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How to Build Wealth?

Part 1
with a System that Works
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Dear Friend
This report is a gift to you from Deirdre Bakker
a member of Be Motivated Today.
My name is Arnfried Klein-Werner. I am the CEO of Be Motivated Today.
Thank you for taking the time to read this report foussing! on reating "ealth through
passi#e inome streams.
The $ourney to finanial suess and freedom is an e%iting one. &ut it needs to be
"alked "ith "isdom and not run at breaknek speed.
'( years of researh! trial! error and e%periene are distilled into this report! "hih "ill
sho" you "hat to a#oid and "hat to look for in a system that "ill guarantee your
hanes at reating a lasting and steady passi#e inome stream.
The information you are about to read "ill sa#e you hundreds of hours of "asted time
and money. It has the potential to put you in the top ') of earners in the "orld.
A passi#e inome stream "ill offer you inredible finanial freedom - the money to do
"hat you "ant and the time to do it.
You aIways have to invest, in the beginning (time or money), to reate a passi#e
inome. Then you "ill be paid for the rest of your life. Reading the first haIf of this
report carefuIIy is your first investment of time to heIp you start your journey to
creating weaIth and financiaI freedom.
The seond part of this report e%plains our system and is a#ailable "hen you register to
take our '*-day +,EE Trial. -ou "ill also reei#e a sampling of our produts inluding
a MotivationaI Audio Presentation alled You've Got the Power! on releasing your
potential. .lus "e ha#e a short report on ho" to kno" if you are ready to build "ealth
and "hat to do to beome ready. Sign up here.
-ou "ill not find any hype in this report. It is "ritten to empo"er you and sho" you ho"
to build "ealth.
To -our /uess.
Arnfried KIein-Werner
Motivator & C! - Be Motivated Today
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Chapter 1
Ways of Creating a Passive Income
+ood is up.
+uel is up 4if its not! it "ill be again soon5.
Clothes are up.
Interest ,ates are up 4if they6re not! they "ill be again5.
+lights are up.
.roperty is up.
/hool fees are up.
SaIaries are NOT.
The ost of li#ing has sky-roketed and you need more money to li#e omfortably.
-ou probably "ould like to ha#e an e%tra 71222 or 78222 per month. &ut you don6t
ha#e the time or energy to earn that e%tra inome.
.assi#e inome is the ans"er.
&esides the rising ost of li#ing! there are other reasons "hy you "ould like to earn an
e%tra inome! and more speifially! passi#e inome.
-ou "ould lo#e to make a fe" hundred or thousand 9ollars e%tra e#ery month
to ombat the rising ost of li#ing! to spoil yourself or en$oy some e%tra lu%uries!
like: "eekends a"ay! a fe" more romanti dinners! an o#erseas holiday! more
maniures and massages! or a fe" more ;toys; like a <uad bike! $et-ski or a
laptop omputer.
-ou "ant to start reating a passi#e inome stream "hile you are still holding
do"n a $ob. -our goal is to get to a point "here your passi#e inome an
replae the inome from your full-time $ob. Then you <uit your $ob and an start
pursuing your passion! "ithout ha#ing to "orry about finanes.
If you are a "orking or single Mom! you "ould muh rather be at home! raising
your hildren. &ut you ha#e to "ork to pay all the bills.
.erhaps you are a stay-at-home Mom. -ou don6t need to! or annot find "ork!
but simply "ould lo#e to earn some e%tra inome e#ery month to ha#e more
finanial independene.
-ou "ould lo#e to <uit your $ob and ha#e finanial freedom. Working in a $ob
may pro#ide a regular inome! but most times that inome is not enough and
you lose your freedom. -ou ha#e to do things you don6t like to do: be at the
offie at a ertain time! take lunh and offee breaks "hen you are told! and
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
"ork late on short notie. Often you are not appreiated! and taken ad#antage
-ou are frustrated beause you ha#e struggled finanially. -ou are sik and
tired of ;being sik and tired;. -ou really "ant to hange your finanial future.
-ou are sik and tired of:
=i#ing in debt>
Worrying about your finanial future>
?ot ha#ing money at the end of the month>
?ot being able to spoil yourself "hene#er you "ant to>
Working for a boss>
@a#ing to lea#e your hildren in day-are all day "hile you fight the traffi
and your $ob> and
?ot en$oying o#erseas tra#el.

-ou "ant to de#elop a passi#e inome to pro#ide for your retirement! beause
you realiAe that you ha#e not sa#ed enough to ade<uately o#er your
retirement needs.
=astly! you "ould like to earn some e%tra money! but don6t ha#e time to start a
business or the money to in#est huge apital. -ou need something re<uiring
#ery little effort and lo" o#erheads.
.erhaps you an identify "ith one or more of the abo#e situations. -ou are looking for
something that "ill take you to another finanial le#el.
When you earn enough e%tra inome from passi#e inome streams! you still ha#e
time for other important things.
Creating a passi#e inome stream "ill gi#e you more money and the time to do the
things you "ant to do. &ut abo#e all! it "ill radially impro#e your lifestyle "ithout
ha#ing to "ork more hours.
What is Passive Income
A passi#e inome is an inome that is not related to your efforts. In other "ords!
earning money "ithout ha#ing to diretly "ork for it. With passi#e inome! the
income keeps roIIing in! "hether you "ork or not.
In "#i$h %ad Poor %ad", ,obert Kiyosaki e%plains that if you "ant to be finanially
seure you ha#e to de#elop many passi#e inome streams. As long as your inome
is dependent on your efforts! you are al"ays at risk. If your ompany retrenhes you!
you ha#e no more inome.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
To ha#e a passi#e inome! you ha#e to invest (time or money) in the
beginning and then you "ill be paid for it for the rest of your Iife.
Of ourse! you ha#e to in#est in something that "ill pro#ide a ontinuous inome. I
ha#e learned from hard e%periene "hat is "orth in#esting in and "hat is not. This
report "ill sho" you "hat kind of system is "orth in#esting time in.
1. Bank Interest
Earning interest on money in the bank! in a fi%ed deposit! is the most basi form of
passi#e inome.
For exampIe: 7'!222!222 on fi%ed deposit! at '1) interest per year! "ill gi#e you
7'12!222 per year. That is 7'2!222 per month.
Major ChaIIenge:
-ou need huge apital sa#ed in order to ha#e a deent inome - at least 122 times
as muh money in the bank as you need e#ery month. To ha#e 7B222Cmonth! you
need to earn 7D2!222 per year. The best fi%ed deposit gi#es about D) interest. To
earn 7D2!222 interest per year you need 7'!222!222 in#ested.
When you sa#e for your retirement! you hope to sa#e enough so that at retirement
you ha#e E-122 times more sa#ed up than you need e#ery month. Insurane
ompanies ha#e alulated that you need to sa#e 'B) of your gross monthly
inome for appro%imately 40 years.
&ut only 1) of people atually sa#e this muh. That is "hy 98% of peopIe cannot
survive on the benefits of their retirement funds. They simply ha#e not sa#ed for
long enough.
Important Lesson
If you ha#e not been sa#ing 'B) of your gross inome for *2 years by the time you
retire! you "ill need another steady passi#e inome. ?o" "ould be the time to start
2. RentaI Property
O"ning rental property gi#es you a passi#e inome stream. When you o"n property
that you let! you are earning an inome "ithout ha#ing to "ork to reei#e that
inome. That inome is passi#e. Tenants pay their rent e#ery month! "hether you do
anything or not. If you get someone else to manage and maintain the property! you
don6t ha#e to do anything.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou need to earn enough to <ualify for a seond mortgage bond! so that you
an buy some rental property.
Fualifying for a seond mortgage bond is nearly impossible for the a#erage
Important Lesson
An e%tra passi#e inome stream "ould help you <ualify for another mortgage bond to
buy some rental property.
3. RoyaIty Income
.atenting a produt that is produed and sold! reording hit musi or "riting a book
are some "ays of generating royalty inome. E#ery time the produt! book or C9 is
sold you earn a royalty.
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou ha#e to design an original produt.
Then produe and market it.
Or you ha#e to "rite the book! or reord the hit musi.
It an be done! and I hope one day! as you release your potential! you "ill do it. &ut
you first need the idea and then funds to make it all happen. I hope that the songs or
books "ithin you! "ill one day be heard and read throughout the "orld.

Important Lesson
There are great in#entions! books! art and ideas "ithin you that the "orld needs. &ut
for you to release your potential you need time and perhaps finanes to market your
great idea. A passi#e inome stream ould pro#ide both time and money.
4. Subscription Income
Another form of passi#e inome is from regular subsriptions to ser#ies! suh as
Internet /er#ie .ro#iders 4I/.5! teleommuniations ompanies or tele#ision
net"orks like Cable TG.
These ompanies pro#ide us "ith a ser#ie and reei#e an inome from our
subsriptions e#ery month. Whether there are '!222 or '22!222 subsribers! there is
not muh more "ork in#ol#ed! e%ept initial setup and regular maintenane.
If you an offer suh a ser#ie "hih people subsribe to! then as soon as you ha#e
enough subsribers! you an hire someone to manage e#erything. ?o" you an
earn a passi#e inome.
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou need to be a ser#ie pro#ider of this kind.
-ou need to set up the ompany.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
-ou need to do the marketing and sales to get thousands of subsribers.
Important Lesson
/ubsription inome is a key to en$oying a passi#e inome. The money $ust omes in
e#ery month.
5. Benefiting from the efforts of others
Another subtle form of passi#e inome is by benefitting from the efforts of others.
We ha#e all benefitted from the efforts of other people. E#ery time "e pik up the
phone "e benefit from the "ork of Ale%ander Hraham &ell. We also benefit
finanially from the "ork of others.
When "e get paid at the end of the month! it is beause our ompany has pro#ided a
ser#ie or produt! "hih a sales person has sold. They made the sale and "e
managed some part! or did some of the "ork or handled part of the admin. Other
people do the "ork and you benefit finanially from it.
The "ay to reate passi#e inome is by building a ompany of '22 or more people!
eah of their efforts ontributes to the profits of the ompany and you benefit a little
bit finanially! from eah of their efforts.
When you get a manager to run the entire business for you! you an earn passi#e
inome e#ery month. As the ompany gro"s and makes more profit you an earn a
bigger passi#e inome. ?o" you keep benefitting from the efforts of others.
Iohn .aul Hetty! one of the rihest men in his time! said! ;I "ould rather benefit ' hr
from the efforts of '22 men! "orking '2 hours eah! than ha#e to "ork the '22 hours
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou need to start a ompany that pro#ides a ser#ie or produes a produt 4or
sells them! like a retail store5>
-ou need to learn ho" to do all this> and
Het the funds to make it all happen.
Important Lesson
If "e an find a "ay of benefiting from the efforts of others! "e "on6t need to do all
the "ork oursel#es.
6. Network Marketing
?et"ork Marketing or Multi-=e#el-Marketing 4M=M5 is mo#ing produts through a
net"ork of onsumers andCor sales people. -ou reruit others to use and sell the
produts. They "ill also reruit others "ho "ill use! sell and reruit.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
-ou benefit from the sales or personal use of others in your net"ork. If the net"ork
is #ery big! you earn a good passi#e inome based on the "ork of others in your
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou need to be able to sell and most people don6t like selling.
-ou need to reruit others "ho "ill sell and reruit.
-ou ha#e to attend many training and opportunity meetings.
Important Lesson
In ?et"ork Marketing you an benefit from the "ork of others.
7. Internet SaIes
&y setting up a "ebsite and selling high demand information produts on the
Internet! you an also reate a passi#e inome.
Information produts like e-books! ourses and #ideos an be automatially sent
from your "ebsite "ith no personal in#ol#ement.
E#erything is automated by tehnology. It runs on auto-pilot! 1*CJ. One set up! you
don6t ha#e to do anything! e%ept make sure you are ad#ertising at the right plaes.
.eople keep #isiting the "ebsite and buying your produts "hile you are rela%ing on
the beah or "orking.
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou need to ha#e de#eloped high demand produts.
-ou need the sales skills to de#elop a "ebsite that sells "ell!
Or ha#e enough money to pay someone to do it.
Important Lesson
The Internet has beome a po"erful "ay to reah many people effeti#ely! 1*CJ.
8. AffiIiate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is referring your "ebsite #isitors to other websites! "here they
"ill buy produts or ser#ies. As an Affiliate Member you ould also refer people
through emails! te%t messages! soial media or other forms of ad#ertising.
Thousands of Internet ompanies "ill pay you "hen you refer business to them.
Companies suh as 9ial 9iret Insurane! and others! "hih sell
books! C9s and more. Also ompanies pro#iding ser#ies suh as auto responders!
"ebsite hosting and audio hosting. The ommission is bet"een '2 and B2). &ut
these are usually only one off sales.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Major ChaIIenges:
-ou ha#e to ha#e a "ebsite.
-ou ha#e to make hundreds of suessful referrals to ha#e a good passi#e
inome unless you ha#e a subsription ser#ie.
Important Lesson
Without ha#ing your o"n produts or making sales you an earn passi#e inome.
These are the main "ays to reate a passi#e inome. They are all good ideas and
they all "ork! but eah has some major chaIIenges.
If you do a searh on Hoogle on any of the abo#e! you "ill find a lot of information on
These systems all "ork to some degree.
It is possibIe to combine the best of them and remove the major chaIIenges, to
make a system that works exceptionaIIy weII and wiII create a passive income
for you.
&efore "e end this hapter! notie something #ery important. E#ery time you "ant to
reate a passi#e inome! you need to ha#e a large group of people.
It is people that keep selling! buying or subsribing to a monthly
You need peopIe.
In Chapter 1! I share "hat you need to be a"are of "hen looking for a system to
reate a passi#e inome.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Chapter 2
Keys to Creating Passive Income
Watch out for oId advice:
Hro"ing up! you may ha#e been told to get a good eduation and find a good seure
$ob. This is "hat our parents told us! beause it "orked for them. They stayed "ith their
first ompany! their entire li#es and usually had enough money for e#erything they
Today this ad#ie keeps most people in po#erty! beause our "orld is hanging so
rapidly! that you need to ontinually re-eduate yourself $ust to keep your $ob. And that
still does not pro#ide seurity! beause a merger may mean that you may be
retrenhed ne%t "eek.
Or the eonomy may re<uire that you be laid off by your ompany.
Here's another bit of oId advice to watch out for:
"&' you have a (e)sio) 'u)d* you will have e)ou+h mo)ey at retireme)t,", This
"as true "hen our parents stayed "ith their ompanies for *2 years. &ut these days!
"hen "e get retrenhed! "e take the funds from our pro#ident fund! to help us sur#i#e
"hile "e look for a ne" $ob.
The ne" $ob does not pro#ide a pension fund so "e take out a ,etirement Annuity for
7B22Cmonth 4'2) of our net inome5 and think "e "ill be fine at retirement. &IH
MI/TAKEL -ou need to sa#e 'B) of your gross inome for *2 years in order to ha#e
enough at retirement.
Those "ho don6t! ha#e to arry on "orking after retirement or drop their li#ing standard
drastially. My father "orked for 82 years for the same ompany! but his pension does
not gi#e him enough to sur#i#e. +ortunately he has another soure of passi#e inome
"hih o#ers the shortfall.
I don6t "ant you to miss this: What "as the "rong thought hereM "If you have a
pension fund, you wiII have enough money at retirement.". This "as true for our
parents "ho kept their $obs their "hole life long. The real truth is: if you sa#e 'B) of
your gross inome for 40 years, you "ill ha#e enough at retirement.
Maybe you already realise this and that is "hy you are looking for a "ay to reate a
passi#e inome stream.
Can you see ho" our beliefs an lull us into a false sense of seurityM
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
In my searh to find a system that "ould really reate passi#e inome! I diso#ered 1'
keys that guarantee "ealth.
1. PeopIe. The money al"ays omes from people 4unless your money is on fi%ed
deposit5. A bit ob#ious! but important. -ou need people. Either ustomers! team
members! leaders! reruits! "hate#er. The more people the more money.
-ou are looking for a ompany and system "here you an get to enough peopIe
without much difficuIty or backbreaking effort.
But you want motivated peopIe who wiII work. PeopIe who are committed to
succeeding, no matter what. PeopIe who won't quit when they face a few
You aIso need to be a person Iike this if you want to succeed. There are no short-
cuts to buiIding weaIth. You probabIy know that onIy in the dictionary do you
find success before work.
You wiII be heIped and guided by a mentor who wiII invest his or her time
heIping you. This means you need to be totaIIy committed to your financiaI
2. ExceIIent Products or Services. A ompany that does not offer #alue-adding
produts or ser#ies! should not be in business. Any system without products or
service is an iIIegaI scam.
And sine you al"ays need people! you ha#e to offer them something of #alue for their
money. If not! they "on6t buy a seond time.
3. AffordabIe. After hearing hundreds of omplaints about e%pensi#e produts! I think
"e all realise that the produt should be affordable. .eople "ho need money an6t be
e%peted to pay for e%pensi#e ser#ies or produts.
/o a ompany needs to ha#e good <uality! genuinely affordable produts or ser#ies.
.roduts that e#eryone an afford to buy.
4. High Ticket Items. That6s a nie "ay of saying ;E%pensi#e produts;. When the
produts are high tiket items! the ommission you earn is also high. This means that
you need fe"er ;ustomers; to make more money. &ut most people an6t afford these
But this contradicts "AffordabiIity" from point 3 above.
The Be Motivated Today commission pIan overcomes this chaIIenge.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
5. Money. We all "ant to see the money. We "ant to see it flo"ing into our bank
aounts! not out. We "ant a system that gi#es us the opportunity to make money in
our first month and then ontinue making that money the follo"ing month! WIT@ONT
spending more than "e make. This gets us moti#ated to arry on "orking.
6. No SeIIing. Gery fe" people are good at selling. Therefore you "ant a system "here
you don6t need to sell. It is possible "ith the use of tehnology and ad#ertising to reate
suh a system.
7. Subscription Income. If there is a ser#ie that people subsribe to e#ery month!
paying by debit order then you kno" you "ill ha#e passi#e inome.
E#ery ne" subsriber means an inrease in your passi#e inome. This is a must, if
you reaIIy want passive income.
8. High commissions. The ompany should pay a good ommission to its members!
so that people "ill be re"arded for their efforts. -ou "ant to earn as muh as possible.
9. Easy Recruiting. One usually needs to reruit people. Most people don6t like and
an6t reruit! yet one needs people. You are Iooking for a system where it is easy to
recruit - where there are good tooIs and systems that make recruiting easy.
10. The Internet. The Internet has allo"ed us to ontat! ommuniate and sell or
reruit people any"here in the "orld! 1*CJ! "ithout being there or e#en doing it
A professionally "ritten "eb page an on#ert #isitors into ustomers or reruit them for
you. /o you "ant a system that uses the internet to a large degree to take some of the
"ork from your shoulders.
11. Automation. &eause of tehnology and the Internet! "e an automate almost
e#erything. The entire sales proess an be automated. That means that you an
easily to sell! or reruit others. This is essentiaI and "e "ill talk more about this in
Chapter 8.
12. WeaIth BuiIding System. &eause of automation "e an reate an automati!
effeti#e "ealth building system. A system that takes the diffiult aspets out of your
hands and does them for you.
This means you don6t need to #isit people and spend hours trying to on#ine them.
Without such a system you are setting yourseIf up for faiIure.
13. No Meetings. /uh an automated system also takes are of training for you. This
means you don6t need to attend training meetings. -ou an read or listen to it on
omputer. E#eryone an get the information any time.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
14. It takes time. It takes time to reate a passi#e inome stream. It does not happen
o#ernight unless you buy property or in#est your money in the bank.
Of ourse "e all "ant thousands today.
&ut there is no suh thing as get-rih-<uik 4/O,,-L5. There are many
"ebsites laiming <uik rihes.
15. Not Time Consuming. Most people 9O ?OT ha#e a lot of time. -ou "ant a
system "ere you do not ha#e to spend a lot of time e#ery day 3 maybe ' 3 1 hrs ma%.
16. Try before you buy. We like to test out a produt before "e spend money on it.
/uessful ompanies "ill offer you a free trial! to try out the produt or ser#ie.
17. Money-back-guarantee. We don6t like to take risks. -ou may ha#e been burnt
before by ompanies offering the "orld. Nnderstandably you may be skeptial.
If a system is really so good! then there should be some kind of guarantee. If the
ompany makes promises! it should bak those up! beause you are putting your trust
in the ompany. =ook for a Money-back-guarantee.
-ou "ill be "orking and in#esting your time! and money! in a system that you e%pet to
deli#er results. If it does not "ork after muh effort! then there should be some kind of
18. Incentives. -ou may not be moti#ated by inenti#es. &ut if they are ahie#able!
then they an really moti#ate you to "ork.
Ahie#able inenti#es put money in your aount and enourage you to "ork a bit
Inenti#es also gi#e you a sense of satisfation! more than $ust the inome. To get a
speial re"ard for "orking! makes you feel "&t was worth it-". Make sure your
opportunity offers bonuses or inenti#es.
19. PersonaI support. In suessful systems! you are personally supported - not
When you start a #enture! you need to kno" that there are people supporting you. -ou
"ant to be able to talk to someone! ask <uestions and be reassured that you are doing
the right thing.
When you fae hallenges! you an pik up the phone and all 4or email5 someone
"ho "ill enourage! moti#ate and inspire you to perse#ere.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
20. Consistent and persistent work. Time and onsistent "ork is re<uired during the
in#estment period. One has to be prepared to "ork onsistently for the first D to '1
months. 9on6t be fooled into thinking that in '2 days or 8 "eeks! you "ill ha#e a huge
passi#e inome. A passi#e inome an start in a short time but to get to 7'222 -
78222Cmonth "ill take time after you ha#e in#ested first.
9on6t be taken in by the promises.
21. A Dream. -ou ha#e to ha#e a dream that "ill dri#e you to "ork and perse#ere.
?othing of #alue omes easy. To ha#e the finanial freedom! the ar or home of your
dreams! you "ill ha#e to "ork. &ut on the other hand e#en "ith the best system! if you
do not ha#e a dream it "ill not "ork for you.
These 1' keys should be present in "ealth generating systems "hih laim to produe
a passi#e inome stream. If they are not! you drastially redue your hanes of
In Chapter 8 "e "ill look more arefully at some of the abo#e! to sho" you "hat *
ingredients make a system GE,- .OWE,+N= to build "ealth for you.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
Chapter 3
Factors that Guarantee Passive Income
Many years ago, in ItaIy, there "as a #illage B22 metres from the ri#er. E#ery day
#illagers had to go do"n to the ri#er! to get their "ater.
T"o brothers! Iulio and ,oberto! ould not find "ork and deided that they "ould offer
a ser#ie to the #illagers! arrying "ater e#ery day for a fee.
Their business "ent #ery "ell! but after a fe" years! the youngest brother! Iulio! got
tired of arrying "ater e#ery day.
It "as bak-breaking and boring. @e thought about ho" he ould make it easier for
himself. @e deided to lay a pipeline from the ri#er to the #illage.
@e did some researh! made plans and started digging. It "as e#en more bak-
breaking than arrying "ater.
When he told ,oberto about the idea! he only half-listened and $ust sa" ho" hard Iulio
"as "orking in the sun and deided it "as not a good idea.
/o Iulio "orked for "eeks and months on digging the trenh! laying the pipes and
o#ering the "hole lot up again.
After D months of "ork! the $ob "as done.
@e in#ited all the #illagers to the grand opening and turned on the pump. At first nothing
happened! but then they heard the gurgling sound of "ater.
And soon lear ri#er "ater "as flo"ing out of the tap. ?o" Iulio ould sell his "ater
from the tap! and no longer had to arry "ater e#ery day.
@e had built a pipe-line.
While ,oberto arried on struggling e#ery day! Iulio had reated a passi#e inome
-ou "ant to reate a pipeline! that "ill ensure you an ha#e an inome in the future
and en$oy for the rest of your life.
?o" let me e%pand on the 8 most important fators to reating passi#e inome.

0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
4 Factors that Guarantee Passive Income
Without a produt or ser#ie that a ompany pro#ides! you only ha#e an illegal sheme.
There a hundreds! perhaps thousands! of opportunities being offered on the Internet
that do not ha#e a produt.
These are illegal shemes.
-ou "ant to be in#ol#ed "ith a ompany that is pro#iding an e%ellent ser#ie or selling
a good produt. The best kind of produts are information produts that an be
deli#ered #ia email or the Internet. These inlude! e-&ooks! e-Workbooks! Audios and
Gideos. With suh produts you do not need to keep stok or make deli#eries.
+urthermore! the ompany is able to pay you muh higher ommissions on suh
produts! beause they are not e%pensi#e to produe.
A ompany that offers these type of #alue-adding produts is assured of an e%ellent
future. And you "ill be suessful.
If the produt is good! lients "ill buy e#ery month. If there is a monthly subsription!
you don6t need to sell e#ery month. This means you get a reguIar passive income
every month. We6ll talk more about this in a moment.
In Chapter ' "e disussed ho" "e ha#e all benefited from the efforts of other people
do"n the enturies. E#ery time "e pik up the phone "e benefit from the "ork of
Ale%ander Hraham &ell.
We benefit finanially from the "ork of others too. When "e get paid at the end of the
month it is beause our ompany has pro#ided a ser#ie or produt! "hih a sales
person has sold. Other people do the "ork and you benefit finanially from it.
We mentioned in hapter 1! that beause passi#e inome al"ays omes from people
4unless you ha#e a large fi%ed deposit5! one has to reate a net"ork of people. This is
alled an Income Network.
Inome ?et"orks "ere first introdued in 'K*(.
The Idea "as that you ha#e agents! or distributors! "ho sell produts. -ou benefit from
their sales! maybe B - '2).
They also ha#e distributors that sell. -ou benefit from their sales too! maybe ' or 1).
These also ha#e distributors "ho sell. And! yes! you guessed it. -ou benefit from their
sales too 4maybe ' or 1)5.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
?o" you ha#e a net"ork of distributors. If you don6t sell for the month! you still earn
inome from the sales of the distributors in your inome net"ork. Thus you ha#e a
passi#e inome stream.
The diagram belo" sho"s "hat that "ould look like.
From the exampIe above:
Andy! sponsors D people. /o there are D people on le#el '
These D eah sponsors K. ?o" there are B* people on le#el 1
These B* people eah sponsor 1. ?o" there are '2( people on le#el 8
These '2( people must also reruit and sell.
In a table! Andy6s net"ork looks as follo"s:
LeveI Members %
' D '2
1 B* 8
8 '2( 1
TotaI 168
There are 'D( people in the net"ork.
Andy! benefits '2) from the sales of the D people on hisCher 'st le#el! and 8 and 1)
respeti#ely from the sales of the people on hisCher 1nd and 8rd le#els.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
As more people are sponsored the net"ork gro"s and Andy benefits a small
perentage from the sales of e#eryone do"n to a ertain le#el.
Appro%imately 1222 ompanies "orld"ide! sell their produts and ser#ies through
distribution net"orks like this. /uh ompanies are alled ?et"ork Marketing! Multi-
=e#el-Marketing or Affiliate Marketing! ompanies.
The onept is taught in business shools and uni#ersities.
This is ommonly misnamed ;.yramid /elling;. And beause of the bad publiity of
illegal ;pyramid shemes; many people don6t "ant to be in#ol#ed "ith anything that
looks like a net"ork.
.lease see the differenes bet"een a legal ;pyramid; and an illegal pyramid sheme in
Appendi% I! at the end of this hapter.
-et "e must not thro" out a good onept beause some ompanies ha#e used
net"orks illegally.
?et"orks ha#e inredible finanial po"er. Most suessful passi#e inome
generating systems use the po"er of inome net"orks. &enefiting from the efforts of
&illionaire! Iohn .aul Hetty! said! "& would rather .e)e'it 1 hr 'rom e''orts o' 1//
me) worki)+ 1/ hours ea$h* tha) have to work the 1// hours mysel'"
This is "hat CEO6sC.residents of ompanies do e#ery day. This is "hy the sales
manager earns more than the salesmen yet he does not sell a single produt. @e
benefits from the "ork of his sales agents.
And all orporate strutures ha#e this form. Most of us ha#e been part of one at
some point in our li#es.

0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
CEOC.res. CEOC.res.
/r Managers /r Managers /r Managers /r Managers
Middle Managers Middle Managers Middle Managers Middle Managers Middle Managers Middle Managers
Ir Managers Ir Managers
/r Managers /r Managers
Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers Ir Managers
/upport /taff! Admin /taff! Aounting /taff! /ales /taff /upport /taff! Admin /taff! Aounting /taff! /ales /taff
.rodution /taff! +atory /taff! Cleaning /taff! .rodution /taff! +atory /taff! Cleaning /taff! Maintenane Maintenane /taff /taff
9iretorCG. 9iretorCG. 9iretorCG. 9iretorCG.
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
The only "ay an a#erage person an reate a passi#e inome is through building an
inome net"ork or inome matri% 3 ?et"ork Marketing. /ee the seond #ideo at"nmylife.netCpresentationCtrialmember'
There are ompanies that ha#e perfeted the art of building a passi#e inome net"ork.
They ha#e reruiting and training systems that ensure your suess. These systems
"ork and are really helping people build "ealth.
,emember "hat the billionaire! Iohn .aul Hetty! said! "& would rather .e)e'it 1 hr
'rom e''orts o' 1// me) worki)+ 1/ hours ea$h* tha) have to work the 1// hours
In an inome net"ork this "isdom is used. One an then work smart not hard.
If you ha#e an inome net"ork! you are "orking smart beause:
-ou benefit from the efforts of others
-ou are le#eraging the efforts of many people - e#eryone "orks! and you
benefit from their "ork
If the ommission plan is de#eloped "ell! it "ill reate a huge! steady and
gro"ing! passi#e-inome stream for you! for life
Anyone an start and build a net"ork - ?o speialiAed skills are re<uired
You couId be one of 3 peopIe:
'. -ou ha#e ne#er ome aross an inome matri%Cnet"ork before. It is the first time
this onept has been e%plained to you.
-ou are not <uite sure if this is genuine. I assure you that literally thousands of
ompanies around the "orld! sell their produts through ?et"ork Marketing or
Affiliate Marketing.
1. -ou ha#e seen this kind of onept in a fe" ompanies before! and it has been
sho"n to you by friends or olleagues.
&ut you ha#e ne#er tried it. A fe" of your friends! tried it! and ga#e up. .erhaps you
e#en kno" a fe" "ho are still at it. 4"ith or "ithout muh suess5
8. -ou ha#e tried your hand at ?et"ork Marketing. -ou may be suessful at it or
perhaps you "ere not.
If you ha#e e#er seen this onept before you probably thought! ;This is too good to
be true. I don6t kno" if it "ill "orkM;
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
This onept does "ork. Annual sales through ?et"ork Marketing organiAations
ha#e reahed about ,(22 billion "orld"ide.
And "ith the right system anyone an beome suessful in ?et"ork Marketing.
I ha#e studies ?et"ork Marketing sine 'KKB and ha#e been in#ol#ed in many
ompanies ha#ing done thousands of hours of researh into systems to identify the
keys to ensuring suess.
As a result I diso#ered the 12 keys that I summariAed for you in hapter 1. These I
gi#e you so you "ill be empo"ered to not "aste time in your searh for a ompany
and a system that "ill "ork for you.
@a#ing a net"ork is an e%ellent "ay to build a pipe-line.
E#ery business o"ner tries to do $ust that as he or she builds hisCher ompany! "ith
departments! managers! super#isors! aounts! prodution! sales! ustomer ser#ie!
et. All these departments and people ontribute to the finanial suess of the
business o"ner.
&ut "ith an Inome Matri%! your members are aIso running their own home-
based business. They also "ant to reate a passi#e inome stream.
/o you are not the only one "orking. -our entire matri% "orks.
And you benefit form it.
Nnfortunately all the failures and illegal pyramids ha#e turned people off.
If you ha#e been put off net"orks beause of the iIIegaI pyramid shemes and the
huge failure rate! I understand.

In the end the only thing that "ill "ork is a net"ork.
@ere6s the most important diso#ery I made that an eIiminate any chaIIenges of
?et"ork Marketing 4selling! reruiting! meetings! learning about produts and systems5.
We CA? eIiminate aII the chaIIenges if "e ha#e ...
We talked earlier about the fat that through tehnology "e an automate many
proesses so that you DO NOT need to seII, recruit, train, motivate or carry stock.
It an all be done automatially for you. ?o need to attend meeting on old e#enings.
All training and opportunity meetings are done on the net and reorded for you.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
If you ha#e a system that handles all those funtions for you! all you need to do is diret
people to a "ebsite "here a professionally designed sales system sells the produt or
ser#ie and makes sure you are re"arded.
-ou are freed up to pursue your passions and li#e your life to the full.
-ou ha#e more time "ith family and friends.
-ou an go on holiday and your inome "ill ontinue gro"ing "hile you are a"ay.
When you ome bak! your inome is higher than it "as the month before.
Is this a dreamM ?ot at all. It happens for thousands of members of Be Motivated
Today all the time. Our system makes it possible.
I "as talking to one of our .latinum Members a "hile ago. /he told me that she "as
a"ay for a "eek on holiday. When she ame bak her inome had gro"n. In fat for
her and others! it is gro"ing e#ery day.
Because of technoIogy, YOU can have access to a system that does 99%
of the work for you.
The 8rd key that makes a "ealth generating system suessful! is ho" soon and ho"
muh money you "ill be able to make.
-ou ha#e to ha#e the follo"ing 8 things.
a. Subscription Income
The best form of passi#e inome! is monthly subsription inome. One your lient
agrees to pay a monthly fee! the money omes off their redit ard or bank aount
e#ery month and your ommission is paid to you at the end of the month.
This means no more:
=aying out ash for produts> or
Asking for money up front>
Worrying if the person "ill buy again>
+eeling bad for trying to sell to the person again> and
Moti#ating people to sell.
The abo#e an be nightmares.
Subscription income gives you financiaI security because you receive
commissions every month.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
b. Low Subscription Fees
-ou $oin to en$oy the produts and make money. ?o one has muh money to spend on
e%pensi#e produts or subsriptions. /o you "ant a lo" subsription fee that pro#ides
a #aluable ser#ie or produt to members. If subsriptions are lo" enough! more
people "ill $oin.
&ut if subsriptions are lo" then the ommission is also lo". It means you need tens of
thousands of lients to earn a deent inome.
The /O=NTIO? is...
c. Higher Membership LeveIs
;@igh Tiket Items; gi#e you a higher ommission.
If a ompany offered higher membership le#els "hih pro#ided more produts and
ser#ies! then these are harged at higher subsription fees.
When lients upgrade their membership to these higher membership le#els! they "ill
be paying the higher subsription fee. ?o" you get paid a higher ommission per
With Be Motivated Today "e ha#e an 0(+rade &)$ome Booster strategy "here
people an $oin for a lo" subsription and are promoted to higher membership le#els
"ithout ha#ing to pay any more. They make more money and earn higher ommissions
from other promoted members! without having to pay ANY MORE.
This uni<ue system means that you an earn more money "ithout ha#ing to pay more.
The &IHHE/T problem of being in business for oneself is that one is alone. Often there
is no one around to gi#e ideas! enourage! guide and help. ?ot at the beginning! "hen
it gets tough or "hen one is ready to <uit. That is one of the reasons "hy K() of ne"
businesses fail in their first year 3 no support.
If you're thinking of starting a business one of your biggest concerns is:
Will you have the k)owled+e a)d skills to su$$eed1
And that is natural. Therefore you ha#e to ha#e a system "here you get good on-the-
$ob training A?9 personal support from someone "ho kno"s "hat to do and an sho"
you and help you if you go "rong. -ou don6t "ant to "aste time making mistakes and
struggling unneessarily.
-ou may feel right no" that you annot sueed! but think about it for a minute:
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
9oes a person "ho starts a ourse on ho" to fi% ars feel ner#ous that he "on6t be
able to fi% ars at the endM Of course.
And at the end of ourse an he fi% arsM ?o.
&ut he doesn6t <uit. @e kno"s enough about ho" to fi% them that he6s onfident he an
do it "ith help from a mentor. And if he kno"s he "ill ha#e a mentor a#ailable to sho"
him then he beomes onfident that he "ill sueed.
That is "hy you can be confident that you wiII succeed. And that is "hy "e offer a
'22) money-bak guarantee that you "ill sueed. &eause you "ill be sho"n e%atly
"hat to do and helped by a mentor "ho "ill help you get started and guide you "hen
you get stuk.
To summarise:
-ou an en$oy a passi#e inome beause of an e%ellent produt and ser#ie
that peopIe subscribe to.
Many aspects can be automated so that you an fous on the important
aspets of building "ealth.
/ubsription fees ensure continuous income.
Low subscription make the opportunity a#ailable to e#eryone.
@igher membership le#els ensure a higher income with fewer cIients.
And personaI support by a mentor ensures that you succeed.
In Chapter 1 "e also mentioned:
If there is a free trial! you an try before you buy and test the #alue of the
produt or ser#ie.
-ou should be able to make money in your first month.
There should be a money-bak-guarantee! "hih means that you ha#e no risk.
&onuses O inenti#es to re"ard you.
These mean that you don't waste time, and you ha#e some money right a"ay.
That is good news.PQRS45TMUV'18*BDJ(K2
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
On behalf of Deirdre Bakker
I "ant to thank you for reading the first part of this report.
I hope you feel empo"ered and an no" go out and look for opportunities that "ill
If you "ould like to kno" ho" "e at Be Motivated Today ha#e applied the 1' keys to
help '2226s of ordinary people reate "ealth automatially! please #isit our "ebsite.
Just cIick here now.
I look for"ard to sho"ing you and helping you reate "ealth for yourself and those you
&e all you an be.
Arnfried KIein-Werner
Motivator & C! - Be Motivated Today
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner
How to Build Wealth with a System that Works - Part 1
^PP9%&< &
Is an income network an iIIegaI pyramid scheme?
A ommon misoneption is that an inome net"ork is an illegal pyramid sheme.
'. In an illegal .yramid /heme there is no produt. All legal ?et"ork Marketing
ompanies selling through inome net"orks ha#e produts or ser#ies that offer #alue
to their members and ustomers.
1. In an illegal .yramid /heme the person at the top makes all the money.
In ?et"ork Marketing you an be '2 le#els a"ay from the top and make more money
than the person at the top! based on your net"ork struture and the "ork you ha#e
put in.
In the ompanies selling through ?et"ork Marketing! I ha#e been in#ol#ed in! this has
happened time and again "here a person right at the top makes a fe" hundred
,and! "hile someone B le#els belo" makes thousands.
2 Reasons that put peopIe off "pyramid schemes"
'. An ;Inome Matri%; is often misnamed ;pyramid sheme;. &ut ;pyramid sheme;
has negati#e onnotations beause of all the illegal ones out there.
1. And beause so many people fail in ?et"ork Marketing or ;pyramid selling;.
I was aIso put off by traditionaI network marketing. That is "hy I set out to study all
types of systems to find something that "ill really "ork.
-ou need a net"ork! but you don6t "ant traditional net"ork marketing. -ou "ant
something better. A system that is automated! "ith lo" subsription inome! and the
other 1' keys I shared "ith you.
If you ha#e been put off net"orks beause of the iIIegaI pyramid shemes and the
huge failure rate! I understand.
&ut! you al"ays need people! beause the money omes from people. The only "ay
you "ill ha#e passi#e inome! "ithout ha#ing huge amounts of money up front! is "ith
a net"ork of people.
If you "ould like to kno" ho" "e at Be Motivated Today help you build a net"ork of
people so that you an build a passi#e inome and "ealth! please #isit our "ebsite.
Just cIick here now.
0 12'1 3 &e Moti#ated Today 3 Arnfried Klein-Werner