and the creature would materiali7e. They had the individual in the chair think of all the animals at +ontauk point charging into town, and thatAs e'actly what happened. They almost had the power to create a "eing. The pro"lem they had was that what they created only stayed as long as the mind amplifier was on. The power was somewhere "etween gigawatts and terrawatts. Tremendous power. The vorte' could have a diameter of a"out five miles. -an you descri"e what this looked like@ Its like looking into a peculiar spiral tunnel which was lit up down its entire length. Iou would start to walk into this thing and then suddenly youAd "e pulled down it. Iou didnAt walk through it as such. Iou were more or less propelled through it. Iou could go anywhere in space and time. -ould you "ring things "ack@ Ies. ,ave you ever "rought anything "ack@ Ies. -ould you continue your description of the tunnel@ Ies. The walls were solid "ut fluted. The tunnel was not straight "ut was a sort of corkscrew shape. If someone turned off the power, would you "e stuck in the destination time and space@ Ies. IouAd "e stuck there. 1id they send a lot of kids down the tunnelA@ Ies, "ut we donAt know what their goals were. They lost a lot of kids.

5ince there is a time loop "etween however far you went "ack in the past through however far into the future, is everything fi'ed@ Ies. 8ne of the first things they did was send recruits forward to around 9B)B !1. It was always to the same point. 5omewhere in an a"andoned city where there was a statue of solid gold. *hen they came "ack they were asked what they saw. *hether they were e'pecting to find a different answer from person to person is unknown. They would look into the vorte' and make sure the environment would support life "efore they sent people. They took samples. !re there potential futures that people could "e sent to@ .o. once you make the connection with the future the line "ecomes fi'ed to that point. -an you change the present "y sending someone to the past@ Ies. Iou can also change the present "y sending someone into the future. 4nder certain conditions. The government is using e'isting time machines to go forward in the +ontauk time line. !re you saying that now the present canAt "e changed "ecause we have esta"lished a time-loop through the future and the past@ Ies. That means whatever everyone is doing "etween the most e'treme past point and the future they will "e doing forever. *hat is the furthest anyone has traveled in the future@ (B,BBB !1. 5o everything is locked in until (B.BBB!1@ Ies. ItAs a dreamlike reality. .o one has picked up a tangi"le future "eyond EB(E !1. There is a very a"rupt wall there with nothing on the other side. $rophecies speak of earth changes around then. -urious, isnAt it@ -an you pro%ect yourself two hours into the future and meet yourself@ Ies, "ut its very dangerous. The person who walked into the tunnel is out of phase with the person who comes out the other end. This did happen. The result is that the person %ust incinerates.

1id they ever give you a weapon in case you ran into anything negative@ They didnAt have to do that. The vorte' could "e arranged to follow the person, so that they could "ring them "ack in if anything went wrong. They could see them on a viewer. 5o they achieved a working time portal. !t one point they had a situation where they had a 0monster from the I10 type creature come through and everyone went into a panic. They shut the transmitter off. The creature ate people and equipment. They had to go "ack and shut down the unit in $hiladelphia in order to shut off the unit in the future so they could stop this creature in (9G). This was on !ugust (E,(9G). The vorte' locked on to the (E !ugust (9C) test and formed a loop. !ll this occurred "ecause someone planted the thought in the mind of the operator in the chair to generate this creature. It was an effort to sa"otage the pro%ect. ! lot of people thought the pro%ect had gone too far. *hen I worked for them "etween (9?( and (9G) ( was so tired when I would get home from work. *hat they would do is that when I my mission was over they would return me to a point milliseconds "efore I left. It would appear from one perspective that I never left. 8f course, after I stopped working there, all that stopped. Is there a reason that all these things happened@ If you go "ack into the $hiladelphia e'periment end of it, which was the "eginning of the whole "usiness, one can see from the way that thing was maneuvered that there was a higher force of some kind involved in setting the whole thing up .... "ecause it never would have happened the way it did unless two o"scure dates CB years apart coincided "etween the two e'periments# the pro%ect known as the $hiladelphia e'periment, or $ro%ect &ain"ow, in (9C) and the +ontauk pro%ect in (9G). If I may inter%ect something here. There is a point a"out two thirds of the way down the time tunnel where the person who is going through the tunnel perceives a large 0thump0. The personAs consciousness leaves their "ody. There is a tendency to see things on a "roader "asis. I am sure there was some intelligence there. 2ooking "ack on my e'periences, IAm sure there was some intelligence there. I would have trou"le with the recognition of it. *hat they were trying to do at +ontauk was to sta"ili7e the perception process that would occur upon e'teriori7ation from the "ody. They were trying to manifest that for some reason. *e donAt know what their purpose was. *hat was the role of the aliens in this whole thing, other than the prototype of the mental amplifier chair@ That would "e the another part of this that we havenAt got into yet. 2etAs look at what the $hiladelphia e'periment got into in a technical sense. It was what started all this happening. It originally "egan "ack in the (9)BAs in -hicago with three people. 1r. Dohn ,utchinson 5r., who was the 1ean of the 4niversity of -hicago, .ickola Tesla, and 1r. 3urtenaur, who was an !ustrian physicist who was on staff at the 4niversity.

They decided to do something with the speculation regarding the concept of things and people "eing invisi"le. This su"%ect had "een discussed for several year. They got together and did some research at the 4niversity of -hicago around (9)( or (9)E. In (9)) the Institute of !dvanced 5tudies at $rinceton was formed and the pro%ect was transferred there in (9)C. 8ne of the people on staff at the Institute was 1r. Dohn ;rich /on .eumann, who was from >udapest ,ungary. ,e got his degree in chemistry in (9EF and his $h.1. in mathematics in (9E9. ,e taught in ;urope for a"out four years and transferred to the 4nited 5tates. ,e taught at the graduate level for three years and was invited to %oin the Institute. 8ther people at the Institute included !l"ert ;instein, who left 6ermany in (9)B. ,e went to the -alifornia Institute of Technology for three years and taught there and then went to the Institute upon their invitation and acceptance. ! lot of other people showed up there as time went on. The pro%ect e'panded a"out (9)9. In the meantime, Tesla was named director of the pro%ect. ,e was a friend of president :ranklin &oosevelt, whom Tesla met in (9(? when :1& was secretary of the .avy. Tesla was asked at that time to do some work for the government for the war effort, which he did. ,e accepted and "ecame director of the invisi"ility pro%ect until he resigned in (9CE. In (9)9, after intensive study, they decided to have an initial test of their work. They achieved some partial invisi"ility. The .avy and everyone else was encouraged to continue the work, and the .avy supplied money for research. 5cientists were coming to the 4nited 5tates from 6ermany until (9)9, when the war with 6ermany was started. In (9CB, after research using TeslaAs approach, they decided they were ready for a full test at the >rooklyn .avy Iard. They had a small ship and a tender ship at each side. 8ne ship provided the power and the other supplied the drive for the coils. They were tendered to the test ship "y ca"les. The idea was that if anything went wrong they could cut the ca"les or sink the test ship. ;verything worked and the pro%ect was declared a success. The important point a"out the (9CB test is that there was no one on "oard the test vehicle. It was strictly a dry run with no people. This is important "ecause of what happened later. 8ther people came on "oard. Thomas T. >rown %oined the pro%ect "ecause of his e'pertise in electrogravity effects. ,e had the task of solving the pro"lem of the 6erman magnetic mines that were affecting allied shipping and .aval efforts. This led into a parallel pro%ect which involved the use of degaussing coils and ca"les to e'plode the mines at a distance from the ship. The .avy wanted several people to keep an eye on the tests. That is how I got involved. 3eeping technical commentaries. 2etAs look at .ickola Tesla. In (G?9 his father died and his first year at college ended. ,e came to the 4nited 5tates in (GGC. ,e had enormously intuitive insight. ,e had a perfect track record. >efore coming

to the 45 he had known &o"ert 8ppenheimer, who later worked with the development of the atomic "om", and 1r. 1avid ,il"ert, the mathematician who devised equations for ,il"ert 5pace, which descri"ed multiple space or multiple realities mathematically. These equations for multiple space "ecame very important in the pro%ect. 1r. von .eumann met ,il"ert in (9E? and retained a lot of what he had learned. *ith that, /on .eumann developed other new systems of mathematics. /on .eumann was considered to "e one of the most outstanding mathematicians in this century. 5ome think he was "etter than ;instein. !nother mathematician involved was 1r. Dohn 2evinson, who was "orn in (9(E. ,e died in (9?9. ,e pu"lished three "ooks on mathematics. There is no other history of 2evinson himself anywhere that I can find. 2evinson developed the so-called 2evinson Time ;quations. with all this "ehind them, the group had all they needed to proceed with the pro%ect. !fter the successful (9CB test, the .avy decided to give the pro%ect unlimited funds and to classify the pro%ect. 8n 1ecem"er F, (9C( I was in 5an :rancisco and the government came and told me that a war with Dapan would start within ?E hours and that they needed me to assist them. In Danuary (9CE I ended up at the Institute of !dvanced 5tudies. Tesla was given a ship and a crew for a full si7ed test. Tesla got a "attleship. Tesla and /on .eumann didnAt agree on some things. Tesla insisted that they were going to have a very severe pro"lem with personnel. Tesla wanted more time "ut the .!/I wouldnAt agree. Tesla made periodic announcements in the late (9)BAs and early (9CBAs a"out his contact with off planet species. ,e was in contact with the outside, who agreed that there was a pro"lem with the people. ,e decided to sa"otage the (9CE test in an attempt to stop the pro%ect. ,e de-tuned the equipment so nothing would work. The test failed. Tesla then turned the pro%ect over to /on .eumann in +arch (9CE and left the pro%ect. /on .eumann went to the .avy and requested time to study the pro"lem to determine what had gone wrong. /on .eumann decided to make changes in some of the equipment. ,e decided he would need a special ship that was designed from the ground up. The ;ldridge was selected. The equipment was "uilt into the ship. They put all the equipment on the ship. 8cto"er (9CE arrived. They selected )) volunteers for the crew, who arrived after graduation in 1ecem"er (9CE. *e still have a picture of the class. !fter the ship was out of drydock work "egan. In +ay of (9C) von .eumann installed a third generator. It would never synchroni7e with the other two. It went out of control one day and 7apped one of the men. /on .eumann pulled out the third generator <installed "ecause Tesla had convinced /on .eumann of the potential pro"lem with people= and went "ack to the original design. In mid Dune, the ship had sea trials. 8n Duly EE, (9C), they had the test. The ship "etween radar and optically invisi"le. They discovered people very disoriented. The .avy pulled the crew off and consulted /on .eumann, who requested more time again from the .avy. The .avy, after consultation with higher-ups, announced that the drop dead date was on the (Eth of !ugust, (9C). /on .eumann voiced his concern that it wasnAt enough time. The .avy decided that it %ust wanted radar invisi"ility and not optical invisi"ility. The equipment was again modified "y /on .eumann. !ugust (Eth arrived. *e knew things

were not right. The test "egan, and for a"out a minute everything was all right. The ships outline could "e seen in the water. There was suddenly a "lue flash and the ship disappeared entirely. .o radio communication was possi"le. It was gone. In a"out three hours it came "ack. 8ne of the masts was "roken. 5ome personnel were partially em"edded in the steel deck. 8thers were fading in and out. 5ome disappeared entirely. +any were insane. The .avy e'tracted the crew and proceeded with four days of meetings to decided what to do a"out the pro"lem. They decided there would "e one more test with another dry run without personnel. They conducted the dry run using a"out (BBB feet of ca"le attached to another ship. In late 8cto"er (9C) the test occurred. The ship disappeared for a"out EB minutes. *hen it returned, they found equipment missing. Two transmitter ca"inets and one generator was missing. The ca"inet with the 7ero-time reference generator was intact. !t that point, the .avy stripped the ship and stopped the pro%ect. The ;ldridge served in the war and was turned over to 6reece at the end of the war. The important thing is that there were two tests that were e'actly CB years apart to the day. It was a CB year separation in hyperspace. .ow, the ;arth itself has a "iorhythm that peaks on a EB year cycle on !ugust (Eth. It 0%ust happened0 to peak and provided the connecting link through the fields of the ;arth for the two e'periments to lock up in hyperspace. *alk-in efforts are aided if they occur during this peak. The ship was pulled into hyperspace. *e were inside the ship and knew something was drastically wrong with the test. *e tried to shut it off "ut it wouldnAt shut off. *e ran out on deck and %umped over the side of the ship. *e %umped over"oard "ut ended up in a time tunnel which ended at +ontauk, 2ong Island on !ugust (Eth, (9G). !t night. *e were found very quickly and taken down stairs, where /on .eumann greeted us. ,e e'pected us. It was a "it of a shock. *e had %ust "een in (9C) and now we were in (9G) looking at /on .eumann as an old man. ,e said that there was a hyperspace lockup and that we had to go "ack and shut off the generators on the ship or the hyperspace rift would keep increasing and possi"ly engulf the planet. ,e had "een waiting CB years for us to arrive. +ontauk sent us "ack and we smashed the equipment with a'es. The ship returned to its original point in space and a"out three hours later in time. :rom (9C) on, /on .eumann didnAt know what happened. ,e had modified earlier equipment in (9C) to where he had a full "lown time machine. The 6ermans also were working on time travel, and had it working in (9CF %ust "efore the end of the war. This is all a matter of record. !fter the .avy decided to shut down the pro%ect in (9C), /on .eumann was sent to work on the atomic "om" pro%ect at 2os !lamos until that was over. In (9C? there were ma%or changes in the 1epartment of 1efense. 5omeone in the new structure decided to dig up the $hiladelphia pro%ect to see if they could find out what went wrong. They asked /on .eumann to 0take another look0 at the pro%ect. ,e agreed. There is another matter. 5tarting a"out !ugust 9th, (9C), 4:8s appeared over the ;ldridge for a"out si' days. They were there during the test. 8ne of the 4:8s was sucked

up into hyperspace with the ;ldridge and it ended up in an underground facility in +ontauk in (9G). It contained a charging device which some aliens made us go "ack and get for them, as they didnAt want humans to have it. *e donAt know who they were. $ruett was concerned a"out an alien invasion. !lso, /on .eumann was called "y the government to come and assist in the e'amination of a crashed 4:8 in (9C? at !7tec. !nother crash occurred at !7tec a"out a year later. The first crash had greys on it and none survived. !t least one occupant survived the second crash. The radar systems unintentionally "rought down the craft. &adar was used intentionally after that until the aliens got wise to it. The occupant of the second crash was not a grey, and /on .eumann got to talk with it. /on .eumann asked it what the answer to the invisi"ility pro"lems could "e. ,e learned that he had to go "ack and do his homework in metaphysics. The nature of the pro"lem was that the personnel on the ship were not locked to the 7erotime reference of the ship. ,umans are normally locked to the point of conception as a time reference, not a 7ero-time reference. The time stream lock allows the person to flow in synch with the system so interaction is possi"le. Time locks are fragile. !ll the power of the pro%ect disrupted the time-locks of the people on the deck on the ship. *hen the ship came "ack in time, the people didnAt come "ack to the same reference. /on .eumann reali7ed that he needed a computer, as well as some knowledge of metaphysics in order to "e a"le to lock the time reference of the people to the time reference of the ship. ,e "uilt a computer in (9FB for the purpose. It was ready to "e installed in (9FE and a test was performed in (9F) that was successful. They didnAt go floating off into space when it was over. !t this point, the .avy canceled $ro%ect &ain"ow and changed the name to pro%ect $hoeni'. !lot came out of the negative effects of the &ain"ow pro%ect. 5ome of it led to mind control research programs in the $hoeni' pro%ect. The invisi"ility research produced some 5tealth technology as well as other highly classified pro%ects. In (9G), they decided to apply mind control to all participants in these pro%ects in an effort to cover them up. They had also "een working on another pro%ect# age regression. .ow, Tesla had sought "ack in the (9CBAs to develop equipment that could help the mem"ers of the crew after they lost time-lock . The government developed it into the age regression program. It was physical age regression. ! person retained the memory they had from the older age. TeslaAs theory was that if you took the individualAs time-lock and moved it forward in time than you would remove aging. ThatAs what happened. It took "etween )B and 9B days for the "ody to complete the change to the new time reference. .ow, some of this turned up in the movie called the $hiladelphia ;'periment, which was released in (9GC. The government got an in%unction which "anned showing in the 45 for

two years. It was overturned in (9G9 and it was out on tape. I saw the film in (9GG, and it helped "ring "ack some of my memory a"out this. !ny initial comments a"out electromagnetics@ *ell, are a lot of interesting aspects. There is a e'plained "y most theories. It is not magnetic field only propagates at B.C of the electromagnetic field propagates at the speed electric field <according to +a'wells equations= propagates at the rate of c-infinity, which means that it propagates throughout the universe instantaneously. If you understand those "asic relationships and how they interlock with higher order energies and fields, like soliton and tensor fields, then you can understand how an antigravity drive will work. It is a fact that the unified field theory was completed "y ;instein and given to the 45 6overnment. They have it and they donAt want any"ody to know they have it. It was never released pu"licly in any "ooks. This kind of knowledge is used as a method of control "etween and for governments. ItAs unfortunate. The government is supposed to "e 0for the people and "y the people0. That is what it says in the -onstitution. I wonder when the last time the president read the -onstitution@ It seems like there are more people involved in secrecy than there are scientists. *here are all these people@ There are government agents and agencies everywhere that are concerned with keeping things secret. These days, the secrecy is applied more to the applications of hardware than the hardware itself. ItAs not like it was in the (9FBAs. !s an e'ample, the guidance package for the new +inuteman K missle that was developed for the !ir :orce "y .orthrop is unclassified. There was no classification on the circuitry and It was so accurate that it could take a missle and drop it down a chimney stack. The applications was capa"le of was classified. IsnAt a lot of this left out in the open to distract what is really going on@ 8f course. *hat is the capacity of the gravity craft fleet of the 4nited 5tates@ I donAt know. I know that they have "uilt quite a num"er of them. *hat are the capa"ilities of these craft@ *ell, when our astronauts first landed on the moon in (999 they were greeted "y a fleet of disks sitting on the rim of a crater. The astronauts asked their superiors if they knew a"out these disks. They were told 0yes0, that they were !merican disks. The astronauts were angry at "eing used as pu"lic relations men "y the government. *hy spend so much money on the 5tealth "om"er when they have had this gravity technology for so many years@

*ell, the aircraft com"ines two aspects for invisi"ility. 8ne of the aspects relates to the construction and coating applied to the surface. The other aspect relates to an electronic type of invisi"ility package which is a result of work done on the $hiladelphia e'periment years ago. !lso, the stealth has a secondary drive system which is very advanced and allows it to fly in space. The assistant director of .!5! admitted that this came straight out of alien technology. ,e admitted this to the pu"lic. ,e did@ Ies. ThatAs interesting in view of the governmentAs apparent position with respect to covert technology. There are "reaks in the government secrecy programs that are starting to show up. +ore and more people are getting totally disgusted with government activities and attitudes and they are "eginning to talk. +ay"e itAs a deli"erate leak. It could "e deli"erate. ;ven +D-(E in (9GC was a"out to "reak some information to the pu"lic a"out ;TAs and 4:8s. They decided not to release it at that time. Dohn 3ennedy demanded that they release it within one year. ,e also demanded that the -I! get out of the drug "usiness. They assassinated him. ,ave you found any resistance to what you have "een coming out with@ .o. The .avy keeps quiet, "ut I hear rum"lings underground that they are definitely not pleased a"out it. The so-called .. martyrdom clause0 works in my favor. They know that I know why they canAt touch me. If they do, they know that there will "e real pro"lems in time and space "ecause of it. There are two of us that are holding certain factors in sta"ility. If anything is done to either of us, there could "e a rip in hyperspace. The whole reality system will shift. I will give you one guess as to what it will most likely shift to# *e won the second world war "y a slim margin. 6erman technology was way ahead of us. If the war had gone on another )B days the 6ermans would have won it. They had super weapons in production which they were ready to use. They were so close to winning the war that -hurchill and :1& were really worried a"out it. If the system shifts, it could shift to a parallel reality where the 6ermans won the war. ThatAs why the government doesnAt dare kill either of you@ &ight. >ecause of what we were involved in, it might %eopardi7e our entire reality system. -ould you e'plain how a closed time loop works@

*ell, one of the pro"lems that has developed is that when you travel through time you cannot come "ack to the e'act point of origin. It has to "e later than when you left. If you were to come "ack to the e'act point at which you took off you would "e at the same point twice in your lifetime and there would "e a very serious pro"lem. *ould you refresh my memory a"out some of the dates involved with the development of electronic mind control in the 45@ The mind control e'periments were moved to +ontauk a"out (999. The hardware phase of some of the later e'periments "egan a"out (9?F; equipment to modify the 5!6; transmitter was ordered a"out (9?). ITT was the main contractor and su"-contracted portions of the contract out. +ost of the contracts were awarded to firms on 2ong Island. 5o what did they actually prove that they could do when the e'periments were over@ *hat they essentially proved they could do was that they could control a person that they had the 0signature0 for. This pattern that was unique to an individual could "e put into the computer program for the transmitter. ! second order wavelength would "e transmitted that has a lower attenuation and affects that persons mind directly. There could "e a command to do anything focused at the person. 8nce a device was constructed that illustrated this principle on a wide scale. ! mental message was put out that if any"ody heard the message they were to call a certain phone num"er. 8ver 9BB calls came from all over the ;ast coast all the way down to :lorida. It works. ThatAs interesting. ThereAs a fellow who calls himself 2ord +attreya who says that he is the -hrist returned to the planet; that when he links up with the international press he will send a telepathic message to the entire planet in their own language and they will hear it. They also are supposed to receive a visual image. 5o.. they have that technology@ Ies. There is not only an indivdual signature. ThereAs a racial signature and also a universal signal for the human race. The government has used all three to target specific individuals. They have also done group messages targeted on a specific racial or ethnic group. ThatAs common. In >oston and .ew Iork they were doing e'periments on 0mood control0 on the cities. Transmitters used no longer e'ist, "ut the technology does. 1o targeted individuals perceive what they are receiving as their own thought@ Ies. Is there any defense against that@ Ies and no. Theoretically no. This is what the government depends on. $ractically speaking, they canAt get everyone, "ecause some people are naturally resistant, depending on their level of mental and psychic development. $erhaps FL of the population do not

respond to these signals. If they get 9FL coverage, they donAt care a"out that FL. ThatAs what they have the riot squads and the concentration camps for. There is no defense unless you can interfere with that signal. 5ome people %ust donAt react. 5o they transmit a thought signal@ .ot e'actly. If you were put on an ;;6, you would e'hi"it a certain pattern of electrical responses. These can "e recorded and they are unique to you. It can "e recorded and stored and replicated on a computer. If they can replicate your &.!M1.! pattern theyAve got you too - for life. Iou mentioned a"out concentration camps@ Ies. They are all over the 4nited 5tates. There are three in !ri7ona alone. 5o they can control us to the point where weAll %ust hand over our guns@ ThatAs what they hope. It depends on how effective this equipment "ecomes, how thoroughly installed it is everywhere, and whether or not people can ferret this stuff out and render it inoperative "efore that time arrives. ,ow a"out the idea of a conflict "etween moral conscience and what the mental command tells you do to@ Iou donAt have the option not to act as it says the way that equipment is set up - if you are not aware enough to make a connection that it is not your thought. It does not negate choice, it %ust puts in a strong impluse or command. Those people who responded "y calling that num"er had no idea what went through their heads. 5ome of this does require preconditioning to a response pattern. -ould they "e doing this over the media, like television and radio@ 8f course. IouAre suggesting a state of a"soulte corruption. !"solutely correct. $lanned corruption. *ith this kind of technology, why do they need concentration camps@ >ecause there are always people that are resistant. I would think that they would annihilate them, not lock them up. The first step is the camps, where you can handle them easier, then you can eliminate them en masse. Iou donAt go down the streets shooting every"ody down. 8nce youAre in the camps, they "reak you down mentally. TheyAre e'perts at that.

*e think theyAre shipping guillotines in there for the people that donAt comply. TheyAre looking for a slave la"or force. That is what ,.&. CB?9 is a"out thatAs in -ongress now. It creates a slave la"or force in the prison system, which will "e privately owned. 5tates will pay the private prison a fee in order to put their prisoner in there. Ies. *hat are some of the other pro%ects that relate to the capacity of factions operating within the 4nited 5tates 6overnment and corporations to manipulate and control the population@ *ell "etween (9?? and (9?G a pro%ect called 1reamscan came on line. It ceased in (9?9. The goal of the pro%ect was to gain the technical a"ility to enter into an individuals mind in the dream state and cause his death. There was a movie called 1reamscape which showed what they discovered they could do. The pro%ect was run "y the 5ecret 6overnment and managed "y the .5!. The purpose of the pro%ect was to provide for a means of covert assassination. $resident -arter found out a"out it and had it stopped. The hardware is still intact and in storage. There have "een attempts to put it "ack on line "y various intelligence operations, some of which are said to involve !T T operatives. *hat else@ !round (9G?, a pro%ect called +oonscan started. It lasted into (9G9 and involved positioning mind control equipment on the moon for use on the population of earth. It, like the others, has clear connections to negative alien activity. *ho ran that one@ It was managed "y an organi7ation called !ir"orne Instrument 2a"oratories <!I2=, who have had other covert pro%ects under their wing. !t the time, !I2 was run "y ;aton -orporation. It is now managed "y the 1epartment of 1efense as of (9GG. There are three "ranches of !I2# -overt, -ommercial, and 1efense. !ny other mind control programs that you can mention@ There was a pro%ect called +indwreaker that would allow paralysis of the mind. The aliens were heavily involved with that pro%ect. it produced several neurological weapons, some of which are used on the >-( "om"er, which also contains a lot of alien technology. !t time, various alien species came and went out of !I2. There was one group called the 3-6roup, which was short for the 3ondrashkin. They had pale skin that had a slight greenish tint and almost no hair. They looked human, and had to "leach their skin and wear wigs. They have "een periodically involved with covert pro%ects since the (9CBAs. *here has !I2 "een located@ In .ew Iork 5tare, at :armingdale, 1eer $ark and 2ong Island.

*hat is the current status of !I2@ *ell.. there were eight pro%ects ongoing at !I2 that also had to do with the development of weaponry against aliens. In (9G9 the 8rion group discovered this and destroyed the pro%ects. It can only "e assumed that !I2 still functions in other areas. *hat other research goes on at 2ong Island@ &esearch on scalar weaponry, like the one that destroyed the -hallenger. I thought the -hallenger was destroyed "y the 5oviets using scalar weapons@ .o. The 5oviets didnAt do that. The oddity with the incidents as far as the 5oviets were concerned was that they pulled their ships a"out (FB miles out to sea "efore it happened. They were not the direct cause, which was a scalar weapon that they were trying to put into or"it and test. It accumulated a charge while the -hallenger was going up through the atmosphere and turned itself on. That is what destroyed the -hallenger. It might have "een deli"erate. *hat was the ultimate power "ehind the $hoeni' pro%ects@ 4ltimately, the whole thing is manipulated "y the 8rion group. The e'pectation was that they could use mind control to take over the populace in the (99BAs - no later than (99C or (99F. They have also "een doing genetic work in which they alter a human sperm and ovum to the e'tent that all offspring will produce hy"rids with new characteristics. ,umans will mate and create children with alien genetics. ThatAs one step "eyond the average a"duction scenario. There are other things happening with the human race. 2ike what@ 5ince (9C?, there have "een components of the 9th race incarnating on the planet. The Fth race was the !ryans. The 9th race humans are (BBL telepathic - the secret government and the 8rion group sees them as a threat. TheyAve "een aware of it since (9CE. *asnAt there a movie a"out something like that years ago@ Ies. I donAt remem"er the name, "ut it came out in (9GE. In that film, there was a drug that made "a"ies that were (BBL telepathic. This kind of thing has actually happened. There was a -anadian company that was producing a drug which turned out to do %ust that. This was "etween (9C9 and (9C?. It was removed from the market immediately, although its use continues privately. In the movie, the government had a way of using electromagnetics to e'plode a persons head to get rid of them. 5ounds like something they mught have developed at +ontauk.

It does, doesnAt it@ *hat is the current situation with aliens@ 5omewhat mi'ed and confused. There has "een a lot going on all around the planet. In 5eptem"er and 8cto"er (99B there was an alien group from some other dimension that was attempting to invade the planet. They took down all the 7ero-time generators all over the country. The :!! was especially affected. The rogue group was stopped "y another species. :or many years, some factions of the 8rion group depended on a ring of alien satellites that would sustain life functions. Those were wiped out in .ovem"er (99B "y the same group. 5o there are positive light forces out there that are seeking to "alance these negative activities "y the 8rion group@ Ies. I am not at li"erty to tell you their identity. 1o you think that this group is related to those who flew over military nuclear silos and rendered the warheads inoperative@ I donAt know if they were involved, although I could ask. The nuclear charade is another thing on a cultural level. The idea of nuclear war was eliminated a long long time ago "y all ma%or powers on ;arth. The threat of a nuclear winter and the fact that you canAt detonate two nuclear devices too close together in time stops them from doing it. I think a lot of people are aware that the same forces that control the 4nited 5tates today are the same forces that supported the "uildup of .a7i 6ermany and the 5oviet 4nion and arranged for **II and /ietnam. The pu"lic has "een lied to in so many areas since the early (9)BAs that they donAt know whatAs going on. +ost people still think that the -ongress and the $resident run the country and that they have -onstitutional rights. ,ow a"out some interesting technology spin-offs from the $hiladelphia e'periment@ *ell, there are a lot of them in use "y the -I! and the .5!, as well as other corporate and government agencies. There is a porta"le unit that can render an individual invisi"le. The .5! is known to use those on a fairly regular "asis. There is also a 4:8 research "ased covert organi7ation that is "elieved to have them@ !nd what would that "e@ *ell, its a super secret international organi7ation that is funded "y all ma%or governments. It performs research on aliens and alien technology, coverup operations, and also does espionage. The group is negatively oriented and is considered to have no positive attri"utes in relation to other humans. It is called the International !erospace !lliance. ,ow does it fit into the hierarchy of command and control@

ItAs connected to +D-(E, which is "elieved to "e headed "y 3issinger at this time. It is also connected to the Doint -hiefs of 5taff and the $resident. !I2 type units are also connected to the +D group. I have heard a tape of &o"ert 2a7ar, the ;6 6 scientist, and others who indicate that the highest clearance level is 42T&!. Is that it@ There is also >2!-3 2;/;2 clearance. *hat is involved with those little implants that are spheres@ Those devices are a"out )mm in si7e. They are called 5>+-1As, or 5pherical >iological +onitoring and -ontrol 1evices. They represent an organically enhanced synaptid processor powered "y a micro-positron flow that controls or mimics the functions within the human nervous system with micro relays that duplicate "rain operation or engram patterns. *hat is the real story "ehind *ilhelm &eich@ +ost people are familiar with &eichs "rilliant work with "ions, weather modification, cancer "iopathy and other devices. &eichs work has "een of interest to the .ational security !gency for some time, and it involves the fact that when a person is electronically maintained in a pre-orgastic state in their nervous system, gateways unto the mind open up for mind control to take hold. It is his most secret work as far as applications are involved. &eichs contact with alien species, his discoveries a"out life energy and cancer, and the mind control applications are some of the reasons why he was killed. This knowledge was com"ined with other knowledge, some of it alien in nature, and integrated into the work at +ontauk and su"sequent covert pro%ects to su"vert the people of the 4nited 5tates and the world under an 8rion "ased system. *hat are some of the ways they put people into this state@ *ell, there are these devices. ;very psychiatric facility has them. :or a male, they attach electrodes to five points on the "ody <you can guess what one of those points are= and turn the device on. It makes programming an individual really easy. It is devious, "ut a lot more humane than the old electroshock therapy. The thing is, the device is "eing used for control instead of in a way that might "enefit the individual. *hat a"out the $hiladelphia ;'periment as related to aliens@ The $hiladelphia ;'periment was not an alien operation, as such, "ut what was the set-up was the date, !ugust (E, (9C), "ecause it had to "e locked to the $hoeni' pro%ect on !ugust (E, (9G). The date was set "y alien influence in order to cause a CB-year hole in hyperspace through which large num"ers of alien craft could enter this dimension. It worked, "ut it didnAt last long enough to give the aliens the ma'imum "enefit of the

scenario. The order for the date came from a man in the *hite ,ouse who was directing certain aspects of the pro%ect. This man was one of the 3-group and headed what was called the $si-corp. It was an alien intervention. This was scheduled to "e a main invasion from a different universe. ,ow a"out other types of aliens that were involved@ +ost of the other alien groups around, including the ones that had their shipped sucked into hyperspace, were o"servers of what was going on, not participants. >eyond the o"vious fact that they were o"serving for themselves, there is insufficient data to determine whether they were o"serving for anyone else. *hat a"out the alien ship, again, that was trapped underground at +ontauk@ I was part of the group that dismantled it. *hat is involved is that you have to find out how everything goes together. Iou have to read their manuals... there were seven occupants of that ship; four of them would not talk to us. ;ventually, three of them did, and we learned their language and deciphered their manuals a"out the construction and maintenance of the ship... They werenAt 6reys@ .o. They were a"out 9 foot F inches tall. They were essentially human in appearance. They had dark leathery skin. They had no hair. *here they came from we were not sure. *e donAt even know why they were there, e'cept perhaps to o"serve the test on !ugust (E, (9C). *hen the ship appeared in (9G) underground, we were initially concerned as to whether this ship represented some sort of 0point man0 for an invasion of some kind. *as there any weaponry a"oard that craft@ .ot that I remem"er. The ship had a lot of strange devices on it. *e took a lot of stuff apart. *e took off part of the control panels, and communications equipment. *e decided not to touch the main power plant "ecause we thought it might "low up if we fooled with it. *e left the food processing units intact. The ships drive systems were removed. ! lot of the ship was stripped down right to the shell. It was left that way. *hy would they suspect an invasion@ IdonAt know, e'cept that there have "een so many groups over the years trying to invade this planet. 8ne wonders why they want to "other with this mud "all and its "ackward technology. Dohn 2ear suggests that the human race represents a gene pool.

That is one good possi"ility. !nother one, and I get this from sources I canAt reveal at this moment, is that they are seeking certain rare earth elements they apparently canAt find elsewhere. &o"ert 2a7ar mentioned a "ook that contained the history of earth and that it said that humans were referred to as ..containers for souls0 and that souls could "e traded in something like a "arter system. The aliens are doing it all the time. TheyAre trading in souls@ Ies. They were shuffling us around like we were cattle to them. $roperty. *hat do you think of that concept as applied to humans@ *ell, it is mentioned that several races consider humans in some ways similar to that. *hether it is the "odies or the souls that are considered property, I donAt know. It appears that they are concerned more with the "odies, the genetics, and the capa"ilities of the human mind. The capa"ilities of the human mind are virtually unlimited. That fascinates some species. Those aliens that were on that ship. *hat "ecame of them@ 8ut of the seven, four did not talk and three did talk to us. 8ne of the group that did not talk to us was evidently the captain of the ship. ,e eventually killed the three that did talk to us. The four remaining aliens were put into 0deep free7e0 "y the people who were running the underground at +ontauk. I have no idea what they did with the other three "odies. *hat happened to the craft@ itAs still there, as far as I know. It was a gold colored saucer a"out si'ty feet in diameter. It had a "ulge on "oth the top and "ottom. In one of 2inda +oulton ,oweAs "ooks they had pictures of types of alien writing. *ere you ever a"le to determine the language they used@ The language they were using was apparently that of the 6reys. The sym"ol that the 6reys use a lot is the same sym"ol that the Trilateral -ommission uses. ,ow "ig is the underground at +ontauk@ ItAs very large. It e'tends for miles, especially the Fth and 9th levels. !lmost all of it was constructed in the late (9EBAs or early (9)BAs. *e talked to one of the men who was one of the contractors who "uilt it. It was "uilt on government orders right after the

depression started. It was "uilt in si' levels. They covered the top over with earth. ItAs known locally as 0the hill0. Its a huge "ase. There may still "e some use of it. +ost of it is shut down. The power has "een on for two years now, single phase EEB volt. The elevator used ran on three-phase CCB volts, and that has not "een turned on, pro"a"ly "ecause they plugged all main openings and the elevator shaft with concrete. ,ow many different species of aliens are you aware of@ *ell, the 6reys were not part of +ontauk. >y agreement they never went there. There were groups that were part of it, like a group who called themselves the 2everons. There were those there from !ntares that were only o"servers. They looked like humans. There were mem"ers of the 8rion group there occasionally. The 3-group had some connection with the place, "ut I personally never saw any of them there. 2astly, there were the inha"itants of that ship that was captured. The 8rion -onfederation includes a lot of groups, including the 2everons. The 8rion group is supposedly at war with a group called the ;lohim. *ould you say that is accurate@ Ies. This is happening. The ;lohim group is a very old race, perhaps the oldest in the universe. !t least its the oldest we know of. Is there any particular species that has the greatest control over humans@ The 8rion group. TheyAre the weasels in the "ackground that manipulate every"ody, including the 6reys. The 8rion group includes the various reptilian species. *as the 7ero-time generator from alien sources@ .o. Tesla created the 7ero-time generator in the (9EBAs. It provided a very "asic time reference which is actually locked to the center of our gala'y. ThatAs why they call it a 7ero time generator. 2ocking equipment to that is the only way you can get some of these higher function generators to work. The aliens use crystals quite a "it. Ies. -rystals can store and modulate enormous amounts of energy. There was a crystal in the alien ship that ended up at +ontauk that was a"out (G inches long. 8ther factions of the alien group appeared in one of the side tunnels off the main time tunnel and captured several of us, and wouldnAt let us go unless one of us went "ack and got that crystal for them. *e did. The pro"lem was is that we were in the time tunnel too long, "ecause the time references the man I was with dissolved, and he "egan to age at the rate of a"out a day per hour. *ithin three days he was dead. *hat are some of the ways the government "ecame involved in time travel@

The .avy had the a"ility to use the time travel technology from a"out (9?B and developed full operational capa"ility in (9?). They did do an e'periment where they tried to go "ack and kill the father of the man destined to "e the head of the new 8ne-*orld government. They did kill his father, "ut it made no difference. They didnAt understand why it didnAt work. &o"ert 2a7ar was voicing the concept that time is quantiti7ed or compartmentali7ed and that you canAt change what has already happened in terms of the past. Is the .avy tied in with the secret government@ 5mall elements in the .avy are, "ut the .avy in general is not. 5o in the (9?BAs they were against what was going on and tried ways to stop it@ Ies. !t +ontauk we did succeed in changing the past, so I know it can "e done, "ut it takes enormous amounts of power and more than %ust a time machine, "ut I wonAt get into that. 5o the person who will "e the head of the 8ne *orld government is walking around and has no father@ Theoretically that is true. ,ow could this guy have come into e'istence@ ThatAs a very good question. ThatAs another one of the parado'es of time. *as this person already in e'istence "efore they went "ack and killed his father@ Ies. They assumed that he would disappear and cease to e'ist. 1o you know who this individual is@ .o. .ot "y name. Is the 8ne *orld government interested in longevity@ It seems like all these plans are on a long term "asis. It would also seem like it would take too long "efore those in control could really reap the "enefits. *hen you get to the level of the warped mentality of the world leaders that are controlled "y the 8rion group, you donAt really know what their goals are. They are totally dependent on a specific technology, including time machines which are anchored in the CB years time rift plus the e'tensions in the time matri' which goes another EB years. Time machines are "ased in the technology that had its origin here within that time period, and from what I understand as of EBB) they will suddenly find that their time machines no longer function.

*hy@ >ecause they were created on the "asis of something which was "asically artificial - the rift in time. The function is "ased on the rift. Then its "ack to the drawing "oards. ,ave they constructed any concrete plans "ased on the rift that might disappear when the rift does@ I donAt know. I canAt speak for the whole government. !re any 8rion "ased timeta"les involved in this@ *ell, the 8rions have their own ways of doing things. *ould they "e dependent on this rift@ .o, "ut the 6reys are somewhat dependent on it, having used it to get here in large num"ers. The 8rion group itself is not here in a large num"er. They let others do the dirty work for them@ Ies. 1o you get any particular feeling what things are like within the secret government with respect to the groups of aliens@ *ell, they were panic stricken to get rid of the 6reys. I donAt know if theyAre that panic stricken any more, "ecause I understand that the 8rions are essentially gone, e'cept for the mop-up squad, which have their own life support systems. The general life support for the others was destroyed "y another alien group in .ovem"er (99B. They could not e'ist here without electronic support from the ring of satellites they put up there ages ago. !lmost all of them packed up and left. *hat is the nature of the electronic support@ They cannot stand the vi"rations of this planet. The 6reys like it "ecause this planet is very much like their own home planet. ,ow would all this relate to the idea that their is a planetoid coming into this system with a "unch of reptilians on it. *ould they "ring their own electronic life support systems@ Ies. They can replace the satellites. They may well "e "ack "efore long. ,ow do you view that scenario, where the planetoid full of 8rion reptilians, or 1raco, is coming here@

*ell, we monitored the signals coming from the planetoid. They were coming in at around EF+,H with twelve carriers spaced FB3,7 apart. The 8rion group reptilians have twelve chakras, may"e that has something to do with it. Then this could "e the part of the electronic signal that might even "e representative of their electronic life sustenance matri'@ Ies. It might well "e necessary to set up transmitters of our own that would interfere with that kind of electromagnetic emanation. Ies. ,ow a"out the 8rion genetics@ ItAs very similar to that of humans. :or a long time they were hoping to cross"reed. It didnAt work properly. That was one of the side issues of the +ontauk-$hoeni' pro%ect, to find ways of cross"reeding. They never did fully solve the pro"lems. 5o this is where the concept of twelfth density would come in@ Ies. $ro"a"ly. *hat they were hoping to do if they succeeded in cross"reeding humans and 8rions was a silent invasion where they would take over humanity "y cross"reeding and eliminate the humans they didnAt want. !t that point, 8rion souls would move into the cross"red "odies and it would "e complete. They would not need electronic support systems to survive here, which consists of (E satellites. 5o how does this affect the world government plans, now that the 8rion group is temporarily gone@ It changes the conte't of the system that "acked up the 8ne-*orld government. They were "acked up "y and e'pected support from the 8rion group. *ith the 8rions out of the picture, they are on their own. ,ow a"out the 6reys@ TheyAre running around in circles. They are pro"a"ly continuing with the genetic work and the a"ductions "ut they are lacking all direction e'cept that which they already had esta"lished. There was a recent a"duction of woman in 5eattle on 1ecem"er ), (99B where there were "eings that looked human. They told them, however, that they werenAt really human and allowed them to see their true form. It was a variant reptilian species they had never seen "efore. They asked the a"ductees questions a"out their e'periences with the 6reys. The

woman got the impression that the reptilian humanoids thought that the 6reys were going to far in their interactions with humans and that they were looking into it. !ny comment@ .o data on that one. *ell, since they were looking into 6rey e'cesses in "ehavior, they pro"a"ly were an offshoot group and not anything to do with the 1raco. They pro"a"ly were an offshoot group. I have gotten the impression that not all the 8rion -onfederation is evil. There is a group within the 8rion -onfederation that function as sort of overseers and they are apparently quite upset a"out what these 6reys are doing, "ut apparently there is not much they have "een a"le to do a"out it. The "asic heart of the 8rion -onfederation that we have "ecome familiar with is totally evil and self-centered. They "asically want to take over the ;arth@ Ies. They want to take ;arth "ecause of their desire for the planet as a staging "ase. They also desire the water and the minerals. There have only "een partial success of their cross "reeding program. ! few hy"rids have survived. They essentially look human "ut have 8rion genetics within them. *hatAs going on in *ashington right now@ They are up to their eye"alls in pro"lems. They consider the thing with ,ussein in the +iddle ;ast as the least of their concerns. *hat are they concerned with@ They are concerned with !I15 and other, disease pro"lems which are coming to earth from space. There are currently two huge clouds of amoe"a-like creatures over the polar regions of the earth. These have shown up periodically over the last ten years. .!5! is working on this. ;very time theyAve "een detected, all kinds of strange illnesses "reak out. They donAt how they can stay alive and "e in outer space. TheyAre very concerned a"out that. The !I15 situation is so far advanced that it is considered to "e a disaster. ,ow do you "ounce that against the fact that !I15 was created at :ort 1etrick, +aryland@ !re the aliens ultimately "ehind that as well@ I donAt know. ItAs very possi"le. It originated on the orders of the *orld ,ealth 8rgani7ation. I suppose you have to go "ack and see who was responsi"le for this dia"olical plan within *,8 to create a virus that would destroy the human immune system. They found out that once it was released that it mutated like cra7y and there is no way to produce a vaccine for it. The government does have a way to cure it, "ut they do that on a pretty selective "asis. The cure involves electromagnetics. There are also other means that have "een discovered, "ut the government doesnAt want the outside world to have it. Its part of the population reduction program.

*hich is whose idea@ !pparently it was a decision reached "y the secret government. The final decision was made in the *hite ,ouse in (9?E on the "asis of a meeting of world leaders under .i'on. ! friend of mine got the notes from that. ,eAs now in prison, and he talked a"out it pu"licly in (9?C. ,e said that they had the meeting and agreed that the planet was overpopulated and that it had to "e reduced. The decision was to reduce the population from F "illion, which it was at that time, to ( "illion "y the year EBBB. They were to use any and all means to do this. They "elieved that the earth could only handle ( "illion inha"itants. Their pro"lem was how to e'terminate GBL of the world population in )B years. They modified the figure to "e E "illion "y EBBB, "ut the !I15 thing is going to take care of a good part of that for them. The latest figures coming out of *ashington indicate that !frica is now as good as doomed. In another ten years, ?FL of !frica will "e dead. There have "een recent figures to suggest that 9EL of all "a"ies "orn in !frica today have the virus. Ies. in India, the rate is F(L. It seems e'tremely irresponsi"le for a government to create something that can take people and do that to them. *ell, it was the 0undesira"les0 that were given the virus first. They should have known that this thing was going to get out of hand. They didnAt know that was going to happen. It was also figured that it would affect the young set, those in their prime, most. if they travel in time and know that geophysical changes will take care of a large part of the worldAs population, why would they "other to do it@ ;specially "ecause you have a "unch of FB year old men having to wait )B years. I donAt know. 8"viously they didnAt think. 8r it wasnAt them who were ultimately responsi"le. The only ones who would have a long term anything to gain would "e aliens, so it further indicates that ultimately there are negative off-planet forces that are responsi"le. The aliens know a"out the changes. ,ow did they spread the virus initially@ Through *orld ,ealth 8rgani7ation inoculations that were contaminated with the virus. The first program was in "lack !frica in (9?C with the smallpo' inoculations. They then went to >ra7il and other ,ispanic countries and did it there. In (9?G, they laced the gamma glo"ulin for the ,epititus > vaccine "ecause the homose'ual population was the

greatest consumer. ThatAs why it showed up first in the 4nited 5tates in the homose'ual population and why it was claimed to "e a homose'ual disease. .othing could "e further from the truth, "ut it was something the ;vangelists took up quickly, saying that !I15 was 06ods curse on the homose'ual0. $eople didnAt worry a"out it who werenAt gay. The people who planned this didnAt figure on the a"ility of the virus to mutate. It must taken someone with a really stupid mentality to do this. *hat kind of distur"ances have appeared with each appearance of these amoe"a-like clouds@ &espiratory distur"ances. ItAs "een detected in the .ew Iork area and on the west coast. 1etails are scant, "ut they consider it a ma%or pro"lem. It affects the human system directly. It is also the mechanism "ehind the influen7a attacks in (9(9 and (9(? that killed so many people. It is possi"le that the o7one layer was deli"erately affected in order to allow this influence to come through@ I donAt know. The greenhouse affect is taking hold "ecause of it. Is there any particular alien species whom it would "enefit if the earth dried up and "ecame desert@ Ies. The reptilians species might "e good candidates. *here do the 6reys come from originally@ :rom outside our timeMspace continuum. The government does not fully understand where that is, since they donAt trust a lot of their information a"out them. 1o the $leiadians use the gravity amplifier to fold time and space@ .o. They have a hyperspacial drive system. They donAt do it in the same way. They use velocity rather than folding. !renAt they "eneficial to humans@ They have not "een invited to help. They are also sensitive to earth politics, galactic directives, and their own policies. It comes down to the fact where you donAt interfere when youAre not asked. ;ven when you are asked, there are limits to what you can do. -an they "e asked@

*ell, in the case where you would have interference on a mass "asis, like in response to the 8rion incursion, youAre getting involved with the history of all humanity. *eAll have to see. I would think that the only hope would "e to collectively raise the consciousness of the entire planet. &ight. There are also other pro"lems. The government worked out a deal with the 6reys some time ago and has some of their technology. *eapons have "een developed. They now have a missle that has a minimum operational range of I light year. *e can hit any spacecraft well "eyond the solar system. I saw a "rief on the news where the 5tar *ars technology is "eing turned around in space to hit down asteroids. *ill they in fact "e used primarily as a planetary defense against alien incursion@ Ies. The directives out of *ashington seem to point to the fact that the secret government wants no aliens here at all interfering with their plans. They have not solved the pro"lem with the 6reys. ,ow do aliens refer to religious concepts@ !s far as I know, none of them have any religion as such. They acknowledge a divine source in the universe. The 6reys refer to the universe as a mind. *hat is your prognosis for the future of the human species@ It will survive. *hy was it mentioned at one time that EB(( was the last year that they could see anything tangi"le@ It was mentioned in the +ayan calendar that EB((-EB() was a "arrier of some kind. $sychics have said that there is a A"arrier around EB() that they canAt go through. That doesnAt mean there is nothing "eyond that. .o. ItAs %ust "locked from view. ;ven to the time machines. There are a lot of people wondering whether they are going to retain control over humanity "eyond EB(). There seems to "e a quickening of consciousness right now as we are "eginning to go into fourth density. &ight. There seems to "e some evidence of this. 1o you know where the current entrances to +ontauk are@

.o, "ut I know theyAre there. The last time two people went out there to look they were a"ducted. They were knocked out electronically and taken underground to another facility where mental ad%ustments were made on them. They were returned to the spot, "ut one of them was not returned e'actly at the same time as the other. There was a"out a E second gap and the one that was already there saw it. They knew immediately that something was wrong. They were given a warning. The underground system is still in operation. There are three entrances near !I2. They have three plants in the :armingdale area. >rookhaven .ational 2a"oratories have an entrance to the system. There is also a connection to the .ewark ITT -orporation "uilding. :rom there a spur that goes to the ITT facility at .utley. There is also a tunnel that goes from .ewark to *right $atterson !:>. 1o they use +aglev trains in this tunnels@ Ies. There is a very e'tensive tunnel network under the 4nited 5tates. The interesting things is that once you get past the coding system at the entrance elevators and get into the underground, no"ody asks any questions. They assume you are supposed to "e there, unless you make it o"vious that you are not "y your actions or appearance. *hy do humans age@ There are two genes missing from the human chromosome. 8ne of them controls the aging process, so humans age. >ecause of this, when cells are duplicated in the "ody they are compared to the parent cell, not a master pattern that would e'ist in the genes, so the duplicate is not e'actly the same is time. 5o humans age gradually. There has "een some discussion of the "iorhythm cycles of the planet. -ould you e'plain that again@ The cycles of humans are well known. It was not known until after (9G) after +ontauk went down that the earth has cycles. It was discovered "y accident. !fter an analysis, it came out that there were four "asic cycles involved. These four cycles reach their ma'imum peak every EB years. ItAs always on the (Eth of !ugust. 5o the ne't peak will "e in EBB)@ Ies. 1o the "iorhythm cycles of humans and those of the planet interlockA@ It is not known to interlock. ,ave you seen the movie +illeneum@ *hat can you say a"out the concepts portrayed there@

Ies. It was well done. It was an attempt to e'plain some disappearances. ItAs an intriguing idea. 5trangely enough, they didnAt cover something that really happend in 1enver around (99F. ! %et was coming in on final approach in daylight with no "ad weather and vanished entirely from the radar screen. It was never found. .o trace. Iears later, in Tucson, I met the son of a man who was vice president of 4nited !irlines. I asked him a"out it. ,e said, 0how did you hear a"out that@0. I said I read it in the newspapers and then it was hushed up. ,e said, .. you "etter "elieve it was0. I asked him if anyone knew what happened to it, and he said that they had no idea. There was no wreckage, nothing. There is no way it could have happened like that.- "ut it did. The ideas in +illenium were more along the line of something they would have developed in the $hoeni' pro%ect. !re there any tunnels under the $yramids@ There is a tunnel under 6i7a. .o one knows when it was constructed or how. ,ow a"out spacecraft or anything else like that@ !n e'pedition was mounted as a result of data gathered "ack in the (9EBAs and (9)BAs a"out a secret cham"er under the pyramid. They "uilt equipment in later years and went in down into the pyramid and found this metal door FBB feet "elow the "ase of the pyramid. They found other doors. The doors used a sonic code. They found a room with over )B,BBB recording disks and alien equipment. They made photos of the disks with I& film. The ;gyptian government wouldnAt allow them to take any out. The disks were deciphered. They descri"ed the rise and fall of civili7ations in outer space going "ack more than (BB,BBB years. This group "uilt this record room and then "uilt the pyramid over it. There was no 4:8, "ut a lot of equipment was stored on three levels. They photographed over E,?BB record disks. !ccording to an !ir :orce contact, these disks are sitting in a safe at 3irtland !:> in .ew +e'ico. They donAt want the pu"lic to know the information. ,ow is the government involved in cattle mutilations@ ,uman scientists are involved with longevity studies using adrenalyn. They have developed altered adrenlyn, and drugs called cordra7ine, cortropine', forma7ine, and hyronali'. !ll of them have an adrenalyn "ase. The only way to get the large quantitites of adrenalyn is to get them from cattle. 5ome of the su"stances they develop affect psychic development. 8ther drugs have physical restoration properties. !liens use cattle for the "iological materials as well. They use the materials in their "reeding program and for the construction of cloned individuals. 1o you know when the :ederal &eserve is going to issue the new money@ I donAt know. There have "een several dates that have come and gone. *hen they do all the current cash will "e worthless.

The plan is to give a short notice date "y which people will have to turn in their old money for new. 8f course, you will have to account for it, especially since it is now illegal for you to have J),BBB or more on your person. ItAs coming. *ould you consider the secret government the :ourth &eich@ ItAs hard to say. +y understanding of it is that the secret government is not connected with the .a7is "ut with world "ankers, old money and whatAs called the 0"lack no"ility0. These were the "lue-"loods of ;urope. They actually did have "lue "lood, and it was not hemoglo"in "ased "ut copper "ased. They were semi-human. There are still to this day, some animal species in 5outh !merica that have copper "ased "lood systems. There was a pro"lem with hemophilia, and not "ecause of intermarrying. The pro"lem was that they started to marry outside of the copper "ased "lood system. ,emoglo"in and copper systems donAt mi'. ThatAs where the laws against marrying commoners originated. *hat a"out these synthetic humans@ ,uman cloning was developed at the 4niversity of 4tah at 5alt 2ake -ity in (9??. They first aired this on T/ as part of a series. They had an alleged human clone on T/ that they were interviewing. It didnAt talk very well. They showed the original human and the clone. The clone was not all that successful. It took (C months to generate a fully adult human clone in a tank. It was a two part series. The second part of the series never aired, for o"vious reasons. -I! sources have confirmed that it started at the 4niversity of 4tah. The government has a facility for clones. The first one was "uilt in the +ount ,ood area, a"out si'ty miles east of $ortland, 8regon. They have other facilities in other locations. 2ocations must have sta"le geomagnetic fields and other special characteristics or the cloning process does not work properly. They can replicate them faster now. They have clones of all the ma%or government figures. This is partly for security reasons. it also creates the situation that when someone falls out of favor, they clone the person and kill the original. This kind of thing apparently happens with some frequency. There have "een allegations "y some that -arter and &eagan were replaced. Ies. IAve heard that, "ut I have no information that says that it happened. &eagan looked a "it funny after his assassination attempt, particularly after he came out of the hospital. ItAs curious a"out the cloning facility in $ortland. *ere there not reports in the (99BAs or ?BAs a"out people seeing a spitting image of ,itler there@ Ies. it is curious. There isnAt any connection that we can esta"lish, "ut anything is possi"le. ,itler could have died as late as (9GC. I have heard rumors that he was the top director of the $hoeni' pro%ect, "ut those rumors were not considered to have any merit "y most people. ;ichmann was apparently involved at one point until the Israelis got him. ! lot of top level .a7i scientists were involved. There was a man called ,untermann who was the associate director of the pro%ect. *e wondered if there was any"ody a"ove him.

There was - a complete collection of pure .a7is at the top. The 6ermans were also involved in work with the 6reys and cloning processes. !re they .a7is still running things@ IdonAt know what interconnections they may have today. I have two friends who say opposite things. one says that the .a7is are in charge and the other says that Dewish scientists are in charge. 8ther people say its +D-(E. Take your pick. I think that theyAre all involved. ThatAs very interesting a"out the duality of the 6ermans and the Dews. &ecently, we received information that these two groups of entities are originally from one source out there somewhere, and that they were "anned to this planet to work out their differences. They have apparently always sought to destroy each other ... and they are still doing it on many levels. ;veryone else %ust has to stand "y and put up with it, I guess. it %ust adds to the mess. 8rientation of "oth groups appears to "e negatively oriented toward service to self instead of others. There have "een things recently said "y a"ductees that indicate that they were taken to %oint .a7i-!lien "ases were they had swastikas on the walls. This was within the last two years. 1o you remem"er the &einhold-5chmidt story@ ,e was a "usinessman who lived in .ew Dersey in the (9FBAs. I finally got a copy of his "ook. ,e insisted that one time when he was driving home from work, something went wrong with his car. ,e was approached "y someone and was taken a"oard a saucer. !ll the occupants were dressed in "lack clothing and talked in 6erman. To him it appeared like they might "e .a7is. ,e wasnAt sure "ut he thought they were. They picked him up "y agreement several times thereafter. ,e "egan talking a"out it and he had a visit from government agents who told him to shut up. ,e insisted. ,e was picked up and put into treatment in a mental hospital for a"out four months. *hen he came out he was a changed man. ,e died sometime later. 4p until he went into the mental hospital, he was insistent on his story. This was appro'imately (9F9. IAm not sure. ,e was a prominent "usinessman. It was a sensational story at the time. ItAs interesting that you should mention copper "ased "lood "efore. !renAt the .ordics involved with that@ Ies. !lthough .ordics are humanoid and e'ternally almost identical to humans. There are su"tle differences in the .ordic alien physiology, and most of them are "ased on the living conditions that they have grown up in. Their planets are e'tremely hot and dry, and have a low o'ygen content in the atmosphere. They have a larger lung capacity than humans and have a copper "ased "lood in order to carry o'ygen more efficiently. The eyes are protected "y inner lids and can allow them to see into the ultraviolet range of the spectrum. They have only EG teeth, as they lack a "ack pair of molars. Their heads are longer than humans. The "rain case is a"out .E mm thicker and the "one is harder. The "rain is the same as the human "rain as far as structure and si7e is concerned, e'cept for the mid"rain area, where there are functions that allow telepathic and telekinetic skills. It e'plains the psionic powers of the .ordics. They average a"out E meters in height.

:emales a"out (.? meters. They have no sweat glands. The skin allows moisture to "e drawn from the air as well as moisture to penetrate. The heart "eats at around ECE "eats per minute, and the average "lood pressure is GB systolic and CB diastolic. They have e'tremely dilated "lood vessels. The heart is located where the human liver would "e. The cartilage that would protect a human heart e'tends down ).Fcm further in the .ordic in order to protect this structure. >lood cells are "iconve' in contrast to the concave cells of humans. 3idney type functions only allow a"out half the liquid consumed to "e e'creted. The rest is evidently put "ack into the system. 4rine is thick with minerals and appears in color and te'ture to freshly pumped crude oil. :eces are dry pellets with all moisture removed. The adult .ordic can regulate the amount of adrenalyn in their "ody. They have no pineal gland. .ordic females are capa"le of "eing impregnated at any time, "ut the males are capa"le of impregnation a"out once a year. The period of incu"ation is three to five months. *hat a"out the 5irians@ *ell, we are finding out that they are seemingly involved in the 1ark 5ide activities with a"ductees along with the 6reys and elements of the 45 military and intelligence forces. we are finding out that &eich programming is currently "eing used as of 1ecem"er (99B on a"ductees. This is a direct outgrowth of work at +ontauk. The 5irians are usually descri"ed as a"out 9 frac(E; feet tall, "lond hair cut very short, and "lue eyes that have a catAs eye vertical pupil. TheyAre negatively oriented. I have "een working on a case where this E( year old woman has had contact with them, the last time "eing in 1ecem"er (99B. The "eings present were the short little helpers that the 6reys use; the ones that wear hooded cloaks. There were 6rey clones, tall 6reys, 5irians and 45 military personnel of some description. The woman had her "reasts and other "ody parts hooked up to some machine that maintained her in a pre-orgastic state while they used inculcation "ars with red and "lue lights to aid in the programming. *hen she does something they donAt like, they take her out of her "ody and stick her in this "lack "o', where there is terri"le loneliness and isolation. 5he really "roke down when she was descri"ing that, saying that she didnAt want them to put her "ack in the "o'. They evidently told her that if she talked too much they were going to do that. 8n the lighter side, she has also had contact with positive groups. There has "een some discussion as to whether these negative 5irians are part of the 3amagol II group that "uilt the records cham"er under 6i7eh, "ut that has not "een esta"lished. The negative 5irians are considered part of the 8rion group that is playing the dominationMcontrol game. Is there some significance to the red and "lue lights in the inculcation "ar@ The lights on the "ar are of special frequencies. $ulsing of these lights is often com"ined with sonic patterns to virtually reprogram the mind of the individual. This kind of activity has "een going on for tens of thousands of years. *hy do you think that the 8rion "ased groups that control todays society use red and "lue on police car lights@ Its very restimulative and many people have "uried memories of programming sessions that have occurred through their various lives. The result is fear and negative emotional response. It appears that during the last CB years there have "een a lot of people that have "een

incarnating that were on one side or the other in .a7i 6ermany, and we are finding a lot of a"ductees that have memories of the 6reys during that period. 5ometimes they find that they are dealing with the same e'act "eings they dealt with in another lifetime. 8f course, we know that a"ductions also follow multi-generational patterns. It all ties together. There have "een some that have said that ,itler was connected into things in terms of the !ryan race and ;TAs. *hat is the story "ehind that@ *ell, ,itler spend a lot of time in li"raries "efore his mother died, and he was convinced that the white race was going to "e squee7ed out of e'istence in anoth r ?F years. ,e decided that he was going to "e the defender of the !ryan race. This was "ack "efore *orld *ar 8ne. ,e was also relating this to the $rotocols of the 2earned ;lders of Hion, where in the ECth protocol it says that the white race will "e destroyed "y genetic intermarriage. ,e wanted to stop the trend. ,e "ecame interested in metaphysics. The 1ark 5ide involvement "egan after a "out with peyote "efore *orld *ar 8ne and his involvement with the Thule 5ociety, which was connected to !leister -rowley and the 8rder of the 6olden 1awn in ;ngland. ,itler also adopted the idea of fighting the communists, "ecause the communists were %ust a"out ready to take over 6ermany. There were not 6reys around in large num"ers "ut they were there. The 6ermans were involved with alien technology. They had one version with electromagnetic drive. They had %et aircraft in (9C). They had nuclear weapons "ut ,itler did not use them. +ind control research was ongoing. 6etting "ack to present day, what do you think a"out the idea that the 5audi government is "eing "ankrupted "y the 45@ *ell, the &ockefeller group sold the 5audis )B year notes "ack in the (99BAs. They are coming due. The 5audis want to get out of the paperwork nightmare so they wonAt lose all their money. The &ockefeller "anks were going to declare "ankruptcy, so the 5audis said they would pull all their investments out of the 4nited 5tates and collapse the economy totally. The 4nited 5tates "acked down and that is the reason why there is all that forgiveness of de"t "usiness going on. It was done with >ushes authority. The 5audis were satisfied. .ow the pro"lem with Iraq arises. The Israelis have refused to carry out the deals they have made a"out leaving the west "ank area. ,ussein is saying that if the 4nited 5tates can convince Israel to do that for the $alestinians, then he will walk out of 3uwait. That will defuse the entire +iddle ;ast situation. Danuary (Fth is the apparent deadline date. There are people in government that are cra7ier than ,ussein. !s of early 1ecem"er (99B, a contract already e'ists with :lora -onstruction company to re"uild 3uwait, so its going to happen anyway. 1oes Iraq have nuclear devices@ IAm not sure. They were stealing trigger devices for quite a while "efore the government found out a"out it and started su"stituting non-functional ones. ItAs "elieved that they do. The Iraqis are also said to have devices that had their origin in .a7i 6ermany, such as the

air-fuel "om", which will 0turn the air to fire0 and suffocate !merican troops. There is a concern that he will also use chemical weapons. The 4nited 5tates used chemical weapons in 3orea and /ietnam. If Iraq uses them, the 4nited 5tates will respond with devastating force. It would "e a good time for the secret government to "ring out their disks and impersonate alien species in an attempt to pacify the planet. *hen the 4nited 5tates wins the conflict, it will produce potential pro"lems for years. It is seen as the only option. They could impose this in a pseudo-religious way in an attempt to unify religious groups that are on 0holy war0 campaigns. ;ither way, presence of .. an apparently "enevolent technology0 would cause a peaceful unification. $resence of 0an apparent malevolent technology0 would achieve the same thing, "ut with a negative unification "ased on fear. There are again another aspects to the middle east scenarios. 8ne aspect is that the middle east represents an annoying delay to the secret government that has "een caused "y Iraq. This delay could affect certain types of agenda. !nother aspect is that since the 45 "asically controls the planet, all this is a sham for the pu"lic - to keep humans up tight, in fear, and at each othersA throats it could "e reflective of what is ultimately an 8rion "ased agenda. It is a matter of record that flying disks have "een seen in all wars and conflicts. ,ow a"out the -ongress@ !re they aware of the alien and drug things that are going on@ 5ome of them are, "ut they are turning their heads "ecause they want to collect their retirement. TheyAre %ust hoping the government will "e solvent when they get to that point. There is no question that as we enter (99(, many agendas will accelerate and many hands will "e forced. !re the men in "lack residents of ;arth@ The group is an off-world one. They monitor conditions on the planet. They are not physical "eings, "ut they can "ecome solid. 1o the "lack helicopters have anything to do with the +I>@ .o. They are managed "y the !rmy. It is a super secret group that have "ases all over the 4nited 5tates. They have one near 5edona. They have one in -onnecticutt and in .ewark, .ew Dersey. The helicopters have no markings and are used for operations involving drug smuggling, mutilations and security for alien related operations and pro%ects. 8"viously, itAs all illegal as hell, and they have "een getting away with it for CB years. *hat a"out the su"liminal programming that happens with television@ The :-- 0ruled0 years ago that it was illegal, "ut it never stopped. Iou find it more common on ca"le tv. There are using su"liminal conditioning on all ca"le networks. They use it to emphasi7e different elements of what you are seeing around you. $eople end up "eing "rainwashed and stay ignorant.

*hat are some of the capa"ilities they have@ The government has vans that drive around that are capa"le of complete mind disruption. They have used it "efore to kill a man in his house in fifteen minutes. !ll it takes is four helicopters flying in tandem to completely mentally wreck a city if they have those pods on them. The pods are an outgrowth of the $hoeni' pro%ect. They, can produce heavy mood control over a city. They are going into areas "eyond the electromagnetic. They are trying to increase the,stress level in the population. It is no secret that >echtel was laying ca"les under ma%or metropolitan areas several years-ago,claiming that it was "eing laid for others0 whom they wouldnAt reveal. It had nothing to do with electric, telephone or ca"le T/. *hat is another possi"ility as to why the death of the father of the 8ne *orld government failed to produce the demateriali7ation of the future leader of the 8ne *orld government@ This seeming parado' can "e "etter e'plained this way# The people who went "ack and tried to kill the father were successful "ut the son still lived. This is all related to the 6randfather $arado'. The truth of the matter is that they prevented the "irth of the leader of the 8ne *orld government not in the time stream where the e'isting person was "orn "ut in a parallel one where he never e'isted in the first place. It e'isted "efore and after the effort to kill the father; the parallel time stream also e'ists where the 6ermans overtly won the second world war. There are differing "ut parallel interrelated worlds and universes, each having an endless num"er of streams relating to individual entities. These streams are ultimately e'pressed as different patterns and outcomes for the same entity depending on the level of e'pression for the entity at any one time. !ll divergent entities are part of the one reality which is the all em"racing unity. The varied potential tracks all e'ist as one unified central force. The parallel tracks that e'ist in our universe, depending upon which one of them is taken, will determine the ultimate outcome for the individual entity, and this can change. *hat is the actual nature and purpose of the 8rion group@ >asically, the purpose of the 8rion group is enslavement and conquest. Their o"%ective is to locate certain individuals who vi"rate in resonance with their own vi"rational comple' and manipulate them. There is a concept called spiritual entropy which apparently causes them to e'perience constant disintegration of their social memory comple'es. They do follow the 2aw of 8ne "ut o"serve free will according to service to self. Those on the enslaved planet then disseminate the attitudes and philosophy which is service to self. These individuals "ecome the 0elite0. Through the elite, the attempt "egins to create a condition where"y the remainder of the planetary entities are enslaved "y their free will. That seems like what is happening on the planet right now, especially in the 4nited 5tates. Ies.

*hy donAt they %ust come down in force instead of using the "ack door, as it were@ *ell, they could. ! mass landing would create a loss of polari7ation due to the infringement on the free will of the planet. If the planet were then conquered and "ecame part of the ;mpire, the free will would then "e reesta"lished. The way they are doing it is characteristic of the 8rion group - to have others do their dirty work for them, including humans. That way, the a"ridgement of free will is not so o"vious. It didnAt help the situation when agreements were made with different alien species. It didnAt matter that the agreements were made with groupings of humans that did not represent the wishes of the mass consciousness. The technical fact of the agreement allowed a lot of action that was negatively polari7ed. The 8rion group specifically targets civili7ations "efore they "ecome a social memory comple'. *hat does it mean to have a society with a social memory@ *ell, a social comple' consisting of individual entities "ecomes a social memory comple' when it adopts one orientation or seeking in a specific direction. *hen this happens, the group memory that was not availa"le to individuals "ecomes known. The advantage of a social memory comple' is the relative lack of distortion. *hat does polari7ation mean for an individual entity@ 6enerally, entities can have little or no polari7ation, positive polari7ation or negative polari7ation. ! positively polari7ed entity will select a path em"odying service to others. !n entity choosing negative polari7ation would focus on service to self. ! negative polari7ation involves the elements of control and repression. :or e'ample, a negatively polari7ed entity would seek separation from and control over others "y se'ual means and have the idea of power as an end. The negatively oriented entity will program for ma'imum separation from and control over all entities which it perceives as "eing other than itself. !re not all humans, for e'ample, e'pressions of each other@ *ell, yes. ;ntities will eventually reali7e that their actions on other selves are actually "eing done to themselves, since the consciousness present in each entity is a variation on the same thing. The individuation is present to allow ma'imum differentiation of potentiality and creation. +any people have "een discussing the idea that we are going into fourth density. *hat does that mean@ >asically another general vi"ratory rate. It also relates to the reali7ation that one is not separate from the creator. It is that kind of spectrum which has "een called "y the -hristians as the 0second coming0. The second coming is a state of "eing, not an individual arriving and esta"lishing a power hierarchy.

*hen will this "e completed@ *ell, entities on this planet should make the attempt to polari7e in terms of what e'cites them no later than (99), or it will "e harder to do so. $olari7ation can "e positive or negative. 6enerally, the fourth density is much more full of life. ;ntities must still care for their physical vehicles. It is also a density where compassion, understanding and love are more predominant. :ull conversion to fourth density will occur "etween EBB) and EB(). Its interesting that according to the mathematics "ehind the I -hing, everything goes %ackpot around EB(E. Ies. .othing will "e the same on ;arth. It is changing right now. *hat we are seeing is "asically the death of the third density way of life. 1oes density level refer to polari7ation@ !n entity can "e negatively polari7ed and in fourth density, "ut it is an intense struggle "ecause of the development of telepathic functions. If there is a place in which fourth density negative entities have esta"lished a power structure, then there is more use of the concept of mind control in order to keep the negative structure from conversion to positive orientation. *hat a"out the upcoming geological changes@ ,ow does that relate to all of this@ The fourth density is a vi"rational spectrum. The timeMspace continuum has put ;arth and that star system into that type of vi"ration. This causes electromagnetic realignments within the "ody of the planet. The energies and collective thoughtforms of the population also distur" the energy patterns of the planet. 6eological changes accompany transition "etween densities. !t this point we are in the last EB years at the end of a cycle which has lasted ?F,BBB years. !nything more a"out fourth density@ The ma%ority of the 8rion group are of fourth density. 5ome are positively oriented toward service to others, "ut most that are concerned with the current situation are negatively polari7ed and playing the domination game. ;ntities on ;arth following any religion or no religion at all will move into fourth density if they are that vi"ration. ;ntities not at fourth density vi"ration will remain at third density vi"ration and will move to other locations to continue third density life until their vi"rational level increases and polari7es in time with a cycle of density movement. The polari7ation can "e positive or negative. ,ow does the idea of a higher self relate to densities@

In terms of an entity perceiving through as linear time structure, the higher self e'ists in si'th density and functions in the entites 0future0. 8ne interesting aspect of it is that the entity who is perceiving the higher self manifestation is actually a thoughtform materiali7ed "y the 0higher self0 itself. ;ntities in these terms are actually a comple' composed of what they perceive to "e mind0, 0"ody0, and 0spirit0. These comple'es can occur within single entities or groups, depending on the specific spaceMtime conditions. The higher self is that self which e'ists with full understanding of the accumulation of e'periences of that entity. !t one point, the entity perceives a lower self and a higher self. They are not actually there 0simultaneously0; functions of the higher self interact from a position in development which equates to the linear 0future0 of the entity, as perceived "y an entity in this state. 8"viously, cultural conditioning encourages development of impotent states of mind where the 0lower self0 is in control and the 0higher self0 is reached very little or totally ignored. There is no synthesis that will permit the energy of the intelligent matri' to flow correctly. ,ow are the cultural states of mind organi7ed@ ,ow do they fill the needs of the 8rion group and the >rotherhood@ *ell, start with the prime factor of "ody identification. The society promotes the concept of 0you are your "ody0, which results in fear, especially fear of 0death0, which is tied in with the idea of physical pain. -om"ine this with religious doctrine and various cultural ideologies, and you have a very fertile ground for manipulation. There is also promotion of identification with the personality and ego. The ego is culturally conditioned to a reactionary state which is encouraged "y media and literature to focus on the elements of security, sensation and power. 4nder these circumstances, individuals are "asically disempowered and "lind. In terms of cultural activity, individuals are put in a position where they spend most of their time dealing with 0self preservation0, 0self-gratification0, and 0self-definition0. These functions are "asically left hemisphere related. The ego structure often "ecomes fragmented into 0partial selves0, making the pro"lem even worse. *hat is missing is the love of truth, life, and the creator that we are all a part of. The idea is to transform 0self-preservation0 into right action, .. self-gratification0 into right feeling, and 0self-definition0 into right thought. This is not pro"a"le in the 8rion "ased culture in which we reside if the missing elements are not introduced. *hat will help to introduce it is the quickening of the vi"rational resonance as we move into the fourth density, and what we are seeing around us is the desperation of the negative forces as they grapple for position and control. The alien agendas are "eyond secret government manipulation, and at this time they are very worried. That is why the mind control technology has "een developed and implemented - to make sure that they can try and preserve control over the population. Thanks to the pu"lication 0The 5overeign 5cri"e0, we are following this section with some interviews with !l >ielek and $reston .ichols; the material relates very well to the data that you have %ust read. It features some interesting data a"out the alleged 4nited 5tates ventures on +ars and more data a"out the 1elta-T antennas. ;n%oyN