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- Key Exec, Position - Key Exec, Position - Key Exec, Position

Pro$lem (&ain Reason to Create 'usiness is (dentified) Focus on unmet need)

provide *ualitative and financial reasoning+ customer) Ahen descri?in# the pro?lem "oc!s on explainin# the needs o" cons!mers and ho7 the needs o" cons!mers relate to the pro?lem$ This is yo!r chance to con0ince the potential in0estors that it is 7orth doin# somethin# a?o!t this pro?lem$

Name of Company
Address CityStateZipCode Telephone Fax Contact name E-mail UR Funding:
State yo!r "!ndin# history$ Example% Raised &'()K in seed "!ndin# in *!ne )+ State yo!r "!ndin# expectations$ Example% See,in# -st Ro!nd% &./

>escri?e yo!r sol!tion to the a"orementioned pro?lem$ Ahen descri?in# yo!r sol!tion "oc!s on 7hat the ?ene"its 7ill ?e to the cons!mer$ A0oid technical details and concentrate more on descri?in# 7hat the #eneral #ains are o" !sin# yo!r prod!ct$

(ndustry) mar.et understanding / 'usiness model

:Key dri0ers, "!t!re trends8#ro7th, mar,et siBe, pricin#, mar,etin# and sales approach, re0en!e model etc$= Explain the mar,et conditions and the potential "or #ro7th$ ;ncl!de the siBe o" the addressa?le mar,et and i" the #oal is to compete in an existin# mar,et or esta?lish a ne7 mar,et$

Use of Proceeds:
- To complete de0elopment o" prototype - 1ire additional en#ineerin# and sales 0eterans - Capital e2!ipment "or desi#n 3 test

0hat is competitive advantage

Foc!s on 7here yo! can di""erentiate yo!rsel" "rom yo!r competitors$ ;ncl!de ?oth p!?lic and pri0ate companies as yo!r competition$ Also thin, a?o!t companies, p!?lic and pri0ate, that may de0elop an interest in the "!t!re to compete in the mar,et$ Examples o" ho7 to do this are hi#hli#htin# a !ni2!e methodolo#y or !sin# examples o" satis"ied past clients$ Also, incl!de ?arriers to entry and the companyCs competiti0e strate#y, e$#$ lo7-cost ?ased, "irst to mar,et, etc$

Revenue Forecast:
- 4)-)% &(/ - 4)--% &.)/ - 4)-4% &54/ - 4)-.% &6+/ Positi0e Cash Flo78 9rea, E0en % - ).84)-4 :;ncl!de < o" !nits or time "rame=

&anagement 1eam (Evaluation of the Management Capability)

The mana#ement team is the most important part o" yo!r exec!ti0e s!mmary$ ;t is 7hat Eent!re Capitalists are #oin# to ?e spendin# the most time loo,in# at so donCt sell yo!rsel" short$ ;ncl!de ?rie" ?io#raphies a?o!t yo!r team, 7hich incl!des the companyCs mana#ement and ?oard o" directors$ ;t is help"!l to list the accomplishments, positions at pre0io!s companies, exit strate#ies !sed at those companies and ed!cation i" applica?le o" yo!r team$ @o! can not o0eremphasiBe eno!#h the stren#ths o" yo!r mana#ement team$

Competitive Advantage:
- >omain Expertise - >e"ensi?le ;P - Estimated /ar,et eadership :/onths or @ears=

1raction to 2ate
Ahat ha0e yo! achie0ed to date - Ae?site, !ni2!e 0isitors, ?eta c!stomers, partnerships, re0en!eD Ahat are yo! pro!d o"D

Key !ecutives:
- Key Exec, position - Key Exec, position - Key Exec, position - Key Exec, position

(Note: feel free to ad"ust the si#e of the $o!es to fit your summary%)

Implementation Steps to Execute the Plan (Time line, project plan, product roadmap, resource allocation, human resources etc.)

Derived from a template designed by Silicon Valley Forum, IIT 201 !lobal "onference #usiness $lan committee, %ll rig&ts reserved

Financial Understanding / Pro"ected 3utcome :So!rces8!ses o" cash detailed, ProFected income statement, exit strate#y, ?rea,-e0en= 1o7 7ill yo! ma,e moneyD 9e speci"ic$ 1o7 7ill yo! #enerate re0en!e and pro"itD 1o7 7ill yo! ac2!ire c!stomers and ho7 m!ch 7ill this costD Also incl!de ho7 m!ch money yo! 7ill need to raise and 7hether it 7o!ld ?e de?t or e2!ity "inancin#$

The Social Impact of the Start-up (How will this business change the society, what is societal contribution and impact, issues about bottom of the pyramid, sustainability, green environment etc.)

Derived from a template designed by Silicon Valley Forum, IIT 201 !lobal "onference #usiness $lan committee, %ll rig&ts reserved