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Shahid Ebrahim Shahid Ms. McKnight English IV -6 31 August 2011 Coll g Essa!

A"t r all th "un and gam s ha# nd d th $ ll-antici%at d r turn to high school

has arri# d. As al$a!s th r is irritation u%on th "r shm n and th old r stud nts ar r turning to "amiliar "ac s "rom %ast ! ars. & t th r is on m!st r! most high school stud nts don't s m to r ali( ) $hich th r alit! o" oth r school s!st ms b sid s $hat th ! ar alr ad! in#ol# d $ith. *ot man! % o%l und rstand th h a#! chang during transition to on s!st m to anoth r+ "ortunat l! I am on o" th s rar % o%l . Most high school graduat s !ou $ould assum ha# studi d "our cons cuti# ! ars at th sam high school. I" not th n at l ast thos "our ! ars ar ,% ct d to ha#

b n all studi d und r a common -Am rican. high school ducation s!st m+ /ust at di"" r nt cam%us s. About mid$a! through m! high school ,% ri nc -a"t r so%homor ! ar.) I had to ma0 a transition1 it $ould b som thing n $) som thing di"" r nt. A"t r t$o ! ars o" high school I $as no$ att nding a %ri#at 2ritish school. I no long r $as %ro#id d an!thing "rom this school+ th %ri#il g o" dr ssing th $a! I $ant d $as gon . All th t ,tboo0s) uni"orm suits) and su%%li s n d d "or class strictl! b cam m! o$n r s%onsibilit! as a stud nt. It too0 tim to ad/ust but # ntuall! dr ssing ach morning and maintaining su%%li s b cam l ss hassling.

Shahid 3h "our ! ar high school cr dits s!st m $as gon ) and m! % rs # ranc $as %ush d to n $ h ights. 3his n $ s!st m in#ol# d thr sam cons cuti# ! ars o" t aching th

ight sub/ cts. Inst ad o" th oth rs) I had on ! ar inst ad o" thr . 4 rsonall! i" I ls in m! %osition arli r I $ould ith r call th school administration or

m t som on

that % rson's %ar nts insan . 5h th r th r $as an! truth in that stat m nt or not) th di""icult tas0 at hand $as still right th r . A gr at o%%ortunit! "or r d m%tion $as gi# n to m ) and I mad no h sitation in using it. S # ral oth r o%tions $ r a#ailabl ) but I li0 acc %ting chall ng s) $hich is ,actl! $hat I did. 3h as! rout $as to start "rom th b ginning) th oth r o%tion is to

start "rom th middl and $or0 u% th ladd r "rom s mingl! scratch 0no$l dg . 6" cours th r $as still som s0 %ticism on all sid s) but I /ust $ nt "or it. Strang l! nough) in th classroom) both to th t ach rs and m m! grad s and %rogr ss s m d to b o" high %riorit!. 3h big 7u stion to # r!on $as8 ho$ could a % rson li0 m that's n # r b n a""iliat d $ith th s!st m %ass in on ! ar9 In th b ginning all th in"ormation $as som $hat "r sh and not bas d on an! %ast 0no$l dg ) $hich 0 %t m! grad s stabl . 6# r tim th l ssons and assignm nts asc nd d in di""icult!) $hich cons 7u ntl! lo$ r d m! grad s. M! %ar nts $ r 7uic0 to notic this) and hir d a %ri#at tutor. :nd r his l ssons I $as abl to co# r th no$ and th n at th sam tim and st adil! r ach d %ar $ith th oth r stud nts. It $as trul! chall nging) and $h n in doubt continu d r minding m!s l" that i" th r is a $ill) th r has to b a $a!. 2 ing a""iliat d $ith t$o s %arat s!st ms and n#ironm nts I ha# com to r ali( that in li" !ou don't n c ssaril! n d total ind % nd nc ) but onl! und r ""orts $ill thing g t don .