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I have been moving around from state to state and even country to country my whole life.

In terms of academics the report cards will speak for themselves about my class progression and show my averages of the classes. Being in such diverse environments across the USA and overseas in Pakistan, I ve developed a state of mind in which I can basically adopt to any sort of school system and ad!ust to new places easily. I believe this will serve as ma!or help in my college career because I will be more overwhelmed if at all with difficult assignments or labs over the actual new city or campus. Also I now have seen three types of schooling systems" American high school, British #$% &rdinary 'evel, as well as American !unior(community college. )hroughout high school the ma!ority of skills I developed were over writing skills, building a basis in mathematics basically prepping for $alculus, and how not to plagiari*e and the +'A format. Also in high school there was a lot of SA) studying, reading, and practice I can remember doing, along with this was the concept of core classes and electives and whatever I learned from those. )o graduate ,- credit hours were re.uired with /- of them being core classes0 math, %nglish, science, social studies. )o my surprise entering a !unior college last fall I discovered that the credit hour system is almost e1actly the same. )here were two ma!or traits I noticed my high school trying to strengthen in the students" organi*ation and discipline. )hrough certain circumstances I essentially taught myself or was set up to be formal, always try to turn in things on time, when something came up to e1plain it with logical e1cuses and to allow a certain fle1ibility to make up for lost time. In the &rdinary of & 'evel I was only in that system for about a year, at the school I went to in Pakistan & 'evel was a 2 year system spanning from 3th grade to //th grade, being in American high school for , years before hand and then entering the British system completely skipping 3th grade and going straight to the second year become a harsh reality I had to face when I discovered how much of a difficult position I was placed in. )he way the & levels worked was through splitting very detailed books on certain group of classes partaking to a particular field, which in my case was general education meaning Biology, $hemistry, and Physics. )his also meant for me that I went from /4th grade to /4th grade, which was hard to swallow. $ertain electives and side courses I took there I had almost no clue about in particular Pakistani history and geography, and being a year behind, I had to get private lessons to keep up in the science courses. Although I barely passed any of the courses I found this a very good e1perience because I basically was given a taste of college as /5 year old supposed6to6be high school !unior. Also the institute I went to was a private school and I picked up ma!or grooming skills such as proper formal dressing, and how it7s more professional to be clean shaved, have short hair, have trimmed nails, and attend assemblies and meetings. &verall my one6year spent here taught me a lot in life and gave me a ma!or lesson about adapting to new environments. 8ow I am attending my second semester at 9harton $ounty :unior $ollege, the !unior college of the University of ;ouston. At this college, it really !ust feels like a follow up to my senior year of high school, which for me is a very good thing. )he only ma!or difference I see is that the power is no longer in the hands of the principal but rather the

professors themselves are the dictators. <rom my understanding the transition as a high school senior to a college freshman means this" unless your loaded or got a scholarship a University level institute is basically going to be like a greedy girlfriend constantly emptying my wallet. $ommunity college or !unior colleges on the other hand however are not so much into sucking up all the money I do or do not have. &ver the summer I learned how to apply for federal aid, build a decent resume, and gather proper documentation for acceptance into the school, the only skill I feel like I lack now is interview skills, which have almost nothing to do with college, and I will pick that up applying for a !ob. &verall my e1perience over the last 5 years I feel can help me get through any college. )he ma!or thing I7ve been told is to never give up and I found it to be absolutely true. )hroughout the last 5 years there were several instances where I thought I wouldn7t make it, but then they came and gone and here I am, perfectly ok. 'ike everyone though, I have a bit of an ego and one thing that hasn7t necessarily been easy for me or even several of the people I know to do is ask for help. I don7t e1pect someone to be holding my hand throughout college but I will however bite the bullet and get as much support necessary if and when I need it. ;ow did I get to that conclusion= By listening to my parents, taking advice from college students I know that are attended large universities such as U9 and UU, and through the valuable life lessons I picked up studying in the past 5 years.